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Her hands lay gently joined,
her breathing breaches a bedroom’s silence

clasped as one, in the very early morn,
her fingers in motion, wavering, *******
a violin instrument, an unseen youthful memory,
her internality rumbles with a quiet litany,
an indecipherable host of jumbled mumbles,
a cacophony accompaniment to her steady breathing

I, study her, as I have done so many mornings prior,
once more, capriciously slipping back inside/beside our bed,
to restart My Sunday morning quiet-like, for as is my wont,
have awoken with the morning dark, treading room to room,
filling my Winslow Homer’s Macintosh mug, with 19.7 fluid oz. of Jamaican beans freshly ground, an instigating odor, a fragrancy
most contradictory, soothing, nonetheless, a steadying, yet a
blaring wake-up call

She, clad my in-her new festive plaid pajama top,
a creamy fabric that begs for my I-dare-not stroke,
is easy prone and that,
pleases me, for I wish to bed beside her, letting her rest
till her mind texts her body, no more! or the mumbles
grow nagging onerous and stirring and when the disposition is
she stirs too,
after her fashion

with a dancer’s grace, her arm slowly rises, resting airborne,
fingers arrayed, splayed and Balanchine arranged, (1)
pointing upwards,
lingering until
the arm falls impromptu, sudden,
as a crescendo striking an apex,her risen hip-mound,
imitating a bell’s clapper reverb,
and she sleeps no more…


Sun Jan 15 2022
in the wee daylight  hours
a true
Sadie Grace Dec 2022
How do I accept a gift I don't deserve?
How do I accept a pardon I never earned?
With scarred hands, I reach out to the One whose pierced hands healed me
My hard heart is replaced with one that longs for Him, and I kneel before my Creator as He reveals Himself to me
I am sealed with a promise
The Spirit stamps me
and I know
that I am His

We were created to be free
but it came at the highest price
Freedom is real. Trust in Jesus.
Savio Fonseca Dec 2022
Her Rosebuds began to bloom,
in the middle of the Night.
As both My Hands went surfing,
after it had turned Twilight.
My Head rested, between Her Hills
and it took Shelter, on Her Lap.
My Ten fingers began tracing,
the vital points of Her Map.
She then carved on My Heart,
each Alphabet of Her Name.
Creating a new Beginning,
for both Our bodies to Shame.
My Hands, began their warm-ups
and stopped, at Her Garden Patch,
Giving My Passions a spurt
and thereby lighting My Match.
Gabriel Oct 2022
As we finally concluded what our end is,

you grabbed me by the hand once more,

reminiscing the days where this used to be
a piece of me that symbolizes home

   and it begged for you to not let go of it.

Lips that will never taste each other's love,

eyes locked but this gaze will now be last,

words full of emotions but will never say

the three words that molded us to speak of our forgotten tomorrows

Fingers touch but never held on

to a promise of forever and always

and paths will never cross again
as we both said "good bye"
One carried love and will pass it on to whoever is capable of embracing the pain she felt that day

while the other carried regret and will forever find the answer to the questions he will carry onto his shoulders
On why his greatest love, wasn't the
fear the unknown Sep 2022
I snapped my fingers so we could comfortably hold hands
Every time you squeeze the peppery heat pirouettes across my skin
Andrew Rueter Aug 2022
It makes me sad how angry I am
it's so bad I'm god ******
the slaughter of God's lamb
by the knife in God's hand
hatred's supply and demand
is all I understand
when sexuality creates insanity
in this putrid life handed to me
with God not answering
my prayers for Him to take my eyes
instead He just took my hands
so now I can't stop staring at guys
who don't think I'm a man
and I can't fight back with no arms
so I must stand there and take harm
from people in God's garb
and wire that is barbed.

If being without love makes one numb
how come I feel every time I'm stung?
Especially now that swords are guns
and this life's rewards are none
just a scoreless run
to a finish line before a cliff
I pray there is something to lift
me away from my earthen crypt
but I've found only rage
and in that my sorrow
banging in my cage
but wanting to see tomorrow
looking for anything to follow
I can't take pills hard to swallow
so I float like the thirteenth Apollo.

Wallowing in an empty room
pouring alcohol in the wound
feeling doomed like I'll die soon
in my lonely loft
developing a covid cough
from those who scorn and scoff
and won't *******
telling me to look to God
when that's how my arms were sawed
into illegal shotguns
living this life is not fun
so everyone around me got shot some
which is just part of God's **** poor potluck
my hands must be in there somewhere
so I just keep crawling upstairs
even though it's unfair
my hands must be stolen back
from a god dressed in black
who took my palms but let me see
without knowing how to be
I just bite the hands that bleed
until I'm too full to breathe
and watch God laughing casually.
calypso Jul 2022
i feel the heat in my cheeks
and from your hands
say it again
when i sleep
when i lay on fields
when i pick on the pedals
whisper it in my ear when we're alone
to me, it lost its meaning, becoming
an overused invaluable phrase
something everyone expects but never gets
i did for sure, and learned my lessons
but from you, it was different
nothing less than my shooting star wish
i landed on the right pedal
you say it when you are
when i think you're not, but you mean it
but you always remind me
and show me you do,
i do too.
im drowning in a field of flowers when im with him, more when im looking at him. he's my heartbeat. i finally have my fairytale!

i wrote "...,becoming" because it took time to be what it is today and to me.
Serendipity Jun 2022
I drip into the palm of your hands
and make my home in the lines,
filling every crevice with myself
so I may always be by your side.
LC Apr 2022
My fingers ached as I pried a box
from the sides of my mail slot.
I ripped it open with my bare hands,
and found a note written in cursive:
"Put both feet into the box."
I raised my eyebrows and smirked,
but I stepped into the box.
The base folded in on itself,
and my feet crashed into waves.
My lover floated with the seaweed
until he finally reached me.
His hands brushed my shoulders,
and I whispered, "I think we're lost."
My arms burned as I valiantly fought
to reach the uneven surface,
but his eyes sparkled with mischief
as he took my webbed hands,
pulling me toward the ocean floor.
Flashes of light hit my eyes.
and he led me toward the light.
My fingers brushed the floor,
then wrapped around a rough chain,
and my heart punched my chest.
Glittering diamonds surrounded
a heart of azure sapphires.
He led me back to the surface
as the heart overpowered me.
He unclasped it with ease,
placing it around my neck.
As my hand lightly rested in his,
the water droplets joined us
as we flew toward the sky
right back out of the box,
our hands still intertwined.
Escapril Day 12! Prompt: "I think we're lost." I hope you enjoy it!
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