Shaking hands
with the darkest
part of my thoughts
is like making
a pact with the devil
All I want
Is to hold your hand
Though miles between us
Makes it impossible.
But  I can still dream
That our fingers are laced
And our lips are touching
All I want,
Is you.

                             (p.p) 12/2/13 7:53 pm
Looking at paintings
Forgotten and sweet goodbyes
Hands reach but don't meet
These aren’t my hands
These can’t be my hands
What are they doing?
I’m ok!
I didn’t do it
He didn’t do it
Who listens?
It glistens
The pearl of sin
Nobody wins

Those aren’t my eyes
They can’t be my eyes
The horrors they’ve seen
Never gazed on by me
Surely not
Look away
I’m ok!
I didn’t see it
He didn’t see it
Who scoffs?
It stops
Time itself
Puts lies on the shelf

Who’s there?
With torn hands
And vile eyes
A terrible stare

It’s poison
I’ll die
Why do you want me to die?
I want to live

     Drink from the broken cup
     Filled with lies I spew while you sup
     Now you know the cruel tale I spin
My love, I hurt
     Such a cruel
If I was to confront myself... It wouldn't go well
In me, the flames
of conflict has me in pain
Mind, body and soul

I look to the sky
And I see your helping hands
That now calms my storms
Thank you for all the kind comments and messages on my poem, Phoenix.
Especially Pagan Paul and Sue!
I'm grateful for the helping hands.
Lyn xxx
ph 6d
There is so much power
in the delicate touch
of your hands caressing
my own.

Yet, this power, a force
even stronger than gravity,
and softer than a feather
binds me
to you.
the only things more difficult
than telling people I am gay
is leaving her arms in the morning
letting go of her hand
or kissing her goodbye

and honestly
if that is pain
let me hurt forever.
Our unappreciated saviors of the world reside among the clouds.
A fitting tribute to my arrival, the clouds fell to the floor.
They guided my way and kept my toes warm.
I hear the darkness festering at my heels, trying to catch my eye.
The sounds were subtle but relentless as they continued to expand.
Larger and larger they grew, proceeding to overwhelm all corners of my mind.
Stripped away from my shaking hands, I no longer hold command.
I urge my brain to ignore them but they distract me evermore.
Like the beautiful whispering of the leaves as they left their home.
Never to return, they remind me of a place where I loved to roam.
I long for a sense of where I belong.
Aimlessly wandering is exhausting beyond description.
Burning to the ground, my lover was dead amongst the dust.
My world stopped spinning.
Close your eyes and count to ten. Goodbye my little friend.
One… Three… Seven… Eight… Ten…
For as long as I will live, I will be haunted by my regrets and mistakes.
The day that I left the kingdom of peace, the glass shattered.
The clouds returned to the sky, and the world that was shared was between only my sister and I.
Originally submitted as a Ka Wai Ola submission and ultimately rejected.  
February 28, 2017
Thomas EG Jul 11
You are so small, so petite
I could almost pluck you from this field of flowers and place you in my shirt pocket, just to see if you could possibly get any closer to my heart
I already feel you crawling from chamber to chamber
But fuck, if I could feel your physical touch inside my chest, would it really feel so different ?
You are so warm, so gentle, so sweet
Always fresh as a daisy
And your hands,
Always busy as bees
And your lips,
As if carved from rose petals,
Remain forever on mine
Because I cannot stay away
Opiates are nothing compared to you
But, alas, I am addicted
My lil sunflower
Jan Jul 8
Take a stroll with me
Lets walk on the decrepit road
beside a dulcet rivulet
Asleep from the susurrus of the stream

I fall into step beside you
Ask you to hold my hand
And let me listen to the susurrus of your heartbeat
Just the same
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