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Seanathon Oct 21
Torn is not unmendable
Youth is not invincible
Just as age is not infoulable
Too old too fast
Too wise too late
But aware at least until the very last
Age Revealed
What is incompetence
But ramblings of the confused
Speak ages of misery
In misdemeanors of agony
I am
in Eden
a mother's
brother but
this chunnel
is surf
London would
scarf to
the sands
therein dawn
as their
bridge was
to cross
the air
with Tim
where in
Times Square
A town in London allied Thames
Jay M May 6
Buried deep in the ground
Waiting to be found
Ages pass
It shatters; like glass
These secrets we keep.

- Emily M
May 6th, 2019
What does make the time go?
because we insist not to know

our  ages
equal the time passes
time is the money
Marble skin,
Sculpted clutch,

Solid and tender,
To the touch.

Depth of character,
Length of reason,

A modern day Greek,
In exactly his season.
Adonis says "hi".

*If I had matched lengths of acts, I'm sure it would seem better but, haven't put enough thought into it*

Edit ******** put enough thought into it*
Childhood is the sweet air of spring,
To laugh, dance and sing,
To give roots to be strong and happy,
And wings to fly.
Youth is the beautiful smile of summer,
A kiss and memories that last forever,
Enjoy the greenery of life of the season,
And sway with the leaves and flowers in the Sun,
Middle age is the crisp Autumn,
A mellower season,
When leaves are falling,
A change is happening,
Sweaters, scarves,feeling nostalgic,
Trying to bring back the magic,
Of health and well being,
A second spring.
Old age is life's winter,
Bare trees with icy splinter,
A need for comfort,good food and a caring hand,
A verdict of life,where we stand,
A reward of childhood and youth,
Middle age and its truth,
The last act,
Life's fact.
Nylee Nov 2018
It is seasonal
limited time period
Your smile, his frown
My car, her scar
A small episode by far.

Tiny twinkles
Cloudy atmosphere
Pull push
Open and close the door
Then sit on the floor.

And rest
Blooming rose
And the bleeding thorns
Leaving the pieces torn.

All it begins
And ends
We live and die
Nothing remains
No entertainment.

Replaced fractions
Divided notions
Agreed and discarded
Lies filled in truth
Because life gives no proof.

Ten steps, eleven jumps
Crawling there
After a huge fall
In between few moments
A sad sentiment.

A vacant headspace
It came and went away
Nothing stays
Good bad ****
All too early
A thought left

Rough days
Cold nights
replaces warmth
tight shoulders
Stiff movements
Aching muscles.

The bitter taste
Sweetened in spring
And the autumn leaves
Winter is coming
The ages pass
Just like that
Äŧül Feb 2017
Many people are encountered in life,
Some are ours whilst others are not.

Sometimes even relatives seem strangers,
And sometimes even strangers seem own.

Such relationships are truly strange,
Close to the hearts they seem sweet.

They seem ages old in spite of being new,
For such love & sweet strangers is this song.


This is my story,
And your story,
How do I testify?

Words are yours,
Songs are mine,
What is the saga?

Relation is antique...

Relation is ages old...

Oh yours...
Relation is antique...

Poems are mine,
Inspiration are you,
Still such distances...

From the depths of heart,
And from these clouds,
The calls are emanating...

Relation is antique...

Relation is ages old...

La la la...

Ending line:
Yea - that's it!
Translation of my musical composition in Hindi language which when sang to a modified happy tune of the Hindi number 'Tera Mera Rishta Puraana' sounds truly ethereal to my own ears.

My HP Poem #1408
©Atul Kaushal
Farosty Jan 2017
You're 1, you made it past.
You're 10, you made the pass.
You're 20, you didn't pass.
You're 30, that was your past.
You're 40, you walked past.
You're 50, you get a pass.
You're 60, you let it pass.
You're 70, you should pass.
You're 80, and now you're passed.
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