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If you keep watering a dead plant
You will end up with mud
shiv 1d
i've never been my own person
and perhaps i never will be.

because i am owned and consumed
meant for no more but the amusement
of another human being.

and i suppose its ironic
that i've felt the least powerful
around the people who claim themselves
to have the kindness of saints.

and i suppose it's ironic
that i've felt the shackles binding me the most
when i'm around the people
who preach their love for me.
Camryn 1d
Death is inevitable,
It’s something you can’t escape,
it comes ever closer,
taking its shape.

If it’s the barrallel if a gun
or a deadly disease,
It comes ever closer
not hearing your pleas.

If it’s the spikes if jealousy,
or the poison of betrayal,
The story of death,
is always a sad tale.
Myrrdin 3d
The moon and the star
Laid back in the sky
Discussing their grievances
"I am just a lifeless rock"
Said the moon
"At least you never have to die"
Said the star
"Yes, but you are at least shiny and dead."
I don't even know.
Artem 5d
I drown again, depression, old friend,
You only one who never left,
And when i think that you are gone
You come and stay until the dawn.

Decide to die when sun will rise
That's fine, i've made my choice
When die, i'll look into your eyes
When die, i'll hear your Shape Of Voice.

There is nothing to say now
I am already wasted and dead.
So could I became a new cloud
in sky of the words that i haven't said?

The wind blew away the last cloud
and sky became clear.
I've buried myself deep under ground
and I'll never appear.

Finally - sunset,
And i forever gone,
You need to just forget,
All that i've ever done.
Riptide 5d
If you Win, you live
If you lose, you die
If you don't fight you can't win.
So Fight **** It!









And maybe eat ****
You chose to mess with
Brody Patillo Oct 12
Befriended by cosmic law
nonexistent without each other
we live so that we may die
and we die so that we may live
so what do you say?
do you want to do crazy *** **** with me?
Ken Pepiton Oct 11
If you were me,
you would be making the world a better place.

Or thinking about making the world a better place.

Someday, after you learn being me makes you
Really, dead center on the spects, carazy smart
seri-al-owzly simple minded
regarding pre-literal ideas that few, if any

besides you, me now, ever literally take for granted,
for ***'s sake.
Right, that's some good to be done-

set that blasphemin', ***-blamin', goofball free.

If you were me,
you would be hoping nothing you are thinking
is really doing what you are thinking. But it did.

You ever been in an angel bar? I know where some are,
if I were you,
I'd take the dole and hang out widimall day. They are
here to serve. It's in their contract, and they love

leading expeditions into the unknown unknowns, ain't
never been this far before.
Okeh. That did it. Conway Twitty, I could not
have guessed...

Serious poetry, Nietzschean twit. Is laughable.

If you were me,
you would know this is in the cycle. This is whatchamightcall,
the way home, the short version-cut.
The dole, that's grace in action, when nobody else you know has any way to help. Onliest good comes from good done. An old lady told me that, and I thought if you were me..
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