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Anton 1d
Воздух соткан из метких пуль
Он хоронит благую печаль
Порох туч тут заснул невзначай
над гулом зараженных ульев,
но бел день утопает в бессоннице улиц

Водород из молекул слез,
мантии росы и травной милдью
Гладь ладони поселила гильдию
воров и шарлатанов на карнавальный воз,
но бел день воет луной, словно жмурец

Воск вылит из плавленного солнца
и ручьев небесного янтаря
Восклик рук, как дрожь лучей прожекторов,
пронзает людские статуи с донца,
но в дыме и пепле не рождается жизнь городов.
Opening my eyes for the very first time
by my mothers side without a single crime
The sun is shining
I am playing
We are sliding
My mum is smiling
I'm anticipating to explore the lands
Without having to hold her hands
Soon I’ll no longer be a pup
Soon I’ll be all grown up

Suddenly I can hear sounds of laughter
The noises started to scatter
Bang bang bang
They’re attacking her
My own mother
She protected me
Pushing me to the sea
To set me free
Telling me to spree
With no time to disagree
The monsters didn’t want my mum
They wanted me, to slit my throat
But this time they’ll return to their boats
Without my warm white coat

Five, ten, fifteen minutes go by
I’m getting low on air supply
I’m afraid to see what above
I wish everything could just be undone
Gasping for one more breath
Circled by all their deaths
Feeling as though I’m about to drown
Whiles fleeing this crazy battle ground

My arms are getting heavy
I don’t think I’m quite ready
My legs are starting to burn
I don’t know where to turn
Swimming as fast as I can without thinking
I find myself trapped in this thick green netting
I don’t want to moan
As I am not alone
I wish this wasn’t real
I think they want me for their meal

Unlike the others I mange to set my self free
With this thick green netting all around me  
It’s weighing me down
I don’t want to drown
Five days go by everyday is a struggle
Swimming around stuck in this rubble
You are destroying my home
With no safe place to rome
Up to 200 species extinct everyday
There’s no time to delay
5 of my kind are endangered
It’s time to make changes!

By Coco 07
I am an Au Pair inspired by an 11 year old.
We wrote this poem together to create more awareness on the cruelty we are causing.
Together we can make a difference!
Jenna Mar 7
Crosses on the windows
Why must you divide the view?
The outside world is not divided into sections
It is instead, one giant pane

Being objectified by humanity
It's future ***** and unclear
People may be hired to clean you,
but the major issues are stained

Beyond recognition, so filthy
I wonder if we will ever
gaze upon a clean and open
window ever again
I hope we cure Earth in the near future.
Johnny walker Feb 15
I remember when I was a kid when It raining bad weather my dad would say Its all these aeroplanes the
satellites and rockets Into space

that have caused the weather we were having I would think he was being silly but know I was wrong
he was correct

for he had  seen the changes from his day as a kid like I'm seeing now he said we were destroying the world but we didn't take things seriously
when kids

but If had realised my generation good have prevented so much of what
Is happening now "If
My dad was right he had seen us destroying the world will all the pollution pump Into the atmosphere
Johnny walker Feb 12
Those people who talk about climate change and how they need save the world
But If we'd had more love for our fellow humans I believe this world and its climate would be In a much better
If you don't care for fellow humans why would we have any concern about our climate
But seriously think we're already to late the damage already done to much pollution over years before the dangers were
Dangers not reliesed of pollution till far to late
now we're fighting for a dying world
Alysha Feb 8
What if there were toxins that fill the air,
And all us people do is roam around without a single care,
Until one day,
That someone finds a way to say
"Hey, this isn't fair,"
A simple limmerick
Astral Feb 6
The ocean is vast and wide
Seemingly unending,
Like the metaphors that it can be used for.

When I'm lost,
When I feel that everything is overwhelming me,
When inspiration has left and you're all I have,
When all that exists is the place between tears and land,
When I feel hopeless,
When my mind no longer wishes to be dry,
I can turn to my dear ocean.

Although far away I know you're there,
And I worry for you,
For your health.
I know it gets dangerous,

But stay strong ocean,
Us writers wouldn't know what to do without you
this is literal garbage, ig this is whats actually polluting the earth lol

2:11 am
Tara Jan 23
The ocean,
oh it looked so blue,
shades of colour swimming around like clouds around the moon,

The water,
oh it looked so clean,
but it was just the sun's reflection making it clear,

Underneath the waves lay a graveyard,
a promise of death,
a promise of extinction,

Tombs made of plastic,
slathered in oil,
steaming with toxic waste,
and all the people know,

The damage is unfolding faster than we are evolving,

The turtles are ingesting plastic as if it were their only meal,
begging for their fins to just be free,
so they can dive through the sea,

The seals are tangled in nets, lines and lures,
plastic bags and packing bands,
till they're tied to their grave as if life were just a brief phase,

The seabirds skim the ocean waves for fish and squid,
yet plastic is their only catch of the day,
leaving them broken inside and out,
and dead on the beaches we claim are our own,

The whales are submerged beneath the sea,
eating most things that they see,
plastic, plastic everywhere beneath,
not giving them much time before they can no longer breathe,

The dolphins are gliding through the sea,
taking what they can to eat,
plastic as their only meal,
tearing them apart from within,
leaving them starving for weeks,
till the grave is the only thing they see,

Us humans are so weak,
we can’t see how deep the pain seeps,
but when nothing is left for us to eat,
and the rich have nothing left to steal,
we’ll end in the same graves as all the lives we could have healed.
Tya N'dom Jan 23
Should I say hello or should I say goodbye
To this alluring flower who slowly died
To these trees that has lost their symmetry
Or this can that turned to dust overtime

Why didn’t we take actions aforetime
this disaster wouldn't have happened
The population are now all offline
Yet nobody can be forgiven

The polluted air is spreading rapidly
Like the amount of heat in mercury
Shortness of breath and pulse acceleration
People are declining in this situation

It’s not just you it’s also me
Who threw plastic bags in the sea
Who killed the ocean beauty
Who showed no respect nor mercy
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