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Jellyfish Nov 13
I'd love to wake up
As a strum in the air
From one lonely girl's song
about how much she cared

She'd appear melancholic
On the side of a road,
Well not exactly the road
She's in a field off on her own

She strums and sings
Letting the wind take away
Every memory and pain
She's experienced throughout
Her days

"I'll run away,
So far you won't see where
My footsteps end- I'll take a train
To the ocean and fly so high"

She makes you feel something inside
You try to meet her in the middle
But didn't realize just how tall the field would be,
so you follow her somber melody

You find the key to her guitar case,
She left it behind, but left no trace
Of which way she went
You still hear her humming

But sit instead and that is why,
She got up and left.
You heard her but did not care to chase after her
Rosie Oct 2
Just let the pain fall off your back
Pretend it doesn't make you crack

Hide from it

Run from it

Don't let it find you

More problems are sure to come
if you let yourself succumb

But even if you do
let the pain slip through

Keep that mask securely attached
to hide the bruises from being attacked
I'll never reveal how I truly feel.
ky Jul 29
When I run,
the thought of you
makes me run faster.

I think about how
angry you made me,
and I become stronger.

You're no longer my weakness.
You're my strength.
Megan s Aug 18
I thought you were an angel sent just for me. Everything you showed me showed up green...
Months went by and I slowly started to fade away from you... I couldn't understand why.
I wanted to love you so badly but my heart knew it wasn't right. I couldn't explain the feeling even if I tried...
I made a list of all the things that were screaming in my mind...

You seemed so into me, yet you made everything about yourself. You seemed to care yet you only cared if it made you the main focus...
When you messed up you would fix it with a gift... I told you I hated gifts...
When I was drowning, it felt as if you handed me a bowling ball and said swim faster... How does that work?

I confronted you and somehow it was my fault. Nothing was going to change yet I couldn't let go of you completely.

The words you said running around my brain. "I will be the best thing for you and you won't be able to find any red flags". Why did I skip over this? This being the biggest original Red Flag.

Slowly my eyes didn't see green anymore as everything was turning RED.
Ken Pepiton Dec 2022
{from 07 Feb 2018, reintegrated to my mind today, btw}

How much weight can a word carry,
you know?
I-am-bicly or bib-licly speaking,
What I mean to say is, no word stands alone
the word word itself needs a place to put its foot.

Certainly, we've seen a thing
or two
since you first stopped to see waves forming right
before your very eyes
in stone

Lies. You said you were certain
they'd be lies if you told another soul
what you thought you might have,
might have,
...face-forgotten man wonder who I am
Well, I'll be, if it weren't for me,
I doubt I'd get one ****** lie

Tut, you know what I mean,
we can't go diggin' up the past and get past the present without suffering it to be so.

Just sayin'. Pain ain't, necessarily, part of waiting, now.
Here, if you're hungry, you can eat.
If you are thirsty, drink. The real here, where you are now. You're not in some torture chamber reading this.

Think about what you can't live without and,
watch, time stops, to prove you wrong.

You live on.
Even if you think you died, you still think, so,
you live.

Get on with it. Imagine the reality of truth,
as a place, past physics,
no lies exist there. So,
what else is new, to you? What else ain't
here, where it is said there is no condemnation?

Don't do that.
Don't start imagining all the bad stuff happening here because you can't imagine no lies you believe.
You imagine lies every time you say amen, in-advertently, so be it, as it may
admitted ly,
for gotten-past-things, such as they are, imagined ones are still the worst. Hardest to get past.

If there be any
virtue, praise, rock-candy-mountain-reality, you
may recall them all.
Freely given for giving, dharma karma doing done,
old son.

Fair were the tales the servants told to Grandma's people before the flood.
The ant people, were a diligent folk,
they hid us all in reed boats
they bent with the wind,
like Corn-mammy chill'ns in April sun showers.

But, oh, the way things used to be, they was ab-
used, them servants sent from God.
Good luck findin' one now.

Blue and white, and blue and green, and blue and yellow, and blue and orange, two by two,
on a spectrum of one being the best,
choose blue and white.
Discern the rest.
Be still. There's more.

a -musin', eh? the way things might-a -been.
'lot a good that may do ya', ken ye, kennin' ever things?
Kin folk fallin' from the fam'ly tree be
laughin' sayin' see what he wannabe,
lordy, lordy bless my baby heart.
Pea-pickin' heart.
Historical note: Spring 2018 was when i wrote this, my geriatric psych pro, prompted me to let some one else know how I happened to grow old, against all odds, this was titled "Little Fishes" then... any way, I must say, the readers at HelloPoetry have lifted me from a pit it does little good to speak about surviving, without offering a thread to follow. This was near the time I began to meditate, seek arts intention, Hermes Psychopompos offering to guide me through the mess I made, and now, realized, I survived. With help.
I S A A C Jun 2022
cocktail of pills
flutes of smoke
run away baby let's just go
on a journey, earning our stripes
on a journey, to be us in spite
of all of the backlash, never returning to the past
the fruitful future is sweeter than the blooming flowers
stay with me please, just an hour
serotonin pumping, my heart jumping
out of my chest, kiss you on your neck
run away baby
run away again
into the green, grounded like trees
our roots intertwine, your soul is divine
run away baby
run away with your every time
Zack Ripley Mar 2022
"Don't run with scissors."
"You have to walk
before you can run."
So many things to teach us.
So little time.
I'm not a parent.
But if there's one thing I would say,
It's that "it's OK to fall."
Because, if nothing else,
Life is repetitive.
First, you learn to crawl.
Then, you stand.
Then, you fall.
You stand again.
Then you walk, and finally, you run.
And just when you think
all is going well,
Life knocks you down
And you find yourself
back at square one.
Falling will always be painful.
But if you can remind yourself
"It's OK if I fall,"
it'll be that much easier
To get back up and over the next wall.
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