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It was a sunny day in May
When my hopes were stuck at sea
Counting blessings for the day
Waiting that grace might set them free
I came across a horseshoe crab
Life seemed as heavy as its shell
Burdens tacking on the tab
Waves relentlessly unquelled
Flipped helplessly undisguised
Grand purposes washed away
Blindly withering to gull cries
Despair cast around the bay
My stare breaks misfortune’s luck
Faith set aright by stronger hands
Plodding heartened from the muck
Sorrows evanescent in the sand
A weakened creature found favor
Now glides peacefully towards the deep
Trusting I too have a Savior
I surrender to His keep
I've found happiness
Sweet and empty,
Moments where pleasure
Teases and tempts me.

Let me float on,
And want for nothing,
Not money,
Not love,
No worries for me.

The world is in chaos,
Let people resent me;
I'd never repent,
Let my mind represent me;

Through violence
And vengeance
And dreams of
A silence,

A place we've destroyed
Through ignorance
And finance,

Where money and blood
Buy you bullets
And diamonds,

And everyone else
Can be bought or
Be silenced,

Where loyalty gets
Bought through
Hope and through fear,

And you spend
Every night hugging
Those you hold

When the sun's
Early light is a
Moment of peace,

And you look to the sky
And you sigh
And you

A contrast of sorts.  This poem is both what I'm feeling now and what I've felt and seen before. It's a kind of half dream, half vision I'm currently having. I'm kinda ******, hahaha! So... I don't really know what else to say about it. It can be sung like a traditional song.
How does it feel like to carry half a moon and half a night.
like Standing half in sand and half in sea.
like Watching a boat on the shore, while drowning.
& Writing your name on the sand. half of it on surface & half in water.
Don't you think its perfect, may be only half of it.
Reaching the end, or celebrating it while standing in half of it.
May be its the last minute or just half of it.
May be the half that is untouched is more precious.
There must be a reason half in heart and half remains
within you.
Its better to be half a fool for half a dream.
will continue this ? or keep it half
Why should I worry, it was just a Dream
It is not real, no need to scream
A Dream is an Illusion, though vivid it may seem

But Life is different; Life is real
Don’t we all suffer, don’t we all swirl?
Very few go deep to discover the treasure, the pearl

What is this Journey of Life on earth?
What is the Purpose of our human birth?
Is there a way to live with Joy and Mirth?

We all live with suffering and strife
We laugh, we cry, we endure Life
But we don’t cut through to the Truth with a knife

Just like a Dream, Life is an Illusion
Very few of us get this Realization
We don’t use our power of Discrimination

Just like what happens in a Dream is not true
Life is nothing but an Illusion too
I am not ‘I’ and you are not ‘you’

Little do we realize what is our role
Dreams and Reality will take us to the goal
Which is to discover we are but the Soul

When are we going to start our Quest?
Not just Dream, but get out of our nest
Realize Life is an Illusion, get to the crest

Just like Dreams are not real, so is Life
Needlessly we suffer, we cry with strife
With misery, pain, sorrow, life is rife

But we can be Happy if we Realize the Truth
Overcoming sorrow, getting to the bottom of the root
If we realize it’s a Drama, we can enjoy the fruit

Do you worry about the Dream that you saw at night?
You wake up to realize that there was no fight
Life is good, it's shiny and bright

But Life is different, we continue to cry
We suffer, we question, we look at the sky
We cannot differentiate between the truth and the lie

Just like a Dream, Life is an Illusion
It is a long Dream that ends in disillusion
Because of ignorance, there is no Illumination

We think Life is real, it’s not just a Dream!
And so, we suffer, and so we scream
When we realize the truth, life will flow like a stream

If only we Discriminate and open our eyes
Life is just an Illusion, once we realize
We can be in Bliss with nothing to analyze

Life is a Journey, we come and we go
Little do we understand this earthly show
Our goal is to realize the truth, and not just know

We are not the Body that goes to sleep
We are not the Mind that makes us weep
Nor are we the Ego that wants everything to keep

When we realize what we are not
In Thought no more will we be caught
The Truth in front of our eyes will be brought

The Journey of Life has a Purpose
Not to jump like a clown and make Life a circus
Once we realize the Truth, we will never be nervous

We all commit the Greatest SinWe don’t realize that God is within
How will this battle of life we win?

