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J J Aug 12
Gallantry badge stitched to rotting cloth
as the skin sinks and the bones fade
and the love made is left to reek the bed
where sexless wife and lonely daughter
   Lay their head's arrest.

In due time they both tan, sag and crackle
Under weight of the sun.

That dizzy cyclops that roped forth
homecoming boats and ships stands
five years from being defunct; rusted
to the hue of a coppice
and hardly the attraction it once was

But oh well— sighs the sailor, too old and bankrupt to care
for approaching poverty— the money has been made and my life spent

For others (his Sister, his Niece, his Brother)
They lack the ability to sigh;
the closest they get is the occasional stormy wind
that cracks the surface, blows through their teeth
resembling a crooked lullaby,
Revolves the bullet lodged in their skull;
O occasional stormy rain that beshrews the water
clogging their lungs and, in due time, The leaking muck
that’ll pluck and sharply snap inward the casketwood--
directly against the bullet gathhering mold in their heart--

Their souls have been spent.
One less soldier wouldn't have changed a thing
(The result was a certainty propagated
   as a contingency)
And if G-d bare'd witness his eyes no longer sting,
  His grievances had and his puppets dead
Following a suffering in his name.

If Thy Kingdom holds true
They bare witness now to the lighthouse
In it's chipping hue, it's trivial dock and visitor

All held in place and burning; They disfigure
Under weight of the sun.
Set in the aftermath of a death in the family duting war
Her Aug 10
everyone tells me
to trust you
to communicate how i feel
to not let these other women ruin this
to not let me ruin this


how am i suppose to do that
when i haven’t trusted a single soul
since the age of 7

how am i suppose to when
the last time i trusted someone
they violated everything about me
and took every ounce of my innocence

how am i suppose to do this now?
i’m lost
until your lights come undone
And the sun deport its creators
And seek you instead;
Every person you came to love was already dead and they shoved their corpses and broken teeth down your throat like a blackhole branch and nostalgic chaos
cremating all the bodies they’ve occupied, but still it tasted too familiar to your common sense that  you let it.
Or is it okay as long as it's spoiler free, and less relevant to your story standards, and case scenario?
Tatiana Jul 1
When you hear the whistle
of the terrible, dreaded missile
shooting far over our heads
and when the birds enter a silence
that not even the morning light can break.
Do you grab the graying hand
of a lover that you did not have
a chance to wed?
As the flames burn us all at once
and leave nothing
but ash in our place.
I whisper to the fierce, man-made winds
and hope my new, clear words
find you in our nuclear world
I will see you again
in the aftermath.

Kelsey Ann Jun 28
drifting through walls
rotting family trees
like fungi feasting
on buried roots
Ashley Kaye Jun 24
It is not your house
that is broken
Decrepit beams
may wear
but never rot
When there is little left
but scattered boards
wanton wood
They ask you
how your eyes
could be so weak
Maybe it was the flood
pouring through them
Who wants to blink
muddy tresses
Feel it all crumbling
about you.
June 2019
Her Jun 20
how do i feel they ask
9 months out of treatment
and how am i suppose
to say how i actually feel

when the light
in my mother eyes
is the brightest they’ve been
since before any of this
struck my soul to the core
15 years ago

when the words
my siblings speak
are like walking on
broken glass whenever
i am around
because i know they’re scared
any little thing will
set me off

when the volume
of my dads voice
has been the softest
it’s been since
before my ****** up
memory can remember

i just want to be free
i just want to be treated normal again
i just want everyone to know that
i’m hurting but it will not be the end of the world
Ben McAnoy Jun 17
As I approach the broken path,
The rolling hills,
Deep dusty baths
Of valleys waning
Far into the distance,
Beyond the smoky sky’s reaching;

I notice black broken rocks askew.
The breathless air,
Late mourning dew

The land sits at unease,
Holding its bated breath
For something that would never happen.

I stand
Dazed; mind deterring
My hitherto partner.

I think to how I have passed this way before,
How it was different
How it was my first time
How the land was fresh and full of life
How time has degraded it.

Now it had passed,
Yet scars were left;
Not only to the land…

Struggling, I now remember
In blinding clarity
That I had passed this way before,
Alas, not alone.
I have the heart of a racehorse
The second you are near.
You make me turn bright red
I slow my breathing out of fear.
My heartbeat is so loud
I don't want you to hear.

You affect me.
I feel like I've done an 100m dash.
Those brown eyes,
Smoulder like coals amongst ash.
They set fire to my soul,
I've never wanted to do something so brash...

Cold hands.
Warm heart.
A quiet word in my ear,
You make speaking an art.
After hours with you,
I can't bear to be apart.

I was stupid...
I pulled away.
It was for good reason and yet,
I will always hate the day
When I realised that
I am shattered clay.

I took such solace in simply
Sleeping on your shoulder.
You chased away nightmares
As my dreams grew colder.
I've never been more grateful
For my own knight-in-shining-armour.

But I can't let you mend me.
It isn't how I was made.
I don't know God's Plan,
All I know is that I can't fade.
It is not my time to leave this Earth
And make the soul trade.

It is a strange thing to realise too late
That you love someone.
You can't control it.
You got caught up in the fun.
Before you know it, time flies by
And you only know when it's done.

I've come to know
That I cannot just come up with a rhyme
To make this all feel better.
We were together for such a short time,
And yet, all I saw was a future together.
Thinking about this should be a crime.

I let you go,
A huge mistake.
And every time I remember,
My heart might just break
And I won't feel this again.
I know it isn't fake.

The more I remember
How things were,
The more I cry .
I thought I was so sure.
I miss you already...
You are my cure.

That isn't a good thing
Is that why I'm in pain?
I shouldn't have let you fix me
It was supposed to be my gain
But now you've gone and done it
That's why I'm standing in this rain.
I have a bad habit of making horrible decisions
Daniel May 11
He´s the guy having fun
rolling down the fresh green
and ignoring the aftermath.

He´s coloured with
the brightest reds
of european sunsets

and has a smile
so bright
it shines all your problems

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