Sometimes all that we see and all that we do
And all that we have done seems like a dream
An endless dream whether good or bad

If only I have a genious brain like Einstein
a brain of relativity and amazing creativity
a brain relative to time and space

Then I would know if everything was real,
and not just another incredible illusion
of here and now, of this place

And as I'm quietly thinking of this and I ponder
I imagine the poet Poe would laugh and say,
'Tis a dream and nothing more
Get in steps
Or, leave it

You are free.
Genre: Abstract
Theme: When everything matter
Mims 3h
I had a dream last night
It reminded me why I never go to bed early
Because I dream
And rest
Is simply

Fix sleeping schedule?
Or fix my head?

feel pleasant to spell your name,
hear echoes of your voice,
recall all bygone time,
can’t silence my hope,
can’t move ahead,
can’t be the same,
can’t forget.

Why, can't we,
dream the same?
Genre: Love
Theme: “Forget”, what she said. When everything matter.
Note: Repeat the Title "what if " followed by "I" in each lines below "I", except the last two, then it makes sense.
For a reason
I value all, having a soul

Your virtue, unbiased.
Genre: Inspirational
Sometime I feel,
I am dead
I pinch

Sometime I feel pain
Sometime, I don’t

I live, I die.

I turned my head around,
Too many figures.
asked myself,
If I am dead,
What they are?

I used to live.
They used to live.

For a reason.
Theme: Autobiography. when, nothing matters.
Tamera 16h
All that you are
is a dream that seems so far
Far away
Far away
Far away
All that you are is a dream
that’s so bizarre
Stars make way
Stars make way
Far away
All that you are
a dream I can’t disregard
Words will play
Stars make way
Far away
newly channeled lyrics
A roof over my head,
A sheet to cover my bed.
Fridge full, spa pool.
No rent, a room for my parents.
A job, coming home to a dog.
Red bricks, logged walls.
Enjoying the rain drops fall.
Meeting my lover in the bath.
Not having to do any complex math.
Laugh in the rain, watching the children play.
Reminiscing the good old days.
Catching up with siblings, lovely Parisian springs.
Celebrating many first birthdays, music still makes me sway.
Surrounded by grandchildren, spreading words of wisdom.
A collection of adventures, to be shared with utmost pleasure.
Leaving this world, no words left unsaid.
Having loved all there is to be loved.
mollie 19h
the other night, a girl came to me.
she was sitting beneath a twisting willow, with white lilies sprouting outward from its branches.

she was not sad, not exactly, but she was quiet
she tucked back her thick, curly white hair with pale fingers,
and she told me,

                    "you shouldn't sit under this tree."

"it eats memories," and she began to stroke its trunk, and she said,
"i know because it ate mine."

but i sat under the tree with her, because it truly was lovely,
and eventually began to fade
as i slowly forgot

i remembered her, though.
she held my hand all the way through, and
                                                             ­       if i could just recall her face
i know that she would have been sad,
but i know she would have still smiled softly.

with lilies scattered in the wind, white as her hair but never touching her,
where i slowly faded in her lap,
i remembered her whispering,

        "you'll be okay."
this dream i had a few months ago is still on my mind all the time. i think about her a lot
In sleep, we can know.
In dream, we create,
illuminate through time and void.
Ever a time,
with no direction to or from,
leave me to my rest.
I then build something from nothing
and feel the warmth of a world
shape in my hands.
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