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I passed through the airport in Minneapolis once.

Maybe, we brushed elbows in the security line. We took off our shoes side by side while they poked through our luggage.

That's when it hit me: there are so many people I'll see once and then never see again. Like, one look is all I'll get, for life!

I walked straight through the metal detector and never looked back.
And now, I keep my distance: six feet away as six feet under, masks as muzzles so that we speak only in glances.

I should have given you a better look on my way to the gate,
before the flights to our final destinations.

Every meeting is both a reunion and a rift.

Strangers like us move apart
with each hollow hello or comment about the weather.

I mean, what if every meeting like that was a loss?

We are good as dead to each other
on arrival and departure,
footprints swept clean by
the wind created from dead bodies
walking the other way.

I should have said this to you
about the virus
as proof of our survival,
how we’re in this together, how your loss is mine.

Each new disaster,
natural or otherwise,
keeps seizing our lungs and
our last breaths like we have
nothing to say.
I have died a million times
Master's whip
Has left my back a million lines
Each body left broken
Connections lost
Cut a million vines
Each body left breathless
"I can't breathe" the words screamed a billion times
I die every time another black man is unjustfully executed. His stories, his family, his legacy. We're all connected.
Mitzi Ambrad May 11
I'll stop asking if I matter
I weigh nothing to you
Nor occupy space in your heart
What used to matter
Now its all useless.

All those those things I thought were true
Seems like I didn't even had a clue.
Even though I was used to the pain
Cause it was the only thing made me feel alive!
Now it seems to not matter
It was all useless!

Waking up everyday with the same burden
Caught in the web I, myself had woven
What it really seems
Is that nothing really matters!

My head starts spinning
My body's shaking
Thinking about what could've done!
My feet starts walking
My hands are reaching
Desire for my world to burn!

And still I am here
Just waiting for you...
Drowning in the pool of agony
With disbelief in Separation!!!
The Foody One Apr 21
It is frustrating
- almost infuriating -
to never Be
Listened to.
© 11/04/20
Sadie Grace Apr 12
One more word, one more straw, one more insult and I might blow up
Standing on the edge of life
One more drink and I’ll throw up
one more fight and we might break up
one more day feeling useless and I might give up
balancing my life out on a scale
It only takes one slight move to go from stable to chaotic
Just one smile could save me
one shout persuade me to follow through on my plans of self destruction
I’m on the edge
You could be the one who saves me
Maja Mar 28
Embrace me and whisper a lie,
just don’t let go,
don’t say goodbye.

Don’t leave me alone,
even if I feel lonely with you

Don’t give up on me,
even if your love isn’t true.

I don’t care who you are,
I just want to have someone.

Who doesn’t matter,
it could just be anyone.

As long as he’s mine,
and I am his only.

As long as he’s mine,

I will be fine
Even if it's a lie, I just want to have someone to love.
Pao Mar 27
i dreamed of you again
your smile that reaches the sky
your laughter that drowns my senses
the way you used to pull me close
we would walk together wherever we go
an adventure ready to be explored

i woke up with tears in my eyes
i know you don’t miss me
it’s been almost a year
since no text from you
not even a sincere hello

i don’t care for apologies anymore
i want to know if i mattered enough
for you to miss me
i want to know if i’m all you ever think about
lonely in your bed at night
i want to know if you still kept the poetry book
i gave you
i want to know if you still have the pictures we
took together as memories on your phone
i want to know if i was special to you
the way you were to me
i want to know if you considered me
your best friend

i want to reach out
but i know you’ll laugh at me
i don’t wish you anything
not the best, not the worst
all i want to know is if i mattered enough
for you to miss me
You Matter
I Matter
We Matter

You Matter
I Matter
We Matter
Genre: Observational
Theme: Isolation|| COVID-19
Note: Thus Care........
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