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Despair 6h
Judge if you want,
we are all
going to

I intend
To deserve it.
This is supposed to be kind of dark but also this is a train of thought I have had and most likely will continue to have for a long time.
Today I took a good look Inside my heart and now
I no for sure, If I dont move from this time that I'm In
I'll will die a sad and lonely old man for I've done all I can, and can't do any more but to keep your memory alive
My promise too you for that's what I'll do and never let go, you're hear In my heart I swear to you that's where you'll always
But my darling I have to move on for If I dont and  stay all
I'll surely will die that of broken old man so Helen please I beg find a place In your
To forgive your  sad old man for I have too live on but cant live entirely
Helen forgive me I beg you I can't live my life entirely alone
But will keep my promise to I will keep you memory alive I'll never let go, but will die if I dont move on
i'm sorry darling but i seem to be melting
well lets not forget
your the one that put the pressure
to bring the "heat" as you call it
well we appear to be melting in our own toxicity
well, isn't that a shame darling
we built our own demise
by the ones we tried pushing onto each other
but hence not forget

I don't mind melting darling, really
as long as we do it together
the pain of taking you down with me
The cold, dark sky spreads
Threatening to engulf the world below
The trees and forest disappear in gloomy shreds
As the sun's rays fail to show

Shadows stretch into hills and valleys
Oceans and rivers grow freezing and black
Darkness continues to rally
In a pattern impossible to track

Under the blanket of the night sky
The earth is cold and still
Bushes, plants and flowers wilt and die
In the shade the world has willed
Daniel Long Dec 3
What strange messages
has autumn handed us!    

They hold their branch,
by their withering root.  

Once flushed in greens,
they fall, die, Indian gold.

Blanketing our solid grounds,
quilting our grey ways.
A poem about my favorite season.
My poetry/short story website: www.gothicsurrealism.com
Haylin Nov 30
Can't you tell when I
say "I"m fine" of
how much pain and sadness
there is in my eyes?
When you ask me how I am.
I almost start to cry, but I just manage
to tell you such an easy lie.
And then I go home, wanting to die,
you still think I'm fine because you
didn't catch that horrible lie.
gracie Nov 30
You fell in love with my hair
and I fell in love with how easily
I could cut it off.
to JW
Samuel Nov 27
What is the price I pay for health
The price I pay for this is wealth
In the late night hours I think and dream
So that in pain I may not scream

What should I do with my precious life
Frought with pain; Fought in strife
I want to be the best I can
I want to be a better man

But how can I make my dream so
When all I know is what I'm told
Can I bring myself to live
Until I'm gray and old

I want to live; Don't want to die
I want to see ahead what lies
But can I with this awful style
I can't seem to even smile
Maxim Keyfman Nov 26
die resurrection die
die again eyes open die
again I will sing again
I will get an accordion
I will be again and again

die I will not get away from this
even cry laugh laugh not leave
we live and we live forever forever
it's impossible to get away from it
get away from it no never never

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