Ree 21m

I'm pretty tired,
Inside I'm confused.
I just want to end the relationship we have.
I'll accept overreacting to my scenarios.
But you let me sit, and I'll go.
If my mind is anything like our life,
then i have to stop my heart,
but it's hard to imagine.
I'll have to, and it's for you too
I'm just heart aching and have missed you already
Nothing changes how I feel
It's not easy for me so I hope we can work something out
There's always smoke around me
It calms the soul
Takes love if it always surrounds me
And somehow it feels like you got me
And it didn't take much,
You really surprised me.
You're beautiful.
My mind has been losing against this
I just know my heart is faithful, so
I'm gonna ask you,
I'm not gonna let my love go wasteful.
Well, that was the intent
If this is it then I should've been quiet
I wanted to but I just thought different
Boy, I just wanted to understand
It's not all a mystery
Discovered old ways to take care
I'll be focused on my health and even poetry
In hopes of being stronger and able to understand and see
This is for the best
There's the end of the mystery

Okay I just revised this previous poem. Wasn't the original plan but felt like it needed to be done. Felt like a new poem and I wanted to reexpose it !
thanks !


I was once a 5 year old girl
Joyous and giggling
Torn between two parents

I was once a 13 year old
Lost and confused
Not knowing what to do or who to turn to

I am now simply done
I cannot fathom life with with you
Nor can I fathom it without you

I cannot face your toxicity
But I cannot abandon your love
But I will not wait forever

I love you, mom. I miss you.

Maybe this summer?
Maybe these stars?
Will be the distant midnight fires
Which will look down upon this tired old heart
And rejoice as it falls
Stumbling upon the greatest love of all

Maybe this summer? Maybe these stars?

One can learn a lot
If there is a strong will to open the mind
Fill your world with intelligence
Just be gentle and kind
Challenge yourself to grow spiritually and intellectually
Go through that maze
Rise up through those obstacles
So you can see those bright sunny days

Akvile T 20h

Fear, sadness, pain
Darkness in this world can be anywhere
In love, in home
In everyone heart

I am standing here alone
In the middle of city unknown
In the middle of peoples
Without souls

Darkness lead me after every step
And it can't leave me alone
She lead me anywhere I go
She is trying to be in my soul

But I can't let her there to go
To be in my heart
Because this isn't left space anymore
In my poor heart and soul

But she don't wanna to give up
She want to win this soul
To steal one thing I still have
That small thing called Hope

Hope is all left to me
Hope don't let me to give up
She says to me loudly:
Fight for better world!

And I am listening to her voice
I am doing what she says
I fighting for better world
For peoples free souls!

And I finally win this fight
With that darkness bad
And I making from it
Better and beautiful world

And it's all good now in this world
Even better than thought
And I have to say thank you:
For that small thing called Hope


Raven dwelled in melancholy
As if melancholy were an art
But melancholy was within Raven
From the very start

Raven sang
But not many people knew
For Raven only ever sang
To just an auspicious few

The words from Raven's songs
Smeared ink upon my thighs
Old scars, fresh scabs
Now pure and baptized

Raven left her cage right open
And in flew my broken feathers
That was when we learned
We worked pretty well together

First poem up. Let's see how this goes

You used to be my everything,
now you ain’t even anything.
I used to cry before I fell asleep,
but those memories already slipped.

Like a dandelion in the fall of Spring,
beauty and joy are all they bring;
But when the wind starts to blow,
one by one they’d drift in a row.

When I saw you the other day,
millions of words I wanna say.
But you always left me hanging-
and act like I am nothing.

Just like a clock ticking the opposite,
as the pain creates a huge slit;
Searing this vulnerable heart,
and tearing my love apart.

I remember the first day we met,
clueless as to how you set-
In my meticulous eyes and ego,
your presence I can never let go.

The day you painted a smile-
the thing I’ve missed for a while;
Mending these broken pieces,
as memory of my past ceases.

I needed you in my daily dose,
though we were never close;
A glimpse of you completes me,
like the rhyming of this poetry.

Who would have thought I’d fall,
for someone I can never call-
“My love”, “my other half” or “mine”?
Love, after all, is indeed blind!

We were taught to return a favor,
to show respect and good behavior;
But even if your love is overdue,
I’d always fall for someone like you.

In my orchard full of dazzling green,
you are that special tangerine-
so special that I can never pick,
when I harvest you’re unripe and sick.

Many tears have been wasted,
pains and misery I’ve tasted;
All for one person I always admire,
from afar I can never acquire.

Dedicated for someone I can never call mine. :)

Awareness is everything
But, we must be willing to open our eyes
For they do not see everything
Moments often catch us by surprise
The unpredictability of life
Often puts us in this position
So thought provoking
Nothing but an inquisition
The fickleness of life
Often takes our breath away
Confusion and frustration
Makes its appearance each day
When we lack awareness
It can lead to total chaos
Filled with bewilderment
Some of us may appear to be lost

shåi 1d

liquids as
lives become
in an attempt


this is different than most poems i have written.. i havent written an acrostic in many years!!

'I am regenerating.
A soul takes its
transitory step
from a caterpillar's last breaths.
The healing white lights of change renews
my soul's infinite quest.
Suddenly, a rainbow butterfly emerges to claim the waiting sky.
For I am reborn.
as the Cosmic Butterfly Eyes
of the Loving Divine.'

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