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MindMooring Sep 26
Tomorrow's promises
shouldn't use pencil and paper..
To erase and tear !!
Daniel Sep 13
That awkward kid
sitting in the back
of the class room
is holding on for
dear life
and the pencil in its hand
seems so heavy.

But nobody is helping the kid carry.

                                                         ­                                                  Danny
Life is like a pencil that will surely run out...
but will leave the beautiful writing of life
Poem it's beautiful creation.
Poem it is your quiet haven.
Poem  is your own world.
Poem it is your sweet foundation.
Poems it is your passion.
Poem it is your smooth pill.
Poem it is your soft heart on the paper.
Your pencil feels each tone.
Your pencil known each secret.
Wich hidden under your mind.
The pencil will take all of your pain away.
The pencil share your happiness, your sadness.
The pencil is your best friend.
The pencil never leave you.
The pencil will stay once and for all.
Maria Etre Apr 25
I read my horoscope
each morning
thinking I have a glimpse
into the future

Little did I know
that stories change
when the writer
Star BG Mar 21
My number two accomplice
stands tall by my side
helping to get my thoughts scribed.

He is my friend
a genus of sorts
rearranging verbs with linking pronouns.

When he speaks it’s gently
to cover page with a word blanket.
When he dances he celebrates
to make me sing in songs of prose.

My number twos last name is pencil
and I bow to our connection.
inspired by Jeff S a poet in his own right. Thanks Jeff
Leo Janowick Mar 9
There are days
  when I write my poetry in pencil,
  just in case.  

      But when I write about you,
      I use my favorite pen,

             You're the poem
             I'll never erase...
Arisa Mar 7
Exam room.
Air as still as dead,
Then I hear it:
R o l l i n g off the edg
e -
But the person catches it just in time.

I sigh in relief.
Exams need to die.
Jenna Mar 6
Nothing dries faster,
then black ink filled
with regretful words
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