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shaved my head again last night,
watched empire records and saw deb and shaved my head again last night.
ate spaghetti, my best friend got into college
my best friend got into college and we ate spaghetti and shaved my head again
we shaved my head again cause we watched empire records and i saw deb and i saw deb shave her head and i thought that looks awesome
so we ate spaghetti
and she got into college,
she’s already in college but she got into a different college
so i made her spaghetti and we watched empire records
and we watched empire records
and ate spaghetti
and she shaved my head cause we watched empire records
and now she’s going to college
a different college
she’s already in college
she’s going to a different college
i didn’t text that dude
i didn’t text that dude, and he didnt text me
i saw his girlfriend on instagram
his girlfriend posted on instagram and i saw it
a picture of that dude
i was maybe going to text him
i was maybe
going to text him
but then i saw his girlfriend
on instagram i saw his girlfriend
his girlfriend posted on instagram
a picture of that dude
so i didn’t text that dude
cause i saw his girlfriend
i woke up and my cats were on me and my arm was asleep
my arm was asleep
my arm was asleep cause my cats were on me
my cats, both of them,
two of them, my cats
were on it, one of them, one of my arms,
both of my cats
both of my cats were on one of my arms
Ken Pepiton Mar 21
Shallow pond, **** covered,
life began here, imagine

warming sun and the temperature-
moon driven
current swirling from deep
dark to deep light
apriori, a given, those exist, self-evident;
after that
slice of time,
we appear, as we are now,
what's next?
Imagine good for me.
Will we, won't we, will we join the dance?
Ken Pepiton Mar 17
Who I Ever Heard Of
when I was seven ;
the same year I learned Archimedes said Eureka
for a reason,
and I was vaccinated against Polio.

My hearing of Whose has been different, sense.
This popped up in the middle of a bigger piece . It has feet.
Ken Pepiton Mar 10
where light is
dark is not

light thins
never dims

Sun moon stars
swirls of stars
stretch for ever
Behind wee bits o'light
pushing darkness
into thoughtless nevermind

Shadows remain in
Puddles of thin light
No dark at all after
thinnest o'light

Sharpest points save one
Never slowing
ever going away

A wake as wide as the
Sharp edge o'light
Photon by photon
Where dark is not
light is
Ken Pepiton Mar 5
Strong beings
Curious beings seeing man weak
Being seen of daughters of man

Curiosity itching lures
Scratches mar the sweat sheen
Leaving tears and blood
Begetting all the monsters of myth
by  tubal-cain's daughters
Ken Pepiton Mar 2
No quibbling siblings musing in the shallows, patriotism must be dealt with at it's route markers. They are all twisted. It is the duty of right thinkers to untwist
and shout,

All ye, All ye or Oy ye, Oy ye Outs (never Ox) in free. The ransom has been paid, the game of hide and watch is played. Touch, eh?

Nature's what? Original state? Perfected state? Fractured state patched with circuit breaking dams and weirs.

Nature's ***, the mind behind Nature.

whose were the buffalo the servants of christmas replaced with sacred cows offered and eaten in Outback Steak Houses at Indian Casino Super TAs from sea to shining sea? Whose *** commanded that? Whose *** permuted that?

Who has sown bullheads in the squash? Shall we pull them up?

Let the children pull them up. Teach them to see the tiny round leave, which is to be squash or watermelon, sosweet, or water-stealing, sticker-making ****. Goatheads in little running feet all summer long, ouch. ouch. ouch.

Knowledge is power. Power is not lost. Is that enough to know and grow to know more and to spare? Is enough abundance enough to spare and share? Yes. On a broken planet, men of both model may make enough of anything they desire, or sire in their best happy ever after scheme or schema. That part never broke. The tongue-mind interface, that fried. Listen. Wisdom never shouts, you know.
Part of a series with Indian, American Indian, Native Aboriginal whisperers
Bryce Nov 26
There is a man in the stone
He is grainy and unable
To make out with the sky so moist
And uninviting.

There is a man on the bench
He is on his way to stone
He is a soldier and shoulders high metal rods

There is a man in the church
He is a cockel and a fraud
He loves father ***
With all his excess.

There is a man in the road
He is searching for a soul
He finds *** on the pavement
And in the curb, on the stone

There is a boy in the building
He is dazed and lazy
He dreams of death
And the bliss that will bring
Bryce Jun 26
Upon my steel face, will it rain
upon my gleaming eyes, it will be made
the envy of a soul,
trapped in perfect face
to no great final resting place

My legs, drilled into the ground
my eyes, upturned to sky unwound
released of tears and raining down
to broken glass
and grass
their souls unbound

To stare deep into a darkened me,
my admirers creep along my metal sheen
as my material decompose,
to save my thoughts from endless woe

"So long!", will I be endless seen
abrupt, *****, incongruously
commanding these vistal centuries
of concrete and perjury

poking up grey thumbs among the hills
while the putrid stench under burrows
My fingers, ever curled, do maestrate
The doleful victims of that loving fate

And when you walk upon my land,
and see my metal hanging hands
Know my voice, hear my dreams
to never make the enemy of me.
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