Paint Me A Sky

I want you to paint me a sky.
Paint me a sky with all the stars above.
Paint me a sky with all the darkness of night.
Show me your mind within your work.
Don't be afraid to spit your heart out; for it is within your work I can visualize your true self.
It’s all-consuming,
Forever hungry.
She was red, I am green.
My favorite color—

Earthy tones never suited me,
But black always will.
My favorite color is actually red.
This quote fro Shakespeare always stuck with me from school.
My collections
My extremes
All kept inside
This crazy dream
That someday
I'll feel your love
Once again
Erika 7d
Black boy,
I am sorry.

I am sorry the world is cold.

Black boy,
I am sorry.

I am sorry your voice doesn’t matter.

Black boy,
I am sorry.

I am sorry that the justice system is not fair to you.

Black boy,
I am sorry.

I am sorry that all you had to do was be black.

And Black boy,
You can beat it.

You can graduate high school.

You can get that scholarship.

You can get that job.

You can get that degree.

You are amazing.

You are strong.

You are Black.

Unapologetically Black.

You are a force to be reckoned with.

Black boy,
I am sorry,

But not for you,

for them.
I’ve been meaning to write something like this for a while.
Dispassionately cast with no compass to live,
I dwindle like the stars that die, transmissive.
This depth is cold without you or the love I intended.
I embraced it, despite on me you've been imperfectly imprinted and indented.

Take me or leave me, anything to fill that void.
Every intimacy and secret which you've ever enjoyed.
You've spent time designing black holes of savage ruination,
Dying light that spirals into native perturbation,
Inside the one who'd always, and still, followed.
Idly droning black ink... How will we fair tomorrow?

Chasing you, a fading eclipse,
Orbiting that star no one can see.
In a vast, open nothingness, with an only invisible me.

The hot tails of asteroids burn it away.
You had warned me of them, but I never turned to stray.
From a promise, for myself, to inspire the brightest brilliance.
To think I'd been so audacious to assume my own resilience.
The transformation and expansion of what's more massive than us,
I can't possibly predict what may become of scattered dust.
When the darkness took you away,
when the black gained power,
when the night took the light.
I want to wake you up,
I want to wake your will to live.

I am myself constantly trying,
trying to fight the blue away.
I want to bring us happiness,
because you are the only thing
that matters to me.

My pain isn't nearly as much as yours,
but we both know if this continues,
I'll give up.
I am nearly exhausted.
Please keep trying.
Deviate Apr 16
I have learned that without light
All the things that hide inside
Would be gone
Is it wrong
To wanna lurk oh in the dark
To keep this torch without its spark

I grow tired of holding up this great facade
Lets dance around without our masks
And find who we are
Oh when the light turns off and all thats left is the dark

I wanna find equilibrium
I wanna see just who I’ve become
I wish that I could just go halfway
Cant choose between these pathways
It’s made me so numb
I wanna find equilibrium
I wrote a song based off a haiku i did a little while ago, and this is that
He's thinking about other women
You're not the ocean he's swimming
But you're brimming
With perfection for me
I want to move like the tides
For you in the pitch black
Just stay on your back
And let the insecurities wash ashore
Let peace as I touch be your main focus
It's never been about my desires
But oh lord how do you sleep at night letting yourself be deprived of such a great feeling?
You'd give me that tight
Instense feeling
And I want to release it
On you and nobody else
He's browsing through the app to see what he can find
I just want to be the person who can get behind
You and make you feel at home
I want to dream and live it
Not just dream
We're apart of the same team
So let me give you effort to win a dynasty
Your highnessty
I'm partial to my Black Queen.
Been partial ever since the time
When she added her stars
To the universe of my mind,
Shined light on places I never seen
About myself, good and bad.
She's an African American dream.
Confident, fiery, loving, sweet.

Hair; dark brown,
Thick, strong, curly, long, full.
Body; dark skinned,
Thick, strong, curvy, soft full,
Fierce, strong, gentle.

With knowledge and growing wisdom
Her brown eyes pierce me deep.
I gasp for breath when
I'm diving through her deep.
The double entendres
In the words I speak
Only by my Queen.
Spoken only in the ears
Of my Queen.
I wrap her in my words
And twist her around the syllables
That generate in my mind
When she's swimmin in my mental.
And now
Transcribing her visual
Has become a pastime
And for my Queen
I'm always partial with the
greatest of all commodities.
chloe Apr 9
the sky turned black today.
everyone acted as if this was normal.
why? am i crazy or is the sky black?
i was the only one who noticed, the only one who cared.
i got lost.
no-one looks down corridors or stairways or dark alleys anymore.
as they no what happened.
as their own sky's turned black, they ran. they knew what type of person would pounce.
i didn't know.
i didn't run away from the black sky.
but i stayed. and now i have to.
i have no choice.
thats all i need.
give it to me. please.
dark alleys- use with caution
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