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I shatter into a thousand tiny glass shards of a tea cup

Time did not stop it

Time did not reverse

Hands picked me, held me,
and mended me with gold.
Falling Up Nov 2023
You are the glass that I poured my heart and soul into
But oh,
you are much more fragile than glass

You are the bomb that I worked carefully to diffuse
But little did I know,
you just released tear gas

You are the salty stories that flow from my eyes
in the middle of the night
Stories of love, joy, and

You are the burning anger I feel in my chest
The feeling pushed down and

You are so much of me
So how can I stand to lose you?
As we stand on ships drifting farther and farther apart on the open sea

The answer is as clear as the glass and as strong as the anger
I can’t stand to lose you
You’re the biggest part of me
It’s difficult
I S A A C Aug 2023
grandfather clocks and long talks about home
boring thoughts clogging the dome
under the bell jar everything is magnified
my emotions become personified
you are my anger, you are my sadness
i scream from behind the glass
you are my danger, you are my weakness
i wish it was that simple of a reason
I S A A C Jun 2023
tall glass of water with a refreshing personality
feeling quenched with your arm around me
i cannot stall this out any longer
there aren’t volcanoes that are hotter
feeling better whenever we are together
my tall glass of water
I S A A C Jun 2023
walking on shards of glass whenever we interact
i am unnatural, nervous
usually feel so authentic and perfect
you mix my energy like a bartender
misrepresent my ability like my father
leading me to walk on shards of glass
sweeting the darker moments in the past
it is easier like that
it is easier to unpack
Serendipity Mar 2023
And I'll break a glass
just to prove
you could've
slipped right through
my hands.
Moe Feb 2023
I was expecting you to be
spying on me
in an attempt to talk
with the voice of a lost passenger
it seems you and I are always looking
for something
sounds that I can't let go
feelings you inspired on others
losing my patience
losing our tempers
you're all over me and it feels so good
as you are spilling a ghost
I won't complain
underneath a stained glass
all I can do is follow the path you created
with your brief smile
Alicia Moore Dec 2022
the bones in my legs
are like shattered glass,
yet I am still walking
on these two shards.
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