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A life lived without any meditation
is subjected to much fragmentation.
© 2021 George Krokos
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Out of the hell of this world we all have to find heaven
and the steps to go through are said to be one to seven.
This world then is a stepping stone to that which is higher above
and the essential requisite for the journey is ever increasing love.
© 2021 George Krokos
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
No matter who you are or what you have been doing
at some stage an obstacle appears without choosing.
It may be a person, a thing or one of nature's forces
that can just set you back on your forward courses.
It could also be a sheer lack of available knowledge
called ignorance, about what to do next or to manage
that activity or certain thing you've been involved in
where any progress forward seems unlikely and thin.

There may be other factors as well such as motivation,
issues of health, self confidence and lack of inspiration
which could be affecting or stalling the overall progress
of the situation at hand causing some undesirable stress.
A breakdown in one's personal or business relationship
will likely be a major setback causing a backward flip
especially where the parties are involved in a litigation
and the legal processes stretch out beyond expectation.
© 2021 George Krokos
This would also include writer's block. Written late in 2020.
Sinking in depression
for another session
     is not an obsession
       but is a confession
             due to the recession
                        caused by a dissension.
© 2021 George Krokos
Written in 2020 when the corona virus began to hit hard around the world.
Have you ever noticed that when two
people are together and deeply in love
their ****** features resemble each other?
Such is the transforming power of love.
© 2021 George Krokos
Written in Feb.'21.
George Krokos Dec 2020
If something seems too good to be true
it may be that it’s there to deceive you.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
George Krokos Dec 2020
When the subject and object in love are united
there isn’t another around at all to be sighted.
And where oneness prevails love eternally flows
from the One to the many that of illusion shows.
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Dec 2020 · 516
Haiku #7 - An Extreme View
George Krokos Dec 2020
Result of trade war
between U.S. and China
- corona virus?
Dec 2020 · 235
The Second Wave
George Krokos Dec 2020
The second wave seems to have hit harder than the first
by taking advantage of all those who ignored its thirst;
in the initial stages when it manifested and began to rise
leaving behind a trail of corpses catching all by surprise.
This is about Covid-19 in my home state of Victoria, Australia and particularly in Melbourne where people (mostly older)  were dying off like flies but nothing like what's  been happening elsewhere around the world until we went into strict lock down for 3-4 months which turned things around. May God help us all.
Dec 2020 · 125
On The Path
George Krokos Dec 2020
(A Reality Check)

Who are you?
Who am I?
How could we
know and why?

Each day comes
and then goes
but it seems
no one knows.

If you knew
you would tell
who you are
and do well.

When you know
who you are
you will shine
like a star.

And the world
that you see
has the key.

In your mind
with closed eyes
if you see
you'll be wise.

When your thoughts
are all still
then that time
you'll fulfil.

Keep away
from those who
only know
what's not true.

Pray for help
as you live
and have faith
that He'll give.

Be aware
words you speak
that with no
malice reek.

Also watch
what you eat
and consume
no old meat.

Any drink
that you crave
should be pure
for thirst wave.

Breathe clean air
where you stay
and sunshine
get each day.

your body
and keep it
all tidy.

Then the love
in your heart
that you'll feel
plays its part.

And the light
that you'll see
there within
sets you free.

Know yourself
and take care
on that path
getting there.

Humbly bow
to the One
who will show
you the Sun.

For that time
out of grace
due to come
you must face.

On the path
you will learn
who you are
and discern.

And the Truth
you will know
'ere that time
when you go.
Written in Oct 2020 and extended to its current length as the inspiration came.
Nov 2020 · 162
Living Under Scrutiny
George Krokos Nov 2020
The president of the United States is Donald Trump
and under his presidency the country is in a slump.
Could it be because of the way it has been managed
with all of the scandal and divisiveness seen to jump?

The style of politics that a leader in office exhibits
determines the country's fate that enables or prohibits
its people to aspire to their true potential and glory
which is why the current situation is one that inhibits.

