plant your mind
lose your body
prune your heart
root your soul

harvest your being
blossom to life
flourish into creation
dissolve into nature

wilt from words
droop in sadness
perish in isolation
sink in solace
Market-based economy
Recycling plant
not a true haiku
but it will just have to do
it's just fine to me

Extracted from a chapter entitled "These Are Your Haiku On Drugs" from an untitled, and unfinished, novel.
In the center of my heart
She planted a tree.
Happiness a branch I'd soon know.
The leaves sprouting in full with
no limitation to height.
The roots carry the depth of how far
her hands have gone.
Planting the seed I'll always feel.
Soaring into the sky without limit.
To how much is given, how much we take.
The fruit of a smile ripe at every moment.
A gap for us to sit between the branches.
The moment fear of falling has gone.

The higher we climb.
The higher we sit.
Rotting meat lined the walls
of the spot where the crime was committed
Locked from the outside
Shut in as the oil burned,
the smoke engulfing,
the flames consuming
The workers screamed, "Let me out"
but the indentations of the footprints on the door spoke loudest
They spoke of 25 beautiful faces
lost in pursuit of the American Dream.
japheth Apr 17
like the plants

in my garden:

i breathe,

i live,

i exist.

i let the people who

pass by

admire me.

i grow slowly.

i climb quietly.

wait for me to bloom.
i bought a small succulent today, a zebra plant.

i called it debra dimagiba.

the word “dimagiba” is actually two words in filipino - “di magiba” which in english means, it can’t be broken down.
Ella Apr 15
The crops I grow
Only fill me with shame
Few even know
Few try to tame

This beast inside me
Only craves for blood
If it plants seeds
Make sure you run
Noor Apr 9
Farewell my lonely friend
Should I apologize?
As you welt and bend
You're dead now
Gone with my luck
burnt out

For I did not care
But now I sense a difference
There's sadness in the air
You were alone most of the time
I'd complain to you
But never hear your desperate cries

I should have cared
But I was never even there
I'm sorry my little green friend
I'm sorry that this is how you meet your end.
oliver Apr 8
this is my song of sorrows
where my heart weeps
and my body collapses
where i fall to the ground
and become one with the earth
where mother nature takes me in
and wraps her roots around me
making me feel safe and secure
but still my heart aches
stop watering it,
these roots are getting flooded and they have no life to withstand.

please don’t let any more words
drop out your sweet tongue,
my insides are expanding in agony.

this seed you planted,
I built a fence to protect it from your  rain
and harm,
so it  may slowly die.

yet life has broken into it,
and the wind was screaming last night.
I didn’t realise until now.

until I came to find your walls were shattered,
and to my realisation my fence was melted.

that’s when the pain has began
brewing, foaming.
leaking into each vein and intertwines around their blue tunnels.
I am sick at the thought.

these roots stream into my nerves,
closing my sleep, my words
as I only inhale yours through my pipe.
then engulfing this seed
that seems to shoot further up me,
when you are furtherst away.
25 February midnight
this was what you once felt to me
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