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I'm laid here In my room nothing much to do, but I
have my poetry so got to thinking about the very first time I laid down with Helen on her
She had invited me to her
room because three night previous I slept on her settee because she was unwell
and stayed to look after her I had slept In my clothes all that time and had become saw In my jeans so asked Helen politely If could take them off, she said yes but added why not
take all your  clothes of she said her daughter was at work so It would be
So this I did there was no light on when I finished
Helen suddenly said don't move and then heard fumbling In her bedside draws I asked her what she
was doing she replied I'm looking
for lighter I can't see and there was Helen with a lighter trying to get a better look at me, so much fun Helen
Helen was so much fun to be with, never knew what she what she'd do next
Emily Lawson Sep 3
It is 12:43 in the morning.

I am envisioning lighting my face on fire.

Eyelashes drenched in kerosene, dripping down my chin, soaking my hair

Blink. Blink. Light.

I feel the scrape of the lighter under the pad of my thumb before my hair catches fire

face engulfed in flame, turned to blistered flesh in seconds.

People use the term “faceless” to describe someone they do not know the identity of.

For that reason, my appearance finally matches my lack of identity.

No pun intended.
Oh sickly poisonous flame
Darting back and forth
I hear you call my name
It's not what they think, for what it's worth

One slip of the finger
And a tingling sensation
Smells of gas linger
Now for use of personification:

Its seems that you love me
For you never let me go
I feel pitiful in your embrace
And it seems that you know

You always take control
And oh how I'm fascinated by your flame
Skin swells and pain holds
In this endless torture game
PoserPersona May 26

Dear Journal,

     The wheel turns on the black Bic lighter and conjures a restless spark,
thus igniting once sincere letters. In turn, arctic winds are evoked at dark.
Couple's ardor inspired prior to her departure abroad to Denmark.

     Confederate embers scorch paper, but less so than this dolorous heart.
Blazing in solidarity on a barren porch; a pyre for finest silks torn apart.
With weeping wounds cauterized, the true healing now just starts.


Vick Mandrake Feb 14
Have you ever touched a flame?
I don't believe I have.
My body has burned
on coals and embers.
My fingers have scorched
on stovetops and lighters.
My hands have followed
sweet candles and incense.
And my eyes have danced
with the flickering dames.
But I ask you again,
if it isn't too much,
have you ever touched a flame?
Can a flame truly be touched?
Viseract Feb 6
Time to start talking about all the dirt
Yknow, the kind of words that can rack up the hurt
The fading heartbeats and the anxious hands as well huh
I'm half the reason y'all be goin' to ****

You left me out, let me down, and kicked me right in the ribs
Tellin' everybody that it's all just for gigs
Havin' a laugh while i suffer, and so i suffered so
All the light in my eyes gone, showing no hope

Til i met this one girl, as i was parting my ways
Her beauty and her caring kinda left me amazed
Here was a girl that I love and will always hold onto
A keeper, no cheater, I'll love her coz i want to

Can't help but think about her night and day
She's the reason why I'm always up so late
And if anybody dare to try and take her away
You won't see the Sun again, no matter how you pray

But although she's a happy light in my life
She's not the reason all you ***** got me thinking suicide
Not because I'm scared, nor because I'm weak
But because you're all ****** and I'm not allowed to be me

So you see, I'm quite caught up in all the drama
Can't trust my father, can't tell my mama
Speaking to my family is worse than my friends
And some of you friends have a blade in your hands

Ready to stab me in the back if i talk
So while I'm saying these words, I'm also walking the walk
Only three know, and those i keep close
The rest of you would **** me if you ever got to know

And its this pain and this struggle, this secret that i keep
It's like my stomach is a demon and this acid likes to eat
Working at my guts, my heart and my mind
Making me convinced that this world should just die

Let the ground be the kindling and let me be the lighter
An evasive arsonist who is kept from reaching higher
So the only thing going up is everyone in smoke
Hope you're ******* happy now, stand up and ******* gloat

Another one down with some metal for a crown
A headcase for a waste of space always locked into a frown
So I'll keep sitting here and telling you that everything is ****
If you don't like the truth well you can ******* deal with it
swearing, swearing, cuss-words are fun. stuff the censorship, these notes are dumb
Dakota Jan 7
my shoes are caked
with brown mud and
my arms have new burns.
getting high alone in the woods
is fine until the paranoia sets is
and the trees i love on lsd
become my hated enemies.
i find a book of matches on
the ground, twenty minutes
after my lighter died.
they are wet and do not light.
the cigarette between my lips
dangles there, before falling
into the mud i trudge through.
i use my own name in vain
and try to pretend that
losing my lucky isn’t unlucky.
the title was given to me as a prompt by a friend
Alec Dec 2017
It’s like I’m on fire.
A human torch, or rather, a lighter.
Flame shoots from my lips and fingertips.
Burning those around me to a crisp.
At first the flame is only warm,
Until it starts licking around the torn.
Growing brighter and heavier,
The flame forces all other senses into a dull blur.
Don’t help me,
You’re only providing more fuel.
You’re no savior, you’re just a fool.
I am Flame. I am Smoke.
The syllables i speak will burn and make you choke.
Bryan Oct 2017
Eddies and curls
Swishes and swirls
From fingertips
Relief begins
To make its trip.
Hold the flame
To the tip
Butane leaked
In its slow drip
Fuels the flame
Lit by flint.

There it goes!
There it goes...
Above the chin
Under the nose
Between the lips
To stain the gums
Over the tongue
Into the lungs.

The cheeks, they flush
Feel the rush!
The heart beats fast
To clean the blood...
Clean the blood
Of toxic gas.

The heart, it stills,
The lungs, they slow.
Down the hill
The windpipe goes.
One last gasp
Of poison still,
And the brain dies last
To seal the deal.
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