Dovey 1d

I get the feeling we're playing hide and seek
You look my way, but you dont really speak
I sense you're avoiding me, frankly thats unsettling
Cause the idea of being without you is really upsetting

I don't want our relationship to be a game of tag
and please don't take this as me trying to nag - but-
I don't want to have to run around and chase your ass
Ughh, you know I'd do it anyway, so please dont run that fast

essentially, feeling ignored and conflicted about chasing after someone you care for. Is this love really worth a pursuit?
Lizzy K 3d

That feeling when you aren't really sad
but you just feel really empty.
when they ask "how are you doing"
but really mean are you over it
when you have heard the line
''just doing it for attention''
When you just don't feel good enough
no matter how hard you try
me too .

Lizzy K 4d

I say I forgot you, moved on
Then why is it that when I'm even in a room
with you
All I see is you
where you are
who with
yea but I forgot you
right ?

What a good boy you’ve become.
Hide your feelings, let your heart go numb.
The fiery sprint,
Now a worthless stint.

You scream for the warden to set you free
While you, in your own hands, hold the key.
Your room becomes your prison.
Drown your soul, before it has risen!

Scrape the flesh of your ribs,
Reveal what lies beneath,
A cold heart with no care for life,
An empty bag, filled with blue blood.

In your eyes once shined a light
Now your thoughts fade to dark, a starless night.
Your screams pierce my ears.
They remind me of my own fears.

One day the sun will rise,
And with it, the meaning of breath.
Why we live and why we die
Has to be more than to say goodbye.


Reflecting into my vision
Reading between the lines of my own mind

Running away
Running back

Rotten judgement is what I seem to be
Ripped away from what I know about myself

Reviling is what I am accused of
Right or wrong doesn't seem to matter anymore

Responsibility knocks on my door
Reduce the yearning

Remorse fills my eyes
Rolling my eyes in mockery


"Life is what you make it (Zico)"
or does life make you?




Blood running down my leg like it's trying to escape where it came from. I know the feeling. Feeling trapped. Feeling confined. Feeling like you can't move or breathe. Then all of a sudden a blade cuts you out and releases you. You're free. What do you do? You run. You run and don't look back.




Lizzy K 7d

I started out as Glass
Not a bottle
or a window
Just glass
shattered everywhere
But that is just what I am

Nelsya 7d

i spend my days waiting
for the awakening
of these tides
inside my mind
i hope you don't mind

i depend my days
on my trembling feet
and shaking hands
gambling on what's to come
i hope to survive

i whimpered as
i have been trapped
i have been played
i have been manipulated
by myself and by the time itself

Jim Marchel Nov 7

You made me run
When I couldn't walk.
You made me plead
When I couldn't talk.
You made me bleed
And thought it was fun.
You made me freeze
But you were my sun.

unsxfe Nov 6

There’s this dream I’ve been getting ever since I was a baby.

                                                         ­                                      with each jump
                                                            ­                                  going higher
                               on the horison.                                           i keep
                  of rolling hills      theres mountains with         jumping but
         landscape                         no trees in sight.            i try
im in this                        i   try    to   walk   but  i keep gettingfaster

         i jump too high
      finally                i
                       ­            p
                       ­                m
                 ­                     i try to stop

                                     but i cant

                                     i brace

                                       then i hit the ground

And then I wake up.

[Welp, that was Reoccurring Dream. It originally extended horizontally and it was read L to R,  but i ended up having to make a new line for the helloetry version, so I could cram the whole poem in.. I think it turned out even better than the original, now that I think about it.]
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