Red lips curl watching Earl Grey unfold in clouds inside a cup
and brown eyes flicker over long fingers folded around porcelain.
She is a carefully written poem on ivory paper, royal blue
ink blooming on a page, kissed and tied with a ribbon.
She is a timeless woman, inhabiting a thousand eras.
Her sharp eyes have outlived the courts of many kings,
have seen revolutions unfold and succeed and be shattered;
she has watched fights started over her in warm saloons and
soapboxed revolution on Boston Common, smiling dangerously.
She is the brightest of all muses.
He is in his element, shining bright with eyes like starlight,
a compliment to the beauty he saw first of everyone.
I feel a soft adoration for what she is to him, and think how
that, really, is poetry.

yes, i sometimes also write about other people who are in love.
Audora 3h

You light up my darkness with your luminescent soul..
It’s like a melody
that makes me smile every time I hear.

A grey scale photograph,
Shot decades ago,
Taken in a place gone from here,
An avenue no longer the same,
Friends no longer there,
Things time had taken away,
Frozen in a slip of paper,
Smiling faces and youth,
Emanating from but a simple slip of paper.

Billy 5h

Have you ever seen that Avatar cartoon?
Where  people can bend elements?
They control fire, air, earth, and water.
And you know what?
I think you are one of them. Why?
Because everytime I look at you, I feel like the time stops.
I think you are secretly a timebender.

This thing corny but whatever
Cheryl 7h

i remember
the day you told me that we'll meet again
it was 20 years ago
life was a lot easier back then
it's all about silly jokes
the fun that we had
how simple life was
until you left me
you told me that you want to be rich and successful
you've promised me that we'll meet again in 20 years
yes you were right
you're now rich and successful
you have everything
but life doesn't go that way
as time goes
you began to lose everything
now you've change
there are no such thing as smiling
you used to smile
now you can't even remember me
where did the time goes?
we're growing older
yet unhappy
do you still remember the first day we met?
do you still remember you used to cry on my shoulder?
do you still remember me?
i don't think so
you once said that you'll be rich and successful the day that we'll meet again
but you didn't say that you'll be happy
that's all your fault
time boils the rain
your smile worth a whole galaxy
the stars in your eyes
that used to be there
now it's the day
our first meeting that you've promised
but you weren't there
you forgot
where did the time goes?
i want to go back
i want to be the reason in each smile that you used to have
i miss the old times
it's already november
and you're still not here
i'll wait for you
even if it took me forever
no matter how fast time flies
it's already snowing
each snowflakes felt like frozen tears that i kept for you
but your presence still left unpresented
you said that we'll conquer the world together
i'm still waiting for that time
even if the the world end
only fate can end us
time boils the rain, huh


sorry if it's not good because i don't feel good about this one

White smudges like maps line the walls.
Crinkled bills sit on the counter.
The shades have wiped away the sun.
And humming drifts through the room,
Without a greeting.

Air sits thick upon the chest.
A pencil skipping skillfully to the tune,
Of Rosemary Clooney.
A single bead of moisture glides towards the desk.

One single tear of a paper takes us from Monday to Tuesday.
And it's here we find ourselves.
Again and again and again.

Until everything changes once again.

I went outside today and wandered along  the quiet edge of your life where the  sunshines Rays dance across your body, whilst flickering through leaves of trees
on and off like light off a disco ball,
we quietly surrendered to ourselves,
To the emptiness of being broken,
You are As loud as water pouring down from heaven forever, your departure
Drowned out thunder and deleted the sound of stone crumbling beneath the ground
As the angry earth grinds it's teeth,
You are.

I am.

I do not know where here is
I've screwed the bulb back into
Socket in the bathroom..
I have been resurrected
because I can look myself in the eyes
Again when I look in the mirror,
And tonight
every light in the apartment is on.

M Rose 1d

one day
the holidays
will hurt a little less
as time halves and halves and halves until
i can't remember your name anymore.
in time i'll learn to be present
with the ones who wait to
love me, soft and

i'm not going home for thanksgiving out of sheer stubbornness and the idea of facing my family after this, a harrowing year, sounds too hard. I'm also really sick, but that feels like a bratty excuse to use. I'm trying to convince myself that I can always try again for Christmas or even next year, but there's a nagging, quiet voice in the back of my head...

Are you truly as kind as you seem to be.
I've fallen in love with you.
And just like every other promise.
All I ask is that you not leave so soon.
The real reason I love you.
Is that you make everything sound so simple.
You've shown me the most beautiful sound in the world.
You've taught me to cherish and hold close these tender
short moments of sentiment.
That somewhere in these moments of beauty, you will
whisper back.
And tell me a secret of your very own.
But deep down, I know you won't.
And you will move on just as swift as you've come.
The reason I love you

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