we make death
we eat breadths
lay in beds
bray and fret

we make death
sticks which twitch up the legs
passing through like a wish
it’s an inside your one-two tease
i stare at your shell
i want to ring your bell
just plant your hell on me
give yourself what you need
please baby please
give yourself what you need

we make death
we acquiesce
feint of logic
till quite obnoxious
eat flesh in keys quixotic
lubricious sycophant rhapsodic

this world is too wild for me, sometimes.
my body cannot carry
so many forests on my back.
the waves have been creeping up
past my ankles, to my thighs.

i feel my hands turning into rolling hills,
my skin slowly giving way to grains of sand.
wild animals are nesting in my hair, and my mouth.
my eyes have become nothing
but a reflection of the sky.

i had tried to fight it, tried not to let
the wilderness take over my body and soul,
but she is tricky. she lures you in with sunsets
and warm light through the treetops and summer breezes
but then, she will swallow you alive.

my body belongs to her, my stomach is fields of grass
and wildflowers sprouting up.
my back tall with jack-pines and oak trees,
my knees made of boulders holding me down.
my sand-skin glimmers in the sunlight
before the waves come in
to take away my breath, at last.

inga 7d

bodies to bodies
heartbeats to heartbeats
reach for human warmth
a simple momentary distraction

Do what you want.

I know your hands are rough and hungry.

Touch me. Taste me. Take me.

You don’t have to hold yourself back.

I may look like porcelain but—

I grew my skin thick. I made my bones steel.

Don’t be kind. Don’t be gentle.

This is wanting. This is lust.

This is nothing.

mari jagt Jan 3

if you could learn to love
and if i could wake without the ghosts
of your fingers on my skin, then i guess
we could be alright someday.

we tasted poison on every pair of lips
we’ve ever touched but it never
stopped us from kissing each stranger
that bothered to learn our names.

i met a man with a voice sweeter than candy
and i melted on his fingertips.
you pull apart every woman who tried
to hold you at night; we’ve never felt safe
sleeping naked with the lights on.

there was supposed to be something
to sew our bodies back together,
because i’ve never felt whole with
anyone else’s hands on me except yours.

you wear me inside out like a piece of art,
and the only act that i will ever call holy is
the kind i dream about,
where you remember
exactly how to make me implode.

mythie Jan 1

The people talked to you again today.
You said they made fun of your body.
The only thing in your eyes was humiliation.
You told me they make you feel ugly.

But baby, I know you don't see what I do.
Because anything that is beautiful.
People want to break.
Unfortunately, you are beautiful.

You told me that you're ashamed of your body.
They said you're disgusting.
They told you that you were fat and unworthy.
But I'll love you no matter what form you take.

But baby, I know you don't see what I do.
Because anything that is beautiful.
People want to break.
Unfortunately, you are beautiful.

You need to realise one of these days.
The body you have.
Is the perfect one to me.
You are beautiful.

mari jagt Dec 2017

i keep saying that it isn’t that easy
and you keep laughing and wrapping
your arms around my body.

i say the universe is far too cold for this;
that there is nothing we could gain
from rewriting our dna.

you hold me tighter
then i knew was possible
and ask if i don’t think
this was inevitable,
don’t think that all roads
would lead us here?

and i ask, could there be
a god anywhere
as fantastic or powerful
as your hands
on my waist?

you laugh, you know
you always seem to know what words
will bring me to my knees.

Carter Ginter Dec 2017

There's electric energy between us
And all I want to do is kiss you
Short-circuiting my heart
As our hands intertwine
I can feel your body tense
As my fingers grace your hips
I want to touch you everywhere
From your fingertips
To your lips
My hands dance across your skin
And I wonder if you feel it too
The immense craving
Driven by this intimacy
Every touch feels like the first
Intense and exciting
I've never felt this much emotion before
Especially through physical contact
As your body arches against mine
I feel it through every nerve
But I also feel it in my soul
I am undeniably in love with you
And this is more than just physical

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