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Adrian Jan 2
I lay there in the field,
An unlit Marlboro in between my lips.
Gazing into the summer sky...

My breathing starts matching the lengthening shadows,
My pulse slows down to even out with the intermittent owl hoots,
The cicadas fade into the crickets, and the crickets play a lulab-

A sudden warmth hits my face,
The light of my lighter is shining back into my eyes.
Once the end is in embers, the lighter is pulled away.
I take a long drag and gaze into nothingness,
Once again wondering who lights my cigarette,
Because they always steal my lighter too.
Took a change in my style when writing this over the summer. I don’t actually smoke, just a bit of my imagination at play.
maria Dec 2019
I don't want you to see my burning face.
I've trust it before
in someone's hands
but he was the one
who used the only lighter in the space.

There are no lighters with you.
Hope there is no other space.
I don't want you to see my broken past
and I'm scared to trust but everything looks safe, should I trust?
alaska jade Nov 2019
Our love, a match
You, a Marlboro evening
We share every warm sunset.
I'm not sure when we'll finally burn out but at least I'll have the ashes to prove that we really, really, did try.
You, a lighter, ignite my flame
let the sparks never die.
After all this time still wishing and wishing upon shooting stars for you
my one true love.
The world is such a dark place,
Even if you tried, you couldn't make it brighter.
So accept the fact that all that's left,
Is a pack of cigarettes and a yellow lighter.
A "poem" every day.
Deepali Apr 2019
And the lighter told me,
told me, coming closer to my ears,
whispering in a shrouded manner,
take me to my friend,
and clinch me to its under.

And when i raised my hands up,
crossing it through my fingers,
bringing the lighter close to his friend,
my hands shivering to their intruder....;

hearing my breath,
my eyelids falls in deep,
shutting it up not staring the fire lead,
as it ate up my own smell,
trespassing his friends redolence,
"INTRUDER" they are to me.

I melt,
my flesh falls away,
but anyways  I'am the only perfect way,
to light up their friendship
and light up my scars,
to give them the ignition,
and i fell in them more and faaarrr.....

Far from the people,
who managed to keep me away from realm,
but i have this pair
to fill me with phlegm.
So my friend once told me iam not able to leave smoking cigarettes, but i said to him its oohkay, ignite the beautiful friendship.
Colten Sorrells Jan 2019
lighting smokes,
I gotta dig Bic
bet you read that last line wrong
Emily Lawson Sep 2018
It is 12:43 in the morning.

I am envisioning lighting my face on fire.

Eyelashes drenched in kerosene, dripping down my chin, soaking my hair

Blink. Blink. Light.

I feel the scrape of the lighter under the pad of my thumb before my hair catches fire

face engulfed in flame, turned to blistered flesh in seconds.

People use the term “faceless” to describe someone they do not know the identity of.

For that reason, my appearance finally matches my lack of identity.

No pun intended.
September Roses Jul 2018
Oh sickly poisonous flame
Darting back and forth
I hear you call my name
It's not what they think, for what it's worth

One slip of the finger
And a tingling sensation
Smells of gas linger
Now for use of personification:

Its seems that you love me
For you never let me go
I feel pitiful in your embrace
And it seems that you know

You always take control
And oh how I'm fascinated by your flame
Skin swells and pain holds
In this endless torture game
PoserPersona May 2018

Dear Journal,

     The wheel turns on the black Bic lighter and conjures a restless spark,
thus igniting once sincere letters. In turn, arctic winds are evoked at dark.
Couple's ardor inspired prior to her departure abroad to Denmark.

     Confederate embers scorch paper, but less so than this dolorous heart.
Blazing in solidarity on a barren porch; a pyre for finest silks torn apart.
With weeping wounds cauterized, the true healing now just starts.


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