I broke my silence in silence
I broke my silence with a smile
I broke my silence through my eyes
Words feels shy
Voice feels voiceless
Meaning are humble
Still silence is prevailing
Like gazing at the water flowing in the stream...
when you hold your breath so you won't lose any moment!
When your heart is in peace of its kind
When your can't make logic of what is happening
When there is no formula that can be prescribed
When you keep you smile alive and let that child in you laugh inside you!
When your lungs are filled with hope and dream
Stay in silence and be grateful
Stay in silence and don't ruin it with words
Stay in silence and feel the joy that you are alive within you!!!

Dulled bright blue as last of light
but time is night.
Where are the stars?
The Summer has eaten the refuse
electricity left.
What is want?
Blame people for the worst.
What is left?

What's left:

(thick skinned upright shells like cars so well developed for speed that the time they took to make is now time we save with quick cuts with content cut from cloth for your hands romantic now only in dream)

PrttyBrd Jun 2016

On the eve
Of the eve
Of tomorrow
I heard a distant cry

On the eve
Of the eve
Of tomorrow
Was never answered why

On the eve
Of the eve
Of tomorrow
Now isn't as it seems

On the eve
Of the eve
Of tomorrow
Today was but a dream


Boy, you're like a dream
I mean, are you even real?
For me you're more than perfect
My heart skips when I look back
To the days we were together
Never cared about the weather
The best life had to offer
In a rose garden I found a four-leaf clover
Without you I'm lost, dead and hopeless
My love without you can't exist I confess
So don't let me wake up
In the cold, harsh world, but stay a dream and keep me
Locked up

Sometimes dreams are more real than reality

I can see through darkness
cause there are millions of photons dancing in the neurons
creates a long chain of yellow object
really form an ultimate romantic virtual subject

Naturally i come and go within it
also feel the sounds of harmonic bit
Sometimes brain makes an emotional song
mystic tune that plays the melody so long

Suddenly the tune breaks when I wake up
try to make up again and that is really so tough
Even I pass through in a very dark night
There I am almost pale and tight

Somehow I go again with the emotional streams  
bully Ah! a bully that seems like mother's lullaby
Certainly I suppress my subconscious sigh
dark, pale say goodbye! goodbye!

@Musfiq us shaleheen

Eleni 1d

I hope she loves you like I did.
I hope she looks into and not through those hazel eyes like I did.
I hope she plays with your scruffy hair like I did.
I hope she serenades you to sleep like I did.

I hope you will forget because I haven't.
I hope you will see light in all futures because I haven't.
I hope you will be kind and forgiving because I haven't.
I hope you find joy in someone else because I haven't.

I hope I can see the exit, because I'm blind.
I hope someday the wandering stars will align.
I hope I will seek a tongue that is not maligned.
I hope I can open the door to a new life because I'm confined.

ayame 1d

i love you
with all my heart, i do

but in my memories
why can't i find a single trace of you?
i'm tangled in our fingers
intertwined with the night sky
lost in your captivating scent as
each evening passes by
every morning i wake
haunted by your lingering presence
every morning i stay
admiring your lasting iridescence
perhaps it's the work of fate
the alignment of the stars
the reason why i never seem
to figure out where you are

i love you
with all my heart, i do

i love you
and in my dreams i think
                    maybe you love me too

On the edge after sleep,
My fingers run once again,
through the worn out pages.
The day ran away from the sun,
And I realised that life,
is a dream remembered.

Last night I dreamt that Google
was celebrating me
through one of its doodles.

It was the simplest of them all,
the most ordinary and vanilla -
common as a rock, low-pitched with a cherry on top.

You clicked on it and it didn't have any answers.
It showed nothing.

No sound was added,
no funky animations,
no gamification.

Corny and simple.

I think they did a pretty good job in celebrating me.

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