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Jasmine dryer Jan 2022
Im melting across a page
Every word dramatic
As if presented on a stage
And i wish i could say it didn't hurt
Wish i could say it was painless 
Not at all hesitant 
That the ink didnt bleed
Every second a new scene
Now all i can muster
All i can scream
I thought we were supposed to be a team
I thought it was us against the world
And i know its my own fault
But still, i digress 
I am melting
Lost one welcomed home
Strangers at one point
Recognizing minds
And words spoken prior
Beats unheard for years
Distance silenced
A vibe not skipping
Familiar eyes gaze
She smiles
I melt

Suddenly I feel like a man
singing painfully in love
"When man loves a woman"
hear her sing Yesterday
Lennon–McCartney Beatles.
I've seen seven wonders
of the world in your eyes.
Your sunsets to make me cry.
My moon in all its faces
gives shivers to your spine.
I see beauty in diamonds
synthilating within me
same spell sparkles in thee
afire rubbies of us
reflect radiantly on me.

I am ice cubed frozen
body mind soul cold
a wishful thinking well
pennies for my thoughts?
Oak tree stump my ancient
to willow tree now
has turned.
Tears put out this fire dear
but ambers linger so I write
no Knight may fly your kite
I give myself
everything I got
In love I remain with me.
I trust in self for my courage
to carry on as longing dog
out in the rain alone or in.
  your scorching sun hear me
crying and howling
out I love thee so..
Karijinbba at
Mr. and Mrs. Andrews
Isabella Howard Aug 2021
There is always

One final shove

From those old Angels

We've forgotten how to love.

Their cold fingers

No longer reach the depths

Where they used to linger.

One final blue night

We listen to the trains.

Finally committing to a goodbye

Because the stars

That drift through your eyes

Can no longer flutter the heart

Or evoke butterflies.

Those same gentle eyes

Will let you go

One last time.

Watching headlights

Melt the highway.

I turned away from you

And there is no second try.

Nobody will refer to us as two

After this goodbye.
mark soltero Apr 2021
sometimes i am not the one
you taught me that

narcissistic to my core i will admit
i never thought that i could do what we've done

you get to know me on the same level as god
because i have allowed you to

you have kept and created spots in my heart
that only you could fill

you make me feel like bag on the freeway
floating, fast and melting at the seam
Laokos Mar 2021
a shake weight table steak
powdered sugar cigarette
break burning in alcohol
and corn flakes

a big ******* cluster-****
of broken noses and carefully
crafted poses posting pictures
of processed hipster's and blisters,
****-stirrers and culture twisters
jockeying for a spot
all melting in the ***

quiz show **** beads and
fleshlight teenage dreams
soaking through entitled
suburban screens choking
on plastic screams

chocolate dipped cancer fingers

city bus exhaust lingers

prescription bottle salvation bringers

and underneath it all the bible
belt girdles the gurgling masses
of glazed diabetes and frosted
faith pooling in the belly of

a fat flabby mess of
snake oil boiling
in stomach acid
and pesticide

"welcome, honey! grab a seat
anywhere you'd like --I'll be
right with you!"
Man Feb 2021
how do you get a boilover?
you can turn up the heat
add more water
or increase the pressure

of course, you're using a melting ***
so there might be some difference
in how much you'd need of each, respectively

no past recipe can really offer preparation
the water's not the same
the temperatures' change
and pressure varies wildly
from kitchen to kitchen
jǫrð Dec 2020
I love you when you're
Strings of caramel melting
Soft and warm and sweet
The History: You exist somewhere between solid and fluid.
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