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Abby M Dec 2
I read a story once
About a bug that crawls into people's ears and lays eggs in their brains
Ever since then I have to cover my ears to fall asleep
It's funny that people think that way
That they matter
That a story WILL happen to them
Because at the end of the day
It might
Kevin Castro Dec 2
I want to matter to someone far far away

To someone I have never met and could never really meet,
at least, not in person

To someone five steps and a ten minute train ride away from the taxis that can take them to the airport

To someone one way and three quarters around the globe

They're probably in Brazil. Or the Middle East.

To that someone, I want to be the feather that breaks the camel's back because the ****** beast is taking them somewhere they didn't want to go anyway.

Just a feather, not even a stone. Just tug, not even a real pull. Just a nudge strong enough to be noticed, so their head turns to the right direction.

To that person, I want to matter just that much. It will have meant that my life, or at the very least, my work mattered, and that's good enough.
im making this up as .i go along
Janna Nov 7
I’ll write my concerns

Down it goes,

On the perfect crisp white

In between the lines

Can you read through them

But down it goes either way

Lodged in my throat

The words don’t come out

Like the way I want it to

The pen is dry liquidation

It worsens my condition

I can’t seem to write

Write down these concerns

Stuck and caught

In the moment

The pen hits paper

My words choked up

My vision is blurry

The dry ink got wet

Now I thank the liquid in my eye

some days our worries are well above our heads, high in the clouds, we can't see the start or the end, we have lost our voices, choked on our own tears, we lack understanding and wisdom, the left is right and right is left. some days we can't speak but try and write your concerns down, let it go, burn the piece of paper, pray on it, but let it go, let it out.
Acina Joy Nov 3
I could prove no less under your behest,
as I am always trying with my very best
with what we have as if it is a test,
which is left, dying inside our chest.
been awhile since i've been up and abot
If I
told you
what it is I want
like you
ask I tell,
would it matter much?
Matter at all?
You forget
and over
we've ever had this talk
so if open up,
spill my lair for you,
how I am I to find the confidence
in spite
of the fear?
And I
ask you
to give me a hand.
what it is
that will satisfy.
You agree to air.
Close your eager eyes.
Wake. And forget.
Until it happens again.
Every single bed time.
Til I hit the grave.
Comet style.
Crush the earth.
Leave a bitter hole.
Never quite sure if
I'm hurting myself
or hurting someone else.
someguy Oct 21
Shades pass me as I stand on the street,
Dark blurry unfamiliar faces,
They melt into a grand pile of dark matter,
The one I’m trying not to be a part of

And in the end, I stand alone,
On the outside only?... or on the inside as well?
Gabriel burnS Oct 20
carbon - the backbone
of our density
so unexpectedly flexible
that the marrow
is woven of poetry
Your language is empathy
Your power is vehemence.
You have a searing pursuit of understanding
and the ability arouse curiosity.

Conversing with you is like
naming stars,
creating constellation with them
It is observing the intricacy, profundity and complexity of this world;
Delving deeper into the ocean
and a black hole of unexplored matter
as you paint extravagant pictures with words.

You made me feel heard
the days I was mute
the days I was invisible.

Thank you for asking me what I thought,
for making me feel it mattered.
Thank you for reaching out,
when I needed it the most.
Thank you for inspiring me
to be vocal about my thoughts and passions.
Thank you for being an integral
part of the person I am today.
Thank you for brewing the oceanic-galactic tea.
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