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The edge of my eternity begins with you.

My love, I lulled you with lyricless lullabies, sheltered you in a sheet of stars, yet, in your sleep you still speak her name. "Inferno," was it? You always were a pyromaniac.

I furnished you flames to tame winter's teeth, and yet, you still use them to burn me. How can you pour that boiling blackness in my bloodstream and dare to call it love?

You leave coal-like clouds swirling stormily in my lungs and the taste of smoke to scorch my tongue. Still, my throat is raw and red from coughing up ash and blood, still you call this torture love, and, I believed you.

Tell me, do my mulberry scars entice you? Those marks mingling with my skin of moss and morning glory; you put those there. You made a hell of my skin to rid me of the blue-green, beryl-shaded "blemishes" that provide the very breath you waste, only to build a factory to pump more poison into my lungs. I can taste the tar on my tongue.

My love, as you tear at my being with your careless claws you seem to forget the fact that you need me, but to me, you are meaningless.

Where I was once a sanctuary of life and beauty, you have made me a battlefield- a cemetery of living corpses craving to leave behind bombs and bloodshed, to cure their heart wrenching homesickness and to fall asleep in their lover's arms.

Why must their precious rubies mingle with the ashes of detonation? Why do you **** each other when I have provided you with my harmonic grounds as a home? Why do you raise your children to believe that dying is an art and death is an escape?

My love, I cannot understand why your knees are pained and purple from praying to the angels when you dance so divinely with the demons that you have created. You deserve each other.

Don't you see that you are burning me alive? Can't you smell my cooking flesh or see the charcoal clouds smothering the sky? How can your seeing eyes be so blind?

My love, my death is yours, and if I shall burn you shall blaze beside my broiling bones.
Alpha Apr 12
It rained outside,
Me sheltered beneath a bridge.
I took a look around
And saw a tree up on a ridge.
It stood solely, solemn there,
The tree itself already downed;
Cut and brought away,
At this thought I frowned.
I let my eyes go on
And raised them to the sky.
Gray and dark and cold
Looked at those clouds high.
With tranquilizing drips
Fell the heavy rain
As if it would weep
For that poor tree‘s pain.
There were many of us
Who sheltered ourselves there.
The trunk all exposed outside,
I thought it wasn‘t fair.
It was a freezing day
But I was, as always, not cold.
I stood there, listening,
To a bird that sung so deeply woed.
It was narrow there,
But if I had been alone,
I would have stayed for an eternity
Thinking of my beloved ones.
This tree yonder, I thought,
It must have hosted once birds that used to sing.
Now it‘s gone, and the birds will be, one day, too.
And that, I thought, is a sad thing.
Wrote this one for a task in our English lessons.
I rather liked it, so I decided to publish it here.
Trash, trash, across the land
Be ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ******
Isaac Feb 23
I feel the crack of the dead leaves underneath my feet
reminding me I stay wondering around this dead place
once upon a time this was an oasis, once upon a time it was colourful
now it is all dead, storms more violent than the ones in my head
I guess I feel comfortable here, I imagine there's nothing to fear
make friends with the bloodthirsty, prove to myself I am unworthy
of anything better than this bitter taste
deserve anything better than this polluted waste
I swim in the chaos, I dive into the unhealthy
goodness is too overwhelming
am i ee Sep 2015
tiny twirling yellow leaf
suspended in mid-air,

you bring me down
my tirade
about the all the ******* light
from the

when did so many
become so scared?
or just want to show off
the house
with stupid
landscape lighting?

leaving it on,
all night,
and all day.

3 deer stand up and leap off,
disturbed by our tromping,
bringing a smile to the eye.

walking along,
eyes cast down,
head looks up,
to find a still,
little deer,
looking back.

magical and sweet
chills rise up spine
and heart swells with

just for a moment,
no artificial glare.
Begging your pardon to any who do not care for the parlance of the street.
am i ee Dec 2021
Lights too bright,
  End the night.

No more stars,
  No more planets,

No more dreams of
  Lands and creatures
Far far away,
  Far light years away.
am i ee Dec 2021
Far, far, away

On a star
light years away,

A little piece waited
for two lovers to meet,

embraced in sweet divine emotion,
the little star piece
set itself free.

Racing to earth across the sky,
lighting a trail as it streaked by.

Landing alight in the midst of this love
its life on this planet,
this planet earth,

Never suspecting  that when it broke free,
that it might never find its way back,
back to its home,
back to the rest of its star.

Great velvety black heavens disappearing
with great speed,

By some human need
to be surrounded by light ,
every day,
and all through the night.

Lost in the heavens
when its time
was done.                                  

This little star piece floated free,
floating forever.

For it couldn’t see its star,
it couldn’t find it in the night.

Couldn’t find it,
for all the artificial bright light.

It couldn’t find its home,
so it was destined to roam,

Across the great sky,
All day,
every day.  


