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Man Jun 14
What an email,
Can reveal!
Embedded within the message,
What simple words unravel;
From where, and whom, they have traveled!
How much one can extrapolate
From mere more than chatter,
It would be astounding if not frightening
That you can tap out so much
From just dry lightning.
I S A A C May 20
jumping to conclusions like a frog
drinking your delusions with ciroc
drowning down all the clinging thoughts
ribbons tightening, dreams frightening
swimming through the blinding fog
Shadows in the dark
can be more frightening than
those seen in the light
Written in 2020.
Zywa Mar 2022
Frightening someone

is a pretty good training --

not to be afraid.
Collection "The drama"
Sakura Oct 2020
every night when i sleep
I have nightmares that make me weep

Every night i find myself walking around dead bodies
Every night i find myself running away from some killer
Every night i find myself in a warzone
Every night i find gallons of blood
Every morning i shed tears
It's a nightmare...

I feel tired of running away from the darkness
It's just a horrible place with screams at times
is it my own voice that i hear...
I want to get up , but I'm a prisoner of my own dark world, in my nightmare...

I find a light, so far away, but as i reach it, i wake up, its another day. And my nightmare world is gone, until the last ray of light, then maybe into that world, ill have to make another stand, and begin another night.
Bhill Mar 2020
the current redeemer is fabricated with excess intentions
the never-ending fabrications erupting, are frightening
obviously, we hope for a future
a future back to the past present

Brian Hill - 2020 # 76
Can we ever go back?
Rose Jan 2019
I want to get to know him
or at least explore
what it could lead to
but I'm afraid
hindered by the past
being in love with the idea
my illusions.
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