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Dans le flot libre des mots
On voit parfois gazouiller
Entre les failles Corindon,
Hydre-Muse au sang impétueux
D'impur taureau
Mêlé à celui imparfait du pigeon,
Chanter les défauts, les venins
Et les vices de la gemme :
Les vicissitudes du poème de rubis.
When you meet a writer

communicate with a writer

pay attention to a writer

You become a writer's muse

he/she doesn't give you up

he/she falls in love with you

You become a writer's work of art

there is no flaw seen

there is no passion taken

You become a writer's diary

no secrets told

no judgements

When you meet a writer

boundaries are there

trust is rare

You become a writer's muse

when you have patience

when you have a connection
I haven't met a muse who I can freely vent about.
kassie Sep 2
im dipping into a bottle of wine
to see if i can find my muse again

these nights are hot
im burning up
sadness was the only muse i'd ever known
now im not sad
im just alone

depression and her cloak
a black veil before my eyes
living life in grey every night
imagine going that way through life
drowning without a moment of panic
crying because you'd turned your emotions off
he doesn't know
my life now is a wonderful array
bundled up and tucked away
a scroll of all the things i never got to say

i burn red inside with passion
beautiful and polished like glass for show
intricacies trimmed in gold

im a cherry blossom waiting for
the perfect moment
yet even if i fall before i bloom
i will grow again
with the coming of the seasons
there are some things that never change
without exception is the thought of you
Entre le sac et le ressac
Ma muse nage nue
Au cœur des vagues
De neige immortelle
De la nuit tropicale.
C'est un mélange de sirène
Et de sauterelle
A la queue papillonnante bleue verte et grise
Qui plonge à intervalles réguliers
Dans le sauna des abysses
A la recherche des sources chaudes
Des volcans sous-marins
Où dorment les champignons sauvages
Et où paissent les rennes
En attendant le moka saveur airelles
D'un Petit Prince abscons portant masque, palmes et tuba
Qui danse la rumba cubaine.
Quand ma très chère se déhanche
Elle skie elle patine elle surfe
Elle nage elle plonge elle sue
Entre les battements de conga,
Les glissés et les déliés de son partenaire
Tout en tricotant des pas humides de calypso vierge
Ad libitum.
Whoever architect
The Universe

At first
With a noble purpose
The Sun may have been made
The human may have been

Among human
They may have decided to gift
Some as an artist
Among Artist
With the soulful ink
Came Poet/Poetess

That time
Something may have gone
Most had writer's block
Most often

A moon may have been made
To amuse the poet/Poetess

Since then
They are musing
They are mused
Genre: Observational
Theme: Stimuli
Bede Sep 26
God looked upon the glory he made,
And, Lord, did he get jealous.
He formed every being in heaven,
And yet He made you the most stunning.

He's watched you grow, evolve, and change,
And He's jealous of the happiness you give me
That He couldn't.

You make the Heavens envious!
For they know their beauty
Is nothing compared
To you, oh Muse.
Oh bright shining, radiant being,
The Tears of God are shed for thee!
God weeps at what he missed, I praise the glorious beauty made mightier than every angel of heaven, and sweeter than every kiss of the devil.
Last night I looked out the window
And I saw the silver moon
Reaching down
And plucking the chords
Of our crimson shattered heart
So I have to ask, how bad did we sound?
Maria Etre Sep 23
The ethics of falling in love with a muse
defy the laws of Earthly logic
a curse blinding potential lovers
and gating your heart
Dagen Kipling Sep 22
pen slipped
ink spilled

    dripping onto a blank canvas
begging to be filled

    cover her with with words and ideas
force yourself to stop, sit still

    let the creativity flow
absence from you, I feel ill.

     my muse please don’t go
without you, I have no skill.
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