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I wasn’t looking for love but it found me.
This was the place where I first saw you,
Now places turning into memories, and memories filling my mind.
Was the nights this long or am I going crazy.
Am I in your head or am I alone, on my own with your smile in front my eyes.
I wasn’t looking for you but you found me.
My everything is
she has become to me
Nothing is missing
When you have been crushed to your smallest bits and still hurt from loss of the one you had given your heart to completely it is nothing short of beautiful to find a person that wants to help you repair what's broken
Swing sets
And black top
Cryptids lurking
In elementary
Play grounds
Your ice eyes
Matched with mine
Rich red stain
A pool of maroon
On your jacket
Coat pockets
Covered in pins
I met them in the middle of nowhere.
they said not to look but i did and i found love. i found you.
A wind it blew, a change it brought
A project of history

I lost her by the sea
a selkie skin, a withered seal
I lost him in the woods
a nymph, as strong as a tree
I lost her in a dream
a fairie, would you believe?

A wind it blew, a change it brought
A project of modernity

I lost it in a book
a chemical to help my skin peel
I lost it on a cliff
a thought, or was it a scream?
I lost it in my head
an imagination put to bed

A wind it blew, a change it brought
A project of eternity
JP Goss Sep 29
Take to the skies, your leader dreams, limit the attitudes
That weigh you down for, remember, punishment is grounding
On what stone you find purchase,
Know your head may float on−
Anything you want today figures in dollars and sense,
For crimes unknown between me and Adam,
Anything you want tomorrow, by God, is recompense;
Till the earth from whence you came−
Sanity and health are luxuries to the virtual yeoman
Who wishes day after day to see those legs rise,
One after the other, fancies of make−believe clash with
Laws of take−believe, of grit and wealth−
They say, live happy, make your destination,
Your goals, your strength, your perseverance
To really think success off
The table of what you can achieve
And place more stock in the invisible hands that
Usher a wretch like me−
Teamwork, the qualitative change needed to quit a pride
No words can succeed to encase,
Focuses its hatred when given positive chance
(But never can quite dull the edge of self−worth)
Your victories today are given answer: limit
Love to fullest soar, my actions, my purpose
Of leader−effort greatly cherish
What all the Haves deem mine−
Let not sin color your pay,
For they know best; slaves dare not reach
Beyond what they imagine we celebrate
Strung aligned by ebbs and flows
Of mankind’s cold regard
And, in humbled separation, find we move together−
This life we do determine to be endlessly new,
110% unreal work, supernatural labor,
Why wait for the ineffable dreams, the !!! dreams,
When they are nothing but a hurtful difference,
Hard to give up, hard to ring true−
Every person, me, you, suffice, surfeit on discipline,
Put, now, what priorities they’ve found better
Toward the hard line of the bottom,
The earth, quick with clouds pitch
Cooling the heads as the cores explode
Every winter, a winner opportunity
As raging ice and hellfire forests
Dot the mountains called I−
The successful follow those who’ve achieve
Those leader dreams, the calmly rational, the spoken articulate
To its first day of life after disaster−
I’m doing time, wasting mine at the boss’ door:
Expect to keep your passions in the heart,
And off those tired, sordid fingertips.
Taken from refrigerator magnets at my place of work.
Irene J Sep 28
If we never found our way to each other,

I just want you to know that my feeling was sincere.

I could've loved you better,

but it was only in my wildest dream

that I'll ever have you love me back.
to the guy who makes my cold heart melt
who is my best friend, a guy who I always rely upon.
but I wish you'd realize
rai Sep 27
I'm a prisoner of doubt,
Is there a purpose to the journey?

At last I found you...again.
No more beautiful a soul could I touch, no better woman would find, whenever she is not near she is on my mind. She is my match, my equal, my partner for life, so short lived, so completely, she will complete me.
In the time you have which is unknown find something share yourself, dont hide away waiting gathering regrets
My mind can not express my amazement of your beauty, the way you break me down to my simplest parts and make me new with feelings of love. The small magical minutes in between memories I once only thought old books and dreams were made of
Finding thing that are shocking to an old mind, realizing my time is short but my love is deeply engaged, I owning only sadness will be made when I am not her to draw her near.
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