Miranda 4d

the thing about me
is that I crave intimacy.
but I've grown up in this way
of believing that two people can never really connect
when there's fabric between their bodies
so I part my lips,
and I kiss your skin,
desperate to feel like I am part of something.
I listen to our breaths
and feel our bodies synchronize,
reaching out with my mind,
hoping somehow it'll mingle with yours.
But two souls can't connect
when it's just another, "fuck."
and when I open my eyes,
I allow guilt to settle in
vulnerable and naked,
with remnants of burning fingers on my skin.

Kissing my neck
Your hands firmly grasping my body
Conversation ceased
The word "virgin"
Echoed from my lips to your body
Your faulty reassurance
Echoed back
Words I'm sure are all too familiar
To your perfect and deceiving lips
Oh, meaningless love
You will never be love
Your contagion so deceiving

in the old neighbourhood

I had never felt more beautiful
and unafraid.

But I am afraid now
as you stalk near.

My words are naked babies
and I must run.

Swifter beasts than me
have not survived

the chase
across the savannah.

You too struck
quick as lightning.

Do they willingly give up
their bodies and blood?

Are they all too happy
to submit to death?

But I,
I just wanted to get out alive.

Naked bodies...

great love...
darkest world...
shinny bodies only...
met because of GOD needs
the man i am of yours...
the great lover...
strong one whom you need..
here we are together...
alone  no one with us...
only me and you...
there where we can make ...
all what our hearts and bodies needs...
all desires all lust we will get...
there we are...
where that GOD sent both us...
to be there naked...
naked  as the day we were born...
when  GOD created us...
created into our souls a great lust...
lust that never go away from inside...
lust that could give more happiness to the both...
to get its completeness...
till both melts...
so no more great lust than they gets..
as humans we are...
as a lovers we are...
as our GOD needs...
so come baby...
come and don't waste ...
what we created for...
created to live a happiness...
created for love...
created to make great love...
created to make happiness through our lust..

sweetheart ...
let me unzip you all..
all what hide your body ..
your sweet excited body ...
to dance together ...
body to body ...
naked bodies ..
through our sweet souls ...
till we get lust ...

hazem al jaber ...

Wejdan Mar 13

Soon, Very soon, I'll be with you, probably in the same coffin __ who knows! Rest in peace, surrounded by flowers and dead bodies, I am in heaven being next to you.

Bridget Ewing Feb 19

The unnecessary repetitions
of your bodies breathing
it climbs the stairway
of the spine
tripping over and over
on the same creaking step
of disbelief,
bloody knees
find themselves in missing sheets
that hung from the seems
on backyard linings
until the ghosts of the ground
took them for their sacred dinings
reminders written into sticky notes
posted on the walls of the skull

Emily Jane Feb 9

I look at you
and note
the way your shoulders extinguish the sleepy light
your freckle sitting just so
below unaware taunt lips
your eyes
like any other
not worthy of weak knees and blooming cheeks
your jaw
jutting arrogantly,  
as though (impossibly) aware
of the slow furling burn
that is so sweetly
turning me to dust

priya mistry Feb 9

We are waves of people
We don't accept defeat
Carrying generations of their blood
Etched on the palms of our hands and the soles of our feet
We defy the laws of gravity, our cosmic bodies in orbit always revolving
We possess a transformative skin
Continuously moving, constantly evolving

Current crashing, ripping through the earth
Roaring tides behind us, our vicious flood fights
The foundation of millennial’s - conscious, violently beautiful beings
Our loud waters, impossible to ignore, amorously painting our rights

The right, the will, the intense appetite
Flavored by salty words with a sweet impulse for action
Drowning all numbness, consuming the calm which once was
Thinking like philosophers, walking like warriors, as they record our reaction

Thin, musty white air trying to cover the shifting blue hues
The water never stops moving
the ripples inconceivably vast,
Our wave leaves masterpieces of celestial proportions
Our space is here now,
our tomorrow will not echo the past

Ours roots are planted and grown in our cities
Perfectly immortalized in a valiant state of existence
We are waves of people, waves of voices
A digital age of collective resistance

- p.m

Nikko Jan 21

"Life imitates art"

As if the wasteland we call being alive
could become something so beautiful,
full of vision, voice and hope.

As if this hell could write symphonies
about the flames that infect our soil.

As if a pile of bodies
who felt their lives would amount to nothing
could be a masterpiece in a museum.

Life does not imitate art, it opposes it.

This is a piece I wrote today, January 21st 2017. Take what you want from it.
V Jan 1

We all do know this is true

That life one day we must leave

By a gruesome unwilling way

Or by the time of aging naturally

But the thing I must now implore

Is your thoughts on a life after this

As I lay unmoving in my stony grave

Will my soul feel as if it's amiss?

So mermaids, humans, elven and wolves

Please give me a piece of your time

What do you think become's of our souls

While our bodies rest buried beneath lime

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