Growing up we're always taught one thing:
There's always the bad guys, with a violent sting,
But the good guys finish first when the fat lady sings.
But, throughout my years I developed my wings,
Flew to the sky, and collected my all of my rings,
And it looks all so different with a new perspective.
There are good men doing bad things,
Just to stay protected,
My whole life it's been Dark vs. Light,
The Good vs. The Bad,
The Wrong vs. The Right,
The Happy vs. The Sad,
The Brains vs. The Might,
The Heart vs. The Mind.
Now I see that there is no line.
Bad men do good deeds,
And good men plant bad seeds.
I listen to my heart start beating,
Cuz in every poem I write,
My lines start bleeding,
I'm receeding into the back of my skull,
Cuz life wasn't meant to be this fucking dull.
I only every questioned one thing:
What role?
Who am I going to be in this world?
The devious super-villain,
Or the hero that gets the girl?
But this new information is too much,
I tried meditating it away with no luck.
Am I an extra in someone else's story,
Or will I train someone else to fight for me?
Am I meant to live in the background,
Or do I make the world safe and sound?
Am I always meant to be The Lost,
Or am I destined to become The Found?
I'm not exactly sure, so I sit and I wait,
For the day that I realize that I'm actually too late.
The truth of this planet is terrible and ugly,
There's no good or bad,
And no pure evil.
If you want to be saved,
Become your own hero.
Poor people staying poor,
While the fat cats are gettin' fatter,
So there's no more black and white,
Because only Grey Matters.

In this specific poem, I talk about my realization of good and bad, and my own existential crisis.
Bianca 16h

the serenades of a wet crow
at the edge of a living cliff
full of light and buds
heard only by
those blackened with drops of ink
holding a mourning handkerchief
now look again at the top of the tree
another one is taking flight.

You do not know, so I suppose
In some aspect every flock of terns that fly
South when my mouth opens to speak
Is a lie;

A murder of crows crowding
Serene ocean skies with cimmerian concrete impressions,
I am buried in what I know

In what you believe to be honesty
Is absolutely otherwise and I am unsure
If an apology is needed or if a confession is necessary
Because  you’ve always recognized pink
As being my favorite colour

Shanath 2d


You can have my whole heart and devour it
but not squeeze out a drop of blood.

You will drown in a thirst
as you try to water me.


I am not meant to fall in love
I am meant to divide my soul

Among the satans of the world
And turn fire into cosmos.

I am lost
But I will find my way.

You claim not to know
You merely know to deny
Child, be on your guard

The power of change
Which connotes both good and bad
Nothing stays the same

The natural line
Of what human truly means
A grey area

Humans are living contradictions.

life goes on

well you already knew that--

All my locks and chains
Are buried
Underneath one end
Of a secret rainbow
In black and grey

On the other end
Lies a forgotten pot
Of gold
Lost in darkness

After freeing myself
Deep within the eye
Of the sun
Everything now
Comes to calm

Storms subside
Bringing color to the arch
So the light can guide me
To my forgotten fortune

©James Dennis Casey IV

I have a black heart,
Not just for the sake of art,
But because I am healthy.

My HB is around 15,
Not just for maintaining,
But 'cause I eat healthy.

My weight 6 weeks ago,
Not more than 74.600 kilo,
But I wanted to reduce it.

Some memories don't let me be,
I started skipping meals & jogging,
'Cause I wanted to reduce weight.

Her I wanted to inspire,
That nothing is impossible,
And impossible is nothing.

I lost more than 10 kilograms,
But not that I am ill-fed,
Not ate more than required.

I achieved the feat in 6 weeks,
But just for proving myself,
Not 'cause I don't want to live.

But Death has other plans for me,
Not enthusiastic for taking me along,
I live in the onomatopoeia of time.

Tic toc. Tic toc. Tic toc. Tic.

Time, you have been tipped,
I won't again get slipped,
I want to get ripped.

According to acceptable Smart BMI (SBMI) levels he minimum desired weight for my 176 cms height is 58.6 kg and the maximum desired weight for my height is 83.4 kg.

But I want to further reduce my weight by running more and eating less.

I will reduce until I am content.

At least my body fat ditching me won't break my heart like the little one did.

I am unable to move on beyond her memories.

So I am trying to starve myself to certain death someday.

Her memory is my alibis for such extreme weight loss.

Soon, my M.Tech will be over and I will get 1 more year to prepare for a PhD entrance exam.

I will strive for getting my muscles ripped in the time being while studying and preparing for the next year's PhD entrance exam.

I have complete faith in myself now.

I now know that I can do anything which I have determined so strongly.

My weight loss of 11 kgs in 6 weeks with no stretch marks has taught me that yes, I can.

My HP Poem #1629
©Atul Kaushal

In the A.M.s is when I ache the most
The sword in the stone is pulled out and back in every few minutes
Yes, my heart has turned stone cold after the relentless attacks
Yet here I am alive, in flesh and spilling blood, in tremendous pain, in love
My mouth is dry and my head just can't take the migraine
But then when I fall asleep
I get sucked into this black hole that spits me into a universe
A universe far from anything I have ever seen
One where the ache is numbed and the desires are realized
I fall asleep and, to be quite frank, I wish I never wake up
I wish to stay in that universe and never leave
And never go back to my universe
Maybe black holes aren't scary after all
Maybe they're a solace for the lonely
And in love.
Because, who truly knows what universe exists beyond what the eyes can see?


'My heart and other black holes'

It's as if
is always
in progress

By design,
is always
in progress

By design, the petals of glass
shatter in champagne, it's
By design, the empty glass
leaves open air for

for crystal black.

It's as if
life grows
with divide
by design

I inhale.
You breathe
Done fighting.
Wind up dead.

By design, our lungs sputter black
past accomplishments, it's
By design, we embalm the dreams
we see as meaning, we

keep them.

we keep them.


See you around, space cowboy.
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