Siren 22h
I’m glad I held on
Held your hand
One last time
One last breathe
I was told
You left us
I’m glad I held on
Held your hand
One last time
As you ascended
You regaining your strength
In your limbs
In your mind
You shined
I’m glad you held on
The way you did
Until I released
You back to Him
I’m glad I held on to you
My body tells me it’s time
Even though my mind
Hates the memory of losing
A best friend
A laughter out loud
A smile with a few good teeth
A working man with working hands
I’m glad I held on
Held your hand
One last time
No #FuckCancer gofundme page will ever replace you
No brown eyes with a gray tint to look at
Drown in
Get lost in
No sound of rough feet rubbing together
Sounded like matches
No more car watching on the porch as people passed
That’s your baby girl?
That’s your grandpa?
Nope that’s my daddy giggles
No more haircuts on the porchNo new memories
I’m just so glad
Glad I held on
Held your hand

Happy Birthday
February 24 is my father’s birthday. He died when I was 14 years old due to colon cancer that metastasized and shut down his kidneys. He was my best friend. Similar to his eulogy I wrote about his hands.
Jack 1d
Tangled within each other against the bed
Intense eye contact held throughout,
Your blooded hands wrapped around my bare throat,
Sat across my stomach,
Your titan grip constricts around my neck
Crushing my weaselly windpipe,
As my life seeps away
Your loving, murderous grip holds tighter,
I smile at you and you at me,
I'm still angry
I shouldn't be but belated feelings bemuse me
And now alliteration alters my speech
Like an infection I've held intact that intimacy
But angry still

Love tainted me
Trust tortured me
Like a dogs bone you toyed with my talent
Took it for granted and spit it out in dirt
So take it back
Because these hands will


Never make you come again for i have come to a conclusion
Fuck your trust
And fuck your dishonesty
Sex saturated saturdays cease to supliment me
So too do the sudden situations of unneeded:


So now I stare
Stare at the hands that started the solace
And wonder if they'll ever be clean
Forse può aiutare.
Come to the sea
Hold my hand a while
Let the waves melt our feet
Into the sand
The seagulls land
On our shoulders
Calling out to the wind
The salt rust our bodies

How many years will it take
For our light
To burn out
For all sailors to see?
Its never the same with cold hands,
And now I mourn for your warm hands,
When can I feel you again?
To feel that warm touch,
That soft fingers,
To fight the cold and to never feel alone,
Because today my hands are cold.
When a boy tells you his fears,
Hoping you'll understand,
But you can't even hear,
His voice screaming for your hand.

When a boy hides his face,
Covering it like his blanket,
He'll always hate it,
Like a muscle always aching.

When a boy shows you his hands,
All that he’s ever grasped,
But he's never held yours,
Too afraid it won't last.

When a boy shows you his eyes,
How they’ve seen hell,
He'll want you to try,
To know how you've helped.

When a boy gives you his heart,
Covered in all its shame,
You don't seem too far,
But close enough to fade.

When a boy opens up,
Speaking of fears,
He'll hope you'll love,
When he calls you “dear.”

When a boy gives you his pain,
And expects you to feel it,
He'll yearn for the rain,
Ask for the healing.

When a boy shows you his hands,
How they’ve been empty,
He'll never demand,
For you to be lending.

When a boy tells you his dreams,
Wanting you in them,
He'll want you to see,
You're his precious gem.
Maybe one day you'll understand... S.B. <3
Single entities we are,
alone in our galleys
sailing solemnly along the vast expanse
of this glittering sea.

Our eyes meet along the waves,
but both are veiled,
caught within our ferries,
a barrier between.

But if my boat meet water
as does yours
are we not connected
with hands used as oars?
e J 4d
I am a paper girl with words on my skin and ink in my veins
I am a open book with stories to be told and secrets inside
I am a god of words with rhymes in my heart and a healing song
I am a comforting touch with a soft hand and a light peck on the cheek
I am a poet and with passion I enlighten the world with my resolution
Who am I to you?
Kate 5d
The way you guided your hands down my curves
making me practically beg for it to never end
Oh how I would do anything
To be in that very moment again.
Your wild ride had sent my flying
Your wild ride had made me soar
When your hands felt their way around me
I realized that I want nothing more.
Your lips traced rivers on my skin
They lead your path through thick and thin
From one sweet kiss on to another
I had crowned you as my lover.
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