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annh Jan 4
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‘The past is somewhere we can walk with our memories
Never with our footsteps’
- Mimi Novic, The Silence Between the Sighs
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
After the Deluge
by Michael R. Burch

She was kinder than light
to an up-reaching flower
and sweeter than rain
to the bees in their bower
where anemones blush
at the affections they shower,
and love’s shocking power.

She shocked me to life,
but soon left me to wither.
I was listless without her,
nor could I be with her.
I fell under the spell
of her absence’s power.
in that calamitous hour.

Like blithe showers that fled
repealing spring’s sweetness;
like suns’ warming rays sped
away, with such fleetness ...
she has taken my heart—
alas, our completeness!
I now wilt in pale beams
of her occult remembrance.

Keywords/Tags: deluge, flood, rain, power, shower, swept away, absence, lost, vanished
K Balachandran Apr 2019
sky dining table.
much loaves of bread, butter heaps;
windswept the leftover.
M Solav Sep 2018
In the Melting of Days
We were Swept like the Fog
While a Sunshine of Rays
Made us Crawl in the Mud.
Written in February 2017.

— Copyright © M. Solav —
This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
a creeping
wither did
vine rocky's
tail and
was falling
leaves in
Autumn only
blue by
trail weened
her dorky
tea in
throat that
her ***
broiled canapé
and wrest
on her
hot plate
A nocturnal season that waste wtung her heart by perchance there
IPM Jul 2017
Just plain and simple
a boring existence
persisting from day to day,
doing nothing nimble
without no resistence
like dust, I'll be swept away.
Wendell A Brown May 2017
Each night when I am dreaming
I tenderly think of loving you
Embracing every joyful moment
For I love everything you do

My nightly dreams are very serene
As my heart drinks of tender bliss
Finding my mind easily swept away
During the times we share a kiss

It is such a very beautiful moment
Each night my mind begins to dream
Of your lovely image alive within
Reminding me you are my everything

And with the new day's dawning
I'm never sad as my dream fades
Because I know as I open my eyes
Your love's reality always stays.
A poem for my wife!
Oskar Erikson Feb 2017
"i guess that's how you know you've lost.
                                           being swept up in a current
                                                                   that wasn't meant for you."
Kathleen M Apr 2016
Butterflies drink from pools of blood collecting near my feet
Eyes wide open
Like a fish mouth gaping and gasping
The blood looks black in the moonlight
Sidewalk pavement hums with hesitant rain drops
Clouds block the moon above
The blood shimmers black
My hands are dry and so is my mouth
My teeth are chalk
There are things creeping in the lawn
They have seen the unseen
Maybe I'm one of them
The blood thins with rain water
Only my mouth is dry now
My hands drip with rain and parts of me
I am watered down, I am the blood, I am the rain
I run off the sidewalk and am swept down the street
The lawn and the unseen but a forgotten dream
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