ArC 10h
The truth is...I've always loved you,
I never meant to hurt you,
escape to foreign lands,
leave you in his hands.

The truth is...I new you find another,
hold your hand when there's thunder,
kiss you in your slumber,
love you like no other.

The truth is...I'm back home now,
and it still feels new,
like our love just grew,
I am you and we are two.
ph 1d
I knew what you
                          were from
    the very beginning.
I saw you from a
                 different angle.
All the others saw a sleek and slender form.
Thin bones that were jam-packed with dreams.
When I looked your way,
I saw
misunderstood, and
wandering. Lost.
But the way your eyes lit up when you saw me-it
was enough to let me know that
I had
© Copyright Pegasus 2018
How did it start you might ask?
  The story began when I was 16.

  She knew just how to manipulate
me & so did Tim.
This was also the age I lost my
virginity to him.

Lured toward the lust I felt inside.
Which was why I had so much PRIDE.
She dated me & some other guy.
All along I was just her backup plan.

Keep in mind, I was a 10th grader in High School.
Going out to parties, smoking a bunch of cigarettes & weed.
Nothing mattered. Which left me feeling more alone than I ever did.
Didn't get the privilege to walk down the aisle with the rest of my classmates.


How can God forgive a misfit such as me?
How undeserving I was. Rebellion.

Plenty of drugs & clubs - my personal
favorite was Pulse Night Club.
Who was I when I wasn't with women?

This was my life for 10 years.

Later on, I watched a spoken word video
called Jesus > Religion.
For a moment it clicked, or so I thought.
Evidently realizing I was a religious fraud.

Once upon a time, I was among the dead.
Now I am fully alive in Yeshua.
I may never forget, even if He already has.
As far as the East is from the West.

  Relentlessly pursuing me in my brokenness.
He has made me whole & new again.

I urge you to pick-up your cross.
The battle has already been won.
Psalms 103:12
As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us.
Let’s get lost, but first we gonna dress up.
But first, love, here’s a heads up.
If you leave here with that sexy black dress
I might have to put your legs up.
Let’s get lost, don’t even tie your hair up.
No make-up, keep it bare love.
You got the kind of look they only write about in books,
Were you even aware love?
Let’s get…

Oooh, it’s the way you glow,
The city’s gonna ignite.
You burnin’ up this moonlight.
Oooh, you just have to know
We headin’ to a hyper night.
You know this feels right.

Power Plant Live, up in Mosaic taking shots of patron
You whispered to me “I think I’m alive again.”
Another round from the bar let’s get revived again.
Seduction all in your eyes and I just can’t defend.
Moving from your waist down to your thighs.
You pressed up against me in reply.
You said “You wanna see me dance on the bar?”
Now I’m taking pics of you dancing on the bar.
The room’s full but it’s just me and you.
You throwin’ signals I can’t misconstrue.
I’ve seen that smile before, I think it’s deja vu.
The time of your life, you were overdue.
We came to get lost but found another view.
You shaking those hips giving me a preview.
Electric lips encourage me to pursue.
We gotta bid adieu so I can give you the….

Oooh, it’s the way you glow
That makes the room ignite.
We gotta exit stage right.
Oooh, it’s the way you glow
You got me in a hyper night.
We gonna be up all night.

Let’s get lost
In hyper night.
Many local variants of the Greek alphabet
were employed in ancient Greece
during the archaic and early classical periods,
until they were replaced by the classical 24-letter alphabet
that is the standard today, around 400 BC.
All forms of the Greek alphabet were originally
based on the shared inventory of the 22 symbols
of the Phoenician alphabet,
with the exception of the letter Samekh,
whose Greek counterpart Xi (Ξ)
was used only in a sub-group of Greek alphabets,
and with the common addition of Upsilon (Υ)
for the vowel /u, ū/. The local, so-called epichoric,
alphabets differed in many ways:
in the use of the consonant symbols Χ, Φ and Ψ;
in the use of the innovative long vowel letters (Ω and Η),
in the absence or presence of Η in its original
consonant function (/h/); in the use or non-use
of certain archaic letters (Ϝ = /w/, Ϙ = /k/, Ϻ = /s/);
and in many details of the individual shapes of each letter.
The system now familiar as the
standard 24-letter Greek alphabet was originally
the regional variant of the Ionian cities in Asia Minor.
It was officially adopted in Athens in 403 BC
and in most of the rest of the Greek world
            by the middle of the 4th century BC
A rhetorical question finds me ask
king (to no one in particular) why I bask
with recollection the names of blank
exclamatory staid grade school crank

