Why do things
always have to change
like the weather?
One minute
it's cold
and then it's hot.
Just like
one minute things are good
then another
their not.
do we always
have to say goodbye?
Why do
great things
also have to
They say you only regret the things you didn't do. But what if sometimes you don't know if it's something you did or didn't do?
Just a question... I think originally it was inspired by a movie about abortion.... But it can also be applied to relationships and people. Not being with someone is also a decision.
Euphie 5d
He was a curious lad,
       with a broad chest and strong shoulders.
        His eyes were a deep brown,
        his jaw line sharp and defined.
        He loved action,
        he also loved adventure.
        But most of all he loved to run
        his hand along my legs,
        making me flush in all his
        favorite places.
The glass is not half full today,
it is simply overflowing.
My pulse is not in my chest, it's in my ears
the sun is not in the sky, it's in my eyes
my eyes are pressing notes onto yellow rough pages,
fingers fumbling, occasionally misguided;
aimlessly scratching what I am
(what am I?),

but it's not just fluff and clouds here, there's a soft and shallow tune playing in the corners;
it follows my footsteps wherever I go and hides in my shadow, elusive, and I
have never heard of such a thing from any text or book,
but I am yearning now and I have come to believe in phantoms that lurk
in silence waiting for subtle signals,
things we may never identify
in neither origins or nature,
but we open our doors and our hearts to them anyway;
we feel their heavy tug under our skin and we are restless
but we must be patient;

This is me in the doorway,
waiting with my arms at my sides and my socks getting ***** from the dust on the floor,
this is me standing in the doorway
and the drink in my hand is not full, it is spilling
all over me like time in a bowl
like words in my throat;

and there is me, quietly,
tea stained wet socks, a bright smile
and there is me, patiently,
patiently waiting.
IncholPoem Jan 11
Many  things

                       are  not  be  counted
                       to   adjust  the
                        life  with   them.

Money  minded  students
can  build  good  profit
earning­  start-ups
to    unemployed  mass.

   Moving  vehicles
if  those  are    rushing
speed  may  create
blo­ody  accidents
which  can  ****
millions    job  creator
billions­  of  dollar  losses,
thousands  of  direct  earning  ways.
Euphie Jan 10
I enjoy many things about you.

The three undone buttons on your
white collared shirt.

Your collar bone peaking from behind
the strips of fabric.

Your large hands and messy chocolate hair
I think
that lots of things
are like books.
You can't judge them
on their looks.
But then
when things seem
to get so good,
I just want to forget
all of those painful
things that you said.
But then
when things get rough
and tough
and I don't feel any love,
I remember all
of those painful memories
that filled my life with
fear and worries.
I remember
those words
that stained my life;
those words
that stabbed me
like a knife.
I remember
all of those painful things
and what you did
to cut off my wings.
Bella Jan 5
the simple things in life
lift my spirit

and the simple things in life
crush my spirit

a sweet word can mean so much to me
yet the happiness fades within days, hours, or even minutes

I wish I could invite joy into my heart
and make it stay.
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