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Pockets Aug 29
Sleep ran away with the sheep
It Made me wonder how I messed up counting
Now it’s 2 am and I’m struggling with the math
Adding in distractions
As the hours subtract
I wish I was back in class
All I did was sleep then If only I could do that now
Maybe I need to be laying on a note book and pencil
While I listen to some old person *****
that ill need to know this
You know Thinking about it tho ain’t that some ****
School couldn’t even teach me how to sleep
Yet they try to value
the weight of your dreams
Storm Aug 3
I wish I was a pencil
So that when I do commit mistakes
I can always try to undo

But I realized
I'd preferably be a pen
It cant be erased
but I can always thrive...

to correct it
Dont let urself be defined by ur mistakes. Always remember to make use of it as an avenue to grow and correct it. I know its hard to do but someday u'll realize that what im saying is true. DONT LET UR MISTAKE DEFINE YOU. Grow little seed
Zack Ripley Jun 20
Sometimes, I wish my story
Was written with a pencil
Instead of a pen.
To be able to erase
all the bad times,
The mistakes,
The what could've been's.
But in the end,
I wouldn't trade them for anything.
They made me who I am today.
And to me, that's everything.
Amanda May 7
No fancy journals
Designer markers or pens
Number two pencil
I now write in pen actually but this was written back when I only used pencils
Would you like to know the difference between me and a pencil?
A pencil can erase its mistakes
I cannot.
StormriderIX Apr 22


of course



Of course
I start
with pencil!



I'll sketch
a person,
of course.



It's a
on the run.

Sketchy indeed.
Suspicious enough.
I'm a bit of a jack of all trades in art. Writing, both fiction and poetry, and sketching.
Ivy Leigh Oct 2017
Can't fix what ain't broke.
Be it the mind or the body
you can't find what isn't lost.
Just crave lucidity
in action and thought.
The things that can't be bought
will find you before you know it
and the things that can --
disappear with only the tracing emptiness
of pencil or pen to paper
fingers to keyboard
or mouth to bottle.
vonny Apr 7
The feeling of the pencil in my hand scratching against paper wasn't familiar but i liked it

The pencil accidentally stabs a cut into the skin of my hand and i cry out in pain

I can feel the pencil rolling away from my hand and the paper

I squeeze the skin together, trying to close up the scratch

Funny how quickly life can change in an instant
honestly this is so bad but anyway i wrote this about how quickly a relationship or something can change without even noticing it.
Suhayb Apr 4
I can hardly read a book
without finding you
between the words
between the worlds
of fantasy and fiction
we’re you ever really here?

the silence between the chords
of the songs you adored
I’m trapped here, in the reverberating air
hoping you’ll echo into existence

the pencil twists in the old cassette
turning back space, turning back time
parity is broken, but clarity conserved
I see exactly how we got here
yet cannot see where were headed

where we’re headed
you, I, us, me
him, her, them, he
one, one, two, one
a recurring zero to infinity

I asymptote closer to forgetting you
a neon sign in the rainy distance
as I drive away
nothing but silence, and the sound of rain
that’s juxtaposition right? Maybe irony?
I can hardly focus
on the words
without finding you
in between
Zack Ripley Nov 2019
Putting the pencil to the page is like watching your favorite band live on stage.
Your heart starts pumping. And for a moment, you can forget all of your pressure. All your regret
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