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An orchard in the sky,
Of clementines,
fruit abounding,

little brothers,
All stir
In the direction of
Laying down,

Every family,
picks fruit from the orchard,
One by one,
until there’s
but a blueberry
with stars filling in

All heads
Hit pillows
Fold over shoulders
Eyes close to
loved ones,
stuffed creatures,
and favorite toys

They all
give in
to the steady
of nights
in Suburbia
Midas Aug 19
At the very end of the forest you will see
A lonesome silhouette standing in the sea
It seems gazing at the infinite horizon
While bathing under the vivid light of the moon

It was clearly a silhouette of a person
A maiden with a hair that was adored by dawn
And a body of an hour glass in the unknown
Sparkling as though diamond on a podium

But it is not what peaks my curiosity
It was the feeling that surged through me
Like seeing a very candid photography
Void with lies and ambiguity

But when I tried to reach out to the lady
She recoils from me instinctively
Now my thirst to know her identity
Burns in my throat painfully
Sometimes, I think to start a diet
Mostly lying on my bed at night
I surf for the weight loss on different websites
But soon, I fall asleep in the lap of moonlight
In my dream, I feel my body very slim and lite
But when new day begins and the morning becomes bright
I simply get up and brush my teeth to take a big bite
From then, I eat throughout the day to **** my monstrous appetite
But when I think of the last night's thoughts, then it put a break on my delights...

Again, sun hides and the day turns into night
Again, I lie on my bed and think to start a diet
Again, I surf for the weight loss on different websites
Again, I fall asleep in the lap of moonlight...
Here diet refers to the weight loss diet...
Tried another flow of rhymes 😅
Nearly 5 AM in the Morning...
and I hate the night, but love it's true colors of darkness within a light so surreal you can truly feel.

The moon gather's within the stars as company to shine you.
Sometimes the clouds will cover the moon, like a blanket as he lays his head to rest, that's why he's called the man on the moon, not for the person who claims to have walked it, but for the face engraved into the bright shadows and creviced surfaces surrounding the molded, circular not so perfect Moon.

Thank you Moon for keeping us company...
But why do I hate the night, because your time goes faster than day. When your lover is with you and it's time to say goodnight, those are the times I despite.

The beauty of the night, is very real and wish...sometimes...could be longer. The only moment where I get to feel free.
Now is time for me to try and sleep, only if I can..
some nights, my thoughts race like a mustang in the distance of a field of golden wheat grass.
So I come here, to vent only read my poems back at myself.
I will try to sleep.
Shofi Ahmed Aug 5
Eyes of the stars are
on the wings of the fireflies.
Guess who is marching
in the moonlit night?
The moon rows down
on to the river.

Has the Huri squeezed
out of the gem packed
tight door of paradise?
Basked out on the gripping
bank of the Sal Sabila River,
only to spill a heady perfume
drop down on the stunned
awestruck silhouetted night?

The eve has long gone far
to wear a khol of this
mesmeric shady contour!
No one, not even you
will want to miss the peak.
Where it all begins with
the tuberoses riding the wind.
Anna Alycia Aug 24
moon reflects the light,
share my sadness with moonlight,
fades away the blue.
Lola Jul 29
The moonlight falls onto my skin,
Silver and rippling
And I feel a semblance of peace.
I close my eyes
To let it all in
And let it all go.
My eyes glisten
With the reflection
Or tears perhaps.
I find I don’t care which.
Because peace is precious,
Peace and a certain kind of silence.
Not the lonely kind,
The suffocating kind.
Just the silence of calm.
I allow myself hope for a moment
That everything could be ok,
That I might be ok.
Anna Alycia Jul 24
fascinating, like the aroma of tea,
pleasing moon to have a drink.
like the liquor, it brings the glee,
overfill my cup but not to drunk.

tonight, let's paint the town red,
there in my throat the odours overspread.
under the moonlight, I dance with my shadow,
holding a wine, too fine to swallow.

I'm not drunk and it might be true,
stumbling and murmuring on the way back home.
my life is not utterly dark nor blue,
I'm just missing him and the dawn.
I'm just missing him and the dawn.
Breathe the winter air
In the soft of the moonlight,
to take in new life.
Haiku 1
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