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Julika-Skai Jul 6
This is so strange
And yet so amazing
How you lift me up
Without even holding me
Look into your eyes
And I see mine
Look into your soul
And I feel your halo
Nothing even seems
The right thing for me
Other then you
What am I suppose to do
To make you understand
To make you realise
I ain’t going nowhere
I am with you
So let's stay among us
Let us be who we want to be
Let's keep it between us
And then you’ll see
That the best things
Life has to offer
Are for free
I just want you close
Even more closer to my existence
We have so much in common
Incredible connection but so true
Love is all I want to give
And receive from you
Perfect doesn’t come even close
To what you are
But the more I give
The more I want
You make my heart smile
Into a white bright light
Nothing compares to you
You’re my knight
In shining armour
You saved my life
You saved my life
From the things I thought
I couldn’t do right
From the way I feel
Couldn’t be in my life
But you do exist
A dream coming true?
Let’s find out
Because all I want
Is to give my all to you.
Just an old poem that I have written a long time ago, hope you enjoy reading!
Andrew Jun 20
I wish to
lay down beside you
in the soft,
confines of your arms; never fearing, nor
never having to think,
to dream - How lovely
this all feels next to you
A pearl encased in a grotesque shell.
An unknown beauty.
Ana Apr 17
she accepted people’s bad behavior,
because she thought,
they went through  difficult things.
yet, she invalidated her own feelings,
even if she knew what she went through.
Akta Agarwal Apr 17
The first rain of the season
Do spread the smile without reason
Everything seems magical
The trees and plants dance in a rhythm
And birds sitting drenched in a tree
And singing a melodious song
And the scent of the soil
Send the positive vibes in our spines
As I spread my arms wide
Feeling the every drop of rains
It's promising of happiness all around
And the dark clouds are moving with pride
I close my eyes
To feel the cool raindrops
All over my face
And it's do wash all my pain and agony
With a song in my heart.
Rain give us positive vibes
Hamna Apr 11
Your aura is all I need.
To feel the transport of cordiality.
Your soul is as lovely as a primrose,
And joyous like a rainbow.
Where else will I taste such bliss?
Akta Agarwal Apr 4
My Lovely Nanu,

It's hard to live our life without you nanu. We missed you a lot. The pampering of your. And also the beautiful nickname you have given Motaman although am not fat now. I do love the name you have given. It's hard to forget that I didn't able to see you last time. Whenever we needed you we find you beside us. My mother misses her father means you a lot then us. You know what because of you only me and my sister and my brother are in this position. Without you and mumma we are no one. I know you became the beautiful star of sky but also from their you will think about us. I only want to say that you have made us and your motaman will be only your motaman and will always love you. But sorry that I didn't able to meet you at your last time as I was kid of class 10 that's why but you do always come in my dream and please come and talk with me. And yes with our mother and with our maternal uncle please they also misses you a lot. Love you a lot nanu.

                                        Your Motaman
I just want to post it here as a open letter so did so
A heart breaking for a lost world to be revealed,
A world of wisdom lost for youth impressed with good **** need...
Holy good ****, holy good ****,
Oh! My holy good ****!
Please, God, rescue us from such a troublesome act_K-not
Lovely Poems
Mahima khatun Mar 28
Look outside,
It's a beautiful morning
The sun is shining so bright
Birds singing so sweet
Flowers blooming so beautiful
Butterflies flying so colorful.
Take a deep breath,
Put a smile on your face
Think how blessed you are.
You'll never have this day again.
Start this day with a new hope.
Leave every bad memories behind,
Live this day like its your last.
Make it incredible as far as you can
Smile, enjoy this least you can try.
And don't wait for a better tomorrow
Let's make a better today
Svetoslav Mar 19
Her breath is a cinnamon fragrance
eyes are like glowing emeralds
lips are caramel
she fills me

Her kiss puts my lethargy away
time remembers only what is real
for our bliss freezes this special moment

devotion is our journey
life - our destination
awakening to the senses
love's culmination
everything sparks when she's near
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