liv 1h
it would be wrong to say someone’s self portrait drawing doesn’t look good wouldn’t it?
stupid thought
Me: Hi, you! You're so wonderful!

Also Me: No, tis you who are the most wonderfullest.

Also, Also Me: You both are such real examples of the most fantastic, good hearted artist around. My love and God wishes.

Bystander #1: Does he/she/they know, that, we know?

Bystander #2: You know. . . I don't know. It could be 50/50.
This is the internet, after all.

Perfect place for microcosmic bubbles of grandeur.

Let's just burn it down. Who cares?

I'll set myself on fire, too.
There’s a pipe from one ear to the other
It hides behind a smile
It is made of lead

Poisoning thoughtful waters
Killing the wisdom and love I have heard

In one end out the other
Empty handed and barren

Only an echo.
That is all my deaf ears can hear
Damn the constant ringing

The message is lost in knowledge
What a miracle
Proven o’er and o’er

A poet with disregard for his own self
Yet writing about his inner struggle

My verses flow from inkwells
That give what even I have not received

I’m naked in my birth from ashes
To the dust I shall return
Alone, but left with room enough to write a few more words
Elizabeth, I,don’t love you,
But perhaps I could grow to,
If one had the confidence to pursue,
Perhaps beautiful connections would bloom,
I like your name,
And your face,
And your frame,
And your taste in music is at the very least interesting,
But sending that message to kick it all off?
No thank you and I’m sorry,
To my alternate future self in which I married you girl,
Because I have cut myself off,
It always happens,
So, don’t take it personally.
For Beth
A Rivers 16h
I only seem to have two characteristics
Depressed and lazy
I used to think of suicide everyday
But in the same way I think of going to the gym
Maybe tomorrow...
Callum 20h
This newfound perspective has given me a new view on certain situations in my life. This uncovered sense of independence leaves me out in the rain with no shelter: but with no desire to be covered by the storm. I no longer wish for protection from the elements, I find myself basking in the unbridled destruction that life can offer. The ever so negative and numbing attitude I had adopted as a coping mechanism has now vanished into the ether and all that remains is a sense of freedom, freedom from concern.
Callum 20h
Isn't it kinda messed up that we're all looking for someone to complete ourselves? We aren't second-hand puzzles that desperately need a slightly different piece to fill that void in the centre of our jigsaw. What's so wrong with completing ourselves, for ourselves.
Asia 23h
i remember feelin like
i wasnt good enough

askin myself

i am frail

all i did was look
in the mirror


society wants perfect
i aint perfect

now im bitter.

always felt i was in a bad space
in this fckd up place

but i figured

i almost threw it all away...

ion aint perfect
i want perfect
there will be nights where you chase stars
and follow them through galaxies and supernovas
waiting for them to slow down

and on those nights you need to land
let your feet rest in the craters of the moon
and learn that you
are the sun
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