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Ronin 4d
are the everything
causing me to be

did it
it is all
your fault

forever damaged
full of hate
all for
Ronin 4d
the next time you
have your coffee black
you'll taste the bitter
state he left you in
it will make you weep
but you'll never
stop drinking
you'd rather have the
darkest parts of him
than have nothing

but one day
you'll run out
of tears to cry
no more coffee
but the bitter will
stay, unlike
he did.
i didn't write the first part.
Perhaps it’s time

I don’t understand

You’re right, and this is where I draw the line

Can you please explain?

I’m tired of this life, tired of the lies

I had no idea you were in pain.

Does anyone, really?
Do they really expect it?
Do they have any idea to expect the worst from me?

No, they don’t.

That’s right, they don’t. I hide it too well.

No, you don’t. I saw. I noticed.

And you were too late. Don’t you see me pulling away?

Are you? I had no idea.

Just let me go now. Let me fade until I’m just a bad memory.
I've been the one to be left so many times. Why can't I find someone who'll stay?
The Tinkerer Oct 7
To fall in love.
To be kicked and tugged.
To picking up, and moving on.

To stepping forward.
To find courage, within this coward.
To letting go, of what's already gone.
To what's been said, and what's been done.

I take my hopes, and pack 'em.
Close the door, leave through the back an'
Don't turn round. We could see it crackin'.
To leave before it breaks,
Breaks my heart, but it feels like fate.
Tried to have faith, I made mistakes.

I guess that in the end, we took
What we could get, though there's
Still so many loose ends.
Looked for the closure,
I swear, felt it was getting closer.
Thought, we could make amends, make it better, make it to a better end.
I guess by now I've lost my friend.

Seems that now has turned to never.
So whatever. I tried my best.
I failed this test.

Shattered heart, I pick up the pieces.
Few more shards, and I'm back to being jus'
Who I am, who I'm at peace with.

I'd never be the same,
It won't be so seamless.
I look up, maybe one day I'll see
The one I need, my miracle seamstress.

For now, here I leave this.
From a broken heart, to broken trust. To building this friendship up, to realising, it washes a way, just like mud.

I take on the next day. Move on, move along. Take my heavy heart, my heavy mind. I'm alright. I'll be alright. This sadness will leave in time, if anything I've learned, it's that sadness is just like a tide.

- O. Glad you were once a part of my life. Thank you for what you've taught me.
Creator Sun Oct 6
You probably won't see this,
But what I want to say is that I.
I hate you.

You're stupid.
There isn't enough words to describe your awfulnesses.

So why does it hurt?
Why does it hurt when I push you away?
Why does it hurt when you chase someone else?
Why does it hurt so much?

As much as I want to say 'I hate you!',
I realise that I.
I love you.

It's stupid, isn't it?
If I told you this, you'll laugh at me.
Reject me. Pity me.
I just know you will.

And that's why I never told you.
That's why I kept pushing you away.
That's why I'm drifting away, drifting away
From my light. You.

But absence makes the heart fonder,
Doesn't it?
It hurts so much, it feels like I've
Left my heart behind. With you.
I'm salty that my poem got lost due to a connection error. Anyways, do you think this letter fits a Tsundere or Utsudere better? I'm experimenting with letter formats in an attempt to raise my motivation for my scenario writing which is where I've been focusing most of my attention onto. I have a lit exam tomorrow too, so extra practice in analysing my own poem for me!
Emily Oct 5
you were my oasis in a desert
you were the light that cast shadows
you were the small thing that mattered

I always knew I would lose you
I knew the day would come
but I never knew that it would be so soon

I know you'll be back
you said it yourself
but still I miss you

and still I mourn
for who I haven't yet lost
This is written for one of my friends that I've recently had to stop talking to due to his personal reasons. The first stanza has three references to some of his music

1) I see - 3racha
2) Even a Shadow Needs Light to Exist - 3racha
3) Small Things - 3racha

I'll just have to wait until he's able to reach out to me again
Liz Carlson Sep 27
i've been left so many times,
i'm just waiting for that moment to come with you.

i trust you more than most people,
yet i still expect that of you.

i have this urge to leave
before you leave me,
why can't i just stay?
am i afraid to see what will happen?
Left Foot Poet Mar 2018
at 11pm in nyc
one sees what
you need to c
what you don’t want to b
what’s c-ing you
all the aleph bets
are ghosting words in your
brown i’s and clear fingernails

then when and why
you are under the
dining room table
cause you don’t want to be
a real person
it’s so oh much easier to be
in the under, the table dark thunder,
so when until you need to be a visibility,
until then a ghost is a fine impossibility

do we believe in ghosts?
girl, you crack me up
W ooooohoooo W you who?

the witching wishing h our
Emily Miranda Sep 24
like the sun into the night you where gone
like a bird taking flight you where gone
like the moon in the light you where gone
only because I didn't open the doors for you
because I refused to give you the key
because I was scared
scared you'd do this to me.
Butterfly Sep 23
I had some beautiful words in my mind but the disappear like your love has left my life.
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