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George Krokos Jan 29
When you show them love
then they will know what love is
not only just words.
Written in 2019.
George Krokos Jan 29
We can also have an inward recession
which may be due to some obsession.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's
George Krokos Jan 29
It seems that as long as we have all got some money to spend
there are those who their friendship in some degree will lend.
The value of people though isn’t due to their amount of coin
but what they have to offer to benefit others that will enjoin.
From "The Quatrains" on going writings since the early '90's
Jan 29 · 134
Home Cooking
George Krokos Jan 29
I recently cooked a meal to eat one night
and was surprised that it turned out right.
It didn't need many ingredients to add
for which I was thankful and very glad.

It provided nourishment to curb my hunger
that was then starting to sound like thunder
for my stomach was beginning to rumble
and the time getting late for me to grumble.

In particular like those who often go to sleep
on an empty stomach or unwanted fast keep.
It would seem as if they were avoiding crime
depending on their own situation at the time.

Many people keep a strict discipline with food
and by doing so enhance their own mood.
It has been said “one becomes what they eat'
which in turn will reflect on their life's feat.
Written in 2019
George Krokos Jan 29
No one around town likes a fly
and there's no need to question why.
It spreads germs all over the place
which in turn cause so much disgrace.

With living habits that aren't sound
it seems no one wants it around.
Cleanliness for it is absurd
because its food can be a ****.

When it lands on a person's skin
all their patience quickly wears thin.
They will try to brush it away
and doing so have a good day.

It's not for nothing that we hear
people saying things which are dear
like 'there are no flies on one's back'
meaning that person is not slack.

Woe to that insect called the fly
'cause on its demise none will cry.
Creatures like it on the food chain
are best ignored for they bring pain.

Though some creatures do feed on it
they've evolved stomachs that are fit.
They alone know what to expect
but which other forms will reject.
Written in 2019
Jan 29 · 107
Punishment And Reward
George Krokos Jan 29
Sometimes if we carefully observe what's going on in our life
we may notice a principle or system operating that is rife;
punishment and reward is that which seems to be going on
even though certain elements of it may be justifiably wrong.
It resembles the broader principle known as the Law of Karma
wherein or by which one can reap what they sow like a farmer.

The implications of this are taken advantage of by those who
wish to impose their own idea of justice or vengeance onto
anyone that goes against or crosses a certain line of their sphere
where they hold influence and consider it to be some place dear.
In many situations though the main reason is that out of jealousy
which prompts one with a warped mind to do an act of treachery.
Written in 2018
George Krokos Nov 2019
A person’s life in the world can sometimes take a tumble
which could mean they need to be a little bit more humble.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
George Krokos Nov 2019
To see a whole new world open up within one’s mind,
to make something out of nothing of an unlikely kind,
to go to another place that we’ve never been to before,
to realise our Self is what life’s really about and more.
Inspired by a poem written by William Blake, From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's
Nov 2019 · 142
Who's To Blame?
George Krokos Nov 2019
When water flows
downward it goes
and those around
rejoice the sound
from heaven's store
showers galore.

Farmers are pleased
their burdens eased
for crops shall grow
harvest will show
and dams get filled
scarcity killed.

Soils come alive
and start to thrive
moisture absorbed
below it's stored
to do the work
it doesn't shirk.

Nature's seasons
have their reasons
they come and leave
and don't deceive
when water flows
good it bestows.

The rains that fall
on parched land stall
drought in a place
and then may trace
a river's course
gravity's force.

It's not alright
to see the sight
of too much rain
that's come again
in a short time
and out of clime.

When water flows
but harm it shows
who is to blame
to change the game
and to restore
harmony's shore?
Written in 2019.
George Krokos Nov 2019
The love between us isn't as it ought to be
for true love is much deeper than the sea.
We both stay on the surface breathing air
but love dives deep in one's heart there.
We seem to give in diminishing returns
whereas love pours out more as it burns.

The problem lies in our incompatibility
and physical attraction we think is free.
Appearances can be very deceiving here
together with ignorance born out of fear.
We both desire and need the same thing
though for all we know it isn't as lasting.

We're so demanding in a shallow way
but love doesn't ask for things to play.
If love bothers us with a good reason
it's because of the time in due season.
Our lives are caught in an invisible net
and real love will draw us together yet.

