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A leaf here,
roots there,
bloom comes every year
bringing with it
the flowers of new dawn.

Reach for the sun,
ye of old mind,
growth comes slowly
but consistanly
throughout our lives.

When comes frost
riding on autumn winds,
shake off your old leaves
without chagrin,
let growth begin again.
display Oct 26
starlit skies bleed dripping grey
falling lights scream to the night
violet flowers sink to the earth
stems cut in the suns harsh rays
display incentive as a lowly cry
the desperation lingers in the air
overly fortified walls of scale
fall to the breath of the destructive care taker

purity soiled and tainted by greed
the hearts of man in the delayed inception
curiosity leads to the downfall of gods
deus volt to the tainted lands
skin of iron and blood of fire
the scream littering mortality with discord
steady winds blows us wayward
into the arms of our once promised ***
dealyed inception
Merwin Nikad Oct 15
This is your garden
A kingdom with a court of fireflies
Flowers bloom
For lightening bugs
Keep drinking coffee
From your best friends mug
Watching your garden grow
You're so warm
I can see it in your eyes
Everything you touch goes green
Every time I speak
Things turn blue
Lets go sit on a rose petal
Forget about
The *** on the stove
Just keep on watching
Your garden grow
Life is worries and wonders
Focus on the wonders sometimes
Andrew Sep 23
I will dream of walking to you,
But surely, I would die,
Before my thought caressed your face.
Before they hit the ground,
those tears you cry.

If I were to sprute arms like sprungs
On a fork, I would reach you.
I would teach you about the light
On which I live each day.
The wind would lessen its push like
a waterfall of earth.
And I would remain standing.
I wish she was more than a memory
Isaac Sep 13
If poems were seeds,
How many could you plant
If you lived a full life,
And worked like an ant?
It would be amazing to have
Your own poetry forest,
Observing your thought life
Through poems clear and honest.
As this world is changing
And you are moving forward,
Don't forget to keep planting
Seeds to become your new orchard.
Written 13 September 2018
Sow a Good Seed
When you sow a good seed, you see a good harvest
You work hard every day and try to stay modest
You pray every day and try to live honest
You may have some problems but you own and then solve them.
Sow a Good Seed
Your harvest is plenty and hard work is not futile
The clouds grew dark and the winds were brutal
You just keep on plowing because your dedication is undisputable
Sow a Good Seed
When you sow good seeds, you reap a plentiful harvest
Don’t think it was easy because you didn’t see me through the darkness
No matter how many seeds are sown
No matter how many plants are grown
Know that if the harvest seems like its slow, it is not a blessing denied, but instead, a blessing postponed that's waiting to be bestowed!
Sharon Talbot Aug 14
Kalanchoë, finally you bloom!
Welcome little foreigner,
To the corner of my room.
With frangipani flame
And crocus-gold effulgent.
Strains past succulent skin
Joyous, ebullient!
Though your petals grow
Just to hold it in,
Fiery blood escapes
Past watery blocks of ester-swell
And you exult with me
In a wintry cell.
Dedicated to the first bloom of a pretty plant that feared might never bloom, which finally treated me to one blossom in winter.
Wanderer Jul 29
someone planted a seed of sadness inside of him along time ago
it took root and began to bloom before he even knew
at first he fought it, trying to trim it down, choke it out
but it was tougher than he expected
so he learned to live with it
but each day it grew, its roots reaching to the tips of his toes
it poisoned any joy that tried to reclaim him
he started watering it and caring for it
more than he even did himself
It became so apart of him that he could not separate the two
he no longer wanted it to die
for fear that its death
might **** him
Maxim Keyfman Jul 19
the rain poured down
pours and now
the rain is watering
watered mine
what means

the rain poured down
the sun did not shine
but it was all
in an interesting light
everything was around
in the brown light
but from a distance
shone at home
small blue
like lightning
or rain
when love
knocks at the door

the rain poured down
and red colors flew
and the red colors fell
the rain poured down
and numbers people
there were windows
many glasses
and thoughts
and not punched

Bryce Jul 17
And they are attractive little bunches
Holding themselves together with lightshows and
Hanging over stucco ledges
Until they are replaced
In the dead of night with nobody but the janitor's
Wrinkled gaze
Pruning and yanking
their dry roots
To replace with something new.

The Fibbonacci stories spiral downstairs like infinity
And a reflecting pool looks like the domed firmament of some great sistine

I could see for a moment in my upturned gut
The draw towards infinity that lies at the end of that hollowed mosque
And which holds me firm in trust

There are no stairs, oddly enough
Only a polished high speed elevator
With fancy buttons that light up
And bring us down to ground
Floors that once were above

I stared at my face in between
The metal doors and wondered
When the time would come
For me to be something more
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