Sound and fury
Sound of silence
Silence is golden
Silence is silver
Silver needs polished
Silver makes coins
Coins that jingle
Coins that spend
Spend your paycheck
Spend your time
Time passes slowly
Time passes fast
Fast and furious
Fast for Lent
Lent before Easter
Lent him my car
Car is broke down
Car won’t start
Start your engines
Start out right
Right makes might
Right hand man
Man nor beast
Man woman and child
Child of heaven
Child of earth
Earth rotates
Earth is round
Round ‘em up cowboy
Round the bend
Bend an ear
Bend a knee
Knee jerk reaction
Knee length socks
Socks in a drawer
Socks in the wash
Wash your hands
Wash your face
Face your demons
Face the wall  
Wall of sorrows
Wall of rain
Rain is dreary
Rain from clouds
Clouds are forming
Clouds gray and black
Black tie optional
Black is my mood

For a poetry group I had everyone bring a poetry form on a slip of paper and we drew from them. I got Blitz which has some strange "rules" but it was fun.

It truly is a different world
My presence is with you, but i am also trapped in this dark place
You deserve all the knowledge of my late night journeys,
You know, the places my mind sprints toward at 2 a.m.
But I shall not dare let you in
My eyes won’t watch me expose you to a black that dark
It’s a shade I hope your eyes never encounter
I love you
But, you dont get to view that piece of me
Shit, I wish i had never met this piece of me
It’s the worst of me
Its more alive than ever

Skye 1d

metal wire with prickers wrapped around your young neck
the youthful skin on your face sliding off from the impact of the bullet
you're so swollen with water
they left you to rot in tallahatchie
forever in a frown
forever eyes shut
forever remembered
you did change the world
and you were only fourteen
two times seven
and all it took was two men
and hate

Traveller, scuba-diver
Sailor swearing wherever she goes
But never in front of a crowd
No, if you want to
apologize for something
you've said,
better find out where she's hiding.

Look where it's darkest,
but bring a flashlight;
she wears black
to hide from spiders and snakes.

Cacherosi 3d

Your smell blends with
Midnight dark
Your color reflects your taste
Your bitterness whirls me back to reality
Your sorcery, cruelly prisons me for
What feels like

Stop giving me bowel movement

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Zimmy 5d

A female human being of African descent.
A subject of extreme abuse and oppression based upon the inaccurate perception of inferiority
The mother of civilization; one from which all life comes forth
One who promotes unity among people of color.
She is strong, intelligent, beautiful,
She is a wife, a mother, a sister, a leader, a warrior.
She carries within her the power to endure pain and the courage to sacrifice.
She has the power to create and nurture life.
She is indeed the epitome of love and sacrifice.

I only took the moon veiled in my cube
I took her innate water off but not for good.
Now the sun can’t take its eyes
off the blindfolded black moon!
Off this night the sunup is yet to unleash
the dawn let alone the tucked away noon!

The man's heart aches,
but his woe is lifted by
the desire of having his bed
warmed by foolish fornication.

The bottle is empty
yet his head is filled
with demons,
the conversation is
macabre yet hard
to translate from the
transient slur of speech
caught between his
tongue and teeth.

His cigarette won't light
from the naked flame
at the end of his finger,
something inside him
burns leaving the belly
of life marred by its
fervent addictions.

God hates him profoundly
but he's cool with that.

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