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Donna 2h
A cuddle is bliss
It’s warm cozy and lovely
And makes your heart bloom

Xxxx ❤️❤️❤️
Soumia Oct 8
Big eyes that look at me,
eyes that feel like home.

Green eyes that cries about me,
when I'm not around.

Green eyes that I miss,
when you decided to close your eyes.
Rainy Days Sep 26
Hug me one more time
Green eye boy
Your secret is mine
And my heart is yours
Just take me out
I don't care where
And stare at me with your eyes
And your sly smile
My green eye boy
Who thinks
He isn't worth a fight
For his love.
Mass astray is within the realm;
Deep inside a complex helm.
Does thy think what thou said ist true?
A subtle wind of construe.
Thou words are mixed of different emotions;
For thy only wants the best, thy could bestow.
I love you more than anyone I have ever met. I want to show you for the rest of my life. I will try for you, and I will only show love to you.
Rainy Days Sep 24
I want you to love me
Truly with all your being
No faking
No anything
Just truly love me
So I will wait
Cause I want to love you truly too
Though I kind of already do
When you look at me
And smirk
In that perfect way you do.
Oakley Barnes Sep 20
From one place to another
Another one behind
For them to keep you

You are worth far more than what they tell you
They don't see the diamonds in your eyes
All they see is the smile you use
To hide your hurt
Let me take your tired hands
Hold them in mine
And tell you it's ok

It is so hard to believe
Believe me
My words are true
This will pass
The hurt will end
The crying will stop

Your words are sweet honey
It is too sweet for their bitterness
They dislike your courage
To keep going
To keep thriving

You, little plant
Will keep GROWING
Your vines will reach tall
Your leaves will soak up the sun
And you will
For my dear friend, you've already read this but I hope you like it ☺
Juhi Sep 20
I can get away with anything at all
with just a purse of lips
and then something happens
to the people around me:
I cause mass extinction
of morality, black and deep cracks
breaking society's porcelain skin
shower curtain face split open
and veiny, fabric hearts
separating like liquorice strings
when I disassemble people
I can feel their golden
odd little hearts
in my hands
and when the time comes again
it makes me slightly more glad
to hold something broken
that is meant to last
liv bennet Sep 15
All we do is run
away from the monsters
that point their guns
               they shoot.
               they miss.
then blow a kiss,
and walk away like
original poetry written in September of 2018
liv bennet Sep 15
the world is turning
upside down,
with evil people wearing
broken crowns,

on this day our eyes
will meet,
watching everyone we know
turn to concrete.

this place we grew up in
is torn to shreds,
the world as we know it
will soon be dead.
original poetry written in august of 2019
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