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Zywa Nov 2023
I said what I thought

I knew about dust, that it --

does not turn to dust.
Poem "stof" (2008, "dust", 2011, Ronelda Kamfer)

Collection "Germ Substance"
I S A A C Feb 2023
get your hands off of my mouth
feel the smoke in my lungs while you burn down our house
ashes litter my hair, scratches litter my skin
drowning in this love drought
watching the new cycle begin
is love as destructive as a fire?
why is my heart as malleable as tin?
I thought it was ok before the light started to dim
Odd Odyssey Poet Jul 2022
Old flame; a spark of love,
Conflagration—a great deal for a crush,
A touch, a rush; all too much,
Tear filled eyes, after ashes rise from the dust.

Throttle neck, coughing like an exhaust,
Love to be a ride from coast to coast,
But we only spoke love just to boast,
We often did more than the most.

Smoke from the chimney box,
Your eyes burning red—a fiery fox,
A scent in the springs of kisses phlox,
Our charred hearts swallowed the crops.

The land is grey in a colour of soot,
Something pretty is afoot underfoot,
For après—tragedy has a beauty take root,
Something grows ahead futures; by it's caput.

A rose from the ashes—reminds me wisely,
That we gain a superior from former chaos,
Braved to awaken eyes; searching love blindly.
You've found that love, that one!--the one
Making two, to be loved and love!--that's four
For you're in love now, after another love.

                                                   Tears of ashes no more...
LC Apr 2022
flames raze the forest,
bringing it to its knees.
ashes line the ground,
fertilizing the charred soil.
the clouds mourn for the forest,
blessing the ground with its tears.
seeds of all sizes land,
and the sun wakes up to greet them.
a garden rises from the ashes.
Escapril Day 17!
Prompt: garden.
I have been thinking about resilience and bouncing back lately, and the result was this poem. Happy Easter to everyone celebrating, and I hope you are all doing well 💗
Leocardo Reis Apr 2022
What had burned
turned to ash.
In the end,
even a violent blaze
turns to nothing.
Which flame lasts forever?

I give ashes
as proof of what once was.
Judge me, as you like,
but know the dust before you
was once with form;
warm and bright.
AE Mar 2022
These fingers trace dust
that glistens in this fractured light
over old frames
crafted with beads and pink glue
glitter fell onto our laps
as we rattled this earth with our laughs
where did the time go
when we held it so tight?
yet it still disappeared, out of our sight  
now I look for you in bus windows
I listen for you in those youthful laughs
Holding onto these moments
wiping away the ashes
of these burnt recollections
from my shaking hands
Jay M Nov 2021
As dawns drew long
As nights had come and gone
A heart lay, broken and unsure
Like an illness without cure
There came and went an ache
A pondering, to become ashes

From flames of passion
To flames of pain, at last turned
To ashes of grief

Learn from the fires of desire
Grow to be stronger,
Lift the weary head higher

Take the time,
It needn't rhyme,
Do what the heart
And mind know is best
Slow it down, and rest

- Jay M
November 26th, 2021
They were a good two years, and I learned much from them. But, our time has come to an end, our romance struck its final hour. Thank you for all that you taught me, and for being such a good partner. May you find love again, and may it all go well.
eurus Nov 2021
this facade has cost me damages beyond repair
bridges to ashes
glitter to sand
i feel undeserving of looking up the sky
how foolish of me to think i'd ever shine as bright
my fear coalesce into a person and i am running
running as fast as i can
exhaustion sitting heavy on my back
chains wrapping around my ankles
i trip over the roots of the past
and suddenly i am falling down a rabbit hole
with no end in sight
the stars, they are more stunning than i recall
i have never seen as many as tonight
oh, they twinkle, they wink at me
as i fall down deeper into the earth
dear stars, you must forgive me for my shameless mistake, okay? okay.
Broken Pieces Oct 2021
Life has ended, we're all dead.
The words are constantly stuck in my head.
I hear the screams and cries,
I hear them under all the lies.
Everyone is going under, but where to go?
You may have emotions but don't let them show.
You might want to try and be found,

We all fall down.
Jay M Oct 2021
Like a phoenix
I burst into a burning blaze
Of flames of pain
But like a phoenix
I will rise from the ashes
Of the burned memories
I will rise again
And become what I do not know

- Jay M
October 11th, 2021
From the ashes of a burned love, I will one day rise. For now, I am still slowly smoldering, the embers dying in their agony to be born again, healed.
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