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bitter blue breezes glide across your skin
in an overflowing orbit that always seems to win
listen to the sound of the voice of the wind
a biting chill claws its clever way in

a regal violet sky engulfs the velvet atmosphere
as the strange trees swing in tandem, you feel honored to be here
listen to the voice
the ones within the forest rejoice

misty and soft is this place
enchantment is cast upon your face

the fae wilde invites your spirit in
the grooves in the wood are carved like a mandolin
your heart will feel the stars glisten
a psychedelic morning storm
Sky 2d
You say that you were only helping.

But every time life shot me down, you kept handing it more bullets ~
I’m not planning on committing suicide anytime soon, these poems are merely an expression of emotions.  The bullet is a metaphor.
Sky 2d
You don’t think I notice, or that anyone notices, for that matter.  But I do.

You wear happiness well.  But I can see right through your shell.  You’re hollow and empty.  You feel like an abyss.  

No one smiles with fear in their eyes and tears peeking out of the corners.

No one laughs like there’s a sword in their stomach and a knife in their heart.

You may be able to fool others, but you can’t fool me.

Because you have one knife in your heart, but I have two.
Sky 2d
Your honeydew eyes make me melt,
I drip watercolours and stardust.
Your lips are coated in sugar.  
Mine are sealed with lace.
You are a velvet star, the cashmere sun
I am the silk moon, a lost swan.
Kiss me so I can taste like cherries too
and raw peaches and champagne

You look like the Mediterranean coast
You are the sun that sets on Greek Islands
You are the northern lights of Norway
You are the Paris city lights
You are the waves of Monaco beaches
You are mine to wrap myself up in

You are heaven, I would walk through all 7 infernos of **** for you.
You are a Michelangelo sculpture
You are holy.  

You are pure gold, and you’ve got my eyes gleaming.

I’ll be your mermaid, your faerie, your sweet siren.  I’ll be your anything.

All you gotta do is say yes to heaven,  then I can be your moon.
Love poem
Sky 2d
I hate you.  I want to fight you.
So let our tongues wrestle with our lips at war
And you can give me love bites on my neck
And then I will be defeated, but I won’t tap out.
I’m not enjoying it, I simply don’t want you to stop..
For a friend
Oily dark beans
savor each bitter sip
brewed to perfection
© LadyRavenhill 2019
Haiku 81
mer Feb 8
you're like a coffee

you cover yourself up with milk and sugar
hide your bitter taste and dark demeanor
with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle

you pretended to be something else
you tricked me into believing your lies
at first you were sweet
but as i got closer to your core
i discovered your true self

by then it was too late
for i had already consumed you
Zeleyha Mata Feb 7
It lingers on the tongue
Green banana with morning mouth
Picked too early
Turning brown under the sun
Bitter bite
Leaving sticky sap on your lips
Never quite what I wanted
Even as much as he flaunted his
Sickeningly sweet eyes
It just wasn't right.
I hate commitment, but that's probably just because I'm afraid of it
Esmé Feb 6
Your hands touched where they shouldn’t,
“No” wasn’t an option.
Screaming in a pillow with each
****** that wasn’t wanted.
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