M Rose 17h

Calling out into the canyon,
Echoing, echoing, echoing.
Sometimes I think I'll die there in the morning light, but then--
a Buzzing. You ask if I'm coming home.
I hear the rumbling of the semi trucks
and they sound so tired. They sound like me.
The Gray enshrouds me and it gets hard to breathe.
I think about that night so often.
I thought we would be a Long time
but you disappeared right before my eyes.
Steam rising from my sliced flesh, with my last breath I ask you to stay;
you remind me I held the blade.

When the shards of glass Pierced
your skin I felt the Stinging
alongside you.
Mouth gone Dry,
at last I see how my love turned Blind
for nothing more than a Flicker and a Shadow.

tw: violence, intrusive thoughts, etc.

Twinkle twinkle little glass
How fast can you make time pass
Soaring with us up so high
Tinting our lips red like fire
Twinkle twinkle little glass
Fall and you shall turn to dust

Carelessly sprinkled glass shards
Coating the ground like stardust,
Ablaze under the golden sun
Crisp as grass under bare feet,
Cutting through skin with ease
Like a crystal catching light.
Glowing in it's glory
A harvest of crimson.

I was an empty glass till
you filled me half way.

"I was never greedy"

But as I saw it
             I was a short shot
So who needs a full glass
            to get tipsy..

Maxine 5d

Precious baby,
Counting sheep.
Tell me why your eyes cant sleep?

Sweet baby,
No sheets.
This is different not so sweet.

Darling, Baby.
You can only laugh.
Memories they stay,
like Mary on stained glass.

overcoming the enemy

I don't wish to argue,
whether the glass is
half empty or half full,
as long as what it holds,
is pure and delightful.

Eva Nov 11

If a girl had curling smoke fingers
wrapped around her throat
she would scream her voice

into empty nothingness
a vacant house
without windows

She would have emptiness and nothingness
and jagged shards of glass
in between her ribs

and in dusty damp spaces on the floor
amongst the splintering wreckage
she'd spill sticky red carpets
for you
to wipe your feet on

Mari Carrasco Nov 10

it is few that seek for color,
when the world leaves them grey.

it is few that climb mountains,
when only plains come their way.

Shards strike C-minor on the marble, I
step slowly, on tip toes, ever so lightly, I
fly on feet above flickering flecks, I
will not wallow where what traps lay, I
am after something bigger, something stronger,
something solid and not see-through, and
I will become something.

Olympia Nov 2

I am in a world of glass castles

being built by sculptures who don't know what the sun looks like

I am always wondering to myself,

                                      "how can I escape this reality?"

Yet I already know the answer

I cannot escape and leave this place

These castles have high walls and everyone is building higher

and higher
and taller
and wider
And I ask them,

                                     "why do you build your walls so big?"

But, yet again, I know the answer to this

I have built my walls too just like they have

I am scared of the fire burning rapidly around me

Every time someone whispers to me, I cringe and crawl into my soul

For the glass was made out of sand

And the sand came from my tears

That once filled an ocean and I loved my ocean

Yet, eventually, you build your castle and forget what it's like

You forget what clean air tastes like

Emerald Nov 1

you're an ampliative tight nutritive priori
raining eudaimonia inaccuracy(extrinsic valid
of eyes who no longer speak) chrysalism aslaved
awareness that all I need are typewriters smoking
mirrors while I water plants in an hospital
through inscriptions "prosodic entourage"
but all I saw when I opened my front door
were white roses conserved in glass
spider wolves "theory of classism"
your optics and blueprints ::: collusion telescopes
pressurring troubling disparity "you don't want to
hear the truth so you hide mute where you think I won't
catch you" intensify prominently
it's all a diversion

- G

my intention is wanting to hear the truth from you
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