Cynthia Ulloa Apr 2014

In the beginning everything looked so clear, picture perfect
It all made sense, the reason why we met
"Forever" that was the key word
Holding on so tight that the next day,
I wanted to make sure I was still in the present
Although, sometimes I purposely appeared to haunt you
Yes, I feared that you would leave me behind
Like a wave I was tossed
The wind was slowly helping out
Quickly falling out of the boat, I could not sail anymore
I kept getting up but was slowly thrown down
Waves becoming a hurricane,
More and more approaching from left to right
I tried to be strong
But, furiously like a wave I was gone
I couldn’t keep up with you
I was tossed, forgotten and slowly became an "old memory"
Time, my worst enemy!

Copyright 2014© Cynthia Ulloa
All rights reserved.

*Time represents God as the healer. Although memories may come back to hunt the present, you must not forget where you stand. Time is God and His time is always perfect. Forget about the pain, the hurt, the disappointments, the mistakes in life. Walk in righteousness and you will make better and beautiful memories!*

my heart goes out to
people who are abused
all their life.

i wish them peace.
i wish them hope.
i wish them love.

i wish them healing
in a life filled with sadness.

Every morning we wake up
It is another opportunity to shine
Another chance to configure the moment
And keep everything in line
Life is nothing but a struggle
Obstacles will test you
Rise above the obstruction
And guide your way through

I stripped my soul
                  my heart
opened myself for you to see,
    to feel what’s inside of me.

I closed my eye’s
   as you caressed my soul
                                 my heart
letting you paint such beautiful art.

It’s deep
            it’s beautiful
                               it’s peaceful
                                                it’s love.

To have another understand and feel
     hopes, wants, needs, dreams
to want the same as you, need the same
and dream the same as you…
                      Beautiful, it is…
                      yes, beautiful!!!

I close my eyes, no need to speak a word,
No voice needed, my heart has been heard….
                      Beautiful, it is…
                      Yes, Beautiful!!!


Shiny 23h

When you love someone with your heart,
It feels impossible to change direction.
You can't help rowing towards the storm,
even if it shouts out pain & misery.
But when your sails get torn,
when you have water filling in,
when the part of your boat
called "hope" goes missing,
you'll turn your back on the storm.
After your love changes direction,
it may maneuver towards the storm
Once again perhaps sometime later,
but unlike before, it is now careful.

Sand 1d

The darkness within you
complements the darkness within me
we are each other's light

The grey clouds within you
fit neatly into the grey skies within me
we are each other's sunshine

Birds of a feather, flock together
we hope for forever
now that we found
each other

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