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out of nowhere
flowers dancing
windy night
air crisp chilly
super blood wolf moonlight
offering brilliance
flicker twinkle spark
dreams are flying
mesmerizing eyes in the distance
peddles melting away
imaginary heat radiating
being blasted
mirage of photons
tickle all senses
magical cloak
hiding the source
that is you
I'd give you sunbeams
Golden of hue
I would make this light
Last for all time
And wish you a night
Bright with moon shine
If I had words
To close this day for you
A spin on "If I Had Words" (1978) by Scott Fitzgerald and Yvonne Keely. A wish for a friend on a special day.
I saw the constellations in your dreams through a telescope

The navy blue skies that reside in your eyes were painted with nebulas of hope  

A figure made of a million stars moved around to the music of your heart

And a dreamy eclipse wearing a ghostly white waited for a new start

With just one glance into your hopes,  I was staring at the sun, the moon and the ethereal skies

It seems I was looking into the windows of the galaxy to escape to a world of glowing fireflies
you flutter
in and out
of my life
like a butterfly
through streaks
of forest moonlight
but you are always
here with me
in my heart.
Glowing silver orb
Pale rays caressing the waves
Soothing lonely souls

Selenophile: a person who loves the moon
Ellowyn Rose Jan 11
We always look at the moon
admiring its light
holding hands with one another
wishing upon a star
that lies around the aura of the moon's brightness

we seem to seek out
only what makes us happier
instead of appreciating
the dark side
sprinkled with inverted light
we don't appreciate
the beautiful disaster
that showed us
how to grow
with the pain
Beanie Jan 11
There are places in the world where beauty is abundant, where the creatures of the earth come together with ease and the horizon stretches far beyond your fingertips.

There are places in the world where the sunshine is golden and warm, the rain is light, and the breeze is gentle.

There are places in the world where children laugh and play without fear, where grandmothers and grandfathers sip iced tea and share stories of when they were young.

There are places in the world waterfalls rush over glorious cliffs, and the moon rises above the treetops, just out of reach from outstretched fingers.

There are places in you where the stardust floats through your veins, where the sunlight touches your flesh and lights you up into your core.

There are places in you where your vibrancy shines out, where you are warm and inviting, where the moonlight peaks softly above your head.

There are places in you where your love is abundant, where your soulfulness is spread like wings, and where your empathy glows like a halo above you.

There are places in you where nothing but love is found, where comfort is given freely, and where your beauty is gloriously plentiful.
s Willow Jan 8
Wispy moonlight beams,
enter the barren church
a place of dreams.
Outside next to a silver birch.
Inside women in search for someone,
someone long gone.
I kneel upon the alter.
The pain fills the void with slaughter.
A *****, frozen to his peace.
Nothing left to hang on.
It’s the end run.
Robbed forms,
lifted the storms.
However, my ***** flesh spared not.
Her love was like the moonlight,
Somedays too much love,
Somedays no love.
Arianna Dec 2018
"Kneeling, I kindle the fire 'gainst the draft,
Hands hovering, gliding
Spiders, pale, over the hearth,

When suddenly, the Moon leans down from her eastern perch,
Wandering, paler still, between the columns,
As if to inquire:

               "Was it not enough, the light that I gave you,
               Though the Sun itself burned through me?
Setting: Antiquity, some temple late at night. :-)

It's utterly random, but I have similar thoughts when I listen to music while taking walks, as if I were rejecting the beautiful sounds of leaves, birds, etc., and sometimes pure silence that surround me, a sadness and frustration at depriving myself of them, and the profound peace I have experienced in allowing their spell to calm my mind.
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