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I just don't seem to get enough of Your love
which is a matter I need to remind You of;
life in the world is not the best at this time
there is so much going on that's like crime.

The pandemic unleashed is still causing pain
though some people are finding ways to gain;
it seems human ingenuity comes to the fore
as channels are opened up for some to explore.
Written in early 2022.
The earth is changing
into a turbulent world
by man's heedlessness
A haiku written in late 2021.
It’s liquid or water that always flows
and so in a downward direction goes.
Though never upward is also well known
unless by evaporation or force it’s thrown.
This may not be entirely true as water can also stay in one place and become stagnant but initially it would've had to flow or fall into that place and then begins the slow process of evaporation.
From 'The Quatrains' ongoing writings since the early 90's
There's a light that one can see within the darkness of their mind
a glorious radiance which can be seen with love and tears to bind.
From 'Simple Observations' ongoing writings since the early 90's.
George Krokos Apr 10
Sugar and spice
and some things nice;
are not too good
to have as food.
1. Refined carbohydrates: in the form of
    a. white sugar
    b. white flour
    c. white rice
(avoid the above or anything made with them as much as you possibly can)
2. Cigarette Smoke
3. Soft Drinks
4. Alcoholic Drinks
5. Junk Food
6. Common Table Salt
7. Bad Company
8. Sedentary Lifestyle
9. Food Additives: in the form of
    a. artificial colors and flavors
    b. preservatives
10. Overindulgence in ***
11. Not enough sleep
My little take on certain things to avoid as or in food and even beyond. The proof is in the pudding; though some things are said to be OK taken in moderation, but their continual consumption / participation in can be a cause for addiction leading to chronic health conditions - both physical and mental.
George Krokos Nov 2023
Where small minds gather there is bound to be
trouble brewing and people who don't see.
From 'Simple Observations' ongoing writings since the early 90's.
George Krokos Nov 2023
When the loss of a loved one causes you much grief
and so you can’t for a while seem to find any relief,
it’s very likely that you have been too long attached
and possessiveness must now be in ways dispatched.
From 'The Quatrains' ongoing writings since the early 90's
George Krokos Nov 2023
When mankind plays with
nature certain things go wrong
history does tell
A Senryu written late in 2021. Inspired by the Corona Virus and other catastrophic events of human history.
Nov 2023 · 672
Life at a Glance
George Krokos Nov 2023
Life is just a long or short journey,
for every creature in this world,
that includes birth, growth, death
and reincarnation or rebirth in the
One and only Infinite Being
of Eternal Conscious Existence or God,
where the main real objective and purpose of it is
for God to realize and know Himself,
through that of all of His
highest evolved forms in creation,
which are human beings,
be it any man or woman,
by a process of Involution and Realization
as being Omnipresent, Infinite and Eternal
and to experience,
for those who attain the goal;
which can only be attained here on the earth,
the infinite divine power, knowledge, love and bliss,
which are all the very essence and true nature
of That Indivisible and Unfathomable Creator.
Written Nov'2016. Inspired by an artist's painting that was commissioned by Meher Baba, a spiritual master of the 20th Century, to go with his book titled 'God Speaks' which is one of the 10 books listed that have really helped me to shape and inspire my life to understand the world and the hidden spiritual path that all human beings are indeed traveling on.
George Krokos Nov 2023
With the moon and sun
nature's quite remarkable
on both all wonder
Written in 2021
George Krokos Nov 2023
.........and helped to shape your life.

I got this idea from another website a few years ago and thought it would be interesting to post here as well.

Name 10 books that have most inspired and helped to shape your life and if possible in a few words say why.

