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her tintinnabulating anklets
sullen ‘time’
now thirsty for blood
sticks her elongated tongue
at ‘consciousness’
threatening to annihilate him
and this tired creation

ever present ‘consciousness’
in his state of yogic trance
smiles to counter:
for me - ‘time’ always is still
at best, relative
so, if and when,
i wake up to perform
my ultimate twilight dance,

will you even exist?

© 2021
An envisioned conversation between time and consciousness
RQ 11h
Tick tick tick
Tock tock tock
Tick tock tick tock
The sound of a clock
The unstoppable movement of time
It keeps moving forward
It never goes backwards
If only we can turn back time
Undo the bad things that happened to us
Unfortunately we can't
We can't stop time
Time is a force to be reckoned with
Time is of the essence
Tick tock
Bailey 16h
If it all just stopped
Time frozen in one moment
Something just long enough
To feel a warm breeze
See a beautiful scene
To smell new flowers
Taste freshly baked bread
To listen to your favorite lullaby
If time really froze
Just long enough for this
What would happen
Are we going?
Are we flowing?
Kiss me slow.
I’m decoding.
Okay, now you got me floating in your head...
...while I’m sinking... your bed...
take me up
show me what you owe me
take me up
so this is what you mean, “all eyes on me?”
im brushing off debris,
soaking in your dream.
Show me the unseen.
Where has it all been?
Show me the extent, I don’t wanna pretend.
Take me up.
Show me what?
What you know?
Kiss me fast.
I’m encoded.
it also works when read from bottom to top i think :o
I woke up this morning, you were on my mind,
A lost dream, that keeps giving me, special signs,
So many ideas, and dreams, knowing someday,
I will run out of time.
We spend A lot of time, in this life, dreaming,
How many hours, do we waste,
If you live to be, eighty, sleep eight hours a day,
Watch television, for four, along with the other time we waste,
Give or take, half our life away.
We all have different vices, to spend, our time, on being positive,
Or wasting it away, Remember, this is our only chance,
I’ve never seen anyone, come back, after their final dance.
Keep A positive attitude, enjoy A dream, when one comes your way,
Use your time wisely, your time is counting down,
Each second, of every day.

                                                           ­                                                        The original Tom Maxwell © 06/07/2021 10:47pm
aisha 2d
Where do I begin?
it aches my being, struggling to remember you the way you were
     when I
let myself abandon your throne undusted, unvisited, unloved; I
let myself forget the pages from the time I tried to memorialize you
in ink so dark, it swallowed me whole and spitted me out in pieces
am I right to keep the essence of your past only when
midnight arrives, only on the day you were born?

Do I linger still when I am perfectly aware of the seams I had sewn
     around us are coming
undone, bit by bit since you took the needle and I am left with only
     the fragile thread?

Time was cruel to us, my love
or maybe it had nothing to do with time at all; maybe
it was you trying to get away from the start, and me
trying to catch the star that is you.
Happy birthday, Will. Wherever you are.

Ang damdamin ng poot at lambing
Ay mga mekanismong humahalo sa saya
Ng pusong gustong kumawala
Sa diktador na sumara ng lagusan patungo sa liwanag.

Hindi maipinta ang mga sandaling naging hayag
Sa kung papaanong paraan ba hinabi ang sarili
Sa banig ng karamdamang tumupok sa pangarap --
Sa pangarap na masilayan ang araw
At madampian ng liwanag ang buo nyang pagkatao.

Sa mga nanlilisik na matang mapanghusga,
Tila ba ang pagkutya ay naging agahan sa malamig na umaga,
At ang kapeng mainit ay binuhusan ng malamig na tubig
Sa gabing walang pasabi kung lumisan na ba ang araw
O nanatili itong nakatirik sa tanghaling tapat ngunit mapag-usig.

Ang bawat pagtulog nang patagilid
At paulit-ulit na pagbangon ay sadyang nakakasawa.
Samantalang sa kanyang pagpihit sa debateryang may impormasyon,
Ay naghalo ang sining ng iba't ibang kwentong
Sana nga'y kanyang hayag na natatamasa.

Ang mga butil buhat sa sisidlan ng kanyang liwanag
Ay tila ba wala nang lalagyan pang sasalo
Sa mga binasag na oras ng mapanghinang delubyo.
Tila ba nagbibilang na lamang sya
Ng mga yapak na walang mukha,
At mga katok na nanatiling multo sa apat na sulok ng kanyang paghinga.

Maging ang bawat larawan ay nagsilbing alaala na lamang
Na hindi na mauulit pa kung bumukas man ang liwanag
At mag-alok ito ng pagsakay
Sa hamong hindi nya na maaabutan pa.

Tila ba nahuli na ang pintig ng bawat kalabit sa kanyang damdamin,
Tila ba ang nakikinig ay nawalan na rin ng boses sa paligid.
At ang kahon na kanyang tirahan
Ay pansamantalang naging palamuting
Binudburan ng mga nagsasayawang bulaklak
At naglalagasang mga dahong walang nagwawalis.
I'm a bit delusional
but i guess we all are

like how we shut the door
to stop thinking of death and the end

just to pretend for one more second
we can outlive it.
Yep, I'm in that mood
vita 4d
the breeze of our whispers linger with me always
keeping me warm, keeping me quiet
for who else would I want to talk to?
while our night was a fleeting eternity
the prayer of our goodbyes still coos softly
providing comfort to the small of my back
which has been freezing since your hand left it
a genuine work in progress!
Lunar 4d
Why do good things turn bad
Or were they bad from the start
Or are they always good and it’s the lens of life that changes
How does one define good or bad
It’s all in perspective is it not
But sometimes it is black and white
Does it rot like an apple
Or does it enhance like wine
Maybe it does depend on time
For time is the key in revealing hidden secrets
Where white starts to darken and black starts to fade
If that is true
Then let time slow… cause I’m not ready to change
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