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A sunken chest
                   on the ocean ground
                   to never be found
                   was where he found me

There he stirred
               my every thought
               my every word
               so gently, so profoundly

Now I am kept
                  from dreams I dreamt
                  when once I slept
                   so soundly
I know this sounds cheesy but me and my girl/ boyfriend were both lost and now found. Follow her @sxdboiii
Matty 1d
Mr Serotonin take me away from the bad man.
He wears my skin and I think he wants to be me.

He wants me bad and I feel him breathing down my neck
He’s always here and my dreams always break me.

Mr Oxytocin save me from myself.
I know I’ve been bad but what do you expect from an orphan.

I’m in need of stimuli and love.
but the bottles leave me empty and hallow.

Miss Vasopressin, please to please you.
Passionate confessions of perfection, loving the scent and breath you give.

You’re all I think about when the darkness swallows me whole.
Thinking of being free, growing and folding into your soul.
Alyssa 3d
The world is such a grotesque place
Everything in it so black and white
Everyone wanders so aimlessly
But then
I hear your voice
It chills me to the bone
I turn around
Street lights begin to illuminate
The grass is green
Stars in the night sky begin to burn
Like my love for you
I take ten steps forward
Suddenly everything around us
Erupts in color
Fuchsia in the flowers
Indigo paints the sky
The world is so beautiful

But as I stop
You’re staring so blankly ahead
I can tell your world is still so grey
You walk straight ahead
I take ten steps back
As you pass
The color begins to dissipate
Flowers die
The sky turns somber
A world without color
Is hardly a world at all

I don’t blame you for walking
Alyssa 5d
Thoughts of you come to me
Like permanent reverie
Your silhouette dancing so fiercely in my mind
I find your lips pressed against mine
Your embrace so kind
Until the dream is over
And it’s back to reality
But it’s always been you
And me
Dancing on the edge of consciousness
Drugs in the system I can feel the high
There is a lot of fiction to that last line
Or maybe I’m pushin y’all for another lie?
Have you ever woke up and asked yourself “why?”
I play chess with *** and the devil - I’m not afraid to die
The gamble is apart of it
the way of challenging yourself is the hardest ****
Don’t live your last moments pretending to be lit...
I got life and every bit of it
This is just art - poetic justice take it literally and your part of the capture of it
The picture that we paint
Can’t be what I ain’t
My family applies the pressure - my family and crushing
In to a force I can’t measure
Every woman I meet wants me to change who I am
I can’t just be myself and if I truly am they usually think it’s just bland
“Doug you gunna be the man”
That was never said by the men who were supposed to be apart of plan
And I’ll say it again
I healed my mind - trying to be kind
Society likes the wine - a drinking thought is the only thing that seems to resides
Alll “deep” inside...tell me what’s deep inside?
You post a few pics you throw a few flicks
Only to keep the truth deep down inside
Why don’t you bring the truth outside
I think we’d “like” that picture a whole lot better
Don’t look at the world and post up some ish only to look back at it and feel that you got to get better
I’m trying to no longer depend on the eyes
I pray every time I feel the demise
Ask yourself if you lost it all and had nothing left...why the **** would truly be by your side
I feel reborn - no longer a scorn
I sever people now but welded down my horns
Because changing yourself comes before trying to change society
No longer a victim of self born conflicts
Finally shook off that ***** anxiety...
But suddenly I found a way
It was so hard to get what I wanted but I found a way...
My change came with a cost...she went away
I haven’t found my heart since...did it go away?
My family and friends finally loves me...if they always?
Who knows
Questions will reside internally as I speak this externally
But **** my simple mind and what the words say...
Most of y’all haven’t even heard from me
And that’s maybe all on me...
Just feel y’all see who I used to be...
Haven’t seen who I’ve finally become to be.
...but it happens
I’m back now writing again for those who lost they way...
I’m back again to let them know it’s hard but imma help guide you because
I found a way...

Those who know me know.
I’m back
Latifah 6d
Don't come looking for me
in the lost and found
because I'm not lost
I just don't wanna be found.
amuba 7d
I do not know if you notice
But I do look at you and you too I wish
I do not know if you understand me
Things I say just at you to look at me
Your laugh, I enjoy it so much hearing
Just for that I would even dance and sing
You are so calm and gentle
When you are next to me its hard to handle
My emotions whether to give you a clue
Can't you see all these things I do?
When I look at your green eyes next time
Please don't look away from me my sunshine
A ****** guy like me falls too
Stumbled down this world when I found someone like you.
I asked her out and man oh man the universe keeps stalling or maybe its not the universe its her who is stalling. What a life lol. These ****** things guys think and do. Hmm, could be my next poem lol.
The fire
then back again
like a winking eye.

it was not

it was

he was drawn to it
like a thing of brush;

it was

A crackle of flames,
a silence

it was

talked about everything
never of nothing

a continual curiosity
a sense of wonder;

it was
Found this poem recently. If I remember correctly, it was an assignment from middle school to write a found poem about a passage we read in class, though I cannot for the life of me remember the passage.
Curtis Owens Nov 12
to say I am lost would be to imply that, at one point, I was present.
My presence was ignored from the time I crawled the floors,
feelings inside developed into sores
boring onto my soul scars.
My father, my guide, idolised in mind.
They say love is blind but
when eyes open and you find monsters, sponsors of crime
doing time for an easy dime,
can you carry that love on
or does that one idol burn?
I am lost or
rather never found, no guide by my side,
just going with the tide and building walls, to keep these feelings back,
that torment my mind.
The foundries of feeling’s forges have gone cold, Shut away and barricaded
by un-shaken walls.
So I wander, in search of myself,
I wonder
if I’ll be found or
if I’m bound for a battery of life:
that little smile playing on my lips the bus ride back to my house. a sense of tranquility. being with you makes me feel at home. i've always looked for shelter in four walls, front doors, bedsheets, dining room tables, and every other little thing. but i didn't ever feel that connection. until i met you. and i realized a home doesn't have to be made of four walls. it can be made of a heartbeat.
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