For me they have been:
1. Autobiography Of A Yogi (In fact all books by Paramahansa Yogananda)
2. New Testament (Including The Psalms and Proverbs)
3. The Bhagavad Gita
4. The Holy Science by Sri Swami Yukteswar - the guru of Yogananda
5. The Science Of Breath by Yogi Ramacharaka
6. Discourses by Meher Baba
7. God Speaks by Meher Baba
8. Play Of Consciousness by Swami Muktananda (also Siddha Meditation by the same author)
9. The Tao Of Physics by Fridjof Capra
10. Cosmic Consciousness by Richard M. Bucke

Not only did the above books inspire me but they also helped to shape my life by offering an alternative world view about a lot of things that we hardly ever hear about and namely that there is a real mystical path towards realization of the purpose and goal of one's life and the way to achieve that end. In effect I can literally say that they blew my mind and have formed a solid inspirational basis for some of the poetry and prose writings that I've posted on the internet over the last several years. There are however many other books which I have also read and studied over the years (by quite a few classical and mystical poets/writers) that come very close, but the 10 books that impressed and stand out most in my mind are those listed above.

What are the 10 books in your life?
Written back in 2015
Upon specific request a more detailed description will be given on any of the above titles. One may even find, needless to say, a description of each of the above titles on the internet.
George Krokos Nov 2023
When criminal activity at a place doesn't cease
all the people will never enjoy any lasting peace.
From 'Simple Observations' ongoing writings since the early 90's.
George Krokos Nov 2023
One may have to sacrifice a lot just to gain only little
and what this will demand would be a big committal.
But when one sacrifices a little and happens to gain a lot
it could be a very fortunate life which that person has got.
From 'The Quatrains' ongoing writings since the early 90's.
Nov 2023 · 490
Money And Water
George Krokos Nov 2023
Money can be like water as it flows through our hands
and the more we have to do with it the more it demands.
Money seems like water as it passes between our fingers
and the longer we have to deal with it the more it lingers.
Money is like water as it's grasped with our hands
and the firmer we hold it the more it withstands.
Written in 2020
A comparison of money to water in 3 couplets.
George Krokos Nov 2023
Natural forces
are becoming more hostile
due to climate change
A Haiku. Written in 2021.
Nov 2023 · 836
The Ocean and the Wave
George Krokos Nov 2023
You are the Ocean and I am the wave
moving in tandem as if I'm Your slave.
I rise and fall according to Your will
though once in a while I'm kept very still.

I have no real life without Your sanction
which now seems to be like a distraction.
There are so many others just like me
and I wonder somehow if they agree.

In this manner You just do as You please
and deploy us all with surprising ease!
Our goal seems to be on reaching the shore
then return back to You again for more!

The presence of the moon has much to say
with what goes on Your surface every day.
Its influence is more than we'd suspect
and has to be treated with some respect.

Beyond are other worlds and stars in space
along with the sun which dictates the pace.
They're orbs of living wonder in that sky
and cast their shadows if we care to pry.

How unenlightened seems this life of ours
when we consider how we pass the hours.
For our days are numbered lest we forget
but through One's realization some are set.

There isn't much else now that can be said
before a time comes and we're all but dead.
We can only hope that we've done no harm
on the Ocean's surface that's full of charm.
Written Dec.'22.
Nov 2023 · 892
Just Another Dream
George Krokos Nov 2023
I once had a dream about what I would like to be
but the dream's still being realized in life to see.
To date I now find myself having a poet's brain
and a passenger traveling in an outbound train.
The carriage I occupy is starting to break down
and I wonder how much longer it will be around.
Though it's better to always keep a positive mind
and not let the devil of despair to rob you blind.
The life we're all living now is just another dream
of that Infinite Existence in the flowing stream
of Its own imagination which has no real end
apart from the limiting state we all try to rend.
Only a few ever come to know about this game
that is played out within a holographic like frame
which includes all dualities of form and substance
created to express Its own boundless abundance.
The illusion's needless to say so very well done
that we are all caught up in it and try to have fun;
going from one extreme to another as we live
in mastering the art of how to love and forgive.
Written in Feb.'22.
Another one of those existential, mystical and philosophical type poems.
George Krokos Nov 2023
If we give out love
it will all come back again
many times over
A Senryu with some loving advice. Written in 2021.
Nov 2023 · 1.1k
Angel Of Light
George Krokos Nov 2023
The ascending angel of light
rises from the dark in the night
displaying colors that are bright
and is seen by awakened sight.

