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The deceased piling up in battle,
Enough blood to fill more than one barrel.
Crows pillage the scene,
Nibbling on their cuisine.
From a distance you can hear them cackle.
Inspired by Vasily Vereshchagin's "The Apotheosis of War" painting.
julianna Mar 2
I’m tired of bodies and thinking
I’m tired of hiding, I’m tired of restricting.
Sometimes the weight bears lighter, but today I was undeniably human
So animalistic,
So human.
when we touch i get a contact high
the strength of an overdose
when you touch me, my entire body tingles
WordsHelp Feb 8
Inhale before the kiss,
Gentle fingers tracing down,
Hands on hips pulling in,
Lips colliding.

Bodies tangled,
Deep breaths,
Tongues dance,
Hearts colliding.
Shlomo Jan 26
Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation,

But they were very much conscious.

Loving every minute of vacation,

Thoroughly adventurous.

An act that seemed to revive not just their souls,

But every atom, cell and ***** in their bodies.

Lived for those nights huddled up in arms (Goals!)

Even though time just couldn’t care less.

Carelessly dashing by without regard (its new foes!)

Even as this act would lead to many more worries.

Fast forward now; and they craved it more than ever.

Would it happen again, or am I forever trapped in nevers?

Can’t handle the pressure, brain’s got a fever.

At this rate, gonna be swiping left and right forever.

Bones dry, deep down I crave love and connection.

Sorely waiting for those sparks to keep an *******.

More like an ***** sin.

Caught between a rock and a hard place.

A truth I once held close, feels like a lie I’m locked in

(I’m everything and nothing)

For where do I belong? Everywhere and nowhere

Except with my first love.

I long to meet someone like you.

Soft lips, beautiful eyes, luscious hair,

and a strong, gentle soul that softens the hearts of the hardest of men.
More about this poem on my site. There is also a link to an audio performance of it there!
ronnie hunt Dec 2018
orange bodies in the
yellow light in the afternoon
green thumbs in the garden
blue lips at night standing at the crosswalk
Sararose Jan 21
Like wings on the thumb;
If you pay attention, they flutter in your chest
Like waves on the lips;
Tumultuous, pummeling, magnetizing,
And then words, not a covenant, but a confirmation
of intentions
Like the nuzzle of a rabbit, push
1 2 3
And part for breath to move through
A study
and if there comes a day where the whole world seems to crumble
if meteorites begin to shake the earth as we know it
and the galaxies beyond us start to swallow our home
if the stars that died one million years ago disappear with the rest of us
tell me you'll still trace poetry on the crevices of my skin even if it's covered in dirt
tell me we'll build a shelter from this planet while it falls apart
nothing can shake this love
asteroids can't destroy us
black holes will never swallow us whole
and know that if the ground we walk ever collapses beneath us
I will find you in another universe- one far away from here
and I'll love you just the same
Acina Joy Jan 11
Where there is thunder that reigns
down the emptiness of your flesh,
in a war hidden and filled with apathy,
to sink behind darkness , once named shame.

There it is, the torn kingdom,
that you've claimed as your body.
The temple which you've loved,
but never cared for in those aeons of silence.

Where you pretended that doing nothing
would solve everything

And so you weep, for the unfairness of it all,
as you claw at your already mangled flesh,
and press for the warmth of your heart.
Pretend that the rush of blood is a rolling blanket.

You swallow those shards of glass, and emulate the heavens,
and pretend your body with jagged scars
is the place for honourable heroes; pretend your triumph
in this barren, damp land of storms
is the place where thunder always reigns.

A place for heroes who never won, but died in their place.
a poem that is a bit analytical of people who are apathetic to their problems in life; who let themselves get hurt, and pretend to care for themselves by doing nothing, believing just weeping and feeling sad can solve the pain in your life; people who are apathetic, and still persist to hurt themselves (both literally and not).
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