It's much better to face the truth than hide behind a mask
of one who doesn't take responsibility for their own task
that's performed in such a way, blaming everyone else
for everything that goes wrong, in deception does bask.

Abuse of power often comes with the way one is elected
if the people themselves have of their leader so detected;
and asked to stand before them to face their suspicions,
when there's any evidence of wrongdoing to be inspected.

One is reminded of the saying that goes something like this
given by Abraham Lincoln perhaps to describe the time of his
own presidency that encountered strong opposition in the past
of the country's history that was so far from being one of bliss:

“You can fool some of the people all of the time,
and all of the people some of the time,
but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”
― Abraham Lincoln

It must be really hard for anyone to live under constant media scrutiny
with the social unrest sparked by a needless death bordering on mutiny
together with all the media reports about issues, the country's in a mess;
the forthcoming elections will tell which way it'll go to regain stability.
Written in June 2020. Couldn't help myself in posting this poem about the political situation over in the USA. Maybe it will shed some light on what's really going on there. I don't often write much about politics.
George Krokos Nov 2020
There are some people in the world who are very good liars
and quite a few others who also happen to be their admirers.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
George Krokos Nov 2020
There’s something for everyone here in this world of ours
and all that anyone really has to do is to put in the hours.
So as to get whatever they may desire or perhaps wish to be;
it’s the same for those who in their efforts try to become free.
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Nov 2020 · 177
On the Corona Virus 2
George Krokos Nov 2020
The world seems to be
still in the grips of something
called Covid19

People are dying
and there are new restrictions
everywhere imposed

Like mass extinction
of the dinosaurs it seems
that went before us

Though they disappeared
when a meteor hit Earth
by an Act of God

As they were too crude
to express all God's divine
creative nature

We may disappear
due to a virus unleashed
by Unbelievers

Is God using them
to do the same thing with us?
scripture reference

The Asian country
this pandemic started in
is responsible

Are they trying to
take over the world by their
cunning persistence?

We must be aware
there are so many of them
long time preparing

Like a locust plague
which will swoop down to feast on
unprotected crops

They may go without
any warning to invade
a nearby country

With all the iron
ore they've been buying lately
used in construction

Cities and weapons of war
secret agenda

We must be all fools
if we let this go without
careful scrutiny

If the USA
leaves the region they're guarding
all hell may break loose

For what reason did
they go there in the first place
have we forgotten?