Love and beauty often will go hand in hand
and there's nothing that they can't withstand.
Two people looking for love are sure to meet
no matter in what conditions they both greet.
The love and beauty they'll see in each other
will be like the kind found in any true mother.
We are all looking for unconditional love
that may only be found in the Divine above.
Written early in 2019.
Nov 2019 · 123
Introspective Thoughts
George Krokos Nov 2019
I listen to the wind
as it blows past my ears
to sense that it whispers
from afar some new cheers
that I've been expecting
for a while to receive
and to tell me plainly
without words to deceive,

I humbly bow my head
in a true spirit of
gratitude which conveys
a deep feeling of love
for the One who does seem
to be always close by
no matter where we be
dissolving fears that try.

I somehow know that all
will be well at the end
of one's life journey which
has been lived to contend
with those things that decry
people's efforts to live
honestly by the truth
and are able to give.

I consider the past
that we have all been through
and has brought us here now
for the present time view
which leads to the future
showing us many paths
we cannot all follow
but have their aftermaths.

I look inside my mind
at the darkness to see
the light of my spirit
that comes at times to me
recognising the state
of my soul reflecting
on the outer life lived
but which needs directing.

I am very grateful
to the unseen power
that is a source of help
in hard times to shower
benevolence and grace
when futility reigns
and hopelessness is what
for some life here pertains.

I embrace all of life
with the wonders it has
and ours for the seeking
though they must be seen as
belonging to us all
without attachment to
a selfish attitude
when they're found by a few.
Written late in 2018.
George Krokos Aug 2019
The illumination at the centre of being shines very bright
and one who becomes enlightened can witness the sight.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
George Krokos Aug 2019
You are The Divine Living Ocean and I am an empty cup
with Thy Holy Waters of Life please come and fill me up.
You’re the only One Who can really quench all my thirst
of Thy life giving waters allow me to drink and not burst.
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Aug 2019 · 383
Words of The Master
George Krokos Aug 2019
The master was known to be so very kind
and spoke directly to one's heart and mind.
He would communicate by saying things
that touched deeply on one's soul strings.
All were amazed at the depth of wisdom
which was given with a sense of freedom.
Sitting in his presence was an art in itself
where one could imbibe things of the Self.

This knowledge seemed to be freely given
with the end result of enlightenment driven.
All seemed to be elevated to an awareness
of direct experience by the grace of fairness
radiating from the presence of the master
who just sat there and spoke not of disaster
but of good tidings that were for the benefit
of those concerned in body, mind and spirit.

At times when he spoke he gave a sample
from life situations inspired by example
to cause one to reflect, wonder at the depth
of direct knowledge in which he was adept.
He would also relate some inspiring story
taken from certain scriptures or of history
that was for the most part so full of meaning
to make the message given more appealing.

Like the One who spoke in parables long ago
he would so speak for those around to know.
Such were the words of the master as spoken
which had the effect on any who were broken
uplifting and helping them all there to realise
that hope had replaced despair in their eyes.
The words of the master are keys to freedom
that open one's heart and mind with wisdom.
Written early in 2918.
Aug 2019 · 551
Wrinkles In The Mind
George Krokos Aug 2019
From a very early age we start to form some wrinkles in our mind
with all of those impressions we gather in life of an unusual kind.
It's those things we think, believe, say and do as we live and grow
that form the basis of our problems of which maturity does show.

Especially all of those wrong thoughts, beliefs, words and actions
indulged in that cause or bring about much of our dis-satisfactions.
Very often we don't really know or understand what's for own good
and hold onto those things that we need to let go of which we could.

We all become attached to certain things that so form our behaviour
which can cause all those problems we seek help for from a saviour.
Whether it's to do with some physical, emotional or mental distress
we often wonder how we find ourselves to be in such a current mess.

Too much of a good thing that seems to be alright for a period of time
may only start the ball rolling towards an unlikely or unhealthy clime.
And as we tend to give in to so many temptations each and every day
our mind develops wrinkles that over time come to plague us and stay.

We're all usually born with what is known as a clean slate of a mind
that's gradually filled up by things as we live, grow and learn we find;
particularly with regard to the circumstances that come with our birth
and family situations through our parents on this planet called Earth.

There are also things that come to us unexpectedly as we all live
which may cause various problems and even some setbacks give.
But it's really how we handle and cope with what life throws at us
and take advantage of any opportunities that will result in our plus.

