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Sophia 4d
people tell me to be bitter
you broke me after all
but is it bad that all i can do is smile?
you're finally laughing and i'm happy
even if i was never a part
of the happy ending
I'm standing in the rain
But I don't feel these things
The downpours such a bitter cold
But I like it when it stings
I wait for you to save me
To wake me from my ****
Remind me what it's really like
Remind me how I fell
I'll tell you that I love you
I'll say I always will
I'll hate you for forgetting me
My mind will start to spill
I don't think I could handle it if you came anywhere near me. I don't think we know who I am anymore.
it's stuck in my throat.
try to speak, can't denote.
try to stay, can't devote.
try to leave, forget my coat.
barely afloat by the foot note,
need a scapegoat or a re-vote.
zoe 7d
i'll forever miss your curls and the way you spoke to me
for you looked so elegant and sounded refreshing after long nights in the fall
i'll forever miss your company and the way you smoked
for your hands were so shaky, yet they burned like the sun in my presence
to think it has been almost five months since i've met you and your existence became a hurricane in my world
i think i will forever miss you, my dear
because nothing can replace you
but i'll never miss your condescension
nor your careless or your desertion
or even the endless poems i've written about you
i won't miss your disruption of my thoughts or the ache you left in my head
yes, i think i'll always love you in my empty heart
but it's time to move on
and it's time to grow
i won't let anyone ruin my growth
or fill my head again
i've managed better coping mechanisms
you are sweet.
and im salty.

were quite complementing flavors.
you take my bitterness and turn it sweet.

i take your sweetness and make it to where they can bear the taste of me.
about christian
Jordan Ray Nov 29
Woke up from a nightmare; thought I was back were,
I wanted to be, but something was different.
Your face was sweeter; but you were bitter,
It looked the same, but something was different.

Things can never be the way they were, the way they were, the way they were between us.
I made the mistake of looking back at all the pictures of you I saved.
The room got silent and the air went frigid.
In that moment I could hear my heart break into pieces so small they could be passed through the eye of the tiniest needle.
So there I lay, with this boulder of grief on my chest. My minds war ablaze once again razing itself to nothing. Thoughts racing in my head like jets through the sky
It’s times like these where memories are still bittersweet.
A soothing warmth accompanied by a swift chill that freezes over my chest.
The stop in my heart when I think of what was
How at home I felt simply nestled in your thoughts.
How I was no longer alone my soul embraced by your own.
I wish I could take our first kiss at the airport and freeze time in its tracks
simply live there forever.
That moment when you silenced my warring mind
And calmed the butterfly’s in my stomach.
If I was given a scroll and a feather pen to write about you, I'd need enough parchment to cover your street, so you could walk all over it while you walked away to the other one you love. I'd still find 999,999 reasons to love you and only one not to. I really hope he's not the one for you, I really would love to add that 'you love me too' to my list. Noah_arkenswagg
She's the type you fall in love with knowing you shouldn't/a special spice of life that you crave no matter how bitter the aftertaste or how poisonous the root...
Fainche Nov 22
staring at a blank paper
that may satiate its starving gaps
with my pain as viands
and my tears as water,
because hearing your beloved mother
be proud with someone else's daughter
was too bitter for me to savour
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