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Anais Vionet Sep 9
I’m learning a lot, dating Peter. For instance, I have a whole new awareness of how clueless older Americans, like people in their mid-twenties, are about things in the modern world.

I think Peter’s learning things too. Like the other night, I was 30 minutes late because I was gluing little, glittering rhinestones to my eyebrows. Was he mad? Yes, we had a little drama, but that’s just because he hasn’t learned to respect my lifestyle choices.

“Don’t be mawkish Peter,” I softly advised him, while fixing the caller of his shirt, “look, let's just pretend that we squabbled over this, and I won?” I suggested, helpfully. “It’ll save us time and WOW, we’re running late, OK? Seeing some small, lingering irritation, I promised, “We can still makeup later.”

The rhinestones looked spectacular, I got a LOT of compliments and in the end, I think he liked them. You know, sometimes I’ll catch him looking at me, like the moon or something, like I’m out of reach.

Guys are so.. (searching for a word).
BLT Marriam Webster word of the day challenge: Mawkish: exaggeratedly or childishly over-emotional.
Anais Vionet Aug 25
It’s elko noice to be back in the sprawling, claustrophobic infinity of college.

I love the energy, the hubbub, the moving-ins, the lines for everything and the freshmen’s hovering parents. We loiter, my roommates and I, sipping expensive, store-bought coffee, around the dorms, the bookstores, and shops, soaking up the frenzy.

A mom sweetly says to her overwhelmed son, “Relax,” passing-off his stress, “enjoy this, engage those five senses and take it all in.” I smiled to myself - there are at least 21 senses, like equilibrioception (balance), thermoception (for heat/cold) and nociception (pain) - just to name three. I thought, “Welcome to college kid.”

The first weeks of freshie life can be lonely - if you’re single. You search for someone to like - it can be very arbitrary and looks based. Last year, around campus, all you could see was the tops of people's faces. When everyone’s masked, eyebrows say a lot, so if you had beautiful eyebrows that went a long way - of course, hair was important too.

There’s an eyebrow studio, down below the green, where students could, as the epitome of style, get their eyebrows threaded hoping they’d look more interesting, and more bonkable. That place was booming.

Masking’s still a thing for fall ‘22 - in classrooms, instructional spaces, and high-density events - at least at first, until they see the spread - but there’s way less isolation. This semester there are exciting, new questions for potential ‘love’ interests to answer, like - “Have you ever dated any simians (monkeys)?
BLT Marriam Webster word of the day challenge: Epitome: ideal example or embodiment.

weebee = we’re back
elko = surprisingly
noice = a jokey, Australian lean on “nice.”
passing-off = blowing-off, dismissing
Ryan Long Jul 27
As I walked the hills I heard the horns
The stamp of steeds and cry of a hound
I ran towards that iconic call
The hunt was on, I knew the sound

As I watched the fox run and hide
A magnificent creature sleek and fine
The thought intruded upon me
And created an image in my mind

What greater event could I encounter
Of the pursuit of love that I here had

The pursuit of something beautiful
called forth with trumpets and fanfare
Chased by all and caught by few
Tracked and then lost, joy and despair

The chase of the fox
Woman, seductive and coy
Pursued by gross beasts
Determined man and boy

For love like that fox is wily and sly
Catch only a glimpse before it flies by

Sleek and slender a thing of great worth
Pursued by all to bring home to the hearth

For love outside your possession has no value
Home it must reside to bring satisfaction to you
One of my endeavors has been to write a letter, and possibly a poem to my wife every month. As I sat and thought about pursuing her love it occurred to me. The Fox Hunt is on!
Jasmine Jul 2
I was simply shuffling my feet through life
Trying to figure out my left from my right
It took me only a moment and a glimpse
Into your eyes ...
I'd seen your face before,
And your smile.
It wasnt love at first sight,
It was loving my first sight.
And I loved it so much
I stayed the night.
I am done being measured by being without a man. I am so done with dating. I am getting to a point where - remembering their information?
Darling, show me you're here to stay first.
I am done remembering facts and whole pageturner conversations.
I might put it in when I feel like it.

Dating is horrid. Spend weeks apping and talking and sharing and caring only to part after what, date two? Three?
No, I am done.

But yes, that is the paradox. I want love.
I want THAT adventure too.
But I am done begging god for love or for fate to find me a person.

I AM DONE BEING BUILT UP, WRECKED AND HAVING TO REBUILD AFTER SOME OX DECIDES TO TRY WITH ME. I am DONE with indecision. With coldness, with superiority, with children, with babies on the side, with leftovers.

Because that is what these men have tasted like to me. Leftovers.
And I am a ******* snack, a meal at a Michellin restaurant. A ******* well-rounded, thought through, social, creative and sportive prize.

So who the **** are you to bring me down.
Online dating annoys me
David M Harry May 26
Let this hymn beneath an ebony sky
Be the breath of angels upon our skin.
A song of scripture and silence
written upon your body and mine.
My head upon your breast on this night and your lips upon my mind.
Our breaths swirling like a sacred fragrance
are everything I need to know of love.
Frannie Apr 11
How are you feeling right now?

Kind of all over the place, almost like a yo-yo! Being thrown out when I get too close and reeled back in when I get too distant! I wish I’d met you sooner, indicating that its too late! My feelings are hurt, crushed and shattered, but I least I know our fate!

You’ve been a tornado, on. Destructive path, destroying all that get in your way. I know that you’re deadly, and that I should run, but it’s hard not to stay! Release me from your grasp, I need to move on, there is no sense of sticking around. Just let me go, I have to escape, I cannot dance another round. This twisted tango is not good for me, my decisions are clouded and distorted. Im feeling lost, sad and confused, so leave me alone with my feelings to be sorted.

You use honesty as a guise to hide the face that you’re damaged beyond repair. So please just leave, no need to stick around, free me from my despair. You want no strings attached, pure unadulterated fun, no feelings, no titles to share.  But my heart is fragile, its strings are all tangled and and yet you really don’t care.
Reuben F Apr 6
Left sundered with
The hut tinged of a yellow tincture
- My room in theft or dancing:
Swept underneath
The cut fringe of an elevator
- I whom she left her fancy.

Flapped on the heat
Or what singed over yellowed paper
- Fire loomed in after lancing:
Crept under teeth
That tucked cringe of a shallow nature
- "Hi! Should we shaft for chances?"
xavier thomas Mar 21
You know it’s time to go
Don’t amp up your ego
Don’t worry about the romance
You know you’re the definition of a real man

Focus back on your dreams
People depending on you, focus on that team
Just regroup and relax
Your wife will reveal herself, and you know that

I know your heart’s scarred
Yes it *****, but it must end
Just trust me, Zay, you don’t belong to them
Let go you’re not the problem

Look in the mirror and smile
There’s know need to be angry
If it’ll be awhile, then it’ll be a while
Remember you got God, Jesus, and me (you)
Speaking to yourself in the mirror
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