The wrinkles in the mind which may form during the course of life
have the hidden or likely potential to cause someone a lot of strife.
Especially when they're formed in the mind of one at an early age
and aren't smoothed out by the one concerned at some later stage.

They resemble the grooves on a vinyl recording that are played with
a record player's needle passing over them producing the sound pith
of recorded music or song that have been damaged by some means
playing the same part over repeatedly and its progress contravenes.
Written in July 2018. Please see also another recently posted poem titled: "The Wound That Took Ages To Heal" which is also posted on HP.
George Krokos Aug 2019
This is a true story which might be distressing for some people
and hopefully may also be a kind of help or revelation for others.
It was like a cut or rift in the soul which seemed to be fuelled by anxiety and the sometimes innocent presence of others where the sufferer or victim would mostly come out second best or worse still, as with a sense of loss, going away with the feeling of anguish knowing that one had somehow absorbed sponge-like all the negative vibes and crap of those who were close by or there around regardless of who or what they were and then later on having to pay the price alone by taking it out on themselves with the almost near endless and uncontrollable self expunging torture of the bad habit.

A living daily hell of pain and self doubt, lacking that much needed acquired gift of self confidence and assurance that all would be well in the hope of the future where one could look back here on the current situation or malady like a bad dream and perhaps even laugh thinking how could that have been happening at all and the causes of it, if there were any, so that it could be reversed for one to make amends or at least be normal again and not have to go through this problem any more which in some ways very much resembled the taking on of someone else's curse where no matter what one did to get rid of the **** problem they were confronted with, it always kept coming back at them like some merciless relentless demon that wouldn't stop until it stopped.

Only then would there be peace or a semblance of it after coming to one's senses by sensing the extent of the damage caused by the feverish non-stop action of the bad habit which they didn't want or need to do; thinking or even saying to themselves with anger or utter frustration that this has to stop once and for all and then regretfully attempting to cover up or hide the all so obvious affected area that was the result of the distressful action which targeted that prominent part of the body indiscriminately and then having to get rid of all the evidence and now useless pieces which once covered and formed that well rounded part of their body wondering with stark curiosity if anyone else in the world had the same condition that didn't seem likely to go away. Or, even for that matter, if one could have a period of time, for it to heal long enough for them to make some recovery and be able to get on with their life, whatever that now meant or was; at least to live and prove to themselves that they were in control of it; and if all the so called powers that be would grant them some kind of reprieve from whatever the hell was causing the problem to continue without any clear purpose other than that of self abasement and an apparent denial of their own worth and potential which was their precious birthright which many people would call, say and affirm to be a God given existence and inheritance where no one had the right to take it away from anyone else regardless of whatever had happened in the dim past, being now more or less forgotten, not having any real or tangible reality other than that which one thought it may have in their mind and soul by a deep psychological wound like that of perhaps a post traumatic disorder where the original harm of whatever happened in the past still lingered in some way and had not been treated or healed.

Yet there were days, weeks and even months that would go by seemingly and  surprisingly relatively free of the problem but it would gradually once again find its way back to wreak more havoc and dismay on the already fragile life of the individual who had been suffering for most of their life with the unusual condition in a shroud of silence unseen except by those who were helpless to do anything about it only to ask questions of why and how was it going on, not really suspecting for one moment that they themselves were contributing to the ongoing pain and anguish of the person suffering with the above illness and were also somehow partly responsible for the cause both mentally and physically of the condition called or known in medical terms as “….............”, a form of ADHD, which was also known as the “Trickster” because whether one liked it or not and regardless of what one did to avoid doing the **** thing, it would sooner or later find its way back to plague those who were afflicted even though they knew that it was something they didn't want or need to have anything to do with at all.

Healing eventually came gradually after that person's immediate family had passed away when living by themselves for a few years but still in the same house where all the action had been taking place previously over most of the years, though it even occurred elsewhere as well irrespective of where they would go but seemed to abate for a while at least when away from the rest of the family and other people, and it also seemed upon reflection that it came as a blessing or some kind of reprieve from beyond the grave because for one thing there was no one else around to thwart one's effort or self determination to stop and live a normal life without the intermittent and unwanted action of the self debasing bad habit when the person afflicted then began taking some Chinese nutritional supplement that they had originally bought for the well being of a relative who had passed away a few years before, of which packaged contents were found partly unused and stored away in an area on the kitchen bench.

