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Jayson 56m
Dream of a life
Filled with opportunities,
Filled with freedom,
Filled with equality,
Filled with happiness
Like a rainbow after the rain.

Dream of a life
Where the past is left behind,
Where we put aside differences,
Where we work together,
Where the nation is at its best
Like a perfect apple plucked from a tree.

Dream of a life
That everyone is happy,
That everyone is free,
That everyone is respected,
That everyone is able to use opportunities to their advantage.
The opportunities that reached out to them.

Now think of a life
Filled with limits,
Filled with rules,
Filled with hate,
Filled with despair
Like a kid that dropped their ice cream.

Think of a  life
Where the past still haunts us,
Where we put our differences before us,
Where we work completely independent,
Where the nation isn’t at its best
Like feeling... knowing you can do better.

Think of a life
That many are filled with no hope,
That everyone is restricted by the made-up rules of society,
That everyone looks down upon at least one,
That everyone is only able to take certain opportunities,
Since the others are locked away from them.

This is the dream.
This is the reality.
Now, which one will it be?
Shall we strive for the dream
Or continue with reality,
Living our days away
Locked away as slaves to society
Just as we were many years ago?
This is a poem I made in class for L.A., specifically our "American Dream" unit. ^^
i dream to be a butterfly
soaring high through the sky
i may not be by your side
but darling, there will never be goodbye
Gods1son 12h
Never let your dreams die before you die
Anyone ever said you can't make it, they lied
Darkness can't overpower your light
Only you have the power to keep your hands tied
It's your set time, get ready to fly!
I dreamt of a dream last night.
It crinkled my nose and shattered my bones.

shivering, looking for you.

Terrified, I grab the phone that looks like a hero to me.

I dial your number so fast I could feel my fingers shaking.

And when you answered,
with your tired, low, raspy, voice,

I knew I had to open my heart a bit more
for you.
I will probably elaborate in this poem later on...
She was a dream wrapped
in precious white silk,
as simple as a dove,
as nourishing as milk.

She was the marriage
of all colors,
a spiral of love and light,
a friend to snow and moon.

She was a galaxy,
a lily, water mixed
with silver.
She was the essence
of hope and promise.

She was a dream.
I, unfortunately, am real.
Love-themed fiction.
J L S 1d
and the world is sweet again,
she’s bright especially in the night
where that moon
brings back the kid in me.

so i’m dancing now
for the sake of my passing moments-
forgetting the inevitable,
slipping into a song,
staring the sky
seeing stars beyond dense clouds.
J L S 1d
we made it
to this life on our own,
where all fires and feelings
are ours to chase and seek.

so let’s lose control of it,
just a little bit,
and laugh like teens do,
and sprint towards naïvety
as if our youth depends on her.

and if we run fast enough
the world around us blurs,
and we might finally find
one another,
exhausted and smiling.
J L S 1d
And tonight,
I pray
that what you called
"one day",
is only a few
restless sleeps
J L S 1d
it’s dark out and my mind
is exhausted,
from all it’s running around
and it gasps for a breath,
and it’s longing falls on deaf ears
and it faints for a moment
only resurrected by the
same ocean
by which it drowned.
J L S 1d
city lights and spirits, rampant
with the stench of teen dreams
that play tricks on the lot of us.

who’re we kidding?
just forget the world tonight
and dance,
and sing like children do
and come close to me
the way I see it when my eyes close.

be here with me
the way I see it when my eyes close.
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