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Faizel Farzee Aug 17
Caught between a rock and a hard place
Feeling toxic or feelings disgraced
Home is where the heart is
Home I misplaced
Without you in it
It’s just an empty space
This void I can’t replace
You were the air that I breathe
Your kisses I still taste
You said these years was a waste
I thought we were in love
I guess that was just not the case
In my nightmares,
I still see your face

Awake in a nightmare
This is not fair
A twisted soul caught in a merry-go-round snare
A moment replaying
By now I shouldn’t care
Love lost is love lost
the battle scars we eternally wear
The true nature of a painful break up. You have left a part of you with another, and to part from "yourself"... scars
AestheticAbi Jul 23
I’m scared
But most of all
With what
I see
in the
Its called a hyperbole, please don’t take this too seriously
fovo Jul 4
I have fallen
I tried to resist
But you're so beautiful
And differ from the rest

You're as beautiful as
a night full of stars
As beautiful as the moon
shining full
A beauty even tho scarred

You just can't imagine
How perfect you are
When seen through my eyes
You shine brighter than
The North Star
Desire Jun 19
16 years behind prison bars -- you came home
and not once did you show your scars...
from the fights and sleepless nights, man
it must be hard, to survive a system so inhumane, so corrupt, and flawed...

Barely 20 back in '98 -- you ever wish
you can go back and take that day away? Wondering what life would be like if, at home, you stayed? Now pain echos in your brain since the past can't be changed... (but its ok)

You're a son - you sat in a cage
while your 3 year old son was home getting ***** trained; missed out on ceremonies, birthdays, and holidays. Relationships with friends and family faded as you aged - it
gave you lonely days...

But I remember the joy that overcame you
when we went up to visit - those days were our fave too -- We couldn't hug but you expressed your never-ending love, with 22 inch biceps, telling us to read books and stay tough...
(for that we thank you...)

We longed for the day you'd be free.
But we never understood or considered  the damage done underneath. 16 years of pain, struggle, and suffering. Yet, your story doesn't end with you drowning in defeat.

Certificates and college degrees.
Clinical Social Work and counselor for psychology. Leader, influencer, mentor, husband, and father of three.
I can't be any more proud of you, your healing, and the people you impact and reach (like me).

There are unknown scars that may never heal;
Holes in your soul that are ever real,
16 years behind prison bars -- you came home
and not once did you show your scars...
Instead, you showed the world how to
stay strong and be successful,
and for that, I am ever grateful.
Love you, tio.

Jac Jun 8
defeated by the losers she was

her wanderings were cut short
as she reminisced
the girl sat in the valley
of the withered roses
face scarred

hoping one day
she would find light

even if it was just a spark
Amelia Apr 11
My hand trembles
at the sight I see before me.

My face damaged
from the expectations of society.

My body bruised and scarred
from every ounce of derision inflicted upon me.

Not only is it a corruption of appearance,
but a corruption of the soul.
CM Lee Mar 8
I’m less of a woman because I’m fat
I’m treated like one of the guys
No doors were held for me everyday
And most of the time, I’m fine with that

No gentleman was ever gentle to me
No girl was ever a friend to me
All these empty spaces they left me
I decided to put doubt and insecurities in

They say it’s okay
They say love yourself in a way
That itself should be enough for the light of day
But they don’t know how it is for me each day

I just want to feel loved and wanted
I just want to feel important and painted
I’m tired of being black and white
All I need is a little color on my sky

I’m less of a person because I’m scarred
I’m less of a human because I’m “****”
That’s what they said to me
I’m less of a woman because I’m fat
Outsider Feb 5
My head tackled down,
viewing at the ground.
I dare not lift my expression,
as your eyes may meet mine.
It´s not that you don’t catch my interest.
Have faith in me when I say this.
But my eyes are the window to my soul.
I´m scared to show you, how badly I am wounded.
One look at me, and you will see, that I am damaged.
I am broken, and I am torn.
Ripped from joy, from happiness and from pleasure.
Your look pierce through my senses.
I tremble, with every single nerve in my body.
Frightened, that you might see who I really am.
It hurts me to expose all these wounds,
that I attempt so desperately to stitch.
I try, but I am too fearful to display myself so openly.
The wall of protection that I have built for myself is withering.
Lay your eyes on mine, and I will crumble.
For I have been strong for too long.
One taste of intimacy,
has me uncluttered, like the work of a world-famous artist,
exhibited for everyone to see.
And that, I am not ready for.
Lieke Jan 28
You happened to me.
Why me?
Why you?
You hit me like a gunshot.
And hurt me soft and careful.
You inhaled me like a cigarette.
And locked me with your lips
You embraced me with your eyes.
And held onto my collar.
You wrecked away my ambition
Without pulling a single hair.
January 2018
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