shåi 2d

little rubber ducky,
with your wailing shrieks
of tiny squeaks
erupt out of me
a coven of mice
gasping for air

i am like you
little rubber ducky
soundlessly musing
ignored by the world

the water ricohets
around me
surrounding me
a translucent trove --
my dark chasm

i am like you
little rubber ducky,
stuck in my little white bowl
air sucked out of me --
a body that never felt

i am here

So, my hearts listening...
What is it you once said?
To the rhythm of the night sky glistening.
You had me in a gaze,
A lost boy with no haze...
A pep in my step as I made it through the days.
But, wait... Where did it go?
Pulled the viel back and now lies only show.
See, I'm an Angel and my words take flight.
I just put the music on and drift away every night.
Fly to you, fly to me...
Lost in a dream of what love could be.
Plenty of fish, so call me Ahab.
I got my pole and my box of tackle,
But everytime I speak your name it's like a shackle.
Pulling me down, so I can drown.
I like the pain... Keeps me humble.
Sit back and listen to rain and watch the weed tumble.
I don't expect to hear a sorry or receive a call...
Truth is, you should be happy, well, Hell... Shouldn't we all?

It's worn, but legible.

I was in mezzanine ----- With a clear view
Of the discordant ----- Third act reunion scene

One day,
I mean to say,
one, spectacularly gray day,

I decided I’d stop-
stop following God.
And I walked slowly off
the other way.

But that didn’t stop
God from following me.
No matter how high
or low I got
God always seemed
To be
in that

So I said, “God?!? What is
this all about?! Why are you
following me of all people?”
God shook His cloudy head in dismay.
“We finally meet? And this
Is what you have to say?”

“Running away can wait
Another day…let’s try again
What do you say??”
So just like that...
second chance given
And God went ahead of me
listening to my rant as I walked
and talked.

Before I knew it, my doubts
and fears
were left
behind me
I was following God again.

Thankfully, He’ll
always keep me
within His sight.

gmw '17

The black sheep in me wanders still.
Sarah Salako Jul 16

it's so easy to lose yourself when surrounded by people,

unable to truly express yourself and how you feel,

stretching out your hand but no one grabs hold,

they do.

haven't written a poem for months. Was lost now I am found
Mark Parker Jul 3

It all starts with
the perfect crust.
Not too thick,
not too thin,
with just the right
amount of crunch.

Classic crust

I in no way endorse this pizza! It's classic crust is more the texture of burnt toast. The back seemed more sarcastic to the idea of the pizza after eating it.
Cat Wilson Jun 30

Sleepy knees, struggling to keep one up. Slipping minds hang on the faintest peice of reality to keep us sane. (Ticking time bombs, one tick and we're e gone. )Weak hearts, broken so many nothing will heal all the damage. Lost people: the act they put on is soon turning into a life style. Voices get drained out by those with more importance. Those with more importance shun the ones with no voices, little by little shadows engulf the voiceless. The shadows hold more stories than one can tell. Stories of great triumph, lost souls sleeping, whispering for god. Stories of dread......

My view on life. And how it works
alan Jun 29

we are,
waiting in the room where we shut ourselves
his shirt still hanging there
in the closet,
coffees' cold now.
Notes fly
break away
break away where we know we're safe,
get lost
get lost
find a new way.
we are,
running from the room where we shut ourselves,
get lost
boy run away
don't let him find you.
Get lost.

Hopefully people don't read this incorrectly, because "get lost" doesn't mean "go away", it means travel and find where you belong.
M Jun 28

It was cold pre-summer  
when thy weather was cursing your pores
and every inch of clock's light
intensifies thine one's sores.

Sight by sight, attempting to make
bite Athena and Hera's rave.
Even if reality likes pace of cake.
The dawn crawls, knocking your only core.

Are you still attached,Soul?
Reminding, relieving this halt so rough?
Are you sure by tonight young foul?
Sin bites, it hurts like cough.

So today, let me whisper you.
Another Eros might enlighten thy coo.

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