More delicate
And yet stronger in such ways
Unbeknownst to me
And this is why
When I look into her eyes
I see nothing of me
And yet everything
I could ever wish to know
None will search forever. All searches end one way or another. And if you're wise and revere the old words, you'll always have an eternity of sorts. Waiting for you.
I was driving too fast
ran out of gas
too pooped to pass
too cool for class.
Drove to the beach
slept in the cab
woke with a stab
the sun in my eyes
No Camping
said the signs.
I continued to drive
just to keep alive
the hope I'd survive.
As stories often go,
an angel rode with me
And in blessed mercy,
steered me
to napowrimo!
a poem a day...with prompts along the way.
I'm in a world of misery
Trying to be found
So I can be set free
By the beings around

Please help me
For here I am bound
I am in need
To be let down
No love lost, No love found.
All I hear is the beating sound, My own heart burning away. Wanting to come again, but not this day.

                                  With love,  
I found happy,
He's nice,
and kind,
his eyes are the ocean,
and his mind is the universe.
I found happy.
I love his smile,
and his laugh,
but his jokes are by far the best.
I found Happy.

~A Little Girl
b e mccomb Apr 3
there are thousands of things
i want to say and i can't
find even one way
to say one thing

so sometimes i tamp
them down and mix
them with syrupy sweet
sludge in my mug

and other times i remember
bits and pieces of them and
write them on scraps of paper
and abandon them

lost and found
whatever is shoved
into the bottom of that
cardboard box

was only lost
never found

nobody knows where
they come from or
where they will go
after the lost and found

lost and found
the miscellaneous
and i
copyright 4/2/18 b. e. mccomb
mermaidinCLE Mar 27
you kissed me at CODA
and I remembered who I was -
when the world was my ocean,
before they put me in a tank -
my soul was parched for open water
so you grabbed my face and
we dove down deep below
and in the deepest parts of the sea
we've found what we already know
Nayana Nair Mar 26
I will trace your tears
through the meteor shower,
through the footsteps that you followed,
through the hands that you held,
through the hearts that you broke,
through the marks on your skin,
through the lost and found columns,
through the moist flower placed in you books,
through that crossed out name, on every page.
I will trace your tears
that will lead back to me.
And say what needs to be said.
An apology.
An apology that you never got.
An apology that you deserved.
Allesha Eman Mar 25
Somewhere in the sea of turquoise
I was lost in a boat made of my dreams
If you ever wanted to find me
Then I’d be hiding in the hallow shadows of the free

I’d be in the smile of a survivor
The tears of a lover
The hopes of a dreamer
Maybe even in the lies of a believer

Somewhere by the rattling earth
Or floating in the seven seas
But I’ll be where love goes
When you’ll be looking for me

So if you ever try to find me
I’ll be in the places you’ll never see
The places where your eyes will miss
But your heart will be set free

I’ll be in your laugh
Or maybe in your dreams
Where ever I am just know
Somewhere in the hallow shadows
I’m waiting to be seen
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