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Anais Vionet Sep 21
When the sun sets, flecking clouds with diaphanous light and birds whistle daytime’s last summer psalms, we call it night.

We’re moonbathing and Sunny’s features are inlaid with glamorous silver-blue patines. We’ll reawaken soon, our time is measured in assignments, not in hours, days or even seasons.

Responsibility is a villain of our own devices. You can run from it, bolt your door against it, only to find it’s right there - in back of you - smiling like a tiger or a parent.

Unfortunately, the university isn’t a hotel. It’s more of a competition, like those survivor shows.

We’ll enjoy the moonlight, for a few, laconic moments, for it seems to possess a sweet power to cool and calm, but soon our purposes will call, irresistibly, and we’ll return to the performance.
BLT Merriam Webster word of the day challenge: laconic: brief to the point of seeming rude.
Anais Vionet Aug 28
We were on a 2nd floor garden terrace. The three-quarter moon was doing its best to set a romantic, gin-mood, pouring a soft pastel-blue on the world, that softened hard edges.

A cool breeze wafted jasmine scents from a nearby tea-olive tree. We were alone, the only sounds were far off footsteps and my pounding heart. Wasn’t this romantic?  

Fueled twice by desire I had dressed carefully and modestly, with just a subtle, but fancy, hint of sluttiness. My costume, carefully vetted by a company of five, calculating, non-virgins, was designed to be both alluring and as abstruse as Kleenex. I was a doll dressed, painted and scented to ******. Wasn’t I romantic?

We’d never kissed before, and I wanted him to kiss me with an almost moaning force of will. I brushed my skirt down and checked that my hair was in place with quick, fleeting hand motions that could have been butterflies in the reflected light.

We were sitting close together, I could feel his warmth, but nothing was happening and then, as nothing continued to happen, I began to fret, to sag, what was the glitch? Maybe..

I felt a warmth, his breath, I looked up and he kissed me, gently, then moved back a little. I smiled. I wanted to laugh, to shout, to jump around like my team had won the Superbowl, but I was very still, lest I scare him off. Oh, there were butterflies somewhere.

He’s smart. His mind probes the infinite but sometimes neglects the immediate. I wasn’t expecting a smooth move from someone who’s all knees, thumbs and elbows but, hey, I’m capable, and willing, to learn.
BLT Marriam Webster word of the day challenge: Glitch: a minor setback or malfunction.
Alexis D Cruz Aug 15
before finding solace in the meadow that lies in your eyes,
I found peace in the way silken lavender would melt into an orange & pink sorbet;
but as I lie here now, cradled in the comfort of your arms, I find that I dread sunrise  

most find the dark unsettling — shutting themselves off when midnight strikes;
but in the moonlight, is when we shine the brightest — when we thrive, when we are the most alive
Savio Fonseca Jun 16
When a Heart in Love gets Broken,
it's pieces get scattered Around.
Tears keep falling Drop by Drop,
without a Word or Sound.
Diamonds are stones that Sparkle,
When U polish them all the More.
A Broken Heart becomes a bit Stronger,
When Love touches their Feet or Shore.
Black loves, the Sound of Silence.
White shines, when it is Night.
A Heart that's Broken has Memories.
But their Love, is never in Sight.
As Moonlight shines on their windowsill,
A Broken Heart is brought back to Life.
But then old Memories, begin to creep in
and Dreams, are stabbed by a Knife.
this is where all the secrets are held
in the smell of yesterday's rain in the air
in the dark, and in that pool
in the little moonlight patch falling on my bed
with the window open and the air cool
and the night young and wild and a fool
midnight in a college dorm room
as you
kissed me
the petals
under the
we wore
the robes
of the stars,
and gazed
upon the
tides, we
how they
a dream,
as the
sea of
in silver
to a
you keep
hands of
close, be
for you
hold my
Nigdaw Mar 19
he runs across the floor
eight legged little beastie
one of nature's nightmare tools
a necessary evil, clean-up module
I leave him alone, as much right as I
to this lonely landing in moonlight
Shane Lee Mar 10
Nocturnal beauty,
Night glory,
Days-end oddity,
Midnight blossom.
In awe of your blooming
at an evening's kiss.
Your beautiful petals outstretched,
To the moon!
Exposed, to the chill of the darkness,
The final yawn of daylight.
You breathe again as your lover's glowing light
reaches your unveiled anthers,
gently caresses your filaments,
kisses deep within your stem,
and how glorious! Your untouched nectar ...
But who is to know,
Moonlight Flower?
I hope you enjoy!!
© Shane Lee
Anais Vionet Feb 20
The moonlight was just right for talking.
You hardly talk, that’s reason enough not to fall in love.
Do you know morse code? Maybe we can tap it out.
Wait, are you trying to ****** me stealthily?
Can I just buy a vowel?
I'm not insulting you.
I'm describing you.
I’m being candid.
BLT word of the day: Candid :  unreserved, honest, or sincere expression."
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