I look into your eyes
My hands begin to tremble
You lean into kiss me
I hesitate

Your stubble caresses my cheek
Gentle fuzz against my skin
My stomach fills with butterflies
I’m unwilling to withdraw

My skin tingles at your touch
Sparks in your fingertips
I shudder
My heart fills with passion

I look into your eyes
My hands begin to shake
You lean into kiss me
I freeze

Your stubble scratches my cheek
Barbed wire against my skin
My stomach fills with moths
I’m Unable to escape

My skin crawls at your touch
Tension in your grip
I Recoil
My heart fills with rage

I look into my eyes
My hands begin to calm
You’re no longer here to kiss me
I can breathe

Your stubble a memory on my cheeks
Fresh air against my skin
My stomach fills with relief
I’m free

My skins safe from your touch
Out of reach of your grasp
I rejoice  
My heart fills with hope
First poem written in a long time. Constructive feedback very welcome :)
Aaina khan Jun 21
Always I unliked the Taste of Coffee.
Due to the Bitterness that comes with It
Until,I added more Sugar to it,to Override the bitterness,
And now it was Sweet Enough for Me.

LIfe, Well life is like a Cup of Coffee.
With lot of Problems in it, making it bitter
So Dont Hate your Life or Lose Hope.
Just Add some Sugar in your Life in the form of Love from the people who love you,
In the form of those laughs with your friends,
In the form of things that make you smile.
And no matter What,Always Stay Positive.
It won't make the Problems Disappear.
But It will definitely give you the Strength To
"Walk the extra Mile with a Smile:)"
I still don't love coffee so much but yess i dont hate it anymore.
Darn near choked on my laughter.
I mean, I darn near died from the comedy.

It wasn't a joke, but I was still vomiting, it held no reality
But I spared no brutality.

In actuality I've Been self actualised.
I need no figure to show me I've been tranquilised.
Took such time before I realised.

I've been dead & reanimated,
Zombie flesh decimated,
All my values antiquated,
Leaves my mind devastated.
Harry Roberts - Antiquated © 12/07/18
Alya Adzkia Jul 9
your words have always been as sweet as honey drips from an odd tea in the cold morning.

your actions have always been as kind as the sunflower's patient longing for the sun to absorb its light and attention.

your stare has always been as soft as a rainbow at the edge of the white cloud in the deep blue sky.

your touch has always been as gentle as the wind blows horizontally leaving my skin trembled.

your love has always been as beautiful as a remembered single line in a perfect poetry.

— but I didn't know,
your secrets also have always been as bitter as gall.
Gale L Mccoy Jul 6
spitting bitter bile from my mouth
muttering “this isnt me”
but isnt it?
ive been muttering for years now
spitting in secret
as to seem clean
is this not me
repetition makes habit
break it all you want
but at the end of the day
im still spitting
i hate this taste so much
when did i let myself turn sour?
day 5 of 31 days of poetry, got up at 345am for work, then after work spent 5 hours fixing shit in my life and just.... MONEY and FEES, LIFE AM I WRITE, this is a wine drunk poem
Nayana Nair Jul 4
There is nothing more confusing
than the love of people who
never really known you.
Who have always been caring
without being affected.

There is nothing more heart-breaking
than to doubt the intention
of people who actually take an effort.

There is nothing more difficult
to trust someone against the proof of experiences
for reason as small as a smile.
To be thankful, without being bitter.
Jon Thenes Jul 3
[Disclaimer : Collection edited from previous works for the purpose of competition.]

Notes during Jane’s night out
and its afterbathe.

Observe :

when your heart's beating overtime
you drool poison in your sleep
and you're looking down
on this wound of slaughter
simply turn your head
and repress the urge
for mischief
and laughter

Jane’s prayer of control

Observe :

becomes my Oedipus
Restlessness, my Vein
I spy from the Windows
upon the Exterior ;
It's Humid, Night and Rain
I pave my Thoughts ; 
all bark and froth
I Pound Drinks
It Powers tight my Bellows
I Hound the Clock
My energy thrives out a fan of nerves
I create an idea of what's soon to be
A plan of posable culture
forms flossy in my Tide
(as the Night Out steps up)
It Bites firm in my mind

I stride across the threshold
Betraying nothing
Of the Savage I've put together
Slough Suited in neat Disguise.

Observe :

Raw Meat and Red Teeth
I'm a Bow to the Moon
I Click over Cobbles
A Mad Energy
Bailed in my Stomach
I Task Myself
And Daring Prey to Cross the Tension
Strung on my Senses
All Hot Gut and Wire
I'm Playing at Being
A Wild and Mean Thing
And I am Dedicated to this Wound.

Observe Others :

The exclusive clubbers present their cards of invite
And go swiftly about the social wetwork 
Their practices and manners 
Interact and ply
Pulling teeth of the guises
Harvesting an inflammation of words
A baffle of tongue chorings 
There is an hour
There follow more
Whittling time
Taming code
Resorting to a little physical...
Then they take their leave ;
Prizes into the nights snare.

