“i’ve always felt
like i was searching for
some place

those were the words
that slipped from your
alcohol infested mouth
at 3 am
windows shut
lights off
just us two
and only i could hear

i could have ignored it
pretended i didn’t hear
as if i had
no idea
what you were saying

i tried
but i couldn’t ignore
the words that next came out
“i think i’ve found it with him”
— i wish you said you found it with me.
A treasure is unlike a present
Because it is not simply handed to you
It is a rare and valuable reward
That you must spend time and energy to pursue

And once you've sought out and
Acquired your gems that sparkle and glow
You must take care and protect your treasure
In something hidden such as a trove

In this trove she'll sit and wait
To be gazed upon and loved
Just make sure to appreciate her
Or else she'll escape and fly away like a dove

See, a treasure trove is like a safe
And not like a cage or a drawer
You must take out your treasure sometimes for show
And admire her all the more
written february 21, 2018
Poetry is the rhythm of her soul
flows through her veins
dances in her mind
swirls throughout her days

She speaks stories of solitude
with her shining dark brown eyes
She meets life at the edge of wonders
Unravelling stories yet to ponder

She looks upon to the stars
forgetting darkness behind it
She seeks solace in rapt of silence
Poetry becomes her
bluebird days in Moonstruck
Confession: in your absence
Searched such topics

Enable to pen you in my poem.
Theme: when subconscious divinity governs a content of the thought. Then, nothing matters.
We sit across the room from each other in hideous furniture.
But still, you scream,
"What is it all about? Why are we here?"
I respond, warm affection dripping in every word,
"Human connection."
"There must be more than that," you insist.
Your words leave me with nothing except an unworthy reparation on my lips.
I glance around the freezing house and realize I have obviously failed to provide enough for the both of us.
Words were not required to convey the message held within.
The warmth of your touch when your hand held mine
Just easily melted my frozen heart.

The moment was so perfect, so magical
That felt like all the stars aligned for us
And the universe conspired in our favor,
Allowing two souls to meet in a chance encounter.

©Penchie Limbo
sar 5d
my hands have never moved
along the
l  e  n  g  t  h  (of his)
spine and i
don't know what it is to be kissed.

i don't dance in his arms
or write him letters with my lips  
we don't sit in heart-pounding silence
our tangled feet, tangled together.

i love him,
but i don't know who he is
(and i)
have never
been in l o v e.
where are you, darling?
Crystal 6d
Why is that he gets to be happy?
He gets to smile and be in love.
While I drown in the heartbreak  he left me in.
While I try to numb the pain with a few drinks a day.
Even though I've got everything.
I feel nothing.
Empty and I want to know why.
Lost and I want to be found.
Broken and I dont need to be fixed
Sad and I have no true reason to be
Gone and  no one has noticed.
ApoetIsonly Feb 11
It’s hard to say I’m not who I once was
To admit I am broken in pieces
I don’t even try putting myself back together
For these attempts would merely be a lost cause

It’s hard to say I’ve long been gone
To admit I am on the same level as the world’s deleterious diseases

Reaching an all time low
Disclosing contingency’s actuality
I am too useless to reach a kamikaze ending

It should come as no surprise
I am done searching
I’m not going to act like I’m not always thinking about you,
Because I am.
I’m not going to act like you don’t keep my bed warm at night,
Because you do.
One of the most real things this calloused mind has ever felt.
There is no question.
There just is,
I have been forgiven.
I am on fire.
This one is inspired by two songs I'm fond of. I'm On Fire by Bruce Springsteen and Burning Bright (Field On Fire) by Nine Inch Nails
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