I found you
I found myself when I found you
I wasn't alone anymore I had you
I was put together there were no more missing pieces
We were the perfect puzzle
Onlookers envied what we had
We had so many crazy memories
memories I haven't yet been able to forget

Then I lost you somewhere
There were fights, disagreements
So our puzzle just broke
We feel apart piece by piece
I tried everything I tried so hard to fix that puzzle
I couldn't accept that the pieces
just didn't fit together anymore

I lost myself
I found you pieces reconnecting with new pieces
My pieces left alone again
Alone in their box

I just want one last look
at the beautiful puzzle we shared
even though it won't help me get over the pain
The pain that has ruled over me for months
I guess I  just can't close the lid to that box

Philosopher Poet
enamored with wisdom
and understanding.
Living in a rival world
of my own design.

City gates, gold and triumphant
gleaming in the sun from afar.
When you beamed my eyes,
I found want.
I couldn't contain
my awe,
my hope,
my gravitation
magnetic to you.

for six years, the world
sees laughter,
finds homes
and goes off to meet time.

i want to stand up,
to know where that wonder is
in both dimensions.

found haiku?

I was strolling down the aisle
We were shopping there in style
With my daughter sitting smiling in the cart,
I was stretching out my hand
For the Martinelli's brand
When the apple of my eye gave me a start.

With the bottle in my grasp
I saw, coming toward us fast,
A high heeled damsel, scarfed and towing her caddie
And she smirked as I, condemned,
Stood up to comprehend
The reason, as my child said "Whisky Daddy?"

There was nothing I could say,
To make it seem another way,
To vanquish the conviction so compelling
It was the color you could tell
And the shape she knew so well,
The question that my daughter asked was telling.

Neil Stewart McLeod

This poem is published in an anthology called "A Ship In A Bottle" and is available from this link:
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JAC May 7

You were right
And I was wrong
You were the right person
And I found you at the wrong time.

Luna Marie May 3

Piece by guarded piece,
My heart that had been tethered
And tossed into the depths of the tides,
Ascended to the surface
And joined yours to watch the moonlight.

The warmth of your touch,
And the soothing sound of your beating heart
Claimed me.

Every smile that graced your lips
And each time you tenderly took my hand,
You unlocked something buried.

It was unstoppable and I did not stand a chance
PrttyBrd Apr 27

a limp body
carried in broken arms
to a funeral pyre
hidden in the woods

tinder, salt-saturated
won't catch
drowning in the perception
of failure

life flows out
and seeps in
healing in unfettered

exhaustion bleeds thought
cracks fuse invisibly strong
still feeling both less
yet more, somehow

pyre lays unlit
as the heart dreams ablaze
in lost memories
of a life not yet lived

one without the other
cannot exhale
breathing in all the nothing
looking for the only thing

not knowing what or where
but the when is now
as wood sits on the ashes
of what came before

in the jolt of drowning
on overflowed tears
it flows out of each
and into the other

cracks fade
accidental truth is never an accident
too tired to continue
it was found where it lay sleeping

patient and blind
sprouts into the best
of unseen possibilities
the day you carried me in silence

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