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Nik Bland Aug 2021
Let me borrow your ear
I need to clear
This up for a minute
By far
Everybody is scarred
But no one wants to hear it
They wanna believe
A spirit can be wise
And pure
When in actuality
You and me
Barely keep it together

I’m a fretter
I’m anxious
Brimmed cup of anxiety
And it took a lot of patience
And mistake
To create me
And I come in different shapes
And colors
A variety
To the point I have to wonder
If I compose society?

Do you feel it
The heartbreak
Due to the overwhelming pressure
A feather
Dancing on an flame
Trying to pull it together
I better be better
Cause a better better is coming
Across my way
And I am less than adequate
A bruised peach
They will not taste

A waste
A want
As we all lay ever starvin’
I’m pulling punches
‘Cause of time crunches
I’m reminiscent of Marvin
In the way
That each day
I wonder exactly what is going on
And something something else
I’m too stressed to remember the song

Dear lover
Dear dreamer
Dear whoever you are
Love beyond the frayed bonds
And see all of us
I hope you love with love to spare
And that you spare some for me
Stop looking to be perfect
Because you’ll be very
thepsychkid Jul 2021
What left of me
Is my scattered words
Here and there
They don't mix and match anymore
They're just a floating words
No flows, no directions
I lost you.
I lost them.

What left of me
Is my scarred heart
To write is to force to accept.
But finding my words back
Is not accepting I lost you
I thought it would ****
But only when I write
I will never lost you.
I lost my Dad last year and I thought I will never write again because writing my pain was truly a torture. But I realize that only when I write can I never lost him forever.
Hunger Jul 2021
Someone slap me in the face,
So I can forget that I am a disgrace,
Someone **** my pain,
So I can stop going insane,
Someone fix the voices inside,
So I can finally hide,
They scream at me and say I am wrong,
To listen to music be happy or sing a song,
All the noise hurts as my soul weighs me down,
I fell as though the sound is the water in which I drown,
Could I ever be happy again in any way,
If not yesterday perhaps today,
Id gladly give heart soul and mind,
To finally have joy to stand behind,
But inside I cry,
I feel like I should die,
I hold my breathe waiting to see black,
And let it out wishing the air was crack,
Cause id rather be anyone but me,
Cause them maybe I could be free,
But if must stay me,
Can someone help distract me from myself...
I am not getting better, it all just hurts worse, nothing is helping, I need someone to love, and no one is there, I just feel dead and empty, I pray and pray and nothing happens, I do my best and nothing changes, the weight, the pain, the lack of emotion after all, I hate being in pain but the numbness that follows is even worse...
I want to know,
If I let go of everything.
Who would be scarred?
I wont, but what if I did....
Påłpëbŕå Apr 2021
t h e  p r e t t i e s t

f a c e s

h i d e

t h e  u g l i e s t

t r a c e s
arCamm Jan 2021
Last time I trusted someone,
I ended up being an animal head
on their collection wall.

a victim to their survival
renamed “trophy”

- a.r. Camm
I have trust issues.
anonymousthinker Jan 2021
Is this me
what have I become
corrupted by darkness
it seems so long since the scarring begun
I thought I would heal
from the torment and hate
mentally and physically
cut with double edged blade

should I just stop now
pain has me hooked
I have no tears left to cry
I cover it up, overlooked
but deep down inside
I try so hard to hide
but scars can last forever
inside, and outside
MSunspoken Nov 2020
At dusk
My eyelids fell
Leaving me

In no time
My eyes had to wander
So up went my lids

Just a second passed
I took a look around
The stormy wind blew

A moment later
I saw the world tilt
I flew onto the deck

I was a second too late
As the water soaked my lungs
Salty ocean blades

As hours went by
I flailed amidst the sea
Blue in the face

By dawn, I saw
life, within a wreath
Swimming around an island

It could have been days
As I trudged to land
Finally, I reached salvation

Then time stopped
And my eyes flew back open
Revealing my room
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