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Aashi Sinha Sep 4
red eyes, green wine, weak smiles, hollow cheeks, shallow drips.

Dark, not Black.

a desire to be linear, now crowded with curves
sickly sweet
sarcastically sour
no longer sweet, just sour

hot on cold, cold on hot, sweet and sour but sour and sour
tick tick tick, did it feel?
tick tick tick, did you feel?
failed when born, how can change it all, before dawn?
Pockets Aug 28
I guess I was amassing a collection
So I could show my children all the places I’ve ate

Like little milestones

All the places I’ve had dead end dates

All the places I’ve gorged myself
Having just got off work
Or just smoked a bowl
Either way I felt deserving of a feast

All the places I shared stories with friends
All the places we shared kisses before we went in

All the orange chicken I ate to help sober up
All the take out I ordered when we broke up
And that one place I found out I was allergic to shrimp and threw up

Yeah I remember it all
The egg rolls, the soup, the soy sauce
The painting of pandas or dragons
The red lanterns
All the motifs
You seemingly needed to run an establishment
Like this

There are the stand outs
The Lucky Star whose pork fried rice was just cut up Slim Jims
The Panda House who treated me less like a customer and more like a friend
If I didn’t come around, they would call and ask where I had been

It didn’t matter if it was in a mall or in my small home town
I always found comfort in this other culture’s food
So while I’m waiting for all those fountain cookies to come true
I guess I’ll look back over these dozen Chinese menus
s a m Jul 27
Fake lemons,
the sour taste of my demons.
hybridstorm Jul 5
The flowing lava,
turns my blood to molten magma,
and yet makes feel so alive.

Power, passion, painting, practicing, and presenting are 5 Ps in the same pod. They all share the characteristic emotion of wild enthusiasm which may be perceived in different ways.
Nylee Jul 4
You called it love
But she called it sour
It was a flavour
She couldn't do without.
Jithin manoj Jul 4
When life gives you lemons
You make lemonade
But taste sour it will
If you don't have the sugar.
And then there are those who like it sour
Sierra Jun 15
first, sweet
then, sour
                                you grab me by my throat and make me cower
i freeze.
you do as you please.
Michelle May 1
but mostly sour
i let my heart become tamarind
to protect myself from you.
Bullet Apr 20
The sweet can turn sour
I can tell from the apple core
Because you all are staring through your apple
Take a bite you just might lose your control
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