sweet tree
raised from

to grow upright
and out
to sprout
from trunk
a bunch of
pink and
pointed pods

or perhaps
crimson or

scythed clean
from host
and hacked
in two
for getting at
seeds a-pulp
in white
and slimed

and spreading
them out under
the sun
to get hot
in their own

to ferment

to bake

poured tinkling
by the
thousands into
sacks of hessian
for sending
‘cross seas

to furnace-cracked
winnied and
and hardened
into shapes
of other things

© 2017 Adelaide Heathfield
Cacao trees are spectacularly beautiful. They love the humid, mountainous air near the equator, and the regular washings of rain.

Nestled in the understory of bigger forest trees, they sprout these colourful, magical pods out of their trunks and drape them over with big, shady leaves. It’s truly other-worldly.

Only fitting for the most magical food on earth!

And the intricate process of coaxing their bitter seeds into luxurious chocolate is a great marvel of modern industrialism. From harvesting, fermenting and drying the beans to roasting, conching, sweetening and tempering, chocolate has become a true labor of love.
love is the sweetest seed
you'll ever plant in a heart
to make it enduringly flourish
tend it well from the start

love's blossom shall grow
into a beautiful array
an exquisite rouge rose
cherished for its display

Valentine the perpetual
gardener of endearedness
cares with a loving touch
profound in true closeness
Vexren4000 Feb 12
Flowers of holiday cheer,
Bright red and gleaming,
Dotting homes and street vendors,
Peddlers peddling poinsettias,
To paying patrons,
For the season of Christmas.

I know I have the capabilities to succeed...
But it's so hard when depression clings onto you,
Plants its seed into your brain,
And grows bigger and heavier each day,
All the while the roots dig deep into your cerebral cortex,
And feeds off of your saltwater tears and the dull light of your bedroom.

It grows,

and grows,                                        

                                 and grows,

Into a helpless plant that entraps you within.
Closing you away from light,
Eating into you like a fly in a fly trap.

It's the secluded feeling that makes you insane.
Waiting it out until it frees you from itself.

But it just keeps growing,


and stronger.                                                      

And it always seems like the only way you can stop it,
Is from killing it from where it started.
Depression has been affecting my every day life.
JennaH Jan 29
Green, red, orange, brown,
Paint box of spring to autumn.
Evergreen winter’s crown.
JennaH Jan 29
Wayward leaf, catches
The Sun for beauty’s sake. A
Flag for some, a gift.

Green batteries, coiled
Inside a solar panel.
Bonding sky to earth.

In storms I dance, but
In rain I grow, to the sun
I twist as sap flows.

Wormlike, grasping hope
To find the fuels of growth. Yet
Anchor me to home.
mythie Jan 29
Cold, violet skin.
Red rose petals fall from my wrist.

The scent is pleasant.
It makes my head spin.

I spew eucalyptus leaves into the overflowing river.
Oleanders flow down my throat.

I puke out the petals, now stained red.
The river flows red as the lilypads sink.

Monkshood flowers cast shadows over my porcelain skin.
I pluck and I pluck and I pluck.

Until my fingertips are stained purple.
I lick them clean.

I weep tears that take the shape of an angel's trumpet.
They sing me a soft lullaby as they seep into my skin.

Pretty foxgloves draw me in closer.
I touch their shell and inhale their scent.

My stomach turns inside out.
Skyflower petals seep from my mouth.

I hadn't noticed until now.
That my entire body was a wilted rose.
Lauren Grace Jan 28
I struggle with the seatbelt in your car.
You express passionately,
"You'll have to stay with me forever."
You don't understand how much it frustrates me that I love you.
Because I know the whole unadventured world lays ill at ease outside your smeary windows.
But the safe sentiment of your vehicle leaves me wrestling with myself.
To be free or to be unassailable.
Seema Jan 26
The plant looked dead,
It made me wonder as well as sad,
I observed the plant to see the cause,
It was indeed dead ofcourse,
The trunk was rotten,
Mostly forgotten,
It stood there dead,
My gaze caught a spot of green,
I suppose no one noticed this scene,
On the stem of an overhanging branch,
I watered this plant and trimmed the dead branch,
After few weeks the leaves grew,
And it was amongst everyone's view,
After few months a green branch sprouted,
With hearted satisfaction I doubted,
Thinking it may not last long,
But I was wrong,
Down few more days,
It grew stronger out of the ways,
Soon I noticed the budding,
And the blooms flooding,
What a beautiful sight to see at last,
The life returning in a dying plant...

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