Matt Earl 1h

My suffocated emotions
My numb and tortured soul
Constricted by the ties that bind
They keep you in control
The journeys end has faded
Disappeared from view
I'm nothing now
All because of you

When something bad happens in my life, I start spending most of my time sleeping,
And all of my time distracting.

When you came, I was already on my early-to-bed formula-for-peace,
And when I realized you wouldn't stay, I once again became a princess locked in a castle covered in soot-black night.
The only windows were too high, the only light was flickering hope.

When something bad happens in my life, and if it's great, I wait for time to settle the whirling balls and rack them in a frame
Because I saw most of my pool balls fall in place but you hit the final score and now I cannot trust an effort's worth anymore.
I thought I would part with grace this time. I didn't know you could hurt me on my way.

When you left, you forgot to fasten the doors as politely as you had tried to open them
Behind you, they were left at the mercy of the storm that started soon after.
Rattled until shut, of course. But the noise was so loud it still rings in my ears
Like your promises echo against the walls from dawn to dusk, your poems perch on my eyelids when I lay on bed
To sleep, too weak.

I only hope I didn't come across very vulnerable, that you didn't linger a little longer to see my shadow on the same window,
That my metaphors didn't tell my tale,
That I didn't lose myself if I couldn't win you.

Wanna cry out loud
But my voice dies unborn
Wanna take off and fly
But it feels like I’m gravity itself
Wanna reach out and touch you
But my limbs are stiff
Wanna see the moon and the stars
But my hatred blinds me
Wanna hear the laughter and the songs
But I’m deaf with my own rage
Wanna live and let live
But death is all I feel
Wanna stand up and fight
But I know there is nothing to gain
Wanna die in peace
But what is dead may never die

25-April 2017
Here's to better times.

Resonating from within the soul,
Music is the only lover I will ever need.

Rhythm and beats matching the heart,
Whether it be fingers upon
Keys or strings.

It blocks out the
Hardships, tears, distraction;
Only bliss and peace.

Tongues forced silent
Project their insight and
Internal struggles
With graceful flows
Rocking you lovingly,
Telling you stories of
Truth and false.

Songs are like humans with
Unique taste and opinions,
Yet every note is a spark of faith
Every note is a wish upon a star

Hoping to be heard.

Music has to be one of the greatest inventions in the world. It keeps me at bay. The voices, beat, melody, meaning, it seduces me.

It was a very long chase
I chased it for far too long
The chase ended when I actually caught it
It wasn't all I dreamed it to be
How could I be so foolish to believe
That my dream would become a reality
Makes me wish I could go back to that dream
Now I am awake wishing I could go back to sleep

Sometimes the things you wish for are actually not what they thought they would be.

Travel through that journey
And let the challenge build you
No one said that it was going to be easy
Keep your head up and fight your way through
Obstacles will appear justifiably
Just rise above them
Lift your inner spirit
Shine like a precious gem

Leah 20h

There's a place in my heart
Where my Grandpa lives

Right next to me
is where he sits

We play in gardens of forever
Love intertwining our hearts,
Death can never do us part

Living in a world with no honest leader.
Every single day comes a new victor,
using the people's heart to paint the picture of fear.

When will we escape the rampant greed running amuck?
Become our own leaders and stop giving a fuck.

When asked questions like these, the defenders only have a mouthful.
The reins of power should be in the hands of the masses,
known as the powerful.

They shake at night with terrors of their past.
They finally understand they have worn a fake mask.

When will we stop eating from a government feeder?
Finally equalize and balance the power teeter.
We must, living in a world with no honest leader.

Should you feel like just giving up,
Or feel that you have had enough,
Remember you are not alone,
We all have troubles of our own.
Though you may think life is not fair
Who goes through life without a care?
We all have our own cross to bear;
Those without are extremely rare.
It is vital we keep going
For we have no way of knowing
What for us tomorrow might bring
If we do our best, keep trying.
Perhaps you  may look back one day
And proudly be able to say,
Though life was hard, extremely tough,
I'm so glad I did not give up.

Ree 1d

I'm pretty tired,
Inside I'm confused.
I just want to end the relationship we have.
I'll accept overreacting to my scenarios.
But you let me sit, and I'll go.
If my mind is anything like our life,
then i have to stop my heart,
but it's hard to imagine.
I'll have to, and it's for you too
I'm just heart aching and have missed you already
Nothing changes how I feel
It's not easy for me so I hope we can work something out
There's always smoke around me
It calms the soul
Takes love if it always surrounds me
And somehow it feels like you got me
And it didn't take much,
You really surprised me.
You're beautiful.
My mind has been losing against this
I just know my heart is faithful, so
I'm gonna ask you,
I'm not gonna let my love go wasteful.
Well, that was the intent
If this is it then I should've been quiet
I wanted to but I just thought different
Boy, I just wanted to understand
It's not all a mystery
Discovered old ways to take care
I'll be focused on my health and even poetry
In hopes of being stronger and able to understand and see
This is for the best
There's the end of the mystery

Okay I just revised this previous poem. Wasn't the original plan but felt like it needed to be done. Felt like a new poem and I wanted to reexpose it !
thanks !

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