Super Powers are
known for balance of power
in war and in peace

Some Presidents should
reconsider leaving for
region won't be safe

It seems obvious
this is what the Asian threat
has been aiming for

With the pandemic
taking its toll in the world
futile resistance

Too many problems
at home to worry about
what happens elsewhere

United Nations
now all in disunity
due to the virus

That Asian country
had a major stake in WHO
to keep things quiet

People were not told
and ignorance played its part
now look what's happened

They stopped most local
travel but allowed people
to leave their country

Infected with the
corona virus people
were unaware of

For economic
and strategic advantage
to assert itself

Because of the fact
many countries had been made
dependent on them

With their cheap exports
of manufactured goods but
few original

It's needless to say
they're good with computers in
hacking and spying

The world's on its knees
and looking for a vaccine
time is running out

Don't be too alarmed
there is a cure and vaccine
being developed

In the meantime take
necessary precautions
to fight the virus

Otherwise you may
succumb to the infection
not advisable
Written in October 2020. Reads like a conspiracy theory and takes a deeper look into COVID-19 following on from an earlier poem with the same title written in Senryu verses.
George Krokos Nov 2020
These days there's so much emphasis
on social distancing and self isolation
it seems the authorities are taking a
hint from me with all of that regulation.
Though it's obvious to note we're told
to do it because of the corona virus;
well, it just so happens I've been doing
that for years, without all of the fuss.
But, whether we like to admit it or not
all people carry with them their own
type of contagious something or other
defining their life by which it's known.
A self explanatory poem about the current world situation. Written a few months ago in 2020.
Nov 2020 · 143
The Hourglass
George Krokos Nov 2020
It appears that we've reached a point
in time which is called a milestone.
It's evident this isn't an exception
for its passing catches up with us
and no one can move any faster
not that we are running away
from anything when we're
all heading into disaster.
You only have to look
around and see the
real extent of the
problem at hand
that is now just
closing in on
us all from
every side
to stand.
so close
it can't go
any further
but then has
to turn around
and go the other
way for everyone's
sake and not involve
some type of deception.
If you're wondering about
what's been said or where it's
going all I can say is to hold on
the time's coming for you to see a
familiar sort of shape with the words
expressed meaning its time has run out
and must be reversed in order for it then
to start again in a similar way bottoms up.
Written in October 2020. Inspired by current events and some of the other word art poetry that I've read previously posted on H.P. Thanks for the inspiration.
George Krokos Jul 2020
Some things don’t necessarily happen just by chance
but come about with actions we do or not in advance.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's
George Krokos Jul 2020
Consider everyone as a friend unless they prove to be otherwise
and then we should consider the workings of some compromise.
There are certain mysteries compelling from previous births we’ve had
and what we’re all faced with now is the outcome of them good or bad.
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's
George Krokos Jul 2020
Sometimes I think that if ignorance isn't a virtue
then why are there so many people indulging in it?
And this will most probably include myself at times
when I consider how much more there is to know.
Written early in 2020.
Jul 2020 · 177
Advice To A Recalcitrant
George Krokos Jul 2020
You're hardly seen at home at all these days
and I wonder when you will change your ways.
But I do hope that everything's alright
and the future for you also looks bright.

Many people have gone on the wrong path
seeking their own gain but acquiring wrath.
When they do not consider the welfare
or happiness of someone else do care.

If you've fallen into that state somehow
please listen to the words of wisdom now
to discern their knowledge and to receive
some advice for your soul as you believe.

When you put other people's welfare first
and for their happiness you also thirst
doing those things for their satisfaction
you'll reap a good harvest of attraction.

This must be done in line with what is good
and if viewed from a point of wisdom would
not detract away from that high ideal
which is the basis of our human weal.
Written late in 2019.  Inspired by one of the neighbors who used to live across the road whom I've known for many years.
George Krokos Jul 2020
I thought that this would be an interesting subject
to write about and express some views here on.
My first thoughts were so daunting of the prospect
as nowhere I recall reading has it been written on.

When anyone thinks deeply on such a matter
all sorts of ideas will come to one's mind.
At first it will seem like a whole lot of chatter
with the main plot being of an unusual kind.

Sure, I've often read the universe is God's dream
but just to what extent would this be applicable
remains to be seen if nobody hears God scream
or when the nightmare is humanly inexplicable.

Perhaps as something like we'd experience too
in our own life when everything's going wrong
or get involved in senseless things as some do
and go through bad situations in them for long.

But as far as God goes it'd be on a massive scale
involving all the highly evolved intelligent forms
where all of those creatures in the universe's tale
fight against themselves using destructive norms.

Eventually damaging the fabric of space and time
with the gradual obliteration of all life in existence
those creatures would be indulging in such crime
and the mind of the Creator offering no resistance.

Because of the fact that the dream would be ending
- a real doomsday for the universe as far as it goes;
and there would be no way possible of suspending
this outcome of the nightmare that only God knows.

