KM Hanslik Apr 4
You remember green, but you don't know if
it was present in the trees, or maybe the color
of her eyes? (it's been so long...)
You remember hoping for
something to drown your fears on, but you don't know if you found it, or if
the time apart just killed your perception of anxiety because
when you stare at the wall and bite your fingernails 24/7,
you begin to habituate, it becomes
routine to feel
like your hands should be holding something they're not and your eyes
shouldn't be so bloodshot from crying.
You remember the words "I love you", but you don't know
if you ever really wanted to hear them
from her lips in the first place,
because she feels
so muted and distant now
that you wonder if it ever mattered
whether she stayed or left; it feels a little
like your heart has been etched into a slab of
dirty concrete,
glossed over with a fresh coat of
graffiti and "fuck yous" , because maybe
she didn't ever belong there to begin with, and you were just trying
to make up for the void left by the changing seasons, or
the fact that your self esteem was running
a little low and you just wanted
a warm body when the nights got cold.
It was never really about her, it was
the thought of what
she could have been
if she'd been the right somebody.
Don't use people to fill the void. It will still be there.
At least we have crumbs in this cell.
We may be broken and bruised,
Our bodies chained to these old walls,
Where no man will survive.
But at least we have scraps of hope,
Hope that acts like tender to the fire within us.

And that is all we need.
Hope you like this, I tried.
starlight bathes
the valley between us
a web of memories
like splintered glass
spiral and soften
into innocent silk
releasing deep anchors
until skin disappears
like a shadow
under the moon
Vnkae Mar 12
I stare at the grey walls again,
gaze at our picture
It's been a routine
talking to the ghosts
and the silhouettes
since you left me
in this crumbly and ragged
covered by the stardust

I tried to run
run after you
oh! moonchild
I miss you
you don't see it, do you?

I miss the puffy lips of yours
your ice cold stares
but moreover
the subtle presence of
your warm body
the warmest body
that some days back
clutched me so tight
every midnight
when I was in verge
of another breakdown
your warmth
filled my inner soul
and ushered me back to life

idk where you've been
you faded so swiftly
right in front of me

I search for the clues
in all our old Polaroids
and in al the blues and hues

every night you hunt me
in my daydreams
so, I try closing the eyes of mine
wishing to see you
just one more time
just one time more
♡ ♡
It's about longing for a friend/love that's never actually been there but is in your head and subtly, quietly supports you and is your strength.
Peter Balkus Mar 7

Since the beginning,
they've buried many bodies
(some of them were still alive)
but never the hatchet.
They didn't even try.

They say:
"It's easy with a corpse,
even if it's still moving,
it's quite easy,
soon the job is done.
But hatchet? Man,
hatchet takes time!"

Anji Mar 4
Soft and firm, gentle and fierce,
A parting breath smothers on skin.
Wild and wanting, surrendered and stroking,
Fingers are searching and home.

Quiet, now listening, anticipating, wishing
Until the spell breaks beneath lips -
Blushing it comes, blooming it bursts
Against symphonies and rhapsodies
With melodies heaving, heavy, unheard.

Gasping for life, holding more tight
To another so fragile, human, finite
Stealing, giving, alternately taking
An appetite destructive, delicious,
Desiring, raging;
Flesh upon flesh, ragged, receiving.

Twisting, bones resisting,
A common ground with no space between
Reaching and holding, pressing and pulling,
Synchronized in silent sweet rhythms of time
Warm, willing, fantasies thrilling, perspire
Lovely and lucid, writhing, conducive
As dancing flames to the fire.

Thoughts are melting to muddle
Into puddled pools of passion
Dripping, swirling, flooding, licking
The innermost walls of the cowering mind
Bodies and hearts are pulsing, repeating,
Beating and bruising, until each breath
Is erotic, divine.
I don't think mom would be comfortable reading this XD
Kathleen M Mar 1
I am a lake
I am full of turmoil and water
There is thick mud at the bottom
All kinds of things get stuck
There are bodies buried inside me
My chest is full of corpses
I ripple with every disturance
Surface tension broken by those who do not lightly tread
I tend to overflow I tend to spread the bog
She Writes Feb 23
Excuse me as I stumble.
I am not very good at falling in love.
My thoughts are scattered; brain cluttered.
My sentences never form as I want.
Let me show you with my lips instead,
All the words on the tip of my tongue.
Our bodies can paint the picture for you,
That my scattered brain cannot.
Amanda Feb 23
Sometimes it feels like
We share one soul so big it
Takes up two bodies
I feel like I've finally found my other half. I know that is clique but I don't even care I am so happy. This is what true love feels like.
Brent Feb 7
Trembling hands
             against circular grip.

Pieces of road
             reveal and disappear.
Pools of light
             raked with speed.

My jacket lifts with
             each heart beat.
Her invitation rattles
             in my skull.

Blood flows
body tingles.

Our bodies will soon
             be together.
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