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I am going
To be s punk
Until my heart

I am going to
Be a goth
My heart

I am going
To be a muslim
Until the very
My heart stops
luciana 8h
thin strings made of the self
there is a desperate need for a knot
she feels worthless and empty
wanting to fade into the clouds above
There were sparks in her eyes that no one can see
She admired someone she wanted to be
Yet, it was destroyed by reality
She said to herself, " I can only be me".
The Truth Part - III

She always tell the truth to her friends
It was them, where her trust depends
She knew that everything has its end
It was them, where her time should spend

She's not yet done on the stage of insecurity,
Knowledge won't fade but beauty
She's on her way to maturity
Beauty won't define her but humility
Allyssa 1d
Listen to me,
My love,
listen to me.
The urgent call of your name rings through the air,
Like a warning bell being sound off.
Loathe the way you wash over my body,
Consuming the dark corners of self indulgence,
As if you know the culling sways my every move.
If you knew the damage,
The turmoil,
The rot in my brain,
That spreads the more I touch you,
The more I breathe you in,
Poison in the warning bells.
I sink lower into these depths,
How I will rise,
I do not know.
But it begins with engaging with my pain
As motive.
I begin here,
Forfeiting my life to the self indulgence I've denied myself.
C'est l'amour que j'ai envie et peut-être l'appel du vide.
We stare at each other, just us two, all alone in this quiet room.
Paper thin walls, tv on, but all we do is sit and stare.
The cold fills the room, and I don’t mean the temperature.
The raw, the emptiness, the numb is all that floats through, filling out the spaces.
I look at her, and she looks at me; but I am her and she is me.
without turning it into an enemy to **** again

the enemy isn't that man is
its that man makes it to be
A taste and scent I know

I look in the mirror
I wonder who I see
I perceive and see back the eyes of my ancestors
Who and how many
As time goes on. As I meet persons whom evoke and revive some.
It becomes clearer but more crowded
Who do I follow
Who do I remember
Who do I forget
How do I honour them
How do I respect

In my food
In my hair
In my skin and in my breath
All I know are banana leaves and how the smell and taste
Whilst listening to water by selah

Contemplating the culture of being a mixed kid. All I eat, all I say, all I do, I wonder where it came from. I wonder who else has done it before me and if there are ways unknown to me that may help me live out my life. One thing I have become more certain of is that I wish to be around people who enrich my culture and help me embrace where ever it is I have come from and what I can become.
Look again
and touch the surface
of another view
Then reach up, deeper
and find yourself new
Don't be captured by the mirror they give you.
They keep telling me not to give up on finding love, that “the one” is out there for me, the thing is I haven’t given up on finding love, I’m simply accepting the love around and within me.
I have spent years chasing that romantic fairytale love, following what I thought were signs to happiness, only to end up at dead ends.
After too many sleepless nights, I had to wake up to reality and see that I am already truly and deeply loved, realizing that put everything in perspective.
There’s nothing wrong with being single, I can still accomplish my goals and dreams, I will be a mother, and raise beautiful children.
Relationships and marriage is a beautiful thing, but so is single hood especially when you realize you can stop seeking love my dear, you are love, you are beautiful, and you are living a life to be proud of.
Who says you can’t be your own “one”
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