Chan S 4d

So long, farewell (yeah)
My ship has sailed,
And I'm so glad it's over.
My heart mends well,
After all that I've been through
I've found myself.

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Jobira 6d

I want to get over you
And let you go. But it's funny
Even though you are already gone
I am still holding onto
Every tiny fibers of your being and threads
Of your lost and none existent love.
I know for a fact that
You have gone long ago like
During my youth years
Yet I am still here in the dreamlands
Somehow by any design, hoping the impossible
One day we can find each other again.
This is really annoying and agonizing, I mean
Being delusional and arguing with reality.
My mind is playing games with my heart.
At this point, I just don't know
What to do anymore.
Please help!

Jobira Jun 17

I'm lost from the start
You opened the gates of love
Sun shone in my heart.

Never stop dream for love.
Divine Dao Jun 14

I thought i've
Lost my pen

It was will~kept
Hidden deep
In my purse's

Than this summer's lost:
warm charm is falling
Upon me ~ Love --
(Can you feel it?)
you live
Like you want to
Explode in myriad
Starseed unexplored


Even more
Than your own
Trans translantic
Corriculum Virtuoso

Have you still got your
JAC Jun 13

It's amazing what you find when you're looking
It's astounding what you see when you're not
And what you see when you're looking at me
Is nothing you've never seen before.

If you spend your life chasing the wind,
Eventually you will understand it,
But you must first be ok with knowing that it will take you nowhere----

Unless  you're among the types of people who feel like they need to be somewhere in particular----

But if you're like me,
Or at least harbor the least bit of recklessness that no one has beat out of you yet,
Then the wind is the only thing worth chasing.

For you will be beautifully lost,
Like the wind,
Searching the desert skies in the morning to kiss the side of a mountain tasting the first few rays of the rising sun,

And you will know why
And you will know that this time
Is the right time
And this place
Is the only place
And that voice inside your head
Is not you,
But you are a voice.
a great big lovely voice
Howling to the midnight moon,
And she understands you,
The way only the moon can understand.

And if you chase the wind long enough,
You will become it,
And you will understand.

You know what I hope for you.
Sandoval Jun 8

I breathe him in, he breathes me out.

Its like i'm lost and cant be found.


I see you sitting beside the road under a tall Elm tree
Near a thicket with a stream running by at  your feet.
Your head held up by the one hand
With your elbow resting against the tree.
Your body turned away from me on one side.
Dressed in a velveteen camisole top with a white skirt – all alone.
As I approach you - you turn your eyes toward me
And say, “Shall you not leave me too, my love?”
Looking into your eyes I see somehow that I must be invisible
Because your question was not meant for me.
It was for the very thing in the essence of love.
Tears trickle down your cheeks
As my heart and soul sits down beside you.
You allow me to wipe the tears away
And I watch as they reappear one by one -
Falling ever so slowly into my offered handkerchief.
Then I set my handkerchief into my own tears and
Then back into yours once again.
All the while feeling the most
Indescribable emotions – ones for which
I have no way to dispose of or account for.

Taking you into my arms I say to you:
“Yes, I am positive that I have a soul within me and
All the scientists, nor all the learned professors
Or all of their books combined could ever convince me otherwise.
I know it must be true, dear one –
Because you could not be so lucky as to have the only one.
If ever love does leave you –
It will be to go to heaven to make sure that
Your place is properly prepared for you.”

You lean into me, holding me
Like a lost child in a never ending maze.

And then I awaken…
Another night passes into the morning of the never was.
Are things the way they seem
Or are they simply unfinished lines - just because?

Sometimes I sit with the pain of so many others. Each one blending their tears with my own. Sometimes just blurbs or dots on a page. Sharing so many unfinished lines.
Julia Mae Jun 2

i was alone before you found me
and i can be alone again when you leave
(i don't need anything from you)

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