None may ever see its glory
unless proven to be worthy
and in their daily life's story
win at God's Grace a priori.
The above poem was written to go with an original graphic art piece posted on another website many years ago. If anyone would like to see the art piece just use the link address below by copying it in your browser to view.
Nov 2023 · 423
Rogue Nation
George Krokos Nov 2023
Shame on that country as future history will show
what it had done to the world as it began to grow;
ignoring those standards of international laws
going about its own business unmindful of flaws.

Many of the other countries it shared borders with
had complaints to make against it that were in a pith;
related to its intentions towards them that seemed
to be hostile beyond those they apparently deemed.

The global community began to be alarmed
when that country's military build-up was armed
and ready to take on any other State around
that so tried to restrict it from gaining further ground.

Regarding itself as having gained the upper hand
in the area around most of the sea and land;
ready to defend its own interests and portion
by building fortifications as a precaution.

Together with a pandemic started on its shores
and allowed to spread abroad before closing its doors
hesitating to inform the world of the virus
that was going to infect people and to harm thus.

Done for economic and strategic advantage
as the virus has spread all over the worldly stage
pushing most countries into a recession these days
being reminiscent of old times the past displays.

It seems that the ball started rolling at the end of
a trade war between it and the U.S.A. to shove
that country and any other out of the way and
to show it also really had Trump's winning card hand.

One of its main objectives was to just gain Taiwan
an island country near its shores as part of its plan
having similar ethnicity but different
in political ideology it was bent.

The tables have been turning against it for a while
as the world now looks on at the extent of its guile
for those countries that've been affected will decide
what actions to take in curbing this rogue nation's stride.

A worst case scenario would be another war
if too many thresholds for either side slam a door
into each one of their faces as they'll test the throng
and spy on what the other's doing in case it's wrong.

In order to avoid such a dire confrontation
both sides must employ high level communication
in the field of diplomacy where it's most concerned
to resolve all those issues so the world won't be burned.

The situation above may remind us about
those preceding years of the second world war to flout
that mankind doesn't need to go down this road again
unless our life and survival on earth we disdain.
Written in Oct'21.
There shouldn't be any doubt about which country is being referred to here.
A similar correlation can be said about Russia together with the outbreak of war instigated between it and the Ukraine. The war between Israel and Hamas is different but still exhibits extreme rogue like behavior by Hamas in provoking the conflict. Other nations that may fit the description of the title of this poem are North Korea, Iran and Iraq, perhaps others as well.
George Krokos Nov 2023
To survive one must
observe discipline in life
regardless of wealth
This is a Senryu as it deals with human nature. I've got all my Haiku's and Senryu's together written one after another and may have to go back and rename or re-title what I've already posted like this one above.
Nov 2023 · 623
{the} Manimal
George Krokos Nov 2023
Man is still very much like an animal though he has a human form
and continues to evolve with the passage of time which is the norm.
He has arrived with the impressions that are of the lower creation
to erase them from his psyche as he moves up to a higher station.
The various races of people in the world give an indication of this
by the way they live and eat or means of survival we can't dismiss.

There's also the observation that some people look like animals
perhaps due to a strong relationship, in past lives, to those in stalls;
a few similarities can be seen in the behaviour and existence
of some people to creatures of a lower form with consistence.
It's likely here that a human soul in the reincarnating phase
is still shedding impressions according to this theory we praise.

However, nature's provided man with ways of progressing higher
developing and cultivating his mind and intelligence to go further.
By overcoming those obstacles which hold him down to the earth
he's able to rise above his lowly origins that come with his birth.
This creative evolutionary push seems to have favored certain people
for we only have to look around in the world regardless of any steeple.

There's also the little known factor of the ages which the earth goes through,
together with the rest of the solar system, that are not obvious to view.
For the earth and the rest of the planets revolve around the sun we know
but what does the sun together with all the planets revolve around and go?
Science hasn't yet found out apart from the center of our milky way galaxy
which is what everything else in it happens to do as well for it's a guarantee.

