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Emma P 3d
They say to avoid epithets when referring to a person in writing
But you are all adjectives
All honey-eyed,
and most of all,
Anais Vionet Jun 10
I don’t know, I don’t care,
if you’re going to the party
or you won’t be there

I don’t give you a thought
you’re not on my mind
and if I ever think of you
I’m not very kind

Now that you’re gone
I’m feeling better
Now that you’re gone
I’ll feel that way forever

I laugh when I hear,
that you’re under pressure
or under the weather -
the last one is better

Look, I’m not irate -
and I haven’t any doubts
- you were like a bad taste,
that I had to spit out.

You proved a consternation,
a mistake on my part,
thanks again, LUzer
I actually learned a lot
a song for this:
Please Please Please by Sabrina Carpenter
From the Merriam Webster word of the day list: Consternation: a sudden disappointment causing confusion.
I’ve seen this road before
Was it in a dream?
The familiarity of the leaves crunching at their core
For what could it mean?

My feet sink in each step
A robin can be heard in the distance
For even he knows I’m a wreck
As I contemplate life’s existence

Yet the road leads to another
So, I take a break from it all
And as night falls, she’s found a new lover
But here I cling to my phone, waiting on a call

As day rises, I continue on
Walking slowly, feeling tired and sore
When a thought comes to mind, with the suns dawn
I’ve seen this road before
Heather Mar 11
We sip congratulatory Miller lites
In the bar with the 50 cent pizza
The poor mans gala I thought to myself and chuckled

But Heather she whispered
And drew me close, her lips against the folds of my ear
“I still think of her”

“When” I say
“Everytime we make a major relationship decision”

She wants to know is it wrong
I say no
But what I mean is “you’re not alone”
m Mar 7
a week ago wednesday
and here we are, here i am,
begging and bruised and
bursting at every touch;
the gentle threat of promises
that are not uttered
but seep in, somehow,
through the sensitive skin of my thighs
and into my bloodstream,
begging to be realized
and i dream of giants and gems on your pillow;
my mouth is consistently
failing me, and the promises hide behind
my teeth as you pry them open
with your tongue--
i melt the confessions into your
bed sheets and close my eyes
to dream
it's been a while since i've dated
anthony Feb 23
in the space between
our sound and silence,
there exist two of me
and one of them
is kissing you.
je voulez-vous ici en ce moment
I got lost talking to strangers on the internet
Who probably could have cared less
I just needed a place to not be myself
Cause I’d be better if I was someone else

It’s so hard trying to find good friends
And faking joy and happiness

I don’t wanna reinvent the wheel
To protect you from how you feel
Let me listen in on your stupid spiels
mjad Jan 12
I hope one day you can close your eyes
And smile at our memory
mjad Jan 12
Sometimes I wonder what I would do
If I walked into a room
And all I saw was you
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