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make love to my tattoos.
kiss them, brilliant.
breathe into them the
elegant way that you live
easy, free, alpha.
my tattoos are
who i am
they are my insides as much as my outsides
i am turned inside out, even
lover girl, with flakes of skin
dusting  inspiration   windowsill collection
graffitied DNA   Physical sins
a wrist left heart broken
I lost
my eden somewhere
in the night counting
the flakes of
my dreams for tomorrow
that gather on the floor
alongside my memory foam coffin
in a clump of
yesterday’s skin.  

Yeti Youngblood
When I was a young girl, I loved to watch couples getting married and told myself that one day, I'll marry a man who can give me my dream wedding. Now that I'm all grown up, I still love to watch couples getting married but instead of wishing to marry someone who can give me my dream wedding, I'd love to get married to the man who knows my dreams and love me still no matter how simple or grand my wedding will be.
ronli 8h
Come here,
Climb into my dream
Sway with me awhile
We'll explore
and play
and love

Come here,
Climb into my dream
Stay with me awhile
We'll talk
and grin
and spin

Come here,
Climb into my dream
Prey on me awhile
Let's bind
and entwine
and find

Come here and climb into my dream
Then we'll climb into yours
and stay awhile
I speak not for man, or know his desires;
   a flower is lost in all he inspires.

I speak not for peace, or know its attire;
   an echo is all the words will require.

I speak not for time; or knows its reasons;
   a clock is measured in equal seasons.

I speak not for love; or know its yearnings;
   a heart is beating;
      forgiven for learning ...
Sillva 10h
I have committed a crime,
The cine that I have made
when my eyes saw you for the first time.
The first time was like a star has strucked me.
Zeus's bot has no impact like you have had in me.
It's like sleeping became a recipe for all my fantasies  with you.
A dream with you I had many times,
Then I wake up bathed in sweat
And seeing you werent next to me.

A dream i had with you,
Ment dreaming with my eyes open,
Am I dead or alive?

Made you a main character that I can not chase in real life.

                                                    BY ERS
brinn 22h
Last night I dreamt
That You were here with me
That You left that girl
And realized I was The One
For You.
You kissed me
And I swear, for a moment
It felt real.
So much passion could not
Just be a dream.
But seconds later I woke up
And I checked my phone
Only to see that she posted a picture
With You.
I laid back down and
Closed my eyes,
Because that's when I realized,
My dreams are the only place
That You and I are together.
I was just a damsel in distress.
Lost and tired of the cruelties of my past.
At night, I would dream for a knight,
in his mighty horse and golden armor.
To rescue me from the dull castle,
with thick walls I myself have built.
Then, you set foot at the threshold of my castle,
riding no horse, wearing no golden armors.
You fought no ogre nor trolls
You just brought me words,
Beautiful words I haven't heard before.
You made me your only star in your galaxy,
your kryptonite and your pixie dust.
Your poetic words under the setting sun made me blush and giggle like a kid.
You whispered songs in my ears
and made the fairies dance like splattered glitters in the night.
You have given me wings,
You have treated me like a Queen,
your only Queen.
Oh love, you already have my heart,
from the moment our eyes made contact for the first time.
And so here I am, breaking every brick, every stone of my walls.
Walking step by step into your direction.
No matter what odds may be,
I will be forever your Queen bee.
Hope you like it as I love yours.
The phantom light
of another
black candle morning
rushed in
and I shivered,
torn from
the embrace
of your lunar skin,
****** into
the absence
of your eyes,
the silence
of your mind.
Partly fictional poem. The title came to me out of nowhere, hopefully it paints a different picture in the mind of each reader.
Bang the bell
start the tellin of a story 'bout a man name…

Yo, t'was a wombed man, ennui is no excuse
onus is on you. vive la differ-ents.

True, t'tell, she was an upgrade. Mito-mom.

First ol' Ish said, it sounded like,

"Wow, ishi mine? How'dyoudothat?"
so for a while ishi was her name.

Was I sleeping and now a wake, or

are we past all that?
The garden walks meeting all we met, with names,
knowns, all named

The I in Ish knew names of every man-named thing,
but Adom 2.0,

she was something else. Ish could hardly think

something so beautiful is made of me?
Why, Ish wondered, but didn't say aloud.

Is she curiouser than me?
Is that what's different? No, there's more,

but that's a lot, curiouser and curiouser,

Here come the servants forming to inform,
curios come,
kachinas from the west.

This night we all learned the dance the angels do,
on the point of no return.

Too beautiful for words and then,
past the point of no return,

Ish take her and she is mother of all living,
Eve for short. Mom.
Family dinner in the local retaurant where everybody knows me, but none, in fact  know my name, so my mind wandered...
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