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Why does one
Look at shattered glass
And assume
It failed to last

Wasn’t it failed by us
To be looked after
And loved
Sumariu Nov 2018
You threw the first stone and shattered my  fragile glass.
***, drugs, more love; ***, drugs, more love...
I feel myself slipping behind these blurry eyeballs.

*** don't cut it if it ain't you.
Drugs can't cut it if the hit ain't you.
Love don't do it if I can't have you.
So what do I do...

***, drugs, more love; ***, drugs, more love...
I feel myself slipping behind these blurry eyeballs with me covered in tape.

I'll never forgive who threw the first stone.
Smells of shame, collapsed veins, more damaged beyond reframe.

You threw the first stone and glass is glass, and glass breaks; the first stone tossed was a break of something that will forever be mended with tape.
So what do I do...

***, drugs, more love; ***, drugs, more love...
I feel myself slipping behind these blurry eyeballs with me covered in tape.
Godlink 4d
A man and woman,
deep in love.
Glass full of red wine,
the man not drugged.
She threatened goodbye,
if he would not drink.
So he started to sip,
that glass full of pink.
After a while,
that glass half full,
she threatened to leave,
his health took toll.
So once again,
glass to the sky,
his lips did part,
with love **** eyes.
Glass now empty,
she threatened his heart,
but no more drink,
she decided to part.
Broken drink,
and shards of glass,
his life now wasted,
the after math.
And on his death,
the girl once more,
poured some pink,
for the man next door.
I've had a lot of conversations with myself lately,
At night.
"Who told you to?"
"He made me tell myself."
"How do you know?"
"I don't."
Me, myself, I.
All different people
But all the same.
The contemptuous person behind this glass that i can't see because i'm desperately trying to see what i can't be.
I really want to know,
Who this person is i'm talking to.
Madison 6d
I'm here.
I'm visible.
But I am disconnected.
I'm too afraid to shatter the walls.
As long as I stay in here no one
can hurt me.
I'm not quite happy,
I'm not quite sad.
But I am safe
Frustrations mixed with delusions of grandeur, sipping on CrynChronic, at least Tails had Sonic. what good is a view if it’s covered in fog, haha look at the *** on the log. Oops it’s a mirror, no Alexa five more minutes, once my eyes open the anxiety starts, the peace departs, the draining begins, I’m losing my wind.

Glass #2 is a trip I want to cancel, no insurance so it takes its toll. I want to buy make up stock so credit it is. The interest is high so I bet on my feelings. District 13 odds but we came from the ground, shh not a sound, keep the tension inside. They say the greatest earthquakes come from the littlest lies. Remember the fruit! Every misstep is a big step, every bad course is a crash course, every tall tale is an exhale. Grow Up. I learn from the lessons but feed my depression, no free lunch, please charge my aggression. Insufficient funds when I withdraw my resentment. Look at the time it’s a quarter past regret, I hear they spit in your drink here. Another excuse to tighten the noose. Glass half full, no waiter thanks, I’m not thirsty.
TH 6d
You are glass that fell down
You’re a king with no crown
You’re a sea with no water
You’re a book with no author
You say please don’t let them see
The broken glass keeps hurting me
You say it’s to much you have on your plate
So instead you expect me to carry your weight
And I want to help, I’ll do what I can
But you have to remember that I’m just a man
What you need I wish my love could do
But me and my love can not rescue you
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