Vallery 1d
If a rose could smell
any sweeter than your name
I will take it in.

If any tulip
could be as handsome as you
I will take it in.

If any sunflower
could shine as bright as you do
I will take it in.

But alas, my love,
You are sweeter than a rose,
you are more handsome

than any tulip
I have ever laid eyes on,
And you shine brighter

Than any sunflow'r
that has looked toward the sun
in all its glory.
I am weightless.
There is no up, no down.

My thoughts are free,
they are evolving and dissolving and revolving around other oxymoronic ideas.

My body is trapped,
it is confined, asinine, and constantly refined to what I believe,
or what I enjoy.

Why is it that every human on this Earth has to be stereotyped?
I want a world where we first ask someone how their day is going,
before texting the first person on their phone that the other person is a slut.
Don't judge others when you don't know their story to begin with.
Familiarity echoed golden through her mind
Just a light touch here
A flash of a light, and eyes stared knowingly.
A lovely little gasp of breath
As everything was awash in a setting sun.
I'm always amazed sometimes that something I've written years ago will just take on an entirely new meaning and understanding. This poem is one of them.
I like your style

what is that?
honestly I don't know

it seems to be all over the place


sad or happy


or ugly

rhyming or not

loose or tight

flowing or rigid

though I describe things
I can't describe it

can't define it

style is so amorphous

I see others'
and think

"I like your style
but don't ask me to define it."
Googling it helps not in the least! Answers to the question "what is style?" are as the line above "all over the place". :-)
Vyscern Apr 17
I don't wanna sleep here, feeling cold
Somewhere beneath my skin where I still hold
The frozen depths prevents, our burning souls
From lying here, in our arms, in a place we call our home

I wanna dream, and keep you so
Listen to you breathe, hold you close
When knuckles turn white but I won't let go
She's my heart, my star, my life, my one true hope...

Let me, keep you near
When bad dreams come, well then my dear,
I'll be the one to, kill that fear
Stroke your hair and, wipe your tears

When the sun climbs high, in bed we lay
See the sunshine fall upon your face
With sleepy smile, you'll see mine too,
And I'll be, happy and content....

To wake up next to, you...
Yes you are
Amanda Apr 6
You are perfect
And smoothly charming
Your unbelievable patience
Is soft and disarming

Incredible is what you are
A miracle no doubt
Understanding angel
Pure inside and out

Lovely in every way
Amazing since birth
You are my wonderful bliss
My heaven on Earth
A super old one that i fixed up, its pretty much new now haha. There were only a few usable parts.
Ricotta Mar 25
fishes could swim through my ribs
when I saw you

flowers started growing on the palms of my hands
when I saw you

the stars made their home in my eyes
when I saw you

I will join you by the riverbed
and rest on your collarbones
Corey Mar 23
All lovely things live differently in my heart
Where others pass through as it beats,
they collect and create
powerful, circling whirlpools.

This is what it means to be living.
Having people to share it with;
the flowers, the joy and all
Isn’t it lovely;
The heart filled with people?

I question the relationship between you and I.
It’s blossoming finally,
but I’ve so many questions to ask.
I just forget them when I talk to you

But I remember one only, so please,
before I forget, let this be;
I’ll even ask with a poem (how lovely):

Heartbeats create whirlpools
living with all lovely people.
I finally ask you:
Please, be lovely
Brenda Mukisa Mar 22
I need too much or nothing at all.
She said to him
He just laughed, like it was a  big joke.

Kiss her on pavements on lonely streets.
Let her toes curl from the feeling.
Where the trees look beautiful.
And the light from the Inn looks amazing.
Hold her hand on busy streets.
Wear matching t shirts or jackets... or jeans if you can.
Take her to that restaurant.
And all the others on your street and around the town.
Order different things and exchange plates half way.

Let them call ya'll crazy.
But don,t stop loving the way you feel best.
Take selfies every where you feel like.
Hold each other when ever you can.
Make breakfast in the mornings in t shirts or nothing.
Make lovely dinners with candles and wine.
Dress up for them if you must.
Or watch your favorite series in pajamas and eat from the box.
Loving should not have rules.

It should feel right, crazy, or perfect even.
Over the years it may have got an appearance.
But love must always be a feeling.
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