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a memory
delhi monsoon
grey velvet-like the sky
cold wind and cold feelings enveloped
as the first drop fell near her heart
as she read the words over and over again
as she felt the first spark
as hope started to came near
the sky was no longer just grey
the wind was no longer just cold
it all was bitter yet sweet

a fantasy
it all gets better
i don't know what this is
What is man, that he should question the author?
Perhaps one who knows the fitter offer?
Not idly! He is the one whose fate is at stake,
From decisions you choose to make.
What secrets do you hide in aeons past?
My lust of such forbidden knowledge is vast.

The trust I once held seems distant and forgotten.
Lost memories, that love for you gone rotten.
Lo! The iconic fall from grace did not happen for just him.
My soul feels disconnect too.
It has all gone dim.

Visions of the day are filled with woe and grief,
To fear of consequence for my disbelief.
That you actually love me and care,
Ask of you I would never dare.

I am but a pawn in your game of eternity,
Caught between two immortals,
My insignificance is certainty.

I beseech you! Harken to me!
My hatred and confusions growth, commenced!
I have been created inferior,
to whom you would set me against.

You know all things yet created this disorder.
I have not a choice but you?
Why should I bow? What should I choose?
I abstain from your truth! My soul has a border.

These shadows are ever present,
They loom in the corners of my mind and spirit.
Into the darkness of my heart they sing effervescent,
To the decay of time, light, and my dispirit.

I am lost and alone,
No gods be with me but my own.
I have accepted my downfall,
I have sunk in my well.
To know that soon we are destined for hell.

Forget us not, oh creator!
The ones chosen to be ******!
For since the beginning of time,
You held our fate in your hand!

© 2020
Zachary Kinnett
I try to remember all of it.
I try.
I try, but most of it doesn't make sense.
I try harder.
I try to think about what I did wrong.
I try other things, other angles.
I try not to give up.
Because I know that if I do, I'll lose my meaning.
"You.. are my quest." We used to say.
But at some point we lost our way.
I think about it every single day.
And now there's no other way
than to try.
I try.
candy is sweet, most of it anyway.
some salted like cara
some spicy like
my favorite is bit
what does that say about me?
a bit mascohistic when to comes to bitter chocolate.
blackbiird Sep 30
Beneath the garden
shed, her bones bleed
Without much notice of

Smells of rotten garbage
Permeated the building
Of her demise
Without much notice of

Souless, lifeless carcass
Becomes her as she loses
Unconsciousness beneath the
Rotting soil.

And the malevolence
Took over.
you're my bittersweet summer rain
you quench the heat and wash away the pain
but you chase the sun away
and leave me longing for brighter days
Yep. She's good and bad for me.
lex Sep 28
I poured my truth into a teacup
The ceramic prison holding my words hot and fragile
I offered it to you easily
You took it by the handle and gave me trust in return
Drank my secrets with a smile
Then smashed the cup at my feet

They said the truth would set me free
But here I am
imprisoned gluing pieces of shattered mosaic
So I'll have somewhere aside from my shoulders to set it down
I don't know why I believed you
When you came to me with outstretched arms
Saying you are loved here
You are known here
Maybe next time I'll try ricin with the honey
idk this is from a long time ago
Casey Sep 7
“  Don’t ask me how I’ve been
unless you’re prepared.

Truth is, I haven’t been great, but that’s
predictable.   “

I’m not even looking at her anymore.
Just staring at the ceiling, this deadpan expression carved into my stone face.

She asks me if I need anything.

I just laugh.
Bitter, cruel.
This is past the breaking point.

“  No, no.
It’s too late.

You’re too late.  “
Don’t @ me
A mind a drift, lost in madness
by the sound of your cries,
oh how I long for your return; but all I hear is goodbye,
your lust has long a passed me and its
driving me to cry.
How I long for your sighs and your lies.
I sit here, hear, drunk, yelling out
how its gone: the taste of your waist and by God,
the heat from your chest
was the best. You never let me rest, jumping
and clawing, till their was blood on my back.
Your lipstick on my chest.
And your gone.
And I'm back to this drink.
This is a rough draft from a series I want to write. I get as drunk as i can and start writing this stream of consciousness.
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