The start (of) /
a braid or a rope /
is nothing (at the beginning of this) /
it is only the idea stemming /
from a sapling or a seed to become /
a tree /
reality /
what we touch, see, and wish to be /
Ancient beings can feel how they are not free /
I notice this is my mother’s face /
as I lead her to the restroom /
so near, too far for her /
the years count with her /
the (counted) years count the steps to the toilet /
and consider just holding it /
because the pain of walking so clearly outweighs /
the pain of holding your pee after birthing 3 children /
one of them dead /
okay, birthing two children /
I was cut from my mother /
Regardless, /
maybe if you cut out the lungs /
things would cease to be /
chaotic like the outreach /
reaching out a hand /
praying she’ll find me /
because I’ve gone too far and can’t rewind //////

maybe if you remove my lungs…. /
I could stop focusing on my breathing /
give you all of my love /
show you I am not worthy /
of that admiration leaking from your ears //////

don’t be jealous of me

Jealous of me?
She couldn't be.
How could she be?
Lying beside me--
Wishing to have my something
Ma Cherie Jun 11

Poetry comes an poetry goes
haiku sonnet epic ink
in any style even prose
sometimes I can't even think,.
other times the well is dry,
maybe I just need a drink,

A little drink a little smoke,
loosen up it's summertime
maybe take another toke,
come up with another rhyme,
yes cmon it ain't a joke,
cmon you know I'm feelin' fine,

Under the sun of June again,
holding onto hope,
cmon now an be my friend,
grab on to this piece of rope,
in its strength you can depend,
when it seems you cannot cope,

just look to my lovely sun
for inspiration,
it is certain to deliver.

Ma Cherie © 2017

Idk....sorry been away with a hectic ife ; )
Shadowhollow Jun 9

I pulled in the mahogany drawer
It's age withered it , it looked as if it had withstood a war

I managed to pry it open
But upon opening it came to wish it was still unopened
and would stay so for forever
I whispered to whomever

" what a strong peice of rope ."
Wishing deep down for some new found hope

None came  to arise
in this moment I wished to be wise
But I knew no such things would come from the skies
This was my demise

Oh how I wish not too
But I knew
As soon as I saw it
I knew it was my only way to become a spirit

So I don't hesitate
God this is messed up , but I can't think straight

And with my final sentence I departed this world forever
And whisper those last words to whomever

"  what a strong peice of rope, I'll put it to good use."
And that was it , that was enough I let go of all the abuse .

Not really about me .
melancholy Apr 30

a leaky faucet that someone didn't quite finish closing off
a cry for help when the ties of the rope aren't tight enough to hold your weight in lies and sadness.
so a slow drip will suffice
but you'll wish to expedite this pain by drowning yourself
but someone didn't quite finish closing you off
so you'll die
drop by drop.

and you used to love the water
the way it was refreshing and cleansing
and reminded you of the feelings we had
I left you on edge
I left you unhinged
I left you not quite closed off

I left you loose and you still poured out for me
I left you with hope and you drip on...

alternate titles:
dripping.. or a steady flow
a faucet
Henley Brooks Apr 26

My life's shoelaces are always a little loose.
At any moment I could come undone
and trip over my own two feet.
Fall headlong
with my hands tied behind my back
with the ropes of yesterday,
whose knots are tangled and frayed
like my nerves.
I clench my fists
like balls of fire could escape them
to keep me straight,
but I feel my feet become boulders
and it becomes harder to lift them
with my spaghetti legs.
The weight in my mind
sandwiches my heart between
it and the rocks
and I eyeball the river and think
wouldn't it be so easy?


dear paper..
don't you ever think?
it's not easy as I draw a line or dot
it's more complicated than coil of rope
I even can't sketch it
but I note word by word
it's all my dream

Leal Knowone Jan 18

A silken rope of phrases
   ailuranthrope blood tasted
   Sweet salt of the earth

   The dark minded misanthrope
   lycanthrope with bloody noise
   could always be worse

   Now i'm just a  broken rope
   of the wagon, on the boat
   been sinking since birth

   I want to forsake this  curse
   travel through time on this earth
   longing loving mirth

A haiku trapped in mundane
A perfect body
I lust for your  gorgeous brain  

Surround me with your splendor
help the broken see
and find a way to mend her

   This world it may betray us
   and you may find you hate it
   but it could be worse

   Broken bones on dusty throne
   lone failure and  cheap cologne
   I can see the hearse
   Passing through, heart still with you
   Now I'm done, let us review  
   Empathy in you
   Did you know you were my worth?
   The meaning of my rebirth
   no greater on earth

Lady Bird Jan 3

when the words are hard to express out loud
or other people just can't seem to understand
I write to release all my anger or frustration
grabbing a pen or a sharpened pencil in my hand
leaving smudged lead or wet ink on my finger tips
scribbling jotting down all the thoughts that attack
conquering my mind trying hard to escape my lips
releasing emotions that pull me down or hold me back
the knotted tongue of confusion is loosen now untied
I'm able to climb out from the depths of the dark pit
grabbing Life's sturdy rope that depression tried to hide

V Dec 2016

Crosshatched tower of black ropes
Spiral towards poofy marshmallow clouds
A tempation for each passing youth
To gather around in crowds
All together the creatures, they climb
Grasping rope and some stranger's limb
Bodies fall to the earth like potato sacks
No limits in order to win...

Passed by a playground structure in which there was a 50 ft rope tower that lead to a slide. At least 40 kids were scrambling up this thing trying to get there first ans every time this one kid got up she would scream "I WIN". Also while there some little boy fell off from like 20 feet up, got tangled in the ropes, and other kids trampled him until his parent rescued him. crazy how animalistic we are.
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