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MSunspoken Nov 12
At dusk
My eyelids fell
Leaving me

In no time
My eyes had to wander
So up went my lids

Just a second passed
I took a look around
The stormy wind blew

A moment later
I saw the world tilt
I flew onto the deck

I was a second too late
As the water soaked my lungs
Salty ocean blades

As hours went by
I flailed amidst the sea
Blue in the face

By dawn, I saw
life, within a wreath
Swimming around an island

It could have been days
As I trudged to land
Finally, I reached salvation

Then time stopped
And my eyes flew back open
Revealing my room
Pale skin
Scarred within
Messy hair
Slightly insane
Drowsy eyes
Broken inside

I feel like I'm breaking
And its only the beginning
I want to get this out my head
Lonely as I am
Broken, bruised and scarred!
The never ending
Nor forgiving
This merciless voice
Inside my head
Think I'm gonna burst my brain
Maybe that is how
My life should end!

Bad posture
Never sober
Always late
Nobody cares
Emotionless face
Violent feedback

And all of this rage
Comes through pain
Cannot deny
Cannot embrace
These voices in my head
Like never ending flame
Running through my veins
Has left me insane!

What have I become?
Such miserable ****!
What am I doing?
What is going on?
Everyone I know
I've distanced myself
Now I don't know what to do
I don't know where to go

Dissapear in silence
Where I don't become a bother
And I don't want to be bothered
Just Rest In Peace.

I wish I knew back then
What I know right now
Would I still fail horribly?
To contain this curse of misery
Or would I **** my feelings
Instead of killing me
Rifqi Kim Sep 29
Staying up late because I can't sleep
Wild thoughts running, making me overthink
I feel something bothering me but I can't figure it out
In my head I always have doubts.

I can't open up to anyone, I am scarred
It feel like I was put behind bars
Not by any person but an entity
No other than another me.

Headed outside to get some fresh air
Looking up to the sky so bare
Nothing else but the moon
Alone and I hummed a tune.

From child to adult I needed a companion
Everyone else is busy I had tension
I felt like I was alone broken and bent
Then I remembered the moon has always been my friend.

Up in the sky shining bright at night
Talking to it makes me smile.
The moon at night
Kalarav Sep 17
A purple berried
White flowered ****
With intricate petals
Placed in pairs of three

Has spread its roots
Deep into my heart
Branched into both halves
Of my brain

I watch it grow in awe,
As the leaves
Branch symmetrically
Simultaneously wince in agony

As the roots
Are tearing through
The very soil
In which they grew

Do I rip out this
Uninvited beauty
And leave myself

Or do I
Let it flourish
And eventually
Engulf my being.
J J Aug 11
Take care and be careful
riot vans flooding the streets
Live in the moment- be cheerful
While you still can

Eyes glued to the future and scanning,
Never expect things to go to plan;
But the solution is simple and like you
I can seal it with my hands
But I'd rather live my life eyes shut

A widely opened book
With the footprints on my skin to show for it
**** pouring it up, I'm engulfed in it
And threading delicate alibis out of my lonliness

Parading through the chaotic hangover with the ambition

Of a tectonic force.
J J Jul 7
Halt the advice throw away your opinion
Your lips are rug burnt from all that dragging on
You're doing  nothing is ever
going to get better unless I let it
and that's my path I've got to carve on my own
I've been grown for forever (a term I've already wrote
but now it fits better)  picking apart my reflection
just so I could note the differences between us Both.

The waves of the uncrushable ocean sweeps the sky
like a supernatural flower blossoming beneath a frozen lake
and I extinguish my spliff  happy with where I'm at.
I am finished speaking  I have alot of changes to make.
Troy Jun 30
What’s the point
What’s the point of confessing
What’s the point of being open
What’s the point of letting people in

I’ve started to question
Why I even bother trying
Letting people in my head
Just to be let down and forgotten

What’s the point of caring
When all you get in return
Is a cold shoulder
Or completely ignored

What’s the point of attraction
If all it leads to is suffering
What’s the point of it all
When you will just be tossed aside

What’s the point
Of wearing your heart on your sleeve
When all that will happen
Is it being tossed into the dirt

Crushed under the weight of abandonment
Lost in the waves of forgotten-ness
Possessed by the need to be seen
Yet forever be ignored by the one who holds it

It doesn’t matter anymore
But it still hurts badly
I have **** off my emotions
But the damage has already been done

Shattered remains of a once caring heart
Lay broken across this scarred flesh
A reminder that caring for another
Will only lead to pain and anguish

So from now on
I will no longer care
I will no longer fight
I will no longer love

I will keep to myself
I will seal off my heart
No one deserves it
Not anymore
flamingogirl Jun 21
Get out of my head
Get out of my heart.
It's been 2 years
but I can't think of us apart.
The two of us
were never a we.
So why do I want you
to be with me?
On paper, we looked great
I thought we'd be perfect,
but our moment was ruined
we never really clicked.
I hope you maybe see this,
you'll know who you are.
Please don't forget me
my heart is always scarred.
-Goat Apr 27
All around me I see houses with beautiful yards
yet my home is built with nothing
but spare parts
It's not about what you have to show, it's about how much you fought to be able to show it
(kind of a stretched rhyme but whatever, right?)
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