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Raven Feels Apr 16
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, songs can make us imagine too;]

backs of freckles

cheeks to knuckles

breathes of swallows

deep to shallows

wild of mellows

                                                       ­                         -------ravenfeels
Monisha Sep 2020
We met many many years back
When the realisation hit that I may need you
I met you at home and the street  but as a vision
When my mum constantly reminded me to get you home
I rebelled and didn’t want to
I met you in my tears
When someone wanted you
More than me,
I met you in disdain
When I saw many who had you
But strutted around in false pride.
And I didn’t want you.

And here you are,
Many moons later,
Wherein I rediscovered you.
It was never you, it was the picture I painted.
I am getting closer to you now
Fresh canvas,
Wispy and comforting,
Uplifting like a kite 🪁 in the sky,
You’re blooming,
You smell fresh as a 🌹.

You’re “getting lighter”,
And  to me now it is not my weight in body,
But the heaviness in my heart and mind,
That I am getting lighter with.
And as I do, I find you so comforting,
You were always my friend,
I didn’t see you
As people and my heaviness painted you as an enemy,
You’re my angel
And I know you better,
Getting closer to you,
Whispy, floating and free.
I like you lightness,
You’re me now.

You so want to come closer to me,
Constantly trying to invade  my mind,
Tentacle my  thoughts and dreams.
But hey I get you,
I am going to set you free.
Because now you’re inside of me
And my journey in the  here and now is to be.
You’re sweet and I get you,  
But sweetness is one flavour,
And I like it spicy and tangy as well,
A tad bitter, some more there,
So I’ll just set you free.

Now, I am free,
Whispy and floating,
Pink and sparkly,
Becoming me...
Adrian Jan 2020
I lay there in the field,
An unlit Marlboro in between my lips.
Gazing into the summer sky...

My breathing starts matching the lengthening shadows,
My pulse slows down to even out with the intermittent owl hoots,
The cicadas fade into the crickets, and the crickets play a lulab-

A sudden warmth hits my face,
The light of my lighter is shining back into my eyes.
Once the end is in embers, the lighter is pulled away.
I take a long drag and gaze into nothingness,
Once again wondering who lights my cigarette,
Because they always steal my lighter too.
Took a change in my style when writing this over the summer. I don’t actually smoke, just a bit of my imagination at play.
maria Dec 2019
I don't want you to see my burning face.
I've trust it before
in someone's hands
but he was the one
who used the only lighter in the space.

There are no lighters with you.
Hope there is no other space.
I don't want you to see my broken past
and I'm scared to trust but everything looks safe, should I trust?
alaska jade Nov 2019
Our love, a match
You, a Marlboro evening
We share every warm sunset.
I'm not sure when we'll finally burn out but at least I'll have the ashes to prove that we really, really, did try.
You, a lighter, ignite my flame
let the sparks never die.
After all this time still wishing and wishing upon shooting stars for you
my one true love.
Pep Jan 24
I'm here with you
But I could be doing something better,
Something like smoking with my pipes and reading my letters
While you’re here why don’t you do something for me,
Something that can make me forget the events of today,
The events of yesterday.
Just help me forget everything in my past
I hope this **** last and I want you to make it fast.
Light me up!
But instead you do nothing
And that's why I'm sitting here smoking with my pipes, alone.
You can purchase BROKE GIRL by Febe Pepe on Amazon
The world is such a dark place,
Even if you tried, you couldn't make it brighter.
So accept the fact that all that's left,
Is a pack of cigarettes and a yellow lighter.
A "poem" every day.
Deepali Apr 2019
And the lighter told me,
told me, coming closer to my ears,
whispering in a shrouded manner,
take me to my friend,
and clinch me to its under.

And when i raised my hands up,
crossing it through my fingers,
bringing the lighter close to his friend,
my hands shivering to their intruder....;

hearing my breath,
my eyelids falls in deep,
shutting it up not staring the fire lead,
as it ate up my own smell,
trespassing his friends redolence,
"INTRUDER" they are to me.

I melt,
my flesh falls away,
but anyways  I'am the only perfect way,
to light up their friendship
and light up my scars,
to give them the ignition,
and i fell in them more and faaarrr.....

Far from the people,
who managed to keep me away from realm,
but i have this pair
to fill me with phlegm.
So my friend once told me iam not able to leave smoking cigarettes, but i said to him its oohkay, ignite the beautiful friendship.
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