It will always happen
         The thrill of running wild
Living free and forgotten
         For all the temptation and desires
But somewhere along
         When our hair didn’t feel the wind
We gasp and slowly…
Walking, and turn around
          To see how far we can distance ourselves
From that we ran away from
          No matter how far
We still look back at it
          No matter how many times we run
We still remember it
          The excitement in steps
That didn’t need speed

Run wild and free

Some people fight their demons, I on the other hand became mine.

And you cannot run away from yourself

They say
The most truthful truth
Is the hardest truth
To face
To stand before
A perfect reflection
And never run away
They smile
White-toothed and greedy
Like villains in a play
But I stand still
For I will not turn away

Under the scorching sun,
the boys took off for a run;

They ran like there was
no tomorrow,
so their hearts would not feel sorrow.

A game,
Thats how it began.
I never suspected
One with your face
Would come
and ask to play.

All of us
Staring unashamed,
Me specially
As I slowed time down
To watch you
Frame by frame.

My eyes kept looking,
My hands were shaking,
"What do I say?"
My heart was yelling.
I pretended I hurt my hand -
My first instict
Was to run away.

I never tell you how I felt,
And yet you knew it anyway.
I won't forget the day you came to me,
And told me you felt the same.

I purposefully walked away,
But you chased me,
You made me say
How I felt since that first day,
And now I wish
We had never met.

I wrote to you, love.
I hope you got my message.
I am leaving here.

Listen to me.
AHHA Sep 11

You’re the only one I need.
Running from the late night doubts,
You’re the arms I crave.
A mellow, present cure
For my tentative, diamond heart.
Tell me you love me
Then stay.
Hold me, hear me, have me,
Then leave.
Tell me you love me and run.
Brush off your hands and hold me,
So I don’t run.
So I can’t hide.
Force me
To make up my mind,
To stay or break or mask,
To destroy or to flourish.
Hold my hand and run.
With me.

Mono Sep 9

You  are an open book

but your heart is

A runaway Princess

will I catch you?

My dearest
Entangled in my thoughts
Keeper of my heart
Where have you run To?
An impression lingers
Beside me on this empty bed
Yet I know it will eventually fade
Just as our love had
My dearest where have you run to?
Away from the pain?
Or away from my grasp
As long as these stars fall
I will miss you
My dearest
Until the day I find the courage
To run away
And finally
find you

sophia sacal Sep 3

I guess it really was my fault;
For I did not ask you to stay.
Not even when you left the door ajar,
As if waiting for me to run after you.

But it was you who had to run after me, my dear.
Not me.
Not me.

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