it is not enough to love,
it is never enough. you must sew your fingers shut
like treasure.
mold into paper, heart like memory foam.
you must lock
the doors and change the keys, even if they don't visit. make your first drink in this palace a delight,
mount a bottle to the ceiling - decorate
with pale pink everything.
build a fist fit for windowpanes
and break no glass.
remember that a laughing bird will never fly at night, cranberries won't grow on trees and
his blood cannot stain your teeth.
young girl your are so lucky to sleep,
so lucky to dream and so lucky to love.
but it is not enough to love.
one must also learn to be.
Amanda 4d
My lucidity
fights alcohol like how glass
cuts skin like a knife.
You said she was an open book.
but she was a shut door,
made of glass
walk in blue
when the blue lights are on
and blue smoke
blue smoke
of the fire of the world

walk on glass
walk across the sky
and live not life
live death
oh my heart
my heart

and tomorrow I will be again
In the same place
in a place where there are no pains and sorrows
where there is no down and up
one space only

Still stuck behind the glass wall
There’s no use in getting out
No use in communicating
The people on the other side have given up, too
I slump down to the floor in a state of defeat
Resting my head on my knees
I feel a knocking on the glass
I turned my head
A smile grew on my face
Someone like me!
Someone that understands!
I could tell in his eyes
He was behind a glass wall, too
“Do you feel my heart saying hi?”
A bond formed
From nothing else
But our life behind those glass walls
I reached through the glass
And took his hand
I’m no longer alone
I attempted a continuation (ooooooh) of a poem I wrote called Glass around a month ago

the best conclusion I can give without really giving away the intended meaning of the metaphor is that it’s really good to find someone that can relate to you :’)
crying was like rain
crying fell from the sky
and glass
and glass
tore up papers
tore hands

crying is unbearable
wailing tore my soul
and not mine and others
Chinese in one far country
somewhere in the future
or in the past

about crying
time you're crying
I'm you time
about crying

Sunshine Jul 7
glass hearts
can't go together
the friction we carry
the broken pieces we left
never whole
always wandering aimlessly
hoping for someone
but the impossible
stays impossible
when your heart is glass
when its as fragile as ice
and the heats melts it
and the stones crack it
when you no longer love
as your heart is in your hands
in pieces
in a million stars
when you are there
I hope someone finds you
someone with a new heart
who gives you theirs
so you can love again
Jme Love Jul 5
A glass house is what you see.
A stone is what you hold.
A whisper says walk away.
A scream says throw the stone.
You stand holding nothing but shards of glass.
A whisper says it will be ok.
A scream says you should have walked away.
be gentle even tho...
Hello there in the mirror
It's been a length of time
Too long, if you ask me
And you do ask me
Because I'm you

Oh, me, it's been too long
Once we were of a kind
Then we were metal twine
Then were cut in two

Glass can tell
A story
Better than
Or even
A good friend

Glass can tell
A story
Better than
The basic
John or Jane
Or Mx

Hello there in the mirror
It's been a length of time
Ugly is beautiful
Beautiful ugly
And in between

Oh, me, I'm
Pulling stretch marks apart
To see the white
The intact skin is tanned
The damaged skin is
Bright pearlescent

Oh, me, I'm
Pulling my gum lines down
To see the black
The clean teeth still eat plaque
The bad teeth, less teeth
More empty space
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