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The pen casts a spell
to each of our little pains
Charged with our ache,
distills into peaceful stillness,
a final and blissful end
(Words indeed do save)
Humans saving humans,
this is true heaven, truly being blessed
Blessed are they
who see hope
amidst the perils
of heartbreak.
I am broken.
I am blessed.........
What happened to me,
happens everyday somewhere
So, to consider myself unfortunate - isn’t fair
Taking my misfortune to be bigger than others,
Is indeed my ignorance
 Now my actions has become spontaneously correct ever since
Kashish Sep 13
It was in my subconscious mind, that I met you
I stood in front of you with a bleeding heart, feeling all blue
My mind was drained, I was entangled in thousands of strangulated thoughts
And I felt as if you were someone I already knew

A river of serenity flowed through my eyes
When you held my hand and we wandered blithely
You whispered, 'I am here to breathe life into you'
To pull you out of the black hole of emptiness. I am here to make you feel lively

In the twilight of the dawn, as we sat on a beach
You wrapped your body around mine and our souls caressed
I could think of nothing else at that moment. I was so lost in you
Happiness glided through all my nerves and I felt blessed.  

You were a stranger to me but, you didn't seem one
While I was in a perplexed state seeking for an answer;
I heard you say, I am a part of your subconscious mind
But I make you feel conscious, more than you are in your conscious mind.
I want to cry and weep,
Hate the world and streets.
Find the direction spread,
Filled with humorous cracks.
Tears provoke me again,
Becomes the second shelly.
Feed me in the blossom,
I request my lord.
Your creations mockut,
For thy loveliest child,
Metiril of pride and anger.
Make me colorful ashes,
Buried, no burn makes me immortal,
Under of horiziner of sky.
Tried something new. Hope you get the thought! Thanks for reading!!
Ken Pepiton Aug 21
A weizaskid ax me what I mean,

I say, you know,
what I mean.

You always wishtto go my way stretched out,
as a bubble to be in, all ways, as in nine
more than you imagine,
I guarantee.

-- war was a bad idea.
-- corrected it at the finger print of intention
woven into the complexity

code-wize and wiring wize and interpretation
wize domain of all the tells,
signals heart and brain call true,
the health of my countenance, word spikes true
needed to play the game honestly,

sharp, intentionally, prickly oblesky thingy do
symbols seen in places related to DC
ideo game eatery franchisees
owned in a golden archetype,
rock candy mountain
- pop -
poke a point into a slit anticipating just
a wave,

we made a ripple if you smile, non one else need
gno unless
you imagine they al- stretcheit- all read
y known now is deeper than eve imagined
when she saw she knew everything about nothing,

tricked, ******, been guiled, guilty, you know,

this would really help Atum get his kuriosity collection
performing useful
suggestions for more good than we knew.

We, in Eve's Ish-aww mind, mitomom of us all, we
the survivors of the most recent
common gene pool reduction event.

We share the plan that forms the batteries we
and reuse and restore and replace,

at a maddening pace, thus the commonsense
allocation of most awareness to
soul or spirit, consci used autopoeisish awwtyahll know
-- the y must be evil beings who have power to fuggup ever
and you know this

We can imagine no reason to just allow war to ify as a proud
child takes credit for burps and farts
- we won, cut the **** about being offended, be good
- or die a miserable loser being 1950's mean.

-- eh - where's the dichotomy, is the y's no reason to form a duality of
opposing forces,
honest'godas I write, it thunders over Long Valley Mountain.

I realize you must have read this far and I am home again.

Standing under the viaduct at Exit 45, I-8 East.

And it feels like 2020-real happened.
And it is cooler than it was
I wonder if meandering old men mean peace
in the valley and my idea of the long
you know, the one you think you gotta walk,
even if you don't wish to,
even if you wishtnot to,

you transverse it from one end to the other,
one direction flow, like 1-d DNA,
unmazing engineering on par with the intention
displayed in the hook of heart field and mind fields,

genius, knock-knock jokes are a natural, deploy them

who is there, let them ask?
Thunder in the mountains in August.
This is totally good mohkus, my friends.

At this point. All is well enough all we can pay sharp
focused, non default scatter brain meandering old
white head, my my my myelinated
brain allows a thought to age,
as bourbon in charred oak,

the longer the systems have been on ever after
time when time shall,
not will, I see, shall
I say, be no more. Null set was imagined for this moment
to arrive. Selah.
Rain storms in August in the Lagunas are Joyous desert moments, knock knock riddles matured for fifty years rise up to speak of psilli imaginings we knew.
Donna Aug 20
Everyday I appreciate
my wonderful family
It’s the best love ever

Love my hubby and my children with all my heart xxxxx ❤️❤️❤️
You are loved,
you are blessed.
In Christ's righteousness,
you are dressed.
Isaac Aug 1
I wipe the tears away at night
I handle the storms inside
I trust in my own light
I surrender to the divine
I am more than my emotions and more than my moments
I am a sum of all the lives I've lived and every heart I've kissed
I've lost and won but they bleed into one
The experience and memories are all that follow me not my accolades and trophies
I take each day to target my pain and eradicate it away
Every day is a new beginning to start a new way
Like the fool, I am in constant change
My nomadic mind cannot be tied
To one culture or one belief
Because that would be preventing me
From being as open as the thousand petal lotus
I am devoted to nothing except my destiny
The road very sporadic ahead and can only see as much as I am meant to be
But according to God's plan, I am winning
I throw myself off of mountains to connect to the sea
I throw myself off track when I don't believe in me
I know I am not alone in this world and will never be
Not with my ancestors and angels protecting me
I have experienced pain and sorrow but at their discretion
I have also experienced an overwhelming amount of blessings
So I have taken them as they come including the lessons
Because I was put on this earth for a reason and I have to respect it
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