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Francie Lynch Feb 14
If not this week,
Then this year.
If not this year,
Then next year.
This year.
                  Next year.
Some year.
                  Not never.

What is time? Space?
Will it matter?
Malia Jan 29
I’m a glutton for attention.
For the mention
Of my name.
Please, just prove
My existence is real.
Say that I matter.
Say that I matter!

I. Don’t. Need. You.

But I do, I really  do.
do I write for expression or for validation?
ever since
that brightest of lights
birthed the universe
and all that it holds
our particles have
been striving through
all that is known
of space and time
through countless changes
of form and matter
through our unknown infinities
amidst the infinites known
through beliefs and disbeliefs
uncertainties and doubts
falling continuously
in the path of our orbits
endlessly we will travail
entrained to reunite
with our eternal partner
separated only temporally
impeded by the superlunary
seemingly fated from beyond
the gravity of this mystic tie
binds all sempiternally
and we will be found
one in the other
Josephine Wild Jun 2023
I feel that my presence
is a light
that’s needed.
I care a lot
of how others
are treated.

Joy is my purpose.
It’s an inside job.
I want to help others
on this journey we’re on.

I’m creative and it matters.

I’m athletic and it matters.

I’m resilient and I matter.

My presence on earth won’t last forever.

I’ll just become dirt again.
Before I do,
I’ll know that I mattered.
Coming out of a dark mental state after being sick.
I S A A C May 2023
the place i got my mirror you threw me through
filled with machines, unearthing roots
old old patterns rewritten
old old narratives revisited
is there room for forgive
my face washed by shock
never thought i could bare witness
dissolve the dividing mirror
seeing more than ourselves
makes this easier
makes it clearer
Mark Wanless Dec 2022
its all a matter
of an emptiness that falls
up to a nothing
Sean Achilleos Feb 2022
The day everything became nothing
And nothing became everything
Because nothing matters
Yet matter is everything
And everything always matters
Because of matter, a matter matters
And even when nothing matters
It's still a matter of matter
The fact that it matters creates matter
It is a matter of matter within itself
Sean Achilleos
Rama Krsna Jan 2022
everywhere i look
your blood laced fingerprints.
everywhere i hear
those tintinnabulating anklets.
everywhere i smell,
the overpowering musky marigolds.

but where are you my black goddess?

when no one in the universe
can match your ravishing beauty,
have you chosen
this time
to hide inside pure dark matter?

© 2022
for the great goddess who is beyond time and space
Maria Mitea Jan 2022
the universe
it is
a superb creation

in its random reality
one thing is certain:
- it is the worst construction
ever, who believes
doesn't know-
many constants
of arbitrary coupling
mass ratios
and families, and families of useless particles
& dark matter, - chewing gum on a stick

gross fact

the universe exists

pregnant abyss
established chain
a fire that breathes equations
while the truth is looking for its head and tail


by wandering the mind
it cannot be canceled

- the crime of thoughts
it is not its death
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