All night,
every night.
(Many thanks to Mary Adams and her wonderful presentation The Stargazer as a Storyteller, at the IDA 2021 Global Conference for inspiring this poem and sharing her gift of teaching about some of the great human stories.)

International Dark Sky Association.
am i ee Dec 2021
Stop mommies, stop daddies

I want to see the stars too,
And chase the lightening bugs like you.

Don’t **** the night,
With all of our lights.

Save it for me.
Don’t steal it with your new bought glee.

May we turn out our lights?
Maybe for just one night?

So that I can raise my eyes,
To the stars above,

And feel the magic and mystery,
The velvety black night brings,          

For now,
And for all of eternity.

Now may we turn down our lights,
And turn some off too,

So that I can grow,
Under this star filled sky

Free from  the glow,
For the rest of my life?

And my children’s
and their children’s too?
take a look at the International Dark Sky Association feel free to share this poem to raise awareness.  My heart breaks about how terrible this situation is evolving.  Fortunately I have had half a life without it being too bad... but I want everyone to be able to see the stars when they walk out their front, or back, door.  Will this be the last generation to be able to see stars?
am i ee Dec 2021
Feline Love in the time of LEDs

“Honey, I’m just not feeling it”.
I said this silently to her, constantly.

“The moon and the stars and the planets
sing to me, an orchestra of nature and
eternal time intertwined.”

“Mother nature directing this divine symphony.”

“These new lights just don’t do it for me.”

Finally she noticed,
the great change in my mood,
feeling something amiss,
something terribly, terribly amiss.

She packed us up,
and into the caravan we went.

Rustic canvas over our heads,
wood burning stove next to our bed.

Ah, finally the life of traveling the paths,
living by the light of the fire,
the gentle descending of the night.

Tuned into mother nature’s time,
soft, peaceful and divine.

We traveled here and traveled there,
over many a year.

Then one night ,
One full harvest moon night,

High on a cliff,
Deep in the night,
Silent and still and cold,

She shed every stitch that covered her frame
And opened her arms to the celestial rain.

Rays from heaven pouring down,  
illuminating her shape,
saturating Earth’s lovely ground.

Dancing about,
surrounded by stars twinkling,
Milky Way flowing,
With not a trace of restraint,

The moon and stars and the night
sang to her soul,
sang to every fiber of her being,
sang to her every bone.

‘You see, Mother Nature knows the cycles that feed the soul.’ I  whispered to her,
in my softly purring voice.

‘This is what I have been trying to tell you for all these years.’

Waking from this trance,
She tapped out a message,
read it aloud,


I quit designing LEDs and the bright artificial lights
that destroy the glorious night.

I quit this nightmare of a job!
I quit this life of a thief,
this one of stealing the stars!
I quit this very night!

That is,
unless I’m allowed to design the
smart dark-sky friendly lights
that I so love now,
that bring such subtle delight.

She threw her smart phone over the cliff,
this device hurtling down so quick,  
shaking the very earth with each bounce to the ground.

As she stood bare under the moon,
Bare under the stars,
Bare under the planets
And bare to Mars.

For the first time in so many a year,
I jumped up sinuously,
right up,
straight into her arms.

she laughed with such joy,
hugging me close,
so close and so near.

My lovely silky fur,
warming her frame,
warming her heart.

Snuggled so close
and snuggled so tight,

I purred once again
out loud on this night,
in absolute delight.

The ground rumbled beneath
the two of us,

shaking and quaking
the earth so near.

The stars up above
twinkled with joy,
at this sight of loving tight.

Dancing overhead,
streaking through across the sky,
celebrating on this night,

one more little human
remembering again,
the magic and mystery,
of the black sparkling night,
spreading out forever above.

We danced together under the
rejoicing stars,
holding each other tight.

My sweet, now smart,
little human
and me.

~ the Feline
am i ee Dec 2021
Star light, Star bright
How will I find my puppy tonight?

Star light, star bright
Where did you go tonight?

It seems like a dream,
when billions of you sparkled
overhead each night.

Orion and Cassiopeia,
Pleiades and the dippers,
big and twinkling and bright.

Outlined across the dark sky,
creating such wonder,
bringing such delight.

The years creeped along,
the artificial lights growing strong,          

Til one night,
you all but disappeared.

Billions of years,
you glowed,
strong & bright each night.

Wondrous, filling each with awe,
mysterious & sacred,
You brought to us,
every little being looking up.

Humans peppered the earth,
inventions spreading out.

Fires and candles,
torches and lamps.

Hardly 100 years have passed,
since Thomas Edison discovered
a new glow.

Now this new light,
casting an eerie glow,
obscuring the dark night.

Tis not too late
to reclaim our lost fate.

Gazing up in wonder,
with a flick of a switch,
or a shade drawn near,
brings back our precious dark night.

Star light, star bright,
don’t abandon us this night!

How will i ever find my puppy,
so high in the sky,

or maybe for the ending?

Star light star bright,
how will i ever find my puppy tonight?
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