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Carlo C Gomez May 20
Born with flesh and blood, but heart sold separately. Bird way up high, falling from the sky. The raining aftermath is the common denominator. When it shockwaves from ground zero, it leaves an atomic shadow—fatal impressions where a living, breathing thing once stood...
Raven Feels Apr 7
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, things can get brutal?:>

lost and found not seen not bound in the shackles of the bomb an aftermath

peroxiding a shoe hoping to get a flight out of the stew

no one knew

a chase a run a place no fun with bullets upon

in the known classes I see of drops of Mercury

behold bewined stand still in what you crime

hidden on those of the faces before

swept under the rug just for show

before the glint to come from below

Sanjali Apr 6
Yet again
The storm has subsided
And I am left
On my knees
Gerald Vargas Dec 2020

              I        wonder
              how would it
              taste        like
              if      I     pour
              your    words
              on my cofee
              because I've
              been tasting
              the bitter sugar
              you've   coated
              in    my   palate
              when          you
              embraced  me.
Norman Crane Sep 2020
water drops
     drip on rocks
          from the tops
               of tomahawks
M Cannon Aug 2020
My mind is a war zone.
Memories of you hit like bombs
dropped from B-17s.
Rattling me to my core,
then leaving me with the aftermath.

My blue skies turning to grey,
clouded with the wreckage
you chaotically left in your wake.

My mind is a war zone,
but the soldiers have gone.
I'm alone in a barren land
destroyed by what you called love
and choked with the fear
of what comes next.
Mei Aug 2020
I sometimes miss this girl
who enjoys sitting in cafès
with her emptied cup.
She who finds grace
in the presence of waiting
And believes in happy ending.

I sometimes miss this girl
who's so good at self consolation.
She who patronises self rule
more than any other,
Someone who's still whole.

Now cafès reminds me
not with coffee fragrant promises
But of bitter tanged memories
While sitting becomes restless waits
I have come to miss the girl
I was before you-

I still long of me a little.
Carlo C Gomez Aug 2020
Kinetic energy
Without equilibrium

A fixed star
Collapsing in on itself

There she stares unblinked
At stellar remnants

Sprawled face up
In the dry aqueduct

Holding her breath
He won't return
Nylee May 2020
The aftermath
heartening and disheartening
it is coming and yet to come
the life is changing and about to change
the mistrust is sown in
the paranoia has kicked in
what has become is the new norm
the health and wealth both targeted
the life before were golden years
and the sad news future unfolds
it is better to stay locked in
the outside view is foreign
and the level is increasing
difficulties arising
cyclone circling at coasts
everywhere I look is turning red
I just wish the roof holds up good
I fear what more is to come.
Ileana Amara May 2020
beautiful, fleeting beginnings
collide two restless souls
to strip naked before each other,
****** manifests imperfection,
they were clothed with love
and when the time pass and it wears off,
two naked souls pick up its own clothes,
and unknowingly return to strangers.

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