Stella F 35m
For one last time, let me remember
the nights we spoke about life and the endless possibilities of it;
the way our eyes lit up when we saw each other; (those conversations, i will miss the most)
our first kiss, and the way it tasted;
that first time in your car;
that first time in your room;
all the songs i sent to you to listen;
that even for a second you got to see the real me;
our friendship;
our poetry...

For one last time, let me remember
that we knew we will break each other's hearts;
that in a perfect world we might have had a chance;
(but this is not a perfect world)
that we let life get in the way;
that we let our demons get in the way.

For one last time let me remember (then let me forget)
that when we needed to, we didn't fight for each other as we promised we will do
Steve 36m
Dullness rots the circuits of my brain,
my freedom is dead,
with my lights slowly dying,
oh merciful lord can you save me,
will I be lost in this disgraceful world forever,
my iron locks of crippling struggle,
the unforgiving master threw away my keys,
superstitious queen kidnapped my care,
Rebirthed I am the pope of nihilist conformity,
It's a dirty world filled with robust tears of growth,
its lonely here on melancholy mountain,
it all feels so fake this life we live,
when there's nothing left for us to take the only thing we can do is give,
accept the fruit, don't bite the hands of time,
just keep your head above water, don't drown my son
Bee 1h
was purely a four-letter concept with you

you made hours alone
discussing the universe and its secrets
feel like fleeting minutes

a year passed by
in an ephemeral glance

reality completely deliquesced
with the touch of your lips
and your love was marked as transitory

                                                       ...but those eyes were infinite
ephemerality is the concept of things being transitory, existing only briefly. because different people may value the passage of time differently, "the concept of ephemerality is a relative one"
Thy crows loiter on mornings
fever, blossom brightening to
thee. But when  petals awaken,
onyx lullabies tear each asunder.

Woeful of the beauty of years,
            thy fallen moments collect
like tattered curtains of life.
   Crows sing sirens of despair,
joyful of the passing beauty..

And still they look upon thee,
        no longer petals of years stand.
they wait till your stem of life wilts.
With but a moment of silence when all
has fallen, they bow, wings dispersing life.
Aa Harvey 13h

The sands of time have fallen away;
No longer drifting through the space in-between yesterday and today.
No egg timer tomorrow can turn this fate upon its head.
Limited reality; no fiction left.

Tomorrow is lost to never be seen again;
No words left to say.
No future to look forward to in this fading age.
Skeleton walked the roads, paying all of the tolls;
At the end of the journey, no gold can keep away the hole.

Tattered bandages around broken bones;
Falling to his knees, he has made his way home.
No witness to his arrival,
All long since gone.
His neighbours have left without revival;
They have all become dust and bones.

This town is without its heartbeat.
Just empty streets,
Not one person to be seen;
No sound of machines and nobody to see.
Tarmac and concrete;
No leaves on the trees.
Grey stone all around;
No words left to speak.

His ball and chain has been removed,
Long ago, since many moons.
At his graveyard home, he is in good company.
The skeleton man is no longer living;
He is resting in his cemetery.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey 13h
Mission improbable

When we are given too many options,
Concentrating on a single event could become difficult.
We are truly trying, but our concentration is anywhere but here
And there is no placebo that can lift us from our slump;
So all things are half-hearted, no plans stuck to, never fully focused
And all the things that we wanted are never found by us.

Love passes us by, with no wink of the eye
And time becomes a locomotive, speeding into the twilight of life.
Our thoughts are off in the distance, places all seem so far away;
When we should be in the here and now, without delay,
We are only ever thinking of a future that has not yet arrived
And then sooner or later, it is always too late.

With one eye on the window, we will only miss our train of thought
And all those classes we take, they will all fade away.
We will have forgotten all that they taught.
Day dreaming of sleeping; too tired to be awake.
Words on the vapor,
Float away into space.

Reaching out for wisdom;
Lost words in need of someone to speak them,
Drift throughout our minds and disappear into oblivion.
You could be one in a million, but if your heart is in two places,
Then all will count for naught,
If you only, what if, or maybe.

Struggling to be here with a crystal ball kept in your pocket.
A pocket full of poesies tell tall tales of space rockets.
From all that, which came before,
We have walked through a thousand doors or more.
If we always have our eyes closed to what could be,
Then we will have learned nothing
And the things we feel will all just become a chore.

Take a second look at a second chance.
Did you succumb to the will of another’s opinion, perhaps?
Silence your lips; put your head phones on,
But do not play another song until your work is done.

Strike while the iron is hot;
Write it like it is the last thing that you have got.
Grab reality by the horns with both hands and feet,
Before it is all too soon, gone to be lost.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Like piano in the background you were a soundtrack to my soul, a wormhole to another part of the universe where we could float amongst the stars and stall time as if it was ours. Still. Amongst the vastness of it all. I’d freeze in warmth as my name was called.
Because of her you neglected yourself. Subjected yourself to neglected all else, and now all you have are apologies. She’s gone and you were left with the sorries that need to be told. Worries of being left alone while their tone on the phone is stone cold. Your depression is an excuse they say, unsold. So like a piece of origami you fold in and around yourself till the paper is thin and time turns you old.
Will the winding hands of the winding clock wind backwards?

The moment he held me in his arms, I was given eternal value
The warmth of his embrace captivated my entire being
Sparking a sense of elation deep within my soul
It was a seemingly familiar force: strong and yet, caring
It wrapped around and cradled my frail and soft body
Showering me with deep love and joy

He built me a tower and showed me the stars
He pointed to the heavens and made me see the grandeur of the night
“Space is a majestic place”, he said smiling
With the galaxies as our backdrop and the moon as our friend
He told many dashing tales: ancient lores and dark secrets
Hidden treasures, pirates, old kingdoms and kings

The world was a fearsome place, but he was my guide
He taught me perseverance and the value of hard work
“Son, virtue is priceless so have much”, he used to say
As he went on to work early in the morn’
His dedication was unmatched, and his resolve unparalleled
Oh, how I longed to become like him

This time, I held him in my arms
I could no longer feel the warmth of his embrace
Elation is far, far away from my soul
The familiar force has left
No more cradling
No more dad

Will the winding hands of the winding clock wind backwards?


So tell papa how much you love him before time runs out

I love you dad
Happy Father's Day!
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