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Ron 7d
Picture this
You, me, and a kiss
A meeting of the lips
Feelings such as this
Who knew they could exist?
When we met
I knew I found my bliss
Why do we remember things
Found from the finer places
that regulate moments in time
An inkling where we dream again
another day a month of years before

Some seek space as stillness binds

Through therapeutic methodologies
To think this is with love from art
in the beauty of our hearts
What qualities can a memory bring
A way to rise above that flow of life
(@PoeticTetra - Instagram/twitter)
Soni May 6
Can you miss something you never had?

You can only miss something if you had it because

If you never felt how it was to have it and then proceed to like it,

Is it even possible to miss it?

Can you miss something you never felt?

I feel a sense of adhuri

Why do I not feel complete?

I’m missing something
adhuri - hindi, meaning incompleteness, not enough, not done
Preachers in another storm

‘STAY’ whispers Mother

Followed by another joint

hands are met

and with him I crash

My bloodstained shadow


thrashed onto the walls

Cray-Cray Calling

Dos Tres – Another! Better!

Quatro Cinco – What a disaster!

T’was never my intention

But I succeed at my own failures

for there has always been a reward after my tormented failure.


But You can’t say I left you empty handed

you can’t say I didn’t offer you all I had

I just left

for I found better.

I know – What a ***!
Soni Apr 28
Alone? No

Lonely? Absolutely

For when she wishes to find him, he is out saving someone else

Just like he did her

It;s not that she’s special,

It's just that he’s too good

It's not his heart that wanted to save her

It's his will to always do good that did

So, again, she must turn away

Or else she will get lost

Lost in his constant will to do good, for everyone

Not just her, like she first thought

Maybe in hindsight, being lonely, yet found *****

But being lost is worse…. Way worse

So with that she turns away, back to the misery of being found, yet alone

Walking away from him, knowing that he won’t miss her anyway
being found isn't always a good thing
It will reveal
Things you already knew,
Like the scars you see on your skin.
Lost, Found.
I get that you’re angry
I can see it in your face
But not everyone knows you
Like I know you, so for once
Speak up

Speak up for yourself
Because no one else will do it for you
What happens when I am no longer here
No longer telling them
What you want me to tell them

What happens when a nod
Or a shake of your head
Isn’t interpreted the way
You mean for it to be
Just please, speak up
Bhill Apr 15
expressionless and with a stare that seemed alien
the driftwood form floated and tossed in the violent sea
not knowing where IT had been or where IT would finish
tossing and turning, relying on the forces of nature for guidance
direction towards land is more then IT could hope for
soon the chaos and turmoil of the sea stopped
was IT on sand or still drifting out there in the void
IT seemed to be motionless when a blurred image appeared
not being able to recognize what IT was
not understanding ITs newfound sensations
not realizing IT was using a sense of sight
was there more to this image that understanding would support
what is this occurrence
is this simple, is this another new unknown excitement
is this even genuine
soon, IT appeared to be lifting up, being held quite gently by something
or someone
IT was suddenly and abruptly raised up and all ITs new sensations ceased
what was this, what was ITs final feeling
IT had been found...!

Brian Hill - 2020 # 106
What is your interpretation of this piece?  Please let me know.
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