Beautiful Landscape

I escape to your domain.
In your love I remain.
Your scenery reveals beauty.
Your spirit is full of personality.

You are an atmosphere all your own.
My utmost beautiful landscape.
We create honorable momentum.
Our union is admired.
The visual beauty you portray,
is a sensational landscape.

new love

There's plenty of fish in the sea
I hope that one you choose is me
I can be your Rainbow Fish and your Sword Fish at the same time
My effort and thoughts of you will transcend space and time
Long after the start
My affection and love will never depart
I am a hopeless romantic
Please erase hopeless off of my classroom chalkboard.

soulmates become strangers—
and that is how
their fairytale ends.

I want to be seen,
but you're seeing me,
so I hide.

I want to be held,
but you're holding me,
and I fold.

I want to be heard,
but you're hearing me,
so I silence.

I want to be loved,
but you're loving me,
and I run.

Half an orange
to help me sleep
to help me not think of you
to help me shut down my brain
like a laptop that's been left on
for two weeks straight

I break an orange pill in half
tonight I hope it's all I need
to help me sleep
I toss it back
I hope it doesn't get caught
in the corners of my throat
like all the words
I cannot say out loud

I take pills
because there's not enough wine
to drown out my thinking
not enough meditation
to quiet the constant hum

I long for a day
when sleep did not escape me
the night before

Most shared nights start with blissful lies told to the doorman. You’re going to a fancy party; you’ll probably sit next to someone famous. Lean on perfectly polished bannisters down golden stairs.

Party dresses attend cocktail parties and you’re the tux. She rests her hand. Tails and all like a penguin. Don’t they mate for life?

Laughing down gum stuck pavement. Her heel caught in the sidewalk, fractured. But you got to carry her letting fingers find homes in the places she bends.

You told the doorman another lie.

Leo Nov 3

I still don't know much
I only just learnt your name
And yet I love you

The start of my hipster haiku career. Here's hoping I can get to know you more over the next few weeks
Alexiz Oct 30

These days it feels like it's impossible
To find someone genuine
All people want these days is sex
No strings attached sex
Thats the best kind of sex
For people these days
What happened to old fashioned dating
Going out to dinner
Talking to eachother
About subjects that actually matter
Wanting to get to know one another
These days it feels like customs like that have died

Leo Oct 28

There's no greater curse to the ears of man,
When I arrive at the bar, set with my plan,
Taking a seat by the cute innocent lad,
I don't want to seem like some dying fad,
I put in the effort, put me to the test,
Hear the mournful groan let out by the rest.

I'm bad at it. My face probably doesn't help xD
Paula Sullaj Oct 26

We  are  both  receivers
Of each-other's pulses.
Shortening thus
the time
between our
souls and minds
Until I remain the

approaching source
you become a retreatant receiver.
Beyul- According to Tibetan Buddhism are places similar to paradise, which can only be reached with enormous hardship
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