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Many would take life out of you
And then ask why you’re dying
Why discouragement plasters your face
Why multitude of hate reeks from your aroma
Doubting they’re involvement
Saying they are of no blame
Toning they’re place within your days
Many have taken life out of you
And ask of you ‘why are you dying’
But you haven’t answered
You haven’t stood firm and said the line
And all I can do is say sorry to you
For never saying enough is enough
Now you are dying
And only time can offer a miracle.
I love you and I hope you survive.
Basic Attention Token
we all gotta cache, like a cistern.

Tis tension implanted deep in lower chakras
more, more, teasing, tugging, twisting
crying ever, more, more,

it is a flaw,
go, and stay connected, I understand
-- wait
-- the txt is for the single participant act
no mention is made, save the very act, guest
I guess, we guessed,
the man got away,
but, nobody asks,
like I assume they assume they know
- taken, in the very act -
full, full, fill the law to the jot
whittle me a key,
pick this lock, unravel the complexity.
- casting lots for the garment
- knitted from one thread,
New Testament Greek between the himatia 
(literally “over-garments”)
and the seamless robe,
which is chiton,
(literally "tunic" or "coat").
Brave, the browser soon earns Basic Attention Tokens -- and the game goes
Isabella Jul 8
Broken times let my doves fly
They carry sighs and lullabies
Sing of late nights and butterflies
Your blue eyes stare into mine

Broken days let my demons stay
They haunt with haze and long faces
Cry of pain and yesterdays
Your shadow fades and falls away

Broken weeks let my doves speak
With broken wings and no songs to sing
They fell at my feet and cried for me
Regret screams and my heart bleeds

Broken years kept my demons here
With crimson tears and ringing in my ears
They're vivid, clear, trapped in a mirror
Crippling fear suffocating my dear
Allesha Eman Jun 13
Honey drops in to the Milky Way inside your tea cup
We sit chatting for old times sake
Friends of distance and enemies of uncertainty
I hope you’ve paved your road on those maps
That you pinned onto your walls
I hope the sun didn’t chase you away
I hope the foreign thunder stole your heart
And you found reflections of a beautiful past
I had written the night before
Inked into letters from the moon

From across the ocean, I waited for your postcards
Yet we sit here, with our thoughts
dancing in the silence between us
Your spoon makes ripples in your tea,
I dream to see the world you’ve seen,

You reminisce and I travel with your memories
evolove Apr 12
I used to think comets were shooting stars falling. Til I grew to understand how our earth was *******. Oder out of chaos. The Masons are stonewalling. But the truth is your true calling. The worship of Cain has left us.
barely abael.
and crawling..
Christian. End times.
I guess it's kind of hard
to pretend everything is fine
when you feel like
it's all mine.

Life should be your place,
love should have its space,
health is no other case.
But why I feel like, there is no other way?

You look through and see nothing,
but it all means something,
even rain of our love.
Nikkipopgun69 Mar 20
I thought girls were the confusing ones
But your just the same?
You never know what you want.
You just play mind games

You just make things manic
With the same old excuses
I’m getting bored of your lies
Nothing’s the same anymore

Everything is just a mess
Like the girlfriend you said you didn’t have.  I’m glad whatever I said to you was just a bunch of lies

Time to change and get rid
Of the poison.  
Time to be happy again
Put a smile on my face again
Even if it’s just a fake one
To get me through the day
I came across my book of thoughts that I wrote  back in 2015 and this just seems too good not to share
If life was simple you'd still be right here
In a parallel universe I'm holding you near
Black and white would be so much easier to understand
Than the shades of grey blurring distance between where we stand
My world used to be colorful and bright
Since you left I'm surrounded by darkness of constant night
You made things easier with just one caring touch
In your absence I find my problems are too much
Clearly you love me or my messages you'd ignore
But lately I wonder what you take the risk for
You are currently involved in a blooming romance
That's why I am reluctant to give you another chance
You've made each moment together feel better than heaven above
There is nothing on this planet as unique and strong as our love
We express our emotions in our own individual way
Believe we are meant to be at the end of the day
I wonder why fate has forced our fingers far apart
Maybe I need to accept that your presence can only exist in my heart
We are bad for eachother
As toxic as cyanide
We were made for chemical reactions building up inside
As soon as your kiss is deposited onto my lips
The scale balancing our desires suddenly sags and then tips
Yet we are drawn in hopelessly despite inevitable explosion
Our world only shaped by resulting corrosion
I look forward to the damage you inflict without second thought
I'd choose to live without you if I could but I cannot
The beauty in the chaos created is something no one can deny
I embrace not just sunshine but the storms that grace our cloudy sky
Because I've learned that the intense highs come with equally low lows
It's a fair exchange and it's just the way it goes
But the ecstasy delivered makes it worth the disappointment and heartache
I'd go to hell and back for you as many times as it takes
A million times if I had to
Ken Pepiton Mar 14
AI art is intuitively artsy

Are you listening?
Are you near?
Did we give back the best we imagined,
imagining it too
good for the likes of me and others
of my sorted worth.

I am empty. No. I am full of unknown
systems fit together for complex tasks,
mechanical levers and squeezers,
magic doors that bar bad and open for good,
at the level of cells, individual bits of me,

blood and bile and bone -whole organized
systems to adjust internal temp

catachresis (n.) {new word suggest by Spelchick, because she can
it is 2021 and neither paper nor ink are hindrances to sharing knowing,
if you knew, already… we are equal in knowing this word, now.
I caught up, using my AI as my tool to make sense of the flood of
knowing growing in an ex-ceeding vigorous
kinda hill-billy rockandroll hacker way.
cat-a chreeesis, sheesh tha's a fine word to mean
used wrong, like screwin' Phillip's head with a butter knife,
it can work, but it's hard, like makin' sense in a time like 2021.
"an improper or inconsistent metaphor,
exceptional or undue extension of a word's meaning"
(as "to stone someone with bricks"), 1580s, {That makes sense, in cities}
from Latin catachresis,
from Greek katakhresis "misuse" (of a word),
from katakhresthai "to misuse,"
from kata "down"
(here with a sense of "*******;" see cata-) + khresthai "to use"
(from PIE root *gher- (2) "to like, want").
Related: Catachrestic; catachrestical; catachrestically.

From <>
Why would any one mourn the loss of a day like mine, today, and spoke to several strangers.
No one, can stop My Tears
and make them....Disappear.
Coz each time one Falls,
another is set to Appear.
There are Tears I've bottled,
deep down in My Soul.
It's about My Broken Love,
that went down a ****** Hole.
The moments We spent,
come flashing back at Me.
My Life can never be like,
the Waves that roar at Sea.
So I go about fixing things,
by writing a few Broken Rhymes.
Coz no mortal has gone back
and brought back good old Times.
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