Eleni 7d

Shards of ice that teem
With a pearlescent glow.

Your minarets gleam
And pry over my turbulent waters.

You are not what you seem
If you polish your sharp edges-

Or cut through them with a tongue as sharp as your craters.

But I'll wait four weeks-
So that you will fall back into the shadows.

But, alas, I cannot run fast
For you are the winner;
The long distance winner that routinely comes and goes.

This started as a personification of the moon but then turned into a metaphor of a very tumultuous relationship. Superficially the person (or the moon) appears bright and beautiful, but slips back into the shadows (after 28 ish days) during a new moon. The juxtaposition of the new moon being unseen in the sky reveals that the other lover is constantly trying to keep up with the other person, yet the distance between them is keeping them separated. The places poetry can take you, eh. ;)

Dear __,

     I just want you to know that I am better now than I was before. You've taken up reading. Well. I'm thinner and tanner. I'm put together. My hair is brushed and my make-up is done. I smile brighter. I laugh harder. I have better friends and stability that I've never known before. I even expanded my music library a few hundred songs.
     I'm confident. I've chopped off my hair that I wanted so desperately to grow and piered my naval in the name of vanity (it really does look good). I have money to spend even though I'm saving it to buy the future you decided you didn't want. I'm breathing again while I sleep, and I don't want to die so terribly bad anymore.
     Even though I miss you, and all of the things we never really could have had. Even if seeing you makes me gasp like I've been burned. Even though who we are now would mesh so much better than who we were then, I am better.
      When you left you destroyed me. The thing about destruction of that degree that we all forget to mention, however, is that it is not just the beautiful parts of us that are lost, but all of the bad misshapen ones to. Rebuilding is an interesting thing. I constructed a version of myself that you never had the privilege of touching.
     I have curves your hands have never traced. I moan louder, bite harder, arch higher, beg like my life depends on it, claw, bend, scream -
fuck better than I ever did for you. I walk taller, dress more confidently, make eye contact with strangers, drive my truck in big cities, spew rap lyrics in perfect time . . . I am better.
     Because you completely ruined me. Stole all of the beauty that I ever held. Damaged me more mentally in less than two years than an entire lifetime of broken family ties and daddy issues could. Made me 1,000 promises and broke all of them. Left and came back and left and stayed somewhere in the middle until clinging onto you was the only thing I knew how to do. Because you stripped me of everything that I was and replaced it with you before making a great escape only to leave me a blank slate -
          ; i found in myself all of those things
                     that I was looking for
                                            in.   you
                            and now I am extraordinary
            and you can go to hell

Love Always,

I should say thank you, but it just comes out 'go to hell'
Josh Mayesh Aug 9

It’s too bright here.

Too much blinding
and reminding
of the darkness in my eyes--
You stained our earth.

Now drain the sun,
and wash away the stars.
Rebuild my inner prisons,
Sabotage the chiding moon,
Stoke my longing;
Tear the fabric of the sky.
Speak no more of sunsets,
Divest me of your dreams,
Feed all that’s bitter harmony
with the music of your lies.

Tarnish golden memories;
Posed postcards of the past.
Lock me up

Core this body of its soul.

Nurture Hope’s despair--

Disturb my universe no more;

Feast on the charred embers
of my essence like you never would before.

Jack Jenkins Aug 7

why is it
i give my
best to the
my best
to people
all I get
in return
is the

Spent the whole weekend meditating on my life and why things are the way they are. I understand why I am bitter and jaded now. The only question is do I have a right to be? I'm angry. I don't get angry often.
Arcassin B Aug 5

By Arcassin Burnham

A gorgeous girl you are.
But your spoil as hell.
Run over everyone you meet.
at first they couldn't tell.

Your mother makes too much money,
You Feel like you don't have to work.
your friends think your annoying.
but they never use their words.

you could be better than this,
but you choose to be the popular clique.
you really think your shit,
until someone considers you lame and that's it.

If you think your not one of those girls,
then you should be.
Do you wanna be negative in your memories?

Liam Jul 31

You are a bastard.
Disillusioned with reality for lack of significance yet compulsively obsessed with the vapid, the vain and the relentlessly vicious.

Yes, I am a bastard.
Hiding from the very idea of perspective,
I aimlessly am.
Abacination betters hallucination.
The sore truth aches fantasy,
Not exile.

Perception is the mother of deception.

Don't  look beyond the stairway.
The exit is unreachable
I am long gone
I have moved on
You tore my heart to pieces
Stole my identity
And now you are trying to
Walk  back into my life.
Picking up the pieces
That you left shattered.
Don't  look beyond the stairway
My heart is closed
The  feelings I have for you are gone.
Look at the exit
It's fully choked with thorns.
There is no-way back in
Because you are a distance ghost from the past.

Rachel Peake Jul 26

Lies are sweet
Truth is bitter
Lies will make you glad
Truth will make you blister

A bowl of salad
A basket of sweets
Given the option
You’ll take the treat

Do it today
Or wait for tomorrow
Easier to pretend
The future will not follow

Slow down a bit
Let the time pass
Ignore how short it is
Until human life is past

Say it never happened
So I won’t have to think
About the consequences
Of all those forsaken things

It doesn’t matter
You’ll be okay
But the things you left behind
Will catch up one day

When it gets too hard
To keep the truth at bay
It’ll envelop around you
And wash you away

Lies are sweet
Truth is bitter
Lies will make you glad
But they’ll make the issues bigger

Sometimes it feels easier to lie to yourself when times get hard...
Seema Jul 24

Forgive the dare wrath
Of my ruthless boneless tongue
It spits ugly words
Only to the heartless fool
Staring from the vague mirror


5-7-5-7-7 syllables
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