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Time, like now
I wish to be there
the memories of winds
and sand   seagulls
screaming through the air
    let her run wild
into the waves
and the greenish waters
beyond -- crush me
a line between pleasure and fear;
the pleasure rising,
fear drowning, choking
       throat-divine love
and tides pulling everything
away from shores

:: 07-17-2014 ::
beaches and blue skies and birds and waves and kisses and sand
There’s dirt on her shirt, after the rain.
She rubs it off a thousand times.
'It's not coming off.'
She wanted to cry.
She lay on the pale bedroom floor,
with her dirty white shirt,
with the rain outside her window.
A flash fiction.
Sad boi 3d
I gaze into your eyes
Beautiful, as always
Stunning even
But you don't see

We joke about our appearance
Ugly, we say
Grotesque even
But you don't see

I could never tell you you are
But you don't see
For a friend of mine I guess - sad boi
Tyler 7d
I promised myself never to give in
Never to be the hostage of my emotions
Never to let my knees turn to jelly
Never to lust and never to hope
Never to trust nor elope
But your fingertips are magnets
And every piece of my body that you touch
My skin follows, giving in to your warmth
Begging for more, begging for you
I'm letting you take over and control for me
Feverishly, I watch you handle my life
Piecing things together, tearing some apart
And as if you were magic
I sit back and think:
"I am so glad you have my heart".
elle b sun Sep 5
a warm cup of coffee
with cinnamon and honey

a little bitter, a little lovely

but hot as hell just the same
it's a rewrite but i might rewrite again
Diana Garcia Aug 28
Ive never felt to fucking beautiful
Shedding the dead weight and everything that's not very useful
Words Ive been craving to hear
sharing ideas, ideals with intentions that are clear
My only hope is that none of this will start to disappear
& and my only disadvantage was you saw right through me
Reading the signals like they're poetry
You see past the charade I use to hide pain and fallacies
Helping me pick up the broken pieces
Barking up my tree even though its leafless
Telling me Ive got to grow
theres more to me that i should start to show
you cant stand seeing me at a level so low
im faster to let my blood boil and square up to go toe to toe
for you, I soften up
beginning to see I don't have a half empty cup
its half full now that you've come into my life
is it too soon to start talking about how i want to be your wife?
so this guy came in and told me hes had a crush on me for 7 years...
Allesha Eman Aug 27
I yearn to see the starry sky
And admire their sparkle in your eyes
But every night is cloudy blue
As the stars only seem to follow you
But I don’t blame them for their wonder
Because if I was a star or even the sea
And I could move ever so freely
I would flow along with every wave
And find myself right by your grave
And when I’d look up at the moon
someday, somewhere very soon
The stars would find their way to you
how lovely it is,
to be the brightness everyone needs when they're alone and empty.

how lovely it is,
to bring happiness and positivity with even a glimpse of your smile.

how lovely it is,
to love you.

- v.m
happy birthday little bird ✨.
Lyn-Purcell Aug 22
Sugar, butter, eggs cream smooth
Wisp of vanilla
Grated orange zest, kneaded
swirls, braids, round twist, "S"
Gloss with beat-egg wash
Bake gold brown
Twenty-third Epulaeryu! ^-^
These cookies are THE BOMB! Firm, fluffy, soft, sweet with
vanilla and orange perfectly blended!
They say these are usually for Easter, but the Greek lady
said that she makes them for any and all  occasions!
I was led by my nose, and saw them with sesame seeds on them.
They were all in pretty shapes, too! So I had to get a few.
What fascinates me more is that apparently, these can be dated back to the Minoan civilisation of the Bronze Age - another thing the lady told me.
A society that has had my interest for a while now.
Learn something new everyday!
Lyn xxx
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