God would then revert to a state of dreamless sleep
or unconsciousness as we do in our restful slumber
to recharge Himself with a habit He too does keep
and so after awhile begins dreaming a new number.
Written in March 2020. Somehow I think that we would all be a part of God's nightmare if He ever had one and had to wake up from as we do at times.
George Krokos Jun 2020
The whole of the universe is like a pattern of infinite proportions
in the mind of the Eternal Creator Who is without any distortions.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's
George Krokos Jun 2020
It’s said that ‘true love can never die’
and the heart of the lover knows why.
As this love blossoms and becomes pure
throughout all of eternity it does endure.
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's
Jun 2020 · 171
An Uncertain Future
George Krokos Jun 2020
Softer than water is Your love for me
but there are times when it's so hard to see;
perhaps to feel's a better word to use
and it's like this in a life that we choose.

The door of my heart which once was open
is now almost closed and somewhat broken;
there are too many pieces that we hold
to keep us from shutting out all the cold.

Ill winds of change are also blowing strong
this fate of mankind seems to be so wrong;
those lessons of the past are now taunting
and that morning's aftermath is daunting.

Can one expect to survive and stay here
when hostile forces are now causing fear?
A somewhat personal mystical twist on life and the current world situation. Written early in 2020.
Jun 2020 · 203
Better Off From The Start
George Krokos Jun 2020
We'd all be so much better off from the start
if we attained to a clean mind and pure heart
'cause they work together well but not so apart
and our lives would end up being a work of art
finished by an accomplished artist at their craft
who'd also be highly regarded prior to the draft
on a blank canvas of our life's unfolding drama
without anything to hinder the superb panorama.
Written early in 2020.
Jun 2020 · 204
Musings On A Potbelly Stove
George Krokos Jun 2020
It'd be nice to have a *** belly stove
to sit up close to like a treasure trove
in those moments when you'd be alone
depending on no one else who's prone;
and sit there beside it in its afterglow
with nothing to think about or to know
for its warmth would give you strength
in cold days where you'll be at length
to immerse yourself in another world
that would open up before you unfurled
and where you'd be safe from any menace
lurking behind all the darkness or surface
of those places hidden in your child's mind
to wander about in with some friendly kind.
Written early in 2020 after thinking what would it be like to have a potbelly stove in the house?.....hmmm
George Krokos May 2020
The wheel of Karma has many sides and layers
and in a person’s life involves numerous players.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
George Krokos May 2020
Please don’t take me to be anything other than that which I am
irrespective of what appears to your eyes I am that which I am.
If there’s any reason whereby you believe what your eyes may see
then it could be that with your mind instead of your heart you see.
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
May 2020 · 154
Life's Separate Ways
George Krokos May 2020
Ah, dear old friend you see now the outcome!
It seems a burden our friendship had become.
Those unforeseen circumstances were to blame
and so had changed all the nature of our game.

The memorable times we both spent together
were a joy to the heart in spite of the weather;
we laughed, sang and even drank some wine
to all appearances everything was going fine.

But then, in just a few moments, now it seems
our relationship turned sour as in bad dreams;
what should've been only a momentary pause
developed into a rift of an unfathomable cause.

Some dormant impressions were re-awakened
of a past life once lived but unfairly straitened;
in those idyllic years towards the prime of life
when most people are set on a husband or wife.

We came across a fork on the road we travelled
that branched in different ways to be unravelled.
The longer we each walked on our separate path
increased the distance between us and aftermath.

A friendship that's mainly based on give and take
could not forever last; as it is found to be a fake.
It needs to be established on a solid foundation
regardless of what's to each other's expectation.

There are times when we should forgive and forget
each other's shortcomings based on mutual respect
and when a person is awakened to a higher calling
doing otherwise is to that person's destiny stalling.
Written March, 2020
May 2020 · 446
On God's Omnipresence
George Krokos May 2020
Oh God, You hide Yourself in the world so well
that there's hardly anyone around who can tell.
People often ask Who, what or where You are
because it seems that You're so near, yet so far.
When You reveal Yourself to anyone someday
all their narrow limited mind is blown away.

