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Fire at the core of the earth, fire at the core of me,
Delve to the depths of the earth and me, find what will frighten and what makes me free.
That fire burns ferociously behind this thin film,
I am not the only one who knows.
A wildfire only slightly tamed by a lie,
And a fervour that by the day grows.

Slight me as you must, consequences of flame,
I am all power and weakness and treat them both as the same.
Tragedy and triumph work hand in hand,
You are my friend and my foe!
Sparing me sorrow is sparing me joy,
A perpetual duality, I am beginning to know.
OC 9h
I sometimes ponder
of a phone call that will never be
of silence stretching between two receivers
of a heavy sigh that exhales
years’ worth of air caged in the lungs

Yes, I’m still here
How have you been?
How is life?
How many laugh-lines did the corner of your eye accumulated?
How many past mistakes still drag around your tongue?
How many days since than have drained onto your windowsill?
How many nights were spent sleeping at the foot open front-gates?

Am I as you remember?
Are we where you imagined us to be
back then, some years ago
when both our paths diverged
when all we left behind
was dust and a sense of waste,
and a pair of phantom us, gazing onward
that shared the same time and space

Yes, I am here, but different
which may describe you too
no wonder, since passing time
kept kneading us like clay
and all our efforts to keep straight
were all for naught, we are astray

sometimes I still ponder
if thing did not transpire
if times unraveled could be wound up
and knotted, at that single point
then moving forward, just maybe
both of us were different now
but different altogether
For analogous "classical" results see: 17th Installment in this series of poems inspired by physics. This one is a bit different, as it is not inspired by a "classic" result in physics, but by my own research.
For analogous "classical" results see:

Thoughts and comments are always welcome
-A 13h
I cried out to the sky
stop the hangs of time,
even if only for a minute.
I just need one fleeting forever with him,
a memory that will linger
for the rest of my days.
One moment turned infinite.
Jules 1d
I'm on the boarder
Of losing my mind
What's with this guy?
Can you please choose a side?
Cuz I'm on the fence
With no more time
Jules 1d
I said I'm fine
But I need time
To clear my mind
Ironically filled with you
Jules 1d
Don't worry
I'm in a hurry
A hurry to move on
A few more steps and I'm gone
Never to be mine
I need more time
i bask in the
i feel the warm
earth between
my fingers,
my eyes close
and I drift into
a light slumber.
when i awake
it is dawn,
a new day begins,
why are my hands
so old and wrinkled?
I havent been able to write because of school and hello poetry hasn't been working :(
O, the girl of the sea with her long caramel salty hair, listening to abba while wishing for a perfect summer love, living the island life feeling the vibe, she's a little happy hippie who loves to watch sunsets

O, the girl of the city with her angry eyes and perfect smile, eating sushi in the lunchtime, wearing a Chanel suit which is matches with her soul, she can't resist a good red wine and a Frank Sinatra song

O, the girl of forest with her féerique image, she smells like sunflower, her lips are always kissable, she loves to sit in the outside and feel the breeze and hear the calmness of the nature, she dream that one day Demeter will save her
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