September Rose Oct 2017
To watch one suffer
To be there as they slowly fall to the rubble
You reach out but as the tides pull in they go further and further from hope
From comfort
A never ending spiral they're falling your fingers slipping through theirs as you let them go
It isn't your fault but blood still runs
And you still remember
eye 4 1 eye
        breakin lines
           takin sight

     eye 4 n eye
        makin me blind      ?
     makin u blind      ?

     i'm set to play
        my future corpse
           no kids for me      ,

call me n atheist,
   please      .
ascension      ? it's a great
   lot      .

     me? please,
   let me rot.
shima Aug 6
i came back to the water
full of sweet clouds and rot
where my weary bones
rest gently without thought

yet the waves drown me
under [memories of] insomniac lights
the bitterly sinking heart
and a few ephemeral nights
after a week, a crush or two developed. whatever. can't be helped.
Gale L Mccoy Aug 2
brain rot
fallin off the top
made a deal
i can't follow up
center stage
exit stage right
before the brain
rot drops
from the month
cant make it stop
god stop and get off
why seething rabid
from holes in head
choke it dead
A vent
Diana Garcia Jul 26
There is not much I care to share
But the more I write
The more I dare
I can overcome
All of what you’re unaware
And the less I’m scared
The more I want you to know
I still care.
It wasn’t always so
“I hate you” is what you were told
You shouldn’t have went into the cold
Our cave protected you from the snow
I’m sorry our love
Didn’t have a chance to grow.

It was all my fault
In my lonesome hell I shall rot.
Pao Jun 12
colors rot
and so do we

our minds, our souls, our bodies
decaying in the wind
carrying us to unexplored terrain
carrying us to mysterious lands

our minds rot
and so do we

our souls, our bodies
decaying in the dirt
seeping its way into the trees like vines

our bodies rot
and so do we
JosilinP May 3
math class smells like rot
but i never gave it a second thought
for i live with dead bodies in my brain
and i will never be the same
i did this in math class
robert May 2
Brown apple, bad smell
My long forgotten lunchbox
I was just a kid
It had dinosaurs on it
And a volcano – almost empty
Inside but so much going on
On the outside (it looked cool)
And I miss it
Even with this rot inside
Even the things I don’t know
Nor remember
For there’s a hole in the middle
I can’t see through.
- robert
First poem on hellopoetry
Simra Sadaf Apr 29
after he was dead
his ghost came to visit her
impassive and emotionless
he sat in front of her
begging to be noticed
whispering apologies
it was futile and in vain
cause she buried him in her mind
and left him to rot there.
Devin Ortiz Mar 27
Not long after I laid myself upon the Earth,
I began to grow roots, suckling the green.

Before you knew it, they borrowed farther,
Far from me, crawling faster away.

To be so toxic, yet making myself at home.
I needed some good, to prune the bad.

As I gaze at the storm clouds rolling,
I wait for the rain, but not before the tears.

There is a bitterness, rotten deep within.
To be so disconnected, it is painful.

So I lay, disgusted with my own ruin,
Wishing the woods would cure me.

What a dumb little lie, who do I kid.
I will decompose with pestilence.

How dare I come here, how dare I weep.
But here I'll stay, a graveyard of grief.
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