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Ephemeral Dust, Primordial Soup
Essence in swirl,
Conscious of Unconscious
Thoughtless, Sway like a Leaf.
Under sunlight, Rejuvenation
Under moonlight, Exhalation
Vacant Plane, I wonder in Circles
Gnosis, I have to break these Chains  
Realization drenches over me
Smiling alone in the Rain.
The snow is a distant memory,
Peppering the ground with white
Smoke arises from brick chimneys,
Producing warmth with all its might
Skinny trees with leaves so feathery
Are illuminated by moonlight
The eyes of the wild blaze at every
Whisper of the wind or odd sight
The stars swimming in ink offers me
A glimpse following twilight

I remember these mountains
I am fond of them, indeed.
Reappak May 15
Laying on the bare grass,
Insisting the moon, to stir in my soul
Its reflection embracing,
blending inside,
filling the bruises, scratches and wounds!
rk May 14
she dances
with the winter dew
in her hair
silver moonbeams
gently kissing her skin
carried by the wind,
she speaks
and the stars
sing along in unison
following her
into the unknown.
Salvador Kent May 11
They stand over a grave,
And sing a song about going home,
Home. From a far away land.
They shout, cry, rage,
Because now the grave contains a dead man...
Everybody feels so, so alone.


Rain rain rain.
Pouring down in streams,
Pouring down the lonely roads,
Pouring pouring downstream.
Tears. Tears amongst the rain,
Tears down my cheek,
Desperate tears ******* please,
Please tell me this is all a dream.

Then in the constant rain,
Pebble falls to my feet,
Pick up the pebble,
Carry on walking...
What the **** is this dream?

Is it a dream?
Am I in a dream?
Is this wood I see
Dead wood
Lonely wood
Is this wood a dream?


Your eyes glisten in the moonlight...
That's what I once told blue eyes.
Glisten like the ocean at night...
That's what I told blue eyes...

But she's dead now.
Had to let her go.
Glistening days are over…
I took a boat set sail...
Blue all over the place,
Hard to move on
*** it's all I see
******* blue
Tormenting me
And the moonlight…
Beautiful desperate moonlight
Reflected failed moonlight...
Is now pale.

Oh blue eyes.
Dance with me in the pale moonlight,
Let's dance underneath the stars...
Dance all night
Till the sun starts to rise,
Even if it's just for a night
Even if it's just for a night...
Please. I want to be satisfied.
I want you to glisten once more
Glisten in the moonlight.
So I can be satisfied.
Happy and satisfied.

I love you blue eyes.
You're all I see.
You're in the ocean,
That I'm travelling through,
You're in the birds,
That sing to me at dawn...
And you're in the rain,
That bought me that pebble
All those years ago...

And they say that you're in the moonlight,
Every once in a while...
You make the pale moonlight blue...
I want to make it blue with you...
Please. I want to make it blue with you.
Even if it's just for a night.
One night dancing under the pale moonlight
Then I'll drift away forever.

I know that's what you want.
Blue eyes.
******* pretty blue eyes.
Loving blue eyes.
Sickly blue eyes.
Beautiful blue eyes.
Come dance with me in the pale moonlight.

Please. For in a while
The moon will lose its shine.
So come. For the first and last time
Please take my hand
Dance with me in the pale moonlight…


I'm sorry I was wrong.
Shouldn't have asked.
I'll bury my love for you in that grave,
Remember what the dead man told me.

Love is painful, always has been.
And if those blue eyes
Don't feel the same.
If they don't want to dance with you
In the moonlight that's now ******* blue.

Then all your feelings,
However strong...
Have to stop being feelings.
No more dancing,
Sing a sad song...
About coming home.
Because blue eyes is going home.
Leaving you behind.

And you have to keep moving on.
An old dream, an old poem.
k e May 10
Hey Moon, I love you
When you light up the clear sky
Sun, don’t come out yet
I just love the moon
Fheyra May 6
Golden bells,—bedight o'er towers—
Amidst the betrothing melody,
The touch of stained glass—
Beams the rosary beads
Binding me with a man held high;
Now to be crowned his wife.
     "My lord, lend me thy right hand,
      As thy loyal servant,—
       I vow to pledge our country."

The Moonlight Song,— let our haunches be mere pitches—
Of forests rocked by branches
Ah, my fatal reverie—
Savor this antique scenery,
With classic gothic frames,
And worn laces,—Peaking the figures'desires
Cradle me,—
And thou shalt drink my glass,—
To offer a sip;-- so to paint moist on windows.

Sunrise, leap me to this town!—
How gracious men and children,
I shalt dress all thee;-—Make a stronghold that prospers the needy;
Lest the void of promised land—
Wither the faith of mankind.

With the King's side,
Reformation sets the nation to affluence;
The bonfire relives the glorious centuries—
Never scorn, swords unfold!
The 2nd sequence or episode. In this part, she got married with the king, and their reign was a successful era. Anyway, the second stanza represents the honeymoon. The third stanza represents of how a genuine queen she is. The last one conveys the marvelous sovereign of their regime.
Adrian May 4
the glimmering tides
glisten like December snow
in the faint moonlight

a short yet swift breeze
blows clouds of majestic surf
along salted rocks

the frigid air-strewn clouds
capture the faint radiance,
in each moonlit drop.

a thousand jellies
fly through soft luminescence
and for a moment

time is paralyzed
I decided to forgo punctuation and capitals on this (the only capital being in the word December)
Eloisa May 4
Moonlight silhouette
Beneath the fitful, sour breeze
She tried to forget
The long journey of her scars
And danced with the ocean waves
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