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Samara 3d
You're my September sun
I see you're there
You show up every day
but still I'm cold
Shivering in your light

the universe is a hall of mirrors
reflecting my anxieties
refracting my good intentions
indifferent to it all

tumbling around in the density
over and over again
trying to see it through
but only seeing through you
be gentle when you're chipping away
i want to hold it together

propagating eternally
Questions his intentions
When he starts his battered truck
Ready to take him places
In awe when he realizes
He left
Is it nowhere or somewhere
Forced to judge he is alone
He keeps driving
Enters a roundabout
Full circle on the inside lane
Deciding on an exit
Not now he is playing his game
Indecision marred his intention
Second right for going south
Stop for gas
Back in your seat
His intention is
To be about
Does his thing no frowns now clear
Ready to go
Enters a new lifegoals' pier
Old poem i wrote, now modified
I read
Every word

First, like everyone does
Second, for their intention
Third, for my comfort zone

A kind remind
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Let it be
If the intention is good
Just be
Nothing needs to be proven
You will find the way

Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Carry On
annh 3d

Name the word, for the word has a name.

Listen to it breathe. Let it lie lightly in the mind and liquid

on the tongue. Bear its essence forth, its personality and its intention

- conceived briefly, discarded readily, pronounced forcefully.

How does it sit with you? The spread of its silhouette suspended

within a silent interval. How does it move you? An attitude framed by

the gesture of a hand. Is its pitch sharp or flat, its texture course or fine?

Allow meaning and resonance, intonation and feeling to merge unencumbered.

The syntax of the imprisoned soul, emancipated by a river of sound. Mould

the shape of your aboutness, around and within, beyond and in spite of...

And hear consciousness dance.

‘Then love knew it was called love.’
- Pablo Neruda

‘Any language is a supreme achievement of a uniquely human collective genius, as divine and endless a mystery as a living organism.’
- Steven Pinker, The Language Instinct: How the Mind Creates Language
Maria Mitea Oct 25
~   using
our intelligence
to manipulate
people   ~
It can make a man do something good
It can make a man do something bad
I'll look now to classical psyches
for want of an answer, or rather
to dissolve a question. It may be
that no one should hear me, and
I must break from a world which
settles around me; silence, lucidity
and mescaline would be welcome.
Yes, I'll venture that cybran drug.
Take me to New York
Take me to the tallest tower
Even just to show me how far I’d fall

But swimming in the ocean
Seeing how your eyes reflect the sun
Forever didn’t seem all that far off

Back then when I knew you
When it was clear what your intention was
Back when everything made sense because

We were in love
I find there are no words for you
or none that on their own will do
your true ways cannot be expressed
whatever things swim through my head
are not enough to say aloud
and so intending what is best
here are my rhymes for you instead
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