avaseia 5d
"have you been thinking of me? luna?"
                                                          ­                                     "have you?"
"you never left my mind."
                                                          ­                                     "i want to.
                                                             ­                                    see you."

                                                          ­                           "but you're halfway
                                                                ­                 across the universe,
                                                       ­                          yet my heart longs for
                                                             ­                      the light you bring."  

"i want to.
hold you."

"if only.
if only space would let me
stay with you for a little

                                                ­                                "i wear your light. and
                                                                ­             that's the same as having
                                                          ­                   you beside me."
a conversation between sol and luna; a love forbidden by time and space
Kat 5d
We come from broken families,
you and I
hating ourselves for years.
People did terrible things,
to us
at times willingly, most of the times..

Where their lives end,
the places they ruined,
we try to rebuild,
find shelter in broken shells
in each others bruised and battered

And I know it's hard,
it takes a thousand broken things,
to get to a part,
of life,
that gives you strength

You know the good place,
you can see it,
it exists
We have been there
many times
it's not just one place
there are countless
and one is
somewhere between our two bodies
and minds
waiting for us to mend

I wish to be whole,
even with all these fragments missing,
I want to be whole with you
but healthy, simply, easy,
to not be one
who is just as broken
and terrified
and lonely
as the people we once

What does it take
I ask us
It takes
a softness
and a toughness
only found
between two
that have endured.
Pao Jun 12
colors rot
and so do we

our minds, our souls, our bodies
decaying in the wind
carrying us to unexplored terrain
carrying us to mysterious lands

our minds rot
and so do we

our souls, our bodies
decaying in the dirt
seeping its way into the trees like vines

our bodies rot
and so do we
There you, go, though. That's elitism. Not everyone has the means to a healthy body. Poverty, illness, heredity -- these all have an affect on someone's access to health.

By saying, I find unhealthy bodies less attractive, I feel like you're doing yourself and your peers a disservice by severely limiting your empathetic capacities.

I'm poor. I'm a patient in the mental health system. And I inherited lupus and heart disease from my grandma's blood. I know there must be other artists out there who come from similar backgrounds.

Unhealthy backgrounds.

I didn't auto generate the right lottery numbers to have been blessed with a healthy body. I can keep myself in any particular shape I choose by dedicating my efforts -- and that's a luxury in itself -- but I'll never have a healthy body.

Now, if you're conflating the word Unhealthy with the word Fat, though, I don't know if I can help. They're two entirely different things. If you mean you don't like fat bodies, then you're free to say, I don't like fat bodies.

Though, if that's the case, that's a lot of materialistic negativity trickling down privilege mountain. A person's wit can make their body attractive. A person's charisma, intelligence, sense of humor, zest for life, confidence, courage, empathy, faith, dedication, loyalty, strength, self love can make their body attractive.

If you think unhealthy people are unattractive, your mind is small, and your heart is drained.

If you think fat people are unattractive, your eyes are cloudy, fogged by social conditioning.

Either way, I feel like your opinions make you an entitled ass. But that's the beauty of the freedom of speech. Maybe you feel the same way about me!
Pao May 31
she fell in love that night
8:12 PM, March 4th 2017
with a latin woman
her curves illuminating
in the ultraviolet lights
of her bedroom

she tasted paradise,
fingers tracing the outline
of her breasts
their bodies interlocked in the heat between them
whisperings of 'i love you'
was all each of them could promise that night of
March 4th 2017
Amanda May 14
What is a a soul really composed of?
This question is driving me mad,
I think about it, and it is disheartening,
The answer I lean towards is disappointing and sad.

Humans are made from flesh and bone,
Muscle, hair, 10 pints of blood,
Energy to efficiently move each part
A brain holding thoughts in a flood.

I am becoming very doubtful,
As I am writing these words down,
Is a soul what creates emotions,
Tells mouth to smile or frown?

We deny any possibility,
That ends with loss, sorrow, or pain,
I reach up for higher meaning,
Find no knowledge to gain.

Most people's beliefs rest upon a cloud,
Bathed in a golden glow,
I cannot put my faith in something,
No person for certain can know.

I worry souls are nothing else,
But feelings stemming from our brains,
If that is true, when our bodies leave this world,
And our last breath drawn, what remains?
Tay and i had this amazing discussion about what souls really are and i came to the conclusion that they are concentrated energy. I couldn't accept the obvious answer which is that they are an extension of our conciousness. What do you think?
You're something beautiful
Something I call mine
Our bodies intertwine
But it is cold without the love
There is more that we could have.
I guess it is over
For I know you hate me
It is okay.
I’ll hate you if you did what I did
It's okay, it is over
Just got inspired while listening to a song.
Stacey May 7
I woke up with an overwhelming sadness in my chest
and didn't understand why my heart felt things that my mind couldn't understand
Through night it grew somber
And shared it's sorrow with me  early this morning

I fear it might be unhappy living in such a constricting chest
I sympathize
With my troublesome heart
As I lay stuck in between heavy sheets
And wonder why it chooses to feel independently from my weak body that needs it so much

What could I have done for it?
It was always too big for me
Following tunnels that either ran way too deep underground or flew among the clouds that circled the mountain tops
What could I have done to make it any more happier?
All I have is my experience of what the ground feels like
Stacey May 7
He is older
And wiser
I am innocent
Not naive
His hands hold secretes and scars and hammers
Mine just holds his
Rj May 3
It’s hazy tonight as the quarter half moon glows
I grip the edges tight as the moist wind gently blows
Sitting on the rocks of the roof with soft hushed voices
Suddenly not caring about making the wrong choices
The cityscape is faint under shrouds of cool grey mist
I think of all these moments that I know I could’ve missed
My friends sit close and look up, staring up to find the stars
Me pointing out the landmarks, all of them sitting out so far
A moment of sisterhood and rebellion that we have never shared
We pull our shirts and bras off as if we had never cared
We three expose ourselves to the world that softly sleeps
This memory is ours, and it’s only ours to keep.
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