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lua 1h
do you dream of me
in the night
when the moon peeks its head out from its haze?

do you dream of me
the way i dream of silent chills
in cloudy summer days?

do you dream of me
in morning light
or evening blaze?

do you dream of me
the way i dream of your tender embrace?
or the way i dream of you
and your quiet mistakes
and all of the heart ache?

do you dream of me?
'Life is but a dream,' I question the value of it;
at the edge of life, the edge of time, the edge of our reality;
at the edge of this cliff, we edge ourselves to a falling death.
But what if the fall to our death is like a dream—falling into
a hole, gaining speed close to it's undersurface? We'd wake
up before we hit the ground.

But would I wake up in a cold sweat; or in tears, of longing to
find what lies in the somber of a deep hole? Maybe my soul?
Haha; it's outline must of been shaped by the mind's many dreams,
my child. For what good was it; in the spirit ties of it being lost in the world?  A world at times that doesn't feel as real:
but just a life of a dream.

So by this edge, clutched by the winds of background; hold your
breath before you and I jump. Time may, or may not slow in the
plunge to the valley's undersurface. Still perhaps, this all could be
a dream, and we'll both wake up before we hit the bottom.

Surely it must be, because I don't know a reality to be as brave
to commit such an act. Why pinch yourself, when you've been
pinched by pillars of salt in life—sourness and bitterness?

Oh my inner child, life is but a dream:
and soon we'll both wake up from it.
dycarus Jun 24
you're a little spark of heaven
that i've never seen
i've never touched
but i've always dreamed of
Snipes Jun 23
Watch the world turn
Embrace unspoken grace
Follow your peace
Spread your space
Watch the world turn

We’ve spilt the earths axles
We’ve renamed these fields
We’ve placed value on this rich soil
Garden our souls in this language
Grown our feelings in this savory-age

I tell you this from love
I tell you this all from a dream
I woke up asking my brother for your name
Yeah those moments of light hitting those tawny eyes
I reflect on the first memory of love with carelessness
Yes, I wish I knew where you were
But you’re better off, knowing you

Five years apart
yet you still viewed me as you
You haven’t crossed my mind
In what seems like a lifetime
I hope one day you have a dream
Like mine
Where peace was the air
Our smiles was the soul
And our eyes were the doors
For Annderick’s eyes
ChinHooi Ng Jun 16
The girl i liked

she's the one with eyes starry

like the night sky

a mouth red and cherry-like

her smile

is the spring rain

that gently awakens hundreds

of flowers

i don't know when exactly

i fell in love with her

the love germinated

perhaps concealed in the bashfulness

during high school

i knew it's love

when her head's on her desk

glasses on one side and sleepy-eyed

i couldn't help but take one more glance

my love for her

was hidden in a piece of eraser

in her little piece of bread

the feeling of liking her

is when i remember her smile

either with friends or alone

it is also after we parted ways

the feeling of missing her

couldn't forget and couldn't let go

she appears in my dream

running to me

the girl i liked

her name is so special

i still hope i can meet her

even if it's just one time

i will no longer hide

my love

i hope the thread of fate

pulls us together

love essentially

is the miracle of destiny

the girl i liked so much

her name contains neon and beverage

it's been inscribed here

since forever.
Kassan Jahmal Jun 14
a harras of silhouette in the night’s shade.
Prancing swiftly as carelessly as winds in their mane.
Grey smoke blows out of their muzzle;
like hot ash subduing the algid night air.

A hill covered in a dark following,
a caliginous beauty site,—
In the uncut grass, trampled by costless hooves.
I was the ground crunched by a night’s dream.

My eyes shut; nervous by the shaking lips,
and cold sweats. It was beautiful,—
it was dark. It was wild; yet felt so freeing.
I was it’s witness, and conjecture.
I was in awe by beauty, but left breathless by
it’s haunting perception.

So was it a ghastly dream, or an alluring nightmare?
In my dreams
I try
To make you
Holding you
In my
Small hand
They may be small but they hold a lot
Emm Jun 6
I miss you but I don't know you
And my name would puzzle you
Yet neither rise your curiousity
Yet you're addictive to me,
This sensation, this adversity,
Sweet, like some iridescent nectar gathered by hundreds of fairies in an instant,
From some magical forest forever showered by the gentle light of the golden hour in the distant...
Albeit the bitter pain afterwards instead,
When reality take back its stead,
Who are you? I don't know
This doesn't make any sense, that I know...
But... if only I can dream a bit longer, for I have dreamed far too long, I know...
But, if there is even a tinier than a speckle of dust of possibility,
In this whole world our universe of unpredictability, please...
I'd like to make our story a reality...
Dilly dally, ***** nilly, talks of dailies,
No roses or daisies,
Just two souls walking together,
In harmony parallel, cruising in life for forever
A robbery: it starts of, by overcharging a people of  their everyday basic commodity. Honestly! Are we all not trying to live that way,
But how do we survive in a life of less regards, and an apology?Seems a price tag’s sayings is, “I’m more than your worth”

The entitled: are so many undeserving, as lightning is in a man’s bones; his enlightenment is struck in a nerve of knowing there’s not much he owns. Though he certainly owes.

A dream: of working long overdue hours in their head, the day is gone but one man’s labour never ends. A waking dream; deep breath out for there’s a lot to be taken in. Still in the reality of it only being good at taking.

A bigger than life experience, unfortunately with a small package.
Miss your train of thought; it's best to wait for the next carriage.
Off the rails, is there a better way to living? Seems hard in doing things yourself, but also harder to be Christian.

So understand my only greatest prayer in life is to find wisdom.
MJL Jun 4
Dead people on my walls
Each moment framed
It’s so depressing
Looking at them
Almost there

Penny for a replay
Love to all I’ve shared time.
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