Scarlett 18h

promises of love
and dediction
we believe we are grown
but inside of us
just under the surface
is a child wanting to be comforted
to be loved
so we hide this part of us
the colours in our mind slowly dying
because they say to keep something maintained you
must nourish it
but the nourishment we need
is rare
and this makes our palettes grey
resorting to unorthodox versions of what we need
crutches and supports
that people refuse to speak about
the childhood friend
that moved away
when you were young
unable to cohere as to why
they couldn't stay
wrapped in the dreamland
of explosive joy

Scarlett 18h

i follow the the misty pathway
in the hopes that it will lead me to you
my internal compass
forget true north
it only points to you
a direction i have carved into my mind
like the hearts that teenage lovers
carve into trees

she dreams of him at night
touching herself
under the covers

silent beautiful moans
escape her parted lips
as her dainty fingers
linger to the most
precious part of her

slowly moving in and out
imagining it's him
touching her all over

she closes her eyes
picturing his rough
large hands roaming
all over her petite body

her breath hitches
her toes curl
her stomach knots

it's coming
she's coming

all because of him

- wet dreams

when u have a wet dream ab the boy u like so u write ab it???

It's a nightmare,
an end to a dream
forever untrue.
A constant seek
for a togetherness
of you and me.
Always lingering
in the gray space
between what is
meant to be
and reality

9-17-17 (C)

I had written these raw emotions at a very sad time for me this summer. It always seems so depressing, so I have hesitated to post it. But, today, I must let this go without revision.
Thanks for reading! K:)
Shaima 2d

How strange... I love the sound of us even when you are not. I love how you are not.
Maybe the fact that you are not is what hurts me the most but I still love it.
Because when you are not,
I am not.
And oh, how marvellous it feels to drift into non existance before my heart starts beating.

Seema 2d

I dreamt of you last night
Didn't know, I would find you tonight
In my arms, hugging me tight
We broke up over a kiddish fight
But now all seems to be alright
I bet all relationships have little ups and downs
One is serious while the other acts like a clown...


Mono 3d

There was that changing moment
When every second was fleeting

When your hand dropped for the last time
And when my heart took a stop

In that white-colored room with bare sunlight to catch
Machines all over you and chords on your hand

That moment when you gave out your last smile
Closed your eyes never to open

I awoke with a terrible nightmare
And I held you tightly so you wouldn’t leave

You wondered why I was acting so weird
It’s just that I keep forgetting

We regret the things we couldn’t hold onto
Because when it’s gone there’s no way for it to come back to you.

I recently woke up to a terrible nightmare.

You share my blood, yet for so long
We never quite saw eye to eye.
You still grasped my hand and held it.
You never let go.
A twin, I suppose, is what you are.
A mirror image of me, a dream-self.
In a richer life. One full of lustrous adventures.
Marching down a cobblestone street;
Sipping sweet secrets in a foreign land;
Fighting the enemy, calling out in triumph.
Perhaps you are a lesson, maybe a vision.
One that beckons me to go further.
Calls to keep growing. Becoming.
For four fervent years
We have shared our hearts, every fiber of our soul
Has bled into each others veins.
And when the day comes, please know
I love you with a fever that’ll never break.

????? to the one I call my twin
Khaniek 3d

I've wondered time and time again what the world must look like to an artist. Especially nature.
I get lost in the clouds when I stare too long..
sometimes, most times I hate myself for not having the words to explain what's in my head.
If I tried to describe how the sun feels on my skin or,
flying above the clouds looking down,
I just don't have the words..

A blanket covering the earth I would say or  a warmth I wish to touch. I don't have words I say..

I wish I did know though so I could share my exact feelings  with whoever  is accepting.
Some day I wish to use my words as a paint brush, maybe then I would be considered an artist too.

Mars 4d

Born to think,
but I know no more
than I used to, I just must
love to waste my time.

Born to dream,
but I ain't no closer to
making it real.
No, making it real is hard.

What is this adding up to?
How do you
Keep from living wrong?

Born to see the good,
even when others
don't see it in us.
We love to waste our time

So what is this adding up to?
How do you
Keep from living wrong?

I want to know better
What this life is teaching
I've known it all along
How to keep from living wrong.

A rediscovered  song I wrote years ago that I never brought to completion.
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