When Dream and Reality, we contemplate
And the difference between the two, we discriminate
We will arrive at heaven’s gate

Did you decide your human birth?
Did you decide how you came to earth?
No, it’s Karma that governs the earth

When we realize that the earth is a stage
The Drama unfolds by Karma, page by page
Then, we will be free from the misery cage

Those who realize that Life is a Drama
Those who discover everything is Karma
Realize that just like a Dream, there is no trauma

Just like a Dream, Life is an Illusion
Once we get this Divine Realization
We will know that everything is a Manifestation

We are different Souls, so do we see
The Truth is that weare Divine energy
Everything is one, there is no you and me

Life is like a Dream, when we realize this
Like after a Dream, there is no unhappiness
But for this, we need Consciousness

As long as in ignorance we are bound
We will suffer as we live on the ground
Till the ultimate truth is found

What is the Purpose of reading this book?
It is to change your Life’s outlook
But first, you must be free from the ignorance hook

So, it’s time to start
And pull the myth apart
And this is to learn the Spiritual art

The Ultimate Truth is everything is an Illusion
Even Science has declared with Discrimination
This world is nothing but a Manifestation
Thomas Harvey May 12
Why, why am I so obsessed?
Obsessed with the sea and sky
Is it because I feel blessed
Or do I wish I could fly

Fly away from all my troubles
The little that there is
Could I ever be that humble
I guess it’s better living in ignorance bliss

Is it delusional to dream as such
Wishing for something to happen
Even I can see myself blush
If only I were a ship’s captain

Sailing the seas; living free
Certainly, I should grow tired
Yet I would sail until her eyes were in front of me
And she’ll know that love does not expire

It sounds so easy in my head
Maybe it’s time I played the cards I was dealt
The sun going away, doesn’t meant there’s anything to dread
The sunset is pleasant, but there’s nothing more resplendent than herself
mace May 11
grounding doesn't work for me
naming a few things around can't help when nothing feels real to begin with

days pass by in seconds, i hate people as much as i love them
i wish i could just observe & yearn from a distance,
never interact or become vulnerable with people who i wrongfully trusted.

it brought me immense comfort thinking that i don't matter in the world.
that i don't effect the life of anybody.
i needed to tap into that fantasy to sink into the oblivion of sleep without regrets,
to ease my anxiety

i don't know if that's beautiful or sad

i am obsessed with dreams & make-believe, to the point that real life either seems unreal

or too real to the point it paralyzes you
another poem i found in my journal written around feb of 2021. i thankfully don't hate people as much as i love them anymore, i thankfully don't feel floaty anymore. if it weren't for this, i would've forgotten all about the details of the pain i've been through. for that, i'm grateful.

Just a dream...
nothing more...
dream about little cottage...
surrounded by a flowers and birds...

dream about little isle...
full of love and happiness...
which fly through it sky...
all kind of birds...
and especially the love birds...
which it supplied our souls with its love...
while no one there...
only me and you...
only my soul and yours...
to enjoy the love which we always desired about...

dream about passionately story...
which its sun, never to stay away...
and its moon, shining always...

that's all what i am dreaming about...
is that so much for me...? ? ?

can i have this dream ...
with only you ...

by: hazem
Kissing under the gaze of the twinkling stars,
with the moon softly illuminating our embrace,
a tender melody whispered through the night air,
its notes a gentle serenade to our budding love
—reminiscent of innocent children joyfully
chanting a prayer.

In that timeless moment,
as we became lost in each other's presence,
I found myself wishing fervently for this
enchanting connection to linger for eternity,
to be relived over and over. Nostalgia filled
my heart as I envisioned our souls intertwined
in a dance of everlasting affection, painting
our future with hues of passion and devotion.

Yet, the quiet whisper of reality began
to seep through the soft night,
reminding me that all enchantments must
eventually yield to the break of dawn.

With a wistful sigh and a sense of acceptance,
I held onto this fleeting interlude of happiness,
drawing strength from the memory of
celestial magic that had woven us together in
a cocoon of love and longing.

And so, as the first light of morning peeked
over the horizon, signaling the end of us, and
timeless embrace, I embraced the bittersweet
beauty of impermanence, cherishing the
ephemeral bliss before the rising sun
dissipated our shared moment in the
gentle embrace of the day.
Here we are
Toy soldiers, Barbie dolls
Monopoly money flying off the shelves
As intentions remain disguised,
A rush hour to nowhere.
Suspicion hangs heavy in the air.
Fingerprints of greed upon the land,
Stain the walls and smear every surface,
Tearing our world apart
Entangling us in a labyrinth of lingering agony.
As financial empires crumble and fall,
We tumble towards a dismal crown.

