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Their relationship was like broken glass, shattered and sharp,there was no salivation of it.-Lucia Airo
I tried to sweep the feeling
Of missing you
Under a rug
I keep tripping on it.

I keep falling
Through the cracks
In my heart
That a cloud
Is the only thing
Soft enough
To break my fall.

It always rains
And when it rains
It pours.
I pour myself a glass
Then another.
I need more sleep
Abby M 2d
If the earth had a temple
Surely it would be the ocean
With its stained-glass fish
And its stately silver sands
Its keening choir of whales
And rocking sermon of waves

The world above is not
A foreign paradise
With its broken-glass windows
And its dingy gas-stained streets
Its keening choir of mothers
And angry sermons of men

If the earth had a temple
Our world would be its end.
Mari Oct 12
Tiny pieces of
Shattered glass
Appear like
Their crystals.
Nothing is useless, really!
Mary Zollars Sep 29
In a far away land, a long time ago,
there was a revolt in the kingdom of Nah.
The people were tired of the king’s dark ways,
and forced him to make a change.
“I do not wish to harm my land,
I hate to hear my people cry,
so I will change my ways to appeal to you,
and to prove it, I will build my castle from glass”
Now the people could watch him work,
And monitor all he did.
Assured that their king was honest,
the people went about their days.
But the king was harsh,
The dungeons were full,
Still the people would say,
“If his ways are bad,
Then why would he put them on display?”
Taxes rose, corpses piled,
And the kingdom fell to ruin.
When the people asked
“What has happened?”
A wise woman said to them,
“You turned the castle to glass,
But what about the king?”
R B M Jul 15
Stain glass window
Broken on the chapel floor
Sometimes I wonder
If it's even worth it anymore

Every day a new rock is thrown
But all I see is the color fragments
Hit by the rising sun
To show me there is something to gain from all this pain

This world has about a million ways to get me down
A million ways to make me frown
Yet even after the rock has been thrown
The stain glass window's beauty still shows

This beautiful stain glass window
Shattered all around
Still shows its color
Still shows the sun

Stain glass window
Broken on the chapel floor
Looks like Hell
But still shows Heaven

Broken but beautiful
Stain glass window
Stain glass window
Broken but beautiful
TD Sep 20
Billows the volcano angrily
lava spittle dribbling down his chin,
"I'm at the mercy of the clock.."
his lolling drone like a dull metronome
clanging to and fro.

Fists shake in angst
their ephemeral silhouettes
disintegrating into the miasma.

Biding our time
we are all just blowing smoke

and cancer sells.
I apologize for this. I'm not trying to be so fatalistic at all really. As humans, I feel we chase after permanence like it was something to grasp--like we have that kind of power, control. We can make good choices in life, but to say that we control outcomes entirely seems a bit conceited/foolhardy really. We can impact change, but our outcomes depend on something more, at least that's how I believe.
Jewel Yuzon Sep 20
You could look for me in every corner of earth
and never find me.
Even if all the world were glass
and the water clear,
even if you and I were the only ones
in a white plane outside of space and time,
I could be in front of you, invisible,
just out of reach.
As you search with arms outstretched,
and I, about to smile my smug smile,
winner of my own game, I falter —
because things could have been so different.
River Sep 13
shes been broken so many times before
lost sight of any light
in her life its just nothing but despair
sitting alone with a heart
that seems to have disappeared
her mind isnt stable
to handle any more words
she just wants to hide away from the world
shes like fragile glass
all she needs is one more tap
then shes completely broke and
there is no more going back
Tap tap
Does the rain against the glass
As I blow my nose another time,
And wish I wasn't sick.
A "poem" every day.
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