Our days goes by so fast
Like a fire coming out of matches
You can see the light
You can feel the heat
But can you see the thrill?

Those little things we missed
Meaningless moments
The mind don't care
Your eyes missed them

You know what's coming next
Feet can't hold you now
And the fall is slow,slow,slow
And you still can't notice

Those tiny things making your life full

If I ever see an empire crumble,
It would be the hands of the future peons that would have to rebuild, then re-brand themselves into the eyes of their mothers and fathers, prove that nothing is possible when accomplishing the past standards, who's to say what is the better path, I've paved new ways treading on the hopes and dreams I have thought wrong, there are stress fractures writin on the faces of friends, they lose their battles judging values vs. Life,
I am neutral within the chaos of laws, trying to read the signs with eyes closed,
It's a free fall without me behind the wheel, who is going to lead the band of the deaf, blind, and mute soldiers, forsaken once the war is over, they have no presence to offend their normal counterparts, I'm inbetween handing them money or a gun, neither will do them well, let them select, let them be, bow before the relinquished blood ties, observe each noble pursuit add a dawning crown

My Honey,
This one is for you, from me,
I still vividly remember your first touch,
I still remember how the first time when you poured yourself out to me,
It’s like you had resided in each & every pore of mine,
You had coloured me with your pale colour,
What a whirlwind romance of ours was!
I can’t even think about the times when I was without you,
I was being contained,
My whole existence being reduced to a mere cube,
Then you come around,
Filling me with your sweetness,
Holding me, twirling along with me,
You don’t know how overwhelmingly nice it was,
If only I could put it into words
How you have completed me,
If only I could tell you how you have made me spin for you,
Before you, I was still
& now I rush for you,
My honey, now, I rush to you,
If only you had an idea how you have changed me,
I accept not all the times are perfect for us,
We might not mix that well together,
But I want to know you as well as the blood knows its way in the veins,
Not have you stuck on the roof of the mouth like peanut butter,
Because I know how white I was with fear when I was surviving all lonely in this world,
Let’s just say I have grown used to your embrace to go back to that old tasteless life of mine,
Here’s to me saying what I might’ve said to you over & over again,
I love you, honey.

Yours Forever,

Mars 4d

Quite the same as Saturn's rings.

Made up of many things.

No matter how much I look like

something you could walk on

Nylee 6d

Once upon a time, a few days ago,
things yet again didn't go
as I wanted them to so.

Emily R Sep 10

There are a handful of vague words you should never use:
this or these, in a non-specific way,
nothing is acceptable as there is often no alternative.

My English teacher has a vendetta against things.
Juverine Wan Sep 10

So complicated,
is this word.

So heavy,
is its weight.

So sad,
is its ending.

So wondrous,
is its beginning.

So relieved,
when both hear it.

So heartbreaking,
when one rejects it.

So troublesome,
is its burden.

So blessed,
is its meaning.

Hi Guys! Guess what the word is ;)

and make time
for the things you love,
or the things you love
will stop
making time for

a short, but very necessary, reminder.
Lily Thibert Aug 31

I'm scared because of how much I want things.
I want to be selfish.
I want to be loved and love
I want to care for and be cared for,
I want people to look at me and just know that something is off.
and I'm scared because of how much
I want you.

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