Foster 19h

Here in Kentucky
We don't show our queer
Without a laugh or a fashionable button
I've learned my lack of identity makes others nervous
And I am a shotgun going off in the dark
I scare myself too
When I look in the mirror
Is that me or no
Or fifty percent and what half
And what half
Can I remove with a butter knife
And what half
Can I live with
And tomorrow
Will I be okay with all of it or will I prefer a potato sack
To my skin

I ask you what do you think genderqueer means
And you answer

You're not wrong

Foster 1d

It kinda feels like nothing
Staring at the Beautiful Woman on my screen
She has Parts
Big red lips smoky dark eye blonde sugarspun hair
Nice cock
Sinewy legs
I'd give my everything to be one of her somethings

Even though I know that's not what I should think
Shouldn't I be proud of my Parts
Thin lips pale eye fine hair
Fat ass
Cellulite legs
She'd give her everything to be one of my somethings

I don't think I'll ever love you but if you want the rain I'll be a thunderstorm
& if you prefer the warmer weather I'll burn so you can see the light of day
I'm not saying you'll ever be the one but I'm so used to all of these thoughts making me crazy
and with you I swear I never think at all
maybe I stopped believing in soulmates a while ago
but if there's such thing as bodies meant to dance and lips meant to touch
I think that's you and I

A H S Jul 8

You breathe
I breathe

Our breaths collide
into one whole

Your chest rises
Mine falls

Our bodies flow to the rhythm
of our heatbeats

Keen Jul 7

Hands tied,
dug deep.
So deep.
At the
worn out.

David Hutton Jul 6

Their bodies, in a state of carnage.
Their organs are used as hostage.
External dissection,
internal infection.
Can't move, can't scream, in pain, in bondage.

Brianna Jun 20

I saw Blue-- Blue skies and blue eyes.
Blueberries and Blue sheets.

I saw Red-- Red cheeks and Red lips.
Red shirts and bright Red Strawberries.

I saw Brown-- Brown Sand and Brown hair.
Brown shoes and that Brown carpet.

I remember thinking-- "I am more than this one night...I am more than his eyes all over me."
I remember thinking-- "I don't care... His lips taste sweet and his hair is so soft through my fingers."
I remember saying -- " Come with me to your bed where we can roll in the blue sheets as though were swimming in the sea."

I ripped off that Red shirt.
I fell slowly, naked, against his cold, Blue sheets.
And  I ran my fingers through his dark Brown hair-- thinking this... this is what love should feel like.

Ginny Webb Jun 9

These lines on my belly are tangled and thick like
The dark underbrush of some Amazonian paradise
Where between the indigo streaks of
A primeval forest
Dance vibrant birds.

I can hear them singing there, chirping just beneath my skin,
A simple song of birth; of a million women clawing their nails into the earth, as in ecstasy they hear,
That first soft and mewing cry.

These lines are stretched thin over a canopy of soft and
Rolling skin, once taut and bronzed,
Now gentle and accepting,
The dance of tiny fingertips and toes
From deep within, and now without,
In the darkness of the night,
When I pull the covers to surround my children in
My warmth; the love that seeps from
Forests deep inside, and trickles without end
Through every hallowed line.

Once I had a child's body. Then ,I had a young and beautiful form like some kind of nymph. Now, I have a mother's body and I will love this body just the same, or more.
gee Jun 2

like two hands on a clock
our bodies move in fractions
with movements so slight
they go unnoticed
and the distance grows and fills
with shapes and sounds
to drown out flashbacks
of eyes, of hands, of mouths

(this interspace between us always
lasts much longer than the moments
when our hands align)

like two hands on a clock
our meeting is
and two days later –
when i wash your smoke from my hair
your breath from my skin –
the water cannot sever your being
from my being

and unlike two hands on a clock –
that map the time in patterns unchanging –
i cannot map our movements
towards or away from each other:
there is no clear explanation
for you and i

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