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What kind of animal
Ringing his death knell
Cuts 10 billion trees a year
Plants only the half
What kind of animal
Ringing his death knell
Sometimes, I wonder
What's kind about him
His fraternity mankind
Manbrute the dialectics
He uproots his greatest friends
Makes way for his enemies
What kind of animal
Ringing his death knell
Know thy friends' great qualities
O brute of mankind
One tree provides oxygen
For four of thy clan
For their survival on this planet
Breathes in carbon dioxide
Defending ozone layer's defence
Dust hesitates to rise
In air to suspend
Less by seventy percent
Near a row of trees
Noise reduces by fifty percent
Peace and peaceful is clime
A tree cools as if an  air conditioner in a big house
Stop ring thy death knell
O brute of mankind
Plant trees everywhere
Nourish as if thy child
Protect thy environment
If thou wish to survive
And lead a quality life
mary liles May 23
there is one that i can count on.
it is my friend;
we speak together at night.
we walk hand in hand.

there is one that i can count on.
it is my pet;
i care for it; it lives with me.
it sits in my lap.

there is one that i can count on.
it is my plant.
i watch it grow.
i ensure its life.

there is one that i can count on;
it is my friend
it is my pet
it is my plant:
it is sorrow.
guys i think i need some help
Loreah Apr 26
Breath, soil; breath and drink and bask in warmth
Slowly walk along the sentence that extends
The year before the year, the frozen and thawed,
Fruitless but alive with another day's growth
Brumous Apr 24
talents are like seeds;
they grow
with proper love
and care

it takes a while to find one
but nurturing them seems

seeing others having them is amazing
"it looks beautiful,"

actually, I have one;
right here laying on
my small, soft hands

as years went by,
it flourished; showing a
delicate flower

I am simply overjoyed
maybe I got happy too much

since that naïve I
went to them
and showed them mine

without knowing
that perfection
was the base judgment;
and I was never passing that line

"what's the point of giving all MY time?"
'So, I sat by this plant;   watered it with envy;
as it bloomed dissatisfaction
built I with standards
as a meaningless façade,'
deadhead Apr 10
after the wildfire,
you can expect to find me
sprouting in the ash
Bell Apr 9
My sweet evanescent orange
although it has been a quiescent season, our time seems to be running short
As you happen to be a seasonal delight
and although our dalliance has been lovely
it has not been one of moiety
I will miss your
rough skin
dulcet taste
and you slender intricate eyes like that of a flickering leaf
Your bittersweet words had a redulcent undertone,
in the most delightful way
but as examine said parcel of citrus before me
I find a scintilla droplet of lament
for I do not wish for this season to end
I am mindful that it would be quite stingy of me to ask you to obtain till next season
for I do not hold possession of your bucolic tree
nor do I know if there will be a following season
So for the time being I will refrain from harboring jealousy of others who admire you
for although I nurtured and paid homage to this Sinensis tree
I am aware
that I am but a visitor
sitting under a grand opulent tree
enjoying your sweet taste
while we are still in season
When you love a poet you live forever.
deadhead Apr 6
we should be planting
seeds of both love and flowers
instead we plant hate
Diesel Apr 3
Sorry I haven't laid water your stems
The problems of life had taken me by

And forgive me for the browning that shows
So often it seems my curtains lay tight

I confess that I should have fixed your leaves
And handled your nose and straightened your hair

Or on the inside where always you keep
And clean up the mess that got everywhere

I could have more watered and showered your skin
But busy I was conversing with she

And dry is your dirt, and tears come out dry,
Yet proud is my plant, so gentle and keen.
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