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George 2d
Traffic and thunder in the distance,
it is hard to tell the difference.

Does it matter,
with both so far away?

It does, when the rain gathers,
and its sheet starts at a pace,
making its way to you ...

... closer, closer and closer by the second.

What even Orion cannot out run,
you have no defence.
I have a storm that follows me.
Do you?
drop it all
and run away.

sweeter things
and brighter days.

better times
no better way.

greatest lives
could start today.

you and I
would run away.

somewhere far;
a land astray

golden beach
or mountains grey

grass so soft
we’d talk and lay.

you and I
would run away.

hills so high
a holiday

place for peace
we’d move to stay.

life of roads
to be okay.

you and I
would run away.

Love on the road; a dream for most.
Spilled soda
Sticky on the carpet
Red and glaring
Watching me.
So I scrub
So I clean
But it doesn't go away
So I scrub
So I scream
And I watch the stain
And it watches me back.
A never-ending cycle of
and then I look down
at where I have been cleaning
and I see that my hands are bleeding
that the blood is not my own
and then I start screaming
I might be insane,
or sick of the mind,
but my nightmares,
don't always happen at night.
I have the Devil deep inside me
And he’s playing a cruel game
It’s my life ‘Vs’ his life and he’s
Fuelled by all my pain. A deal
I made many moons ago, I shook
His hand and let him know that

Life wasn’t all that it should be
I wanted out, I wanted
Peace. He raised his head then snarled a grin
Opened his arms then pulled me
In, loaned his eyes so I could see the
Deep Red of Eternity

White dust he sprinkled, fires and sparks. My
Life seemed meek in dull contrast
“I’ll give you life in turn for yours, with
One small price to pay of course.
I’ll take away each bowt of pain, I’ll
Teach you how to smile each day

You’ll fool them all, you’ll have good fun, you’ll
Laugh and dance under the sun
As time goes by you’ll grasp the chance to
Reacquaint with confidence
Walk hand in hand with me, you’ll see how
Easy it be, to exist

Carefree” - I knew that life could be much
Worse than all he’d painted with
His words; I was already giving
Up you see. I gave my hand
Reluctantly. He grasped it hard then
Pulled me tight. He stared so deep
Within my eyes that, soon enough I’d

Lost all sight and Line-by-Line
I’d lost my touch, with Magic dust I’d
Found my crutch. The pain subsides,
My soul was priced up Gram-by-Gram, the
Whirlpools spun me round ‘n’ round
And the Devil Cloned me as I drowned

A mind once mine was now half-
Owned. Shame so vast I could barely breath,
False Pretences filled with Greed
These days I walk by in two-halves, each
Day I fight I can hear him
Laugh. “You silly Fool did I not say?

“Addiction is the Price you’ll
Pay?! For everyday you thought you’d Won.
The endless Masks which you’d piled
On, to hide the pain to cheat the game
Avoid life’s lessons you’d made
In vain; with me you chose to spend your

Days. I have your hand. You gave
Your blood, blind-sighted tears because
You ******-up. Indulged in Drugs
You masked your pain and now I hear MY
Name in Vain as you Beg and
Pray for me to end the game. Such a

Naieve young fool you were back
Then to think that ‘I’ would be ‘your’ friend
Now day-by-day you’ll hear me
Laugh as you try to loosen up my
Grasp. With new eyes on the prize are you
Surprised, that you see me ROAR?!”

Don’t Fall down now as you run;
The Devils deal you should not have done!

© 8 hours ago, Karen L Hamilton
Harley Nov 29
Fade away
Pretty little fears
We open up to eachother
With the hope we will not be destroyed
Let's run away together
Leave it all behind
Fade away
The world will never notice
Leave the problems in the past, it's just us
Happiness is anywhere with you
Live together peacefully
Fade away
Leigh Nov 29

My everything swelled

Until my fear grew legs

So to carry me from you

And your everything too

At all costs.
Rebecca Kay Nov 25
Anytime you really, truly want to just walk away,
Not glancing back or up or sideways or
Down, come to me.

We can hop in the car. get a bike. ****,
Even just walk. sounds good enough for me.
‘Course, we can’t just walk away. we’d lose-
Lose what semblance of a normal life we have now,
Lose the majority of the people making up that life.

But we’d get out of this place, this place
Eating away at our souls, our very beings.

Forget those people. forget this life. take my hand, let’s just
Run until the desert finally kills us. but maybe, we can escape.
Escape what we already know, already despise-
Escape into something better.
“And We’ll Be Free”- I Will Wait, by Mumford and Sons
ChrisE Nov 21
Speak Spanish to me
because I don't want to understand
what your spewing at me
just let me kiss down your jaw
and stop just at the corner of your plump lips
leave you craving more
then chase me
let's run
away from the past
and let's fall into the present
speak Spanish to me
because I'm in love
probably with much more than just the language
speak Spanish to me porque
you have etched
the rhythm of your love on my body
te quiero amor
I love you love
Shea Nov 21
I tap on my forehead
The middle is where it starts
I tap on the floorboards
Therefore my mind leaks
Through the floorboards.
Most know the idea
By most I mean me
You see, no one knows
That all I touch breaks.
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