Standing at the edge of space
Where matter decomposes
And time is none existent

Inhaling the fumes
Of flickered out stars
And vaporized planets

Observing the frozen cosmos
Fixed in a fragile moment
Ziplocked still

Falling off the edge of the universe
Accepting fate and truth:
All things die.

time no longer flows,
in this piece of peace I've found;
in a place that no one knows
a place where nature has been crowned.
a place without pollution
with a limitless solution
to the rape of body, mind and soul;
the way the world tries to take control.
a place where freedom
is everyone's prize
we're ALL part of the kingdom
ruled by the same skies.
this place exists
in the souls of the masses
a place that permits
those from all creeds, colors, classes.
a place that's not perfect
for we flourish with flaws
but a place that is worth it
for one, and for all.

Save the game,
Save your money,
Waste your time,
So that you may save some,
Show the world,
How well you can conserve,
Show the world,
The world that is not watching.

The sun has risen already, has hidden
Already behind the clouds that
Cover this town and all
Its dirty little secrets.
Bees surround me with sound
To blot out the profound thoughts
Swimming around in my mind
Without a hope to find
An answer to life.
What once was a tree is now
A path for the power lines,
We cut down what lies in the way
Of a "better day" where screens
Dictate what it means to be alive.
How can I see what's next when
There is no magical text to give
Me solace when my heart pounds
And the silence shakes the ground
Beneath my weary feet.
We're drones on our phones put
On a path lain out by the wrath
Of ages, progression or regression
Depends on your perspective.

Dread crawls up my spine,
originating at
the small of my back
and leaving
on each
as it climbs.
It sneaks
into my heart
when I'm
not looking
its incisors
clamp down
and its
into my chest;
paralysis begins there and races outwards right into my limbs and brain until I can't think or move as the hallucinogens take over my mind's eye and play me a reel that boils my stomach.
Loss and
loneliness and
flash before my
eyes in a
sickening torrent.
I feel a
W  A  L  L
of irresistible
time behind my
pushing me,
heels digging in
and pleading "no, no"
the whole way,
slowly, but inevitably
towards the end of everything I've ever known,
and everyone that
I've so
grown to truly,
dearly love
as my friends.

So many around me
are counting down
to that day,
bound to the
same force as I,
but feeling it
as a leash
that will only let
them go
                      ­   day

For them, a prison break;
for me, a life sentence
of aching for
the people
I've only just
claimed as mine;
among them,
the boy I've held on to,
just starting to become a man,
whom I love
with all my
and scarred heart.

I don't want to leave.
                       ­                .

Basically, I'm terrified to graduate.

The times we were small
we'd Flock to the swings,
when boxes weren't boxes
but other world things.

one day you'd be pilot
flying west of the star,
until you grew up
and settled for law.

cartoons and a bike seat,
jarred candy and trees;
the times we were small is
time we can't freeze.

Another day
passed away
without giving me
enough time
to start my dream

Another night
passed away too
with fright
over nightmare
I dreamt

The stars illuminate the leaves on trees
for miles and all I see are
constellations mingling in the silken skies.
A shooting star from far off galaxies
wipes away the fallacies of life as
we know, to reveal the path lain out
by the real God; time.
Time has seen all, knows all, shows all--
with a fist as swift as Eros' arrow Time
crushes all within his path
without thought to the aftermath.
Yet time is not unforgiving, loving
none more than the living with gifts
like birth and life and death
a promise that there is something next.

That first time I saw you
on the school coach, my
first day at a new school
in 1962, you at the front
with your sister, eyeing
me with your bright eyes
and that engaging smile.

That first kiss while carol
singing with the church,
under the shining moon
and bright stars, me just
14 you 13, lips pressed
on lips and none saw.

The time we lay down
in the tall grass that hot
summer, school ended,
and talked and kissed.

We parted you went your
way and I mine, saw you
now and then, still your
bright eyes and that smile.

Your brother stopped me
in 1993, said you had died
from cancer, knew I loved
you those years ago, spoke
softly of you. Gone now,
just memories of then, and
those kisses and firm holds,
counting the years, and how
in the end it all closes and folds.

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