Another factor which contributed to the healing of the deep psychological wound was the use of, it seems, various powerful brain hacking software in the form of binaural sounds that some entrepreneurs, pioneers of a new science of awareness, had discovered, developed and made available under different guises with their own creative genius or interpretation, which had to be listened to by using a set of headphones with eyes closed as in meditation and under specific instructions that the user was not to do anything else while listening at some convenient time of the day or night, and to drink some water before and after the session, whenever they could find the necessary time to undergo the building of new neural pathways between the right and left hemispheres of the brain which was emphasised as being the beneficial action taking place by listening to these sounds that were played together and along with other relaxing music to avoid the monotony of the repetitive nature of the binaural beats or sounds in the form of mainly: alpha, beta, theta, delta, and gamma wavelengths that represented the normal and deeper levels or layers of consciousness that were scientifically proven to exist by years of research monitoring those who were in fact either Buddhist monks or some other neo, pro or non-denominational class of meditation practitioners that had participated in a scientific research program.
Sometimes healing comes by itself when a person learns how to be their own best friend and works with nature rather than against it away from exposure to unnecessary or overwhelming negative influences and undergoes that discipline which facilitates the much sought after healing response in a conducive environment.
Written early in 2018. Based on actual first hand experience. If anyone would like to find out more information on anything mentioned above or is seeking help for a similar personal problem or perhaps is trying to help someone else just let me know with a comment or send me a PM.
George Krokos Jun 2019
Under the cover of darkness people try and get away with many things
and then they may suffer the consequences or scorn this activity brings.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
George Krokos Jun 2019
Our ways in the world
can be darker than the night
without right guidance.
Written in 2018.
Jun 2019 · 288
A Long Lost Love
George Krokos Jun 2019
I fell in love and lost my heart
and that was why it tore apart.
The love given wasn't returned
by the one for whom it had yearned.

It all seemed so sad at the time
I often thought it was a crime.
But then I could be so naive
early in life's path to believe.

Nature's hand had dealt me a blow
and recovery was very slow.
Everyone I asked was futile
in answering to make me smile.

I sought for love in wrong places
and all I got was strange faces;
looking back at me with contempt
'cause in their heart love was exempt.

Rejection is a dreadful thing
and everyone has felt its sting.
A love you may feel for someone
is best experienced as fun.

Never force love on another
even if they're a real brother
You'll just draw them further away
and who knows what else is at play.
Written early in 2019
Jun 2019 · 271
Why The Reef is Dying
George Krokos Jun 2019
I know what is killing the reef*
the bureaucrats are just lying
they know why it's coming to grief
and, before its time's up, dying.

When you consider just how much
is being made through tourist trade
those ill effects of human touch
you'll understand what evil's made.

Sure, there are other things as well
it would be foolish to deny
and of ignorance not to tell
but the main one is a fare's pry.

The reef's a large ecosystem
that's been here for millions of years
many creatures from it do stem
human pollution gives no cheers.

The wonders by sight that it gives
won't allow a stone left unturned
causing harm to it as it lives;
another problem by man churned.

Nature's real gauge of climate change
has now been rising steadily
making the weather appear strange
and the reef languishing to be.

It will be required for a while
to leave it alone and help it
recover from the human guile
that's only destroying to wit.

If we don't recognise this truth
or cause of the problem at hand
it would only deny our youth
of them ever seeing it grand.

Too much of a good thing can be
turned into something bad for all
if those involved but fail to see
the damage caused and so forestall.

Just think of what life would be like
if we could now do something to
prevent such a disastrous hike
but failed to act or carry through.
To reverse the trend, where possible, of an adverse condition or situation
we must take certain specific opposite measures with due consideration.
S.O.#128 © 2019 George Krokos
*Note: Reef = The Great Barrier Reef off the coast of north east Australia is one of the great  natural wonders of the world.
Written in late May 2019.
George Krokos Mar 2019
The depth of space isn't really confined
but along with infinity it is defined.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
George Krokos Mar 2019
It has been said that ‘the Spirit of God moves in mysterious ways’
and that those whom it touches are blessed throughout their days.
It also makes them say and do many wonderful or miraculous things
which then confirms the saying that ‘Heaven on earth down it brings’.
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Mar 2019 · 344
About The Timekeeper
George Krokos Mar 2019
I often wonder just who is the timekeeper of this our world
when something happens that seems to be out of the ordinary.
Even if it's only commonplace without much flair or sparkle
and whenever something begins or ends in our life's journey.

