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A B Faniki Oct 7
Thank you lord for the gift of life
How could we ever pay you for that and
All the good things you have done for us
None of us will be alive if not for your
kindness, grace, love, faithfulness and protection,
So we gather here today to celebrate thanksgiving and to
Give glory to your holy name by giving praise to you -for
In this harsh and cruel world we live in you have blessed
Everyone of us and like the proverbial tree, we are
Indeed flourishing and thriving and also multiplying in
Number so for this and many more we are saying "thank you."
Gracious Lord accept our thanksgiving like you did Abel's.
© A B Faniki  10/7/2019 all right reserved  an  Arostic saying Thanksgiving
lance Sep 27
i felt miserable,
solemn to the fact,
that giving up
was my harsh reality.

i had dealt with pain before,
but nothing like
the anguish i juggled
in my own hands,
every single dying day,
keeping me up at night.

there’s something about,
sitting all alone
listening to the crickets,
while fueling my addiction,
one cigarette after another.
always finding comfort
in all the worst ways.

Back in eighth grade,
I littered my arms with scars,
told myself no more drugs,
But took them that very night.
always anxious for a way out of my own anxiety,
social and situational always got the best of me.

Took the oath of staying sober,
and picking myself up,
from the debt my heart held that night,
i swore it would stop.

but just like me,
it pushed through,
even when the smoke
filled it’s cavities,
and even when my own head,
lied to me,
over and over again.

My parents always said:

“listen to your heart, and not your head”.
Äŧül Sep 23
Oh my love, you are so youthful,
And you are so beautiful.

Oh my love, you are so exotic,
And you are so energetic.

Oh my love, you are so pretty,
And you are such a cutie.

Marrying you will do good,
Let me be finally blessed.
My HP Poem #1772
©Atul Kaushal
Elin Roberts Sep 15
you make me wanna dance
spin me into a never-ending evanescent grace
your soul hanging in the balance with mine

your fingers trace the script of my body
written in ink, stained black and blue
bruised into my soul by hands so cruel

so many poems of insecurity
are bled into the deepest parts of me
blurring the lines of reality facing sanity

but you
you make me want to dance
you clean the slate that's tainted by my past

your gaze, only ever loving
as your lips part to whisper
the beauty that your love provides

days that once were haunted
by the harsh actions of undeserving men
seem like a distant nightmare

your constant reassurance, your unwavering understanding
you find the lost parts of me
lead me through the dark to where i'm meant to be

i see a future for us
provided by our love

i can't ever thank you enough
i'm so in love with such an amazing god-send of a man
Altigani Sep 12
Blessed be the nights,
the calm they imbue,
blessed be the sun's light,
ribboned across the sky's blue,

Blessed is the day,
A smile caresses the life in me,
blessed is the day,
love dances carefree
Nada Syafira Sep 8
Some things are to be grateful for,
you're one of them.
Äŧül Sep 7

Juxtaposed are our hearts now,
Embracing me is your soul,
Near or far from glow,
Inside, like blood you flow,
Far you are yet so near, baby,
Amazed I stand in your precious love.

I want to say this now.

Love, care, or affection,
Oh call it whatever you may,
Very sure I am by the way,
Enjoying I am this infection.

You make your mind,
Only me you marry,
Unless death tears us apart.
My HP Poem #1768
©Atul Kaushal
I stand here, a plaster saint,
Somewhere else, I'd be a haint,
A ghost of a distant century,
But I'm a symbol of Christianity,
Or of another faith, you see,
People come to worship with me,
I present to them a gift of faith,
All who pray for blessed grace,
No sacred space is ever empty,
The divine is here with you and me,
We're all part of this mystery.............
Feedback welcome.
purple heart Aug 27
when you are grieving, complaining, arguing
when you think no one's watching above the clouds.

when you are so exhausted, all you want to do is sleep but can't
when you think good souls aren't around anymore

then one usual day,
something terrible works itself out.

that's when i feel pure bliss
that's when i feel i am looked after

that's when i think he's way more near than i can ever imagine
that's when i think that my existences matters.
he's there, trust me! faith is something i hold very closely to me. but sometimes it's really hard, to hold on to your beliefs. just never give up.
Christina S Aug 26
Though my path is not always clear
sometimes it takes a hard look in the mirror
I need to know where I've been
to know where I'm going and then
It's up to me to overcome all the strife
That I've been through in my life
and never lose sight of my dreams
For my kids and my family--we're a team
I grew up without hope and so much more
I'm glad my kids can be happy. They are adored!
For them to grow up free of fear
Is something I hold especially dear
I wonder how I avoided the pitfalls of this earth
But as I grew older, people saw me and found worth
Now I am free to live and love as I please
The times of enduring and persisting have ceased
Had a rough start to life..
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