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Burn this fabric
the weave of the grandest way
we wrap our secret selves in
and write little patterns
that somehow pushes apart
from the comfort of speech
to break the truth
into lie-able bits
that everyone can approve of
because they are pretty
then you will be hollow
with the desire
to tug on the dangling strings
that always itch
the nose of conscience
to be rid of the ******
the mold you have been force in
and you will unravel when it hurts
and you will unravel when it is quiet
you will become bare
just shape
just like everything else
and when you find
peace in your own decimation
a single flower will grow
behind your lifes eye
a memory of when you took root
in the self
a lense to see your life
as you mean to live it
Version 2
Motionless I sit as the seasons change.
Inside behind my workspace I spend hours on end.
Until the days dissipate into ashes
Like the cigarette that rests in the seam of my fingers.
Inhaling I exhaust the fuel that burns my lungs.
Charred from my addiction.
I sit and I wait for The Clock to hit seven.
Im Tired of working so much lol
ASH 4d
Hold your shattered pieces together,
Don’t let them go.
Don’t leave your mistakes behind; never forget them for they were there for a reason.
You must rise after every fall, just like a phoenix.
Dust yourself from the sadness and misery you put yourself in,
The fiery flames in your eyes should never dim despite the endless salty floods that strike them.
The confident smile you form should never relax or vanish.
You are strong; you will persist.
You are noticed; you shall resist.
Leave the ashes of the past behind; learn the lesson and just move on …
© 2019 Ameed Shehayeb All Rights Reserved
Alle Jan 12
they tell you to
seek what sets your
soul on fire,
but i have searched
for so long
that nothing is left
of my soul
but ashes
Airing my ire I was born in the fire,
A Phoenix flying higher with wings that never tire,
I wish I could touch but the glory was too much,
It seared my skin and such feathers iridescent in my clutch.

Swallowing pride I won't wallow inside,
All of my life I could never decide,
To live for myself or let my time slide,
A war in the skin where my spirit resides.

Now in my skin I'm not hollow like tin,
More battles to win I won't sink I can swim,
I won't burn in my sin or burden my kin,
My soul will not dim the darkness I rescind.
Harry Roberts - Pheonix
divinity m Jan 6
once my time has been cut short
do not put me in a pretty box
and leave me in an eternal sleep.
don't mourn the person i used to be.
instead, extinguish the fire
that was once inside me
with more fire.
disintegrate every peice of me.
scatter my ashes
across the four corners of the earth.
or drown them.
make sure i won't be able
to ever come back.
I'm used to the smell of smoke,
I have watched many bridges burning in my past,
that's why I never heard when my dreams burn to ashes.
all the pages and passion raised by flames carried by wind,
I have inhaled my own death.
Manny Dec 2018
Black smoke Rises
sticking to the walls
inside my lungs
Coughing back my tears
As the ash attacks my throat
and spreads across my tongue
The cinders crackle
flaring up to light the sky
devoid of sun
As I toss inside, one by one;
the letters that you wrote to me
when we were young

But we're growing old
and as these fires flare up
to fight the cold;
As they burn up
the words these letters hold,
I find nothing can erase
the lies you told.
Because every promise
that you sold
still hides in every line,
In every fold,
In every letter inked in gold

And ss the wind picks up
and brings the rain
And your letters burn
till ash remains
It hurts me just
To say your name
But I know my pain
can be contained
And that peace can
Be obtained...

From the ashes
I'll be born again
carbonrain Dec 2018
maybe someday I'll give you everything inside of me.
maybe someday we'll hold each other and this time  -  not let go.
you inhale the gold dust kept in an urn as you open it to scatter the ashes.
like secret stars that aren't allowed to shine.
the light has gone out of my life. X
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