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August Nov 18
yes, i see you in everything, grey eyes and small hands.
yes, i'll touch your hair and sigh your name.
yes, you'll see me every day and i'll give you a smile and a wave.
yes, i never want you to leave.
that doesn't mean i love you.
hannah kay Nov 17
i hope you will write to me
   years from now
when you have grown
when i am old
    when you are on your own

i hope you will write to me
     and remember my love
a heart-changing
lifetime lasting
    blessing from above

i hope you will write to me
    and realize just how proud
i am to be your mother
just me and you
    surviving all the doubt

i know you will always write to me
   because your heart is kind
you loved me well
more than i deserved
    forever intertwined
for my son.
Oh my love, my life, my soul
Let us run away to the fading of light
Towards all that we have ever wanted
On the brink of tomorrow.

Oh my angel, my fae,
My setting sun and rising moon
My last of march and first of june
Let us run to the hills and be wondrous
Filling our life with laughter loud and thunderous

My Pixi, my Princey
My royalty brought to life
How I long to hold you
How i long to make you my wife
Spending my days with you in my arms
Still struggling with names = )
Words' Worth Nov 3
We never came here, our love was too unkind
Two people in love, the extras an escape
Our love became empty, shapeless, and blind
My lungs blackened by the poisonous heartbreak
tia Oct 26
if I'm destined to be alone
I would like to enjoy my company
at the very least
to be one of those girls
who can enjoy flower fields in the sun
all in their lonesome
with pretty dresses and a burning confidence
to love myself for all the little things
that I used to hate
to be alone and lovely
Jamie Oct 24
You beautiful,
Woman you --
I'm in awe of you,
You lovely woman
aesthete Oct 24
everything used to be so fine
amazing, memorable, and lovely
when everything mattered
when i mattered, only me, to you

through those times we were laughing
i was there, fixing problems with you
the universe turned upside down
i found you craving for something
something or someone?

how could that be troubled by the past
why am i not enough
why not me
when i was always around every day
i was always there but i wasn't the one you needed

i wonder when will i really matter to someone :(
Toast Ghost Oct 18
Lovely flowers shall wither much too soon for you my darling! I can sing in only runes near your broken corpse sewn effigy and I will steal the energy from that place that I was meant to burn.
So please my love do not rest for me.
And i will sew a  t h o u s a n d dolls only to bring to me your last lilac smile,
Yet only you whisper those ever dreaded words.
“Ars longa, vita brevis”
So i can fake a dandy laugh
At least I can give you that.
Oh! The last of my fears lie stainless and dormant, with the tears that would stain your neck
Yet “ad astra aspera”
And no matter how much your body will crack your sage blue lips, forever you'll be with your coal black eyes until our lullabye turns to a cry.
So I shall wait with deprived rest.
Dripping heads,
Frozen fingers,
P u r p l e l i p s!!
All the singing monitors and drippings bags turn pale and silent next to what your hands had told me by nightfall, oh baby hold me before i sleep despite all the holes in my feet. With faces and fingers that drip with salt
With jarring moans that echo not but
L I V E!!
And oh if it could be that these four walls could speak. They would stay in such mournful silence for all the death that they've been borne to hold.
OH! So I weep for these four battered walls!!
And i can still hear your cursed breaths jumping through the halls
And every single inhale delves in fear of being last.
I wonder if darling witch breath will halt to an end.
And dancing darling to your deathbed, I ask that slowly witch you dread.
For what are to be letters you'll sing when at last you are to end.
Then you breathe my name! You hold my hand and oh!!how it feels until i look at you with melting zeal! see I was your last.

For darling, now that you are dead.
Poem. Boom. Ur welcome
When you are ugly people always use you as an example of animal
And bad things , when you are beautiful people use you as an example of someone who is cheap and always wanting attention ..
Focus on yourself not others pretty hurts and ugliness hurts even more
But is there someone who is ugly in this world
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