They are then left speechless and in a state
of knowing nothing new according to fate.
Because all along You've been within them
whispering directions for those who'll stem;
and get to the source of that voice they hear
which rises from the heart and is very dear.
Written in 2019.
May 2020 · 151
The New Humanity
George Krokos May 2020
Take all necessary precautions as we may be in for one hell of a ride
as certain forces are descending that will likely cause us all to slide.
It was foretold and written long ago by those ancient prophets of old
and again in the 20th century by One who claimed to be of their Fold.
He was recorded as saying that ¾ of the world's people would perish
and they would do so in spite of anyone or all those we may cherish.

He was called Meher Baba and many recognised him to be an Avatar;
a Divine incarnation of God Who was humanity's most Brightest Star.
Born towards the end of the 19th century at the beginning of a new age
to usher in a New Humanity and in spiritual matters take centre stage.
So much like all those Who'd come before Him He was destined to be
Divinely awakened and authorised to go about setting all people free.

With the words given that were recorded and written down He did say
the world was in the throes of undergoing a Spiritual rebirth in a way.
Like an expectant mother going through her motions and birth pangs
this new age would consume and devour many people with its fangs.
We only have to look back and see the horrors of late with world wars
and the advancement in technology opening up so many hidden doors.

This so-called New Humanity that is being now gradually ushered in
is the next stage of mankind's evolution that will free it of its past sin.
Individually and collectively most will all sometime have to undergo
a purging of their ignorance hidden within them that God does show.
Meher Baba has brought together all religions like beads on one string
and set the stage of the Spirituality that this New Humanity will bring.

He'll work through and with all those true religions of mankind's past
that are still around now though fading lately renewing them so to last.
By showing and revealing the underlying similarities behind them all
He beckons everyone in the world now to so therefore heed His Call.
And all that anyone will ever have to do is to keep Him in their heart
by following the precepts given in the religion of which they're a part.

The manifestation for man of Heaven on earth is what it's really about
a divine experience so great and Holy that it will cause us all to shout.
Come one and all to be a part of this New Humanity that's being born
heralding a glorious age of mankind's place on Earth by a New Dawn.
It's by the elimination of ignorance, falsehood and all our superstition
that we can all now be in and a part of The New Humanity's transition.
One of my very latest poems which I felt compelled to write due to what is happening in the world today. I don't mean to be a scaremonger but in the wake of a possible worse case scenario the poem actually gives much hope as well if indeed this is actually that time.. May God help us all.
Written in March 2020
George Krokos Mar 2020
The earth is like a bubble of life floating in the vastness of space
and all creatures on it are like the organisms that inhabit a place.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
George Krokos Mar 2020
All sacred scriptures were divinely revealed and given by God to man
as a record of our relationship to help remember Him as best we can.
They also can be used as a reference for advice in our times of need
as they contain eternal truths for all concerned to abide by and heed.
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Mar 2020 · 189
Visions of a Future World
George Krokos Mar 2020
We harvest the wind wherever it blows strong
and for all our efforts they end up in a song.
Together with the ocean's ebb and flow we make
a better world from the old without one to break.
There is no more pollution in the air we breathe
the smogs of industrial waste no longer seethe.
Solar power is realised to be a non renewable resource
used only for the good of the world its original force.

All the rivers of the world that flow down from up high
have only water clean and fresh to drink of with a sigh.
And as they flow downwards with gravity's participation
are being utilised a lot more in hydroelectric generation.

The oil and coal once dug up from the bowels of the earth
are now things of the past no longer used to fuel a hearth.
Being too cumbersome and costly and very unsustainable
for the aspirations of those whose ideas are now attainable.

Peace and harmony with nature almost do reign supreme
there's hardly any natural disaster now that's unforeseen.
All the seasons of the year have realigned back in place
with rising temperatures and ocean levels curbed by grace.

Hydrogen fuelled vehicles of transport are commonplace
those polluting dinosaurs of machinery have lost the race.
Organic farming and produce is everywhere cultivated
into sustainable practices by education all are elevated.

