Sometimes I forget.
That I am a writer, I can evoke feelings with words
Make them sing, create an uproar
I have echoing thoughts, they can last
Far beyond the time of my decaying skin.

Sometimes I forget
That I am a lover, I can stir consciousness
I can plant my tongue in his or hers
Gently trace the lines on their palms
And permanently change the course of their journey

Sometimes I forget
That I am human, a steward of the earth
I can paint the world with my own hue
Challenge the status quo, witness sunsets
And wake up remembering the things I once forgot too.

max 7h

my hand roars
with searing pain.
"i dont know how
this happened,"
i explain. but in truth,
my art teacher
left a box of sharp objects
on her desk
and my little hands
just wanted to grab one
just wanted to try

Carly 8h

Let it be luck or fate
You and I became legends
Us against the world

With each battle,
Enemies came to fight
As allies made appearance

Wars are ongoing
But they hinder
From time to time

Young and optimistic,
We were not yet burdened,
With heavier dilemmas

We enjoyed our time
With each passing season,
Our dreams became bigger

We were the same
But different in pace
We became a comparison

No one warned us
That we could defy
One another

After our first few quarrels
We used the word "forever"
Often as we overcame obstacles

Like poison seeping in
Quarrel after quarrel,
"Forever" fell short of itself

There were more stories
Of us and our memories
Than memories being made

Maturity and experience
Changed everything
From our minds to physicalities

Sharp pain resides in my heart
Orignated from comparisons
I hated everything.

You recieved praise
And lost yourself in it
I lost my voice and will.

Mind tricks of my own doing
Distance flourished
As did I.

We were aware of ourselves
But we expected more too
We were no longer on the same page

Something crashed in us
It left marks and bruises
Left us broken and in pieces

Unsure of what was next
Our blades were drawn
Wounded each other with deceit

Haunted with hate,
You became headstrong
I took myself faraway

Time slowed down
The storm calmed
Everything softened

My sun grew confident again
Beaming from above,
Into what was left of me

The shadow casted
Showed me some truth
My mind cleared and spoke

Aren't we peers,
Or the least bit, equal?
When will you learn?

Look at me.
Who do you see,
If not someone found and free?

Words fled quickly
From my tired being
I justified myself for you (again)

You say you understood
But your skull and bones thick
With stubborn and pride.

Spiteful knives sharpened
By shared secrets and confessions
Tell me what part of me do you target

This new nature you claim
Doesn't not suit you well
But maybe the colors are true

It might be time
To take your turn
And make a realization

Patience is my life
All I have is time
But I'm growing

I am not the pity you see
When you look at me
I am beyond that
and so much more

I don't need anyone who doesn't need me.
Star BG 11h

Inside heart, I find a set of pearls.
A strand of carefully formed beads.

Each one carries
unconditional love to others.
They contain riches
in knowing the divine self.

Every bead holds the truths of being
a precious one on earth.
They contain wisdom
and illuminate divinely.

Inside my heart are the answers,
as I wear my sacred necklace.
You can’t see it with human eyes,
nor touch it with hands.

It’s shining like sun at all times
to bring peace.
It’s connected with a golden thread
of love that attaches all to one.

Don’t cast your pears to those
who can’t see and don’t understand.
Just look within and grasp your pears
for harmony and bliss
on this, a sacred journey.

StarBG © 2017

We carry a strand of grand pearls and once we know it the whole world changes.
Star BG 12h

In a portal of light, I move on journey,
inside peaks of love.
The waves caress opening gateways
of endless possibilities.
Memories gather
feeling the powers of self
inside ecstasy as heart opens.

My gratitude moves from heart
to lips from lips to air of breath.
Eyes expand to see visions

And inside breath,
I rise dancing in spirals of light.
Dance as I meet my soul mates
deep crystal eyes.
The ones I waited a lifetime for.

inspired by Temporal Fuge

‘tis the season of bloodshed
the air is cold
the snow pure white
now littered in drops of red

long sleeves so no one sees
crumbling plaster of false smiles
the glow in his eyes forever gone
jack frost took it with him

anonymous 21h

i told you i wanted forever so this ones for you
whenever i look down i see them all in my skin
the stomach scars from when he yelled at me
"stop eating all that junk food so late"
the burn mark from when she left me in the cold "i'm sorry i can't do this i have to go"
the new red ones on my thigh where you touched
"she didn't mean anything i swear"
stuck on my body forever
but never important enough to be ink
i told you i wanted forever
so now this blood is on your hands

It tickles when my hair brushes my neck
Sending shivers down my spine
To keep me in line and I forget
What the sound of my voice is when all I can hear
Is the echo of my thoughts
And I forgot to tell you about the day
That I lost my way and how
You helped me find it.
Sometimes I wish I were a bird
With fragile wings and a song to sing
Each morning, to sound the alarms of
Spring and make it known that I am in fact alive.
I have a tongue that cuts through lies
A blade honed by truth
But it's no use when my words fall
On deaf ears and my smile is met by
Only fear of reality.
It is by this name that I walk the earth
Desperately trying and crying out for the souls
Of the forgotten sons and daughters that
Have no names only graves and stones
Washed clean of an identity by the rain and the
Pain of years that have passed.
In a shell of a soldier I pick up the guise
Of a man on crusade for his faith in what once
Was a trance and now I can
Stop pretending that I have the answers
Before I even know the question.

Dakota 2d

i am disconnected from
my body, my life,
the shattered pieces
bearing my once loved
i exist on autopilot
after the sun goes down.
my bones ache with
lack of purpose,
desire, compassion
towards myself.
i’m lying when i say
i hate everyone i’ve been
and everything i shall be.
in truth, i am just a hollow
unfeeling mass that one day
illusioned flowers will spring from.

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