These ages numbering four last for about twenty four thousand years
as the sun revolves around something greater than itself and so bears
the weight of responsibility for what goes on within its own domain
much like the seasons of the year that on the earth we know to sustain.
For as the sun moves closer* to its center of orbit there's a gradual change
that goes on within the mind of man and his environment of a huge range.

The rise and fall of all those past civilizations is a good indication of this
with the current advancement in technology we're also unable to dismiss.
For we're all going through an acceleration in the acquisition of knowledge
that's being revealed as we move into the present age with all our baggage.
And until we reach the saturation point that may just be a long way off yet
we'll continue to evolve and find things out that hopefully we won't regret.
Notes: *or further away from.
Written Dec'22. This could be one of the most challenging philosophical poems anyone may read. I sincerely hope that no one is offended but the subject matter is not meant to be racist as we're all in the same boat of existence in one way or another moving forward with an evolutionary push. As far as the mention of any Ages that the Earth passes through I've written another poem titled: 'The Mystery of the Four Ages' which explains a little more about these 'Ages' and has also been posted on HP for some time. My main objective is to inform about things that I've found out about and believe to be true unless proven wrong for this is part of the push that we're all going through to find out about the truth of our existence and which fascinates me.
Nov 2023 · 1.2k
Worst Case Scenario
George Krokos Nov 2023
You and I will most likely be gone as there'll be hardly anyone else around
without a building left standing, to be seen, anywhere near on the ground.
There'll be chaos and destruction wherever one may happen to look about
with the screams of women and children heard from afar in pain no doubt.
The voices of men crying together with words mumbled in resignation
addressed to a deity that had been forsaken long ago in condemnation.
Days of the future foretold now are passing under cover of a blackened sky
with the smell of smoke and ashes slowly rising from the ground to pry.
The earth as it has been known in people's memories now exists no more
and former things of beauty loved been shattered to pieces on the shore.
Hopelessness and helplessness are words to express the current situation
with no effort on anyone's part to make amends in a general desperation.
The howling of many dogs and other creatures can also be heard as well
with the sound of rolling thunder fading in the distance is a story to tell.
Flashes of lightning seen in the clouds above add a surreal touch to be
made out or viewed like it's doomsday come at last for those left to see.
With the earth itself trembling from all the current devastation around
there's no one to speak words of comfort to subdue the noise profound.
Like a worst case scenario the images will be etched in the hearts 'n minds
of all those who've remained alive, in one piece, the way that true guilt binds.
Written in Dec'22. I once read a similar poem by a female poet many years ago on another website to which I commented saying it was too negative and pessimistic but these days views expressed on such topics are becoming more commonplace even with me trying to imagine what may never happen. Or is it happening now? Hmm...............
Oct 2023 · 1.0k
Quatrain #422 - The Phoenix
George Krokos Oct 2023
The phoenix is a bird said to rise from its own ashes
being a symbol of immortality and spiritual rebirth.
So life in this world undergoes many similar flashes
which determine the degree and quality of our mirth.
From 'The Quatrains' ongoing writings since the early 90's.
Oct 2023 · 389
A Way of Looking
George Krokos Oct 2023
Looking back at what's happened is hindsight
looking into the present moment is insight
looking ahead into the future is foresight
but looking in all three ways at once
is all-seeing; OMNISCIENT and
the way that God would see.
Glory and praise to You
Oh Lord. Please bless,
guide and protect
us all now and
forever more
Written early October '23.
The last seven lines in the form of acknowledgement and prayer added while posting.
Oct 2023 · 1.2k
A Prayer Poem
George Krokos Oct 2023
Do not ever forsake us dear Lord
even though it does appear at times
that we all do forsake Thee
but please, be with us always,
to guide, protect and heal,
wherever we are
for we all have a need to be.
Originally written and recited in the first person many years ago and still even these days due to it being etched in my mind. I've posted it here for anyone who might find comfort and solace with in these troubled times.
Oct 2023 · 312
George Krokos Oct 2023
Even if it's heads or tails
either side You always win.
Your own system never fails
ev'rything else wears out thin.
From 'The Quatrains' - #629, ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Oct 2023 · 307
Hope in Despair
George Krokos Oct 2023
What could've been never really was
but all of our hopes weren't quashed.
From 'Simple Observations' - S.O.#476, ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Oct 2023 · 520
George Krokos Oct 2023
If one person can do it then someone else will be able to as well
such is the range and scope of human ability we can surely tell.
From 'Simple Observations' - S.O.#458, ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Oct 2023 · 703
Blessed are they who ......
George Krokos Oct 2023
Blessed are they who are able and know how to truly help others for their motives stem from a sense of divine compassion deep in humanity's real heart.
Simple Observation #471. From 'Simple Observations' ongoing writings since the early 90's.
Oct 2023 · 809
The Dabbler
George Krokos Oct 2023
Oh, it's in this area of love, I've been wounded too many times
that my heart has gone numb as I'm now left dabbling in meters and rhymes.
Simple Observation #465. From 'Simple Observations' ongoing writings since the early 90's.
Oct 2023 · 558
Haiku #15 - Birds and Bees
George Krokos Oct 2023
The birds and the bees
are all at one with nature
living as they do
Written in 2020.
George Krokos Oct 2023
There are certain feelings in my heart that I won’t try to explain
which if I were to tell you about them you’d probably complain.
The well-springs of our heart run deep and determine how we live
meaning: if we don’t allow them to flow naturally hold us captive.
From 'The Quatrains' ongoing writings since the early 90's.
George Krokos Oct 2023
The dogs of the world often bark at just about anything
even at all those people who can poetically sing.
From 'Simple Observations' ongoing writings since the early 90's.
Oct 2023 · 1.5k
Chef's Specialty
George Krokos Oct 2023
The stylish kitchen
was where the chicken
had to be prepared
and couldn't be spared
by the good old chef
who was known as Jeff
on that fateful day
with the baking tray
placed in the oven
heated to govern
the cooking of which
was a dinner pitch
for that very night
with the stars so bright
in the sky above
everyone would love
who were invited
and be delighted
on that occasion
without persuasion
to share in some feast
not saying the least
that could've been said
if it was just bread
with a bowl of stew
for some hungry crew.

