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Juliana Mar 21
I see a little house on the hill
Nothing but time to ****
I write this song
'Cause there's still too long
Till the weekend in suburbia

I'm just some dumb kid
And I've been trying to hide it
Stuck on the bridge
But I fell with it
Just tell me my face is blue
Trust that I'm being true
My happy little pill of suburbia

It's just for tonight
Don't go looking for goodbye
I don't mind that you think you're right
Standing in the eye of suburbia

You don't need to go
But accept that you withdrew
Love it, do you?
The quiet in suburbia

I need you to trust that I'm lost
I've been out here for too long
'Cause you know that I can't trust
****** up for nothing
I'm all alone, in suburbia

That last one was my antidote
Telling you it's time to go
Like kids on concrete, oh
Reminds me I'm not home
In suburbia
Inspired and Found in "Blue Neighborhood" and "TRXYE" by Troye Sivan
Emily Mar 18
I wonder how can we scape
From this terrible shape of life?
karly codr Mar 16
life is catching up to me
i'm losing the me
that i am right now
i finally found who i want to be
i can't lose that person
because if i do
i might not be able to find her again
welp... so anyway taylor got aoty at the grammys last night and i died dead

also i found a really cute mickey mouse shirt at target that's i'm gonna tie dye and i'm excited
toleomato Mar 3
She is with
another man
but she is alive!
she exists!
to have found her
makes me feel as though
all is well in the world.
learning to not belong,
to continue d r i f t i n g without
being lost nor found.
At the end of endless search,
found the precious gem.
only to give it away,
as it doesn't fit my ring
Finding the perfect wrong ones
Steve Page Feb 19
You’ve got lost all over again
You need to just face it
You thought you were lost before
but now you know you are
You know you’re right about something and it’s this
You just need it to happen one more time
and then you’ll see the pattern
then you’ll find the key, the clue that’ll unlock the map
That way when the day ends you’ll no longer be lost
and you will have found that the day can end well after all
You know, like it’s supposed to
And then you’ll find it, right there, at the end, where it’s supposed to be
where it was all along
Told ya.
4 dimensions work better.
thoughts from a movie of the same name
i couldn’t find you.

i looked everywhere,
including the spot
you said to look.

a lifetime ago i might’ve
found you there
but not here,
not now.
will you be?
Allesha Eman Jan 25
Moon sailor, you watch pensively,
Hoping to catch sight of the evening moon
Lost at sea, your heart searches
for a lighthouse to guide you back home,
But clouds wash out your bones
As you make your abode in the sky....

Bobby Dodds Jan 23
Sooner or later it was bound to happen.
I fell for you,
In a way I’m quite tired of this dance,
                Waltzing around,
         Spinning,             dipping,
   A two step.                     a  salsa.
         Rhythmic              sadness-
                   Tiptoeing love.
In a way I wish this love had never happened,
I know the impossibility for what I hope for.
Yet everyday I just wait for another song
In our ballroom of text messages and google docs,
The band plays a taunting song-
In the key of heartbreak,
And timed out to the tempo of our thoughts.
Even within our gala the other dancers snicker,
For I have no partner,
And your love is dancing with another.
I have to start learning about the eastern orthodox church
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