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long stretches of disappointing time
have turned you blind
to your dreams

well, in this time i have grown my vision
now i play life’s game
with better timing and precision

blind as you are
you’ll trip on your past convictions
flat on your face, full of regret

i pray
i don’t become blind
the older i get

resume to live by my unwise heart
manoeuvre to where
my unsure mind sees best

and this is how i see i’ll win,
where you have lost,
in the cruel game of life

(3 O’s in a row. I win!)

is my youth
my fall

and i’m unawarely
walking down the same blinding path
as you

will i see
that i’m blind
life has got me outplayed and i lost?
Dreaming is a necessity. Like everything necessity, it’s your responsibility to preserve it from it being stolen, even if the theft is life…
hazem al jaber Jul 2021
O lady ...

o lady ...
stole my heart ...
and not got enough ...
from me ...
she stole also ...
my mind ...
seconds by seconds ...
all the time ...
as the sun every once ...
steals the day from the moon ...
and to keep do ...
day by day ...
all the time ...
as also the moon do ...
with no bore ...

yes lady mine ...
you always do ...
dancing within my mind ...
as the trees dances happily ...
with a soft slight breeze ...
at every morning ...
to make our morning ...
wonderful sweet ...
loving day ...
to give us ...
the great beats ...
that my heart longs for ...
and it only ...
longs for you ...

O lady ...
lady mine ...
you stole me all ...

hazem al ...
Single story
Raining Pouring
Window broken
Hearts are storming
Lifeless floating
Stopping nothing
Everything going
Raining pouring
Raining pouring
Karijinbba May 2021
Hilton- Travel lodge-95.
Jealousy is a very damaging
emotion. My family all dead
by jealous men and women
I avoid jealous people.

I was furious with your
call girl jealousy stunt card.
just not to tears with
a woman crawling to you!.
You deserve much better.
You deserved me.
Loving you eternally.

As for your heart diamond ring
promised for my tears
hiding in your coat pocket!  
I can't cry in jealousies for it.
Couldn't you bend your knee
To put it on my finger?
O it wasn't in the script!

I meant asking you to though,
In the pre nuptial agreement.
Sorry I didn't bleed for that too.
Now look here eons later.
See my lifeline roped in sadness.

The trails of graves lined up
My many loved ones buried.
Our children never born then.
You left without asking!
But only misery and pain
I found.
 Jealousy greed malice
butcher human predators
were deadly treasure thieves too.
Butchers, twisted in laws
Childless Jealous baby snatchers.

As for Angelina ASG-BBA
and JPC- RDD
Lost and found,
groom sat bride me free.
"If you love someone,
very much, set beloved free
If dear one returnd
Is all yours, if not,
loved one never was."

We both missed our mark.
but darling beloved
Don't leave empty handed
Take me with you.
Take everything it's yours.
It belongs in your real world.
Take that old grassy hill dear one.
Those many treasures you buried,
left for me to harvest;
Script and all.
Take my children too.
I won't miss them
Not if you have them.
You are the best father
Best friend best teacher.
Best ghost companion to me.
Take my heart my brain too
my courage along
I need them not here in hell,
this unreal cursed world.
Physically alone.

Nothing makes sense here
You kept me company
all through this years
I understand you now
my misfortune is loving you.
Your promise my company.

"We'll always be together."
Twin flame souls.
By Karijinbba
All rights reserved
Are you lonesome tonight??
Elvis reminds me of you..
yann Feb 2021
I cant go to sleep
I swear I want to, swear I try, swear I did all the steps right
But you know what

There is only one body in this bed
And it's mine,
And it misses you
And it wishes it did not have to.
Unknown Jul 2020
Dear OCD,
You made me hate myself
You made me scared
You made me angry
You made me suicidal
You are not even a person
You are a chemical imbalance in my brain
In my mind
Feeding off my pain
And torture is your everything
You made me lock myself in my room scared of something i will never do
You made me nauseous
You made me inflict self harm
You made me so scared of my own beauty i couldn't even see through my own eyes
How beautiful and strong i am
Blinded by your words
i hated it
I hated your presence so much i even was ready to end it all
I am not alone
There are many like me in this world
I know now that you do not define me
You will never make me do these things
I do not fear you no more
I am tired of this fear
I am letting myself be happy whether or not you are here
My pure obsession
Dr Zik Apr 2020
I can see all things
You are transparent, O Lord
All things are opaque
Dr Zik's Poetry
An extract from Book: Simple Words
Poet: Dr Zafar Iqbal Khokhar
avery Oct 2019
I hate crush culture
I’m in love with a gay guy
And a straight girl
I’m in love with people who will never be with me
Because of a dumb thing like sexuality
I’ve tried to define my self but the closest I’ve gotten is that
i like people... just people.
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