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Beneath the autumn trees that sway with auburn hue,
Beneath the gilded leaves that laugh on silver bough,
Beneath the roots that never knew,
The sunlight shine or taint of plow.

Beneath the prizes of the land that lay in beauty raw,
Beneath the remnants of the ones who came aeons before,
Beneath the raging fire of flaw,
To purify her ferric core.

There lies a heart of molten girth.
That's been companion since our birth
To every life that's come or past,
And every life that's died or laughed.
across yellow fields across yellow moon
where is the island I am about
long ago forgotten him often
I stopped by a long time ago
on it on this island where there was
all absolutely where were all mine
dreams and was i there last time
when i was five years old when i was
I rested among the many beds
there were lots of beds and lots
strange feelings strange i felt
and already then understood that my life
one huge solid photo or
same just a collection of poems not
more and no less I already felt
that I will feel the future and I
understood and knew always and always because
from my very birth my eyes they are
dead man my eyes ghost dark eyes

JK 2h
****** rain and its monotonous rhythm of melancholy,
Something deep inside was strangling and holding in the twilight.

I never felt so weak and slaved,
Emotions down-poured as if splitting you far into the wilderness...

Time crawled and so did the tangle of emotion strangling tight,
The past loving with an innocent kiss fulfilled its destiny with deadly stab,
present was as meaningless as the future.

Loneliness had a definition of companionship, dreams with the sting of reality,
I within myself was being diminished with every moment being passed by,
It led me into another World of Illusion...
Into the World of Illusion...
Where there is a rhyme there is a reason. There is always a reason, even if we aren't aware of it yet. You can't force the truth to come to light. You can only slowly open your eyes. It is with the understanding of time that you may find deliverance.
I heard you call upon
A stricter mood
To help you when
You yourself cannot
I speak not for man, or know his desires;
   a flower is lost in all he inspires.

I speak not for peace, or know its attire;
   an echo is all the words will require.

I speak not for time; or knows its reasons;
   a clock is measured in equal seasons.

I speak not for love; or know its yearnings;
   a heart is beating;
      forgiven for learning ...
ollie 17h
There is good in this world
Unfixed by a shout and justice
But maintained by mischief
There is a willingness to be kind if you can find those who possess it
Capture it if you can
It is hard to catch
But bright yellow
It is good
It exists in the smile of someone who cannot help themselves
The pain in your stomach after laughing too hard
It exists when bruised knuckles pick wildflowers
And those who have neither dance in the fields nonetheless
There is a good that exists in nothing but chocolate and inside jokes
There is a good that exists in whispering and a good in the power of a shout
If you can find it your life is all the better for it
There is a good in simplicity and a good in over complications
There is good in a quiet voice
And a murmur of refusal
A murmur of acknowledging
There is a good in her excitement
There is a good named the pitter patter of rain on the window
There is a good they know as dreamless sleep
It awaits
What is time?
When this was the only thing that meant
Anything to me
What is time?
When the clock is going the wrong way
Regressing into my past self
Fading into the person I never wanted to be
You brought me back down
Taught me
The clock ticked for awhile
But it shattered
Whenever my minds slips into this wondrous state
It's feels like I meditate

Space and time is just a rhyme to some
Look deeper towards the sun and you might find
That sacred place inside your mind
Easy for some
Hard for others
Here we are all sisters and  brothers
Let's keep the vibes flowing
These words are written with out even knowing
Anything about you
But I hope you relate to one or two
Change your  mind state, create
That place in side
So so close almost there
Don't be scared
It's like a game of truth or dare
Il be there
For you
And a friend or two
Just let me spend a day or a few
To get to know you
Let the rhythm flow
Unintentional I know
I just want to let you show
Me how you feel
It's not such a big deal
It been  a long time
I feel like life's a crime
People can learn alot listening to the chimes
Just somthing that came out
Brooke P 18h
Time is the
unspoken promise
made to everyone,
swearing that
the future will be
ice cream on a summer day
(don't let it melt away)
but it's more of a
last-minute wedding gown,
uncertainly stitched
with the best intentions.
But love
is our desperate dance
until the end.
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