The bracken stretches,
Its many arms out onto the land,
Puffing up and attempting,
To outgrow his brothers,
Vying for the sweet light,
That only the strongest may indulge in,
The succulent nutrients of sunlight,
So that they may survive,
For yet one more day,
To hopefully,
Drop seeds,
To compete all over again.

I went to the park,
Read the board on the entrance,
It was suggested to plant a sapling.

It said that we plant a tree for our lover,
I counted the number of my past lovers,
And decided to set up a sugarcane farm!

Just kidding!
I only ever had just 6 girls loving me back.
One girl at a time.
Broke up with all of them one by one.
The last one was the one who led me here.
My HP Poem #1522
©Atul Kaushal

why don't we
plant more of these

below the many benefits
of trees shall be shown
and how wonderful it is
to see them fully grown

neath a goodly shading oak
we can shelter from the sun
whilst children run around it
having tons and tons of fun

the precipitation process
needs trees for dousing rain
were we to be without
them life wouldn't sustain

spreading tree roots keep
the soil's profile stable
by meshing together in
an excellent natural cable

why don't we
plant more of these

Britney Lyn Mar 19

I understand now that I am like a plant. You loved me but you always gave me too much water and it was killing me. You thought by doing this you were reassuring my health so that I would stay beautiful but it was just washing me out. You put me in the sunlight as much as possible even though I required low light so my leaves began to wilt and in turn you kept me in the sun longer thinking I wasn’t getting enough of its shine. Eventually you gave up and left me there, giving me water whenever you remembered and I was parched. Because it was either too much or not enough with you and your love. You never paid attention to my needs, only yours. You saw my flowers bloom and admired their beauty but I was never in bloom for long. For once my petals started to drop you were less than interested in me. Was it because I wasn’t as pure? As lovely? Maybe you just couldn’t see down deep enough into my roots to understand what I was really all about. Because I only flowered once every year and honestly I’m surprised I haven’t died yet because you took such poor care of me. The sunlight scorched my greens into a color of brown and as I grew older I finally died and you tried to bring me back with all the care I once needed but it was too late. Not that you really care though considering the only think you miss are my flowers in the spring. So on to the next one you go, and I’d feel bad if I wasn’t already dead inside because the next flower you pick won’t last as long as I, because the only reason I chose to stay alive is because I thought my life was worth living till it didn’t feel like living anymore.

It's always winter here, I shall never bloom again.

I observe you, infatuated with your subtle mysticism.
My eyes lay on your verdant beds like a swallow tail butterfly
dancing to the melody of your vibrations.
I feel you breathe with me.
I admire your crystal garden,
dripping down your coiled vines.
In each leaf, a reflection of your life and your origin.
Your derivative is you as much as it is me.
We are sister and brother.
Julio, we are God.
Together we transcend as I absorb you.
Together, we become one entity as we experience
the beauty of consciousness.
You are my natural friend.
You thrive and stretch your bones outward
to kiss the hands that caress you.
with me,
we move through life,
all living alike,
coexisting in unity and mutuality.

Julio is the plant in my roommates room. He's a a beautiful hanging pot full of plant. We hang crystals on the stems, referring to "crystal garden"

Pulmeria ninjas
In my garden
Frangipani lifters
Klepto apocynaceae
My sphinx moth lover
Lost his pollinate her
I saw a Latino
Propagnating with a Filipino
At my window
Like I was a nursery store
My dogbane family
Lost a limb or four
"Melia" gone in whole
Pulmeria ninjas
My leis perfume their score
And every night they're on the prowl
Looking for more

Yes people steal plants in orange county smh gotta love it!
Earl Jane Jan 8

I'll plant a kiss in your lips,
So that a smile will grow in it,
Then its roots will reach into your heart and soul,
And that love will be its fruit.

© Earl Jane
♥ E.J.C.S.

For Brandon ❤❤

OMG. Lol. I didn't realize this became the daily poem ON MY BIRTHDAY. Hahaha.. Lots stuff are happening today and I am really happy. Thank you everyone
Brooke Lewis Dec 2016

His mother has died
His siblings blown away
He's clinging to his home

The last to leave
He loses grip
He's blown into the wind

His body is carried
To who knows where
He lands and begins again

this is all i know:
i love you like a flower. together we've planted the seed of love, and i can't wait to watch it bloom and grow with time. i know you can't grow without sunshine and rain so i'll be here for the happy days and the sad days.

i am so in love with you
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