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To be *****
Is to become so numb
You have to be triggered to feel
Anything at all.
The absence of pain
Is a pain in and of itself.
Justin 5d
I know
No matter what I say
I can't fix this
I know
There's nothing I can do
To make things right

I'm always looking
Up above
Holding out hope
Leaving room for grace
Wondering if there's a chance
You will forgive me

And even though I'm drowning
In the waves of all my doubt
I try to keep my head above the water
I don't want to sink down to the bottom
I've already been there before

And maybe it's all for nothing
But please believe me
When I say that I'm sorry
I'm sorry for the pain
I'm sorry for the hurt
I'm sorry it will never be the same
I'm sorry things had to be this way

I wasn't the man I was supposed to be
I failed in my beliefs
I compromised everything
I didn't cherish anything that was given to me
I let the world crash in on me

Now that I'm here
Back on my feet
All I can do
Is make the best of this life
The life I owe to you
We face battles each day
We learn from them and grow
The lessons are always there
They are there for one to show
We learn and build character
Use them as a guide to get better
We enhance our vision
In order to get brighter
Life knocks me down, I get back up
Nothing keeps me down, not forever
The storm gets worse, I rise up
I can bear some bad weather

Flying on the wings of hope
I'll soar above my fears
The sun shining on clouds below
I'll wipe away my tears

Life gets hard, I get harder
It's tough, but it's all I've got
I'll stick it through, pushing farther
Living every day for me and my lot

Flying on the wings of hope
I'll look to the rising sun
Ignore my doubts and woes
Learning to have some fun

Some days it's hard to get up
On my mistakes I sometimes dwell
But my heart won't let me give up
I know all will be well

Flying on the wings of hope
Rising above the pain
There's no time to mope
I've got to enjoy the rain

Flying on the wings of hope
Remembering the people who care
For them, for me, I'll learn to cope
And always stay in the air

Flying on the wings of hope
Tom 5d
There is but one thing,
That all humans fear,

Yet nothing we do,
Slows dreaded advance.  

Yes, death is the end,
No comfort in that,

But life is therefore,
More precious, more pure.

For us that will die,
Are luckier still,

Infinite lives lost,
Never to be lived.

That we do exist,
Is reward enough,

And better is now,
Than all time before.

Our time here will soon,
Come to darkest end,

And yet before then,
Life still has its time.
Before meeting you I have
Hope for the future
Trust from the people
and love of the unknown

But after you left I have
Taste the emptiness of despair
Doubt the words of the people
And fear of the unknown
Making ripples in the pond
Swimming in the shallows
Swept off by the waves, into the deep sea
and back to the shore
Buoyant forces keep afloat
Hope is the float
Takes you deep, into the shallows and back to the shore
Soaring high into the skies
Float into the zero gravity door
Back to the ground
On two feet
Undying faith in self
Abstract thoughts
She looked exactly the same,
Yet it wasn't her.

The same silky white hair,
The bright blue eyes that seemed
Deeper than the ocean.

Half of me hoped
She had finally "returned".
Yet the other half knew
It was all just fake memories.
A poem about Yae Sakura and Teresa Apocalypse from Honkai Impact 3rd.
I should probably go to bed and stop rereading Gratitude Arc for like the millionth time. I mentioned the part about it being fake because I'm pretty sure in Sakura Samsara there's a part near the end where we find out that the entire time Kallen was a figment of Yae's imagination/mind.
Chris 6d
Give me a starlit day
Wish the daylight away
Love the nights unchanged
My stress exchanged light into dark

Unchained, Uncontained
I am apart from the daylight but clear
Fighting loneliness for and from clarity not fear..

What a beautiful day here
Its just feels weird..

I don't belong here
Doesn't matter anyway I'm guided by stars..

Defined by scars

I revel in the peace of night..
I will be alright..

Sun-hued moonlight.. ❤
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