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pradipsingh Mar 22
To much thought, she really makes me to think
To much dream, she really makes me to dream
And oh! this feeling is quite such a drink
Which makes to sail without a boat on stream

Beyond the clouds and beyond the deep vales
I really have been, really, I have seen
Yet I never knew such a girl did dwell
Upon this lofty height. Oh! such serene

My wondering eyes couldn’t behold her beauty
And my senses are numb, perplex and senseless
And I guess to love her was my duty
In this world where love and magic are less

She was more beautiful than a poet’s rhyme
More dangerous than a criminal’s crime
pradipsingh Mar 18
Some unsaid words are to be said
And I will tell you so when I meet you
Yes I haven't seen you for a while
And I long to see you all the time
Morning, night, night, morning
Your image is always on my mind
Your eyes, your lips, your hairs
Oh! Love I remember it all
And for every passing second, it is in my mind
I remember and think of you all the time
And I hope you remember and think of me too
Long are the times, we haven't met
Long will be the time, we will be together
And when I meet you, time will stop
Time will stand still, yet our love will flow
Flow like the rivers of milk and honey
And the apple tree will bear golden fruit
The sky will be filled with stars
And the garden will be filled with wildflowers
Oh! Love when I  meet you again
I will say to you all the words
Which my broken and longing heart
Long to say
After a long time
LR Thompson Mar 18
I gaze into the eternity beyond pupils dilation
Where soul has lost sole control of the spirit
And the darkness that grips twists the mind
Warping memories into incoherent phantoms
Wailing in anguish as I brush them aside

Gazing deeper,
Beyond the pale of of my mortal coil
Searching for an answer that nature neglects
Written not in emerald green starbursts,
Shrouded by grey washed blue skys,
But further, beyond the heavens
Where night stretches beyond Terra Firma
And empty space reigns in perpetual waltz
Aging as my eye progresses towards the birth
When light was given life and purity was pure
Before the infection of the question
That has no answer

Nor did it need,
For there I found looking back as if a mirror
My reflection staring at itself in amazement
For I had solved the theory of everything
By knowing thyself… beyond myself
Sara Brummer Mar 14
I AM….

A sudden breath of sensation,
neither happiness nor sadness
yet carried on the winds of truth.

In the absence of tenderness
there is yearning for certainty,
damp with longing.

Within a film of fog
little points of dew
pinprick the mind
with hope, guiding
each tiny step toward
the vast path of sun.

Sunset hovers briefly
allowing the darkling
tones of evening as I
become a vessel of
unhurried thoughts.

I am the echo of a far
off river, a dream of
open sky, a translation
into love’s own language.

And sometimes, in a flash
of half-dream, I understand
the art of letting go.

Surrounded by a company
of stars, I am solitude.
Man Mar 8
Why does no one trust that I am wise?
When my words are rarely argued,
And I rarely use them to argue.
Only to show truth where there is lie.
And, by my own device, I have
The strength to allow the decision
Not to be brought, but arrived.
I only want you to look at what I see, if
You view and disagree,
Then we both learn something.
That I was wrong, and
You were right.
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