Some people may call it karma or destiny that is operating
and is the underlying principle or basic law of the universe.
But whatever happens requires an agent to set it in motion
whether done with intelligence or ignorance, good or evil.

An awareness to choose what options are available to take
and the motive or intention behind what someone decides
to do for whatever reason they may have at that point in time
seems to be one likely answer to the main question proposed.

Everything has a beginning and an ending in space and time
even the very fabric of space and time itself won't forever last
as it itself is subject to the will of an indescribable infinite force
and almighty existence which expresses itself as all the universe.

The timekeeper though, I think, wouldn't measure everything
that happens by the passage of time as such because as it is
It wouldn't be aware of anything else except itself to know;
only perhaps in a fantastic dream of its imagination on show.

Where it would have control over the extent of the dream
because it would all be happening within its own being
without any external influence to hinder it or otherwise
in the manifestation of this sport and play of the universe.

And as we are all made in the image of this Creator we have
been given free choice to do as we wish within certain limits
because we all live inside the infinite existence of His dream
and witness the ever changing aspects of that Glorious Power.

In fact we're all a part of that Glory and Power and use it to
create and manifest dreams within our own world or universe
with the extent of the imagination we're capable of realising
in our journey or progress within the fabric of space and time.
I would like to know just what is meant by the keeper of time
and the reason why any action doesn't stay around as a rhyme.
Unless of course one makes an effort to capture the moment
that may come about in time unexpectedly out of the foment.
Written early in 2018. A bit of a long ramble on time and the apparent keeping of it by the Creator if in fact this does happen at all.
Mar 2019 · 407
The Taoist's Schema
George Krokos Mar 2019
Embrace tiger, return to mountain
and get refreshment at a fountain.
In solitude and meditation
doubts are cleared by realisation.

The cares of the world are so many
one can't afford to bring back any;
although they help when called to do so
with what for others they have to know.

As yin and yang play their parts so well
those stories of the old one's do tell.
They're never alone in this struggle
and must also know how to juggle.

Advance and retreat each time they go
to share that knowledge of the Tao.
Written early in 2017. Based on my study and thoughts about Taoism.
Mar 2019 · 318
Prospecting for Love
George Krokos Mar 2019
I am prospecting for love in the chamber of the heart
and if love is to be found there I'll have done my part.
How deep will I have to go depends on that ground
in which buried is a love so many say is to be found.

How can I be sure when it's so dark and cold in there
without any light or warmth to see or feel seems bare.
I'll have to strike at any dying embers of love for You
that I carry with me always which once felt to be true.

Time and neglect should've extinguished them by now
but it seems they're still smouldering inside somehow.
With the fuel of desire awakened thinking of You again
those flames of love may rise and glow once more then.

The gold nugget of Your love is to be found in the heart
one has to look deeply in there and make a sincere start.
There's no real way of telling just how far one has to go
'till the light and warmth of Your love is experienced so.

Sensations rise up within along the spine to one's crown
where a light appears to the inner gaze fixed in that town
of the space between the two eyes in one's mind where
darkness is usually seen but now gets dispersed in there.
Written early in 2018. A mystical and spiritual expression of a journey in a poem.
George Krokos Dec 2018
Like a reflected shadow appearance and deception
is really this endless universe of God's conception.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
George Krokos Dec 2018
It’s said that ‘a change is as good as a holiday’
though a holiday might be better than a change.
This depends really on one’s attitude some say
or what appeals to the person who is to arrange.
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Dec 2018 · 293
On Meditation
George Krokos Dec 2018
Sit in silence and have a break
from everything when you're awake.
Take some time and be by yourself
then you might even improve health.
If this is done regularly
you'll enjoy life more happily.

Close your eyes to then look within
at the darkness that's consuming.
Just observe the thoughts which arise
don't get involved with all their lies.
Seek the light of your Spirit Soul
and it will lead you to the Goal.
Written in 2018.
A simple little guide to meditation for this time of the year and any other time as well.
Dec 2018 · 288
About The Inner Voice
George Krokos Dec 2018
(2 couplets)
Beware of the voice that you may hear within
isn't a ravening demon or some ill departed kin.
Make sure that the inner voice which you hear
isn't one that is causing doubt, worry and fear.
Written early in 2018.
Dec 2018 · 240
The 'New Age' Traveller
George Krokos Dec 2018
He carefully watches what food he's chosen to eat
avoiding those things his standards don't really meet;
he doesn't eat any meat, fish, eggs or other seafood
as they represent nourishment from a killing mood.
Yes, he's a strict vegetarian and a borderline vegan
with convictions that seem to go beyond all reason.
He also doesn't drink any type of animal derived milk;
as it isn't considered fit for consumption by human ilk.
He usually only has at the most just two meals a day
often getting by with only one for both work and play.
He conserves energy by the discipline of body and mind
and is a lot better off for it than all of those ordinary kind.

