Liam 10h

But I'd rather be dead than see from your perspective.
You've got all the enthusiasm of a deafblind detective.

Your song is as sweet as a razor dripping honey,
You dress yourself in gorgeous cloaks of money.
You're causing the problem but refuse to find it funny.

And that's why if I were you I'd kill myself.

Liam 10h

I might drench the writings in spite,
So cold it slithers through the air and freezes light,
So bright that it slips through the Sun's grasp and shows it might,
So vicious it will slice your soul to shreds.

The p s e u d o narcissist,
My great antagonist.
Afraid to transgress, the vain tend to regress
And I can't digress,
I'm obsessed.

Look into my eyes,
Not around the eyes,
Not through them.
For if you see what I see,
You might feel as though you grew them.

e 1d

it is morning
as the clouds strangle the sun
and life flows by
standard routine
for all peoples
of the world.

bones rattle against flesh,
joints stiffen into place,
the heart a dust bowl,
eyes (wild peridots of things)
all bunged up with

the bed is broken.
I am broken.

some of us
to adjust,
but for
those of us
who cannot,
who refuse,
who simply
they seize us
and try to
us in their own
as if the brunt
already wasn't
and when you're already
mutilated, they will
spurn and spit upon
you, ramming their
steel toes in
for good measure.

seventeen and already set
for the scrapheap
can't be true, surely?

but it is
and I strangely
feel ready for

9-19-17, 20:38
Hari DR 2d

I am not who you want
I am not who you seek,
Do not let me wait,
For a love that is bleak,
I know my eyes don’t sparkle,
Like the stars in the night,
Nor the spring of emotions,
That keeps your life a light.

You don’t need to look back,
My heart can still breathe,
Do not even dare peek,
If it will eventually bleed,
Fly to the sun, the moon, the stars,
Dare not wish for my weary arms,
Leave me as I am, broken in grief,
I promise, this pace, will be brief.

Slap me with the truth and I will say you indeed loved me. Drown me in lies and I'll curse your existence. Or maybe---I'm just in denial, that love is indeed cruel or I am just unlucky. (I am not putting words in your mouth--just tell me you don't like me)

Sometimes---we just don't like pain---do you know your defense mechanism in love?
C531 Aug 31

To lame to stand how I feel I press my lips to this glass filled with forget and I swallow deep.

Standing in nothing but a t-shirt, alone in this big empty house I take solace in this glass to numb the pain within.

But as the music changes a song that reminds me of you starts playing. (How Ironic wouldnt you say)

I close my eyes tightly... tense up...try to fight it... but before I know it my body is a slave to this beat and it makes my body come alive.

My hand grazes my bare thighs and and I lose myself just briefly....
I pause as I remember how good it felt when you touched me.

I remember the electricity and how you use to look at me. God, the chemistry...moments later your face appears so clear and perfect in my mind.

"Oh god, I hate this!" I think, as I press into the counter top behind me. I try my hardest to stop thinking about you but memories of you are coming in waves and im being swept away.

I cant help but imagine what it felt like when youd slide your hands to wrap around god, the safest I ever felt.

I ache for you.

These memories are torment.

Tears stream down my flushed cheeks.

I bring my hand to my lips and I'm lost again. I imagine bringing your lips to mine and how much of a rush it was each time. You were intoxicating. Kissing you was like a drug I could never kick. Always wanting more. Entangled in eachother. Hold tight, each moment I did. Never wanting it to end. Kissing in such synchronisation. Kissing you was nothing but second nature.

But I fight it, I try and shake it off, to shake you off, and your face disappears brielfy and my hips begin to sway falling slave again to our perfect song. To the beat of my favorite song. The song about us.

I dont know how you do it. I dont know how you forget such an addicting thing we had. But you did and I'm lost with only memories now. Memories I have to bury. Because they give me so much pleasure but they also bring so much pain.

John Emil Sep 12

Umiiyak sa  bandang huli
Nang masagot ang tanging tanong
Natinago ng ilang taon
Mga nararamdamang itinabi

Akala ko magiging okey pagsinabi
At ipinagtapat na walang pagaalinlangan
Ang nararamdaman ng puso't isipan
Ngunit akoy nagkamali

Dahil kamiy ipinagtagpo ng mali
Sa panahong may ibang nagmamay-ari
At nakatali sa mga na unang pangako
Nabinitawan sa inakalang mahalaga na tao

Kayat itoy nasagot ng masasakit na patak
At  naiwan ang pusong wasak
Dahil ipinilit na ipinagtapat
Ang nararamdaman na higit pa sa sapat na di dapat

ryan Sep 12

spite is simply in my nature
you show me your back and ill show you the knife
i give you the most genuine of my fake smiles
to gain your trust for my agenda and nothing more
and if i begin to feel bad dont worry
it wont last
instead, i cut it off and continue moving
going and going going going
spreading sickly sweet fake smiles
and half truths and things that look and feel like good intentions
"they could never hurt anyone theyre far too kind"
if only they could feel the serrated edge in their spine
as they continue to love and praise me

im. not a good person
Shruti Gauba Sep 11

The winds of winter are cold.
The snowflakes fall and freeze,
upon a world that's even colder,
than the coldest winter breeze.
This world is dark and bitter,
It taught us to cut our wings,
to use people whom we should love,
and rather love all useless things.
But even snowflakes have the courage
to fall in this world, and melt,
than giving up to its coldness
and spread the warmth it never felt.
So can't you be a little sowflake,
can't you be like melting snow,
that ends a cold today
and brings a warmer tomorrow?

John Emil Sep 10

Ika'y aking minahal
Higit pa sa aking buhay
Hininga't tibok ng puso'y ikaw
Sinisigaw ng puso't isipan habang buhay

Biglang mundo ko'y nagbago
Nang ako'y iyong biglang iniwan sa dulo
Tumakbo ka ng palayo at ako'y natirang na katayo
Sa mundong ating pinangarap at pinaghirapang mabuo

Ilang araw akong nagpakagago
Para tuloyang makalimot sayong pangluluko
Katahimikan at pighati aking naramdaman
Kaya't ako ay naghihingalo sa dulo

Ika'y may ngiti sa mata
Habang ako'y nakakadama ng kirot sinta
Basag na puso aking palaging dala
Gusto ko nang bumangon at makahanap ng iba

Magmamahal ng taong makakasama
Mula umpisa hanggang dulo sinta
Kaya't maghihintay sa isang ikaw
Nabubuo ng aking mga araw

Anivel Aidan Sep 9

I chased so many sunsets trying to forgive her.
But I don't think I ever will.
I know I will never forget
the lesson I learned
from trying so hard
to be accepted,
from giving my all
until I have nothing left.
Her name will always leave a bitter taste off my tounge.
But I've accepted it.
After all, you can't taste sweetness until you taste bitterness.

Before we made up.
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