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The day everything became nothing
And nothing became everything
Because nothing matters
Yet matter is everything
And everything always matters
Because of matter, a matter matters
And even when nothing matters
It's still a matter of matter
The fact that it matters creates matter
It is a matter of matter within itself
Sean Achilleos
Rama Krsna Jan 15
everywhere i look
your blood laced fingerprints.
everywhere i hear
those tintinnabulating anklets.
everywhere i smell,
the overpowering musky marigolds.

but where are you my black goddess?

when no one in the universe
can match your ravishing beauty,
have you chosen
this time
to hide inside pure dark matter?

© 2022
for the great goddess who is beyond time and space
Maria Mitea Jan 5
the universe
it is
a superb creation

in its random reality
one thing is certain:
- it is the worst construction
ever, who believes
doesn't know-
many constants
of arbitrary coupling
mass ratios
and families, and families of useless particles
& dark matter, - chewing gum on a stick

gross fact

the universe exists

pregnant abyss
established chain
a fire that breathes equations
while the truth is looking for its head and tail


by wandering the mind
it cannot be canceled

- the crime of thoughts
it is not its death
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2021
They say it's mind over matter...

What do you do when you've already lost your mind?
I just thought this up and feel pretty genius right about now haha
Shofi Ahmed Dec 2021
A human jumps over the other side of the wall
the pi was on the way, abyss of decimal ocean
kept expanding deep and wide but the formula
was handy on her hand she could nail it down.
Perfectly squares the circle, the ocean in a drop
and peeps up over the irrational chasm for good
scaling at the highest high Fathima moons!
Deduces straw by straw the maestros' dream ascension
potion-polished taking Ma pauses in liminal crescendo
between past and future, here and hereafter, circle duo.
Limning out chiaroscuro in light and shadow
oh, nothing is like it in plain sight or the world in toto!

Raw Fathima moves on the shadow nature follows
clustering atoms ever spin in the space in between the two
impossible to fathom, couldn't do in Makkah and Medina,
remained untouched, uncharted while there she was living
in encrypted fashion wholly secured yet full functioning! 
The intelligent design, blueprint is in her elements
and the breakthrough exponent is in her eyes
she is the original can show the way.

Truly the only one feminine zoom passes the irrational pi,
the most complex chasm yet mathematically goldmine.
Beyond the mass eyes and their painting canvases
in the daylight that get lost though at the twilight but us
are victorious; since a human being bears the moonlight!

The night at the twilight may take the sun into its veil,
as a little mole into its star-vanishing fathomless trails.
The rainbows are already shaded into Fathima’s black hair
bolder than the dark matter that has the cosmos
glinting off it’s edge, the story goes on for the mass
‘Paint in bold black before the sunrise’ Fathima matters.
Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2021
If you remove darkness inside me how much matter would remain?
Would it be a clean break or would that shadow leave a stain?
The antiques passed through generations only weigh me down
Heirloom weakness and shame parents wore as crowns
Would bring all the way till I crossed the finish line
Their weight is making progress steadily decline
Yet when I try releasing find their grip is way too strong
Have no other choice but drag these heavy burdens along
I fear limbs decay the more time that passes by
Friction wearing holes in flesh
I can't sever ties
A broken soiled reputation all I've seemed to gain
Blessings one by one like drops of water swirled the drain
Under layers of appearance is a piece of myself I rightly hate
Seems to be too large to safely amputate
These cheap thrills have gotten more expensive than platinum and gold
Their toll taken by draining my peace and prematurely making me old
As I held dreams in hand I stumbled and I fell
Shattered as they hit the floor
Hopes more fragile than eggshells
Then clumsy feet only made the mess worse
Every step makes a crunching noise
Wish I could somehow reverse
I never knew growing up would cause me to feel so low
Only when flying too high that I see how far the pavement waits below
The little girl in me died now there's a stranger in her place
Look in mirror and am terrified because the stranger wears my face
Feeling some feels right now
Northern Lives Matter

Note the fine flowing plain lands
One where peace and order reigns
Residence to historic cultural affluence
That chaos admired from afar with pains
Homing the abiding partisan patriots
Entrenched in now ravenous blood hovers
Rustlers, insurgents effected their domains
Notorious bandits we once heard in fables.

Lives lost cruelly to obdurated elements
Imprinting images of guns and deaths
Voices raised; are our leaders ritualists?
Establishing innocent crime-made orphans
Spreading evils, afflictions and destructions.

Many a religious shrines turned death traps
And markets, farms; ransacking poor villages
That barely know governance and her benefits
Turned into flowing river of blood and tears
Emptying plangent hearts to quixotic elites
Rich in thoughts; gliding us to precipice.
Ludovico ludo Nov 2021
How long woman is wild when she is alone?
How far woman can reach without her soulmate?

How quick woman can fall in her endless waiting!
How fun woman can die if she is alone in big house!

How strong woman can fight looking her husband die?
How big woman can dream if her husband is not rich?

Which wills woman can have if her husband is poor?
Which knot can win woman to unknot if her husband is bleeding?

Which well can be nearly for widowed **** woman?
Which well can be so far for kind widowed woman?

Which heart woman can have if her children are prisoned?
Which decision woman can take if prison guard needs her to ler her kids get out of steels?

How fun is man thinking he owns her wife's heart!
What happens when he is died so?

After understanding all that I asked my mind grandpa, how dare she talks women in that way he told me "all women not like that" and again " non kind hearted woman Are married with Sky"
Women's mind and power depends on  time.
Keep watching!!!!
Rama Krsna Oct 2021
this long red tunic
hides her battle scars well.
centuries of fighting incarnations of cunning lucifer

her eyes sea blue,
her lips blood red,
the crescent moon on her forehead
witness to her numerous accolades.

in the continuing saga of good vs evil,
her next battle begins.....
this warrior goddess of exquisite beauty
pauses to smile,
just for you and me.

with this gifted diamond earring
now worn
as her cosmic amulet,
her ultimate victory is near certain!

© 2021
a hymn to the ultimate feminine energy in the universe
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