If you can see it
Then you can be it
Just believe
Put your mind to it and achieve
Take that step
And enjoy the journey
Set your standards high
Just reach for the sky

Chemicals flow
within my veins and arteries
like cocaine.

Every inch of my skin
is perforated
with needles dripping toxins.

Hair falls out from my head
until there is nothing
but my ashen skin exposed.

My head feels dizzy,
even without doing anything
but wait for my time.

I feel nauseous
even without touching food
for the last two days.

I lie in bed all day,
not only as a tired person,
but as the terminally-ill.

All of this I endure,
hoping that one day
will be added
between this day
and my untimely quietus.

When you see an opportunity
Reach out and grab it
Work hard towards your goal
Be effective and efficient
It is simply up to you
To sharpen your mind
Do your very best
Be the one to inspire and shine

Apoorva 19h

The night gets darker
But not darker than my thoughts
My spirit is breaking
And it wants to escape my soul
I can't fight any longer
This battle that I always loose
Past is my enemy
It wants to burn my home
Future's bleak
I'm seeking an easy cure
I can't find you anymore
I wish you were here before
There's no escape
From this treacherous path
Which leads nowhere
There must be hope
For fools like me
But i can no longer see
My heart aches  your presence
I need a saviour
To save me from myself
To confine my fears
But I can't find you anymore
I wish you were here before
But I was there for you
When your weepy eyes
Strayed for my shadow
I held your hand through
Those lonesome nights
Waiting for a flickering light
Now that you're gone
Memories burn my soul
I look for your presence
In strangers eyes
But I can't find you anymore
I wish you were here before
We'll meet again
We'll meet again
In cold November rain
In cold November rain
You'll ease the pain
You'll ease the pain
We'll meet again
We'll meet again

Peace, happiness, security-
we reach for these,
but they often
slip from our grasp
as life



                           ­    on


                             and we hit bottom.

Chaos                         around
                    heads      ­             bats

worries crowd in and fill our ears eyes and lungo until they're our every eating moment and we can't breathe as they surround us,

and loss,
coming and going in a flash,
takes us out at the knees,
rips someone from their place
in our hearts,
and leaves us
b  r  o  k  e  n
on the ground
with no way out...


a still, small voice
beckons you
of your pain;
the whisper
of a Father who
and an end to the darkness.

His arms encircle you,
His presence fills you,
His love hushes your pain,
like a mother quieting her child,
changing your tears
of heartache
to those
of awe
that this kind of love
should not only
but be given to you.
And on the heels of love
comes peace.

The Piano Bar

It’s every so often, more often than not.
I go out.
I used to sit home quite a bit, read, clean bits of this and that.
I’m used to being alone…more or less…I just now
Talk on the phone.
There’s magic in me…but there is in everyone else.
My hearing is lousy, but I can see all the tricks.
Years ago, I was soft and sweet.  
Like a fresh towel just out from a warm dryer’s heat.

“It’s never too late.”
That’s a lie.  
40 is not the new twenty
Menopause will not wait
Our bodies will die
And our hearts will stop,
But until that last beat
Hope survives.
I know how the story ends,
But, I am a sucker for a good cry.
So buckle up and let’s take a ride.

How can you tell
If they're the right one for you?
How will I know
When my dreams have come true?
When I met you
My world grew bright
But there's still darkness
Behind all the light
I know I know
I'm going fast
But I'm just scared
I have a darkened past
If you just give me a chance
Maybe we'll both succeed
Although I'm thinking too fast
Can you please just take the lead?
I'm not sure how all this works
How am I supposed to know?
I've never felt a crush like this
It's purer than soft white snow
All I can do is hope for the best
Please I want you by my side
Although it's all too soon they say
I have a feeling all that's a lie

Slug 1d

your poetry timeline
must tell a story.
my beginning told me what i couldn't see before,
and helped my understanding
of today.
to see sometimes I am more the diction I write than I imagine or speak.
A different discovery
I didn't seem to be trustworthy
A logic to this way.
Here's to another day
on the time line

He was as sad as a flower without color--
Terribly drained, couldn’t be saved without another.
Inside, he felt as if he was dying.
On the outside, he was crying.

But even the tears of a pale boy couldn’t strain the feelings I had for him.
And although his hair needed a trim,
With eyes as dark as the bottom of the sea,
He was still beautiful to me.

His weary talk, his slow walk,
The way he would never mock
a person so different.
Oh, his heart was so vibrant.

You see, his soul was brighter than light.
But in his head, he emerged a fight
with himself.
Indulged with thoughts of guilt.

But he didn’t deserve that hell.
And of course, only I knew that well.
He didn’t think he was worth it.
But to me, he was perfect.

Aynjul Oct 2016

Your kisses made life easier to solve
that not even time can replace,
the sight of your up close forehead
the fulfillment of empty space.
I am so glad you were mine
I lost you again
I am so glad we stopped time
more then a friend
I am ruining your life by staying around
I know now that I should leave town
This song I sing has a great sound
"Does "I love you" change a thing?"
"Does "I love you" change a thing?"
but lets be real.
Your kisses shouldn't be wasted
Don't put your heart at rest,
Don't waste your love on me,
Because whoever loves you better,
Forever, deserves the best;

Life is a puzzle
your kisses;
were the greatest pieces of my life.
I will never be complete again.

Let her grow
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