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Why make me stuggle
because of you,
When I'm willing
to struggle with you.
True. People make it their hobby to cause others to struggle and to secretly laugh when the fall. venjenciecliftonarnold
Sylph Jan 2020
You follow light with willing desire
With no fear
No worries
A silly mouse
A confused cat
You follow without question
You trust in something
with blind eyes
Desperate are you
In need

I cry and worry in your stead
For a sign of safety
But none
I cant explain this one
With no words to say
I will let you ponder
Lilly F Dec 2019
I'm ready and willing to fix you
even if it means giving you a piece of me,
and that's what scares me about love

Mark Toney Oct 2019
“Take care of yourself first.”
That’s what we told my mama
When my daddy had his strokes.
Seven long years by his side,
Caring for his body, paralyzed.
Fearing for her health we said:
“You can’t take care of daddy
Till you care for yourself first.”
That’s what we told my mama,
Until my daddy died in 1985.

“Take care of yourself first.”
That’s what I told my wife
When her mom’s simple operation
Became a septic laceration.
As she tirelessly cared for mom
I feared for her well-being.
“You can’t take care of mom
Till you care for yourself first.”
That’s what I told my wife,
Until her mom passed on in 2011.

“Take care of yourself first.”
That’s what my wife told me
As my mama slowly wasted away,
Physically, mentally, emotionally.
And we willingly provided the
Loving care that she deserved.
“You can’t take care of mama
Till you care for yourself first.”
That’s what my wife told me,
Until my mama left the scene in 2015.

Take care of yourself first
When you experience the worst,
For if you fall apart, for certain
You’ll be someone else’s burden.
7/25/2018 - Poetry form: Free Verse - Sometimes we can be so busy being someone else's anchor that we don't realize we're slowly drowning. Always take care of yourself first! - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2018
Gemma Mar 2019
The way you smell,
I’ll breathe you in,
that spot, just behind your ear,
where hairline meets skin.
You fill me with a fire,
That warms me from within.
I love the way you touch me gently.
Oh! But the way you throw me down!
Washing over me like the ocean,
and im so willing to drown!
I’m drawn in by your energy,
I can feel it pulling me close.
Like magnet to metal
like a moth to a flame
That magic I feel deep inside,
when I hear you say my name!
Euphie Jan 2019
Are you willing to give up your name,
the way Romeo was willing to lose
his name for Juliet?
c Jan 2019
I worry that
I may be
An electron.

The negative charges
Are building beneath
The shield that I choose
To call my ribcage,
Painting my lungs blue
And weighing it
With my mistakes.

I cannot exist alone,
All too willing
To give myself away
To anything that somehow
Makes me feel whole.

I’m sorry
I couldn’t tell you sooner,
But these problems
Can’t be solved
With science.
Mary Frances Oct 2018
You are the promise
I'm willing to be
engaged with.
This is for someone who made a promise to me years ago (together with a promise ring) and is very diligent in fulfilling it.
L Sep 2018
you're a lightning
and unpredictable
you light up my world
and I love the sound of your thunder
but at the same time
I know
you have the power
to destroy me
within seconds
and it scares me
that I'm willing
to live
with this fear
for you
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