Dressed in all black with a spirit to match.

Brilliant scenery trapped
beneath the  surface of obsidian.

a haunted cave, a burning light,
enchanted rock, a dying flame,
ignite the chamber,
start again.

Ok, wait, hold it...
start again, dude, c’mon...
But this time,
give a bit more detail, will ya?

Ok. Fine.

A young man dressed in all black,
with black skin...

that part’s not really important...

I just want you to feel me this time.
Ya, feel me?

This dark soul is deeply disturbed
by the devil, dude...
...or maybe...
simply disordered by the darkness...
either way,
the dysfunction has a depth to it,
I’m telling you.

Are you listening?
Ok, great!

So, moving along
beneath the surface
there is no light.

That’s it! Ok?

But there’s more
there’s so much more
up top!
on the ceiling!
bulbs are blooming
with brilliance!

I’ve lost you again, haven’t I...?

...ya think...?

all I’m really trying to tell you

Life has beat me down, man.
Inside and out.
But more so on the inside...
It turned my soul black,
made me depressed,
made me dark.
Inside and out.

But, for some reason,
something within me still lives.

and I just wish you could see it
like me...
Jord 8h
I am a delusional human wearing my skin wrong
in the beginning of summer while my worries persist.

Three whole days of wake,
lying to myself,
forgiving my past,

my luck runs incredibly deep.
Lately I feel as though
I’m acting just a little too much
Even though my days aren’t too painful
I’ve felt out of touch
with me

And I can’t really explain it
As I’m unable to pin down the reasons
But I’m carrying on this act
Throughout the changing of the seasons
not me

Where does pain come from?
Why do I always need to hide it?
How does one make the pain go
When I’ve been wearing a perfect fit
for me

Somehow she got lost behind the act again
A poor little girl with more pain
Than she’s ever known what to do with
Sometimes I worry she’s gone insane
that me

Getting to know yourself takes a lifetime
But it only hurts when everyone I know
Barely knows me at all
Because I’ve been so busy putting on a show
lonely me

So many things to hide
And nothing but scars to show for it
Acting is exhausting and it makes me sick
Silly little girl too scared to throw a fit
timid me

Tired me
Me who just wants to be accepted
But is too scared to let it happen
Me who is always hiding behind this persona I’ve made
When will you show your true self?
Everyone is waiting
even me
The more I’m trying to be open the more I realise just how much I hide
luxe 13h
Like a dark night sky,
Filled with glimmers of light,
Burdened with empty spaces between.

Or an ocean coast,
Tempted to meet the land,
Crashing cautiously.

A bee that floats in the summer air,
Dying from a danger,
That was never really there.

A shaking hand,
That reaches for another,
Expecting a cold touch.

Just like a newborn child,
Who cries and cries
Each different scream having a different meaning,
Each gasp of breath relaying a significant message onto any ear that can hear,
But still crying,
Because they do not know who knows what they know.

A toddler,
Who clamps down onto the sides of the couch,
As she scales the unchartered territory of using her legs to wander this earth,
The thrill of being able to move in ways they have seen others move,
But still not being able to release their hands,
And truly experience all there is to experience.

My friend in third grade,
Who decided to save 1 cracker from each sleeve of ritz she would have,
And hide it in her desk everyday,
Incase one day she did not have food to bring with her.

The days in middle school,
When someone tells you for the first time they think you are beautiful,
So you decide to wear your hair the same way everyday,
Dress in a similar fashion,
As to not tarnish their belief.

Highschool days,
Where you sit with the same people,
At the same seat,
Everyday at lunch,
And talk about the same 4 things,
To not wander outside the realms of what is known to be safe

In college,
When you rack your brain for hours and hours
As to why those friends left,
If that haircut is the reason why every boy stopped seeing that beauty,
If the couch really ever helped you from getting hurt
Or did it keep you from seeing all you could see.
keep you still.

Did the fear of losing,
The fear of not knowing what could happen next,
Keep you from showing the teacher the ants by your desk
That were not from YOUR snacks,
And instead of telling the teacher the truth,
You decided to silently watch your friend hide them day after day.
And as your silence grew into a habit,
You did not protest when all those people left
Or demand the boys to stop making tents in your heart,
Only to follow the line out the door and close it as the leave.
Surrounding you in a cage of closed locks

Because just like the newborn,
I do not believe, anyone knows what I know.
I will never truly experience all there is to experience.
One day I will not have any food for the day, and I want to be able to rely on the things I left waiting.
A feeling I'll never see.
An emotion I'll never own .
inspiration seduces me into creativity
while despair gently chokes me into submission.
I'll find safety tomorrow in these corners.
I'll chase hope within these walls.
I'll just stay where your insecurities
and lack of self love won't slay my heart in two.
Where my imagination can't hurt me
where you and i live in unison bringing light to the world.
Shh, don't say a single word of the truth, darling.
I'm not ready to give you up
In sleep, we can know.
In dream, we create,
illuminate through time and void.
Ever a time,
with no direction to or from,
leave me to my rest.
I then build something from nothing
and feel the warmth of a world
shape in my hands.
Rose 23h
How can you not see?

That you’re as perfect as perfect can be

How can you not feel

That what I’m saying is real

How can you look in the mirror

And not see any clearer?

You are beautiful

Every line perfectly drawn

Sometimes all it takes is for you to smile

And you make me happier than I have been in a while

You are a gift

And please don’t let your conscience drift

Because you’re brain is telling you wrong

You’re laugh is as melodic as a song

And your kindness is a breath of fresh air

And don’t you for once second dare...

Say that you aren’t amazing

Don't run away from the truth I’m chasing

How can you not believe?

When you look at all you have achieved?

You are an amazing treasure

A gift that’s a constant pleasure

You are worth so much more than what you think

And i’m not going to disappear if you blink

Because I want you to open your eyes

And see that there’s nothing about you to despise
Her 1d
you are not who
everybody wants you to be

you are you
and that is far
more than enough
She has a cute smile, pure heart, perfect curly hair. I've got glasses, green eyes, and a scar from school. She is perfect in all ways possible. Not me though I have a few flaws. She has tan skin, soft hands, and a beautiful voice. I've got brown hair, green eyes, and I have a torn pants. Im not perfect but, im myself
Love being myself at times
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