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Denny Jan 14
Don’t know where I’m going
Where I’m supposed to be
I’m living
That must mean something
To me.
It’s been awhile!
Cutezeni Nov 2022
You left in the morning in a daze
I stayed waiting for you in a haze
Made promises you said you’d be back
It’s been 2 years no looking back.

Showed up in a dream you said you were close
Finishing up school and work and chores
I don’t even know you anymore
But you keep your promise and me on my toes.

I loved you when I didn’t understand you wholly
I wanted you when you were broken completely
But you made a choice to go back and leave
Left me crying and calling out in a heave.

Now you said you’d be there when I’d come too
It’s been a minute I don’t know what to look for in you
Been a great friend, a great ally
Seen you walking looking back at my side
Maybe you never forgot who I was
But you’re starting to look like I don’t even know who you was.

Bring back the higher note, the old soul
Bring back the promise that you made in your past
Four folds ago
Four years ago
It’s been just minute longer than before
Maybe I’d remember when you return
Why you left to earn
And didn’t come back in turn.
Do I even know you?
Cutezeni Aug 2022
My broken heart is in pieces
Got a missing piece too
It’s beyond repair,
It turned black
Had so much love which felt green
Now the glass is shattering
Everything turning blue and black

Reminiscing the good times that felt fatal
Remembering the memories of him
Oh so unstable
Had a niggling feeling
Couldn’t catch the onset becoming
Possessed with demon blood
I hate that I’m ugly beyond repair
My heart sings the songs of the fallen
I hate that it’s breaking up
Whatever was befallen

I can’t run or hide away from this feeling,
It’s the last of humanity dealing
I can’t finish the crossed line
I’m becoming the demon that which I am dealing.
Rescue me no man coming
I’m unbecoming the version that cried to god
But no one came nor they stayed
It was a one man job.

Help me there is no resolution
I have been and un-been
Feeling gratuitous from the moment the flesh erased to the glass skin.
I will go down and under
Lost in the sea of monster
If this is the end, let me be
An uncaring **** stirrer.
My Dear Poet May 2022
I’m hopping along a road
that trips me over
I’m climbing up a tree
that pulls me down
I’m far across a field
that draws me closer
and still nearer
to not being found
preston Apr 2022

There is the core of who it is that you are..
inside of you,  my beautiful ανάσταση

                           and it will never, ever leave you.

When we are hurt real bad..  and in such unjust ways,
we can sometimes lose ourselves--

                                          from ourselves..

But that part of us will never  not
                           want to be found.

We become afraid because the pain from the hurt
has been so bad.

There is a central part of you  that has been protected  
from every bit of that harm--

                                      that is the core  
                of  who  it  is  that  you  are.

    I­n its utter and magnificent beauty,
    it is wholly  unable to be corrupted
              by this less than loving world..

And in it's perfect ability  to see,

       it will always let you be the chosen one
                                                     to find it.

This is the picture painted,

             of you,
                finding you.

please forgive my inability to see
My Dear Poet Nov 2021
Today I forgot
the very thing I lost
I forgot I lost it
I forgot what it was

Tomorrow I found
in my memory tossed
what was not there
where all along
it never was
What M.C.Escher is to Art
poetry can be
Zack Ripley Sep 2021
Whether you hide or stand out,
Whether you whisper or scream and shout,
If you want to, you can be found.
And if there days you feel you have no one
But your fears and your doubts,
Like you've looked everywhere but can't find a way out, if you want to, you can be found.
You will be found.
Your Eyes, In Every Life

I would know your eyes in every life
In every incarnation, I would find you
Part eight....
snipes Sep 2021
I’m lost
But my foundation
Is built with a sound system
I’m lost
But my shed is your salvation
The equipment to my home
Stores fixations of healing horns
I shed some light
I’m just trying to brighten your day up
I shred some light
I’m just trying to share the day with you
I should show love right
But my soul don’t feel too right
Break me down
Just to know
How to break me down
Underground light is still found
I’m lost
But my shed still sounds
I’ve seen myself in love poems from broken boys. I’ve seen myself in the raging ocean, the gusting wind, the blazing heat.

I’ve seen myself in small wildflowers forcing their way through cement, small spots of beauty and tenderness in this broken world.

I’ve seen myself through the cracked mirror in the bathroom and the shattered glances shot at me across rooms.

I found myself in your arms, in the love that you give unconditionally, in the tears in your eyes when you look at me.

I found myself in you.
I may have found myself in you, but I lost myself in you as well
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