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run away
for you are just another pray
run away
lives are lost and found all day
for the animals come out to play
B D Caissie Sep 24
My dearest love why did you run from me, when my heart only raced for you.

Tristan Reed Sep 23
An old man
waddles and hobbles,
snickers and snackers,
though the garden
up the beaten path
to the back door,
bony fingers beating
on my splintered shield.

He's a snail
chasing me into a shallow grave.
Run to die?
Die to run?
Run to die?
Die to run?
I'll spend a lifetime
making up my mind.
I still haven't decided yet.
Anna Sep 14
The lights flashed
In the dreary hallway
Through the keyhole, he watched her run
His hands were red as his eyes
The room maid heard everything
From shots to running steps
Oh, Annabeth
What did he do with you
She was caught in a nightmare
And for that there was no escape
Bunny trap in hotel bed sheets
We all heard he screaming to hell
He wanted her back
But he made a colossal mistake
She didn't reach the hotel front door
Oh, Annabeth.
maria Sep 9
I have to go again.
Are you afraid?

I'm leaving the country,
the sympathy
and the fake dreams.
Do you care?

I pack everything
but I'm sure something's missing.
What are you running from?

I check myself in the mirror.
It's the last minute before I go.

Nothing changes.
I'm so afraid
oh, I don't care.

I'm running from my questions
but I guess I'm missing my soul.
Quote of the poem:
《I'm running from my questions but I guess I'm missing my soul》

Written on September 9, 2019
bess Sep 9
I struggle to find a place.
I have no place
in a home,
or room, or

No person,
no feeling to call my own.

I am on the run
from what I need the most.
inspired by my globalization reading lol
Passing days
Falling apart
In harmony
A catalytic
Of **** words
And her
roumen Sep 6
Don't hide
You know You love me.
Don't run
You know You love me.
Don't stop
You know You love me.
Today !

I won't deny
I know You love me
I won't escape
I know You love me
I won't refuse
I know You love me

I am waiting...
Since first kiss ...
For Tomorrow
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