Furey 2d
Eyes glance back and forth
They wore identical masks
Chained together in silver
The moving of a car over potholes
When they were caught
Their masks were removed
A girl and a boy
Held together by nothing more
Then a rosary with Dismas
It is held in their hands
Clasped together in the back
Bars divide them and their captors
The boy is whispering
The girl recites with him
The man in the front yells
The car crashes into another
Shielding her he takes the blunt of it
Glass flies and a bar breaks
"Let's go"
His words loud in the silence
The two climb out
Immediately surrounded by 'family'
The ones that saved them
Today they are seperated by cities and bars
By people who don't want them together
By oceans and lakes
But they each hold a piece
Of the same rosary from all those years ago.
Ana Sophia May 14
Now, when you realize I'm about to leave,
you accuse me of rush.
You make me feel selfish again
just for wanting to live my own life.

I'm not your priority.
Never was.
And I understand.
They really do need you
more than I do,
but it's still unfair.

You cannot expect me
to stay by your side forever,
in the middle of this mess,
begging for attention.
I'll still be your friend.
I'll still want to tell you
about every thing
that I see and learn.
I'll still be your sense
when you lose yours.
But, I'm sorry
I can't stay trapped here anymore.
i watch a snowflake falling in spring
and running by i hear a thought of slowing
as time remembered sweetly sings

a melody so distant yet so clear
futures intertwined with present here
a dance of possibilities shimmers
on the edges of snowflake washed by my tears

my joyful heart is deepening to pause
and wonder at these feelings’ artful cause
the weight of all these possible paths
is floating lightly in the breeze

i watch a snowflake falling in spring
and running by i think of slowing
as time remembered sweetly sings
savvy May 11
We all know that our time will not tick forever.
Our clocks will have their last tock.

We must love while we can.
And love to our full extent.
You never know when something will drastically change forever.
Nyx May 10

R u n
Avoid him at all costs
Pretend that nothing happened
That in that moment you didnt get lost
H i d e
His Feelings have changed
He left his heart in your hands
This boy must be deranged
S t o p
Halt, Don't panic
Why are you freaking out?
His motives aren't satanic
W h y
He's in love with you
You played along
Didnt you want this too?
How can you pretend nothing wrong
H e a r t l e s s
You lead them on
Fill them with delight
Crush them the next day
Make them dread that wonderful night
F r i g h t e n e d
Acting like a monster
A Cold. Cruel. Bitch.
But in reality your just afraid
Afraid, to be the one left in a ditch
D e c i d e
Don't do it unless your certain
If you don't love him, don't try
Your not ready for commitment
There is no need to lie
L o v e
Don't pick at the faults
All the what ifs, the possibilities
Take things slow, fall for him
Accept the responsibility
T r u s t
In him and yourself
He won't hurt you
He won't expose or leave you for dead
Just be ready, together you'll face what's ahead

I'm bad at commitment and relationships
I always get so afraid and panicked
I simply want to escape
Simra Sadaf May 9
Apologise. Run,
run to her until your toes start bleeding and your lungs are burning,
apologise until your tongue starts to feel numb and your throat is itching,
you lied to her she was the only flower in your garden when you were watering one rose after another,
you lied to her you would take a bullet for her when you were the one dancing behind the trigger,
you lied to her she was your moon when you were like the moon, constantly changing, never the same,
so many words but nothing ever comes close to describing your cheapness and vile nature, for your whole foundation has become so grotesque and abhorrent,
you see, karma never forgets,
it will come around and sting you like a bee.
in the spirit of cheats and liars, here's a little something to make you cringe at your evil doings:
Yusof Asnan May 6
How could the
princess run from
the dragon,
When she's the
dragon herself.

Annete May 3
I feel
There’s you
In every sunlight.
Touching my skin
So warm.
I know it will burn me
The longer I’m staying
But I’m hesitating
To run.
blue May 3
Even if you fall, run
Even if you fail, run
Reach out your hand
Towards your destination
Keep moving
Keep striving
Bloom in the sun
As it dries you out
You'll still run
As you're pushed away
Even when you get tired, run
Even when you stumble, run
Through the eye of the storm
Through the driving rain
The road crumbles like flower petals
I'm lost in the dream that is you
The driving force that is you
runs out of love
but you'll eventually really
run out of love
Even when you want to stop, run
Even when you can't love anymore, run
this poem is inspired by the song Run by BTS
Hillary B May 2
past lives reemerge
they pound piercingly on your door
call your number
shout your name
demanding a reaction
needing to be heard

a runner will hit the ground without hesitation
never feeling safe
a runner knows one thing
that one thing is
to vacate

however, I have heavy heels
that dig me in deep
when the runner keeps on running
I tend to sink
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