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VineBabe Aug 25
Swish, thump, swoosh. I jump !
How could I best keep the rope
From around my neck.
Tony Tweedy Jul 24
Like a hungry shark has loneliness again come to feed upon my heart and mind.
Ravenous and savage it feeds upon a soul that warmth and love has left behind.
Once again a mind and heart that love avoids is to the darkness lead.
Bloodied, mauled and torn to shreds, remnant carcass left floating dead.
Never sated and without remorse it tears, as it feeds there in the empty dark.
Savagely, ever feeding, ever gnawing, ripping into my souls last hopeful spark.
Hungry, starving, ravenous and in frenzy and seemingly never fully fed.
No worth, no value, adrift, no purpose to any futures' plan but still I am not dead.
Razor teeth intent upon taking every ounce of my last mortal dream and hope.
Until mind is convinced that it's only peace is best found in a loop of sturdy rope.
This is the game that shark and loneliness play so often within my heart and mind.
The shark, the loneliness, love or a length of rope who wins I am still yet to find.
I hate these days when they come... never knowing the duration or if it is the last time.
"There is always hope, just hold on tight to the rope."
Urooba Jun 30
I myself feel the sensation of the rope,
Which is just pulling from both side:
To get accomplishments with the hope;
People are just involved in the stretching it wide.

Even ignoring the rope pride,
Just deeming it the iota type;
And forcefully snatching uptight!
In the melody to get the triumph height.

I am the witness of the rope strain,
It might not bear that much pulling pain tautly!
It seems to be losing the layers of its skin in the flake gradually:
But, People are enjoyed by seeing with the soul of the- drain.

Composed by Urooba Fatima.
This poem is a metaphor of that person who is swing between two thoughts or two human.
Amanda Jun 19
They say at the end of your rope to tie a knot and hold on

There is light touching the horizon

But what do you do when your grip slowly slips loose?

When insides of your palms are lubricated with sweat

And the crevasse below darker than a black hole

So much that it threatens to rise up and with one tug take you spiralling downwards to swallow you whole

So instead of making a knot at the bottom of your fraying rope you may as well tie a noose instead
The whole poem was really just written as buildup to the last line
rgz Mar 22
Find me
inhaling the smoke of summer dreams
blown in from somewhere far afield
breathe deep
observing the mountains of ash
dust on the periphery
recently undisturbed
from the beasts ever lessening visits
once, they were ravenous
a force unbound
now bound by force
consummately conquered
intravenously consumed
with cold inattention

Find me
immovable, unmoving
as artificial flowers in spring
copy of a copy of a copy of
delusion of heart
where wistful winds
erase the path once tread
breathe deep
the ghost of slanted seasons
here, in the autumn of all things
where the dead come to rest
you'll find me
and still
A patty
in the
garden rose
and he
can lure
herb and
cater his
whim to
fancy those
gimbals and
freckles on
faces of
a widow
to ensconce
an offing
he drew
in wear.
The wares of vendor in a cross early today
JG Feb 25
She pictures her death,
The rope hung on a tree.
The words you said,
The lies you've told,
The rumors you spread,
The hurtful thought you put in her head,
They all become the rope.
This is everyone's fault,
the people she asked for help,
And told her "you're fine",
The people who hurt her the most.
It all becomes the rope,
The rope she uses to end her own life.
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