The ideals that he lives by are above the mundane breed
unwilling to compromise them with those below his creed.
Knowing from past experience the vagaries of the mind and heart
being confirmed on a daily basis by all the reported news in part.
Too much casual association with ordinary people he tries to avoid
and would rather go seek those whom he has previously enjoyed.
He also doesn't drink, smoke, gamble or indulge in sensual pleasures
as those activities aren't conducive to sustaining heavenly treasures.
Maintaining thereby a clean heart, mind and body living in the world
because they're the main objectives by which human life has unfurled.

He tries not to hurt any fellow creature by either thought, speech or action
and extends a good will to all with or without their returning satisfaction.
With silence, solitude, study and meditation he practices a daily routine;
seeing into the darkness of closed eyes what few others have ever seen.
All the mainstream religions he acknowledges and respects but doesn't really follow
regarding them as stepping stones by which a better life is had if one's own is hollow.
What he does believe in is in fact the One Eternal Truth which is common to all
of an Infinite Supreme Being and Existence that underlies and supports them all.
The very nature of life he comprehends and perceives as a long or short journey
all creatures have to make with their own vehicle of a body that is evolutionary
while they find their way back home to that source of all being and existence
within the creation of this world in which they all do struggle for subsistence.

He considers that there are five main stages of life in all the universe and creation
regarding them to be formation, evolution, reincarnation, involution and realisation
that every soul creature has to go through as it becomes more evolved and aware
of the purpose and goal of existence in which it finds itself travelling somewhere.
Though only as a human being this soul creature can complete and realise the goal
having to undergo many tribulations nevertheless on the way in its existential role.
The soul of course is the creature which evolves through an infinity of forms
and is a unit of eternal existence that so underlies and supports all the norms;
starting from the very basic level of life at the primordial stage which is seen
then evolves and develops into a higher form until it becomes a human being.
This unit of eternal existence is the divine spirit or essence of every soul made
and carries with it a true image or status of its own immaculate original grade;
which is why every creature has to sleep and return to some unconscious state
being the very source or image of its original divine nature to there recuperate.

In that state of unconsciousness which is experienced as nothing in sleep
is the place where originally everything has come from and is very deep.
So deep in fact that it's really unfathomable and impossible to comprehend
unless one gains that inner Light of knowledge and love of the Enlightened.
That Light then serves as a supernatural body or beacon to plumb the depth
of one's spirit which is non other than the image of God within the dark kept.
This Light which is also known as “the Blue Pearl” is indeed a blessed sight
and if one can keep on seeing it then there's no more blind darkness of night.
Written in 2017 and inspired somewhat by the appellations given to a contributing poet or writer on another website depending on how much stuff  one has managed to post there, It's also about some of the philosophy which has been the focus of the last 40 years or so of my life.
George Krokos Oct 2018
Substance and its illusion
is the basis of confusion.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's
George Krokos Oct 2018
I can see you but do you really see me?
How can you know what it’s like to be?
Surface impressions can be so very deceiving
if the onlooker is by a narrow mind perceiving.
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's
Oct 2018 · 263
Is It Something or What?
George Krokos Oct 2018
I seem to be looking for something that is hard to find
Is it love or just something else deep within my mind?
Whatever it may be has now got me somehow going
and what I'll end up finding could be nothing knowing.

Is it some kind of a feeling or notion that something is missing
perhaps a thing that I've recently lost and I'm just reminiscing?
Something I need to do that needs to be done soon or otherwise
which is at the back of my mind bugging me so now in disguise.
Written in 2018.
Oct 2018 · 334
To An Accidental Parent
George Krokos Oct 2018
Are you an accidental parent in the world today
when there's so much uncertainty about at play?
People are so caught up in the lusts of the flesh
and don't really know how to escape this mesh.

They fall headlong into a premature parenthood
and don't allow things to unfold as they should.
Sure, nature has a way and takes its own course
but are we not all a victim of some blind force?