Artificial intelligence and its technology does most of the work
there's hardly anything it hasn't been put to use for or can shirk.
Communication and surveillance systems are now at the stage
of knowing anything that goes on in the world or causes rage.

The weapons of mass destruction have all been disarmed
and their material used for construction and areas farmed.
Recycling of waste products is common in all the lands
nothing is ever just thrown away by any human hands.

Some interplanetary travel has been finally accomplished
the hope of finding life on other worlds thereby established.
New electromagnetic anti-gravitational power for propulsion
is now being used instead of the old nuclear fuel compulsion.

We all respect and help each other when we're in need
the watchwords are generosity and works of good deed.
Everyone is looked after by a universal health system
that's been built and provided which won't forsake them.

Capitalism and communism have both been discarded
humanitarianism is the new ideology highly regarded;
where each individual makes a positive contribution
and are rewarded well with their ongoing resolution.

Ignorance, the only real impediment to life, no longer rules
everyone's made aware of the value of knowledge in schools.
The Truth of existence as wisdom is replacing all falsehood
people everywhere are acknowledging their innate Godhood.

The religions of the world have all been unified into One
there are really no differences anymore to confuse some.
People of the world believe or worship in Love and Truth
that is Eternal, Infinite and Omnipresent since their youth.
Something positive to read and meditate on rather than all the gloom we're facing in the world these days. Written in June, 2019.
George Krokos Mar 2020
Man's stupidity
has once again been displayed
to what end foretold?

To find a vaccine
is man's first priority
for the days ahead

The instigators
of this world epidemic
to justice be brought

Of this pandemic
called the corona virus
deployed was by whom?

warfare it seems to be like
no one will admit

We may never know
if it was a weapon used
in a secret way

May God help us all
is now an ardent prayer
repeated often
Some thoughts which have crossed my mind over the last week or so due to the global pandemic sweeping the world currently.
Mar 2020 · 198
Foretold In Prophesy
George Krokos Mar 2020
Let all the warm sunlight in
and the new day to begin
for the night has now been cast
with our sorrows so to last
in those days lying ahead
that many will only dread
this modern epidemic
which is now a pandemic.

And that long finger of scorn
now points to where it was born
at a country that's growing
much too rapidly knowing
as it tries to beat the rest
in its own ambitious quest
to become a world leader
instead became a *******.

It has happened twice before
on this ancient country's shore
where a bad virus outbreak
by carelessness did so make
with a disastrous effect
for not being circumspect
doing the right thing but caught
and this virus to us brought.

The world is now on its knees
for a new vaccine that frees
man from the deadly disease
that's also spreading with ease
as all the casualties grow
and daily statistics show
called the corona virus
which is out to destroy us.

Unless a vaccine is found
to an early grave we're bound
the fate of most of mankind
a result of being blind;
too much pride and ambition
causing this sad condition
and man's own dire end to be
as foretold in prophesy.
One of my latest poems on the current pandemic that's sweeping the world. I hope and pray that it wont be like this poem depicts at the end. God help us all.
George Krokos Mar 2020
One of the hardest things to say to someone is goodbye
especially if you can’t give a reason or explain why.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
George Krokos Mar 2020
Only God is real, everything else is really a dream
of His creation, playing all the parts, it does seem.
What we are though He can reveal for us one day to see
as He’s the only One in the many and also eternally free.
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
George Krokos Mar 2020
Be brave oh my soul,
be very diligent and brave,
draw on the strength and intelligence
that the Lord God to you gave.
Written a few years ago.
George Krokos Mar 2020
The days are coming
that will be daunting for all
hopelessness beckons.
Inspired by events happening around the world these days.
Mar 2020 · 165
On Making a Decision
George Krokos Mar 2020
Come what may
on that day
win or lose
you will choose
what to do
and be true
to your word
as you heard
in your mind
of that kind.

When it comes
do the sums
to find out
all about
what the cost
'ere it's lost
will then be
so you'll see
if you can
that time span.

