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Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2022
I do not blame you for your silence
Words you'll never say
Wish I could make you mine
I guess there's too much pushing you away
Can't help but feel a tiny bit sad
I'm not mad at the end of the day
After all how could I be angry?
I knew things would end up this way..
I knew from the start there was no chance but i dared to hope anyways because i really really genuinely liked you a lot </3
Nix Brook Jan 2022
The path went blurry
I loose my track
Distracted by you
When will I get back to life?

Keeping my eyes close
I don't want to see
The world you introduced
Created by you and me
Zack Ripley Oct 2021
How can I build you up?
How can I break you down?
How can I make you see
That you are safe and sound
With me
Julia Supernault Oct 2021
I can feel myself getting bad again, staying in bed constantly
Closing the curtains to leave my room almost completely dark
I feel the weight on my chest getting heavier
I stare at the messages I receive without replying
I simply don’t have the mental strength
I feel myself falling into that dark hole that I tried so hard to get out of
I need help
But I can’t see no one around
Just me, myself and I
And that’s not enough to last the night
Glenn Tachera Apr 2021
It feels like you’re running
Far away, everyday
But still, I’m not moving
Trying hard to find you again
Who are these people
With their ears to the ground?
Leaning towards our end
And I see that they are talking;
“You should leave; fight for what you want; I guess you are in a relationship where you are not wanted”
But I can’t hear a sound, drowning in a dying wave
Bad, I wanted this love to be eternal
Thought we are the type of the melody that don’t fade out
Please don’t die
I stand in the corner
Do you remember all those plans we made
When life was like a wishing well
10:52 PM, you are raising hell
****, I thought I knew you oh-so well
The walls around are falling down
I see you notice
But keep your words all to yourself
We are different people
But we’re together now
I wonder if I will ever get over you
Got me dreaming of the changes that we’ll make now
wrote this when I was so unsure if my relationship was gonna survive. Just a month into it she started having doubts, letting the fear of feeling numb take over.
Eli Apr 2021
How could every second of all our nights together mean so much to me,
And not even our promises mean anything to you?
Him Jan 2021
How fleeting is my lady's beauty? How fleeting is the pride of younger days? When we had laugh and cried with candied serenity all the same. How fleeting are those youthful days, now my lady and I are old and grey.
Zack Ripley Jan 2021
If something good happens,
Don't ask why or how.
Just enjoy it and accept it now.
Because you never know
When something bad will happen.
And when it does,
Don't ask why or how.
You can do that later.
Now is the time to deal with it
And heal from it.
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