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rig 1d
close your eyes
(i close mine)
shut them tight –
               what you see
               is one light
               i want us in:

these hands (my hands)
                                        are yours.
these arms (my arms)
                                        are yours.

lay your head
on this chest (my chest)
and feel.
               your song.
                                             this heart.
(my heart)
– that’s you.

these lips (my lips)
on your cheek
               are yours.
this voice (my voice)
and these words (my words)
in your ear
               are yours –
                              for you only.

               a butterfly hurricane within…
               a clock forever broken just right…
               all the stars only an arm’s length away…
– that’s you:

               my nightlight.

(you can open your eyes now)
“My fiery red heart is in the darkness
its beat is suffocating, it’s almost breathless
by the seconds that go by it slows easily
and with it every cell, every atom cries for help warily.
It’s fighting so hard every day and every minute for its survival
but I can’t help but feel even death seems like a better call
Oh dear hands of relentless agony
release my heart, return my sanity.
Oh great hands that own me
return the good part of life ever so willingly
and I’ll go along my way, away from you
away from this tension to anything and everything new
anything that’ll replace this suffocating pressure
anything that’ll release me from this trap laid for me to suffer
Oh tight grips of confinement please
from this disgusting displeasure, put me at ease
allow me the privilege to feel anything other than this
TORTURE, SADNESS, PAIN, I beg- open your fists.
Oh Great hands that tugs my fiery red heart
Return it to me before I lose all my colour to this dark
I plead to you Oh Great Hands that possess me
open your fists, release your grip, gently put me down and gracefully leave me be
for everything and anything outside your existence isn’t that bad
I just want returned to me all the innocence I once had
Oh Great Hands of unhappiness, what do you want from me?
Have I not given you enough? What are you saying, love you deeply?
I will never love you. I can never love you. I refuse to ever love you.
Oh great hands of antagonizing pain, I’ll never see the true beauty
of this life if you keep me this chained up
I’m chaining myself you say?
I’m the one who’s holding on to something that is long gone you say?
You’ve released me ages ago you’re saying?
I’m the one refusing to release myself you’re saying?

Oh Great Hands that had me, return and bind me into this darkness where we once played,
bind me to you so at least I have someone to blame for this pain that never seems to go away.
Oh Great Hands that opened their fists, hold on to me and take me away from this world,
it’s not as beautiful as I thought, take me away and hold me tight within your palms,
I swear I’ll not complain anymore, I swear I’ll not fight you, I swear I’ll love you.
I swear I’ll love you and all the pain you come with ever so blue.

Oh Great Hands, I beg you, please save me-----

From myself...”

You don't have to be alone
To feel alone.
I still struggle with that
Despite how much I've grown.
I still have my friends,
My family, my fans.
But when I look down, all I see
are my empty hands.
Payton Feb 24
"You write so beautifully, your mind must be a terrifying place," he
said softly, though he hadn't uttered a single word.

It was his eyes that spoke to her the most.

She surrendered herself to the tears that raced down her cheeks and smeared the ink on her hands.

Found prose in the Rahul Bansal quote.
This bit of prose was written in 2016. It's inspired by the quote from Rahul Bansal.
Payton Feb 24
You came up behind me and wrapped me in your arms and covered my eyes with your hands.

"Guess who," you whispered in my ear, and

I laughed to think that you believed I would not know that it was you by the feeling of your heart beating against my spine.
This poem was written in 2016.
Mallory Feb 16
I’ve been trying to keep my hands busy
to stop from feeling so needy lately.
But my hands never pick the right things.
I swear I was skinny once, but I have always thought I was fat.
I think
I’ve just been bloated from my grief, all of these years.
The next could be us,
Ponder the connection?

Soldiers of Lives
Peons of the Eons
Messengers of Millennia
Souls of Seasons

Hands; smooth, tender
Eyes; sensitive, splendor
Heart; calloused, hardened
Soul; damaged , darkened

Two kingdoms, one Land
Reign of Heart, leads to hand in hand
Monarchy of Mind, breeds chaos in the silence
Duel kingdoms, inner conflicts under one alliance

The next could be us,
But not quite us.
A Nexus of souls our world witnesses.
gracie Jan 26
i feel you breathe with your hands in my hair
and if you squint the lights look like stars.

i hold your hand
and you hold mine
and for the first time in a long time
i know we will be okay.
on a wednesday in a cafe i watched it begin again
Allesha Eman Jan 19
You look down at the cracks in your hand
brushing them through hairs of silver moonlight
in your eyes, time has made its abode
and your gentle speech now informed
by a thousand spoken words

yet your smile is an emblem
of your eternal youth
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