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Celina 5h
Your breath against my neck
Its warming and comforting
I know its you
I always know
Your body is familiar to me
Often enough we had been lying here
The stars above us shine bright
A chilly wind rushes over us
You pull me closer
Hands around my waist and under my head
I cuddle up against you
You whisper something so softly I can barely hear
I love you
Your chest is pressed against my back
Your heartbeat is fast
As fast as mine
I still can’t believe it
We never lost it
We still got the excitement
And i hope we will never lose it
I know we will never lose it
I love you too
we're hungry and we've come to collect
don't mind what's yours, mind what could be yours;
there's such a thing as "too sweet", and
i don't think i can stomach it anymore;
don't plant seeds in my lawn and call it your garden,
i make my own peace with what i grow.
You call it a catastrophe the way the world is always raining down on us,
i tell you to learn how to handle the blows.

We aren't crazy, just out of our heads a little
our bones aren't broken, just a bit brittle
I know you want to hold the world down with me,
we might even find a way to do it
but don't close doors on the things you've seen
I know you want this to be evergreen;
but nobody with clean hands has ever learned anything
about tending to their own soil.
MarKat 23h
Endurance at its best
Standing still in time
To be made perfectly
To seek its clarity
You can decide
Preparation or
No return make
Sure your aware
When it's your turn.
We endure lots of unwanted feelings people and things but no matter what don't change but the power of prayer is what gets me through each time. In the outcome your changed or numb.
Yuki 1d
A bruised body
doesn’t hurt as much as
a shaking soul
and trembling heart.
It’s the winter in me.
My ice-covered mind
is too cold to think properly
and my hands so frozen
aren’t able to
reach out and hold
They were walking
Infront of me
He moved closer
Their hands touched
Their fingers tangled
My stomach filled
My heart ached
My kind gave up
My soul
Is nowhere to be found
We are so intertwined
Hands and outer thoughts
About the time my sweet
caramel flan
Love caught up needing
a backup plan
Inner mind outer limit ****

Hands touched to be
the heart,
Liberty freedom bell
Inner hands whole world
Of wisdom inside the
wishing well
The Blessed Holy land

Inner heart kingdom
Teamship hands touch
Her outer lips beam
On the outside heart melts
At random
"Worldly Hands So Comic"
the fandom

Only had the right hands,
Prayer to God, he lands
he knows all your traits
Outlooks testing the
Forget me not rise
of flowers  

My talent high digits New Year
Starlight holy rain showers
On the outside, he sees the
inside powers
The wrinkled hand artist
inner circle young ones
Outer tough skin old ones

Scraped knees the outside
Your fragile hands bend
Who sends love in
your head?
The outer lips inner mind
Takes the flight
the fullest moon instead

Will my inner hands meet
the life
I really want positively,
please come soon?
Hands say things about yourself but the inner heart knows your outer thoughts to be saved make it your best thought in the right time
The buzz of hearts pondering
And stolen glances
Keeps my mind up wandering

Wonder would urge me to venture
Knowledge would urge less courage
Strength would say take time

Chiché would say to continue this rhyme

But people-watching could never beat you-watching or seeing you me-watch
Eyes flitter away
And hands go to tug at their necks
And pretend there is nothing in the air but air itself

Sense would say stay away
O' Heart would say please join me
Euphie Jan 15
The kind of letters we write
are ones that are written
with a light touch.

Your hand wandering
in between my legs,
while making my hips twitch
with pleasure.
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