I miss...

The stroke of soft finger tips
The buzz from touching lips

Like lightning in a jar
I miss the hairs in my car

I long to find a soul again
Break free of all my chains

Not a moment forgotten
Memory's weave like Egyptian cotton

Hairs stand, soldiers on a neck
I've become a ship wreck

Love left me bearing all
I will fight to stand tall

Time will heal this void
My heart far from destroyed

Miss her, I do though.
A couplet poem about a love I have had and all though time has healed the void left from it all, I do find myself missing her at times.
8 16 2018

The matters of the heart
Matter the most
Just a lump of flesh
Connecting mind body and soul

Each beat is connected
Flushing rushing gushing
Our blood
Through our veins

Blue before air. Oxygen
Clarity of this machine we dwell in
And red and purple it seems
Blood. A most precious thing

Take care of your heart
And it takes care of you
Dont let its weight bear you down
Until all your red turns blue

My heart spoke to me
So many times
But my actions have broken it
Just waiting around
All the time

Laying upon the floor
In a flood of tears and pain
What life has taken away
Has driven me insane
My life in vain
My dreams it seems the same

So many passed me by
So many wishes
To cry to fly to die
Happy. In love. Far off away
In a distant future
Living beyond these numbers

Our candle. Our hourglass
Limited in length and sand
Whatever we can do we do
What we can and cant

Its this what my life was worth
A bowl of empty lost dreams
That voice she says all the time
Is this it. Is this what you wanted
Is this what your life is for

What was beyond those doors
The lights i used to see
The pits as well. Suffering
Only the blackness remains
One question we all ask
What truly really
Awaits us beyond the grave

Black. Light. Or fire
Nothing. Splendor. Or pain
Times eternity will destroy you
Just live happy and free
In the time that is given to you

We all want a purpose
A reason for all this
All my life has been in chains
But i did love video games
Books movies art culture
History's mysteries

But when its over
Iam nothing but another candle
Whose light has gone out
No more voice. No more weight
Forever smoke. Drifting up
Into the clouds
Into the night sky
I just wished to fly
Goodnight goodbye
I dont like typos

Iam afraid of a name
I came up with
The 13th warrior and guardian
Of time

A half cat guy
Who uses magic
Dark cat furious
Jade and Taki.
Maga of the city. People
Jade of nature. Earth
Taki of storms. The moon

My childhood was weird
I used magic once
Made an orb of wind

And other stuff
But its gone now
No more magic. :P

Maguc is real
And mental powers to
Psychic stuff
Woo hoo
aih 4h
I called and texted
Too many times.
It was only 3 pm
Thanks for nothing.
It was only 3 pm
What if it was 3 am?
A fool to think you’d answer.
8 16 2018

The motion of notion
Our own little ocean
Of life so fast
Whizzing by
Our memories in time

Riddles and fiddles
Dances rhymes and songs
Stories and stories
To be told
All life long

For only there in speaking
Do we carry on
If silent
We are carried away
With an empty never ringing

For how did we ever live
If we are not remembered
Nothing but dusty
Blank pages
That nobody has ever seen
Nor read

For iam here
I feel it
But i dont feel alive
If i cannot remember it
Cannot taste smell or hear it

To look back is an instant
To look now is slow
How do we know
To which grave we go

I crave something more
My emotions and feelings
Once more
No more gray. The rainbows
Please comeback
And bless me with your loving
Rays and waves
What is life
If our heart no longer beats
And we can not feel its warmth
The warming heat of our hearts flame
Dont let it go out
common wisdom

You cant feel the grass with your shoes on
and you cant see the shadows with your eyes closed
maybe the light. just a tid bit
8 16 2018

Just one guy
Born in march
Not july
On a Friday the 13th

Afraid of his own birthday
With angels and ghosts
Spirits shadows
And even aliens
Such a weird life

His nightmares
His fantasy
To make a game of them
For you and me
Especially me

For my friends and family
To live together
Simply happily
A bad guy in his mind
A good guy in his heart

The darkness he sees
Monsters. Monsters everywhere
So many.
But no one believes

He tries to speak
His brain wont let him
What he has to say
Has already been said
He just repeats himself
But no one listens
Nobody hears

A world in danger
On the brink of an end
Its all his life had ever been
Just waiting for The End

But when he sees
A grim bright future
He would try. Anything
For life. Is all of this world

Fear of fame
Fear of the end
Not his own.
But all his friends
He wants to stand
With his fist in the sky
But how does he try
He cries and cries

