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Betty 7d
An ant based society
may lack variety
they work to the beat
of six tiny feet
but they all get to eat
ants don't hold elections
that lead to insurrection
an ant inspired riot
would be extremely quiet
We !could learn a lot
Traveler Dec 2020
To imagine the imagination
Is to be drawn into the fire
For those
Creative experience’s
Are hard wired

Enchanted escalade
Up the mountain of archetypes
There your gift of expression widens
In a poetic array of wonder
Together WE
Rain down on the weary world
And a spark of light so blindingly bright
Brings sight to the busy ants

The hole dug today
Was just for tonight
Dear rabbits it’s time to dig another one!
Traveler Tim

“Run, rabbit run
Dig that hole, forget the sun
And when at last the work is done
Don’t sit down, it’s time to dig another one
For long you live and high you fly
But only if you ride the tide
And balanced on the biggest wave
You race towards an early grave…”
— Pink Floyd, “Breathe”
clem turner Sep 2020
balanced on the lip of a tub, there's an ant trap
pinnacle of civilization (?)

i stare at it.
i cannot look away.
there must be millions of legs
standing in this tub right now.

my face is an aqueduct,
my nose the spout.

if one gets a nosebleed in a shower,
does it really happen?
i don't know
Sarah Pavlak Aug 2020
I. The Beginning
In September she gave you a name
That came with weights and burdens
To break into.
Straightforwardly, you marched them.
As if it were the only thing to do.

II. The Middle
Four miles beyond the confines,
You left in the morning to gather the water.
I was told somewhere along the way you
Fell in love with the aftermath of a line,
And began a new life in its crooked symmetry.

III. The End
I don’t know if she hoped for a life of grace,
or love, mercy, or passion.
Regardless, it is all ok somehow.
There is something to knowing that, when it is over, we may go forward
And start afresh in the broken ranks.
Sarah Pavlak Aug 2020
I led a loveless life for three days,
Found the edge of a shoe
That I took to be God
Turned towards it
And under the sole I returned.
Hammond Colson Jul 2020
Unforgiving wall braces my back.

Just seconds before the door slammed,
I truly thought I'd appreciate quiet.

But now the empty air constructs barriers so claustrophobic that my limbs won't twitch -

Forget functioning.

A single carpenter ant skitters across the floor before my grass-stained mesh sneaker, as if called from the slimy couch shadows on cue.

And then another.

(Note: The poet is self-conscious enough that he needs to say : "The following should be horrible writing, but after hours of thought I couldn't think of a better phrase to express our ill-fated protagonists' malice towards these insectile invaders than": )

I hate them.

I told (The One Who Escapes) on Monday that I'd handle the infestation.

Every time I saw an ant crawling after that-
I felt a swarm of mandibles tear at my brain tissue

and a burning in my intestines courtesy of burrowing.

A feeling that's amplified ad nauseam by current cacophonous quiet.

(The One Who Escapes) bursts back through the door, gasping for breath and blabbering with darting eyes about:

"They're coming right now!

We have to go!"
All Feedback Welcome!
Betty Jun 2020
A log is a log

Until you look underneath

    Then it's a city
I find the discipline of a Haiku so simple and calming
Sarah Pavlak May 2020
Back in January seeds started flowing
From the balcony.

On Sunday we read
The poems of the deaf and
Watched the matches stumble
Drunkenly through the darkness.

In March my hips began to
Fill out like my mother’s.

A monsoon of bullet ants
Waged war along the perimeter of the bath.
I squashed three under my thumb.
Hide, I told them. I have dropped mercy off the edge of the hanging bridge.

In May the stars were soft,
The ants came back to bite me in my sleep.

I tried to clasp your nose to keep you warm
But all the heat had flown from our bodies.
Sacrifices were made along the way.
The ants, admittedly, least among them.
Mansi May 2020
Why do people describe tranquility
As stillness?
There is no stillness
It's just a concept
Your mind concocted

Look around:
The nature is busy
Do you see ants stop?
Do you see birds stand still?
Do you think air stops moving?

If you wait for stillness
You'll be waiting a long time
Find peace in the busyness
It exists trust me
You just need to look for it
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