key teachers approximately
     42,0480,000 breaths aye drank
fifty years ago (most whose names frank
lee listed below),

     when the need to access
and retrieve
     immediate necessary information
     analogously interleaved

     among coaxial bracts
during examinations relegated
     as hopelessly lost
     into interstitial invisible cranial cracks

irretrievably buried
     during examinations, which age
(feels like a million years ago)
     often found me seized and caged
with sudden inability to remember

     any vital answers as gauged
evidenced by nothing writ
ten on paper (even including my name),
     thus loosely similar as aye sit
to compose poetry,
     and/or prose tempted to quit

asper defeated by resignation,
     and sinking sensation in the pit
of my stomach (more so regarding orbit
ting like an unsound garden  

     black hole son around cold (mit
ten necessary) awful days grudgingly
     handing over like a lit
till insignificant being,
     a test paper devoid of academic grit

analogously surrendering
     (while feeling fit
tubby tied, sense internally emit
ting abnegation sans chafing at the bit,

yet no sooner did buzzer indicated test
time over, then (of course),
     an instantaneous pest
that blocked chunk dramatically
     flowered gloriously invoking nest

head treasured mother lode
     of learned information invest
ment accounting for principle ball lanced
     formerly figuratively barricaded facts
     suddenly at my behest

ironically retaining to this day
dogged details amazingly,
     now gracing lix spittle fist size gray
dictating academic failure

     forcing laying down pen hay
for ma forgotten requisite thoughts may
king skepticism about self thrive, ray
zing mailer demons impossible to slay,

when into scaly claws, sans first
to sixth grade Precambrian relic
(Missus Batson, Missus Rittenhouse,
Missus Wells, Mister Stout, Missus Shaner,
or Miss Rinderle).

Invariably the majority
     of elementary grades didst accord
accredited ancient authenticated creatures bored
(with exception of sixth)

     freely exercised diabolical chord
churlish beastial animalistic
     zealous yakking, wickedly,
     aye (a basket case) deplored

unprintable (epithets) this then
     (unprincipled urchin) puny pupil felt lord
did over whacked, sans receiving end,
     viz fiendishly gruesome
     hellish instructions mean teacher scored.

Assignments buttressed with ultimatums
harkening back to Jurassic period earlier
in the dawning primate consciousness.

Lesson material kindled justifiable license
in league garnered insignia heft brought pupils
to heal predicated, via warped weft woven
wonderfully wrought writs welcomed whips
with warranty whenever recalcitrant ruffian
refused respecting reptilian rubric representative
saber rattling, where...

(The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than the Driver
of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will
Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do),
which loosely rendered regularly warbled

wishy washy verse curmudgeons freedom
granted to interpret as one decrepit, hawkish
insignia certified one beaming Eve and/or
stud deed brute soffit.

Education often relied on the weekly reader,
and letters to or from Aunt Emma to this Jack,
oh napeswho never wrote back
sheesh, alas and alack.

