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You hear those sayings
from people.
That you only will know
how much you love or miss
something until it is gone.
And I always thought of it
like, it is some sweet thing to say.
But after what happend
I think I do only now realise
what I really had.
It was something great
o yeah I knew it was great
but maybe not this great.
I hate my self for losing it
for letting it happen.
It is that moment
when you start to think
what if...
what if it had gone
What if it had gone
entirely different.
But a second later
you think
but it isn't, it didn't.
Life was great.
Life was good.
Now it *****.
Now i hate it.
It is gone
and it left me broken.
rai 1d
Am I supposed to stop myself from loving you?
Am I supposed to not care?
Am I supposed to just walk away?
Am I supposed to forget you and leave everything behind?

Am I? because I never want to

by: D.M.T.P
You abandoned me when I was young
As I grow older with my own family
I meet the person I lost
and understand who you are.
Amber 5d
they were both broken
with many fragments to pick
some couldn’t be placed back
but her pieces could fit into his
they slowly assembled back the puzzle
and they were as a whole
no longer broken
however soon they left each other
with broken parts of each other
that will stay with them forever

Torn between the past and the future holding on to dreams and memory but
having to move on from what was once my life, but that time has all but
Will never let go of the past but can't continue to
live there's, no place left If
I wish to have a future I've
been left on my own for a reason, to quite what at this moment I do not
I suppose someday soon all will be revealed and an answer provided but until then I'll just have to be patient and carry on the best way possible but life doesn't provide quick solutions, that just the way it
Coming to terms with being left alone to face this world alone, the way is to try and rebuild something from my once life
When you feel like all come to an end
Remember me, please
Just remember
Remember the time that I hold your hand
for the first time
Then I kissed your lips
You said it was fine
You're the only one, that I want
to be touched by, or to be loved
Then I touched you, then I loved
More and more, it didn't stop

Remember, remember the time that I told
I told you everything will be alright
Nothing is consistent, not even our love
You got ******* first, but then you got
That even our love
will eventually die

Remember when I hold you so tightly
December, I think it was a cold and snowy
You said "*** this must be heaven!"
I said "But Satan was also an angel."

Remember all of those times
I was so blind, I was so dark!
I couldn't see your beauty, not enoughly!
Because "This world is a ****" I thought
"Nothing can fix it, nothing can solve"

I was no good to you
I just soaked up your shine
I needed to tell you
But you thought our love is divine

I couldn't say that, not to your face
I had to leave, so I just left
"Why?" you screamed "Why?" you said
"You took my heart, isn't this theft?"
"I'm sorry darling, we've come to an end"
You said "Why? We loved each other
Now you're saying to me just don't bother
Leave me be, I'll be gone
And that will be how our story get done"
"Yes", I said "Yes I will leave
And that'll be the end of everything I feel"

I had to lie, I've got to lie!
Or I could never, never be gone!
You think I'm selfish, I've gone blind
You're wrong, but I can't tell that dear
'Cause remember
Remember what I told
I said everything will eventually die
For your good, now I have to die
Believe me, not our love
Ashley 7d
The day I waved goodbye for the last time was the hardest thing I had ever had to do.
You didn't look back.
I tried to hold back my tears, but I couldn't.
I had gone home and cried.
You got on a plane and left.
I had flipped through all the memories. All the pictures, all the best friend necklaces.
I stuffed it in a box and tried to forget.
Tried to forget my best friend in the whole wide world.
Tried to forget everything.
The ****** fights, the sleepovers, the giggling, the hugs, the fun times we shared.

I know you said you’d visit.
You said you’d come Winter break.
Sure, you did.
It wasn’t the same.
We had fought over something ******.
The bond was broken.
If only you had stayed.

You came again during the Summer.
It felt like there was nothing left to fix.
Nothing left to say to each other.
And so you got on that plane again, and you went back home.
Wherever that is.
If only you had stayed.

If only you had stayed.
I wouldn’t have had to sit alone at lunch, staring at where my best friend had once been.
I wouldn’t have had to become someone else.
No one had accepted me except for you. But you left.
So I changed.
I wouldn’t have had to yearn for someone to talk to.
I wouldn’t have had to sit alone, wondering if things would be different if you weren’t on the other side of the country.
If only you had stayed.

I know you said you didn’t have a choice.
You said it was up to your parents.
I guess you were right.
But you had the choice to keep in touch.
To still be friends.
And I will never forgive you for not making that choice.

You said you were sorry.
Sorry is what you say after a fight.
Not moving across the country.
But I pretended. Acted like we were fine.
Like I was fine.
I wasn’t.
I was crumbling, breaking, trying to hold myself together.
Sorry will never be able to fix that.

I  found a new friend.
She was the best.
She made me laugh. I don’t think we’ve ever fought.
You and I used to fight a lot.
You came again for Winter Break.
Called me your “Best Friend.”
Yeah right.

I told you about my new friend.
You flipped out.
“Don’t forget who your REAL best friend is,” you’d often remind me.
You were jealous.
You were jealous.
After you abandoned me. Left me.
Oh sure, you had made new friends.
You called them your best friends.
Meanwhile, I was struggling to find anyone who was ****** enough to become friends with me.
And when I finally did, you were jealous?

I guess you thought I was just going to wait around forever for you.
You were wrong.
You thought you were going to be my only friend forever.
You were wrong.

Things could’ve been different if only you had stayed.
But you left.
You changed.
And, well, so did I.
I said stay. You didn't.
sarah Dec 10
memories remembered
from the pictures on my wall
people change but pictures don’t,
wish i could feel nothing at all
for you
because these days, all i do
is wonder who you are
i wish that i could know you
but you’re always too far

if you don’t want to pick up the phone
why should i be at your beck and call
if you ain’t got no time for me
then my mind won’t be filled with these
wishes that i wish i didn’t think

desperate for a sign,
but i’ll tell everyone i’m fine
nothing i wanna see
but your name on my lock screen
but you make me stare at my screen
you do
because these days, all i do
is wonder who you are
i wish that i could know you
but you’re always just a little too far

if you don’t want to pick up the phone
why should i be at your beck and call
if you ain’t got no time for me
then my mind won’t be filled with these
wishes that i wish i didn’t think
if you don’t want to pick up the phone
why should i be at your beck and call
if you ain’t got no time for me
then my mind won’t be filled with these
messages it tells me that you read
i wrote this a week ago when my now-boyfriend left me on read for too long, i'm not petty at all
JAC Dec 10
I'm aware that we construct our realities
I guess I just stopped building when you left.
Kira Dec 10
She doesn't know how her words make my day
She doesn't know why I'm begging to stay
She doesn't see it's about her and not me
She doesn't see that I can't let her leave

I'm fighting a battle I just won't let go
She's winning the war that brought me so low
I'm holding tight to all I have left
She's letting go, I'm just second best
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