Do not smile at the tragedy - I am holding it inside,
if you do not want to be my pretty one and by my side ...
We were living in the constant, dying, so many lies,
cannot believe it, how fast this relative time flies ...
Let me lay down by your side, for this one last time,
outside is raining and you can hear a wind - chime ...
Let me fall, now, into your silky, beautiful arms,
before you go away with him and do to me just harms ...
You are in love, and I will be after many years alright,
before it is all over, we do not need, now, to ''fight'' ...
Let us make love, this one last time, my soul is dying,
in all these years, I was hiding, see my tears, I am crying …
You can push with all might
throughout every day and night
to eternity and back
only ever, to leave a pitiful scratch.

The murder of our parents
cuts us off with merit
abstract thoughts will always daunt
death we taunt.
Short and sweet.
mint 4h
you felt like an eternity
beating hearts
desperate need
an hour long conversation-


why... can’t I remember the sound of your voice anymore?

you made us into mayflies, love

an eternity looped into one day

you were so skilled at that
twisting time to suit you

and i was always here thinking that it just wasn’t our time

but our time was forever
but our time
is nothing
Kuvar 4h
All men are particles of time
They come and go as sun and rain
They are inhabitants in a world
beneath or above they don’t know
They slam their hands to God above
And chasten their teeth to him for help
Their last is that they will never know
The accomplishment that gives time its sense  
The call from the East to time above
And back to him all men will go
We are all elements of time, generations and lineage will pass but time will remain the same and the only thing that changes is what man could change but not time., time remains unchanged.
i wake to the auburn sun
that is dancing
in the cloudless sky.
sudden rush of air
carried morning dew
over my window panes.
over blooming flowers.
the time, a moment
to start things over again.
of fear
that some
day you would
too fade away i lost
sense of time trying
to map out
but all i
could find was
the fact that i’m late
to knowing which
pathways will
stray far
the greatest love comes with no gaurantee
so cherish the moments where love supersedes
How could you?
Did you too,
ever love me?
Yes, even half past noon
How could I?
Ever love you?
Because I think I could've
Yes, even half past noon
And in the a.m.,
a quarter to two
An odd way to love, waiting in time
Maybe I shouldn't be so kind
Having you waste mine
Absent absence,
Students not there,
Absence of pity,
No longer mercy for humanity.
There is an absent absence of mercy.
affi 17h
I want you
But slowly
Like a good wine
The aroma pouring into our times
Ageing it
with patient desperation

I want to savour you
Like the moments that led up to now
And these, I'll remember
when I leave your lips
Reminding me why those who left
Dallas 21h
11:59 pm
It is strange
how time can tick in such a way that brings forth a new
In seconds
the heartbreak
remains of yester
cease to exist
As time passes forward
to a page free of disappointment
Nothing has gone wrong
An hour where nothing can go wrong
An hour of emptiness
and fullness all at once
Nothing to gain
Nothing to lose
Where time is slow and languid
Because there is nothing,
nothing that can make this moment

12:00 am
written in a sleepless haze of nothingness
and yet
i felt whole
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