Nefarious mean linkedin kickstarter jawboning
torturous treatment tolerated, asper imps
of pervert, mutant Ninja Turtles duty bound
antsy youthful yokel yodelers weathering ululating
sing-song quintessential precepts.

math a hew
scott harris a gentile Jew
all ways felt like new
kid on the block isolated

     in his hermetically sealed queue
pay perm ash shay watched per view
at last in conk clew shun to you
from one primate within the human zoo.
B-J-M 6d
though i float in time
i cannot get where i want
there may be comfort
in the past
to remain there would be
too great
a sacrifice;
this is
a much better place
though it cracks
and flakes

now that you mention it
the bright mornings
of yesterday
were just as clouded
maybe more so

dwelling on our struggles
we must not forget
the joys of
Johnny Noiπ Jun 9
with at least one of                    A, B, C, D, E
not equal to zero.
This equation has 15 constants.                                 However,
it can                    be multiplied by                  
                    any non-zero constant
without changing              the curve;                                  thus by the choice
of an appropriate                  constant of multiplication,
any one           of the coefficients                                              can be set
          to 1,
                     leaving                                                only      ­             14 constants.                                      Therefore,       the space
of quartic curves can be
                          identified with the real
projective                         space
RP14 It also follows,                             from Cramer's   
on algebraic curves,                                that there is exactly one
quartic curve                                 that passes                        through a set of
distinct points                                 in general
                                              position, since a quartic
has                               14 degrees of freedom.
One may                              also consider
            quartic curves over
other fields                        (or even rings),           for instance
                     the complex                numbers. In this way,                    one
m                   Riemann                                         surfaces,
       which are
objects over C,                             but are two-dimensional over R.
An example           is the Klein                        quartic.
one can loo                k at curves in the                 projective                
                given by                                homogeneous polynomials.
Johnny Noiπ Jun 6
Margaret Gorman (August 18, 1905 –
October 1, 1995)
was the first Miss America,
from the year 1921.
Born August 18, 1905
Washington, D.C., U.S.
Died October 1, 1995 (aged 90)
Bowie, Maryland, U.S.
Title Miss Washington, D.C.
Golden Mermaid Award
Miss America 1921
Successor Mary Campbell
Spouse(s) Victor Cahill

Margaret Gorman wins first prize at
Atlantic City; Gorman was a junior at
Western High School in Washington, D.C.
when her photo was entered into a
popularity contest at the Washington Herald.
She was chosen "Miss District of Columbia"
in 1921 at 16 on account of her athletic
ability, scholastic accomplishments and
outgoing personality. As a result of that victory,
she was invited to join the Second Annual
Atlantic City Pageant held on September 8, 1921,
as an honored guest; There she was invited
to join a new event: the "Inter-City Beauty"
Contest. She won the titles "Inter-City Beauty,
Amateur" and "The Most Beautiful Bathing
Girl in America" after competing in the Bather's
Revue. She won the grand prize, the Golden
Mermaid trophy. She was expected to defend
her positions the next year but someone else
[who?] had attained the title of "Miss Washington, D.C.",
so instead Margaret was crowned "Miss America."

She still owned the sea green chiffon and
sequined dress that she wore in the 1922 competition.
Gorman continued to compete in 1922
and was a favorite of the crowds. A few years later,
she married Victor Cahill and was happily married
until he died in 1957. She lived all her life in D.C.,
became somewhat of a socialite and enjoyed traveling.
She died on October 1, 1995, age 90.
Eve Jun 4
I can see your face, as I walk away,
I can see the hurt in your eyes as I avert my body forward.
I turn behind me, only to view the presence of a shadow staring at me.
I call the unprecedented ghost bluff while turning my head and the rest of my limbs to face what's ahead.
Who even knows what's next?
The dirt is turning my vision into dust,
But, I'm already so close,
To being set free.
So, I ignore all of the signs telling me to retread,
These distractions are merely going to disrupt my mind.
Despite feeling guilty for the sins I've completed,
I can't lie, I feel somewhat satisfied with leaving, it's been far too long.
The same place that drained me all along,
Had me regretting the decision I made when I disappeared.
Yet another cast emerged from beside,
I broke down in the middle of nowhere and begged for any other to reside on my side.
But, as I looked around, nothing was found,
I was stuck, left alone,
All this time, I had been lost and gone.
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