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yuno 4h
the colours of your skin have faded
into a shade of pale, winter white
but i look into your sparkling eyes
and you become my hamartia all over again
Alex 1d
Your arms around mine,
Our fingers intertwined.
What more could one want
Than a moment like this?
I’m drunk and surfing dating sites,
what a terrible combination,
what the heck happened to us humans anyways,
it’s 2018 and I’m online looking for a date what a predicament,

online but outta line,
not inline but still finding the time to go offline,
on nature walks where Nature talks,
telling me that it’s not all about the money and the fame,

depressed as fck but I guess that’s a blessing,
gives me the motivation I need,
to write these lines inline with the divine,
so I guess that makes me one with The Divinity,

I’m drunk what the fck,
I don’t even usually drink,
but then again I often do,
things I don’t usually do jeez,

humans are such a strange species,

humans are such a strange species,
but we’ll all be dead in a 100 years anyways,
so who cares take a sip take a trip,
smoke a spliff and let yourself lift,

see they say the only way,
to find your self is to lose your self,
not sure what that means exactly,
but they say a lot of things so oh well,

oh well,
spilling my heart out online,
in my feelings feeling all emo,
can’t have a good time but Lord knows I’m trying,

can’t have a good time or keep it together,
and this constant state of deja vu keeps washing over me,
pouring myself drinks from a bottom of Kettle One,
that was left over from a girl that came over then left me,

but I can’t blame her I probably deserved it,
because I’m damaged goods anyways,
broken hearted so I break hearts,
she should’ve known better anyways,

what’s my point,
this isn’t a poem,
this is a warning,

stay the fck away from me,
let me die in peace,
leave me alone so I can write these words,
so that there’s something left in time when I leave,

going soon,
but until then,
I’ll write these words,
using a laptop instead of a pen,

because it’s 2018,
and everything is strange,
“When I was a kid we didn’t even have cell phones!”,
oh well holmes I guess I have aged,

I’m drunk and surfing dating sites,
what a terrible combination,
what the heck happened to us humans anyways,
it’s 2018 and I’m online looking for a date what a predicament…

∆ Aaron LaLux ∆
just because
they don’t love you
how you want
them to
does not mean
they do
love you
the best way
they know
I finally learned how
to feel good alone
and pull up barstools
on my own
and that love comes
from many different places

then I saw a grey-haired
couple on the street
he looked at her
like you once looked at me
I didn’t know how much heartache could come
from unfamiliar faces
Ms Noma Jun 17
Our first date,
Our first meet;
So very quaint,
At gentle speed.

Watched a film,
Watched your face,
And quiet skill
To woo with grace.

I knew not
My heart fell;
That blood would clot
Under your spell.

Please do note,
It was not
My plan to dote
Once you forgot.

It just is
At the end;
I sorely miss
Calling you friend.
Ms Noma Aug 14
Same shit, different year
Feel the pain go up a gear

You think I'd learn
Or cease to yearn

But here I am
Singing wham

Last Christmas blah blah blah
My stupid heart strayed too far

Every time my head says stay
The price is just too much to pay

But will I ever really listen?
No, my fresh tears simply glisten

Salty, bitter, endless drops
Cleaning up would need 10 mops

I wish that I could flood the street
I wish I could make him incomplete

I hate his soul, I hate his face
I hate how he would hold my waist

Delete his kisses, delete his hugs
He's just a pile of bugs and slugs

Don't waste your time on such a bum
You should have listened to your mum
Ms Noma 4d
Fly me to the moon
Fly me to the sun
I want to travel soon
I want to have some fun

Take me to the sea
Take me to the lake
Won’t you sing to me?
And dance till our feet ache?

Show me bright pink birds
Show me some big cats
Let’s eat seconds and thirds
Fill our bellies with fats

Walk me to the beach
Walk me to the trees
Bite me like a peach
And drop me to my knees

Stop my heartbeat quick
Stop me with a kiss
Caress me with a lick
Entice me with a hiss

Now that you have done
Each task that I have asked
My brave prince, you’ve won
I’m forever yours at last

Now don’t you mess this up
We’ve put in too much work
I’ve loved you like a pup
If you go, I’ll turn berserk!

Why is every man
A tease that doesn’t last?
Soon as you start to plan
He runs away so fast?

Yet at the very start
‘Twas he that wanted her
Could barely keep apart
Brought gifts of gold and myrrh.
Asonna 5d
I kissed your shoulder as you fell asleep that morning,
I've never felt this close.
Intimacy warrants a level of trust,
an ease i've not felt until now.
My hair lay strewn on your pillowcase,
I'm just listening to you breathe,
My fingers delicately trace over your skin,
close my eyes and let everything in.
You placed your hand against my thigh,
even though you're asleep.
A warmth in my heart, didn't know it exists,
but i know it's because of you.

I know you're truly wonderful.
And I thank you for your kindness.
I know that you choose to be with me,
But it feels like the greatest gift in while.

Renhui Sep 14
at midnight you whispered my name in my ear
and charmed my soul out to play
in the city's riverfront
boats docked after a work day
trees, sculptures and waterfalls along the river
birds, planes and helicopters in the sky
were all our playgrounds
we walked the river bank entangled
our laughter broke the silence of the streets
our steps woke dormant flowers
at midnight another life it is
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