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cas Mar 2020
it was a cold night.
    i have no shelter.
    cold, tired, and hungry.

you were so down.
    heart's been thrown,
    looking from afar,
    wishing on the stars.

it's already late.
    you, walking around,
    found me on the Nile.
    too blue,
    but happy to be found.
Poetic T Feb 2020
I was the king with no throne,
             I only sat upon the curb..

My crown was my neighbourhood,
   and all that did surround...

I'll never disrespect my brethren,
             for they stand by my side,

behind me, in front to protect we, us
           all from the idioms of who

think that this land is free verse,

     never this is a rhyme of colours
           that'll write that this is our

street and others neither may stand

                              or bellowing there

right to stand on land sacred to our

we don't fight with swords,
           but our metal will pierce like
cut from a far we are the knights of
                                our neighbourhood.

I don't sit on a thrown, on a kerb I gaze
              around I wear no crown...

But everyone knows I'm king and ill
           bury metal in you like a sword
pieced the stone.

Like that you'll be cold,
metal not pulled but
                          rather calved out..
John McCafferty Jan 2020
With not much clarity
A guess is worth its weight thrown
But no one ever really knows
Unless the game is read or set
To take or give
Conditions met
I keep the rest to go against
The sense between the self and less
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Rozey Mar 2019
I am not the weak little girl you recall
I am the girl who got up even after the roughest fall
You pushed me when I didn't shove
You hurt me when I would help
Now I will not stand to be thrown
So try to push me now.. I sit cheerfully on my thrown
Queens feel the pressure to be this beautiful individual and to set an example. They are pushed to perfect their image and on days they want to be at peace, they are seen as lazy. Days where they can't deal with the chaos, they are seen as weak. Nothing they do makes them perfect enough but, they still sit on their royal chair and smile because they know it is their choice to run how they choose to run their kingdom, their life.
Colm Dec 2018
Like a piston in an engine
Like a jet in the sky
Like a trebuchet once, twice, always described
Like a whip uncurling
Like a stone once rolled
I am always tossing, always turning
Life itself into the unknown

Always throwing stones
kiran goswami Dec 2018
I'm like your earphones,
because I'm an entangled mess.
But darling,
I want you to untangle me,
Dani Aug 2018
Like the broken glass of a window
Shattered to pieces
A million bits laid out for show

Sweep me up and throw me out
Please don’t
I beg, I scream and shout

I promise to shine in the sun
Sparkle in light
I’m better than what I’ve done

I am not trash to be swept away
I am more
Hear me and what I say

I will not be the glass as before
I cannot be
But a new creation to love and adore

See me in the glistening light
The darkness I’ll gladly fight

Broken with no return to past
No not true
I’m breaking out of this cast

No more restainsts or darkness
I tell you now
Don’t be so heartless

Let me try to do better
I swear it
I won't be a scarlet letter

Like the broken glass of a window
Let me shine
I want to rebuild, so please don’t let go
I wrote this quickly filled with emotion. Just needed to get it out.
Falsely accused
Of selling my cards in Macdonalds.
It was misunderstood.
I  was ganged up
Stories made up.
By people in the queue.
Or was it even true.
But I know the truth
Mane Omsy Mar 2018
That I don't die soon
Check in with my conscious
Every now and then
The torture felt deep down
Somewhere inside my head

Hope I'm the only person
That's hurt being apart
Like a cut finger nail
Useless and decaying
I'm sorry but I'm breakable
Gale L Mccoy Mar 2018
i will sit on a mantle of my own making
sip on wine I made myself
wear a gown of my own inspiration
pluck the crown from the mud at my feet
walk with the knowledge of my deeds
I will no more abandon my thrown
as small and neglected as it is
it will grow with me and i with it
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