And so it happened
they were all fattened
by the food they ate
as they supped 'till late
and when the time came
the guests couldn't blame
the chef or the host
for the chicken roast
and the side dishes
which pleased the wishes
of all the guests there
who enjoyed the fare
with many a thanks
without any blanks
and there it ended
the night presented.

All the guests who came
did not leave the same
because of the food
eaten that was good.
Written in May,2022.
Indulging in a bit of creative flair rather than any actual dinner occasion although it does make me hungry about what I might have missed out on..
Oct 2023 · 663
Breaking The Cycle
George Krokos Oct 2023
So you've broken the cycle of addiction
as it's no longer around here today.
You have played a big part in its eviction
and caused it all bravely to go away.

It was good to see its days were all numbered
even though it was around for so long;
you succeeded where the others had blundered
to be standing here with those who are strong.

Keep a clear mind now and be not complacent
to allow it into your life again
for its stronghold may once more be adjacent
in resisting all you'll strive to attain.

But who else here knows how hard it has all been?
You'd only have to look back then to see;
the hopelessness caused before on one's life screen
that captured all those moments which were free.
Written in May, 2022
George Krokos Oct 2023
I once knew a girl from a north country shore 
as it was some place I had been to before.
We had met one fine day going down the street
each walking in opposite directions sweet.
We were both minding our own business when
an incident happened for us to meet then;
some elderly lady with a shopping bag
was coming along but got caught in a snag;
one of her shoes on the uneven pavement
nearly sent her headlong towards derailment.
Fortunately for her we were both there to
stop her from falling and to save the bag's spew.

