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Sa Weol May Apr 28
Everyone tells me I have no luck in love,
cursed as well.
But you came as a blessing,
will be my heart blessed, too?

Hamna Apr 13
I'm no less than a lion-hearted soul
Who lives by high heroic skills,
Courageously fights off jackals,
And rescues victims with flawless charisma

But I ain't less than a dignified warrior
The most Blessed Teacher, an exemplary
Has taught me
About a weapon
Which has been the answer to infinite sorrows
dreamy desires and unthinkable perils
I've used it to cheer up saddened souls
And to relieve the unrelieved

It is my light
It is the weapon to divert from hapless ends
it is the key to unlock the gates of Mercy
It is otherwise known as Dua
Jennifer DeLong Sep 2020
It's not the things
that , I desire

It's the moments
It's a walk on a beach
It's a conversation over coffee
It's enjoying a good laugh

The moments created
That leave memories

To be humble and give
back what nature so glady
has bestowed upon me

To appericate what , I have
To just find the joy in this journey

It's not without struggle
But for now I am here

I am not gonna worry
Why stress when you are blessed ..

© Jennifer L DeLong  Sept 2020
Yeah life happens...
Things that are out of our control take place.
Sometimes the pressure builds up like the magma under a volcano.
And the more we let it simmer and turn into lava, the build up is stronger... The eruption is bigger.

But we've got to remember even if we forget.
That things happen for a reason, each lesson it brings you'll never forget.
It teaches you to be stronger, resilient and makes you stand stronger.
You've just got to remember, that in life you're still blessed.
Blessed in the little things that bring you joy.
Blessed in the souls that give you love and appreciation.

No matter how much life knocks you down, never give up, get up and always show up.
Just remember it's all just one big ride.
It's up to you to get off or enjoy the ride of your life.
Gangothrii Jan 26
We sought to see the world so wide,
To blaze a trail that was oh, so bright..
Our dreams bore wings so feather light,
And we let them soar up the clear blue skies..

Thought paths we chose were so apart,
We clutched and held all that was dear.
Time that stole through the memories held,
Faded  but seived all that we felt.

You held my hand at time so hard,
Bent double over the laughter riots we shared..
It ripped us when the other was sad,
And chimed in together when absolutely mad!!

A friend , A foe, my sister or soul,
I know not what you mean anymore.
Vow I do for what it's worth,
not a day goes by, that I miss you the most.
For a friend who means more than life.
Eli Jan 23
i have everything i could have ever wanted..

so why won’t this aching feeling go away?
why do i still drag my feet along?

when the bridge i am walking on is made of solid gold?
Harley Hucof Jan 15
The night has confided in me its secrets,
Revealing my paralleled selves.
We are all privileged, being depressed or anxious is hypocrisy itself
I've sat and thought ,
Time affirms knowledge
Though i am not my awarness,
I feel wired to a hidden intelligence,
Unfamiliar images, imagination,
Everything is a lesson,
Unlearn it to reach the destination

Gratitude brings bliss and peace of mind
do not underestimate the advantage of being ALIVE

Words Of Harfouchism
Maya Jan 8
If I can touch your hand for a moment,
I will be blessed.

If I can hold your arm as we walk the winter gardens,
I will be blessed.

If I can fly with you to the sunsets,
I will be blessed.

You are a treasure that needs to be cherished.
Everyone is blessed. We all are cherished by someone.
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
No matter how years go by
Still catch me when I fail to fly
Fixing wounds so I mend
Until the very end
You encourage to work hard and succeed
Providing for my every need
Feeding a hot meal at least once a day
Shelter with zero rent to pay
Ensuring I am comfortable and at ease
Letting me do whatever I please
Helping put down bad habits I hold
And leave behind so I can grow old
Reminding me to brush teeth and hair
You overdo it only because you care
I am lucky to have a mother like you
And nurturing too
I know 'thank you' are words I should say much more
I promise I am very grateful for
All the time sacrificed not getting rest
In order for me to live the best
Thank you Mom
I am blessed
I wrote this for my moms birthday
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