Here we are
A shot heard around the world
Misdirection concocted with twists of propaganda
A sinister plot to keep us quiet
While economic doom looms large,
Forcing us to gasp for breath in its tort.
We are sliding into a sea of hell,
Crafted with a sinister dusk,
Leaving us trapped in uncertainty.
A bipartisan fakery,
A manufactured reprieve of endless war
Bacchanal Celebration of the uniparty,
To keep us all in the duality
Of a totalitarian doomsday cult of our own making,
With ties to the darkest corners,
Where shadows dance in the hue.
Why did George Orwell paint a future so dire
Of totalitarian control, a world on fire?
To blackmail us into believing
We are incapable of repelling it,
Pressuring us to fear, to tyranny.
Wall Street proclaimed, "Greed is good,"
A mantra repeated, understood,
Molding our minds, shaping our views,
Enforcing belief in capitalism's ruse.
Political speech, a vile roast of reality,
A nonsensical tale of deceit,
Yet, within its twisted words,
Makes us struggle to comprehend our reality.
Revelations of a conning government,
Manufactured divisions run deep,
As secrets too dark to keep.
In the chaos of our unraveling,
We grasp for a glimmer of light,
But find ourselves lost in the darkness
Of a world consumed by blight.
Do The Right Thing, a mirror held to our face,
Amid conflict beyond repair.
We consume the lies, a terrible plight,
Believing we're powerless, as they've said.
Free falling into despair
Believing we're powerless as the moments fly by.

Here we are
We've been conned and betrayed.
In the shadows of towering skyscrapers,
Where dreams were once fashioned from thin air,
A secret kleptocracy aims to divide and deceive,
Bleeding us dry, as we unquestioningly believe
In our American uniqueness
Until we start blaming each other
While everything gets worse,
A dysfunctional elite
Building lies around dysfunctions
Inducing us into believing
Our eroding circumstances are our own,
As they steal our lives, forsaking us to atone.
Fake news media informs us to be angry and tribalized,
Daytime television warns our morality is compromised,
Local news instills fear in our neighbors, near and far,
As we celebrate masked actors, forgetting who we are.
Reality Tell-a-Vision doesn't tell our reality,
Preferably, it shows life's hedonistic strife.
Zombie television tells us the public remains our enemy.
Social media floods with existential rife,
With nonsense conspiracy theories and memes abound,
Telling us we're hopeless in a world so unsound.
On a never-ending track,
An all-time high in the belief that we are helpless,
No matter the bubbles we encase,
Bombarded with existential crises in every space,
A surge in apocalyptic film, literature, and games,
Telling us there's no way out of society's flames,
As we buy cans of Liquid Death, in our despair,
And drink Death Coffee to fuel our inner plight,
In this rotten farce, we see no end in sight.
For our entire lives, we've been led astray,
In a world where our strength is fading away,
Divided against itself in a power play so grand,
As we believe we're powerless.
But in the end, we're left alone,
In a world where truth is overthrown.
As we've been brainwashed with silent screams,
We find ourselves constantly shaking down.
Things escalate wildly in a world gone awry
Where Dr. Strangelove teaches us to stop and comply.
In the collapsed towers, nobody stands,
Only masked actors with bloodied hands
As we hurtle towards an inevitable brawl.

Here we are
Investigating the mountain of lies,
We uncover the truth, rotten to the core,
As vicious beasts roam in our streets.
Smoke and mirrors promise miraculous destinies,
But abandoning us stranded, battered, and frail.
In this desperate state of dying slowly,
Words ring true, screaming at us to wake up.
Yet suspicion clouds every intention,
As we ponder the reasons why.
The fabric of society frays at the seams,
As revelations tear through the veil,
Exposing the rot within our midst.
Our lives are a tangled web of deceit.
O say, can you see?
We are drowning in the sea.
On this moon of deception and decay,
We grasp for a semblance of truth,
But find ourselves drowning in the sea.
O say, can you see?
Did we go to the moon?
Why are we drowning in the sea?
Our Statue of Liberty is sinking fast and deep.
O say, can you see?
I'm begging you; can you see?
In the wreckage of shattered dreams,
We find ourselves lost in the debris,
Victims of a grand illusion,
Where reality is uncomfortable to see.
Terrified, yes, but unafraid to tell,
The tale of our time, the ringing knell
Of corruption and deceit,
We rise, we rise; we must rise above
In the name of truth, justice, and love.
O say, can you see?
              Can you see?
              Can you see?
But it is your story
It’ll be as you write
Love in itself is a fairytale
if you play your cards right.
Copyright Simran Guwalani
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