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Make the static go
the dead-dog depression;
the fleas tip-toeing across
my brain.
Hate locks the
door to the heart,
and puts the
soul in a cage.
The rage consumes,
like a west coast fire.

Make the static go
the electric anxiety;
the butterflies swimming in
my blood.
Love is a fantasy,
a fairy tale for children.
the mind and
subdues the heart.

Give me sweet
apathy, beautiful
sedation, let me
float in bliss;
untethered by emotion.
Let me get lost, deep
in the core of the orchid,
and sail aimless,
in the
vast chasm
of the sea.
Give me radical
Jasmine dryer Sep 2019
Sit on the ground
watch the parade march around
go through the whole town
no one notices
that jugglers are choking
and the little kids are smoking
the balloons are deflating
everything escalating
and its so frustrating
but the pills are sedating
Anton Mar 2019
Armed guards, perimeter fences,
no this is not a prison camp.
Are you having a good time?
Solar panels, composting toilets, weaving workshops,
sedation, not sedition.
Our partners distracted,
we find freedom.
I was looking for you for ages,
just not where we agreed.
My friends have taken too much.
I can't find my tent.
I don't know what to do.
The trees are so beautiful
when illuminated by lasers.
I am a ball of light, an orb of perception,
intimately mingling with those that didn't pick me up hitchhiking.
But here we are brothers, and sisters,
don't drop your phone.
see for more
Sharon Talbot Jul 2018
Dylan got it first, as he often did,
That American youth were ignorant kids,
Betrayed by the things our parents hid.
And we were insulted just a little bit
But we listened and took the plunge,
Determined to expunge
The poison and let out the Id.

It was up to us not heed the call up
And as one voice we stood up,
Saying, shouting NO!

Twenty or so legendary years for some;
While others sold out, we beat the drum.
Our peers oddly died around us but….
Even as we ‘felt those cold hands’ touch our skin,
As The Capitalists were closing in—
& Some of them were us…
We sounded the drum.

Later on some hippie-punks or is it the other way(?)
Sang about extraordinary girls & then took a fall.
Sometimes begged for Novocain
Which wouldn’t relieve psychic pain,
Like being Ramonely sedated in a concert hall.
Nobody knew what to do with them.
Except to give them fame.

(It was just as bad for them as for the Clash)…
Hell, they almost invented the mash-up.
And too many anti-hippie punks
Loaded on cheap ****** or always drunk,
Claimed all those heroes had sold out.
But Ziggy would’ve known Ash from Ash.

Then came their Blood on the Tracks;
They finally saw what Dylan saw,
Or, if they saw it before,
They got some Real Emotion back.

Nothing has changed and everything has changed,
Said The Heathen…and he should know.

But how do we see, stuck here ‘so far below’,
Not remotely in the know;
They might be on an intergalactic trip
Or as in “A.I”, nothing more than a binary blip?
But encased in virtual ice, how can we live?
Until the end…and even then…
As John wrote, we only get the love we give.
This is my homage to a generation, and the ones after it, who rock and rebel, who never give up, with some cheeky references for fun. I imagine Green Day meeting Dylan in a darkened pub, as he did the Beatles so many years before...exchanging views and if we're lucky, collaborating on a song.
MyReality May 2018
All this is is another line,
All I have is another fine.
I don’t want this, not anymore,
My mind is tired my body sore.
all alone in bed I'll lay.
So  I don’t want my fate today,
It has dealt me a bad hand,
It has screamed to me I cant.
I can't exist and I won't live here,
I will need pills, **** and beer.
I will have the need to this sedation,
for I am gods worthless creation.
Kathleen M Sep 2017
Do I take a clonazepam
Do I take a seroquel
Do I take the new antipsychotic
Tight skin
Tight skin
Tight skin
If i smoke **** do I long term fertilize my paranoia
Is there a way to live without sedation
Tight skin
Tight skin
Tight skin
The collective static of the tension spots

Internal screaming
Waiting for the clonazepam to kick in
beep beep

the machine is never wrong
as long as I'm asleep
it will beep

if I wake it makes another sound
to bring the nurses around
and then they tinker
(not with me)
with the
drip feed or
the plug lead
I'm back asleep
Let me sleep under the burning moonbeam
I want you to be the last I see
Before I close my dead tired eyes
Let me close my EYES
Let me sleep
Put a bullet straight through my head
Toss me on top of the bed
In the land of Bedfordshire
I rest my tired bones
Bones that caressed you
Loved you
Cared for you

Are you still capable of the love you once shown?
Let me drink a cup of ***
Just ONE
One more ***
Let me smoke the weeds
The witness to your ***** deeds
Your mouth, full o lies

Your skin, stone cold
Cold and numb
**** this cruel world
How can one be ever that dumb?
To love you like this
And torture me to grits I cannot endure
That's all I could say
Darling, I wish I'd stay
But I want to go home now
So please let me sleep
Before you let me drown
Unknown Jul 2014
Do you know what it's like?
To be imprisoned
In the past?

I am
Locked up in a cell
Of unforgiving memories
And mental stains I tried to hide
And blood underneath
My fingernails
And I just can't
Scrub it all away
I just want it all to end

This *******,
Nonexistent road of endless
Turmoil and boiling hatred
And emotional leakage
I am so
******* lately
And I just don't give a ****
About the things
I used to give a **** about

Have you ever just
Not cared
Awakened by hostility
And sedated with
"It'll be alright"
No, *******
It won't be alright, okay
Because it's not worth my time of day
To pretend
Like the little things don't matter
Because they do

They really do
More than you can imagine
Hollow Jul 2014
Let me love you
Love you tender
I'll hold it above you
You'll always remember

Let me kiss you
Lips of fire
My burn won't miss you
My soul conspires

Let me feel you
**** sedation
Hook and reel you
Primal predation
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