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If you want to **** yourself
There's lots of ways to go
You can do it really quick
Or you can do it slow

If you want to hang yourself
The knot will hold, you hope
The pressure is all on the knot
You best have a strong rope

You can always shoot yourself
Cut your wrists, but I confess
These ways aren't too pleasant
And they leave a nasty mess

Pills are not the best way
Too much time to save your life
The best way that I've ever found
Is to get yourself a wife

Suicide through marriage
I think that's the way to die
I mean, you're gonna pass on anyway
No matter how you try

So, suicide through marriage
Takes some time, but in the end
You'll end up dying anyway
And live your life with your best friend
Mark Wanless Aug 26
how many men die
before the final battle
more than are needed
inspired by something somewhen
Idk Aug 26
sometimes i get sick and fear

the shaking in my hand

but somewhere dark i need to feel

as damaged as i am
Some of my poems do trend
Oxygenated by some
I have seen a common trend
Amongst them
They are short lived
Like mosquitoes and flies
They soon start dying
Of hypothermia!
Asuzx Jul 26
There are reasons to live
And there are reasons to die.

But what makes a difference is

What level you live on
And on what level you die.
To live or to die?
Maja Jul 20
I don’t want to be alone,
and don’t want to feel lonely

I want to fly with somebody,
to rise with somebody,
to cry with somebody
to die with somebody,

To be able to be,
never alone,

And when I fall,
to have somebody to fall with me
Mark Wanless Jul 15
we all can truly
die defending our true mind
the grass is so green
Shofi Ahmed Jul 5
One dies one born
has one forgot
life is not gone?
One comes opens
a caged bird's door
eye on for
a new destination
life goes on!
I refuse to die
before I can truly
give a lot of love.
Indonesia, 4th July 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Brett Jul 1
In this wasteland of avarice, I struggle to pull silver threads
From this gray cover of smog. The sound of brittle bones aching,
Drowned out by the quaking footsteps of titans.
Men, who would be gods, push for you to play your hand.
Knowing from their fingers, have you been dealt the cards.
A deck of diamonds, devoid of Kings with hearts.
Honor has been dead, since Pride married Malice and,
Greed shacked up with strife. 21st century freedom.
A modest monetary price,
For ownership stake of your life.
There is no honor in a wasted life.
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