It starts at puberty and right through adolescence
there's a really strong urge involved with essence.
Our bodies undergo transformation into adulthood
there's no way around it; all are subject to the mood.

Also, there is so much ignorance in the world today
embedded in the minds of most people in such a way.
They can't see themselves when being taken for a ride
ending with an unwanted burden they're unable to hide.

If they follow those ways of the common throng
it will only lead them into a place that is wrong.
And if revolving around the centre of their groins
they go against the advice 'to gird up one's *****'.

However, this may happen without much thought
and they find themselves very often being caught.
Especially if there are two willing to fulfil desires
that between them both aren't what Love inspires.

For Love has a lower cousin which is called lust
those who are much controlled by it can go bust.
It doesn't matter then who you may happen to be
lust over Love has made a stand, we do now see.
Written early in 2018.
I hope that this poem is not taken to be mocking any person who find themselves in such a state because it can happen to just about anyone.
Oct 2018 · 272
Love In Measured Dozes
George Krokos Oct 2018
I've had some thought of writing about love in measured dozes
and how it could be applied in daily life for therapeutic poses,
where love is generated in certain amounts and directed to one
for them to use it for recovery purposes once they have begun.

It wouldn't matter at all what the ailment or condition might be
the love generated for such purposes would be used medically,
in the treatment and cure of just about any known life disease
where a patient or those suffering received right love to please.

We could debate and argue about the implications and scope
of what this would mean for one who didn't have much hope
of ever getting better or to living life without further distress
once they would come under the regimen called love's caress.

Take for example someone accustomed in life only to hate
and how love would turn things around for them to abate
those feelings toward their fellow human beings that stave
or so impede any beneficial relationship they might crave.

Even a genuine simple smile or a random act of kindness
would go a long way or could be used in such a boldness
to make an initial impression on one who was so in need
or show them that love was what they're missing indeed.

So then, a look, a wink or even a gentle loving touch
could also be employed with a positive effect as such
like the unconditional love in life of a caring mother
towards her children suffering in one way or another.

The wisdom of love applied in such ways wouldn't ever be
found to be wasted or seen to have anything unnecessary
that could do harm to anyone receiving a treatment of love
as the real source of it we know comes from heaven above.
Written early in 2018.
George Krokos Sep 2018
The pulse of all the universe is the vibration of Om
the primal sound of the Creator it manifested from.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's
Note: Om = Amen
George Krokos Sep 2018
You are in the thunder and in the lightning
it seems at times You’re so very frightening.
And if sometimes by nature we get scared out of our wit
it’s a way You have to remind us by Thy grace to submit.
From "The Quatrains"  ongoing writings since the early '90's
George Krokos Sep 2018
I often wonder where this is to be found
  if not within one's soul that's earth bound.
  One must pierce the darkness of the mind
  to find Heaven's treasure therein of a kind.
A "titled" stand alone quatrain written in 2018
Sep 2018 · 293
Seductive Words
George Krokos Sep 2018
I've read the letter but I'm not really impressed
the words used aren't from the heart expressed.
It's very likely an attempt to say what you think
rather than what you feel which makes it stink.
You haven't seduced me by what you've just said
and I will never come around to lay in your bed.
I'll remain at a distance to wonder at the thought
how anyone could ever with you now be caught.
You must say what you feel, mean what you say
time passes quickly and moves into another day.
When that love in our hearts has fully awakened
only then will we know that both of us are taken.
We could easily try to find some other reason
but the flower of love blossoms in due season.
Written early in 2018
Sep 2018 · 343
The Illusion of Not Seeing
George Krokos Sep 2018
To those who have all gone before
what did they have each to explore?
but their own existence in a world
from which all of life had unfurled.

Many lived and died for some cause
but so many others only had a pause
of living just for themselves it seems
not able to realise any good dreams.

By fear and doubt they were so caught
within their mind no light they sought.
Always watching that changing show
going on about them outside to flow.

They didn't attempt to find the source
from where things had come of course.
And thinking that there wasn't a power
which all things in creation did shower.

They doubted the existence of a Being
so awesome which their eyes not seeing
caused them to disbelieve all those who
had witnessed that evidence to be true.

There have also been many others as well
who went against what conscience did tell
to do the right thing whenever they could
and to their fellow human beings do good.

This would only just start a chain reaction
and seem to be for each one's satisfaction.
But this was all really their main delusion
by which they were caught in an illusion.

