Gemma 2d
please  .
more .
less .
A map , your lap , some sheets ,
two bodies to explore .
mt 4d
u used to like the way i listen u liked it more when i'd speak
i'd fall asleep to ur voice and find heaven in ur heartbeats
missing u hurts my core, makes me think feel and cry
tell me if my hands didn't shake when i see u would u allow urs in mine
still miss u
Kayla 4d
I miss you’re mouth and you’re hands
I miss you’re eyes and you’re smile
I miss everything about you
I miss our weird talks
To the way you’re hands touch me
I just miss you all in all
I miss you
I hope you miss me
zeebee 7d
my fingertips are always cold.
when I press them
to my face
or tuck them
under my chin
they are chips of ice.
the warmth feels good,
and i can breathe again.
Sometimes I need to remind myself
that this all comes in
phases, need to stop carving
words into stone and start
to see how they feel between my teeth instead.
Sometimes I try to remember how the universe dances
to the song of whoever pulls hardest, and I
am in an endless tug-o-war with myself, I'll be
cutting up old contracts before the month is out
mailing you the damage report and wondering
how this all fits together.
I can't wrestle this beast forever; I tell myself
that I'm going to hang up my hat, I tell myself
this is all predetermined just to
make the pill slide down a bit easier.
I think I need to stop weighing the options and start
casting stones blindly, because
someone is always going to pick up a brush and paint me
in a way that I dislike
(usually that person is me)
So maybe I'll write up new laws that salvage
what this world is becoming, maybe I'll put
these fears in the hands of timing or signs just to forget
for a little while, just to breathe
a bit easier for a moment.
Chaos chases
our heels in the form of everything
that we try to disguise, so I'll put away the scissors and trust
everything fleeting to keep me company tonight.
Tomorrow I'll find the envelope marked
"return to sender", and realize a second chance at
un-learning my cynicism and the things that I constantly throw against
the wall.
I want these thoughts to bleed into
I'm tired of her leaving the line
The day
That my mom
Refused to hold my hand
Was the day that I finally realized
It is okay for others to express their emotions
But not okay for me to express mine under any circumstances
Even if she was crying during the middle of a hilarious TV show
True Story.
Hillary B Apr 13
It’s a shame that we’re born with two hands but only one heart

hands that reach for two

but a heart that can only hold one
Amanda Apr 12
Will you ever open your eyes and see
Past my skin and long brown hair?
I am beginning to think, "No"
Prove sex is not the reason you care.

You understand my thoughts so well
Own so much information about
My life you could ruin it
My dreams and you'll do it no doubt

I don't think the love you hold inside
Is the same love I feel in my heart
It is strange but I'm starting to think
It would be a good idea to part

I am finally fed up with
Pushy pressure and forceful remarks
Show some respect; give it a rest
Your hands behave like hungry sharks
Written a long time ago about a handsy boyfriend
Vexren4000 Apr 11
A vice made by nature,
Taken by man and twisted,
Into something evil,
Naught but a simple plant, or reaction,
Taken advantage of,
By the hands of man.

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