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carbon - the backbone
of our density
so unexpectedly flexible
that the marrow
is woven of poetry
Your language is empathy
Your power is vehemence.
You have a searing pursuit of understanding
and the ability arouse curiosity.

Conversing with you is like
naming stars,
creating constellation with them
It is observing the intricacy, profundity and complexity of this world;
Delving deeper into the ocean
and a black hole of unexplored matter
as you paint extravagant pictures with words.

You made me feel heard
the days I was mute
the days I was invisible.

Thank you for asking me what I thought,
for making me feel it mattered.
Thank you for reaching out,
when I needed it the most.
Thank you for inspiring me
to be vocal about my thoughts and passions.
Thank you for being an integral
part of the person I am today.
Thank you for brewing the oceanic-galactic tea.
han 6d
I am not too much
you don't have enough
to even comprehend
a self reminder
Fatima 6d
Don’t change.
Not for him.
Not for her.
Not for anyone.
Be yourself,
No matter what.
Julian Delia Oct 8
When I die, I hope none of you pretend you cared.
When I do die,
When my own hands seal that goodbye,
Don’t act like you don’t know why.
Don’t you dare imply that it might have been a bad high,
Or that my dreams were impossible,
And that I was flying too high.
And don't you dare say 'I needed help';
No, I needed a way out of this ****,
A better life than this constant retreat into a shell.

I gave you visions for the future.
Grave expressions, co-authored by the truth;
I aimed for your soul like a range target from a booth.
You may not see it, but I do;
The gap between what is, and what could be,
Like comparing a gas lamp with a radiant star’s energy.

It eats up my happiness from inside,
Like a parasite stretching my intestines wide.
Many of you don’t ******* care, in actuality –
Some of you just want the fame, in reality,
To get your tasteless name ahead in a winner less game.

You wouldn’t understand revolution if it sat on your face,
****, you wouldn’t if you slept with it, reproduced,
And created a whole new pseudo-race.
We’re so far up our own *****,
We could basically regurgitate ourselves –
I’m just the guy giving you reality,
Getting the truth off those dusty shelves.

Don’t act like you knew me if you really didn’t;
You chose to turn away, when I wanted you to see right through me.
Don’t think of the good times we had;
Think of all the nights spent discussing the sad and the mad,
The broken and the beaten,
The stolen lives and the reasons we misbehave,
Like a heathen in the Garden of Eden.
That’s what I would want you to think about.
And before you cry and mourn,
Think about why, and learn.

Or, just move on, after I’m gone.
I won’t ******* care either way,
Just as long as I can stay away –
So this darkness can cease,
And my soul can see the light of day.
Just being real here...
She come with beauty

She goes with unhappy

As she takes the hearts

She has no mercy

Her heart knows any kindly

She was very smart

She passed and looked

With the end of her sight

The hearts become imprisoned

She ordered ,they obeyed

She talked ,they listened

She pointed ,they raced

She stood ,they stood

She moved ,they followed

She went , they were gone

Who returns that run?
smart, obeyed,ordered, beauty, mercy,
Shofi Ahmed Sep 30
The planet earth is maybe
the material gold dust of all.
But it’s null on what it bases
purely standing on empty space!

Indeed there is no matter
at the base of the matter.
The nano atoms adherent to
natural scientia split and dance
the bottomline is pure blank!

Cosy slim and delicate atom
continues to deep down.
Stripping off to the quark
zooming in yet far inside
much more further down.

Goodness knows how comfy slim
will it be before it touches down
on to the universe smallest layer.
The matter, confined to natural codes,
in search of the smallest building block
turning to be a matter free off the matter.
Riptide Sep 29
We're so obsessed with
finding someone to love us
Because we need to feel like we matter to someone
When we can't
matter to ourselves
Arcassin B Sep 26
by Arcassin Burnham

Bad days , good days,
Their all the same,
just put your feelings all aside for me this time,
your mind , is a weapon ,against the world,
to make a whole new one so divine,
no matter what , no matter what,
I'll always be a guiding force for it to bring me home,
I said no matter what , no matter what,
I'll open up these eyes including the third one alone,
I am special, we all are in this so called reality,
how you gon' blame me when we are all heaven sent?
how you gon' say the most high has white skin?
how you gon' win when you ain't right within?
I get used in this world,
I'm abused in this world,
I'm betrayed in this world,
I'm delayed in this world,
I get the worst advice from my family,
I get hate in this world,
I'm awake in this world,
I've been beat in this world,
cheated in this world,
theres always less love in my energy.

Alec Astaire Sep 18
I can’t look into your eyes anymore
Because they don’t lie
the way that I could
When I realize I’m irrelevant
And how you are moving on I guess
I have to pretend that I’m over you too

But how could I just let this die
And leave you behind
When you’re all that I’ve wanted
That mystery
Of what we could be
Resonates with the parts of me that still dream

I won’t look into your eyes anymore
But oh how I covet your stare
That hellish gaze
Reminds me for days
Of how I was passionately nothing more than your fleeting memory

And I’d love to stop wishing every night
For my dichotomy of fantasies:
That love might give us another chance
Or that I could stop hearing the melody behind our memories

How can I just let this die
And leave you behind
When you harmonize with my soul
Your every note
Are songs I wrote
Long before they had names or I even knew yours

I’ve never wanted to look into your eyes any more
Than when I think of the love we should’ve had
If I had set aside my pride,
Or if you had really tried
To breathe so my love didn’t smother you

Do you think that I could let this die
And leave you behind
If I channeled my heart into moving on?
If I listened to your enemies
Maybe then a part of me
Wouldn’t forfeit the battle of forgetting your face

I know that I should really try
To say goodbye
To the ghost of the idea of who you are
But I think it’s my will
For her to haunt me still
So there’s a chance I might unite the ghost with your body
..So that one day you really could love me.
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