Georgia 2h
Home is so alone sometimes
Here you can enter the deep depths of the Ocean
The body is your haven so it is to said,
So why in my head do I feel fully dead?

The head is core
On the surface we are simply
a bag full of organs
Crunching bones  fragments of skin
56% water fat or thin

Yet above shoulders lives
a creation no man could  form
Blessed with memories inscribed
tiny details no living being could replicate

Yet they try
No mechanical AI could share what we do
Tainted by misery, heartache, misfortune
That's what makes you, you

For if someone asks why am I here?
Just point at their head and say no more
Eventually they will come to see
We live for the memory.
One of the first poems I ever wrote. I think I was feeling particularly sad.
How snappishly they say-
Autistics are challenged people,
And how deferring I become-
” I am independent”,quoting on the leaves of maple.

How vividly they just quote a single story,
“autistic lacks almost all skills”,
And how silently I just walk in shadow,
whispering in their ears, the god’s glory!

How their eyes shine when they state-
“Oh, don’t worry , he is emotionless,”
And how shall I tell them,
I do wail and cry while chalking the slate.

How uncountable times they speak the same thing,
all because they think I can’t focus,
And how valantly I stand on their face,
Without an irritable hint, cutting the poison of sting.

How easily they decide for me,
that I can’t stand out in the crowd,
And, Oh! How eagerly I wish to tell them,
that they never withstand to feel my moment of glee.

Autism is not being pessimistic
I am a symbol of optimism,
Autistic are artistic,
And I am creature -so- galactic.

There is this SPECTRUM in me-
You say, I suffer from “Autism Spectrum Disorder”,
But have you even felt the beauty of rainbow?
That spectrum is not a disorder and so am I !
This is dedicated for all people suffering with ASD( Autism Spectrum Disorder ) and the stereotypes they face because we decide a single story for them. And can't we see each one of us that beauty laid deep inside gifted by God. Loads of respect and salute to bravery for standing strong. Much love.
Nikki Jayne Apr 13
As I dance upon moonlight and thunder
I step into the blueprint of my innate joy and wonder

I hear my gentle songstress
She is the one of peace and unity
Her call sings the soul frangments once thought lost back home to me

Shadows deep as the lion's roar cast out beliefs that hold service no more
So I begin to heal myself from within
With the thoughts that I think
And the words that I speak

You see for too long did I dance to the beat of another's drum
My gentle songstress is me
She and I are one.
Just for once...
I'd like you to see things from my point of view

Just for once...
Can you step outside of yourself and look at how you treat me with fresh eyes

Just for once...
I want you to ache like how I ache and long like how I long to touch you, feel you, breathe you

Just for once...
I want you to be selfless

Just for once...
I'd like you to not chew me up and spit me out like I'm some kind of disgusting taste in your mouth

Just for once...
I'd like to be a part of your life and feel like a priority in your life

How can you?

You weren't taught how to love
Maybe I'm projecting
Maybe I'm asking for too much
Maybe I'm just crazy
But I can't seem to stay away from you
Nel 1d


eF 2d
They all want to know
What my story is but don't
Take time to read it.
Calling yourself a friend only helps YOU sleep at night.
You know I've found that mirrors lie
when they tell you bad things
Mine tells me every day
that I'll never amount to anything.
It tells me my nose is too big
to pull of this piercing that I have
My eyes are too close together
And if you split my face in half
there is no better side
because they're equally ugly and flawed
I can picture my mirror telling me this
and leaning back to guffaw

But he's just a liar
and I've come to realize that now
because it's all the good reasons
my face would stand out in a crowd.
All I have is myself -

my one and only

til “death” do we part


I should probably start

treating me better.

Despite flaws and embarrassments and deep shame -

I’m all I’ve got.

Life is as short as it is long.

It’s time to be a champion for me;

my talents

my desires

my wishes

my dreams.

Because no one but me can live well in the present and no one but me can co-create my future.

And no one but me can forgive me for my past... ~erika anne
We don't comprehend the end
We don't understand why we stand
We don't fulfill what we need to fill
We do radiate on our date
she spreads goodness
in a way that
not everyone could
see her for
what she truly is.

but she is hidden
behind the darkness
of the night sky
and the clock's
busy, ticking hands.

taken for granted
during both the
breaking dawn and
dusk of day.

yet she still does not mind.
"...I am that 11:11."
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