Anji 7h
you and me, we are
backstrokes in the never-ending river
splashing and laughing as it carries us along.
We are on fire, we are sparkling diamonds in God's eyes
we are pleasure, rapture, pain and desire,
shining brighter than the stars overhead at night
here now in the raindrops' glisten, stop and listen
the soft sound of water paws leaping to the ground,
we are a flicker, we are a fancy, we are a fleeting
song carried along by shameless tongues and now
your mouth against mine
is the closest I've come to tasting the divine
so all I have to say is: lover, when we die
may it be just as poetic as this fraction of pulsating life.
for him.
eunsol 20h
i could never
love you too much,
it's either i die for you-
or i kill for you.
As long as I’m alive.
I’m gonna shine.

                              With love,
One ray-less day I will see it,
My name
Writing in Arial print
Pleasurable and slink in the
You can die from heartbreak.
You can die from a heart attack.
You can die from a heartache.
You can die from a heart disease.

But can you die from a depressed heart?

                     With love,
I don’t cut myself cause I want to die.

I cut myself to feel alive.

                        With love,
They shall recall
fragments of you.
Your past.
Your future.
Biding farewell
at the darkest hour.
There you lay
with roses tinged white,
a sight, like art.
And in static handwriting,
your name
be drizzled, in soft italics,
delicately, like craft.
They mumbled
Au revoir.
The voices of the living exhale,
in echo with the relief—

You lived,
have lived,
May, 2017
I held in vain
The hope that you'd change
And stop making me feel
Like I'm doing something wrong

And tomorrow will tell how it ends, etched into the slate
Ground into our skin from birth, still we choose to replicate
Pointless is our new endeavor, thoughts you share with me
Kept me from facing bad weather, lulled me into sleep

Arguably, missed our apotheosis, sealed into this fate
Limp, wrested from our sleepless coffins, born to segregate
Fleeting things, labeled so clearly, time will never tell
As everything we once held dearly, circling the pit of hell

But I stayed
The same
For all this time
In the hopes
You'd see me off

But pseudo torches work real well, argue for the weak
Death and destruction reign, even as the dawn grows bleak
Every morning, time will tell, devastation that we saw
Miles off, but serves us right, as the final hammer falls

At the end
I still respect
The autonomy, I can see you smile
So go ahead
I won't keep you waiting
Breathe in, breathe out, then die.
That’s what I’ve done for the past 4,271,344 seconds, and I’m exhausted.
I don’t want to breathe anymore.
I don’t want to do anything anymore.
I’m not even scared of dying, I am so so scared of living though.
I wrote them a letter about who I am.
Who I am is not what they want.
Maybe it’s my fault for lying in the letter, I told them I was happy while holding back tears.
I wonder when my lies will stop being enough for people to stop checking on me.
Give them a smile, tell them “I’m okay”, and they’ll leave you to pick yourself apart.
I’m so tired.
And my ribs feel so heavy.
But don’t worry.
I’m okay.
I’ll just breathe in,
Breathe out.
And die.
A shitty poem for shitty feelings
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