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Ioan Hazell Jun 9
Audience-less, a man
Performing songs of childhood and fire.

Stranger to strangeness
Spinning In this incendiary moment.

He sings a song which lives,
Which intensely lives.

An audience of reflections
Battering tall walls in applause.

Defiant clatter of man,
Adorning, like ribbons, the hall.

Dancing heels are screaming
Like these birds in branches

But the starlings fly their nests 
And make lives in their leaves.

They build slow decaying homes
In gutters and trees.

Sacred and hopeless, 
Promising only to rot.

The essential dwindle here
Refining those presents foregone.

The sad beauty
Of sweet recollection.

While nothing spoils inside the hospital,
Day upon day.

Earnest and aflame
He peeks through a psychical crack

Like a brave voice through an open window
Spilling onto Artillery Road.
FC Azaele May 8

Love, love
rest your sleepy head
your in no shape to make amends
I swear, all will be fine in the end

The winds are silent,
the waves crash low
Doubt no more that the world
will stream once more

Hear the chirping
sing to the humming
Hear that?
The nightingales are singing

I swear to you
All will be fine in the end

Now rest your sleepy head

Morgan Vail Apr 17
Like the choir in heaven,
Like the death of my eleven,
Like the many who have tragically died.
There’s a devil over yonder,
And she’s getting a little closer,
And what’s the point,
If it’s not played,
In blue?

And the trees outside keep dying,
My shattered windows keep lying,
I keep myself alive like god sleeping on the seventh.
Stray cat, come back home.
You’ll step on glass if you roam.
God, what’s the point,
If I’m not there,
With you?
karly codr Mar 16
life is catching up to me
i'm losing the me
that i am right now
i finally found who i want to be
i can't lose that person
because if i do
i might not be able to find her again
welp... so anyway taylor got aoty at the grammys last night and i died dead

also i found a really cute mickey mouse shirt at target that's i'm gonna tie dye and i'm excited
Kenneth Gray Mar 13
Beckon unto me with thine
Angel-voice so soft
In heavenly song that doest
Elevate mine soul aloft
Amongst the myriad of blissful
keys I rejoice
I've transcended to God's kingdom
by the sweet sound of thine voice
Something I thought of while out on the porch smoking. Thinking about how I wish my ex wife would apologize for all the things she put me through. How hearing her say she is sorry would be music to my ears and lift up my soul. This is what came from that idea.
karly codr Mar 5
i have a bad habit
where i talk really bad on myself
and i never notice when i do it,
but i never realized how toxic
i can be
to myself
so anyway i was in band this morning and i was talking about how i'm not **** band in college because i **** at playing trombone and there's this kid i talk to sometimes but not on a daily basis and when he heard me saying that about myself he was like "if you ****** at trombone you wouldn't be in the varsity band. you need to stop talking bad on yourself, i've heard you play trombone, i've heard you sing, you don't **** at all, you need to stop saying these things about yourself" and then my band director chimed in and said "you never give yourself enough credit for the things you can do. you've improved so much over the past 4 years but i don't think you realize it" i promise i'm not crying rn (sorry that was long)
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