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She wasn’t everything she wanted
so in her soul she moulded
a figure of someone else

Till her inner being went bleeding
along a lonely road of longing  
yearning for herself

Then there came along a flower
from an Ivy **** upon a tower
that wove her name with love

and upon this sight and seeing
it’s beauty won her heart and healing
“If that’s me, then me is enough”.
It’s been awhile. I hope you enjoy.
Kushal 6d
Love it when I'm singing this song,
But if I'm really honest
I don't think it'll last long.

I sound crazy, even when I hear myself think,
Clinging onto the past like I'm hanging of the brink--
I'm lost, and I think I found a new me.
Now torn between my past and a new faced reality.

Slowly come to know myself,
I show myself,
The things I really want from myself.
I think I know how I can help,

Now with a new beat.
Life came and challenged me
To be a better me,
Stepping to a different melody,
A path that feels like destiny.
If I don't trip over my feet,
Clinging to a memory.
MuseumofMax Nov 18
Hi again,

I’m sorry I avoided you for so long

I’m sorry I hid from the past

Sometimes looking forward is easier than facing the present

For so long I’ve tried to forget parts of you

The parts that I’m afraid of

But to be my whole self

Means looking at all my pieces

Even the ones I tried to loose

I’m sorry I hated you

I’m sorry I stopped caring

I’m sorry I stopped thinking I was beautiful

I hope you can forgive me

For all my imperfect actions

For my ignorance

And for my fear

I hope you can love me again
Like you used to

Do you remember?
Do you learn to love
By absorbing the love
Others give you?

The lessons we learn
Can feel empty,
I'd rather be a teacher
Love others but dont forget yourself.
galilea reyes Oct 31
Into an abyss
Into a deep hole of ripples

a formality of our imagination

Floating in the imagery of a shadow
in forms of light

The good or the bad
One can lose sense of self and mobility
When returned from such abyss
No fault of our own
No regret

realizing to only fall for ourselves into the abyss.

Endless self love.
eyes peeled like a ******* banana.
Francis Oct 25
What do I do?
What do I be?
May it simply be,
That I’m just me?

Who do I be?
Who should I be?
Is it always a matter,
Of what I make me?

Why can’t I just be?
What can’t I just be me?
What does everything,
Rely on what to be?

I somehow seem unable,
To be any ounce of free,
With requirements to be,
Everything but me.
There’s a title and a category for everything.
theladyeve Oct 24
When the sky dons its robes of indigo,
I slip into a tranquil reverie where
shadows lengthen and soften,
and mirrors hold whispers of ancient stories.
A gentle breeze dances through the forest like secrets.
It’s a lullaby for a weary soul.
A gentle reminder than even in stillness,
there is movement, a world in transition.
As I stand on the threshold of day and night,
I think about all the fleeting moments
from my past self and embrace the twilight.
With the chain i sit here
Looking everywhere
Wishing to escape the fate
I have been  
Planted on this Earth but never taken care of

Almost being cut off
By the very root of my pain
I now sit here with two
Sprouting free
Wishing them to be
one day, a better me

The only thing that ever mattered
Was love to start
Wishes to be kept
Hate put aside
And standing free
That was all the life promises
But then crashed on that one day
Being touched

By the negativity
And losing the very soul
Of my existence
Black and faded are now my colors
Like the holloween in me
The nightmare only comes
Once and then is Gone
Just like we SAY
It is what it is

Try being me
Can you sense my pain
Can you read through the lines
Of wasted spaces
#twofriends #Pastpresent #New life
Chloe Oct 18
Eat your shame
It doesn’t go away
like you’re overweight
You need more meat
on your body to hate

She promised to **** him off
in the parking lot
for her drink of choice
She was far too young
for either one
but had nothing left to lose

Swallow your pride
It doesn’t go down easy
Don’t let him see you
cringe in disgust
You need more secrets
to hate yourself for

Cut your skin
wide open
Underneath even you know
you’re worth more
It can only get better
and I don’t take it for granted

Uncomfortable in her skin
unless it was naked
No confidence in
a word she said
unless they were slurred
So she ate her shame
every ******* day
She swallowed her pride
and kept her promises
It all cut her skin wide open
Reinvented this poem a bit so thought I’d repost
Phia Oct 17
Since you've been gone,
I have been slowly rebuilding myself.
A garden devastated by tornado
will soon grow the most beautiful flowers.
Another random thought
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