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Dianali May 20
Have my words annoyed you?
Then they have succeeded
Things took a wrong turn
But you were the one manoeuvring
Sorry I called you out
Guess love is not that blind
Dianali May 18
Perhaps all your exes do better after you for a reason
Perhaps my words are aimed to hurt
And now that I know they could
I wouldnt mind if they do
Cause perhaps I am still sour
From the taste of your love
And its deep, light consuming
hole in my soul
Raven Feels Apr 26
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, some dreams can keep you thinking for a billion years:--)

the pure turquoise shivers diamonds down my spine

torture to the power I stand naked in line

endgame towards that brown

cluster mind surrounds that shrieking sound

to her to him undeniably I **** that escape for no more

a huge leftover on my soured piano box in a vein core

a question I ponder concerning my slate

am I even ready to lead the way of knows on this plate???

or even a remember of that cursed undestined for them for us to be

a far away excluded fate

Nikkipopgun69 Apr 18
Someone once told me :
always remember that,
some people come into your life to make chaos.
and some people and come into your life to show love.

Some people will use you
Some people will always be there for you
Some people will be true
Some people will lie
Sometimes you will learn from a mistake
Sometimes you fall and that’s okay.

Sometimes you’ll  fall in love to hard
Sometimes you’ll cry alone
But you’ll be okay even if you’re alone
Raven Feels Apr 12
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, hanging on these little things life grants us is the reason of our survival;]

in his feels

I know I see

the drowned drips of the feet

smiles of the fakes he sweeps

lick the lips and motion the blondes to touch

hearts to brush

always as also so little as much

thinking when he means of the ones and the twos

the whispers and the apples to smell to near

hairs so dark for the safe to fear

maybe then the want would not haste

or not for the come to paste

invisible to the seen to the face

on the yellows they still remain

or blue flowers on the neck I wish the belongs come to make

Izzy Jan 28
I am simply a lemon
I like to think I’m sweet
But I am just a sour soul that you can never eat

I am simply a lemon
with bright happy yellow skin
But, on the inside I am just a sin

Add a bit of sugar and I’ll be bitter sweet
But once the sugar fades away your destin for defeat

I am not a sweet little boy
I’m sour as can be
Why am I a lemon and not a strawberry
Kaliya Skye Jan 10
i want the butterflies
glowing in my lungs
whispering nervous truths

i crave the breath
catching in my throat
warm bodies brought together

i'd **** for dancing
physical, verbal, tantric
never knowing who is leading
i miss first dates
the hopeful feeling fraught with nerves
fidgeting as you giggle at jokes that aren't funny

and all the learning,
favorite colors that grow to anecdotes
and then to second dates

all the time it's blossoming;
blooming into something real,
butterflies depart, letting only light remain

and i can stop the pining easily
love songs are vibrant; poetry melts hearts
but don't romanticize me
i've been the final girl at a haunted house
cleaning up bodies; exercising ghosts
i don't need your love to be full

i don't have another half, i'm already whole
and you can be my twin flame, if you won't fizzle out
i've had many matches that only left smoke
and if our love is a circus, and you are the clown
don't be surprised if i wait in the crowd
i'm done pulling teeth; and i'm tired of games
friend, lover, soulmate- i'm tired of names

i'm tired of labels that differ but all feel the same.
when i'm set alight, i'll be feeling no shame
and if you want all of me, i'll have no regrets
but don't string me along, i'm no marionette
no thoughts, no plan, just wrote.
there's some dumb rhymes and weird pacing but it's fine :)
it's all about expelling feelings by writing them into the abyss!!!!
but yeah, wow, i miss first dates lol
this is four parts, um, each correlates to a word in the title- its like phases???
𝐀𝖓𝖓𝖆 Oct 2020
We fight and we argue,
we scream like cats, and we scratch ourselves just the same,
but when we lay down,
with our voices muffled,
and our eyes aligned,
theres nothing else to fight about,
we know sweet because we know sour.
we know love because we know pain.
Aashi Sinha Sep 2020
red eyes, green wine, weak smiles, hollow cheeks, shallow drips.

Dark, not Black.

a desire to be linear, now crowded with curves
sickly sweet
sarcastically sour
no longer sweet, just sour

hot on cold, cold on hot, sweet and sour but sour and sour
tick tick tick, did it feel?
tick tick tick, did you feel?
failed when born, how can change it all, before dawn?
Pockets Aug 2020
I guess I was amassing a collection
So I could show my children all the places I’ve ate

Like little milestones

All the places I’ve had dead end dates

All the places I’ve gorged myself
Having just got off work
Or just smoked a bowl
Either way I felt deserving of a feast

All the places I shared stories with friends
All the places we shared kisses before we went in

All the orange chicken I ate to help sober up
All the take out I ordered when we broke up
And that one place I found out I was allergic to shrimp and threw up

Yeah I remember it all
The egg rolls, the soup, the soy sauce
The painting of pandas or dragons
The red lanterns
All the motifs
You seemingly needed to run an establishment
Like this

There are the stand outs
The Lucky Star whose pork fried rice was just cut up Slim Jims
The Panda House who treated me less like a customer and more like a friend
If I didn’t come around, they would call and ask where I had been

It didn’t matter if it was in a mall or in my small home town
I always found comfort in this other culture’s food
So while I’m waiting for all those fountain cookies to come true
I guess I’ll look back over these dozen Chinese menus
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