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el Mar 28
a fire that needs kindling.
it’s dying out,
we’ve lost the tinder stick.
so i blow.
i fill up my lungs until they hurt:
my head spins and there is no air.
i do it again,
i don’t save any for myself.
i am dizzy.
the ash is swirling
up in the air.
my chest is going to burst.
the ash is settling on my skin,
tattooing the harsh reminder
of how much i give.
i can no longer see.
inhale. exhale.
i have done all that i can,
all that remains is my soul.
my heart has abandoned me,
my lungs have died.
my mind is on the outs with me,
she says i shouldn’t even try.
do i throw it into the embers, too?
perhaps that’s all it needs to stay alight forever,
but i am too tired now.
i never listen.
fire would = firewood
Ketanya Rose Sep 2023
You left…
I exhaled for the first time
Ketanya Rose Nov 2021
I found a new love today.
I refused to think of you yesterday.

              Dearly beloved, can you guess who my love is?
                                           can you guess who touches my body?
                                           can you guess who taps into my soul?

I found a new love today........ Me.
           And most definitely
I refuse to think of you tomorrow.
Notepad Sep 2021
You'll always be loved
in the heart of white feathers
Let your heart simmer
in the arms of another

Exhale your thoughts
as I leave one last kiss
and let you flow into
the cerulean eye's
of the sea to set you free
What matters is the air you breath, the life you have and the love that may come. You deserve it
qeren Sep 2021
would you let me breathe?
listen to all the ***** you say
needed space but there's no way
even I can't quit with a pray

everyone keeps on talking
but there's no one listening
to put the world on my back
instead of my hand

puts so much weight on the words
puts so much weight on the thoughts
everyone's in a rush
with no moment of hush

can we sit down and talk?
can we take a moment to breathe?
can we not run but walk?
can we take a moment to breathe?
everyone relax and let me breathe for a second, please.
aspen wilde Jun 2021
the whole night
i've been holding my breath
without realising,
so when i exhale
it surprises me with an intensity
i've never known.
Monté Carlœ Jun 2021

I think I love you,

Well, atleast I want to.
Hamna May 2021
I inhale forgiveness.
And exhale all my vengeance.
Like taking a word from my right ear,
And throwing it out from the other
It hurts to say this:
Saying "Marhaba" to misfortune with warm hugs
Know why I do this?
I wait for serendipity
To surprise me with a confetti of lilies.
I'll fly with each petal...
Why do I forget that there's always a purpose behind an accident?
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