Autmn T 4d
I am a feminist
Feeling fenced in
in a gender binary
fenced in a sexual binary
so people dismiss my Bi
No ally can stop that without listening
Listen with your ears and if you can't hear
listen with your eyes. Know that I don't need to prove my Bi
Yemen child brides, committing homicide
building graveyards inside of themselves
Acid attacks, police and blacks
Rape is asked for
Jews are gassed more
Conversion therapy
People can't see through the Trans*parency
Gender roles wrapped up into us
Making us feel trapped making us adapt
A is not for Allys
A is for Ace or Aro
Thrown with a bow I miss the target
cast into the shadow
Lesbians are loved stripped down
but not in the gown
appreciated more with their mouths shut
and no ones mind open
They chose to be blind not see with their eyes
hear with your ears
hear the gunshot or the scream from the queer kid
who is bleeding, smiles were misleading
thought they were happy
Thats because we stigmatize mental illness
I feel the stillness of progress
My anxiety is as bad as the start
I've been told that l'm not being smart
but I know my voice is a work of art
We whitewash the shadow
using bleach to whiten skin
drinking bleach when that skin isn't light to begin
I am a feminist
My first spoken word I ever wrote for a school project
eli Aug 9
you are amazing
in every single way possible

you are different
and that's okay I like different
and I wouldn't like you if you were like the others

you are worth it
you are worth the work
you are worth the pain
you're worth it

you are enough
you don't have to try any harder than you already do
I know you’re trying your hardest
you're enough

you matter
and don't ever think you don't
you matter to me
your family and your friends
you matter so much

you make a difference
my life would be so much worse if it wasn't for you
you make me smile
you make me feel better when I'm not okay

you are not a burden
i enjoy talking to you
you've become a part of my day

can you please just trust me on this
you're amazing
worth it
you matter
and you make a difference
get it in your head
it hurts that you don't see yourself the way I see you
this ones for you, you know who you are <3
ANu Aug 8
Spirit and matter
The light and the dark
left and right brained
the Ying and the Yang
an outspoken mute
a chaotic plan
mortal and eternal
a pacifist Warrior
ambidextrous hands
A foot on the ground
A head in the clouds
Silence and sound
A teacher a pupil
Reserved with no Scruples
A genius a fool
slave and the master
man I am God
feline and dog
reason and Insanity
A well planned Calamity
Isaac Aug 3
Life is made up of choices small.

It's easy to think they don't matter at all.

The present strides with confidence,

But the future knows its consequence.

Each choice is a direction,

Branching from an intersection.

Live with eyes that look ahead,

So the future you is not misled.
Written 3 August 2018
V Exeter Jul 31
Douse: onyx

near its

Any day, past:

gone to

absent: sol

sadist -

to die, or   face


Not much
choice, is
             [[it doesn't lessen, does it?]]

it never stops:

til morning's
Shofi Ahmed Jul 2017
maybe a mole
in the mountain of space.
But the story is bigger
than any epic tale.

It's the one scoops
the bottom line
of the bottomless space!

Small simple finishing
tells the complete tale
'as above, so below'.
One that takes into
account all the matter
and the entire space.

The story goes on
The fine earth takes its place.
Now the mountain
sits on the mole space!
aphroditez Jul 15
I didn't ask for any of this,
the day when you came into my life.
little by little, you filled up those empty space inside of me

and that's the reason why I love you;
out of seven million people living in this world,
your breathtaking soul was my favorite.
If there was one word to describe how I'm feeling
I would write it all over the walls
I would paint it on all sidewalks and streets
I would scream it from the roof of every building
I would tell it to every person and let them know I am human. And I matter.
To the kid who gets giddy with the thought of death
Don't leave quite yet
Though you may think life does not have much to offer
You have a lot to offer life.
And there are so many possibilities for the future.
Control may be all you have sometimes
Make sure you control your life in a good way
Because you are your own meaning.
You matter in some way or another.
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