You said “there are a lot of fish in the sea and sometimes you get lost trying to catch one."

Don’t worry you are my Nemo, if you’ll get lost in the ocean I’ll find you.

I will find you

Is she here?
Maybe, we'll see.
So it's you?
Come on,
Let me see.
It's very soft.
Oh boy, ya
I have to get a drink
You have to make a desicion.
You shouldn't be crying, baby.
Don't do anything stupid ever again.
I love you, Jordi.

Remember it's in the second drawer
All of the sudden
You see a bright flash
from within the closet
Come on,
Let me see
Anybody want a chicken?
I'll just throw it in this window
Don't do anything stupid ever again.

Ammar 4d

Was losing everything
my past, present & future

I lost our to be
seeing you wear that special dress; the color of which I'll never find out
Hearing about your little sister make it big in college
Taking our families out together
Buying our first house
Showing your dad how to make real French toasts
Drinking the tea your mom makes
Or the muffins your sister would make at Noor's birthday
Our Noor
Raising her
Loving her
Loving you

baby i found myself
when I found you

I've lost myself, finding you again

//khaali hai jo tere bina.....main woh ghar hu tera//

Burying my past,
never staying as asked,
A spade swings descending
blood pools almost unending

But mistakes can always be unending
because nothing stays buried were only pretending.

You say, it's weird
how someone so far away
can make you feel so happy
and contented

I say, it's weird
how someone so far
away can uplift my soul
effortlessly and make me
smile endlessly

We are under the same
sky, we gaze upon the same
stars and moon
So, please believe me
when I say nothing is

Showing some love, low-key. <3
LightShade Sep 10

I lost something dear to me
And with it my memories
Like how I lost you
And with you my heart as well
I lost my smile I can’t find it
And along with it my happiness
I lost the reason to truly be inlove
As I knew I failed to give you up
I lost the courage to fall again
Because I’m still falling for you
I lost everything
Cause you were that everything
I lost myself
I don’t know the path back
I lost my heart along the way
Can you search it?
I found everything
When you found me.

Laurel Sep 7

My name is Adam
I’m intelligent and handsome and modest

your type on paper

I can reach the shelves
you can’t

I’m just a normal guy
I wear the trousers

I’m the type to take you to the zoo
I also have one tattoo

I’m like Marmite
keep your expectations low

no Tories

I can’t promise anything but
I did something funny once

I’m very laid back
swipe right if you don’t eat the pizza crusts

I’m always up
for a good time

I’m an all-round average guy
and a part-time Taylor Swift tribute act

I’ll tell you how it is
some people call me a hero

what more could you want?

this is a found poem and the product of me getting bored and swiping through men on tinder...
inggo Sep 6

Where are you?
I've been searching everywhere
I'm starting to get tired
Should I give up?

I'm losing hope
Depression is eating me alive
I feel so empty
How long can I survive

Then I found you
You were always there
I was just afraid to look at you
But now i'm ready to stare

Can I keep you?

Poetic T Sep 2

We must find

before finding the

piece that fits us.

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