To what does the world owe to her beauty?
A beauty no one has ever seen.
Locked behind a door, a barrier of sort,
But not to keep the world at bay.

She speaks to me through concrete and wood,
Curiosity growing fonder by the day.
Her voice echoes off the empty manor
To which my ears captures
And my mind constructs an image of her.
I can only assume she does the same of me.

I sit of hours in that sturdy chair outside her chamber,
Engaging in conversations we’ve never had before.
With each spoken word we unravel more layers of ourselves,
Layers we both feared of discovering.

I mustered up the courage to reveal feelings,
Feelings that quickly became a bouquet of clumsy words.
She laughs at my blunder
But not in mockery.

I place my hand on the wall.
I hear her footsteps grow closer.
I imagine her putting her hand up as well.
The closest I will get to feeling her touch.

My Rapunzel won’t let down her hair
But granted me access to her tower.
Frustration tells me to abandon this endeavor,
Yet hope yearns to see it through.

I return to that sturdy chair once more
To continue our routine as always.
My ears prepare to capture her voice again
Hoping to be greeted with the sound of a door creak.
The bedroom light sneaks from under the door
Accompanied by a woman’s fragrance.

I long to see the face she hides.
I long touch the skin she protects.
I long to break down the wall between us.
Courage and his old friend Coward

hand in hand felt quite empowered

off they went from tower to steeple

amongst the land of broken people

they climbed amongst the highest fears

sailed the deepest darkest tears

weaved amongst the dreadest schemes

faced down nightmares, took on dreams

Coward hoped they'd do some good

in the land of flesh and blood

He didn't feel so terrified

now that Courage was by his side

they walked in wars and abject terror

hoped the world would see its error

Sometimes they got a glimpse of peace

yet many times that too would cease

Centuries passed and Courage cried

'You can't say we haven't tried!'

Then Coward's knobbly knees would settle

deep inside he'd find his mettle

In the land of broken people

beneath the towers and lofty steeple

Hope came home, it may seem absurd

holding hands with his old pal Word

Off they went to home sweet homes

Writing letters, posting poems

Off they went from tower to steeple

holding hands and healing people

Courage and his old friend Coward

hand in hand felt quite empowered

off they went from tower to steeple

with Hope and Word to heal the people
Veritas 3h
somewhere in summer, where red cherries sat in a bowl, glistening, and where her skinny lemon bicycle
and her daiquiri ice top sat discarded, aside
          —somewhere in her summer she grew up.
it was in between caressing winds and delicious sunlight,
sparkling through windows, drawing locusts on her face, his face.
     it was somewhere before summer had started, rising;
          it was somewhere after summer had ended, profound sadness.
               it was summer herself, joyous and hopeful and alive and buoyant,
it was in the middle of touches and kisses and sighs that she grew up.
italy, 1984.
first love.
Acquire a new skill
Do not waste valuable time
Broaden your knowledge
Remember, it is all in the mind
Continue to occupy yourself
Visualize being a success
Just put your heart into everything
And give it your best
To my good friend, Sue
Stay safe in your chrysalis
I'll be here waiting

Keep your mind on you
I'll stay true to the promise
to write for us both

You are not alone
You are a kind and sweet soul
So regenerate

In your chrysalis
I will await in its glow
and for it to crack

The winds will sing sweet
And the Northern Lights will dance
And you will emerge

Shining, born again
With strong, bright, velveteen wings
With love as armour

With all your wounds healed
And all your scars now faded
And we see you smile

I know you'll come through
People may have struck you down
But you weren't destroyed

To my good friend, Sue
My hand's on your chrysalis
Just know I am here
Again, this is for Sue.
Whatever she is going through I know she will come through.
Sue, if you're seeing this, know you can take as long as you like to heal
in your chrysalis.
Me and other people here on HP will continue to support you.
Always <3
Sending hugs your way!
Your good friend,
Lyn xxx
Afia 4h
There is no substitute for healing,
than to bloom in your own fire.
To climb wound by wound
on your bruised fervour,
is far better than growing wild.
Do not despise your reflection,
the shadows can lie.
You turn stones into petals,
this art is sublime.
Years of infight results into an exalted rank we are too blind to notice at times. Give yourself a chance.
It's a trip it really is.
Intention is a trip.
It really is.
It's something you are.
You're a creator.
You created it all.
It's self respect in you.
i have eyes that only shine
in the sunlight
these eyes hide
in the darkness
and even though
i've got shooting stars
some wishes can't cover the pain
i've scarred my heart with
Already enlightened
already complete.
Purpose is here now
It is not a destination.
It is here right now.
To make a contribution
is to be here now.
For some the rules are borrowed.
Others keep them to swallow.
In any case,
today is the day you awaken.
For too long have you sat there afraid.
All of your life you stayed in the shadows.
You followed what you were told.
Feeling the need to please and be accepted.

Today is the day when the pendulum swings.
Its the day when it swings and you are
no longer hanging to its motions.
Its energy in random motion,
its random emotions.

Because now its time to rise up and feel your life.

Really, its time to fulfill life,
to experience its boundless seas and skies.
A new age, a new era is dawning.
It is your time.

It s your time to accept your goals
It is your time to go experience the sensual nature
of glory, freedom, and happiness because
no matter what, you deserve it.

You deserve to feel good.
You deserve to have what you want.
Ignore your doubts and go forth.  

Today is the day you awaken.
Today is the day you stand up.
Today is the day you become a true adult.
Today is the start the great age.
The age of intentional self love.
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