Katharsys Jul 13

Frozen tears float round and round
as whirls of butterflies scatter away.
In gleaming dance they descend to the ground,
blown by the blizzard, forlorn and astray.

Sawn off butterflies shoot between the sun,
cradled in your breathing,
half hearts and the senseless beating of wings ceases…
as stained glass lies fallen and broke,
warm in your hands
cold in your heart,
cradled in your breathing,
the beating of wings
lies broken.

Close your eyes. Dream…
The snow is falling just like leaves.
Things are sometimes not what they seem.
Innocent dreamer, look what you’ve done:
You’ve opened your eyes and eclipsed the sun.
Now ashen roses rain on the fields.

Winter’s city-wide.
Crystal bits of snowflakes
like butterflies
fly all around
in my head.
Close your eyes and feel:
as stained glass lie fallen and broke,
warm in your hands,
cold in your heart,
cradled in your breathing,
and beating of wings
lie broken.

Kyle Bailey Jun 30

turn around in black coats
looking through brick-walls
that are laced with pineapple cocaine,
and soft dreams. Glasses pulled
down past the bridge of his nose
to try and hide the loneliness he
felt inside after his mother had

When I look into the mirror, I am more than what I see.
I see the past, I see the present, I see the future...I see me.
I see the ideas and the ideals, the fleeting notions in-between.
I see it all within the mirror, although the mirror, isn't the only thing I see.
I see myself and my old image, I'm nothing special you can see.
I look within to see my reason, and portray a look to pretend I've seen.
But...this isn't a mirror set before me, it's just a doorway next to me.
Two sets of glass, a single person, a dual-reflection for all to see.

I don't write fiction....YET! (:

Your ego
is about
as fragile
as glass.
I'd rather
cut myself
on the shards
than piece it
I may be
at least
I'm not

Don't even try to start drama because this isn't about you.
kayla Jun 24

when you feel like Alice
with no rabbit hole

take a look in a looking glass
and search for your soul.

You could stare and stare
with all your might,

But at the end of the look
There’s still no you in sight.

and as you trace my face
with the back of your hand,
the earth stands still
as if carved from glass

and only your warmth on my skin
in the dead of the night
is worth everything
that has come to pass

Britney Lyn Jun 22

Is my energy too strong or am I not as beautiful as the sun?
I know I never strike in the same place twice but I'd make an exception for you.
Because even though you prefer the warmth of her fiery beauty in the morning,
She will always leave you in the evening.
She's a lead you on but never stay kind of girl.
I, on the other hand, am the beauty of the storm, given a bad reputation because I lash out at those who've broken me.

I stuck the sand in which we bedded, my heart forever glass for a cowardly boy.
ScorpioPoems Jun 20

Sometimes we lose ourselves in the rush of time and push ourselves too hard.
Lose sleep, lose friends and lose our minds.
Covering up the pain just like we cover up those undereyes.
We are fragile, just like glass.
But we tend to forget that glass can crack.

Tranquil Dawn Jun 14

Dreams trickle,
insoluble, inconsolable.
Burrowing like icy fingers,
in unblemished skin
once ripe with promise,
the dying light lingers.

Course of life,
coarse the sand
abrading one silken throat
devastating hope.
Dimmer spills heart's flaming desires
abandoned to their
vain sparks of indignation.
They scream with closed throats,
as curious gazes
stalk--morbid fascination.

I sit and watch my eyes intently.
Waiting for the moment--
eroded hourglasses falter--
anguish becomes
a muted symphony.
Waiting for the moment
when my epiphany
meets her perfect melody.
And I discover the Sandman
always knew where time stopped
and I began.

as a side note.. when an hour glass has too coarse of sand it can eventually cause the neck of the hour glass to get larger.. basically disrupting the calculated trickle of sand, compromising the integrity of "time" itself.

(also eyes in this case can be interchangeable with soul)

there are people that only come to teach you about loss
words that I swore sounded like promises only meant to be fleeting
because you showed me everything I wanted
and became something I had to let go
and you made the future sound so pretty with no intention of seeing it
and you crossed borders and oceans and concrete walls to get to my heart
and I took your counterfeit one and held it like glass
and I keep searching for the sun in other people forgetting how much I love the moon

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