As we helped the lady and looked at each other
we caught a gleam of light in our eyes to bother
all preconceived notions of what life was about
and it seemed we were both uneasy to find out.
For we looked up and away with sighs of relief
then back again at each other in disbelief.
I couldn't help seeing then the look on her face;
reflections of my own as from a mirrored place.
Or was it an image from deep within my heart
projected outward being therein from the start?
What happened next was not so amazing to tell
as we spoke certain words of greeting and farewell.
Written in January, 2023
Aug 2023 · 1.8k
Haiku #14 - Garden Flowers
George Krokos Aug 2023
Garden flowers are
colorful needless to say
with care some are grown
Written in 2020.
George Krokos Aug 2023
It's been said that “determination and persistence in whatever task is at hand
ensures success in that venture” if nothing else against you does withstand.
From 'Simple Observations' ongoing writings since the early '90's.
George Krokos Aug 2023
If we sing the Master’s praises
with a sincere and loving heart
the fire of love inside us blazes
and so then we don’t feel apart.
From 'The Quatrains' ongoing writings since the early '90's.
George Krokos Aug 2023
I'm all for love in case you haven't yet been told
and not for any amount of money can it be sold.
You may well ask what price this love would fetch
if traded on the open market by a hand to stretch?
The answer would be that on whatever given day
this love in my heart isn't for sale at all anyway.

No one, except God, could have access to the source
out of where love springs from and knows its course.
Attraction and repulsion are the main forces at play
and determine at what distance one's love will stay.
An awakened spirituality is based on universal love
that's blooming in the heart with a light from above.

We all have an urge to go beyond a certain limitation
that's been holding us down without any justification.
Past life impressions hidden in the subconscious mind
can play a significant role in life that's mainly to bind.
Pure love freely given can have a transforming effect
on all those around who imbibe its goodness to affect.
Written July-August, 2020
Jul 2023 · 677
Haiku #13 - Trees.....
George Krokos Jul 2023
Trees laden with fruit
all growing in the orchid
will be in season
Written in 2020
George Krokos Jul 2023
A lot of people in the world labor under the weight of too many things
they have accumulated in their lifetime and to which their mind clings.
From "Simple Observations" - ongoing writings since the early '90's.
George Krokos Jul 2023
Before mankind explores other worlds in the vastness of space
it will be much better to make one called Earth The Ideal Place.
Otherwise whatever problems are not resolved here at home
will only follow mankind everywhere it may happen to roam.
From "The Quatrains" - ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Jul 2023 · 1.2k
Bone and Marrow
George Krokos Jul 2023
The passion has almost gone
of love and longing for Thee;
there's no meat left on the bone
for devotion's heart to see.

Instead of looking within
the mind is focused outside
with the body getting thin
life's mercy is to confide.

One just can't ignore the signs
that can be seen by the eyes;
age seems to be drawing lines
and there's no comfort in lies.

Like a dog eating a bone
it soon gets to the marrow
and for this it eats alone
with its eyes being narrow.

We become what we're to be
over a lifetime of years prone
to the ups and downs we see
and fruits of our efforts grown.

It's by grace we can transcend
what it is we have not seen
so the hours we've got to spend
will determine places been.

If we stick fast to the path
and don't deviate too far
we won't incur any wrath
and even shine like a star.

Life's course involves such a plan
that we may glean in the mind
looking deep enough to scan
at its source of light we'll find.
Written in April, 2021.
George Krokos Jul 2023
There are seven eyes of understanding
some people in life are so commanding
but the divine wisdom behind them all
is to rise up in knowledge and not fall.
Just as there are seven planes of consciousness - seven spiritual states - so also are there seven states of understanding. It is always seven. The number seven is the divine number. The seven understandings are:

Eye of Instinct: governs the animal world which includes insects, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals.

Eye of Intellect: rules most of the common human realm of existence.

Eye of Inspiration: is for those human souls whose feelings are developed like poets and artists and other creative people.

Eye of Intuition: is for those advanced human souls who have conscious visions and understanding true to the point. What you understand by intuition is always true. What you understand by intellect is sometimes true and sometimes not.

