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Masin 1d
I remember the first time,
I picked up this camera
Wasn't so sure
Could it be a sure thing?
Like you being by my side
My first thought
Was to run to that spot we found
Way back ago, when finding views
Is all we loved to do
My mind and vision
My lens, my camera
Can't go a day without.
TD 1d
They held my childhood captive like a directive hand,
Holding me as I escaped,
Escaped a father’s in-your-face anger,
Escaped a mother’s fierceness
Escaped the yelling in the other room,
Ringing like sirens telling me to run off to my dreams,
To escape others emotions.

The stories whispered understanding to me,
Allowing me to relate and understand others,
Showing me not to run from others emotions.

Words allowed me to understand,
Understand mother’s grief-stricken face,
Why she cried through the pain,
Understand my best friends longing to be needed,
Understand father’s aggressiveness,
To understand people in general,
To understand my world and everything around me.

Yet could never understand myself,
Never understood my emotions,
My pains,
Why I am the way that I am.

Little did I know the books tried to help me,
The words cared too,
I never understood myself,
Except when I allowed the words to help,
To let them flow from my body,
Out of my eyes.

I felt the words,
Rushing through my finger tip,
Sprawling out in front of me,
Forming a smile as I understood,
Understood myself.

In using the words,
I found out how to understand myself.
What do I feel, if I even feel at all?
I'm ashamed and quite frankly, I'm confused.

No longer would I want to question
what is already known to be true. . .
yet where is thy confirmation?
'tis an ode past due

there are glimpses
of which I can't quite catch
where I linger
and now find
caught in this beautiful,  
intricately woven web of loneliness—

May 29, 2012

pacing on the pavement outfront, I conjured this
Kevin J Taylor Sep 2017
Browsing a dictionary...

Three flowers... each name beginning with “Love.”

Love-in-idleness — This is the flower spoken of by Shakespeare and which inspired romantic love. A kind of wild *****.

Love-lies-bleeding — This is a South American plant with tassels of bright red flowers.

Love-in-a-mist — And this is a Mediterranean plant from the buttercup family with lovely blue, white or rosy colored flowers surrounded by delicate green threads, creating a misty effect.

Thus, another found poem…

Not all poems survive. I've lost a few and let others go. My current collection of poems is available on Kindle. It is called "3201 e's" (that is approximately how many e's are in the manuscript which is a very unpoetic title but a reflection on the creation of poetry with common things.)
Jackie G Jan 12
I've been there, I've done that.
Too many things to count on both hands.
Places I had no business being.
There is where you'd find me.
Soul yearning for Something that i couldnt put my fingers on.
Friend after friend.
Loss after Loss
There i was Lost.
Waiting to be found.
A place to call home
But no place at all.
No thing or person could quench this thirst that i had.
ONE DAY opened up a book.
In there were words that stood out to me.
It said " I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do NOT do, but what I hate I DO. And if I do what I do not want to do, I agree that the law is good. As it is, it is no longer I myself who do it, but it is sin living in me"
I could totally relate to these words
To some the book up its,
I've been reading it for some time now.
I must say!!!
I'm no longer lost!
To all the lost souls. My resolution may not be yours, but i thought i'd share. We all have purpose. When you're not living in purpose you feel lost like you have no place. Figure out why you are here and why you get another chance every morning when your eyes open. You mean something to someone. You are NEEDED!
Kai Schultz Jan 11
A friend
You are so special
88 days without you
88 days of tears
88 days staying up praying
to the *** I didn't believe in
88 days of praying, hoping for a miracle.

Such a brave friend you are to me
so brave and strong and amazing.
I'm proud to know you
I'm proud to see
your face once again
now that you aren't on posters
as 'Missing'.

I saw all these missing posters
when I heard the news
I took time
to go around
and cross out 'Missing'
Then put 'Found' on the posters
and now the posters
are still up
Along with another one
that me and Chase and Lexa put up
that I made
that says:

'Jayme Closs is FOUND'
*** I'm so happy that I'm in tears. She was always a good friend of mine, always such a good person, I kept hoping. I never gave up on thinking she was alive. I'm so relieved.
*** gave me a broken hand,
Reality is a paradox,
SEARCHING for a way
Out the box.

-Until then, I'll be sleep walking
Through the matrix.

                                                       ­                 ©MH
I was looking when I got lost
ignoring the bill when I saw the cost
Saw my future in the turbulent waters
Of the porcelain pool into which I was tossed
Bemoaning  yet accepting the fate I was enduring
Upon hearing the sound of the handles clank
I relinquished all control
as I began to roll
Gave no fight of self preservation. as I sank
The echoing swoosh left its sound in my ears
Then solid darkness closed in tight
So much more vivid than night in absence of light
The water was thick and seemed to be swallowing me down
Any oxygen of life seemed a fast fading memory
As all the while I could feel a gathering momentum
Like a ride through some putrafied tunnel of .... all ephemeral in it's sudden ephemerality
As I was
Blased loose from that officious muck
Propelled far far beyond the cascading flow
as a **** for life returned in a flash
I flicked one fin and then the other before  allowing sweet gravity
To carry me down affordeding me that glorious splash.
Wow! I thought ' this is an enormous and wondrous bowl '
Oh oh oh!
That poor little goldfish that bad suddenly become the hapless to happy victim
Of a frustrated and angry parent who had lost all control!!!

GOOD LUCK little will need all you get!

Question/ riddle of sorts.
Anyone know the reason for my naming the. poem this ... bit of
i _ _ _ _ _ twist?
Bindashi Misao Dec 2018
what if these stars are all those wishes
that never came true!
and they try to tell us...
that even something incomplete,
can be so beautiful...
Brynn S Dec 2018
Mind these words
I’ve listened before
But what if the music falls short?
The latter isn’t as pretty as the start
Nor is it as tempting to follow
To entice is to be quite precise
Strategy is key, whilst motives are to see

wait for it
The silence
Live in it, fall deep
You’ll hear humming soon after
Like a songbird or wind
But nothing outlasts the the chords
Those notes to mend
A hodgepodge of words and ideas. Later they will be placed into the proper formatting.
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