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Im building a plant
200 billion worth
Im building
A gun
An gun restore
Not like the ones now
Im talking no serial
Im buying all
New temu
This includes
Underground bunkers
Underground facilities
If we spent 500 billion
Thats ok too
Im going to arm my civilians
****** gave everyone a gun
Me too 2024
Mash em down
As fast they respawn
They two isles on my nugget
The new amazon
Hurry buy 100
Not rounds
100 pounds
50 cal sounds 2 miles rooftop
On the pile
Look out
Look over
Top my city
Whats about to go down
More guns
More ammo
Greatest Nation Alive
Clips Checks Balances
How can i walk with Jesus,
When its so much, chaos round us,
I don't let my head get crushed,
By the media,
See what they feedin' ya, playin' slaves to two masters,
You can only love one,
And hate the other after,
Pick which side ya wanna choose, win or loose, be war ready or bruise,
Easily they be killin' me,
With the PC, messin' up society,
Putting lies to the future see,
Kids cant be no kids, give em task way pass adults bidz
We got drags to ****, to different scents of **** stash,
And they wonder why i mash, everything is about cash,
And little girls shakin' they ***,
And young boy boys, blast,
Lil yummies too **** hungry,
Fake rappers living good, far from the hood,
Claim they love it, but out comes no good,

its misunderstood,
Our values backwards,
I look awkward, to cowards, flip the script, put the guns down,
No need for burners or extra clips,
It only equals another rip,
Rest in peace, another death release, no links of ******, from the police,
lets break the lease,
Hard to stay sane, and survive,
In the belly of the beast,
Many demons'll feast,
When will we be released?,
From this rain, of hell,
Im growin' carousel, lord dont let my thoughts fail,
As i take a, another sip of the Ale,
Let wisdom revail,
My nature is a true re-bel,
Don't care if my record dont sell,
The revolution wont fail,
Im feelin' Freddy, seems like he rose from the dead,
Double stunted Jesus, with the stale bread, fake apostle spread,
Misquoted the bibles, that we red,
Learn the truth, get threats from the fed,
Now listen to the chorus, peep what the verses says, uh
VG E Bacungan Jan 12
The creases and curves
that guard the gate of heaven.
Revered be the bless'd grounds!
Written 22 November 2020
Inspired by the painting "Black Iris" (1926) by O' Keefe
When your skin is darker than your past, you'll find
yourself instinctively seeking shade, avoiding the scorching
rays of the sun that seem to tarnish its complexion.
Its once radiant appearance now tinged with the remnants
of the flames, forever leaving a mark.
You may feel that all your imperfections persist, yearning
to be acknowledged and embraced, yet often remaining
unnoticed by the oblivious eyes of the world.
You, my dear, have become a surreal spectacle, captivating
the gaze of many with your unique blend of beauty and vulnerability.

In this collective exchange of glances, you discover
a remarkable unity, a deep connection that transcends
mere superficiality. It is as if each shared look weaves
together the threads of our lives, binding us in a profound
state of matrimony, where understanding and acceptance intertwine.

As we stand together, lost in the enigmatic origins of life,
it becomes apparent that your skin holds a story, an
uninterrupted lineage that stretches back through time.
It is a tapestry of ancestral struggles and triumphs, a testament
to resilience and fortitude. And like the night that envelops
the world, your dusky guardian complexion bears witness
to the strength and beauty that lies within.

But let us not be judged solely by what meets the eye.
Peel back this outer layer, delve deeper into who we truly are,
and you will discover hearts that beat with the same
tenderness, dreams that flourish within the obscure depths of
our souls. Don't let the label of "African child,"
confine us to a predetermined destiny; instead, let it be
a celebration of our heritage, a recognition of the richness
and diversity that flows through our veins.

So, my dear, as we navigate our way through this complex
and ever-changing world, let your skin be a canvas,
not only for the painted white of eyes that might cast
judgments, but for the genuine smiles that radiate from within.
Embrace your darkness, your unique hue, and let it stand
as a testament to the vibrant spirit that resides in the
depths of your being.
Man Dec 2023
People talk, more than I.
I am ashamed of my past,
And confused about my life.
Where the history, of many lineages
Is well-described:
I am unaccustomed with mine.
What I know, of right & of wrong,
Is it predicated on the rule of the weak
By that of the strong?
The gaze thus glares from my eyes,
Does it live in black & in white?
Does bruised fruit still grow ripe?
I love the stars
They remind me that
There’s enough space
for everyone to shine

I love the moon
It teaches me
patience and beauty

I love the sunset
Its fading colors
teach me that
every ending promises a new beginning

I love shadows
The way they play on walls
reminds me that even in darkness,
there’s artistry and mystery
to be found

I love chirping crickets,
bonfires, fireflies, darkness…

Jellyfish Nov 2023
I open my door to the icy cold,
Look up at the moon to see it's no longer full.
I start my walk and notice the ground glitters
It's kind of funny, how black ice likes to shimmer

It wasn't shimmering when I was drifting earlier
Although the thrill and dodge made me shiver,
Invisibility never caused me to quiver
All it gifted me was loneliness and shelter

Does the ice feel the same kind of chill
As it wraps the world in a frozen thrill?
Beneath its glimmer, secrets are concealed,
A dance with shadows, as the moonlight spills.
Joseph C Ogbonna Oct 2023
The Paragliders like ravenous vultures flew
to southern Israel to predate on soft targets.
Like swarms of bees, they snuck, *****, maimed, shot, burnt and slew.
Terror did every man's fragile conscience becloud.
Hate made their embittered hearts to mercy forget.
Abductions followed, having to terror avowed.

Then came the IDF's genocidal intent,
having intended global laws to circumvent;
Children, women, all consumed by mighty vengeance.
A disproportionate response beyond balance.
Homes, hospitals, Mosques, Churches and schools are levelled,
as Gaza is by torrents of bombs bedeviled.
I do not with a livid Israel sympathize,
nor do I with a besieged Gaza empathize.
With humanity I have my affinity,
for my deep love for it, tends to infinity.
The raging Israeli-Gaza Conflict
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