Waffles 1h
Today I made a device.
A device? That's nice.
It works very well you see
(Dare I say, perfectly?)
Its function: Silence the EGO, Me.

I made this device today,
And its PERFECT! I must say.
Once I switch it on
My EGO goes "POOF" and is gone.

Oh, you don't believe me?
HAH! I'll show you - don't you know
I only make things perfectly?



Did it work? I can't tell
I was so full of myself until now.

Oh well.
mt 3h
i have a mole on my left shoulder and an always swollen heart,
a penchant for feeling lonely and a deep love for art.
sometimes at night i'll think i'm pretty, like when my hair falls in rings
i say the word love often so i guess i love many things.
T 4h
What others find difficult, comes with ease.
Yet the trivialities of their own, brings me to my knees.
Why does this feel like a debilitating disease?
Learning to live with such a blessed curse?
I find myself pondering, on a slow march to a hearse.

Yet we must continue, day by day.
Lest we let life slip away.
Oh to find someone to share our hopes and dreams.
Or yet, worse off - to have love deprived.
Tirelessly waiting for the day we're revived.

Until that day, the march continues.
Effortlessly excelling.
Tediously dwelling.
Why is your love so damn compelling?

Surely the recipe I have will see me through.
Living a life, better than the majority do.
Yet it's not enough, I'm incomplete.
Why do I rely on you to bring me to my feet?
Julia Ruth May 3
My roots are dug deep and have seeped every ounce of malevolent delight from a rich soil
They stubbornly intertwine with one another
But my branches remain high in the sky
Embellished by a dynamic color to gracefully appease my visitors
And my bark..
My bark is chipped at and carved into -
Scarred from the keys of momentary love
A love merely to be infatuation.
mc ish 1d
there is a war inside me,
begging for your condemnation,
begging for your ruthless sensation.
a war inside me,
that feeds on anticipation,
an invitation for your belittling generalizations,
or an explanation for my creation,
but no please, stay inside your own nation.
this is my civil war,
though civil is not the word i would use to describe
the words echoed in my mind
about my soul, my love, my kind.
i do not hear pride anymore.
my sense of worth escaped when you disregarded to close the door.
running free like the child i once felt inside my numb bones.
i own
but the cruel, few centimeters inside my skull.
and even those have been invaded by this cold.
i long for daybreak like hades longing for the return of his soul
but i feel no remorse
for the steady course
by which i have found my way
you say,
sit down be calm and wait for your prince,
but i see no prince
i wait only for the queen inside of me to awaken and find
the dragon that for three years has held captive my mind
is recoiling into the skin that it crawled out of.
this queen has not been praying for a handsome mate on a handsome steed
only the virtues and weapons that she may need
she is off
to find a happily ever anything
and perchance on the way she shall meet her "king."
or a crown.
or both.
races to be won, races to be lost
emotions to be felt
emotions to learn and observe
moments take over
the storm will never be over
as long as i remain aware, of the pain inflicted
by myself, decisions with cause and effect
feelings that were acted on out of neglect
we argue and we both become suspect
to our eyes, we cannot lie
for i know, the layers inside your mind
and you know mine
this morning was fine, far from good
last night made my thought process shook
asking how i define
this love that don't resemble confine
i wrote a good ass poem earlier
and it got deleted
it was time to practice
let go of the moments that threaten your being
that threaten the ties you've created to be this way
we fight until we ask ourselves what's the subject?
blurry memories, sit and reflect
to live a blurr, no mind to retrospect
moments that were delivered to my reality
moments that caused pain
derive from the unconscious
i'm aware of this, letting it happen is a burden sometimes
how do i not let it, when sometimes it only "feels" right?
how does it "feel" right to feel anger?
i'm still walking on a rope
but can't balance my"Self"

awareness applied
to live, to die and feel love for what's outside
live for this
for questions
for explorations

i have work at 11

the coffee has been brewed, but i'll let it sit and write this poem

i wonder what the people have to say today
they walk in, give us business, give us bullshit
who do i believe, who do i trust?
i guess i have to see beyond it, beyond that...
beyond what they think and say
how are they when they're away?
they look empty, what kind of soul? what kind of formulae
to your disarray???

i'm kind of excited....

to live today

we still on bad terms but like i have to continue to live breh...

this writing was interesting...
i still hunger
for the wonder
in your eyes

but i want to be
the one who feeds
the love to me
this time
Poppy15 2d
It seemed apparent.
It seems ambiguous.
Be full of lust,
the desire of self.
The passion once
ran ran on
til going to be gone
by time and tide.
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