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I no longer want to see
I no longer want to breathe
Knowing you’re with her only kills me
I tried to hide the pain
But fighting it drives me insane
I wanted you to hold me
You’re the only one who knows me
I still want you to love me
Although you put others above me
I needed you to be my everything
Now I’ve become so lonely
We’re nothing
It kills me
I can’t breathe
Amanda Apr 7
How I wish I showed more of the love held captive inside the walls of my heart

Would be lucky if a person listened to my sincere words of adoration and those words sent them sling-shotting to the moon

In any breath could inhale courage and exhale truth
But I choose instead to idly savor the silent smell of your newly-scrubbed skin
Without saying one single word
This doesn't really flow like a poem when I read it aloud but it felt like poetry when I first wrote it so not sure how I feel about it for certain. Any thoughts?
Poetic T Feb 7
You said you were the blunt,
smoking others like
                              they smoke,
  But you never inhaled back.

All smoke and now
                                 blunt rhymes.

You all gesture, hanging out with
your boys always behind
                       never up front.  

Missing in the pictures, short ****
                              behind the trees.  

I'll exhale in your face choking you
out on reality that your lost in the

No one will ever be above you,
as your always looked down upon.
     Short **** blunt rhymed hack.

lets be blunt, not the smog,  but the facts.
                       that I'll alway smoke you...
Capriccio Jan 28
On the train
On me
To exhale
To believe
For a change to come
For tomorrow

Is dependent

On action
On Circumstances

Which one are you
Seanathon Dec 2019
Fragile as a city streetlight
Quiet as the flickering night
And falling like the pale moonlight

My love will breathe its final breath
With an exaltative hale
And hiss

My words a mist
Will die with me
In a bed that's not my own perhaps

This layered earth my pillow rest
And with a quiet mind
Lay me down to be

For I am no longer here you see
And these words once left
Remark so little of me  

To my fathers' house
Go the most perfect and unexplainable sounds
The voice I found is free
And breathe anew. Written to the sounds of this tune.
Aspen Welsch Mar 2019
When you finally exhaled,
you wondered why
you'd been holding
your breath
for so long.
Xallan Jan 2019
Their youth has not grown old, not yet
tired, only their age
because their numbers don't add up
They is too big or too small, for this
body or this mind
they cannot be sure
Assurances is not a class they can take

after absolutism was abolished with the sun
uncertainty guides them
and they let it

What they loves is the night, and they
loved their day, and they loves the breath of life
They is not one here for adventure, but seeking it
They finds joy in the sound of silent heartbeats
and in the glow of closed store window lights
and coffeeshops and money not well spent
in excuses and experiences
down aisles and between crowds
of excessively loud and side-eyed people
infused with unseen smoke and voices
that hang in the air

in pointless conversations
about self-care and self-hatred and self-acceptance
because connection does not happen
with shared cables or hugs or fingertips

it's gotta be the craniums
tuned in to the same radio color
They smile at the time lost
and the temperature fluctuations
at warmth and unread newspapers
at insulating their takeout with their poor choices
even drinking forbidden coffee at 10 at night
vintage or handmade thrills
They laugh at the idolatry of merchandise
and the idolatry of spirituality and religion
even as they bow to the ground for their god
and they pray

listening to his ears for revelation
or any enlightenment left in his neurons
Input without limitation, and enjoy now
all of it is a distraction from the restriction
from the wrong place and wrong time

from the wrong skin
concealed by binding clothing, huff, huff
They inhales the world, and all the kindness but
only to exhale carbon dioxide

and that is the breath of life
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