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Strying Oct 3
your love
is a vast sky
with stars so bright
I go blind
and can't see anything
but you.
Chad Young Jan 31
The hologram of the mind is so vast that enlightenment would have to be like a complete update of my operating system.
Allyssa Oct 2020
And when the little love of my life
Looks me in the eyes
and asks me,
"Mommy, what are the stars?"
I'll look into vastness above,
Squeeze their hand and say,
"My dear, I wouldn't worry about the stars too much.
One day you will fall in love with one,
And with every bright star,
It will swell with light and be reborn.
Sometimes, my little one, their rebirth will not include you.
You may wish on those bright stars,
But do not expect your wish to shine with them."
Fall in love with the night sky but do not count on it being there forever
Bhill Sep 2020
vast and impressive views saturate your existence
day to day they alter, shift and evolve
with open eyes, you will see
with eyes shut, you will feel
with emotion, you will desire
fill your cup with the sights unfolding before you

Brian Hill - 2020 # 253
Nylee Jul 2020
Skies stay, even when clouds leave
They'll remain when there is lightning
Be present for sun, will welcome the moon
It will turn orange for you, pink for me
Embrace us in blue, hide secrets in dark
With rainbow in sight, birds taking flights
The vast sky keeping us closer
Embracing from all over.
Isaac May 2020
City stretching wide,
Touching on every side.
Buildings so high,
They look beyond the sky.
Space a playground of travel,
So vast it can only baffle.
Time a never ending maze;
We can subdue every phase.
Written 31 May 2020
Grey May 2020
I lie on my back,
gazing at the vast abyss
stretching above us.
Jennifer May 2020
clouds tumble gracefully across
the velvety expanse
like some frightening titan
reaching down from
the void of heaven,
blackened and ghostly.

breaking apart and
welding together,
some mighty, sickening
war must be bringing that
chill, that quiver in the air;
storm’s coming.

dark Nyx, my soul trembles
when i think of eternity,
the vastness of beauty and
of trepidation that hang over
our heads like some spinning

i am so afeared i could weep
or dance.
Tuesday Apr 2020
I am hopeful but I am not in my own reality,
What is real? Are you? Am I? Is life?
Will anybody ever know?
That's why I love the ocean,
The only place I feel safe.

Its nothing and everything,
It's an energy constantly moving,
It's a vast abyss but a calling,
I feel though I belong there,
I hear it calling my name.

I am nothing but to some or something I am everything,
To some I exist and to others i do not,
I am part of the universe that is required, I am its energy,
Yet I still don't know who I am.
Bhill Apr 2020
how do you know
how can you tell
is it something you want
can you tell by the smell
are you willing to take on
a mission this vast
you have to be ready
you have to be fast
what is it really
why is it there
we really don't know
and really don't care
these words are just jibberish
and don't mean a thing
they're there for a reason
and that is word bling....

Brian Hill - 2020 # 93
Well I though a little word bling would brighten everyone’s day...
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