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Jacquie H 12h
The only time I’ve ever
felt brave in my
black combat boots,
and it was in those
black laced combat boots
When I was truly
It was a Thursday,
or at least I think it was
when I came up to him
hand twisting together
in my scuffed black boots
and started my first
conversation with him.
He smiled at me that day.
I wonder if he remembers. I do.
As our friendship grew
I found myself not wearing
those black combat boots
quite as often.
He made me feel safe,
like I didn’t have to be brave
or have to have courage.
As If I could tell him
anything and everything
and he wouldn’t judge me
But then one day I knew
I’d need my black boots again.
It would be the day that
I would finally tell him.
The day I would tell him
“I love you.”
Eyithen 1d
If i were to paint a picture of the thoughts in my head
There would be cold blacks and lonely blues, with hints of  angry reds and melancholy purples. a lively green peeking its way through.

If i were to paint a picture of my soul
There would be firefly yellows and apple reds
As well as autumn hazels and summer fire oranges
with streaks of that lonely blue and speckled with comforting lavender. A rainy gray softening the edges.

If i were to paint a picture of my eyes
There would be warm chocolate browns with flicks of fiery golds.
Blessed to be wide, wise, and curious like that of a doe, along with Long lashes for butterfly kisses.

If i were to paint a picture of my body
There would be rounded shapes, subtle tones, with flowers growing from her hands, all configured into a short, symmetrical figure.

If i were to paint a picture of my smile
I could only hope it would be beaming with the colors of sunshine.

If i were to paint a picture of you
You would be a blank canvas, because i have yet to meet you.
But I'm sure that you would be a beautiful, chaotic, masterpiece, waiting for a painting of me.
Some days, there are glimmers of light.
I just have to accept consequences of my fight.
I don’t need what I think I need even slight.
Some days, I just buy the black with the white.
But some days, it isn’t incessantly bright,
I find myself inside a bullfight.
I cannot complete menial chores that I incite,
Barking in the back of my mind is my insight.

Then I look at life in grave plight,
Before me stands the day at twilight.
I ink my answer with vain might,
Like me, life also buys the black with the white.
SeeBee 4d
black moods bind me
raw nerve endings
which light exposes
with a flash of recognition
caught by your gaze
exposed like a photo
in a darkroom
pitch black deepens
in this echo chamber
pulsing with heart beats
a place where fear resides
waiting for light to return
RedD 4d
Black is my world
Black contains me

White is the universe
White, far from my reach

Grey is the void
Grey waits to be filled
One step at a time but seems for the longest of times
anon 4d
to me
you're the blue sky
deep and bright and cold and pleasant

you're the blue sea
mysterious and catastrophic; an eternal youth

you're the blue sweater
warm and withdrawn; a hug from the heavens

you're the blue ink
distinct and distant; my desperate home

you're blue
oblivious yet sublime; my favourite hue.
Kwamé May 3
They say a rose by any other name will still smell as sweet
But what about another color
Will a black rose still captivate the heart
And remind you of love?
Or will it be damned doomed and cast away
Its aroma enchant you and fill you with lust or will it remind you of death and decay
This negro is strong
Its stems carry the burden of people forgotten
This negro is dangerous
Its thorns stab and prick
In the name of vengeance
Vengeance for every rose cast aside for its imperfections
This negro is beautiful
Its petals flawless and noble
A red rose thrives in the sun and wilts under pressure
But the black rose
Grows in all conditions
Plants strong roots in concrete
and despite the odds
I rise!
Black plight
If I told you that I cried,
How would you look at me?
Would you see me as weak
Like the time I scraped my knee
And the tears fell from my eyes
Faster than the blood escaped my body?

If I told you that I got a rose tattoo,
How would you look at me?
Would you see me as "less than a man"
Because society has taught you that flowers are feminine
And you are too afraid to admit your hyper-masculinity
Blinds you from seeing otherwise?

What if I told you that I am an emotional black man?
Would you look at me differently,
Because I allow myself to break free of what society paints a man to be.

If I told you that I cried because I'm scared to die,
Would you hug me?
Would you tell me that everything will be okay?
Or would you neglect my feelings?
Because "men aren't supposed to feel".

Since I'm an emotional black man,
Am I still your son?
Am I still your friend?
By Arcassin Burnham

Respect others the way you want to be,
If everyone were like you, there would be
an assessment full of happiness through
the planet bringing in a new and a better
array of paths to all,
African American mothers that don't
understand their son always regret it later on,
The life expectancy of a black man to any
other could be limited by any given time,

But it could have been worse,
I'm putting don't my guard now.
I'm at peace with me , but what about you?
I'm in touch the spirit in the sky now.
They don't lie when they say life is a game,
I will always rise above all , and love myself

buy a big glass house and live,
on the beach,
learn in here than what your,
body could teach.
I could be the only living person in this
ghost town to ever give a damn about
what goes on with the wickedness,
I could be someone that is homeless
living on the damn street and end up at
the wrong place along with weakness,

But it could have been worse,
I'm putting don't my guard now.
I'm at peace with me , but what about you?
I'm in touch the spirit in the sky now.
They don't lie when they say life is a game,
I will always rise above all , and love myself

For the first time in ages,
The black shadows are back,
Looming in the corner of my room.
I wonder why they’re back,
But also why they left in the first place.
Did I ever mention I’m scared of the dark?
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