Truth leaks from your fingertips
Shadows spewing from your cracked lips
I hold out my hands to catch it all
Let it go, darling, let it fall

Roots of nightmares reach down deep
Show through your thickest layers,
Make your knees go weak
I open up my arms to catch you,
Guard you from the dark around you
I sing into your soul,
Let it bleed

Let it heal,
Let it bleed,
Let it crumble
At your feet
Let it go,
Let it breathe
Until you feel

Alexa 2d

i'm almost sure
the times we're close
are just platonic to you

but to me
when we're close,
so close we touch
i feel fireworks explode in my stomach
and butterflies flutter away

and when you held my hand those two times (so far)
yours were so warm
and they caused me
to warm up with them

it's all platonic, though

but i'm still fine with that

i think a crush might form from this.

I look at her,
I touch her with my eyes,
I kiss her lips
with softness of my sight.

I eye her up,
I make her giggle, smile,
my eyes on her
like angel's feathers lie.

I look at her,
stroking her shiny hair,
she says that eyes
much softer are than hands.

She likes it, when
I touch her in that way,
under my eyes
she slowly melts away.


Her hands were cold,
but warm enough
to make me stay
and warm me up.

Cold hands. She said
she doesnt care,
I said I do,
and I touched them.

She let me hold
her hands in mine.
She didn't protest,
din't ask why.

They were so cold,
but warm enough
to make me stay
and warm me up.


She had cold hands,
but warm enough to warm me up,
and make me stay,
wait the night out,
night which could never end.

Not far from me there was a bonfire,
its bright light was licking my face,
and I wanted to run to its light
and enjoy its warmth.

But I stayed with her, and her cold hands,
warm enough to wait any winter out,

watching as big bonfire's flame disappearing
as quick as it sprang out,
turns into a flicker,
soaking in
into the darkness.

My hands are so dry
So dry that granite can stain them
Dry like the grand canyons
Crevices that run deep
Dry from all the salty droplets that once fell upon them
For hours that lonely night
So dry that no life can stand within or upon them
Dead and lifeless
Emotions no longer flow
Left empty
Not even crying any longer

But you came to repair them
With every touch you replenished them
Filled them with life
Lathered them with the lotion
Nourished them with your love
Healed them with your care
You held my hand even after they no longer felt
Even after I had given up
All hope gone
Left dead
You brought me back up on my feet
Filled my canyons with your love
Your support
Your care
I couldn’t thank you more
Be anymore thankful to have you then
And now…
I live in your hands

Your hands are the only thing to me
Your hands are what brought meaning back in my life
And I am still here because
You still hold my hand

I randomly wrote stuff that came to mind... because my hands are dry...

i need lotion..

I want to make this thought into a true poem one day.
Ollie Sep 8

Wish you could hold hands with your best friend
It's a casual thing
The song Drops of Jupiter comes to mind
Imagine that
Imagine your best friend always sticking up for you
Imagine sailing the sun
That's what I want to do with you before our life is done
And remember there's an apartment waiting for us in New York
We're such dorks in all the best ways
Make each other laugh, make each other cry til our dying days
Neither of us have long
Can you imagine us living in the same apartment until we're old
My friend
You're too after love
So am I
But not with you anymore
Love was an open door and then we both kind of opened a new one
Hey, that's okay
Like the club It's Okay To Be Gay
We're gonna help people come out of their shell
And maybe we'll help ourselves
Remember the infomercial we made in English class about shampoo
And our class should've lost it
Cause that was funny as hell
And maybe a bell rings when I remind you of Eoth
That dumb project we made
A dystopian world
I still stand by the fact that it was wrong to steal the name from a book
Remember how you would scream out the way you felt, always
Remember how you like my poetry
Remember how I don't
Remember how I told you I ran away once
Remember that's how we become friends
Remember aidswich
Do you remember me, quiet me, saying "are you implying the sandwiches had sexual intercourse?"
Remember Hamilton
Remember my 13th birthday
Remember our memories
We are actually fucking idiots man
And I know that you would send a lenny face to that
Remember the nights we would cry together
Remember how there are going to be so many more
Hey man, I choose you
So if I lose you, I'm going down too
We made a pact and I swear I will swallow my fear and keep to it
So please don't die
Remember how we're stupid and made a pact never to have sex until we're 18
I feel like someone will break that
Remember when I was crying
You've never seen me cry
I assure you
I am right now
Really it's because I love you though
No homo though
Yeah, just kidding, I'm homo as hell
Y'know I have a lot of best friends
But I think you're my favorite
And I wanna call it quits
And I think you're why I don't
I don't
I don't
I shouldn't
I can't
I'm alive
Hey, long as we have each other, maybe we'll be thriving
There's an apartment somewhere in NYC
That's just waiting for you and me
So, best friend
Remember that
Cause we've got more things to remember up ahead

This one is about Levi. I wrote it awhile ago. Safe to say I cried.
April Sep 8

I remember your eyes,
How they sparkled when I made a joke,
How they crinkled around the edges when you laughed.

I remember your laugh,
How happy it made me,
How you'd slowly stop laughing then abruptly start laughing again.

I remember your hands,
How they molded with mine perfectly,
How you'd wring them together when you were nervous.

I remember you,
I hope you remember me.

hands happy sad remember laugh sparkles together
ryan Sep 5

are what i feel when my hands tremble as i pick up the phone
my heart pounds so hard i hear it in my ears as i decide what to do
i pray that you dont answer that i can leave you a message
i dont want to hear your voice i dont i dont i dont
i dont because i know that if i do
ill begin to shake
not shake how i do when im cold or angry but instead
ill shake how i do when im terrified
because the thought of seeing you hearing you merely being around you
it makes me shake so violently
like an iv filled with pure anxiety was stuck into me
yet i talk to you i laugh with you and im around you
not all that often rarely actually
but even still i feel dirty after being near you
and not everyone will see it but the hands.
my hands
will begin to shake.

i have felt nothing pure anxiety in my heart for the last two days someone help. im sorry everythings about you.
Alice Wilde Sep 5

Ephemeral moments
Slip through our fingers
Like moon-silk threads
Waiting to be drawn out
Into something beautiful

a voice cries out a name
in the depths of my belly
I feel its friction in the way
your eyes slip through my hands

a star points out the way
to a place of fertile silence
I know that I can't stay
in this world of barren sands

shooting stars
shards of glass
explode in the sky
you tell me I should
enjoy the silence
but how can I
when my bones
just won't be quiet

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