Observe My Racing Brain :

Let’s put Sleep to Death
And purify madness
We shall practice giddy boils of imagination
And quick lives could flare
Brief celebrities
Hastily added
To this new chattering evolution
There'd be little lung for morals
And sorrows would be swift experiments
Let's make all lives what they really are
Put Sleep to Death
And be recognized
As blurs
As shots 
As stars and spittings
Firing in this universe
This playground
This raw wash of activity

Observe my Near Miss :

memory fleeing ;
murrums over soils
stresses and seas
my colourless meat
mind down
hasty retreat
coma tones
my last retreat
failing the game
and foul on my feet

but then spoiled warmth floods back
my sponge reforms
but re-soaked
current again

Observe Hospital Stay :

Brighter than a new spawned sage
Appears to me.
It lisps of rest
And passes me its clay.
I foster a dent
And begin to draw my feed.

Observe my learning :

take a breath
expel a myth
pattern a thought
create an action
reset and repetitude

Observe a Single Step :

This is a Me
(hands indicate body that they are a part of)
A responsive sock of meats
flush with The Other
and stringy with Thinker

From The Other 
operations may be performed
Within this mix
a View dwells
this could be said
to be a Me

The Being makes
a physical step forward
A Me indicated that it ought to
and it did

Observing Spark Plug :

...and 'oh my God' did I cry
I sparked like I was made of knives
and it carried me
I was adopted
I was addressing reasoning
burying it fiercely and fare
pounding clay over it
and enhancing my surroundings
without trust
welled and sad
sick excited
a primal plug 
and this world had once seemed so borrowed, adolescent and unpracticed.
You are the constant taste of metal in my mouth you are the disarray that led to the destruction you are the events that led to my collapse

The smoke will clear and the dust will settle but when will my bones turn into fossil fuels
Will the stories you told cling to my name for eternity
Who was i before met you
Who were you before you meet me
Are we forever two star crossed lovers pitted against each other for the own amusement of the gods
Was anything real at all?
Did your skin ever breathe my name
Were the tips of your fingers as magical as I remember?
Were it all a dream would you dare dream it again?
I hate this bitter taste
Solitude Man Jun 28
I shouldn’t have  
I guess I forcefully moved my things into your heart on parham street
This fool has been celebrating a grubby clean slate
He drank a cocktail before the harvest
After storing his brain safely in the garbage
He asked ‘would you be mine’

I shouldn’t have said I love you first
Now realising that was the pistol to your head
And i jumped the gun twice and over again
This fool stands in awe of his folly
He reads his scribbles of idyllic love poems and retarded dovy quotidians
Every compelled ‘i love you’ will be overturned
My hands over-burned from the blisters
Bitter from the bile from every memory
Though i took my time, I was patiently stupid

I shouldn’t have
Now i’m sat here with this lollipop of regret
Now knowing that every graphic snapshot was because of that same pistol
No wonder why it all seemed strange
I used to gnaw about making you feel like you needed to trust me and love me
I was yet weary of receiving the blame of every kiss, pause and touch
I didn’t realise that the foundation was built on compelled labour
I was to quick to celebrate, but now i know what i should have
Ammar Jun 26
I read through our old conversations
some full of love
the morning I tried to make shine for you
you'd wake up and ask me to hold you
I'd say cuddles you
and somehow that was good enough
for you to feel warm
you'd call me crying
when your shoulder ached
I'd calm you
give you love
and you'd be better
it was too easy
too good to be true
late nights you'd text me
asking if I was up
you had a nightmare
and you just want to hold me
I'd just text holds you tight
and almost like magic
you fell back asleep
as if nothing had happened
there were conversations of days
before and days after
your best memories

I read through our old conversations
these were you telling me
how you had never loved me
nor you ever could
I'd say nothing
and everything
in the same lines of empty texts
I'd still sit and hear you tell me
how I wasn't what you had wanted
or when you'd blame me
for being so far away
and leave me to cry in the night
or the texts from when
I called you late night
I'd wanted to say I love you
but you screamed at me
for waking you up too late
you silenced the same special notifications
from calling out your name
there were conversations
where I'd beg you to stay
but you'd leave mid-convo
and disappear
blue ticks turned gray
double ticks turned single

I read through our new conversations
and they aren't on whatsapp
they are right here
in the poetry we write

its me talking about the havoc
that you caused
or you talking about the texts
which you could never send me

its me telling you "I hate you"
when I have nothing to prove that
or you talking of our old memories
the ones that stretch from summer to winter
from spring to autumn

its me filling your whatsapp inbox
so you'd maybe speak your heart
or you adding my name to your contacts

its me trying not to say "I love you"
because I'm more afraid of love
for what it did to me
for what you did to me
or you trying to remind yourself
of what love looked like
when you had it

its me trying to deny love
when I am filled with it
or you trying to hide your heart
behind your mind
I didn't deserve this
you did this
you deserve it
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