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Anastasia Sep 19
the shadows of stars
sparkle on your face
with your tears
i want to kiss your cheeks
and tell you it's alright
and we whisper to each other
in the pale moonlight
Anastasia Sep 18
may i tell you
how pretty you are
how your smile
is the melting sun
how your eyes
are like oceans
that i just want to drown in
may i tell you
how i can't help
but want to hold your hand
to run my fingers through your hair
to fall asleep with you under the moonlight
may i tell you
how perfect you are
how you make my heart swell
and give me butterflies
how my gaze always travels to you
may i tell you
how much i love you
Shristy Sep 13
It happened in the dark of the night,
I was thinking about how my week went and my attention was caught by a moment, "God I'm so happy today!! I feel so fresh", it felt like i was a different person who carried a wondrous smile, bright and very warm
In response I began to smile again , beaming in the somber night,
Though my smile was not a mirror, it was distorted, yet brighter,
I soon understood that my body wanted me to carry on, shine on,
Not stopping despite having no reason to grin I began to chuckle,
The moonlit night had turned crimson, yet it was more luminous,
my spirit was no longer for someone to erraticate
Now i feel like i have finally learned how to love and take care of it
I hear the resounding applause from my positivity
And **** i really hope this doesn't turn out to be one or two day energy
Ending up losing the track of time or any means whatsoever,
I fell asleep by the melody of the wind, as it echo's through these walls,
Even if tomorrow were never to arrive, I wouldn't care less,
For now, just let me rest my eyes.
Cyan Sep 11
Moonlight moves in an unnatural way
on the surface of the river.

As on any body of water
illuminated by moonlight,
reflections shift
and change with the ripples,
but these lights seem to leap
and spring as though
they were filled with some sort of life,
diving in and out of the ripples
with intentional motions.

They chase each other through
minuscule waves,

And when the reach the shore,
they shiver in the cold
and shake the water from their coats,
spraying fluid silver everywhere
as they bound
and disappear into the grass
on the bank.
Xant Sep 8
The moon peeked into my house last night
It sent signals within its piercing light,
and it said come play outside if you might


"It's pretty lonely out here in the dark,
nothing to hear but the hoot and the bark,
but I have made you a warm cozy blanket of light,
so come play outside if you might"
Kim Rifqi Sep 7
The sun sets upon the horizon
The moon shines bright along with the stars
Another night to spend with you
It feels like an eternity by your side
I'm always happy when it's your time
You are irreplaceable
I'm brave when I'm with you
Nothing else matters
It's just us
And I still can't read my own feelings
But a smile says it all
Paul NP Sep 6
Share your soul with the creatures in the midst of the beautiful
glass rice, crystal mirror kiss. This will help your spirit blossom the bountiful beauty of Christ's Christmas shore. When you bouquet a banquet blanket for your future husband make sure to remember the elegance of your wrist, the gentle kiss he gives back from the open air of his fumes he's one with you.
Across walk in time, he's heavenly solar. Across hop in lime, his lunar hips caress the shore. And the kidding around is a chore. The jokes and the smooches a bore. Neither more nor less, the human empath is electro-magneton's dress. Deep in the now my friends help me avow the name that sent me from the hip of the grave to the grey eye silver haze. My glory is the moonlight and the pale dark room, glowing in shadow monsoons of an empty breath and pocketed chest that holds the shadow in its gloominescent viber breathent snake charming crescent. One groom I am you, oh my ohm, energy breasted and lifted into empathetic rest and im calling out to you to give you the best mood i can possible assume
its You. Eye feel it in my hollow point pupil, infinite lunar tongue tied ultra sighrened side. I explain it in virtue, its purple, pouring plume, parfume, tamed in the name of the famed same *** existence.
The sacred Union
Kim Rifqi Sep 6
My reflection can be seen in the water, shimmering in your beautiful moonlight.
Calling me out of my bed to come outside.
Another night with you, the wind blew a cold gentle breeze.
You were surprised I didn't freeze.

Remember the questions I asked you before?
Some of the wounds are no longer here anymore.
Each night spent with you eased the pain.
When the sun comes out I have to endure fatigue and migraine.

I wish the Sun doesn't exist at all
Or swing it away like a baseball
I wish to have nights with you that lasts for eternity
I know that you will never leave me

During the day I missed you so bad
Longing for you to be in the night sky to shine down on me
Moonlight, moonlight don't ever go
Please stay everglow
my poems were made last year
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