Aditya Roy Sep 13

Have you heard the song
“Get off my cloud”
Who is it by

Takes a while to finally
Understand who meant to say this and why
‘Cause the first date makes you seem weird and shy
But whereas you are high
Blissfully high

On a cloud of thought
That relishes feminine company
But seeks individuality
If something is suffering
And that is the symbiotic alacrity
Of love at first sight

So please get off my cloud
I’m leaving

You’ll need the Stones
In your bag to get down
And for us to have another night on the town
The Rolling Stones-Get Off of My Cloud
Jose H Sep 9

Why is it so confusing?
Dating, I mean
Why is it you never speak your heart?
Why do you give me the small glimpse of hope?
Why do that and take it away?
I tell you, you're the one
I look at you, as if I have seen a goddess
I treat you as if you're a queen
We share a beautiful kiss
Yet im here
Dinner for two
With an empty seat in front of me
Not a word
Not an apology

Leonila Sep 7

Life's Dances

No one else I'd rather be with
No other for me than you, Love
No one else I'd live and die for
There's no one else I love more
You, my one wish has come true
I've loved you a lifetime through
Tonight we celebrate our union
With you life is a blissful romance
Tic- toc the clock that doesn't stop
Oh Love, my life is sweeter with you
Hold me close until death do us apart
One, two, three we step to this Waltz
Wrapped safely in your loving embrace
I hope and pray this dance lasts forever
No one else I'd dance life's dances than with you

©Leonila 2016

Leonila Sep 7

Just like that
we let people in and out
of our everyday lives.
like revolving doors.

Freely we receive them
freely we let them go
as if people were objects
as if people had no value.

Just like that
is how we deal with
the people in our lives.
With no importance.

Life is a vicious circle
teaching us lessons
beyond what the mind
can comprehend.

Just like that
we get rid of people
today they no longer serve you
they served their purpose

In vicious circles we do spin
that treatment that upsets us
is the treatment we return
and then we wonder why.

Do we suffer the lessons we get?

Just like that
life in it's truest, realest sense
growing from the cause of pain
smiling although you want to cry.

Even when you don't understand
and so your wounded heart aches
you pick yourself up and walk again
Just like that.

Just like that
you begin to realize
you have no choice
in people's decisions and actions

But rather you accept what is
and you learn that someday
sometime you will smile again
Just like that....

Just like that.....

©Leonila 2016

Leonila Sep 7

It's love....

The fire of amber tones consummate this season
The breeze rushing swiftly as the leaves begin to fall
And it's with much trepidation I write you these lines
As this tempest of hailstones has affected you and I
The blazing flames of love can't extinguish the cold
A massive boulder of space that stands between us
Something's changed what we had and how we were
Would I like to believe that we could metamorphosize
As the process from a cocoon, caterpillar to a butterfly
Such is the profound prayer in this heart beat of mine
But time drives a sinking wedge in these lives of ours
Your love for me seized, it seems you've outgrown me
I accept this and that life and time are full of changes
It's love....
You'll live forever hidden in the chambers of my heart

©Leonila 2016

When I arrived to her apartment
I began to anxiously knock on the door

But nobody answered?

I noticed that all the lights were on,
But still,
No answer?

I then decided to wait a couple minutes
Assuming that she was probably just in the bathroom, still getting ready

But my heart was racing fast
And my thoughts begun to get unsteady

My paranoia started to get the best of me
And I thought what if she played me?

What if this wasn't even her residence?
How could she have betrayed me?

I then snapped out of it
And decided to call her phone

I called her three times in a row
I was now afraid of the unknown

I started to count my loss
And attempted to leave
But I made a promise to come
Because this girl was filled with grieve

How could I just give up and leave?
So i continued to proceed

I opened up her door
Because it was unlocked
I carefully entered the door
Going through unblocked

I didn't hear anything
Or see anyone in the living room?
So I made my way to the bedroom

She wasn't in there either
So I began to panic
I didn't know what to do
I quickly began to turn frantic

I thought that I'd check the bathroom
To search a little more
I know that this was a form of home invasion
But my human nature told me to explore

When I made my way to the bathroom door,
My heart slowly started to bang much more,
I slowly turned the nob,
And there she was,
Face flat, lying down on the bathroom floor.....

Tony Ortiz Sep 4

Whether you're having trouble finding it,
Keeping it in order, or think it's all bullshit,
Love is something that is very hard to get.
It involves finding people that you adore,
With mutual feelings that make that connection soar.
But both need intentions, on not luring into traps,
Hurt the other person and make the heart kick back.
The only way to find this is to drop your defenses,
Become exposed and make yourself defenceless.
The ones who aren't right can become
quite cruel,
And sometimes they'll come back claiming to be the fool.
But remember that those people don't change,
So do not think that maybe they're not the same.
You're better off continuing the search somewhere else,
It's better than becoming someone's love pelt.
They aren't still in love, just afraid to be lonely,
So remember these words and say "You don't know me."
The reality is, love is hard to find.
You have to connect to someone's soul, body and mind.
They have to be able to click like no other,
And your hearts intertwine to become an emotional structure.
A Heart divided will not stand,
And a Heart united will rule the land.
It's an amazing feeling to never get tired,
To wake up every morning and begin to admire,
The angel next to you, and watching them snooze,
And feeling as though, right there, you can't lose.
If you can't find that connection in the places you're looking,
It's because it's in other places, and their flights are booking.
You have to search both far and wide,
In a variety of environments far and wide,
You must spread your love before it will confide.
Meet everyone, and never have a regret,
Because on this planet, we only get so many sunsets.

You may think it matters because we all die alone,
But, when you have someone a house is a home.
And if you spend these years with them,
Tell me why does dying alone matter again?

Part 1 of the Advice Collection

Berry, Fruity-Delicious, Skittles, rainbow, water-fall...
Berry, Fruity-Delicious, got them at the Mall
Sixteen year old ba-by, saw her walkin' past
Toss 'em in my mouth -chuck, the best things never last!
When you're eating candy you know you understand
fruity under-cover...
Skittles lead the way!

Berry, Fruity-Delicious, fill your mouth and hands
Got me a new girl-friend, Skittles made me the Man!
Keep me in a daydream, keep me goin' strong
From loneliness you saved me, happy is my song.
When you're eating candy you know you understand
fruity under-cover...
Skittles lead the way!
yeah yeah

Very fruity-delicious...

Remake of Superstitious by Stevie Wonder into a Skittles commercial theme song.
Leonila Sep 1

into a vast infinity of darkness
do you dismiss my love for you
not caring in the least about me
plunging me into a massive void
this empty space of a black hole
and I'm lingering in the universe
my life a leaf fluttering in the wind
past the milky way I'm spiraling off
gravity that's your calloused heart
oblivion destination eternally you
shining like the brightest of stars
high in the bodies of constellations
in the heavenly of cosmos like god
comet unreachable forever you are
far in the galaxies and deep of night
the moon shines her consoling light
she knows the heartache of my plight
my astronaut won't set foot on land
he won't join ethereal dreams tonight
the man whom I love and can't have
why oh why couldn't I win your love
© Leonila 2017

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