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AE Sep 2023
This language, everblooming
It has so easily poisoned us
But you dust off those empty phrases
Washing stains out of rageful exchanges
This white flag is half in your hand
And half in mine
A haphazard grocery list
Stopped at tomatoes
Continued as a list of those “we would never go there" words
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry,
Written like punctuation in the spills
Now I'm picking up dinner plates off the walls
So many weapons were thrown and old secrets hashed
A mess left with us drowning in the aftermath
I think the salad is now dressed in curses and ill wishes
But despite all that
I think it's your silence that will **** me
Jules Harper Jun 2023
My eyes blank stared into nowhere
You casually fixed yours on me
I have been crushing on you
Still try keeping it low-key

I’ve loved your pretty tan skin
You casually complimented me
We sat right next to each other
I was breathing silently

I’m not the most secured person
You casually lean towards me
We were suddenly a step closer,
I’m more comfortable with me

I’ve seen your world as an outsider
While you laugh and cry and sing
Now I get why you’re an actor
So casually you’re radiating
Had a gay panic today because a charismatic af girl in my acting workshop complimented me after our audition at this biggest-production musical I’ve ever encountered. She is amazing as an artist, a friend, and a person. Wishing the best for her and I wish she passes this audition.
Al Qassem Moussa Dec 2020
She learnt to be defensive
She knows she's mean
I learnt to be aggressive
I know I am deceived

We utter goodbyes
with fearful smiles
And decide to break up
minutes after

We know each other
like cats
when we are together
but then she leaves me
with bitter colours on her lipstick  
And a wandering third eye
of a princess in exile.
neth jones Sep 2022
distress men
distress women     the children follow suit
rooted        to their calculation
                             bore-hole n' punction
         functional ?   they ponder the fault   idling in their programs din

rescue them ?
their fearsome egos     will gum you up
tup and rupture your goodwill

despair man
despair woman    the children groping at their heels
sealed and merry mated     to the manner     spools that habit
rabbits and fools back into the boil

make a meal
  displace them ?
   their otherworldly longings ?
    wrong them welcome      into your loving bloom

this is how its done
here's a catalogue
  how big you've won
   better gig    than landing on the moon

distrust man
deface woman       the children drink from the wound
battle         become the saviour
behaviour shot against the mood
food to greet     the newly batched    cultural result
worthy of mention
the soiled spell
         going to drown though the generations
just trust   the serpent eye
and the lens of peddling assault   holds everything to its station
                                    for a jittering moment
                                    for a breakable moment
                                          a disgraced monument    
                                bereft         fidgeting in its place
MARK - last verse
dylan Jun 2022
Life without you
is way too much
The thing I need
is your touch
The pain  inside
is way too real
And I just don’t know
how to deal
Now look at how you made me feel…

the crushing weight out here alone
All I want is to call your phone..
But you’re not there…
You don’t even care!!!

this hurt inside Is breaking me,
My heart in Pieces,
like debris…
Why cant you just come back to me?
I wrote this just now, this is exactly how i feel right now, this is what you did to me, this is what you left me with. i want to hate you for doing this to me but i can't
i hate that i love you so much
Radhika Krishna Apr 2022
There’s a bottle of my mother’s love
Sitting on the kitchen table
It’s gone sour
It’s Sunday morning,
In the piercing comfort of a place
I once would’ve called home,
And the world woke up and walked out on me

The aftermath of July grows right outside my bedroom window
While I sit on a desolate strip of imaginary sand,
With my head in a water cooler
As significant as an ill-fated horsefly
I S A A C Nov 2021
tattoos on my neck but should be your lips instead
tattoos on my neck but should be your hands instead
I want every part of me, enmeshed in you
the sun kisses my back as she creeps up behind the hill
shedding light on the aftermath of drunken thrills
I miss the blaze of the blunt and the bass in the club
relinquish my demons as we are talking it up
do you like my eyes that's where they hide?
do you like my thighs wanna try them tonight?
because tattoos on my neck but should be your lips instead
benedict Oct 2021
the impact
words said quietly
emotion deafening

the aftermath
the explosion was violent
knocking me off my feet

the reflection
lying in bed
hearing impaired

the healing
heart impaired
head impaired

the result
shorter hair
sharper kindness

the apology
no thanks
i'm fine without you
Carlo C Gomez May 2021
Born with flesh and blood, but heart sold separately. Bird way up high, falling from the sky. The raining aftermath is the common denominator. When it shockwaves from ground zero, it leaves an atomic shadow—fatal impressions where a living, breathing thing once stood...
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