The origin and underlying purpose of it all
has a very different reason one may recall.
It's by drowning in the Ocean of True Being
one can rise above the illusion of not seeing.
Written early in 2018
George Krokos Jul 2018
The reality of any situation is a balance of subjective and objective cognition
which generally depends very much on one’s experience and predisposition.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's
George Krokos Jul 2018
Self effort and grace is what true religion is about
and both in life nobody can ever really do without.
They are the two wings of our soul which allow it to soar
and the means by which we can all reach Heaven’s shore.
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's
Jul 2018 · 329
Ode To The Dust
George Krokos Jul 2018
O dust! you settle down naturally on any exposed surface
over a period of time it seems without much of a purpose
other than to indicate that some time has obviously passed
as before there on we observed a brighter sheen was cast.

You also seem to appear and come down out of nowhere
because of the fact that you're an insignificantly small fare
nobody around suspects the character of your real nature
or questions how and why you are made; of what stature.

People will say that you are of certain air-borne particles
which are picked up and carried around like some articles
and deposited where fate has destined them to be placed
on any exposed surface that their presence has disgraced,

This may be true to a point but isn't an absolute or final answer
as you are so fine and small it begs one to delve much further;
if the atmosphere of the earth supports all life as we know it
then it too must be a living thing and the dust just proves it.

Particularly in respect of each living thing producing its own waste
the atmosphere itself being so pervasive can't be dismissed in haste
because it too would have to live and feed on whatever sustains it
and leave behind most of the dust as excreta as a justification of it.

The question one could ask next is what would the atmosphere live on?
and the answer might just be whatever is available such as energy from
the sun, stars and space itself which are all parts of the cosmic sea above
along with the earth and its oceans that it envelopes as a protective glove.

However it is noted that no dust settles on an exposed surface in a vacuum
because there's no atmosphere apparently there we would have to presume
hence all of space itself isn't some kind of great vacuum but a living entity
we've come to call the Universe being the body of God the Eternal Verity.
Written in 2017
George Krokos Jul 2018
I feel like I've been stretching the boundaries of our love
and this has left us wondering just how far we can shove
the real gift of life which brings so many people together
helping them get through the vicissitudes of the weather.

You must know the feeling as well and wonder about it too
because it doesn't seem to be anything we could say is new.
This relationship of ours is held together by a slender thread
though at times it resembles being nothing more than dead.
written in 2018
Jul 2018 · 246
Just A Passing Note
George Krokos Jul 2018
We may not be around for much longer
so I would just like you to know
our love for each other will be stronger
and many wonderful things show.

We'll always think highly of each other
no matter where we may then be
respecting ourselves and so not bother
as those would who are never free.
Written in 2017
George Krokos Jun 2018
If you’ve got a letterbox you’ll end up getting junk mail
which will usually be on a weekly basis and without fail.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's
George Krokos Jun 2018
No one should try and bite off more than what they can ever chew
because they’ll get themselves into difficulties if and when they do.
Everybody usually tries to get by with what they each can score
but sometimes their greed backfires on them if they go for more.
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's
Jun 2018 · 321
Haiku #3 - Silver Screen
George Krokos Jun 2018
On the silver screen
where it most likely was seen
a black and white film.
Written early 2018
Jun 2018 · 345
The Past Year in Review
George Krokos Jun 2018
Another year has just gone by and what seems to have happened there
is that someone has forced me to incur a bad debt by deception's flare.
That's how it seems to me now with some people who're waiting to see
what they are entitled to get in this multi sided settlement and spree.
Some evil people have a way of getting what they want and are after
even if it means deception, in breaking the law or by causing disaster.

They must be brought to justice to face the consequences of their action
only then can I rest and prevent them getting away with any satisfaction.
The problem here is that, one of the suspects is the next door neighbour
while the other being someone who could do another offence to savour.
Written early 2018.
Jun 2018 · 296
An Apology
George Krokos Jun 2018
I have nothing more to give you now
but don't let this be a hindrance vow
We both seem to be at our wits end
and with our limitations to contend.

While some others may give at will
I won't follow them in their thrill
putting quantity over quality here
and try to impress just to be near.

It may seem as if I'm making excuses
but the fact is that this only confuses
when all our expectations go too far
and our feelings those situations mar.

Please be patient and you will then see
how it'll all work out and so better be.
My faith in this matter does here now rest
in the Glory and Power which knows best.
Written in 2017.
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