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Zywa 50m
The light at the end

of the tunnel is my hope:

heaven anyway.
Novel "Quichotte" (2019, Salman Rushdie), part 3, chapter 21

Collection "Low gear"
The eve draws close,
endeavoring to tame my frights,
Yet the sun, a superior champion,
steals the limelight.
Styles 15h
In the moon's soft glow, our bodies intertwine,
Lips tracing paths of desire, whispers divine.
Hands explore the landscapes of silken skin,
A dance of passion, where we both begin.

Eyes locked in a gaze, a silent plea,
Every touch, every breath, sets our spirits free.
Heartbeats synchronize in a rhythm so sweet,
In this tender embrace, where our souls meet.

The night wraps around us, a velvet shroud,
In the hush of darkness, we whisper aloud.
Desires unleashed, in the sacred space,
Lost in the rapture of this intimate grace.
Ooooohhh it will getcha,
I know it will.
Drip by drip by drip,
A slow burn,
That will hookya,
Aching for another turn.

You take a hit,
A drag or a sip,
Drip by drip by drip,
Only takes a slip.

An IV for your soul,
Which you already know,
Oooohhh it will get yous too,
Drip by drip by drip,
Leaving all but a clue.
Walking fleetingly on Stormy Clouds,
Playing Peek-A-Boo.
From the Lightning and the Rain,
The Thunder too.

Aware of the risks,
Of the Lightning and the Rain,
The Thunder too.
Fleetingly moving,
On Stormy Clouds.
Styles 1d
Words without actions;
lost opportunity.
Summertime brings forth a wondrous season
Where charms of nature suddenly arise
A tapestry of beauty is reason
For wonder and laughter beneath blue skies

The trees display with joyful sway their glee
As canopies of leaves rustle a song
Their branches dance the summer jubilee
As echoes of laughter sing all day long

The hues displayed in grand flowers arrayed
Burst forth in brilliance, a kaleidoscope
Fragrant whispers pervade the air conveyed
Senses enchanted with promise and hope

Babbling we now hear, streams and rivers near
Their melodies a symphony so sweet
A lullaby so dear, removes all fear
As sparkling waters kiss the sun’s retreat

Summertime sets the sight of pure delight
With wonder, peace and beauty shining bright
The fun of summertime!
This story that began with hope I hope will end with hope
Feels hopeless
I gave up looking for answers, now I hope to find a way to cope
Denied access
The last ounce of hope left left when I decided to revisit dope
Again, I retrogress
This cat and mouse between hope and despair is an exhausting trope
I'm breathless
Dark thoughts fill the space left by hope, time to hide the rope
Chased by darkness
I don't even know exactly what sparked this
But I'm sure to end up heartless regardless
That's just me being honest

O, say it ain’t so,
I’ll go deaf in Heaven?
I’ll go blind in Heaven?

Then what is Hell?
Pragmatic fears fueled by pessimism,
Though I see through the ruse,
The Trap of it all.

I pick Heaven,
With great sounds an sights.

The ultimate Sin,
That lies within,
Is but a test.

I’ll gladly gleam,
Between the seams,
Skip two, do not collect 200,

Sights and sounds,
Lead me through nights and Bounds,
In delight, fleeting on the ground.
Vices, healthy or not, all have a price.
The water, calm or rowdy, comes in, slowly.
Swarming tides soon become too much,
Drowning me-
And I remain motionless,
As I fear nothing or, am paralyzed by fear,
No, the real movement comes when I am lost.
As I try to find my way time and time again.
Begging for the waters to return,
For true motion to return,
And for my tears to freely flow into the water once more.
Just because I can fight back, does not mean I know the way. Succumbing to emotions requires balance. Just struggle to remain afloat while discovering the tides of the universe.
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