Once upon a time
I woke up and the
first thing that came
to my mind was

"You had a rough night.
Try to be content today
In your own introvert way.

Embrace the fact that
You're happy with a sunlight
You're fine not conversing
And not constantly proving.

You're good at doing


I've never felt so


anything in

My control.

But don't fret.
I was all of those plus

A positive outlook on being HELPLESS and having no control ;>
Willow 2d
Inka, I want to thank you for being my support dog in a way. Sure you were never trained but you have always been there when no one else was. You were the reason I'm still here today.
You have seen me happy, angry, sad. You have seen my break downs, my purging moments and my cutting sessions. You have seen it all. You are now 6, I can't believe it. You have grown so much. I sound like a mother, but it would be like I am losing my baby, my everything. I am laying here with you, my big chocolate covered marshmallow telling you I love you. I wish that you could stay longer on earth, but humans don't deserve dogs.
You are an angel and angels are too pure to live on this cruel world for too long. I hope you stay with me after though, I hope you will always be my little couch potato with me. Sure you could be in dog heaven too, but I will always have popcorn for you so win win, right? I don't know what I would do without you. I know I would be the biggest cry baby ever, and you won't be there to lick my tears away. I don't know why people say Pitbulls are the worst dogs because I think you are one of the best. I hope when I die, I will be with you. I remember when we first got you, you would fart so much I had a clip with me all the time to clip my nose. Oh, and you pooped on my brother's shoes, I knew I was going to love you when you did that. Thank you for being my thing to hug because I always felt I was going to break down in front of someone if I hugged them, but with you I didn't care. Thank you for being my warmth and pillow at night. Thank you for licking my tears away. Thank you for keeping a smile on my face. Thank you for being my little bit of happiness. Thank you for being my dog. You will always be on my mind and in my heart. My big chocolate covered marshmallow, Inka.
Isn’t it lovely
Pieces of my shattered heart
Like petals of a rose
Across our bedroom floor
You’re never coming home
I guess I could have name the poem War Bride.
Sailing across the southern skies
Tonight's crescent moon was so beautiful to see
And gazing upon this sight, I thought to myself
Is there anything more lovely?
RBWhite 5d
You are my shining star,
The one I reach for in sleepless nights,
You are my lovely light,
A tender warm in times of war,
Is this thought that keeps my heart beating,
In one hundred years I learned to love you,
And it will take an eternity to let you go,
You look at me with eyes closed and a pure soul,
And now its time to go,
Go back to my tree of white branches and plump fruits,
Wait for me once again,
For I'll be spreading my wings in abandon,
Searching for freedom forever.
There it is
Can’t you see it?
It’s shadow sits
The moon to see
A house so grand
None can reveal
The glorious splendor
Not one can steal
It’s pristine white
I lived here once
Then I took flight
Cowardice love
But who’s to say
That through my forsaking
I can’t love it more
Yet still I am aching
Don’t know if they’ll greet me
I’m scared of the door
Is love still behind it?
Will it find me once more?
It was here where I lost it
I fell down to red
Sweet like white chocolate
Yet lifeless and dead
Can this house revive me?
Do I still have a soul?
Just ring on the doorbell
One ring then you’ll know
Sometimes the hardest journey to make is to the source of your mistakes.
E McNamara Jul 10
There is only one letter
from feeling lovely-
and lonely.
I have a very close friend who has this. She talks about it to me and it sounds like hell. You all are so strong. I love you all. Be gentle with yourselves.

To people with friends with BPD. Tell them you love them. Be patient, understanding. They are NEVER overreacting.
YoungFeather Jul 2
I was standing in front of the pale blue sea
It's water was shining in the sun,
It was unexpectedly hot today
And I felt how smooth, soft as cotton sand covers my feet.
I heard wind going "swish" and "swosh" like a whistling man
It was so close it even kinda scared me down.
The feeling was amazing - relaxing, calming and light
This place is heaven
And those were the best moments of my life.
emnabee Jul 1
Hand delivered from afar
Sticky, honey-drenched
Sweet, tiny tarts.

A dazzling collection, shimmering
With nuts, seeds, even chocolate beads.

And sublime, gazelle horn things.
(Definitely hiding these.)
A friend has relatives from Morocco visiting her, and graciously shared with us a variety of the wonderfully exotic cookies they brought.
Liz Jun 29
I know you like him.
I know you always stalk him.
I know you took little non-quality pictures of him.

I know it.

The way you look at him.
The way you smile when you see him.
The way your behaviour changes,
I know all this.

Still, I let you talk about him a lot when I'm there,
because I look at that smile of yours carefully,
and your eyes sparkle beautifully.

Tell me more about him.
Sure it hurts,
But inside of me I'm happy to see you happy.
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