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i taste ashes on my tongue
my will drained like wine
on a wednsday night

i still feel so numb
my motivation dies like vines
left to wither with no light
this is a warning to my future self, but it also feels like dejavu
Anastasia May 14
Burning, burning, treachery
Slaughtered by the flame;
Save, save our forsaken souls
'Fore the ashes carry away.

Thund'ring, thund'ring is the tide
That taunts with ev'ry wave;
The stench of salt ling'ring high
'Tis not enough today.

Stand, now, on the island shore
Smoke caught in your lungs;
The ashes swept by the sea
Are the ashes you'll remember t'day.
yeah this one was kinda weak but I'm making it public anyway
LC May 14
with the others,
a tiny flame burned,
then went out.
she felt cold ashes,
which choked her spirit.

with him, and only him,
a flame consumed her,
and it continues to burn.
she feels a warm glow,
which frees her spirit.
Sadie Grace May 2
My fingers are flying over this hot keyboard
Who knew I could type this fast?
Who knew I could think this fast?
Who knew I could run this fast from what hurts?
It’s whatever. Or not.
If it’s hot- it burns
         it stings
                   it leaves marks
Even if there’s something amazing on the other side of it, like a great story, it’s too hard to walk through the ashes
I’d rather run right past, or even better- run the other way
It's easier this way, I say
It's whatever, I say
But is it really?
As his passion for her was burning him to ashes, his soul danced with joy.

Hussein Dekmak

RC Apr 22
I'm starting to see in color again.
It began like the seasons do
happening over your shoulder
summer nights shed their skin
into something a shade colder
but you can't remember exactly when
the colors appeared a bit bolder.

So used to life through absent eyes
I almost couldn't see in anything
other than black and white
But there were times that
I'd get stuck staring too long
like finding a rip in the seams
catch a color I hadn't seen
or find a new one in a kiss
a ripple in reality
my greys had more tint.

Soon I began to pine
for all the hues I'd missed
my favorite colors
given away to previous years
shades so familiar
they came with memories
undertones I could hear.
So I let it all come back
gave my eyes the time
to adjust from shadows
to the brighter whites.

Some days I still struggle
with every color I’ve seen
when nights are so blue
the indigos sink, deeper into me
but morning always returns
with her amber glow
I’ve seen God in her smile
and I keep her close.
I keep changing colors.
MerlieJ Apr 29
Seated on a purple mat
I open the wood, engraved
box which holds
small pieces of my father
I remove the top
Exposing him to fresh air, sunlight
Small sprinkles of ash with
larger, more defined pieces of hard bone
resting on top
Running my finger along the rim
it becomes covered in his dust
I begin to nourish my orchid with his ashes
is he nourished in return

Do you feel your body seperating again?
Do you know?
Was your spirit ****** into the flower ***?
Or the creases of my yoga mat?

I rub my fingers along the rim again
This time massaging the dust into my cheeks
If I rub hard enough, will it become a part of me? Will it stay?
Kymberley Apr 11
A small little girl had her life taken away from her,
Wishing things would go back to how they were.
But no matter what she was surrounded by the ashes,
She felt so alone and had many gashes.
The reality that once seemed good,
Turned out she misunderstood.
Just when she thought she was broken beyond repair,
She rose up from the ashes right then and there.
I will no longer only make splashes,
Because I'm the one who rose up from the ashes.
Nuclear Winter: Solo Restart
by Michael R. Burch

Out of the ashes
a flower emerges
and trembling bright sunshine
bathes its scorched stem,
but how will this flower
endure for an hour
the rigors of winter
eternal and grim
without men?

Keywords/Tags: nuclear, winter, radiation, ashes, life, reemerges, without, men, Armageddon, Apocalypse, extinction, event
Sooner or later the fire that i love about you is gonna turn my heart into ashes.
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