Eye of Insight: human souls on the fourth and fifth plane have insight; their understanding is direct, without thinking with the mind.

Eye of Illumination: means seeing God as he is and is experienced by those human souls who see the Light of God inside and outside of their mind. The understanding is divine.

Eye of Integration or Realization: this is the merging, becoming and understanding of oneself as God (the I am God state – Nirvikalpa Samadhi).
Apart from the title, the introductory quatrain and the last listed named state of Integration to comply with the title - the 7 eyes (or - i's), all of which are my own creation and inclusion, there is also in parts some additional wording included of mine (marked in italics - unable to be seen here on HP) to complement the quoted knowledge, that Meher Baba, a spiritual master of the twentieth century, perhaps the greatest, revealed on the 29th of September 1940 at Meherabad (a place dedicated to him in India, near Poona) and is recorded in an extensive biography written by Bhau Kalchuri, one of his followers whom I had the good fortune to meet in person, titled: Lord Meher – vol7 pages 2617-2618.
Full credit for the above goes to Meher Baba of course and to Bhau Kalchuri who was given the task of writing the biography which is available for reading online by anyone who is interested -
Please also see another fantastic website called Life Eternal - - that's dedicated to Meher Baba which has most, if not all, of the quotes and sayings that he communicated during his lifetime. Jai Baba!
Apr 2023 · 675
Haiku #12 - Shadows
George Krokos Apr 2023
Shadows in the dark
can be more frightening than
those seen in the light
Written in 2020.
Apr 2023 · 1.4k
Old Age Blues
George Krokos Apr 2023
I seem to have aged twenty years over the last two
especially since turning seventy - a personal view.
From the outbreak of the ****** virus two years ago
there's been a gradual decline in health for this I know.
Although testing negative in the last week of November
other health issues have been cropping up in December.
I somehow think that my time may be coming around
for where the body is to be laid to rest in the ground.
Morbid thoughts such as the above are dominant today
and with some people they don't easily just go away.
In my particular case my right side has been affected
and hobble around like some disabled person detected.
I wonder how long it'll be before I won't be able to cope
with doing all of those various things that range in scope
from washing and cleaning to the other domestic chores
which need to be done on a regular basis and time scores.
Unless I can afford to pay for someone to help with it all
if circumstances don't improve and my back's to the wall
I may have to consider going into an old people's home
or in some place where you're restricted to freely roam.
Another possibility would be to invite someone else in
that's compatible to shack up with and share the 'load-in'
or even perhaps the other way around that is practical
without being negative and deemed unjustly skeptical.
Someone in whom similar interests and ideals are found
all those things that are decent, life enhancing and sound.
Already it's getting to the stage when I'll need to cut my hair
something I used to be able to do by myself in the past there
but now I can barely raise my right hand up to my head
and the whole thing is a procedure I'm beginning to dread.
As everybody gets older and experiences the change
they may notice their movements are becoming restricted in range.
Written in December '21 describing one of the main reasons I haven't posted anything on HP for quite a while. Please say a heartfelt prayer and send a kind thought for me and others in the same boat. Thanks to all for reading.
Apr 2023 · 1.3k
On The Meaning of Life
George Krokos Apr 2023
(10 Senryu's)

The meaning of life
is about getting to know
who we really are

The meaning of life
has to do with finding out
what we're here to do

The meaning of life
is about rising above
our lower nature

The meaning of life
is a subject that raises
so many questions

The meaning of life
deals with the evolution
of human beings

The meaning of life
says a lot about man's place
in the universe

The meaning of life
is often misunderstood
as being pointless

The meaning of life
can be appreciated
through man's religion

The meaning of life
is knowing the truth behind
our own existence

The meaning of life
is revealed in its purpose
and goal for our lives
Written in January '23.
Mar 2022 · 1.2k
Haiku #11 - Weeds
George Krokos Mar 2022
Weeds in the garden
tend to grow all by themselves
the way of nature
Written in 2020.
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