I hate to admit that,
Even if I hate you right now,
To the degree that spells out,
"So much,"
I can't deny that,
I am still,
Inevitably still,
In love with,

to the one that got away
Alexis Jun 14

They say don't get a lovers name tattooed on your delicate skin. Though I’d rather have my skin stained in ink than on my heart. Faded roses with a one liner left on my kitchen table. Choking on the memory of you. Please have mercy. Your sweet tooth I learned to love has become bitter on my tongue. Open cavity in my chest. Old lips dipped in chocolate to be mistaken to be sweet. I’ve kissed boys like you, how could I not recognize that taste. Melting under your stare. Guarded my heart with every bone I had. Sliced me with your tongue. I sowed every scar you left behind. Your dagger always made me bleed the most. Oh, baby how you turned my mind into a patch of daises just to burn them to ash. I took off for nights searching for myself to only find the reflection of pain you left me. I had mistaken his hungry hands for eyes. Should have known that your harsh fingertips weren't trying to learn my every curve. You tried sucking lust out of my neck. Love was no longer served at this table for two. This table became a table of self-love and growth. Feeding myself with every little last insecurity you left sitting on my plate. I learned how to add flowers to my vase without you. The only thing that was allowed in my mouth that was bitter was my coffee. New lips drenched in peaches. Took the dagger out of my arm and set it on my table to remind me of mistakes. Nourished my garden outside putting lilies out there as daisies no longer pleased me.

Jobira Jun 13

In the desert, a flower never grows.
Although it always rains,
water never mires.
Therefore, a dark heart,  
that is soiled with hate,
is like a desert;
it grows not love, but wretched seeds,
which bares fruit that savors bitter.

It's better to be sad than to hate.
R Miller Jun 11

I’m not everyone’s
cup of tea
My special blend of
crazy a bit too
bitter to the tongue
for some
But if you can
get beyond
the dark thoughts
scarred parts
I could be the
sweetest thing
ever tasted

Jack Jenkins Jun 12

There was a time words were seen in colors
I saw many hues and saturation
tones and shades were not hidden
until you decapitated my heart

I gave you everything I had, not just a little
My heart, my soul, my words, my actions
I trusted you and you took it for granted
cast me aside when I needed you most

You were the one that I pursued relentlessly
I made sure I loved you 'til I bled
& at first sight of blood you fled
because you're at war with love

and after the scars you've given me
I wish I had never met you
never been in your life
because you broke me
discarded me
left me

i cant even hate you...

I did everything I could to save our friendship, but you're always at war with love. So I hope you're okay and I never want you in my life again. You're not the person that I knew. Always remember you're the one that left, called it quits. Don't ever forget that.

Love will not save you
It won't save anyone,
Ask any cardiologist.

It is a bitter thing, love
And every feeling that traps you
In ecstasy tying you to another soul.

Never more blissful than the effort  it takes
To handle,
The gut screams, the heart fails.

The spirit laughs.

Gabriel burnS May 31

I'm tasting sugar on my eyelids
Syrup on my irises
Sour on my heartstrings
Bitter in my arteries
But we are more than corporeal
Meant to fly
And cross the boundaries
Transcend the frames of nature’s canvas
Spill our colors farther than the physical
We invent what we do not discover
The horizons and the realms of our future
And I am just like you
A mess of senses that
perception blends into

OnigiLex May 23

Your playful smile,
Your attractive hair,
Your tiny handwriting,
Your tall figure,
When can I witness it again?

Our happy times,
Wacky jokes,
Loud laughter,
Funny faces,
Oh how I miss those days.

But how will I experience it once more,
When you have her now?
Your smile isn't for me anymore.
Your jokes and stories aren't for me either.
And lastly, your heart doesn't belong to me anymore.

All I can do now,
Is accept the truth,
Show you a fake smile,
And tell you,

'I'm happy for you'.

andandante1 May 22

Back then, we used to embrace each other's warmth.
Now, holding your hand feels like touching a cold, hard lump of metal.

andandante1 May 22

The other side of the bed is cold,
but my side of the bed is colder.

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