Fortis 5d

For those who don't know,
And for those who do,
I have something
I'd really like to share with you.

Today marks 2 years,
Today marks 730 days,
Today marks 1,051,200 minutes,
Since I last took a blade to my skin.

I've come a long way since I was 15,
And even though I still have a lot of life left,
I'm thankful for every minute I've been alive.
And I want to thank those who have helped me get to this point.
Without you,
I'd be lost.
I'd be down.
I might even be dead.
But I'm not.
I'm stronger now than I will ever be.
And there's no one who can take that from me.

I never thought I'd make it...
Avery 5d

The teardrops run down
And fall off her nose.
She cries in hidden places,
Where nobody goes.

You can follow the tracks,
From her eyes to her chin.
Years upon years,
Of letting "it" win.

And her eyes tell a story
Of anger and pain.
You believe that she's happy,
But you should look again.

The scars of her past,
Hidden under her clothes,
Are a roadmap to places,
That nobody knows.

Her smile is now painted,
She's a master of disguise.
But you can see it all,
If you just look in her eyes.

Shorter poem, again thank you for reading.  I appreciate all the support from you guys, xoxo ~ Avery

I am upset
Always depressed
Never liking myself in a dress
Obsessed with death
unless my flesh has been dressed red

Almost rhymed.
LCappo 6d

Everyone says that Diamonds are a girls best friend
Everyone says that jewelery are a girls best friend
Everyone says that make up is a girls best friend

but they do not know the truth
i do not think they understand

if she could she would be a shadow
which no one can see
away from society

in the night she stays awake
because he is cold and unforgiving

I don't think you understand
she'll never walk away
because she has no where to go
she is alone in this world so cold

she puts up a mask to not answer the hurting questions
so she can go further on the hurting road full of diamonds

if she had the choice between life and death
she would choose death
because she can't stand the pain anymore
the pain of diamonds cutting through her skin

Cait L 6d

she was crying ever night
but her tears had a twist-
they weren't coming from her eyes
they were coming from her wrists

Emily Gray Apr 7

Every time I cut I feel like good is coming out of me.
For me to feel good, I have to lose good.
The good in me seeps out of the cuts like liquid gold
Why do I do it? Why do I let my good leave my body
Like water from a waterfall?
Because to much bad has harmed me. Now the bad
Is a voice in my head telling me what I'm doing is right.
That the thoughts in my head are normal. That I am the bad.
That I will get better if I pick up the razor. Of coarse it hurts.
Want to know what else does? Being here.

You look down
And you see a puddle
You smile and then frown
You're in a bubble

A bubble of hate
You can't escape
It determines your fate
Which you can't create

You need help
But no one can
Hear you yelp
So you ran

Ran away
And never came back
Until the next day
Your life turned black

Youlook down
And see a flood
You smile and then frown
It's your blood

Livvy Apr 1

As Carthage's Queen
I recognized
The old flame's signs,
But it wasn't
It was

SM Mar 29

the coldness
of the metal
against her skin,

the warmth
of the crimson
staining her wrists,

they complemented each other
so perfectly,
in a way that she never
her love.

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