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amber 5d
at the end of the day
if all falls through
and i end up
with some distaste
for you
thanks for being kind
Nylee Sep 28
In a second
I experienced the life
sweet and sour
Torits Melody Sep 24
Gave You all you could Ever want,
Gave You all you could Ever need,
But you were nothing More than A Duplicitous fiend,
Whose singular goal was To mar Me From within.
Cyan Sep 22
We live like
Cartons of milk,
Knowing we have an expiration date
Stamped upon our foreheads.

And yet we sit
Upon our shelves
Waiting to be opened.

And yet we cry out in surprise
When we are poured
Down the drain
Because we have gone sour.
Desire rod Aug 15
I want
To spill of guts
To Spilt this nasty bitter taste in my mouth
Thought love was a ripe strawberry so sweet in season
Yet I choke and rebuke this sour taste that fills my mouth the word YOU is all that comes out
When you think love is the best in the world and it all goes down to the south and you are left with disappointment
B D Caissie Aug 10
Bitterness and hate tend to leave a sour taste in one's mouth. I secretly forgive for selfish reasons, for I have tasted it’s sweet freedom.
Poetic T Jul 13
Collapsing emotions
            corrode on my
          ****** perfection.

What was diminishing,
   now collecting in a cup
            of palmed hands collected.

I wanted to no that of your
                            that even
though tears fell,
you never turned

            those now memory to a wine
                         of hope...

Auschwitz was a million
                  tears choked,
but you never turned
a single tear
               to a vintage of peace.

We just choked on the tears,
     and we were a vineyard
                         of silence.

Each a grape that never reached

Instead we fell before we could become
              more that we were.
These tears are sour,
and the taste
                erodes every fallen tears morality.
Autmn T Jun 8
And as I bathed in milk, it became curdled. My heart eventually turning everything sour. It is a magic trick only I know.
alexis May 20
the salt in my skin
grants me a bit of safety
from those who lap at the souls of the weak.
the one or two who dared to taste
recoiled their tongues,
mouth more sour for having wasted saliva on me.

i understand how to live
as a sharp misfortune of the senses.

but i don’t understand you,
with your heart full of nectar
ready to give a spoonful for a bitter tea,
or a hearty cup for a neighbor with sudden need.

don’t you see the crows circling,
waiting to gorge on your ripe heart?
they take pieces like candy from a bowl,
hoping to finding their whole
from a beauty best not enjoyed in parts.

i don’t understand you,
how you share so sweet a love
with drifters on a sugar fix,
a knowing smile on your face.
crows dressed in a finch’s feathers
chirp their pathetic thank you song,
it is enough for you.

i wish to learn how to sweeten my skin again.
a bit of salt always makes sugar taste sweeter.
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