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Mary Frances Oct 16
You are the promise
I'm willing to be
engaged with.
This is for someone who made a promise to me years ago (together with a promise ring) and is very diligent in fulfilling it.
L Sep 11
you're a lightning
and unpredictable
you light up my world
and I love the sound of your thunder
but at the same time
I know
you have the power
to destroy me
within seconds
and it scares me
that I'm willing
to live
with this fear
for you
aryanalynae Jun 19
you've had me, you've had me
and you've had me not
so you think that by now
you'd know what you want

you had me, you have me
and you're losing me now
you can either pull me in
or you can let me down

I was yours, and I am yours
but I'm not like before
you've not giving what you've given,
and I'm heart aching for more.

you want to explore
want to know through and through
but I gave you every inch of me,
I have nothing left to expose to you.

let me in, let me in
or let me go, let me go
I'm in this, and I'm willing
how could you not know?
I am                                       Are you
unwilling                                willing
to obey                                 to accept
Pax Apr 6
You've enslaved my heart
before I could ever say
I'm willing.
a quote

I want to say my thanks to my long time friend beth by saying this: your writing searches for truth from our deepest wells of feeling.
When I was younger,
I used to make fun of the people in the Depression commercials.
I thought, "Oh, just cheer up!'
I thought the people in those commercials were always so pathetic.
I never thought that as an adult,
I would be faced with the same  issues.
I never thought I would reach a day in my life,
where all I ever want to do is sleep.
I never thought that I would struggle to do small tasks.
I never imagined that I would have such a hard time leaving my bed every morning.
I never imagined that this ache in my chest would come back every time it snowed.
I used to love the snow,
but ever since my junior year of high school,
I reach this stage of nostalgia when the frost bites.
I literally have no idea how to help myself.
I feel so incredibly isolated.
Perhaps, it is the darkness that makes me so tired.
I want nothing more than to cuddle up in my comforter.
I want nothing more than evenings spent binge watching episode after episode.
Maybe it's the weather,
Or maybe it is me.
Maybe it is the situation that I am constantly finding myself in.
I feel like I can never please anyone.
I feel like I lose all sense of motivation.
I do not understand.
This time, it is different.
For I do not want to take my own life this season,
but I do not want to do anything with it.
I am drowning in homework.
I am drowning in confusion and doubt.
I don't even want to tell Henry what I am dealing with right now,
because he doesn't deserve it.
He doesn't deserve my constant complaints.
I just feel so empty inside.
How do I deal with this?
This ache comes back season, after winter season.
I cannot wrap my mind around it.
Why does this happen to me?
I am unsure of who I am supposed to turn to in these nights of need.
I feel as if I am lacking something,
or perhaps my brain lacks something during these cold months.
Perhaps it is my heart.
Lari Z Jan 12
sometimes it doesn't matter
that you're not as capable
as smart
as organized
as sociable

you are willing
willing to learn
willing to grow

that willingness you have?
that is enough
you are enough-
more than enough.
Harsha ravi Oct 2017
She has tried her hardest not always but often
She falters on occasions not often
She wants him to see how much she has done
She wants him to stand by her side when she is not at her best
She knows he is willing to do it sometimes not often
She knows that he feels sick just looking at her
She knows that he can't stand her
So, she backs away into silence right beside him
Right where he can see
Because unlike him she would stay at his worst
She would die for him always not often
Been a long time since my dad talked to me, might be a surprise because we live under the same roof
Mister J Sep 2017
Don't stare at me with teasing eyes
Don't stir my feelings with playful smiles
Don't stiffen my muscles with soft touches
Don't leave me blank with inviting kisses
Don't melt my heart with warm breaths
Don't give me a rush with that passionate wanting
Don't give me a reason to desire you even more

We don't want a relationship filled with abuse
A relationship where wanton rage reigns
We don't want a love that turns into poison
A love that becomes ****** and repulsive

As much as I crave your every taste
Fall for your game, let no time go to waste
Breathe the same gasps of air with you
Freeze time whenever I share it with you
Rushing into your arms for the rest of our days
As much as I want to be with you this instant
Let's take the pace slow and steady
Instead of a quick and brittle love affair

Let's build a quake-proof connection
An affair with strong and sturdy foundations
Where our desires can freely be expressed
And our love meant to protect and caress
Just us indulging in our passionate wanting

I don't want any compromise for building "us"
I want a slow but steady path towards you
I will wait even for a long time, even if its a must
I don't care about how long, I simply desire you
You, the one belle that caught me by surprise
The one belle that drives my dreams every night
For that one belle that caught me by surprise,
The one that drives my dreams every night. ;)
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