The dream I dreamed tonight
Was me with a cabin light
A cliff by the seaside, I watched the falling stars
The sky turned purple and I heard the singing grass
You flew to my side and together we laughed
on how silly is the night owl, to be drinking tea at night
I had a pet white tiger and a carriage made of clouds
And a set of picnic materials, I had you by myside
Was it a paradise?

The joy I felt was everlasting, I did not wish to say goodbye
We listened to invented melodies and slept to  mythical charms
of how happiness will  always stay,  how undefeated we will be
I heard you plead,  "Don't leave me",  I responded with a smile
There, I promised to fight, for you I will thrive
I am brave in a dream, I am strong in a dream
Was it paradise?

I dreamed a dream tonight
And never will I wake up
I dreamed of you tonight
I missed your little laughs

Goodbye to you my love.
Mirage 35m
Waking up next to the love of my life,
Seeing our dogs at the base of our bed still huddled together.
We go out for a walk in the park hand in hand,
on top of the world.
The  serenading sounds of nature disrupted by sirens
She pleads for me not to let go but something is shaking me pulling on me and as I hold on for dear life it isn’t enough
I awake in a panic in my room, my alarm is going off and mom is lightly shaking me.
It felt so real, so what else is a lie..
I miss you I won’t tell you though but you know
Our pipe dream kisses
Babe they rather seem
Shaking me up
And stay haunting me

But still I sleep
Your wolves to my sheep

Your my queen
And I'm alive
You cut me down
With those temptress eyes

Still I'll survive
I'll keep believing the lie

And as I mute the alarm
We stay where we are
And In my dreams, you're never too far
I draw realities from pipe dreams
I dream of my computer systems. The programs I use at work whir and zip thru my brain as I sleep. Turning my synapses into circuits. Hard wiring me into the system. Am I being upgraded with new software? Part of the system to do my job while I sleep. So I'm part of a never ending 24 hour system. Online 247 taking orders and working away. An unending task to make my fat cat boss rich. Even in my dreams I process customer orders and watch the profits go up up up. I only see a penny of this in my minimum wage job. Thank my Pagan Goddess it's a dream. I'm gonna quit my job, trash my computer and live on a mountain...
My dreams are there but I can't remember them. They're fragmented like my life. In bits and pieces all in random order. A good job I can't remember them. How to make sense of this? Do I ignore it or try to work it out? Making sense when there is none. What would I think and feel if I could just put one dream in order? Would I be more complete or less? My head is a strange place at the best of times. Right now things are everywhere. Especially my dreams. Step into my head to see...
April 11h
I dreamt a dream last night
That I was brave
That I could ask the questions
That I need to know

But I am weak
And scared
Of losing what I have if
I push too hard

In my dream I had courage
But dreams must end
And this was but a dream
Poppy15 12h
Let's pretend to
be someone we
can escape from
the reality and
live in the world
we dream always
play our own roles
disobey what
others ask for
carry on write
our own Fiction.
I close my eyes
To look into your eyes.
I take a deep breath
To savour your fragrance.

I dip my conscience
In the figment of your imagination.
I loose my senses
In the sparkles of your smile.

My heartbeat slows down
To the sound of your presence.
My world spins around
To be a part of your essence.

My soul resonates
With a gentle touch of your palm.
My spirit resuscitates
With a glimpse of your thought.

Tonight I swim
In the sea of your memories.
Tonight I surrender
In the world of your dreams.

Tonight I relive those moments
With you in my mind.
Tonight I let go of all doubts
With you by my side.
Aa Harvey 17h
When you want a husband, give me a call.

All my life, I’ve been a waster.
I’ve never known what I was going to do.
I’ve suffered endless mental torture,
All in the hope of proving my love to you.

I’ve been killed by love a thousand times,
But still here I stand, asking for you to be my Wife.
I don’t think I’m good enough,
But I’ve never wanted more than one love.

Well maybe a girlfriend,
For my wife to play with,
But I am nothing; I could never wish for this.
I am just a loser with a dream.

I dream of selling novels, songs and poetry,
So I can afford to raise a baby;
Or to maybe just have a Wife…
To stop me going crazy.

To remind me of why I carry on,
When human beings are so cold.
I need someone to give this love to;
It is such a heavy load.

Free love here!
It is yours if you want it.
It is faithful and always would be.

There is one catch I’m afraid;
This offer only applies to my future love slave.
My woman, my one love, my honey, my babe,
My desire, my passion, my mistress, my muse, my saving grace.

This is the woman I could happily be married to…
Do you think this could be you?
Do you know what staying faithful brings?
If you do…
Then give me a ring.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

Constantly in a race, I run to you...

but like the horizon

You are forever out of reach
Written: August 14, 2018

All rights reserved.
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