i don’t know
what i’m doing anymore
i don’t know
why it’s been so hard lately
i do know
that it’s hurting more
i do know
that it’s hard for you too
i don’t know
if everything i do is wrong
i don’t know
if i’m as horrible as i feel
i do know
you are everything right
i do know
you see me as more than i feel
i don’t know
how to fix everything
i don’t know
how to fix myself
i do know
you see there’s less that needs fixing
i do know
we’re healing each other
i don’t know
how long we’ll be walking
i don’t know
how long it’ll be hard
i do know
you will always be next to me
i do know
i’ll always have you
i don’t know
if we’ll be okay on this earth but
i do know with you i feel okay
and loved
and a little more
sure of myself
and a little more
sure of my path
and a lot more
i do know
i love you.
Thank you for being someone who gives me more “i know”s than “i dont”s. For my bestie who brightens my dark ❤️
Truth be told, I have nothing to say
Nothing of worth to fill up your day,
So I apologize for wasting your time
As you read this useless series of rhymes.

There once was an immortal man who thought he had it all
The world in his hand, resting in groove of his palm
And nothing could or would stop his conquest
Until he met a challenge that he simply could not best.

He had as long as he needed to beat this task
But he got it, couldn't do it, and gave up just as fast
Avoiding this issue, he sulked through his years
And too proud was he to stop and dry his tears.

And soon he slipped into a sour state
His stubbornness leading him to a horrifying fate
That of a human who is unable to be just that
Feeling less like a dude, more like a dog, chimp, a rat

Day in and day out, he remained in his chair
Fearing another obstacle, he stayed in his lair
And for that matter, his skin became pale
And his eyes, ears, and even nose began to fail.

Yet to this day he is still barely alive
And in his agony, his inhumanity he still writhes
Thinking about that thing that he could not defeat
Wishing that stain on his life, he could delete.

The death of a man is not when he stops breathing
But rather when he stops believing
In the fact that there is always something to be gained
A rainbow most often finds its way when it has just rained

People have been searching for a way to live forever
Which should be the same as never dying, aren't I clever?
If we simply keep on living,
Never stopping, always giving,
Then we'll keep on getting
Finding something worth the suffering,
And that version of immortality sounds a hell of a lot better.
It has been a long time
I didn’t see the full moon outside
Clouds passing over clouds
And I hold my feelings deep inside
Yet I wake up every morning
With a hope that shall never die
Thinking today or tomorrow
A day shall give a chance to sigh
Distant tinkling temple bells
Remind me the journey so far
At times my faith shattered
Yet my belief holds me tight
And I wake up another morning
With a hope that shall never die!
Dedicated to a friend who is on the journey to take the flight to heaven. She lived a wonderful life, and losing her is like a piece of my heart will go with her.
Iman 8h
pain: an abstract noun
abstract: existing only in mind
pain is not tangible
unable to be exposed
she tried to show us her woes
in evidence of her ageing agony
wore a disguise so happy
no one was wise
until she poured what we were told
could kill down her throat to kill
pain can be destructed she thought
if there isn’t a soul for it to reside
her name was may
a poem about someone I know
soph 11h
in dream-light, still
                    you are incredibly wasteful
syrup-mauve soaked,
                  you drank whatever
cared enough to ferment
the entire fester-rot of
                    flesh growing & decaying
with time & bloody fingers
                                       believe in yourself,
& see where it gets
a little poem about humans and hope.
A Yorks 13h
Once I dreamt I was the wind,
Free, unshackled, without sin,
Flying in the morning sky,
As the wind, I'd never die;

I dreamt I took the water's form,
And fell down in a raging storm,
To rest among the flower's roots,
To rise again within their shoots;

As I kissed the flower's blooms,
They greeted me with sweet perfumes,
And once again I joined the clouds,
Swirling, curling cotton shrouds,

And once again, I was the air
Dauntless, racing everywhere,
Rustling leaves and toppling stones,
Whistling joyous as I roam.

I dreamt again I was a fire,
Growing, rising, ever higher,
Feeding from the gusting wind,
Crackling with a glowing din,

Burning fire turned to sun,
Where it ended, light begun,
Fields of clover like a sea,
Rose up high and greeted me,

The clover fields turned into song,
And as I watched I sang along,
Humming with the rolling bars
Burning bright among the stars.

I dreamt again — a star was I,
A hopeful beacon in the sky,
Above the wandering winds below,
In stellar sea, a deathless glow.

It seems I still can dream.
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