Nylee Sep 10

We plant our dreams every day
but along the way
we forget to water it daily
no wonder, they are dead.

Some seeds that my ancestors planted on the very soil that I stand,
are starting to sprout through the work of my hand.  
I can take credit, but that'll be a false demand.
My true purpose is to gather the harvest and replenish the land.

Though the world might end
We always plant apple seeds
No matter what day

Never give up!
Ma Cherie Jul 27

I have a dream of a garden
I have this dream of a place
where everything planted is growing
and inside is where I find grace

an in this garden
is everything
that I've ever wanted to grow,
every lovely seed that I've held
that I take the time now to sew

where I will cook and take care of
the people and things to me dear
where only sweet love
can reside there
and we'll never know any fear
where arms are open and loving
to wipe away sadness and tears,

where this love is only protection
safety amidst all the trial
where contentment
is how we can feel there
and rest our sweet souls for awhile

and then at night we'll retire
amidst the garden we've planted
and make and grow love everlasting
thankful our wish was just granted.

Ma Cherie © 2017

Idk lol I have a garden... yes, but this garden!?! I can dream....❤❤❤ love you x - Ma

i saw you yesterday.
you were a seed
capable of growing
into a climbing plant
sticking to all thought
and turning it a little bit more
dark green.

but i yesterday,
a clay pot,
painted in bright colors,
purple mostly,
wasn't able to grow anything.

i don't know
if the reason was
i watered you
with alcohol
and indifference,
or because my soil
is not that fertile anymore.

Jobira Jul 21

Your love blew my heart away,
And let the winds carry me
To you, so you can
Plant me in your oasis gardens.

MP Martinez Jul 15

Dandelion along the sidewalk
Alone and astray
Are you sad?
Or solitude made you grow?

Just nothing~
Madhu Jakkula Jun 24

We sowed a seed of friendship in the soil of our feelings.
It grew into a plant of love withering in the wind of your fears.
As days passed, it turned into a tree with fruits of betrayal and roots of doubts expanding deep into your heart.
You kissed me for one last time turning me into autumn leaves on a windy day.

alan Jun 3

Trapped under the soil
clouds roam free above the earth
but the plant still grows.

orchids exotic captured
the man's botanical eye
they were so beautiful
in display
with delicate petals
and a scent
of heady romance

the wheelchair bound New York
cop saw defining evidence
of the exquisite
his heart elated
by the flower's

there under his real
name of Raymond Burr
he established
an orchid garden
on a Fiji island
the climate perfect
for growing
and nurturing
the plant species
arresting of sight
so sublime
its vision's delight

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