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KHY Jan 23
Words are knives in my heart;
I am dull to the world

When I keel and I peel;
My aftermath is sealed
Besides the screams and panic
Besides people becoming manic

Was the most haunting of sounds, ever to be heard
Surreal and hysterically absurd
As loved ones try to leave nothing unsaid
Was the continuously ringing cellphones of the dead

┬ęPauline Russell
Alice Dec 2018
The biting touch of the glass saunters
The curves of my skin.
A macabre melody surges
Through the hollows of my bones,
As my body is made a puppet,
Dancing to the discordant memories.

The webbing of the belt is lead
Against my gossamer chest.
Suspended in the air,
My limbs dangle like a sacrifice
To the shards below.

My vocal chords bleed
With each ghoulish plea from my lips
Until strong hands find my torso,
And I rise
Into the sickly light of day.

The cool air of the night is a pleasant foil
To the heat of the brackish liquid
Which caresses my cheeks.
My mangled laugh mars the stillness
As I remember the abyss
That welcomed me before
I nearly met the cold embrace
With such a finality.
Two months ago I was involved in a nearly-fatal car accident. I would not be alive today if I had been driving a different car. For some time I've been meaning to write about my accident, and I am glad that I have finally found the courage to do so.
Briar Ren Dec 2018
is the woe I felt
at witnessing the
cruel aftermath
of heartbreak,
and struggling
to mend it.
For N.
chichee Nov 2018
We used to take turns tearing down
each other's defences
like the last Christmas present or
an exit in a building fire
And when there was nothing
useful about our bodies except how
they fit against each other.

There are soldiers that don't deteriorate facing
bombshells and fire-grenades but
birthday parties and Saturday nights by the telly.
We could be two of them

Remember how you got when you
just needed something to
I was your push-pin doll.
Like how children
gouge the button-eyes and rip
the stuffing out of their teddy bears
(but still fall asleep holding them closer than
their absentee parents)

The truth is once,
I would have worn your bruises like
a necklace.

These days, I offer my heart up
on a platter and you don't even want
to spit on it.

All I can do now is will
my fingers to write poetry,
too cowardly
to even pick up the
Some people love better falling apart.
Jurtin Albine Nov 2018
People seemingly vanish all the time
But where are they if you're in the same place?
And here I sit still writing within mine
Amidst the candles glow I see your face

There is no curse that cannot be broken
Your aftermath leaves etchings on my heart
That equates to what our love has spoken
The emptiness that feels tears me apart

But here I remain, still, right where I sit
Along on my hands I count the great stars
As the path I must now take back is lit
Back, once more, I go to where this all starts

What has been sleeps peacefully in the past
Tenderly taken by a love at last
Celeste Briefs Nov 2018
the sky has fallen
I stand here alone
white mist conceals
my tear-stained face
it wasn't fair
but I have lost
this battle beneath my skin

the stars have faded
the moon is gone
am I really alone?
no flames have marred me
no scars shine through
but I have been burned
by the untamed truth

untethered shadow
follows me
stays close to keep warm
but I am
just as cold
as if I had
no body to contain me
no soul to call my own

how have we fallen
I can't recall
but we are all alone
within this mist
a blinding light
fed by unshed tears
Nikos Kyriazis Nov 2018
May Death befall
upon thee
and be slaughtered
by the blade of thy pen

The aftermath
of the poet's resurrection
will be an allusion
to those who never
believed in art

The Tempest
shalt come early
and by wolf's jaws
the artist
shalt rescue the light
A poem to all of us, the artists
Tadpole Oct 2018
We all need acknowledgement
We need air and food and sleep and
a sign that we are on someone's mind

You must fake care
We all must
Because a functioning relationship and a
a very low ******* tolerance cannot

I have the neediest of needs
But your head could not be farther
up your own ******* and you can't see
I'd like them met by you
Abednigo Mogale Oct 2018
After all that has happened
And the future that will never be
After the midnights calls
And long night chats
After that awkward first kiss
And Sunday morning sleep in's

After all the plans we had
And the those that will never be
After the heartbreak
And tears that stained our cheeks
After the love we had for each other
And still do

After all that we had
And all that we lost
After all we wanted
And all we didn't get

After all

We felt love
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