I hate everything I previously loved
because I can not have them anymore
It doesn't make me selfish just upset
they don't make a cherished memory
they've become another bitter reminder

Brittany Wynn Nov 12

Every night I hope
I find my message in a bottle,
but really it's just to sext
this hex away. Monday
nights are lonely on
that hook-up culture,
Juvenile Tinder App--
Swiper no swiping, but
I'm still that little girl
cowering from the screen
where someone will definitely take
my soul valuables
But if these be masochistic flames
to my emotional Hell--
Rage on, commence the fuckboy
parade, their drumbeat matching
my bleeding-heart
attitude transposed into cryptic Finsta
posts and 3am Snapchat stories.

You made me feel like Lana,
fervid and fated in
a ride or die façade which
crumbled to Taylor's fake femme
fatale "narrative." Ripping
off the wings of  our swan song
doesn't make you Frank Sinatra, even
though you crooned a tune of Love and Marriage
in between my sheets; those were odes
to blanket you (not me).

Nightsung Nov 9

How does happiness fare
I asked to a man
For he exhibited a broken smile

"Every once in a while" he said
I can feel warmth of a thousand suns
Only to be distinguished by the rain

To see the blossoming petals
Dance eternally in the wind
Only to be clouded by the dark

The broken man smiled
For he removed his mask
"Every once in a while"

Misery loves company,
I guess that's why
I love you.

How sad,
Never could be or
Ever have been

Severed so Bad

Genetics counts as 1,
But reality holts at 2,
I guess that's why by 3
-I fear I may hate you -

Or hate that I love you.

Words came so easy
Now dry dead and decayed
On the roof of my mouth.
So close but never spoken,
Truth never allowed.

But these words burn
To be said out loud.
I wish you'd care or
Even been there,
But I guess I'm where
I'm fated.
Never satisfied
But validated.

Life's what I craft
and what I'll live,
Laughed at Fears tears,
Strifes what He'd give.

I will be
Looking for me,
Freed from this bind
Liberating my broken mind.
A long time coming
Pisces, never cruel to be unkind.

Named after my star sign
Anthea Nov 7

He’s sweet
I bite into him and feel the juices pool in my throat
He’s bitter
His aftertaste
The sting of rejection lingers in my mouth

I’ve always been addicted to grapefruit
Its natural tang much like melancholy
Much like the nightshade of my heart
I bite off more than I can chew
I live for contradiction
And it’s addiction to love

Grapefruit is a woman
A woman who feels too deeply
A woman who is sweet and sour
The woman I’ll never be
I can only consume
I ate too much

Grapefruit is the man I love
Sweet and bitter
The sting of rejection lingers in his mouth
Give me more
I’m still addicted

Nick Huber Nov 7

I thank you,
My cold sweet lover.
That you left me in the damp, dark, frigid night.
So on my own, I could learn
The grief of stones.
That solemnly watch,
The world change above them.
And in the end, are gathered in each of your lovely hands,
To be crushed and ground,
Made into the bricks that buttress,
Your humble abode.

Meg Howell Nov 5

When the house is quiet,
When the nighttime has come,
I am bombarded by thoughts
Of the things that I've done

A scratch on the record,
A static on VHS,
A mind bitterly thinking
About a discombobulated mess

I'm utterly happy,
Or so I believe,
Although it may not come across,
It may not be perceived

These thoughts are like alcohol
Dousing the flame
Don't come any closer
I'm already close to insane

grace Nov 4

electric hands across velvet skin,
like thunder storms and orange peels,

always bitter and yellowing at the edges,

heads swirling in that hollow space,

always trying to scrape the backs of our tongues with buttercups as if that will get rid of the poisoned speech and the bitter taste,

honey-coated, and happy, we mingle with the past and swallow that bitter taste to make sure it won't last.

something random
Nakia Oct 23

You are brutal
Intoxicatingly beautiful
Filling each part of me like i'm some kind of void
We come together
An explosion of hate and toxicity
I hate how perfect you are
I hate how much you make me love you
We fight like cats and dogs
and then
We love one another so much
We squeeze every ounce of pain away in our embrace
But you are brutal
Words so hurtful and vile don't feel like kisses
Thoughts so black and twisted don't allow things to grow
We are living proof
When a volcano meets a tornado
I would end it all and leave
I would tell you about yourself
I would hate you
I would let you see how much you've hurt me
How much you captivate me
If you weren't so brutal
If you weren't so beautifully hurtful
I love you

This isn't about me, I just wrote it.
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