Xaha 22m
Each passing day I spend with you
Feels like borrowed time.
Two people pretending to be in love,
A hopeless pantomime.

You played me well,
I must admit.
Uncovered all my flaws.

But something in how you did -
Ended our dialogue.
It wasn’t to heal or help me up
It was just to tear me down.
And now that you’ve exposed the truth
The queen lays down her crown.
Keep on moving
The road never ends.
There's no losing.

You're always ahead, but
Always behind
The point of the curve
That there's no point proving.
             So logic has limits
             Yet I've passed mine.
               Breath. Get back up.
             Just this once, last, more time..

If i had it I'd
Spend it.
Every second on nothing.
I held you in my arms and swore to show you how to live.
Give you attention, love, and discipline.
We were going to have the father-son talk.
So, I can explain how the world really works.

Let me show you its beauty and faults.
Here let me show you about manhood.
Always remember, that there is nothing thicker than blood.
You don’t choose your family; it chooses you.
Honor them and protect them at all cost.

Being a man is about showing respect, dignity, and self-control.
You must resist the urge to eat the marshmallow.
I will be here for you, so you can learn to live
independent, free, and always standing upright.

Never bow your head to indignity and cruelty.
Never let injustice corrupt your ideals.
Get an education and learn how to think.
Don’t ever let others sway your beliefs.

Learn to compromise when working with others,
but never fall victim to the pressure of the majority.
So, let's talk now about politics and unjust laws
because you are brown and you are starting at a loss.

I sit now under this sun thinking of you.
Wishing we did have that father-son talk.
Wishing that I had a voice of wisdom in my life
explaining the importance of the little things in life.

But no matter now, you are gone.
I am standing upright but alone.
I am finding out about the world on my own.
I spoke a eulogy to family and friends.
I spoke about the things you should have said.
The father-son relationship or lack thereof is influential in the way young man relate to the world.
Sanny 6h
Trying to accept what isn't meant for me.

That he isn't the one.

There was a time he said he was.

I feel the sad smile on my face.

The wrinkle on my forehead, caused by him.

Even though it wasn't our fate to be

I hope he thinks of me.

When the other girls don't sing along to our songs.

When they don't laugh the way I did.

When they don't get excited about the moon and the stars.

It's selfish,
but I hope he searches for traces of me in all the girls to come.
i don’t fear the unexpected,
i fear the unconquered
for one day my time will run out,
and it will have conquered
It's been too long
Since I saw your face
It's been too long
Since I told you
I love you
But would you hear me
If I said it again?
It's been too long
Since I sang to you
I hugged you
I kissed you
I loved you
It's been too long
Since I said
I need you
It's been too long
Since I let you know
I see you
And I fall in love
It's been too long
Since I wrote that song
Outside the school
About rain
But in the sun
It's been too long
Since love could see
All you mean
It's been too long
Since I lay my head
On your shoulder
And imagined
Wedding bells
Singing our love
As I kiss you
And promise
I am yours
It's been too long
Since I could slip
A love letter
Into your backpack
One that says
What Jon Bon Jovi
Says about love
"Love isn't a merry-go-round
It's a roller coaster"
It's been too long
Since I rode
That roller coaster
The ups are
Worth the downs
It's been too long
Since we were us
Like the new single
From Bon Jovi
Three days
After your birthday
you are just barely
It's been too long
Since we were us
It's been too long
Since I had love
It's been too long
Since life was good
It's been too long
Since I had the love
Of the perfect person
Like a click
Of a puzzle
As you complete
Happy birthday to my last girlfriend... The girl I haven't seen in eight years.
Man frozen in Time
Tangled in the Timeline

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Genre: Haiku
My two best friends,
They've changed so much
Since we first met.
We once were close,  
Though really,
Who isn't?
These are my
Two best friends.

I still see them often,
Each morning
Or evening.
When I drive home.
They always stand
On the same corner.
Not quite dead,
But not alive.
These are my
Two best friends.
Too sad to even describe,  really.
Blanche 12h
Late in January of last year, a butterfly came and sat on your windowsill.
She was resplendent, intricate and exquisite.
Her words were delicate and sweet like honey;
they floated off her tongue and held the contingency of fortune.

She told you that spring was coming sooner than expected, and you did not believe her
for the melancholic grey clouds held no promises;
but you hoped she was right, because
spring was the season of efflorescence and flourish, and winter was anything but.

Surely enough, delicate sunshine brushed your face in February,
or maybe it was March, but time was trivial seeing as
and your heart was as light as her wings,
and the marigolds had begun to bloom.

When summer settled in, you tried to keep the butterfly in your hand
in hopes of eternal sunshine,
but everyone knows that butterflies cannot be kept for long
and that fall is inevitable.

The marigolds began to reek and wither
as the leaves began to change colour.
Your butterfly wanted to be set free
but you tried to keep her.

So she flew away.
As much as it broke her, she could not be held back.
With her she took the last traces of sunshine,
and what was left of your heart.

You spent the rest of winter looking for something to bring you incandescence
and she searched for someone who’s spirit resembled yours;
but serendipity was not written in the stars
and you were both left heavyhearted.

It is now the 22nd of January;
you have not yet found a butterfly,
but a caterpillar who holds the promise of flourishing into one,
and she has found someone who’s heart is made of gold to share her stories with.

Your love for each other was not meant to be-
but it was beautiful while it lasted
just like the marigolds
that grew last spring.
this is for anyone who's had to walk away from a relationship when they were still in love with the other person. i know it's not easy, but you're better off for it x
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