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Seeming as though they want to crawl inside
I invite every word you sowed into my home

Restless they skitter into every corner of my room
Make themselves comfortable in my bed
Unslept in, untidy

I click my pen absentmindedly at the desk as I write
But each sentence is a copy of your kisses

You came, paved the road through icy snow
And I don’t want to reject your passion
Perhaps because, akin to my features
I am unloved

The only one there for me
The only fickle heart that
Didn’t always seem so worthless

This world revolves around an atmosphere of
Shaky hands and nervous glances
Long walks and apologies

No matter how many times I laugh
It isn’t enough to silence the poor restive dog
But the door to the backyard is locked
Don’t make me find the key
I need an answer
when you don't give me a question.
Indonesia, 20th April 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
KM Mar 9
break from this hiatus of pressure
back to ultimate rebirth
there is room for a different world
in action
Lee Aaun Mar 7
they will say so many things
but not the ones,
your heart desires to listen
Mae Feb 11
your hands are
a morgue for
the memory
of who I used to
be & I hate it.

i hate the shadows
that follow me in
the night
with your stalky
frame & unforgiving

I, a year ago, was a
frame of who I used
to be, trying to forget
the people in my life
who missed my ghost
more than
I did.

I cried. screamed.
I promise I fought.
but in the end, I
was a room
without an echo.

so many people used to
tell me that I had a
voice loud enough to
change the world.
but now, I
can’t even write a simple
I’m working on a series of poems dedicated to overcoming. Or at least, losing one part of yourself to give birth to another. This was the first. It’s pretty raw so sorry about that.
I am half a person now
You were the greatest part of me
Seems like all I have are broken things
In place of where your love used to be

You made life a whole lot better
Then you left and took bliss away
Showed me what a blue sky was
Of course good things can never stay

You were the person who kept me happy
With you believed that I could be strong
Told me that I was beautiful
I'm starting to think that you were wrong

I still feel your gentle touch
Picture the hazel eyes I adore
Memories will only last
Until I cannot hold on anymore

Too much of myself has been broken
Cannot be who I was back then
Fear that I am too ugly now
For you to love me ever again
So I published a short version of this on here a very long time ago because I was saving the full version for my not yet published book but I realize that I probably won't ever be able to publish a book so here is the full version in all its glory
Cold indifference
Jealous of your frozen heart
How you don't feel things
Why cant I be like you?
See beauty where others don’t see beauty at all.
See happiness where others don’t see happiness at all.
When something less comes along they will realize it was beauty and happiness after all.

See beauty in the little things in life!
Be grateful for what you have, even if it isn’t much!
Maja Jan 15
Things don't
get done

Unless there's someone
doing them
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