millions of cicadas
how do they choose
their mate
zero 5d

To my lover,
the one I crave the most.
My core winces to see you weep,
but with the state of your home,
I don't wonder why you're sad.

If my empire was torn to shreds I would tear also,
but my place is within you.
You are the one I'm invested in.

You are the one for me,
so, just text me when you read this
...because I'll be your home.

I'll keep you warm.

I promise?

Trevor Dowe Jan 10

You tried, she said to me
As if that counted
And as if she really cared
Just pick yourself up
And start again
We may not click right
But there are plenty of fish in the sea

...if it works,
then I am a Genius?
If it doesn't...
then what good is,
a -Dead Genius?

<a beautiful crow>
<beautiful crow.>



You slide into my inbox
and I roll my eyes
thinking how our ancestors
would roll in their graves
under wildly blooming roses
the kind of fragrant bouquets
they gave one another
on a first date
a gesture of courtship and respect

they would be so disappointed
in the way their Shakespearean love
has devolved
into self-involved
lazy digital foreplay

you can save your DM
for someone else;
I will continue waiting
for my rose.

Insta: @nakedwriting

My throat closes
when I think of you now
I loved you once—
I wanted you every day—
and part of me loves you still
but it would kill me
to have you

isn't it funny
how something that was once good for us
can become the death of us
a design by God—
or science—
who knows

we wake up one day
and our bodies have evolved
to reject even one taste
so violently
that it would be a delicate tango
between life and death—
Russian roulette—
to ever have you

Insta: @nakedwriting


...god, where are all the English Women?

WE'RE just getting started?

did Ireland Die or something....

Tres anos, tres anos,

THREE more Days,

since the days of Caesar's Uncle Marius everyone has do not wind-up a German on mushrooms, alcohol and beer unless you're planning on fighting a battle 3 days from now?

uh eh


four day old cheeseSteak

W(hat are we ta)lkin' bout

Oh wait; LANCO

Ossipher, Doo Bears, Doo Bears, nah, no Moors, I ain't Islamics

...he left with that Blonde Chick.

F *---0

D Ave's drunk and found structure...


Come on, if I lie so well you do not realize I'm lying?
What ARE you complaining about?

Life is NOT an Absolute, maybe a more like Stolie? ...or some damned honest Irish guy who sucks, cause, honest Men with Hearts are horrible.
L M Biese Dec 2017

Tear it off.

     Tear it off.

          I LOVE YOU
          Tear it off.

               I LIED
               Tear it off.

                    I'M SORRY
                    Tear it off.

                         I like her.

Asonna Dec 2017

Building walls to break them down
but sometimes they're forced.
find a penny, pick it up
and all day long you'll have good luck
unless you won't..

3 is the number of shatters i hear
all within different times.
if only pieces i picked were like that penny,
I could really use some luck.

Rivers bound around the pores,
slopes below the cheek.
waterfalls placed at the chin
where it pools onto my skin.

Kindness I have too much of
It's slowly becoming fault
advantage taken where feelings are broken
my walls come crumbling down.

I should have learned my lesson now
it's only happened twice before
I guess I'll know better now
and keep my feelings to myself.

Pain thumps loud and hard.
i can barely breathe.
Instead of lucky pennies,
i've only got shattered glass instead.

Lizzie Dec 2017

fifteen and stupid
tuesday afternoon
after school, after four
early decemeber
snowing softly

in your room
with the lights
turned off
only christmas lights
lit up our faces

i was timid
and scared
you were confident
and brave

you grabbed me
and kissed me

i hated it
the kiss
i hated you
the person

but i never
pushed you away
or told you no

but i wish i had
pushed you off me
and wiped my mouth
clean of your saliva
told you how
this isn't what i asked for

but i didn't

and i paid for that

by dating you for almost
a whole year before
i decided i didn't
want this
this kiss
this person

based on true events
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