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Jme Love May 16
Left for good
Bad is right
Living a one way life
Wishing to end
This life of sin

      In the end one then begins to right the wrongs; from insight ,with what we write in songs. a night alone,beside urself in a fight for gold  frigid& cold feelin naked & ****** bruised bleedin all because wireless network pending payment delayed and and my messages not sending nor recieving and in traffic but with my 4 bad habits safe to include i forgot if it was right ? Maybe left?

For good
If only we knew
Our way of life
If only we knew
The struggle
The fight left inside
Wrong is wrong
Right is right
A collaboration with my best friend Fontenot
Terra Levez May 14
you may have left me
saying that to believe in love is childish
but i didnt believe in it
until you came

you opened up a chasm in me
and when you left, i feared its depths
rather than exploring its meadows

when i fell
i only saw the ground
and i forgot to open my wings
this wasnt meant to be sad
it was meant to convey the beauty i was blind to, the love that i felt not from another but from myself. it was so beautiful, but i forgot it when he left.
now when im realizing it all over, with no one other than me, its so so beautiful to be alone and free.
Ana May 13
when i get sad,
i think back to when you
loved me.

how the weather
was warm,
and you cared for me
more than ever.

but now the weather
is cold
and i’m no longer
loved by you,
but by people who
never really cared about
my well-being.

i act like i love them too,
but i’m still desperate
for the warm weather
to return,
and maybe you
with it.
the world is fast succumbing
to the left's ideal
for no other has a more
universial appeal
throngs and throngs of people
can't resist the left's message
as it is possessed of the strongest
kind of carriage

shortly the right side shall be
completely obsolete
for no one will be requiring
its once time honoured concrete
the left's take over is rapidly
taking place
and as it does we'll have it staring
us directly in the face
why did you leave me?
we had so much to do
yet you still left
like you had nothing to lose
i miss you so much
Bailey Apr 21
My universe left me here
My God left me here
My upbringing left me here
My environment left me here
My blood left me here
When in reality
I left me here
Estel Apr 20
You said you miss me
With a pouting face
For a second I felt for you
But you don’t know anything about me
You’re clueless
You don’t care how I am
So how can you miss me…
If you don’t care about me?
Maybe it’s the idea of me that you miss
Or the attention I gave
Always ignoring me
Till it suited you to respond
I feel no bond
So here I am letting go
It’s over now.
They easily left in a remorseless goodbye
I tried to forget and seemed to get by

The hardest part of moving on
Is always remembering that they’re gone

Even if they’ve forgotten about me
Feelings can’t be erased nor the memories

Friends stick together and lovers depart
I’ll say I’m better but always feel the spark

With a promising brandish it died on your end
My heart sunk and drowned, trying to pretend

That I felt okay, that I was going through some phase  
Everyone assumed, but it never felt that way

What does it matter, you have a wife and kids
To be trusted and lusted by you  
I’d sacrifice anything to give  
But dreams like that never come true

Happy ever after seems a faraway thing
Effervescent laughter inside two rings

That sparkle on both of your intertwined  hands
How left behind I feel you’ll never understand
I wrote this after listening to right where you left me by Taylor Swift.
Morgan Vail Apr 17
Breath condensing against glass confines,
Out of order, out of being.
Undaunted rebellion against the boundless universe,
Splayed out onto bed sheets or forest ground.
In the corners of damp alleys.
Law, worries, ribbons undone.
Hair fallen, laughably bedraggled.
Melting snow dancing on raven feathers.
Faint fingertips skimming across that brazen chest.
Oxygen crestfallen for its own demise.
And oh, how it will die.
Kin with each unmerciful covenant.
Maimed by wayward kisses and borrowed time.
This mortal revolt championed by love.
God is dead and we are still here.
The world is ending, and we are still free.
Akward Me upon my knees
Worshipping that ****
Watching minute hands
Upon the old clock
Feeding on Freedom
Left behind.

If I'm to be made into a prisoner of my own life,
I will light up if I so choose,
Feeding on freedoms while
Left behind.
Abandonment issues.
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