Nightmares monsters
In his eyes. Now closed
In his dreams. Hes magical
Anazing powers of word
I suppose

Hes just one guy
He wished he could fly
With magic and superpowers
If only ever
In his imaginations eyes

For the love of the lost
Behind us now
For the love of those here
And obviously now
Afraid so many
Here to stay sad. Chained
He wished for a future
Where happiness remained
In all our hearts

Hes no one to you
Sad blue eyes so cold
Sometimes empty
Turned gray. From old
But anger. Anger remains
Green eyes so blazed
So many things undone
Unsung days
So he stays
Only wishing to play
One more day

If only to cry
Feeling the rain
Washing away his pain
If only for a blissful moment
But everybody calls him
Insane. Psychopath

Dark and light
Its just improbable
The two always touching
Like the flames
Always kissing
Orange flames are held up
By the blue flames

I played with time
In my dreams
Wind fire water ice
I cracked open the ground with my foot
Fought stuff
Just dreams. Fun dreams
and all this time goes
watch and go and go
and all this time goes
and the weather outside the window is changing
It does not change and will never change

there will be my eternal steps and eternal
Cotton on my feet and not mine
will be eternal in front of shadows and shadows
who were luminous or not at all
never been deprived of it has always been

They say "time heals everything."
You just need to give your pain,
Some time to heal.
Everything is going to be fine soon.

But can time really heal the pain
Which I have been hiding for years?
And can time really heal the reason
For which I couldn't control my tears?

Can time really help me
To get back the people
That I've lost?
And can time really help me
To fix the mistakes I made
Which had me costed?

Can time really help me to stop myself
From playing with a knife?
And can time really help me to get me back
To the normal flow of life?

Will time be kind enough to help me
To remove my addiction from wine?
And will time be kind enough to help me
To ask her to be mine?

No, time won't ever be kind enough!
Time can't help anyone
And time can't heal anything!

Cause time ain't that kind,
To help me remove the depressions
I'm having on my mind.
I'm sorry :)
8 16 2018

Nobody looks at the shadows
Especially in my heart
Definetly fleeing
From my dark mind

One wish in life
Impossible improbable
This wasted life.
Just wanted love

But iam a deviant of life
Witnessing light and darkness
Only blood on flowers
Only rainbows on clouds

Its my life. My mind
This is my time
Only emptiness remains
When love leaves us behind

We dance on our own two feet
Waiting and wafting
For a death to carry us away
To better days
That lay beyond the grave

Let the reapers
Weap of our books
Unread and unloved
The pen leaving our pages
Never smitten.
Only bitten and torn apart.
This heart

Have you seen what lays
In my dreams
Have you seen horror
Have you seen real fear
Stands against my family

I cry out alone in the universe
For the darkness is my friend
Of tears
For the silence is my peaceful
And this chaos.
Is my playground
I love the light and the shadows
But never look at my imagination
You'll piss yourself silly

I blame my dad....
I was supposed to be sacrificed but yeah

Iam bad. But i prefer to play with bubbles

7 1 2018

It doesnt matter
If iam strong and smart
Handsome and brave
Tall. Exuberant. Impressive. Inane

Iam just me
Who iam meant to be
Nobody somebody
This body is me

I write play dance sing
Run just for fun
I love my swings
Video games. Books. Movies. Alot of things

We are us as we are you
You yourself
Just do as you do being you
You'll know what to do

The world with us
So much to see
Be free they say they wish
But money. Its our chains. In our mind

You can try
of course you can try and try
But look beyond trying
And imagine succeeding. Become success

Practice till you perfect it
That art in your heart
That little piece of you
The you. Only you know so closely

Life is a wading fog upon the ocean of dried tears
You have to craft your boat
To sail away from the madness
And find a new moist land. Of loving happiness
lost in time
erwood 22h
There's a strange sensation
When you start to grow
And you assume no one else grows up
That everyone else's lives move slow

But then you look at them and realize
They're growing too
And the hardest part to accept is
That they're growing separately than you

It's like picking up in the same place with a different person
Because the person you know is gone
But there's still a hint of them left inside
That part of them will always carry on

That's why they say friends are friends forever
Although the closeness slowly fades
And you know they're there, but not enough
That's what we try to evade

But the thing we forget when we are young
Is that time is a force, strong like a brick wall
And the older we get, the more we realize
That time hasn't stopped, for us or at all.
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