Lynn 10h
I have nightmares even when I go to sleep happy
and they are super fucking bad.

Last night I dreamt you didn't love me-
you pulled away from my kisses
you shook when i tried to hold you

I woke up this morning in tears and my eyes were crusted over
I looked in the mirror and my right eye was bloodshot
from crying hard in my sleep

My nightmares never leave me
even when im awake
My nightmares are always haunting my thoughts
why can't it just stop? please.

I walked you through your issues
I nurtured you
I cherished you regardless
Of your faults

I taught you through it
Every step of the way
I stuck by your side after seeing
your darkest ways

But now we have found an issue of mine
And you don’t walk me through it
Or teach me, or stick by my side.


You just leave me in the dark to figure it out all by myself

But I am responsible for my own magic. I won’t survive;
I will flourish.
I will find my way home
When you stick by somebody in their darkest times and help them, but they can’t do the same for you.
Haleigh 1d
lies lies lies
they won't stop running through my mind

lies lies lies
convincing everyone I'm fine

lies lies lies
they happen time after time

lies lies lies
and all i can say is i apologize

lies lies lies
they are all thats left inside
Hand me that bottle; I need another drink.

You think I've had enough? I don't care what you think.

I want it to go away; wanted to leave it there.

But you keep trying, so I can't go anywhere.

Stuck in the middle; stuck inbetween.

Feeling so kind; and feeling so mean.
When you left me,
I remember being told,
I remember feeling sick,
I remember feeling shocked,
I remember being enraged.

When you left me,
I have never blamed him,
As much as I want to.
I blame you,
For leaving me here.

That doesn’t mean I don’t miss you,
Because I miss you dearly.
However that doesn’t mean I’m not mad,
Because you left me.

You knew that risk,
Getting on that bike.
You knew that risk,
That it might take your life.

When you left me,
I knew it was coming.
The moment you took that risk,
I knew you would leave me.

I still love you,
I miss you terribly.
And I think about you everyday.
But I will never forgive you,
When you left me.
My mother died years ago in a motorcycle accident. This poem helped me express my feelings about her death. I hope that anyone else can relate to this from a death of a loved one.
I woke up in a field, a flower crown placed gently on my head. The night was calm, and surreal. Like a photo lens, picture perfect scene, I stood up in flowers surrounded by dark, I knew then, this was the end, the final note, the last piece of my heart.

Well, really the beginning you see. Lets start back at the beginning, the first one, follow me: The day still young, the sky still blue, I was me and you were you. The melody in the wind was nice, the air was chilled but the tone was ice.

No, not iced, but you get the point? Anyway, the short-lived love was oh so perfect, you and me and love was certain. We danced that day, in fields of daisies, holding me, holding us, holding life in the palm of our hands. Intertwined like the rope in a sailors knot, sturdy and  steady. You kissed my lips and I kissed yours, what a wonderful flavor love leaves on the mouth, that was then and this is now....

I'm getting off track. See you left me, alone and deserted. You walked away, I swear I was undeserving, but no that doesn't matter, right? You made your choice, and mine for me, I didn't want that, why can't you see!

I stumbled around in nature for hours, searching for you, picking you flowers, hoping you would find your way back, hoping maybe you just got off track. You didn't return, you didn't care, I was nothing, how is this fair?

I went to the stream where we skipped our stones; I waited and waited, sitting alone. You never returned. All hope was lost. I walked back to the meadow, where we shared so much love, lied on the ground and stared above. I watched the clouds, then counted the stars; My lids grew heavy, my breathing slowed down, I closed my eyes and slept on the ground.

When I woke, I was still alone, so I grabbed my crown and made my way home.
please note any suggestions, I aspire to write moving, clearly read poetry. any changes or addition suggestions are welcome (:
Do you know how I felt
Lost, alone living dead
Pushing myself to do
Things I don't want to
I just tried to make happy
All people around me
But it made  me unhappy
But no one thought about me
It was just YES what I knew
I'LL DO IT for you was nothing new
I am just a helper to the bone
But when I needed someone they were gone.
Nyx 6d

You look at me through those clear blue eyes
Smile at me with that cheeky smile
Hold me close at each event
Tell me goodnight at the days end

I fell in love, lay my heart out bare
You took it from me without an ounce of care

You make me laugh with all your jokes
Giving me hope by being close
Allowing me to feel like i was number one
Giving me the pleasure of being the only one

Love can be blind, I soon came to know
That your love for me was merely a joke

You flirt with other girls with me standing there
Threatening the people who simply cared
Burning my bridges as I watched and stared
Losing my freedom as you became my air

My entire life, You made it devine
I became your, but you werent ever to be mine

You left me to fend for my own
Ignore me, leaving me all alone
Acting like you dont know who I am
Making me feel like your love was just a scam

By the end of our story,
I lost who I am, I cut off my friends
Forgot where my priorities stand
I allowed a boy to take over my life
As i took his words to heart
Even though they cut through me like a knife
I don't regret what happened
Nor the sacrifices I made
My only regret is that you left completely unscathed

I love,
Loved you

So don't you forget
That i'm the one you broke down
The one that you left
The one who followed you to the bitter end
That I was your last standing friend

After everything thats happened
I've finally had enough
Pull the paper from the walls
   The color from the tiles beneath
Pull my mind from the strangers way
   And title me, not as one thing
But as first and foremost, THE SON of a king
To him all goodness is owed. Amen.
It’s an almost panic attack
in the hall of the plane.
Keep your eyes dry until the wine cart passes.
When the seatbelt sign turns off you can go into the bathroom and cry.

Every moment,
every time,
with tears in your eyes and Radiohead in your ears,
lips trembling, seizing with emotion.
You never cry
and now you can’t stop.
What is wrong with you?

I can’t help and I don’t want to
but what is wrong with you?

You tear the walls down only to build them up.
You fall down only to lay there and think about how cold the ground is.
You cry and whine and when someone looks at you
you’re always so fucking fine.

Help yourself help yourself.
Help yourself help yourself.
What is that saying
about you do it or you’ll die?
I feel I may be dying.
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