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Phia 1d
You became
A distant memory,
Nothing left of you
But a story for the moon
Phia 1d
I told you I caught feelings
And you said you felt them too
But now three long days have gone by
And there's no sign of you.
Nabi 4d
Falling sound asleep
Your fingers tickle me
I look at you with glassy eyes
You look at me with fire

Soft murmurs carry me
Up into the clouds
And so myself starts to wonder—
Could this really be love?
playing mine by the 1975 while i watch you doze off into your dreams
I know I shouldn’t fall for you yet, but how could I not when you look at me with those piercing eyes and that friendly smile. You make me feel so safe, a safety I have never felt before.
We talk for hours, but when we say goodbye it only feels like minutes, I could spend days talking to you and never get bored. The first time you held my hand I knew I never wanted you to let it go, and when we shared our first kiss I couldn’t stop smiling the whole drive home.
I promised myself I wouldn’t fall too hard too fast, but here I am just hoping it all lasts.
It was 4:00 am they were laying in bed with their bodies intertwined. She looks up at him he asks her what she’s thinking about. “You scare me” she says with a soft tremble , “why”? He asks with a sweet concern. “Because you make me feel safe” he pulls her in tighter as she rests her head on his chest.
New love after heartbreak
David Hilburn Aug 14
Toll of an evening bell
Of a land far away from sense neither
Welcoming the scope of sharing, seemed little
The rue of roles and omnipresent goals, is a requite to bare?

Many and dread; the toil of another eye...
Followed briefly, to wind a searching cause
Simple lows and metaphor, with a sincere edge for why
Is a shadow ever mere, and dear, to ways we laud?

A riddle that makes the night a special peace
A privilege in tantamount time, of questions and answers
That when dismayed, has the voice of anarchy
Intimate, but ****** to rights, adds the humor of heed; to learn...

West with the common, the vices we assure are may in motion
If but a seemlier kind, to these we knew a reason about a shown
And carnal liberty, with which we keep ourselves all and any, a devotion...?
In the aspire of coping, a handsomeness that delivers a promise known

Whimsy stands before a whether, and a care of silence, comes into view...
Trees and fruit, pets and forsooth, are we the people of candor?
That when asked to lead, a marvel of must if the name of doting shew
Shrewd is the cold shoulder, of more than a clash of distance with more?

So, what remains to gall, is a friend in needful deed?
Or was that a paradises fall, into the arms of reality, sake
Of a wish that completes the tact, we envoy is a careful means
To an end, that works like this, can hope become a call to make?

And about the swallow of pride, that made us
Confirmed sincerity of an asking patience, is worth now?
Or if how is to ever be, the gift of poise to claim ourselves thus?
Lions for lambs, and Grandma eating too much ham; your Aunt says try the applesauce...
Elliott Jul 26
Intoxicating...her laugh, her voice, her scent.

Dangerous...her sense of flight and fear of being hurt like all those times before.

"Look at me", she says as her eyes drown mine in complete and utter kindness, a safety I have not yet felt in this lifetime.

"Take my hand", she says as she leads me over the edge and into the unknown abyss of a life I've not yet felt the freedom to live.

They say stars burn at billions of degrees and that meteors crash faster than the speed of sound and yet still the only thing I know for certain is that when she speaks...the synapses of my brain begin to alight like supernovas.

"You better not **** this up." I say as I lay my head down at night, wondering how something so good could've happened to my life.

It's the forth down of a quarter life crisis and desperately when I needed it most, someone threw me a Hail Mary and though I'm the most unathletic person on the planet, I'll be ****** if I don't run arms open wide straight into the endzone.

Because I don't know what comes next, I cling to the realty of her lips, the smile in her gaze, and the feeling that our tomorrows together will be infinitely better than all the yesterdays before.

Thank you for pulling me from my glass house of insecurity and fear, and finding a place in this world for my blossoming life to flourish.

Here's to that next ride out past the city limits, where we'll get lost amongst the fields, the stars, and each other.
B Jun 2021
Hello again-
Cover my bones with your cardigan
how long have you been a necro baby?
Cause' I've been dead since 2010.

Am I still cold?
when you wrap that woolen yellow round my back
Is my body old?
as you stroke blackberry lips with the breath that I lack.

Do you like the way
my eyes
- still alive -
never shut?
Someone can finally stand to look on you,
man of sin, skin, bore; a mutt.

Can you feel the dryness beneath my throat?
Watch the insects flee my face
and see the rot of teeth in the midst of groan.

Hello again.
Bramble crowned amongst worst of men.
How long have you been a necro, honey?
Cause' I'm dead as poet's pen.
David Hilburn Jul 10
Liberate the train
Inch by inch, mile for mile
Speed is a waiting land, devoted to plain
Excuses and accusation, in the lips, all the while

Independance, is our reward
Found futures, in a problem silence, now
In last, the problems of candor before the words
Of compelling a heart to action, as if guidance allowed

Travel of the ******?
Suppose to wither with denial?
Sordid capture of a freer insanity?
Cares of presumption, to live with fear, filial?

Callous worth, we's of owed solemnity
Trading hunger for wheel's
Spare adroitness to tame a keeping nativity
Boxes of avarice, with purity to establish a host feel's

Rage, for a dream in the land
Set to firsts and lest we begin the dire harvest
Of an honest soul, that has lent avarice a hand
A thought for wishful patience, that has momentum to attest
People who know a date with infamy, notice a knocked door with best's and host's of more, problem's
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