I whispered
All the secrets

Meanwhile you kept, heart shut.
Genre: Love
Theme: Then, nothing matters.
Seeking companionship to belong,
Becoming an alliance to form a bond.

Respecting a pledge to assist,
Helping a hurting friend when needed.

Yearning for that desire to share moments,
As togetherness fuels great memories.

Devising a blueprint to establish trust,
With the code of honor dominating ethics.

When having a friend you consider family,
Loyalty builds the bridge to true friendship.
No matter how many times you have been torn apart
That doesn't stop you from giving away your heart.
To hope they wont shatter you into dust giving someone your trust to love you whole
Every Step you take is a stride towards your dreams
Every heartbeat is an echo of your love.
Every breath you take is a sign of a new start to life.

With every visit from dawn
there comes a new chance to make a difference,
To lose yourself in your vital role to service humanity,
To embrace new smiles, and ideas together

With every rising of the moon,
You have a new chance to
whisper inspiration to a broken heart
with the wind's breeze,
and wash away your sins with your blessed tears.

Shall we celebrate life before we cross the bridge to eternity?
or shall we go to sleep with the dead souls before time?

Let's take off the mask of despair, and put on faces that exude happiness,
Remember to exchange good conversation, share a joke,
Start every day with purpose, share a cup of coffee and let your inner soul awaken.

Hussein Dekmak
Find the balance
Embrace the time

Life goes on
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: When, small things matter.
Once upon a time
There was a little cloud name
Ezmo Florence Bloom

And he felt so low
All he did was weep teardrops
Every single day

He fell into dark
times , all his friends were happy
Enjoying life's light

Not like Ezmo he
was angry , angry at the
way the sky looked grey

He didn't like the cold
either , he shiverrd most days
Making days feel sad

He wandered in sky
No one would talk to him , he
was all on his own

He floated over
trees and houses , splash down on
pavements making stars

He loved the way his tears
twinkled liked a queen in her
crown of golden rules

Was the only thing he
did like made him smile as if
he was fluffy light

But his sadness was
part of him . He just had to
find a way to smile

Anyway one day
He bumped into a lovely
Butterfly called Hope

O she was as
pretty as an angel , she
glowed just like warm sun

Now now Ezmo you
must learn not to be so hard
on yourself she said!

Let your heart feel love
It's the simple things in life
That's truly matters

When the sun rises
Every morning brightening
the whole of the world

Watch how dark turns to
light , watch how life comes alive
Embrace its beauty

And when sky is blue
And clouds are all fluffy true
And birds sing sweet songs

Let your heart rejoice
In there happiness , let the
sun make you feel warm

Look at the big world
down below , watch how all the
animals walk earth

And when night blossoms
Look at the moon and stars shine
There full of happy

New babies being
born , flowers blossoming , leaves
on trees wake from dreams

Let the soft breeze take
you to different places , feel
the love of nature

Watch a waterfall
Watch how it falls over in
to river below

It's smiles always
Sliding down it's big mountain
Succeeding in life

Emzo Florence Bloom
Was astonished at her strength
And made a promise

To be more happy
Even on those rainy days
He will shine always

Now if you see a
little dark cloud floating by
Remember Ezmo

Even though he may
look dark grey and miserable
His really smiling

And when he cries ,don't
worry his helping the trees
and flowers to strive

Ezmo heart blossomed
He thanked the lovely butterfly
And off he floated


If you see a spring
butterfly flutter on by  
Give it a smile please
wow I think this is my longest one yet :) love writing haiku stories so much fun :)
Happy Sunday :
Ziolko 16h
Ahhh, you vampires!
Sucking the lifeblood from us.
Your sins we do not expose, we don’t discuss;
you’re endowed with riches, you don’t wipe the mud from us.

We are your stepping stones, we are your hosts
we are the ones who love you the most.
When you injure us, we do not fight;
your endless evil we don’t bring to light.

We smile for you, you don’t hear the cries within.
Each day we pray for you to put aside your sin.
We do not forsake you, we are your servants and slaves
We’re the ones who’ll cry for you as they cover your graves.

We hold your pain in our souls.
We bear your sins in our hearts.
We ensure you’re never alone
with your hearts of stone.

We are not like you, we don’t seek riches and fame.
We hurt for our sins and hold unspeakable shame.
Yet the Holy One to us holds fast,
saying many who are last will be first, and who are first will be last.
My first poem here, hello everyone
I came across a terrible road,
Too damaged for one to walk.
I watched the leaves as the wind blowed,
And suddenly came to a stop.

Within the crack of the crumbling rock,
A single flower now grew.
Who knew that healing would come so quick,
If that healing was coming from you?
My thoughts were a mess in my old letter,
And you probably agree.
So here’s another one that’s better,
that hopefully you’ll read.

All I want for you dear,
is to be happy.
Maybe that’s a lot to ask,
Or maybe you want more than that.
But leave our hardships in the past,
And move on with the memories.

I’d be lying if I said it wouldn’t hurt,
To see you happy without me.
But I know one day we’ll speak again,
So don’t you worry.
Like the true friend I always was,
I’ll be here waiting.

I’m angry too. Did you know that?
It may not make much sense,
But you chose to push me when I was down
And left our nature tense.
How could you be so cruel to a cry for help
From someone you once loved so dearly?

I’ve said I’m sorry all too much,
And I won’t say it again.
You know how sorry I am,
All I wanted was a friend.

So friends we shall be,
In the near future, hopefully.
But most of all, what I wish for you,
Is a period of healing,
That is the best gift that someone could receive.
You give a try
Honesty got a way

Decently, she stayed

Put her in your eyes

Close it

Only then,
She will never go away.
Genre: Love
Theme: When, small things matter. Customize your way.
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