Take a risk
be not frisk
with the time
of your prime
you'll surmise
and be left
seen bereft
without scope
of that hope
you will need
to succeed.
Written in Jan. 2020
George Krokos Jan 2020
When you show them love
then they will know what love is
not only just words.
Written in 2019.
George Krokos Jan 2020
We can also have an inward recession
which may be due to some obsession.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's
George Krokos Jan 2020
It seems that as long as we have all got some money to spend
there are those who their friendship in some degree will lend.
The value of people though isn’t due to their amount of coin
but what they have to offer to benefit others that will enjoin.
From "The Quatrains" on going writings since the early '90's
Jan 2020 · 384
Home Cooking
George Krokos Jan 2020
I recently cooked a meal to eat one night
and was surprised that it turned out right.
It didn't need many ingredients to add
for which I was thankful and very glad.

It provided nourishment to curb my hunger
that was then starting to sound like thunder
for my stomach was beginning to rumble
and the time getting late for me to grumble.

In particular like those who often go to sleep
on an empty stomach or unwanted fast keep.
It would seem as if they were avoiding crime
depending on their own situation at the time.

Many people keep a strict discipline with food
and by doing so enhance their own mood.
It has been said “one becomes what they eat'
which in turn will reflect on their life's feat.
Written in 2019
Jan 2020 · 213
No Sympathy For The Fly
George Krokos Jan 2020
No one around town likes a fly
and there's no need to question why.
It spreads germs all over the place
which in turn cause so much disgrace.

With living habits that aren't sound
it seems no one wants it around.
Cleanliness for it is absurd
because its food can be a ****.

When it lands on a person's skin
all their patience quickly wears thin.
They will try to brush it away
and doing so have a good day.

It's not for nothing that we hear
people saying things which are dear
like 'there are no flies on one's back'
meaning that person is not slack.

Woe to that insect called the fly
'cause on its demise none will cry.
Creatures like it on the food chain
are best ignored for they bring pain.

Though some creatures do feed on it
they've evolved stomachs that are fit.
They alone know what to expect
but which other forms will reject.
Written in 2019
Jan 2020 · 318
Punishment And Reward
George Krokos Jan 2020
Sometimes if we carefully observe what's going on in our life
we may notice a principle or system operating that is rife;
punishment and reward is that which seems to be going on
even though certain elements of it may be justifiably wrong.
It resembles the broader principle known as the Law of Karma
wherein or by which one can reap what they sow like a farmer.

The implications of this are taken advantage of by those who
wish to impose their own idea of justice or vengeance onto
anyone that goes against or crosses a certain line of their sphere
where they hold influence and consider it to be some place dear.
In many situations though the main reason is that out of jealousy
which prompts one with a warped mind to do an act of treachery.
Written in 2018
George Krokos Nov 2019
A person’s life in the world can sometimes take a tumble
which could mean they need to be a little bit more humble.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
George Krokos Nov 2019
To see a whole new world open up within one’s mind,
to make something out of nothing of an unlikely kind,
to go to another place that we’ve never been to before,
to realise our Self is what life’s really about and more.
Inspired by a poem written by William Blake, From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's
Nov 2019 · 273
Who's To Blame?
George Krokos Nov 2019
When water flows
downward it goes
and those around
rejoice the sound
from heaven's store
showers galore.

Farmers are pleased
their burdens eased
for crops shall grow
harvest will show
and dams get filled
scarcity killed.

Soils come alive
and start to thrive
moisture absorbed
below it's stored
to do the work
it doesn't shirk.

Nature's seasons
have their reasons
they come and leave
and don't deceive
when water flows
good it bestows.

The rains that fall
on parched land stall
drought in a place
and then may trace
a river's course
gravity's force.

It's not alright
to see the sight
of too much rain
that's come again
in a short time
and out of clime.

When water flows
but harm it shows
who is to blame
to change the game
and to restore
harmony's shore?
Written in 2019.
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