They said "When it comes to love, Never settle for less."

And it left me wondering
Why did you choose me?
Mercia 1d
Dear Insecurities.

Insecurity, my old friend.
I did not request for your coming.
Nor was your arrival the cause of joy.
Insecurity, my old pal.
You and I go way back.
From the day I understood words.
Fam, we lost connection when I met Confidence.
I heard that you and Confidence fought over me, and I see that you won.
Insecurity, I need a favour.
I need you to go.
Go far and bring Peace for me.
I always push you away and you keep pulling me in.
As ancients say opposite attract.
You messed up my mind
You messed up my life
You the most fucked issue in life.
Insecurity, you cute and all but I don't want you.
They say let go of what you love, but what do you do to the things you dislike?
I can't keep you, Insecurity.
This what we have, is poison.
You slowly killing me
Please leave.
Kind Regards
Mercia Jorge
Rose 1d
Love is Love, until it burns you

i Loved you fearlessly
until i left for the sunrise

i saw lighter clouds
brighter moons

and realized you hurt me
more than you Loved me

i asked you
to own up to your soul
accept the faults that
burns those around you

i cannot Love you
if you won’t put out the flames

maybe i flourish too fast
blur the lines you need to walk on

but i feel that i tread
in the flakiness of you thoughts
waiting for you to make up your mind

as i’m left time and time, Again
for a past love, things changed and i saw more things than you cared to dream. i came back to find how little you dared to fly.
nim 1d
Your dazzling light
Was all I saw,
All I remember.

The image is burning
In my mind everyday,
Stamped by your words
In my canvas of misery.

And so, at last,
Hell's flame you left in me
Will never leave my head
The way you left me.
Some creative expression, playing with images
M 2d
Attempt at a Anchored Terset. Also from AllPoetry.
Its funny how two strangers get attached to each other and later left each other like there was nothing between them.
The winter breeze
hugs me tight,
and my heart becomes
as cold as ice.

No one dares
to keep me warm
nor bring back its fire.

Because doing so
means you have to die.
Tin Aug 2
You never know that she wishes for you to leave
You never know how weak she is when she's with you
You hold her as if she's going to leave you
But yes, she can't,
She can't leave you
She can't untangle herself against you
You hug her with the cold comfort
She embraces you everyday and every night
You wont let her away from you for even a single night
You want to see her like that
You want her,
You want her to feel you
Without knowing that she is the only one who's not with it
But she keeps staying beside you
Though she already know that it makes her numb
But still, she keeps you;
She tried to leave you but she find out that there's no one for her, but only you, so she stay
You let her to stay with you until the two of you do not care about anything else
But there she is, trying once again to leave you
But you keep chasing her
You don't know that she also wants a life
She wants a life without you
She wants a life but it seems like there's no way out,
No way out for you to stay away
So her emotions let her be
She came to the point where she finally knows the answer
The answer is...
She ended both of you
By leaving you,
And being away from this world is the only way to leave you
That's what she want
So she did, and so she died.


i shouldn't say
"when you left me"
because here you are in front of me
i guess i should say
" when we split"
im doing what hurts me
and i dont know why
i know what thinking about you does
you dont come in waves
you come into my life more like a tsunami
fast and all at once
and just like a tsunami
you destroy everything you touch
including me
and just like a tsunami you dont mean to
its just your job
its just who you are
but who would’ve thought id be in love with something so dangerous
who would’ve thought id be in love with a tsunami
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