Falling for him was the worst thing
I could’ve done
While I landed on a bed of
Rose pedals
I was oblivious
To the thorns underneath
hannah 4d
One day she asked "How come we always choose poison over water?"
"The kind that takes our lives without a second thought"
  "The kind of poison that will be the death of us"
And then he said " Because it's sweeter."
My life;
As I knew it;
Has changed.

My doubts;
And questions;
You erased.

Now I'm all yours;
Everything I am;
Belongs to you.
Thanks for reading.
The lies of guys I was unwise
To let between my thighs
Because their eyes beguiled
Every time they smiled and I
Could not prematurely say goodbye.
Instead I took the guy to bed
Despite the murmurs in my head
And said stupid things in his ear
That I regretted that year and still
And yes, I probably always will.

Some guys tell lies with their eyes
In a kind of non-verbal disguise,
Of bigger and sadder untruths
That a green youth suspect exist
So that I didn’t resist temptation
To ignore deceit and exaggeration
For a moment’s hope for romance
And an afternoon’s hopeful chance
At something profound and legendary
That I forgot I needed to be wary.

Then the surprises in my eyes
As I realized I was unwise
But still thought I loved the guys,
Time and time again, trying,
Forgetting the crying and chagrin,
Then brave enough to try again
Taking time to learn to swim
In the river of romantic dreams
That starts in a tiny little stream
Going on until I sink or scream
Love is not something from a magazine.

Then one day I wake and say
No more! I finally know the score.
The whole game is a sick bore
And I know what it is all for.
It is for the wises route to wisdom.
To know I am finally through with them,
To know which ones are bad for me
And which to welcome gratefully;
To set the table and make dinner
And know for sure, he’s a winner.

I share the concept happily,
For those who ask me seriously,
That dating can be successful
Can even be fun and restful
If you ignore the glittery butterflies
That cavort and lie with their eyes
And want only that momentary thing
But are deathly afraid of the ring
And the promise that comes with you.
Don’t applaud those who gig you.
And choose from those who dig you.
all I need
is your big brown eyes
looking into mine
all I need
is your embrace
when I'm happy or when I'm sad
all I need
is you to shower me with kisses
all I need
is you right next to me
when I need you the most
all I need
is a lazy day watching shows
with you
all I need
is a night that I won't remember
with you
all I need
is to look to my bedside
and to see flowers that were a gift from you
all I need
is memories I'll never forget
memories that will always comfort me
all I need
is your laugh to be the sound that I hear
all I need
is to see your smile in my sight
all I need
is to hear "I love you"
only from you
all I need
is for you to trust me
for I will never hurt you
all I need
is to experience my teenage years with you
all I need
is to grow old with you
all I need
is to be able to make you happy
to be that person you can always go to
all I need
is for you to be mine faithfully
forever and ever
all I need
is for it to hit me
that everything is okay
that you came into my life
and saved me
all I need
is for you not to hurt me
because if you do
I don't know what I'll need anymore
-you make me happy
Abigail Hobbs Apr 10
Love was knowing our first touch
in that dimly lit room
just the two of us
and the sound of quiet charm
your lips meeting mine
and the way you gazed at me
Love was knowing you were there
Love was just the two of us
and our delicate touch
Love was...

Love was not this taste of leftovers
or my tears falling to my lips
or the way I crave a delicate touch
and the safety of your arms
or the comfort of your warmth
Love was not the way you abandoned ship
Love was not supposed to be like this
Love was to be around you
Love was how I fit with someone I barely knew
Love was...
This is one of, if not the most, emotional poems I've written- and I hope someone somewhere can connect with this, or at least feel the emotion I'm trying to convey. Thank you for reading
I’m split for time
So, offhand, here, I tip tap a rhyme
Dissecting and resembling
This Frankenstein text
Suffering, the ice of distance
Flagging the pole of our love
You’ve got a pull, no effort—enough!
Cursing the hailstorm that rains from above
And don’t get me started
See, I’m hardly smarting
Ice’s no price when you’re on thrice rejected
Yes, that’s no success
Shit, I’ve been there twice X neglected
—I’d guess you’d call that my best

So I turn from the possible
Down fantasy lane
Looking in the mirror at phantom me
Knocking on reflections, does it even have a name?
The ghost of the past made present with past pains
I swear these stains won’t come out
No matter how the tissue tears
No matter the boxes emptied out
Costco’s gonna need another round…

I shout into the silent replication
My reflected repetition
Distended, this pretender’s a sinner
Me? See, I’m a saint
And there’s no role for mercy
Hell, I’ll be thirsty when I’m thirty
And a little birdy told me you’re sturdy
So say hello to your pen-protector perfect nerd
Let’s curve the interrogation
Move on to you and I
Because honestly
I’ll lose if we get too far past “Hi.”
I'm not the perfevt woman,
But I'm the perfevt one for you,
I know you see it too.

You're not the perfevt man,
But you're the perfevt one for me,
You better believe it.
The heart of a dragon;
A young girl tames.
Her femme fatale;
Will be the end of him.
Sam Apr 9
I tried to hide my feelings
By dating another girl

That was dumb and it didn't work
Because you're the only one I see

I can't hide my feelings
So I'll just stop trying

I'll tell you any chance I get
That you look wonderful

I'll tell you anytime I can
That you are wonderful

I'll make it so well known
That you're my one and only

I can't look at anyone else
The same way I look at you

You're one of a kind
And I wish I could give you the world

You are so close
Yet so far

So, I won't hide my feelings
I'll yell them to the world

In a peaceful voice
That only you can hear

You are my best friend
But I wish you were more

I can wait.
I'm such a freaking mess when it comes to this stuff.
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