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thyreez-thy Jun 30
Her brown eyes shine like the sun
Her soul reflects in them as I become undone
Weakened by her voice, or at least what it used to represent
Blessed to have had such memories, even with the overlying resentment

In my head our song plays when we eventually meet
How eventually has turned into nothing, as I admit defeat
How this poem is a requiem, as well as an obituary
To the death of our love, the wake up call of fate
And even as we've never even had a first date, meeting up now would be too late
Must our favorite songs be played at it's cemetery?

Your hands seem soft, at least your photos say so
Your life seems so lonely, or am I projecting?
I miss back when this felt real, and it wasn't infecting
My heart to lie on the spot, defend you like a true attorney
While you carry on with life, as I become a bitter memory
A reminded of better days, when friendship meant all the world
When I was some guy, and you some girl
When kissing you was over the limit
But snuggling felt second nature

Its over, to those reading this I've lied, yet barely at that
She was amazing, even worthy if Being a wife
But life interfered, where love could never reach
And lust disrupted where life experience could never cheat

Forgive me, yourself, even forgive life itself
I wish I could hold your hands, and be there in your cries for help
And be the rock, albeit point less
I wish to be your guide, as you are my reason
I the diary, you the pen
You the rain, I the bucket
I the maestro, you the order less Singer
Never following my instructions, and making me jealous of anyone who calls you "theirs"

I sound like I'm obsessed, I sound like I cling to your image and not yourself
I am... In denial to my love to what was and could have been
It was special, but it could have been real

Had we met sooner or later, would you do the same?
Or would life takes it course as we find love opens doors

I'll never get that answer, and I've bit my tongue to respect your ears
To keep away your fears
I'm sorry that your sorry, that you regret
And had things been different, this piece would have a better ending
Till the universe resets or in the next life... May our feelings rest in peace
Even when mine fight for revival
Let the cemetery rest as you have
Some old poem I wrote at the start of this year,
Miss Fit Dec 2022
They buried a small seed
In a dry parched land
The driest autumn they'd seen
Their aim being to destroy

Winter came, stripped every tree
Of its leaves,
Iced the land
Completely covering the ground

They thought that spring
Would be the thing
That would bury her deeper
Outshine her beauty
As it put blossoms on every tree

But summer's rain fell
She chose to heed
To nature's call to grow
And broke the land
Reached out her hands
And poked her head
Looking for the sun

To their surprise
A number of springs later
She stood among the sturdiest
With blooming flowers
Ready to bear fruit
And once again scatter more of her kind on earth

Miss Fit ⚓
GaryFairy Jul 2022
In the case of EMP, anything electrical will not work. Cars, phones, homes...guns will not fire. The worst part? Our nervous system and everything else in us depends on the signal from our brains, which is electric. Our immune systems won't work, and disease will take over fast, inside of those who don't believe in wellness. What's worse is that a lot of people will be doing very evil things, because our decisions count on those 10,000 signals per second. Please, clear your subconscious mind and know that your biology is your belief, and that our bodies can either manufacture illness, or keep you well. No disease or cancer are a match for billions of cells that are mini versions of you, and have their own systems like yours. Each cell is more powerful that a germ,but they have to be trained and know how to protect you without that signal. We are not born to be sick. I am living proof. Dr Khan said I'd die if I stopped taking my heart meds. It's been two years and I am in the best shape of my life.
I love you. I truly do. I wasn't in the poetry reading game because I saw myself judging too much, and plus I didn't want any outside influence in my writing. I am trying to get some small funding for this. I saw all of this in dreams and in person when I was young. Please clear your mind and stop believing in sickness. If you want to help others, please get with me and we will do it.
Alan S Bailey Jun 2022
What does one grain of sand get you when you
Are missing a beach full of good times?
Maybe the thing to do would be to leave the
Plain social behaving life behind.
What lies
beyond the fog
of the deepest sleep
The void
Savor these hard times,
Cherish every drop,
For one day they'll be
far past and behind.

Joy is warm and sweet,
Anger burns the tongue,
Sadness makes its case,
Dressed in smoky char.

Let the others eat
portions meant for kings;
I am far too well
With the bits I find.
Life is a buffet. Waste not a scrap.
I S A A C May 2022
all the wells are empty
the wars are lost
all the children cry
but we focus on our capital instead
homeless crowd the streets but we blissfully sleep
in our egyptian cotton sheets, in our bed of lies counting sheep
praying away all the evil eyes
welcome to the end times
Nylee Jan 2022
In a matter of time
I've been losing my mind
the heat rises, and the ice melts

we've suffered enough
or was the last year, just a trailer
to what is to come more

escaping it ain't easy
it is driving me dizzy
thinking about it

Simply, there are no answers
To the times unknown
and the life that are gone

do we refuse to look up still
Or are we so used to the drill
this is no more surreal.
Andrew Dec 2021
Every night  
before I sleep
I close my eyes
and begin to weep

I lay there watching
the curtains sway
In a room
I painted black and grey

Will the morning
ever come
why do I hope
to see the sun
when tomorrow
I’ll be going mad
feeling numb
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