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Nyx 1d
Grasping my arms
Digging nails into my wrist
Feel the blood trickling down
Its warm... proof that I exist

Biting my lip
Its starting to turn white
Metallic taste lingers
I'm losing my light

Blade to my stomach
Its cold and smooth
To gain some control
I dont plan to leave so soon

Its something about
The blood that flows in my veins
Full of warmth and comfort
Its an odd sensation that keeps me sane

Under pressure and stress
Anxiety and depression
My self isolation adores me
Conjuring my regression

Though the world that is cold
That is scary and dark
This deep crimsons liquid
Staining my skin, leaving its mark

Reassuring me
That my heart still beats
That I'm alive and well
Even if the world is ever so bittersweet
Twigzy Sep 13
Darkness suffocates me
I sence my death

My strength evaporates into nothing
I will not exist as I am

My eyes have ceased their vision
My heart offeres no beat

My screams have no voice
Just silent echos across the street

Angry words attack me, tearing my mind
Family discarded, abandoned and void

Torment has outlived my joy
It gnaws through my bones

Gashing wounds seeping with pain
No embrace ever came

My blackness is hidden
No-one can draw me out

Breathe freely this destruction of self
To gain the bitter end

Twigzy 2013
Writing this poem saved my life. I did not want a bitter end
Arzella Sep 10
Surely you,


Abrasive ...
au naturel?

I think...
Surely not.

Had the aforementioned not just the will to rip through my throat,
 but too the audacity to penetrate the inclement root you call heart.

Well, I had made my decision.
and lo!
I would have stood by it too;
had my own form of insecurity been given the chance to wilt.

Not further admonished on
how to think. how to act
How 'one' should primarily be.
Instead I lie bludgeoned,
and by the very thing that
antecedently spurred  
a cascade of unsophisticated giddiness.

That too was far from the cry of a
Devil-may-care persona.
I would almost weep the lost opportunity,  
Whereas I should simply, and most ardently
Just be.
nishta Sep 8
drifting apart
like two sheets of ice
my love.
isn't it lovely?
what once was mine
is now not.
is it me?
am i the problem?
am i ever going to not be
i'm drowning.
i'm drowning and i can't see the light
that once was so bright.
i'm blinded by darkness
yet my eyes are open wide.
when did i become so bitter?
so jaded?
facing problems i've never faced before
has made me weary.
she is forgetting
me, our memories, everything.
i want to flee.
from this town, from this world
from life.
isn't it lovely?
what once was mine
is now not.
i've been struggling. i've never had a friend problem where i actually want to hold on to it. but its just not working out. this growing dislike towards her just keeps growing each day. i'm not depressed though this feeling of betrayal from friends, this feeling of drifting apart from someone i once thought was dear... it's..hard. and the worst part is she doesn't care. And now i don't too.
Soothsaying sentences sung
Under moons; shining constellations.
Beyond shallow shores of unsold stories,
Lie sun-soaked shadows;
The sinking sensations of separation.
Stay inside the safety of the stars,
But pray for slow-burning scars.
elle b sun Sep 5
a warm cup of coffee
with cinnamon and honey

a little bitter, a little lovely

but hot as hell just the same
it's a rewrite but i might rewrite again
MARIO Aug 31
No one person will ever replicate
The way she made me feel.
If I replaced her, I would desecrate
My heart, my mind, and all things real.
If she came back, I wouldn't hesitate
To give her boundless affection.
If she came back, I would dedicate
To prove to all she is perfection.
But for now, I must eradicate all my feelings for her
As she remains six feet under the dirt.
mari jagt Aug 30
make an effort
my darling
my lover
seize your broken
bone mornings
and burn your lips
with the hot, bitter
taste of me
to wake
Jedda Aug 28
It’s gone to chaos, I don’t understand how we got here, fighting and destroying each other.
It’s a harsh night for the world, it’s a harsh night for us all.
I ran to find my weapon but even with it in hand I was still so powerless, powerless against you, the dark and cold bitter boy with the bow.
I knew my only option out was to run, I ran through the dark but I was never fast enough, you always caught me, trapped me, humiliated me.
Bitter boy with the bow, you slowed and aimed. I took an arrow to the base of my throat that day.
Hands hoping to hold in the pain. But it burns all the same. I’m on fire and crumbling alive. In the cold lonely night.
The grass beneath is cold and stone, arrows right to my bone. I drown in air, fire and flames. But I’m the only one to blame.
Was left to die upon this night, the boy with the bow, what a fright when in my sight.
I thought I could die, alone here. But I saw those hollow eyes, oh dear..
You decided you weren’t so done, upon my head you crushed and spun.
I’m fading now, arrow in throat and heart in hand. You were my shattered end.
I shall not blame you though, Bitter boy with the bow
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