When I’m 18, I’m moving out.
Away from this home, Without a doubt.

It drives me insane, unable to be who I want to be.
Controlling my life, keeping me from my dreams.

When I’m 18, I’m going away.
Away from this home, I don’t want to stay.

It’s not that I’m in danger, I just want to leave.
Start up my life, I want clean air to breathe.

When I’m 18.
I’m going away.
Away from this home...
That has made me astray.
Kept me for years,
I’ve shed so many tears.
I just wish to leave,
And that’s all I believe.

For when i’m 18.
I’m finally going away.
This is sorta how I feel at them moment and I’m hyped to go through the rest of high school and start up my life. I really wanna be myself and just get out into the world. I know it’s hard and it’s not what it seems, but I suppose I want to experience everything as soon as possible and get a head start. I can’t wait to be 18.
The prongs swept through my damp hair
As i plugged in the TV there was a light shock
and the blue flooded my room with a glare

I sank into the blankets
and into my head

I began to have a dream or so I perceived

Standing in front of a supermarket
In the hot sun
Waiting for my family to shop

I am watching the cars along the road, as my family's car speeds toward the interstate

Yellow lines moving beside me as i try and chase them
they never turned around

I wander down the sidewalk til i come to a small burgundy car
the windows are broken

I relax in the backseat for hours
until i pass out

I wake up and it is humid
the car is moving

Nobody is in the front seat

all of a sudden there is a steep drop and the car is pummeling down a hill into a forest of redwoods,
Crashed on the rocks

A man pulls me from the backseat

at first I feel a sense of comfort,

then his face shows, distorted, speaking ancient evil toungues

I try to grasp air and be free
next thing i remember I am awake.
Series of poems based off of my nightmares of being kidnapped ever since i was 5
If I watched an average 24 hour news
in all its disastrous depressing rotation
I'd fall into the king of sleeps
a powerful slumber of dreams
where I'd process those 24 hours
in all their horror, hatred and intolerance then in the final hour I would dream
that I could play the role of God,
what mankind perceives as that great goal of almighty enlightenment
but there would be no earthly life
as we understand it now
its flawed failed experiment self destructed
this would be a spirit world
an existential love experience
I'd reset evolution before it became
twisted and distorted into revolution
built on war, disease, illness and atrocity
spirits would procreate and exist forever in an ethereal everlasting world
previous perceived stairways to heaven
would belong to a former time and space
where the old mankind's peace lovers
gained entry the hard way
this new world would still have the arts
its artists, painters and poets
but in a concept our mortal poetic predecessors would never understand
they even had earthly trolls to contend with
John Lennon imagined a similar world
but his was an earthly nirvana
my dream is not of this planet
my dream is not of this life
my dream is a love untouchable and eternal.
a fanciful dream that helps keep me sane
Loud and thunderous,
And shaking in fright
With it's blinding colors,
And majestic might,
They were real.
They were there.
And unlike the stars,
They hugged me dear
And had never strayed far.

I never wished upon the stars,
I knew it would not come true.
Instead, I await
This time, each year
When the fireworks splash and boom.

Now I look up,
And wish and dream
And hope it will come true.
For, the fireworks granted
Me such a wish,
They led me right to you.
glowed frozen
plop in the mind
like time
doesn't matter

picture on the wall
halls hollowed in grey matter
echo surreal
can't feel
but know

secret calling
soul's longing
wishing to away
to tomorrow
where nymphs
and the mythic play

malformed music
made not for ears
be fear that grows
deep in mind
and dredged in remembrance

spacetime slip
through wrinkle
dripping with dreams
and lustered lies
as we know
you don't

get out of your head, kid
Daydreams don't put bread on the table.
Women like
the skyscraper
He's cultured
so dapper
And on paper how
we perceive things
it goes along
way too print

His hands showing
nakedly walks of hints
He's up to stunts
Whose the one to blame
What credibility made
you want an
old flame
Or to write like you
never danced
  nakedly before

Feeling lost after the glow
graveyard shift hours slow
Her body like the naked
breeze air show

Ever Sunday brunch
Was divinity like

Naked but it
never shines
In Philadelphia
The College boy
Alpha he loved Rina
Moaning for Lisa

Those Scholarships
And his lady
Left stains on his
white collar
Business trips
The fantasy-scape
Like the ship of her
naked tip nail's
Going to the
Virgin Islands sail

He got the writer
all roped into him
Like her poem was
his script let it arrive
with him

And their words
Were like no other trip
Admiration another naked
talk vacation
But in reality, they weren't
naked to be fantasied
To contemplate is
this really
Our time for fate
The temptation is
always there
Like the cross leg road
He's the intersection
My mind is inside all
his fragments

To meet our perception
Like a writer's block
Goes a long way
to anyone
The kiss lipstick color beyond naked
Fit so well French Connection
Language goes beyond
anyone that is naked
Salacious, Delicious,
Ambitious, Notorious
Amourous, naked generous
Without being naked
Golden naked mounds
He groans and it's
quite normal
to be yourself and growl
like Wolf or a Fox
She's the Triscuit
He loves his Southern
tasting biscuits
He puts his suit on
Dash of pepper
and salt

Are the stars at fault
Over his shoulder
He wraps her around
She felt a freeze
Wanting to hear the
naked truth
She was his cherry
He played his basketball dunk
Her naked cream
The naked writer
in between got drunk

Her leg crosses and
He's the tie being
crossed she was in
her flip flops
The writer kept her heart
of his message with
cute pups
Well the naked writer
received An unusual box
and she was naked LOL
Things so much to fantasies or dream about but let's say you thought you were naked but you really aren't but you could see everything in front of you trance-like naked is that impossible the dream or as real as you ever want it too be
Blake 1d
I need you to know that if i could give you any gift this year...

It wouldn’t be another dressing gown
Or a best dad mug.
No football season ticket,
Or the same brown slippers.
It wouldn’t be a crate of beers,
Or a Bruce Springsteen book.
It wouldn’t be a thousand Yorkshire tea bags,
Or a new set of hair.
Even though...you desperately need one.
And I promise not another Africa lynx box set.

My Dad
I would reverse my birth for you.
And like a jumbo pack
It would reverse my harsh words,
It would reverse the financial problems,
It would reverse mum’s escape.
It would reverse your time wasted on me,
It would reverse my cage,
It would reverse your hobbies that disappeared,
All the red lines that appear in your not so white eyes.
And your unsettling stressed mentality of dealing with work and me.

Dad I would reverse it all for you.

You always deserved everything that this world could give and my birth was just a sin against your own freedom.
Instead of you daydreaming back on the old days, you should have been daydreaming of the new days to come.

So for next year on this same day,
You’ll be finally living the California Harley Davidson dream with the love of your life...mum.


Happy non Father’s Day.
If only i had the courage to show you this ❤️
As I write this verse,
Wish we would just converse.
Because for every minute that passes
if feels like a year, just in reverse

When I look into those eyes,
I feel that smile is nothing but a disguise
and in the end, all it does is agonize
not just me but both our lives.

Roses are seen as perfection, yet all I see is you
Even when I close my eyes, I wish it were not an Adieu
It's like my heart itself is planning a coup
When in reality I really can't have you

As a rose, you may wilt
but my love for you will resist
because forever it will exist
until someday I'm dismissed
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