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Kayla Gallant Sep 28
Minds melting
Into a mushy stew
Becoming indistinguishable
media softens the brain
III Sep 19
Did the self-encasing ice
Ever melt enough
To reach beyond,
So you
Stretch your tired fingers
In the cool spring air,
And flicker your eyes open
To the mid-morning mist,

Breathed in just shallow enough
To soothe that rain-like pit-pattering heart
And coo the aches of chilly soul,
Hushing the wisps of winter wither
Beyond the mind and somewhere thither.
Meghan Jul 26
Small shoots of new life poke up through the raw earth
The birds’ song can now be heard in the absence of the howling winter wind
Everything that froze and died and was lost through the long cold months
Has been mourned
And now it is time to begin again

Now it is time to let go and live
To plant new seeds of joy and hope
To enjoy the long hours of sunshine that have been so desperately missed
To remove the bulky layers of armour that are no longer necessary

It’s time for the world to wake
For every creature to shake off its snowy slumber
It’s time for every bitter, frost-bitten heart to heal
Such icy emotions cannot sustain their frozen grip in the warmth of the summer sun

It’s time for every tree to feel for its roots and find a foothold in the supporting soil
So it can propel itself towards the sky
And throw its arms up in surrender to its inevitable victory

And though the weather is wild,
I feel the winds of change blowing open the door to a new season
Frozen memories start to melt,
allowing my past to be relived all over again.
Then comes the wave in motion,
drowning me in my emotion.
Bhill Jul 18
The icicle slowly melted
It slowly melted in the afternoon sun
Melting while hanging off the rain gutter
Letting go of a small portion of its essence
Essence, that in the end, would be gone
Gone to create another form of its previous self.....

Brian Hill - 2019 # 178
You just never where your writing brain will take you...
Dominique May 30
Look at me
I'm not wax. I'm still because I'm sad
And I want you to hold me.

Don't put a lighter by my legs
I'm not a candle that can melt
But I am stuck in place
'Cause I want you to hold me.

Look at me, those purple welts
Are there because I carved them
Into me, my flesh, not wax or dough.
My lips are lilac with infection.

All I want is for you to hold me.

Why do you think I'm wax?
Plastic doesn't melt as fast as me
Because I'm made of weakness
(Weakness and bad decisions)
And it's true I'm unresponsive

But your voice gives me goosebumps,
And goosebumps are real.

Surely? Surely you'd reply
If I told you I'd nearly died, wax can't die

Wax can't die or *****.

I'm waiting for a response because
Its 3:19 and I want you to hold me.
We love a hangover poem addressed to the guy who cares about me with around 45% of his available emotions
kaitlyn Apr 29
I can’t help but not care anymore.
As the sun shines it’s warm rays on top of the snow,
I watch the plants take in the cold water.
It’s as if the sun over powers it all and gives the sparkling white frozen water no choice but to melt slowly into the ground.
I can’t help but not care anymore.
As the sky becomes dark and the moon shines above us all, the stars are not yet there.
I have nowhere to stare.
I have nothing to count.
As the days go by I think I’m falling apart
{date unkown}
Annie Apr 8
If I melt underneath you
you will pick me up again
and hold me close to you
like you always do,
how I imagine it as I cross the boundary
I have unintentionally laid down
between my own world
and our world.
it was summer and I was melting
but it didn’t matter cause I was hearing you laugh

it was winter and I was freezing
but it didn’t matter cause your body laid around mine

the sun came and the sun said goodbye
everything followed it’s cycle but my sincere heart stayed the same
everything, including yours

soon it was summer again and I kept melting, I looked at the sky and couldn’t differ what was me and what was sorrow

this time I noticed fall all too well
the leaves told me nothing but lies, that by winter i’d feel alright

so winter came, but happiness didn’t
i’d spend hours sitting by the window, looking at the grey sky and shaking from cold and anxiety, my thoughts lost on love poems I did not bother to write

I waited and waited, not for you but for my heart or mind or whatever part that was broken to heal, regenerate, become something less pathetic

it took me a while to discover love, and I thought that when I finally did found it, it’d be accepting and adoring, beautiful and gentle on the way you looked at me

and it was, maybe that’s why it was so hard to breathe

I never thought it’d be forever, that’s not it
I just thought life would wait for me to grow out of these things you made me feel before turning me into another silly story,
somehow invalidated

because even though it’s not my fault
i feel like i’ve failed
for giving a man a grain of power
when they are drowning viciously in it

i hate what i’ve become
but the certainty that i’m much more than whatever our hearts intertwining have turned me into
is enough not to make me leave my window, but to ease my mind

which is already more than what I had when I was melting

I'm the most amazed by my mind when I create something like this without having ever dated lol.... i did experienced heartbreak a few times but honestly the pain i felt was not proportional to the situation... at all :) meaning i feel too much
Seanathon Apr 1
I am the fire beneath the sands of time
Worn and torn into a thousand pixels
Burning bright in the last hour of daylight
Beneath the surface
I am the last step of the marathon
The breaking of the tickertape
And the blackness of the screen beneath
And at the same time
I am fire
I am all of these
How his heart feels sometimes
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