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Thomas Hatchett Dec 2016
I found a boardwalk in the woods
leading, seemingly, to nowhere,
In a timberland swamp I knew from younger days;
Decaying and rotten, likely long forgotten.
I wondered how long it had been there, abandoned to its fate:
being quietly mocked by the still standing timbers,
as yet spared the sawmills blade,
for its needless sacrifice, as its strength is weathered away; used but unrequited, wasted, faded and unmade.

I followed along its decrepit path
as far as I could make,
and laughed to myself and thought,
"Such is life's disarray."
The poppies in the field bleed
Sunflowers long went to seed
The peonies are past their prime
Wilting more and more all the time
The scythe mowed grass left brown and dry
Where the chickweed and dandelion lie
And the brush fire smoke at noon
Leaves the sun looking like a moon
When the apples bright and red before
Start to rot and shrivel to the core
I know that Autumn time is almost here
As summer slowly disappears
@LadyRavenhill 2019
Sarah Sep 13
Septembers remind us
that change, while inevitable
is always beautiful.
That each season of life
brings different weather.
The flowers don't have to
be blooming year round
for our surroundings
to be full of color.
does not have to be
growth to be necessary.
B D Caissie Sep 10
colours fading
needles fraying
times decaying
Cone of silence...

Remember the sunrise
The reflections
Your laugh as they danced
On the mirrors

With your eyes closed
And a faint smile
You slept
As I froze time with a flash

It’s hard now
That your body is dust
To take stills of you

Remember the sunrise
The smiles
And the sound of you breathing
Which I miss the most now

Eaten Alive by Nothing

Surrounded yet alone,
Wasteland of desperation and despair,
Reaping rotting fruit, bloats, gnats, flyblown,
Longing, loneliness is never fair,

Lanterns and candle light to keep you warm,
Dancing shadows morph to devils,
Slitting despair bleeding, breeding ticks that swarm,
They feed and breed into hungry weevils,

Burrowing through chest to feed on carrion of rotting heart,
Also feeding on air from lung,
Heart along in solitude from ventricles shredded apart,
Alienating through truth, be still my lashing tongue,

Friends are always around,
Right until you need,
A lost letter of emotion sent outbound,
Lost but never found, devils take the lead,

Numb, in slowly boiling water like a frog,
Past scars of trauma a curse,
Can only feel so much before a clog,
Until you become cold, psychotic, or worse.

Break out the old smokescreen mask,
Smoke, laugh and smile,
Survivals your only task,
Foot in front of foot until your first mile,

Decaying down to skin and bone,
Each mile a greater distance,
Always harder when you’re alone,
Exhausted, running from the devils persistence,

Until a day you want to be alone
Quarantining spread this plagues fate of hate,
Feeling like happiness is just a loan,
Someone finally listens, too little, too late,

You hug your dark cloud,
With a thirst water doesn’t sate,
Ears covered, anxiety so, so loud,
Take a shot, a smoke, anything to placate,

An infested body no one wants close,
Insect army of traumas and abuses,
Each growing into a lethal dose,
At least for now, I still have my uses,
Sidara Jul 25
I fake a smile every day
To not show my decay
I always trick their minds
To make them think I'm alright

But alright is not how I feel
Being ok shakes my heart and head
Im tired, bored and uninterested
Of this world and its endless ****

Poor those who buy the lie
I cant tell them otherwise
And when they look me in the eye
I cant tell them that I wanna die

Don't wanna keep faking
Don't wanna keep fighting
The tunnel is long and dark
I just dont wanna keep up
Sidara Jul 25
Always in the dark side where tears pour down and pain cuts deeps in my soul
Trying to figure out why  solitude is my only company and my only love
Darkness lurks in the shadows of my mind and laughs at the ******* mask
That which covers my self inflected wounds so nobody has to ask

Always in the edge fooling myself I won't fall
But my curiosity keeps me there waiting for my real friend to make the call
I'm waiting for it because everything about me is wrong
Even my smile and happy face hides that I am really not strong
Once upon a time
I was sweet, soft and bright
Now I am dry, hard and dark
When did I stop looking at the sky,
chasing the warm sensuality
and start slouching to the ground.

Hue and texture are no longer the same,
my thorns have been magnified
with the petals of my love
crumbled and withered away.
I am no longer the same.
bakunawa Jul 19
make your grave
the lap on my thighs...

your open casket coffin
calls for the nip of your
soft rotting flesh
on its skin

if i have to hold you
while fleeting, decaying
losing yourself alive...

i'd rather be mother death
forever still watching over you.
S E N D    M O A R    G A S O L I N E
i need much edge.

thanks i guess.
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